Outlander (2014) s07e04 Episode Script

A Most Uncomfortable Woman

- [CLAIRE] Previously
- Mistress MacKenzie,
- may I present my son?
- William Ransom.
This is the deed to the house.
Your name's on it now
along with all the bank accounts.
I went through the stones
to save my baby.
I can't believe this is goodbye.
[REAL ESTATE AGENT] Are you interested?
Mr. Cornelius Harnett, I presume.
How do I know we can trust you?
Very shortly there'll be soldiers comin'
through that door
hopin' to make arrests.
- How do you know this?
- Tell the men to leave.
It was by my hand
that this woman has died.
A life for a life.
When you've somethin' worth takin',
you'll see me again.
[JAMIE] I made a promise to my sister
I'd bring young Ian back to her.
The musket balls will be enough
for passage to Scotland.
[SINGER] That ever since we met ♪
You've had a hold on me ♪
It happens to be true ♪
I only want to be with you ♪
[BRIANNA] You're back. How was it?
[ROGER] Found this at Oxfam.
Bit of seasonin',
it'll be right as rain.
Wee taste of home.
[BRIANNA] It's perfect.
Aah! Mama,
Mandy hit me with a stick
and she didn't say she was sorry.
Mandy, say you're sorry.
- Won't.
- Aye, you will.
Sorry about that.
It's nae bother.
I got wee uns myself.
If they'd been livin' in
a caravan for two years,
they'd have driven me around
the bend with their mischief.
Yeah, it's been a lot.
How close are we
on the bedrooms upstairs?
Well that's what I wanted
to talk to ya about.

What I was meaning to say,
it's brilliant you're so keen
to preserve the murals
in the dining room, but, eh,
you sure you won't let me plaster over
that slash in the wall up there?
It's bit of an eyesore,
now I've fixed everything else up,
don't you think?
It's been there
since just after the '45.
We're keeping it.
You were sayin',
- the bedrooms
- Right.
We can start upstairs
as early as next week.
Whoever did the roof before
did an okay job,
but there's loads
of work up there still.
So I've changed the estimate.
We're not looking fer Buckingham Palace,
just a simple upstairs.
I know it's higher
than you were expecting.
It's astronomical.
Well, have a think.
- Bri, this is
- We don't have it, do we?
We've gone through nearly everythin'
just to get this far.
Well, we're halfway in.
We have a working kitchen.
We have flushing toilets.
We're living the 20th century dream.

[SINGER] Sing me a song ♪
Of a lass that is gone ♪
Say, could that lass ♪
Be I? ♪
Merry of soul ♪
She sailed on a day ♪
Over the sea ♪
To Skye ♪
Billow and breeze ♪
Islands and seas ♪
Mountains of rain and sun ♪
All that was good ♪
All that was fair ♪
All that was me ♪
Is gone ♪
Sing me a song ♪
Of a lass that is gone ♪
Say, could that lass ♪
Be I? ♪
Merry of soul ♪
She sailed on a day ♪
Over the sea ♪
To Skye ♪
Sing me a song ♪
Of a lass that is gone ♪
Say, could that lass ♪
Be I? ♪

What are you looking for?
I'm hungry. Thought I'd have a
An apple.
An apple?
Dinna want to catch that
scurvy that you speak about.
No, you don't.
- Here.
- Ah.
How is it?
Nice try, Jamie Fraser,
but I learned a long time ago
that Highlanders have an innate
suspicion of fresh fruit.
- Here.
- Mm.
But eat your apple as well.
You are going to be on a ship
for three months.
If you say so, Sassenach.
I do say so.
How many women
do you know who are my age
who still have all their own teeth?
Mm, well, I admit
you're very well preserved
for such an old crone.
[CHUCKLES] An old crone.
[YOUNG IAN] Who's there?
Arch Bug?
Is that you?
Show yourself.
I'm no afraid of ya.
I ken ye made a promise,
and I ken ye mean to keep it.
Well, then, let's settle it
here and now, man.
I'm not afraid of ye, do ya hear?
Calm yourself!
It's not him. It's in your head.
This is what he wants,
for it to eat ya up inside.
There's nothin'.
I'm not worried for myself, uncle.
But he means to kill someone I love
and he kens how much
I love the two of you.
Arch Bug will no be killing anyone.
The three of us together.
Make sure of that.
Get the fire goin', lad.

