Outlander (2014) s07e05 Episode Script


[CLAIRE] Previously
General Schuyler desperately
needs soldiers
up at Fort Ticonderoga.
I'm afraid my wife and I have business
of a personal nature
to attend to in Scotland.
Perhaps your business can wait.
I wasn't prepared to join a war tonight.
- I won't let you go without me.
- I'm comin' with ye too.
[JAMIE] He had a child
wi' his Mohawk wife.
[TSOTEHWEH] If his spirit
is not strong enough,
the child cannot take root in the womb.
Are you Denzell Hunter?
- Yer neighbor said ye were a physician?
- I am.
This is William Ransom.
He's been injured.
[RACHEL] It seems he's overcome
the worst of his fever.
Will you tell him goodbye for me?
And give him this too.
It was a pleasure to make
your acquaintance, Miss Hunter.
I'm applying for
the plant inspector position.
That environment's not suitable
for a female.
Where are all the biscuits and crisps?
It was the Nuckelavee.
A folktale from the Northern Isles.
I met one. The Nuckelavee is real.
[SINGER] Sing me a song ♪
Of a lass that is gone ♪
Say, could that lass ♪
Be I? ♪
Merry of soul ♪
She sailed on a day ♪
Over the sea ♪
To Skye ♪
Billow and breeze ♪
Islands and seas ♪
Mountains of rain and sun ♪
All that was good ♪
All that was fair ♪
All that was me ♪
Is gone ♪
Sing me a song ♪
Of a lass that is gone ♪
Say, could that lass ♪
Be I? ♪
Merry of soul ♪
She sailed on a day ♪
Over the sea ♪
To Skye ♪

Sing me a song ♪
Of a lass that is gone ♪
Say, could that lass ♪
Be I? ♪
[JEMMY] Got you. You're it.
Come back here. This isn't tag.
Jem, Mandy.
What are you two doing?
You know you're not supposed to be here.
I told you not to play in the graveyard.
I know, but we wanted
to play hide and seek.
And Mandy wanted to talk to Grandda.
And why is this a good place to do it?
Well, he's here, isn't he?
I-I-I-I don't know.
I suppose he could be.

You haven't found Grandda's grave,
have you, Jem?
But he said if I ever came here,
I should leave him a stone, so I did.
I built him a cairn.
Come see.
Not today, Jem.
Let's go home.
Mandy, come on, sweetheart. You too.

[ROGER] Brianna!
I'm in here.

Apparently the kids go
to the graveyard all the time.
Oh, sweetheart.

And no, I didn't see Mama
and Da's headstones.
And I never want to.
But the kids go there to visit Da.
Jemmy said he was there.
Oh, Bree. I'm sorry.
I'll talk to him.
He's just
making stuff up again,
like the Nuckelavee.
But it is possible though
that Mama and Da might've
been buried here.
Your parents did say they came
to Scotland in their letters.
I know we said we'd wait
to read another one, but
[SIGHS] I was just missing them.
We've waited long enough.
[LAUGHS] Okay.
- Thank you.
- Mm.

[ROGER] "June 18, 1777,
Fort Ticonderoga."
What on earth are they doing there?
[CLAIRE] "Dear Bree,
"as you've doubtless gathered
from the heading
"of this letter,
we are not yet in Scotland.
"Your father was conscripted
into service
"with the Continental Army.
"We've been stationed
at Fort Ticonderoga
"for the past few months.
"Jamie commands a crew of men
we met on the ship over
"who call themselves
'Fraser's Irregulars.'
And as you can imagine,
your father likes that."
"They're building redoubts
to help protect the fort
"in case of attack.
"Meanwhile, I've been helping
the sick and injured
"under one Lieutenant Stactoe,
"a man who thinks
he's a surgeon but isn't
"and thinks that I am not
because I am a woman.
"Ian joined us again, having
made his way north by land,
"gathering information
from the Indian tribes.
"Meanwhile, the British Army
are approaching us
"from the north,
but Major General St. Clair
is confident the fort will hold."
[BRIANNA] "We'll stay and help the cause
"until your father is released
from service
"on the 10th of July.
"He dreams of the children now and then.
"I think of them every single day.
"We send all our love.
I know Fort Ticonderoga;
my father took me there.
We could always scour the history books,
see if there's any mention of them.
[BRIANNA] Not that one.
Maybe it's better we don't know.

[FERMOY] Colonel Fraser,
what progress has been made
on the defenses?
Construction should be complete
within a fortnight, sir.
[FERMOY] Excellent.
Colonel Kosciuszko?
General Fermoy
if I may.
I believe we are vulnerable to attack
from Sugar Loaf Hill.
I-if the British should take it,
and I have reason
to believe they will try,
they will have the higher ground.
We should station men here,
on Sugar Loaf, immediately.
I cannot believe
they'd be foolish enough
to attempt such a thing.
The terrain is too treacherous
and too steep
for soldiers to scale.
If there are Highlanders among them
[FERMOY LAUGHS] Yes, Highlanders.
Or goats.
Where a goat can go, a man can go, sir.
And where a man can go,
he can drag a gun.
Cannon fire will reach us.
No man could drag
a cannon to that summit,
Highlander or otherwise.
General St. Clair would agree with me.
I assure you,
Burgoyne will not dare attack
from a mountain across the water.
Wi' all due respect, sir
You are dismissed, Colonel Fraser.

[WILLIAM] I'm sorry, Mr. Hunter.
You say you do not believe in violence
of any kind and yet,
by your own admission, there you were,
chopping up corpses.
[DENZELL] For medical purposes.
I'd hardly call it "violence" as such.
There is only so much
to be learned from texts.