Thank you.
Just about all that
declaration is good for.
The arrogance of it.
Uncle Hal would be proud of you.
Ah, trust you to bring up
my father at a time like this.
He'd be mortified to see me
in my current state.
I'm expected to have
a dazzling career in the army.
Oh, come now. Don't be so dour, cousin.
We're celebrating your new posting.
I'm still waiting my orders.
Yes, but New York
just seems so far away.
We did not leave England
just to languish here in North Carolina.
We left to put down this
rebellion once and for all.
It will be glorious.
Yes, glorious.
Or bloody carnage. [SIGHS]
I do wish you'd been posted
there with me, William.
Soon, I hope.
But tonight, we're drinking to you.

[HENRY] I am weary, William.
[WILLIAM] The night is young, cousin.
[PERSON] Bloody whore!
- Get your hands off of me.
[BYSTANDER] That's it. Tell her!
[WOMAN] Please, please stop it.
I'm sorry.
You damn fireship! She's got the pox.
Please, I didna know!
Look at your neck.
It's scarlet.
You expect me to believe
you didn't know?
Whore! You tried to kill me
and make me pay for the pleasure of it.
- [CROWD] Whoa!
[BYSTANDER] Oh, what's he done, eh?
[ALL] Fireship, fireship,
fireship, fireship!
- [SOLIDER] Whore!
- Puts boots to that whore.
Fireship, fireship, fireship!
- He's going to kill her.
- Don't. Don't.
- Whoa!

[BYSTANDER] Burst into fire now!
God curse you!
May your goddamn pricks
all rot and fall off.
Got too many hot coals
up your ass, Lieutenant?
- You vile bastard.
- What's happened here?
We should go.
[HENRY] William.
Let's get another drink, mate.

"Your grandmother says it's
always 200 years, give or take.
This is true in the old fairy tales
and in our own experience.
But Geillis Duncan
went further than that.
Of course her belief in the necessity
of blood sacrifice is wrong."
Blood sacrifice is wrong. Well, yeah.
Oh, it's gonna take me
bloody 200 years to write all this down.
What the hell?
[BRIANNA] Jem, Mandy, it's time
to get you ready for school.
Come on. Let's get you up and dressed.
- [THUD]
- [GROANS] Ah!
Jimmy, why is my clock radio
in bits on the floor?
According to Jemmy, we have
an infestation of fairy folk.
Do you want to tell us the truth
about what happened to the radio?
The pixies came and took it apart.
No pocket money this week.
Go get ready for school.
Can you put it back together?
Sure if the pixies
didn't lose any of the parts.
I wonder where he got that from.
Scotland has its fair share
of fairy folk,
but pixies
is a wee bit frivolous for us.
We tend toward
the grimmer manifestations
of the supernatural
water horses, banshee, uh,
uh blue hags.
It's not like Jemmy to lie.
So you think we've had some
supernatural visitors too.
Well, they do say they have
a fondness for precious metals,
and I did find this.
I was mindlessly rolling
it around in my fingers and
Mama and Da must've put it in the box
as a clue about the Jacobite gold.
D'ya think we should talk
to Jemmy about it?
See what he knows?
Not yet.
I am glad that they'll have
your book someday.
To help them understand.
But for now, I just want them to be
Yeah, me too.
How's it going?
You look good sitting at that desk.
I can picture Da sitting here.
Do you feel like a laird behind it?
Do I look like a laird?
Shoot. I'm gonna be late. I need to go.
A kiss for luck?

[SOLDIER] Right, left, right.
[RICHARDSON] Leftenant Lord Ellesmere,
some rather disgraceful
events last night.
I did hear, however,
that one man tried to intervene.
I could not prevent it,
Captain Richardson.
But you tried.
And very few men have the courage
to confront their fellow soldiers.
I have a proposition to put
before you, Leftenant.
Yes, sir.
I'm charged with the gathering
of intelligence
in the southern colonies.
Not that I'm in command
of such operations,
but a small part of them.
I appreciate the value
of such operations, sir.
But for myself
You have no interest in spying.
Of course not.
Few men who regard
themselves as soldiers do.
I am not, however,
recruiting you as a spy,
but rather as a messenger to our allies.
I gather from your father
you've traveled extensively
in North Carolina and Virginia
where you have a plantation?
Are you familiar with
the Great Dismal Swamp?
I am. A fetid place.
I've traveled there
on hunting expeditions.
Do not open these.
They are for Samuel Cartwright,
Henry Carver,
and Joshua Harrington's eyes only.
Remember those names.
They will not be written down.
You will find them in Dismal Town.
Say only you are a friend
of Cartwright's cousin
and looking for work.
Deliver these letters
with the upmost discretion.
When that is done, travel north
and join General Burgoyne's
forces in New York.
I'll be there as well.
I will not disappoint you, sir.
Depart today. As soon as you are able.

And see you don't die.
You don't mind me eating,
do you, Miss, um
Mrs. MacKenzie.
Oh, that's right. Mm.
In fact, do you want
to fetch us a quick cuppa?
- Uh
- Milk.
Just a splash.
Oh, and two sugars, if you please.
If you remember that,
you'll do well here.
[BRIANNA] Here are my credentials.
As you can see, I was working
toward my degree
in engineering at MIT.
I've had a couple of apprenticeships.
And I was top of my class
before taking some time off
due to family issues.
I've earned the relevant city
and guilds qualification.
- And also
I'm sorry, there's been a
a misunderstanding.
Eh, it's a secretary
we'll be needin'. Ha.
Perhaps so. But I'm applying
for the plant inspector position.
[CHUCKLES] But you're a woman.
And what aspects of plant inspection
require a penis?
Work environment's not suitable
for a female.
The conditions are rough.
To be perfectly honest,
so are the men you'd encounter.
So you hire the type of men
who would assault a woman?
No! 'Course not.
Are your plants physically dangerous?
In that case, you do need an inspector.
I-it's more about
[BRIANNA] I noticed on my way in
that your fish ladder
isn't in working order.
So unless you want a steep fine
from the regulatory board,
that needs to be fixed.
Far more concerning,
you're releasing water over the spillway
rather than through the dam.
I'm guessing that means
one of your turbines is out of service.
But you should be passing
the excess water
through the dam dispersal unit.
Now, whether it's wear and tear
or because the storms last week
caused debris to be pulled
into the turbine,
I can't say without taking a look.
But I promise you, that once I do,
I will be able to identify the problem
and tell you how to fix it
promptly and economically.
Samuel Cartwright, Henry Carver,
Joshua Harrington.


- Jupiter!


[SHOUTING] Jupiter!
[CORNELIUS] Mr. Fraser.
Mr. Fraser.
Mr. Harnett.
How good to see you again.
Do you have a moment?
[HARNETT] Are you heading north
to join the cause?
Who will you be serving under?
I'm afraid my wife and I have
business of a personal nature
to attend to in Scotland.
Then what luck
that I should see you today.
General Schuyler desperately
needs soldiers
up at Fort Ticonderoga
to stall the British advance.
Washington has none to spare.
Well, who better
than the Sons of Liberty
to convince men
to take up arms for the cause?
So if you'd be so good
as to sign here, Mr. Fraser,
the next ship leaves in the morning.
I will join the fight, Mr. Harnett.
But I, uh, cannot do so yet.
Perhaps your business can wait.
Rowan County has yet to meet
its quota of men,
which means we have the authority
to compel its citizens to join us.
The Continental Congress
has spoken on the matter.
You mean to conscript me?
I would be a fool not to, Mr. Fraser.
You're a born leader.
Of course, the law does allow
for you to send someone in your stead.
Who shall we send in your place?
[UNDERTONE] I saved your life.
This is the choice you give me?
You saved my life
so I could fight another day.
Today is that day, Mr. Fraser.
For you as well.
You want to fight?
But not for the ideal
of freedom or liberty.
Not for the sake of being
on the winning side.
But for you.
For Bri and the wee lad and lass.
For our family.
Because I canna ask anyone
to fight in my place.
If that isn't an ideal,
I don't know what is.
I've lost so much.
Nothing is guaranteed.
Not home, not family,
nor law, nor life itself.
But I do ken we willna lose this war.
At the very least,
I can promise victory.
The ship sails at dawn for New Haven.
And I'll travel by foot from there
to Fort Ticonderoga
as a colonel of militia.
I wasn't prepared to join a war tonight.
Neither were you.
And I won't let you go without me.
They'll need doctors.
I'm comin' with you too, uncle.
No, lad.
Sail home to Scotland.
I made a promise to your mother.
You promised we'd return someday.
And we will.
I love this land.
I want to fight fer it.
You know I dinna ken if it's wise.
T-the Indians.
Many will have already sided
with the British army.
But I've heard the Shawnee are divided
as to which side
they will choose in this war.
I could offer my services.
Speak to Mr. Harnett.
You mean to ride all the way
through Virginia?
Aye. If it will help.
And if Mr. Harnett is willing.
But you have to be quiet.
- [MANDY] Jemmy!
- [JEMMY] Do you remember
how to count to a hundred?
- [MANDY] Stop it!
- [JEMMY] What?
- You're so annoying.
- [THUD]
[ROGER] It's too quiet.
Where's your sister?
Do it again.
Come here, you.
What have I told you
about puttin' your sister
in the priest hole?
[JEMMY] Sorry.
I have to work on my punishments.
I got the job.
That's great.
Well done, you.
Well done? That's it? That's all I get?
Hey, kids, go play
in the parlor for a minute.
You didn't think I'd get it, did you?
I not because of you.
Because of them.
I admit, I didn't think
they would give the job
- to a woman.
- Well, they did.
And yet you're still not excited.
Because you wanna be the breadwinner.
Well, call me old-fashioned, but yeah.
More than anything, I just want
to support my wife and children
and I'm not.
Come on. There was a time
when you had your heart
set on being a minister.
[ROGER] Now, that's true.
But then I used to believe
that God was in control.
That everything was part of his
unalterable, divine plan.
And then we went
and saved your parents' lives
and literally changed history.
We changed the plan.
And I d
I don't think I need to tell you
how relieved I am
that Jamie and Claire survived.
I guess I suppose
it was a comfort to think
that things couldn't change.
That they're predestined.
That God's in His heaven
and all's right with the world.
Okay, but who's to say
that everything that happened
wasn't part of God's plan?
I just wish I knew what that plan was.
The last thing your father said to me
was there was no other man
he'd trust with his daughter.
Your mother said,
"Take care of our girl."
I promised them both,
and I feel as if I'm failing.
Hey, you're not.
You're not.
I should have said it sooner. I'm sorry.
I am proud of you.
It's your new colleagues
I should be worried about, not you.
They don't know what's comin'.
[BRIANNA] Mm-mm.


Samuel Cartwright.
Joshua Harrington.
God damn this swamp.
I mean you no harm, sir.
Do you speak English?
I've met Englishmen who'd say no.
But I think you'll
understand me well enough.
You're Scottish.
I thought
I lived with the Mohawk for a time.
[WILLIAM] I can pay you handsomely
if you'd be willing to give me
a little something to eat or drink.
[YOUNG IAN] How generous,
seeing as you dinna look as if you have
very much to offer.
I don't have much now, I grant you.
But if you help me
We must see to your wound.
What's your name?
[WILLIAM] William Ransom.

[WILLIAM] You know my father?
He's a friend of my uncle. James Fraser?
I believe you've met him.
My father holds him in high regard.
Respect goes both ways.
We've met as well.
When you visited Fraser's Ridge.
I'm sorry. I do not remember.
You're lucky I found you when I did.
We have to get these
wee bits of wood out.
Put your head between
your knees if you're giddy.
I am not giddy, I assure you.
Now, let it dry.
It's a good distance to Dismal Town
if we're to find you a physician.
[WILLIAM] I'm not in need
of one, thank you.
We'll see about that.
How did you come
to live among the Mohawk?
I was adopted by them.
Was married to a woman of the Wolf clan.
Thank you.
I understand that the Mohawk
think it dishonorable
to show any fear whatsoever.
That if captured or tortured,
they will exhibit
no outward sign of distress.
Is it true?
Mostly, you try not to put
yourself in that position.
If you do,
you sing your death song
and hope to die well.
What sort of song would that be?
A death song?
I've only heard one.
There's a good deal about who he was,
the man who was dying.
Bit about his victories,
who he'd killed.
Does one compose it in advance
or trust the muse of inspiration
to find you in the moment?
You're not dyin'.
No. Only wondering.
Aye. Well, it's a wee bit of both.
I am William Clarence
Henry George Ransom.
Earl of
No, that's too long.
I am William James.
I am William.
There's more to it than your name.
And if I have no deeds
worthy of committing to song?
Well then, best not die.
- He likes you.
Already thinks of you as family.

Jesus H. Roosevelt
[TOM] Oh.
I beg your pardon.
You should be dead.
So should you.
The fire at the ridge
your husband, he is alive too?
Uh, y-yes.
Glad to hear it.
Are you staying in town?
Uh, w-we're
we're staying at the Red Falcon Inn.
Then allow me to accompany you.

[CLAIRE] Thank you.
does Mr. Fraser know?
I did not tell him the reason
for my confession.
You mean, does he know about your
gallant feelings towards me?
Yes, he does.
He's sympathetic towards you,
knowing from experience
what it's like to
To love me, as it were.
Anyway, how did you manage to escape?
Uh, upon discovering that I was literate
and could write a fair hand,
Governor Martin removed me from the brig
to be his secretary.
Mm. If I hadn't mended your hand
We keep taking turns
at saving each other's lives
it would seem.
After several months,
an official secretary arrived.
By that time, with the
governor's influence dwindled,
there was no one for them
to surrender me to.
Why did you not return to the ridge?
Oh, I
I inquired and heard
that my son had left,
never to return.
After everything that happened,
I decided it best not to return either.
Is it true that your house burned down?
We lost everything.
[TOM] Ohh
Well, a man named McCreery
from William's Creek
brought me news of the incident,
so I placed an obituary.
- You did?
- [TOM] Mm.
I could not abide the thought
that you, all of you,
should vanish from the Earth
with no formal marking of the event.
I thought I would
at least make a record
As I could not lay flowers
[VOICE BREAKS] on your grave.
The Lord does answer prayer, you know?
What did you pray for?
Oh, you are a most uncomfortable woman.
Well, you wouldn't be
the first person to think that.
And I don't mean to pry, Tom.
I was just curious.
I, uh
I asked why, that's all.
And now you're here, so I'll say it.
I have loved two women.
One was a witch and a whore.
Some say you are a witch yourself.
Makes not a whit of difference.
Love of you has led me to my salvation
and to what I thought was my peace
once I thought you dead.
And yet, here you are.
I shall have no peace
while you live, woman.

I don't say I regret it.

He kissed me.
Liked it, did you?
It isn't funny.
Did you like it?
Had I better go kill him?
Don't be ridiculous.
It was an honest question, Sassenach,
not a serious one, but honest.
He touched you against your will.
He did. And no, I didn't like it.
[JAMIE] But not on Tom's account.
[CHUCKLES] Poor fellow.
Well, he wouldn't want your sympathy.
[JAMIE] He would not.
But he's got it nonetheless.
Still, I am glad of it.
[CLAIRE] Glad of what?
That he's still alive?
Or surely not that he thinks
he's in love with me?
Don't belittle his feelings, Sassenach.
He laid down his life for you once.
I trust him to do it again. [SIGHS]
I didn't want him
to do it the first time.
[JAMIE] The thing about Tom is
He wants ya badly.
- [CLAIRE] Hmph.
- But he doesna ken
- a thing about you.
- [CLAIRE] Ah, and you do?
I've want and need aplenty,
but I've never kissed you
- without caring who you are.
That's something poor Tom
will never know.
[CLAIRE] You didn't know
a thing about me
when you married me.
Well, I knew some things.
Besides that, I mean.
- [JAMIE] Mm.
- Ha.
You can't be jealous.
I can.
[CLAIRE] But surely you don't think
- I don't.
- Well, then.
I willna say I like Tom Christie,
but I'm very much pleased
to know he's alive.
You didna do wrong
grievin' for him, Sassenach.
I grieved for him too.
It's not gone white yet.
Adawehi said you wouldna come
into your full power
until your hair turned white.
I haven't thought about that in ages.
What's made you think of that?
Well, I was thinking
I still had a wee bit of time yet
before you become too dangerous
for me to bed ya.
And what exactly do you think
I might do to you in bed?
Well, so far you've clawed me,
bitten me
Stabbed me more than once.
- I have not stabbed you.
- [JAMIE] Aye, you have.
You stabbed me in the backside
with your nasty wee needles
and a dozen times more
with a rattlesnake's fang.
I was saving your bloody life.
I cannae say otherwise.
You're not gonna deny
you enjoyed it, though,
- are you?
Rattlesnake fang no.
But as for the hypodermic,
you deserved it.
Mm. Do no harm, is it?
If you're counting
what I've done to you in bed,
you can't count the shots.
- I was in bed.
- [CLAIRE] Well, I wasn't.
[JAMIE] Aye.
You took unfair advantage.
- Did I?
- Mm.
Well, how would you like it
if I were jealous?
[SIGHS] You were.
Of Laoghaire.
And I liked it fine.
Maybe you still are, hmm?
Ha. Aye, I thought so.

[YOUNG IAN] Hold on a wee bit longer.
Anyone home? We need help!
Are you Denzell Hunter?
Your neighbor said you were a physician?
- I am.
- My name is Ian Murray.
This is William Ransom.
He's been injured.
What's wrong?
[DENZELL] These men need
our urgent assistance.

Rachel, fetch the saw.
You canna mean to
Poisonous bile is spreading
through thy friend's body.
I must remove his arm.
No. N-no.
I will not submit to this.
Then kindly remove
thyself from our table.
I'd rather die
than have you amputate my arm.
You canna do that.
You still need a proper death song, aye?
My Uncle Jamie gave this to me
in a moment when I needed it most.
It'll give you strength.
Between thy teeth.
[DENZELL] Hold him.
- You must brace thyself.
Thanks be to God.
Is is that good?
It appears the bile
has collected in an abscess.
If we release this fluid,
the poison should leave
the body with it.
And you willna have to amputate?
Not today.

[RACHEL] I thought thee might
have need of refreshment.
Thee was at William's bedside all night.
That's kind of you.
It seems he's overcome
the worst of his fever.
Then I should take my leave of you.
I thought thee might stay
until William is well enough to travel.
There's somewhere I must be.
I canna afford
to lose another day's ride.
Thank you.
For helping my friend see reason.
I've been told my manner
can be too forward.
Maybe I'm used to it.
My auntie's a physician.
Is she indeed?
I've seen her heal plenty
of stubborn men.
Sometimes "too forward"
is exactly what they need.
Well, thank you for the tea.
But I'll be on my way.
Is thee certain thee wouldn't like
to say goodbye to William?
He should be awake soon.
You may tell him goodbye for me.
[RACHEL] I will.
He wanted to return this to you.
I'd like him to keep it.
And give him this, too,
when he's ready to leave.
He'll need to purchase a horse,
I expect.
Thee is most generous.
I'll make sure he receives it.
It was a pleasure
to make your acquaintance,
Miss Hunter. [CHUCKLES]
And that of your brother.
It was a pleasure for me as well.
Goodbye, then.
- [RACHEL] Goodbye.
- Goodbye, Rollo.
Roger, where are
all the biscuits and crisps?
And the lemonade.
I just went shopping yesterday.
Maybe it was the pixies again.
Jem, do you know what happened
to all the biscuits and crisps?
Jemmy, tell the truth.
It was a nuckelavee.
It's a folk tale
from the northern isles.
Kind of a horse-like demon.
Who told you about that, Jem?
It wasn't Grandda was it?
I met one when we were outside earlier.
[SOFTLY] He said he'd take Mandy
if I didn't bring him food.
It's true.
I'm sorry I lied before
about the pixies, Mama.
I broke the alarm clock.
I was only trying to see how it worked.
But I mean it this time.
The nuckelavee is real.
[MANDY] I need another color.
[JEMMY] I've got one.
First pixies and now nuckelavees.
Did he really think we'd believe him?
I think he believes it.
And can you blame him, Bri?
He's traveled through time.
He-he told us
that Mandy could travel too
before she could even talk.
He knows there's magic in the world.
[BRIANNA] That's all true.
And he has been really good
about not telling people
what he can do, but
those biscuits didn't eat themselves.
So unless you think
the nuckelavee is real
I'll talk to him.
I just worry that if we stifle
his imagination,
he'll forget where he comes from,
who he comes from.
He'll stop believing his own story.
[SIGHS] Fine.
But if he ends up
with imaginary cavities,
- you're handling it.

[RACHEL] It is regrettable
thee cannot keep thy beard, William.
It is such a striking color.
I should think you would
consider it rather unseemly
for me to have it, Miss Hunter.
Both because I am a gentleman
and because I understand that Quakers
deem vivid colors to be too worldly.
[CHUCKLES] Immodest ornament
is hardly the same
as acceptance of God's gifts.
Do roses fling away their petals?
I very much doubt
that roses find their petals
to be as perigynous as a beard.
- Itchy.
Thy speech is far superior
to thy clothes, William.
Thee has not said what brought thee
to the Great Dismal.
'Tis a rare thing to see
a gentleman of thy caliber
in our little part of the world.
Well, it was brought to my attention
that the hunting
is unparalleled in these parts.
And does thee often go hunting unarmed?
My horse bolted, as you know.
Ran off with my rifle.
Careful, Miss Hunter.
Or I shall begin to think
you take me for a liar.
[RACHEL] I do.
Or, at least,
I think thee is not
telling me the whole tale.
May I see thy wound?
It has made a fine scar, I think.
It looks like the star
which led the Wise Men.
I'm not too worldly, then.
It fits thy character.
'Tis good thee has recovered so quickly.
My brother and I,
we will be leaving this place
in a few days.
At the last yearly meeting
of the Society of Friends,
we all prayed on the matter of politics.
We were advised that peace
lay in reconciliation
with Mother England.
But the Spirit moved my brother
to speak in favor of independence.
You mean a rebellion.
I do not.
Liberty is a gift from God.
Denny said we must endeavor
to preserve it.
Some saw that as encouraging violence,
so Denny was put out of Meeting.
I think thee cannot perhaps understand
what that means.
I gather that is grave indeed.
Something like being drummed
out of one's regiment.
It is more akin to being
drummed out of one's family.
But it has not deterred my brother.
He intends to join the
Continental Army as a surgeon.
One of the soldiers, Samuel Cartwright,
said there was a call for men
at Ticonderoga.
When we leave, that is where we will go.
Is that a Samuel Cartwright
from here in Dismal Town?
Yes. He is a neighbor of ours.
Is thee acquainted with him?
He is known to a friend of mine.
My path also takes me north.
It's a dangerous road.
Perhaps I could accompany
you and your brother.
I would very much appreciate
having some company
on my journey.
Then I thank thee, William.
I will let my brother know.

[CLAIRE] People who don't
believe in telepathy
have never set foot on a battlefield
or served with an army.
Something passes unseen from man to man
when an army is on the move.
The air itself is live with feeling
half eagerness, half dread.
It dances over the skin,
knowing with every step
death walks beside them.
Each hoping to live or die well.
There it is.


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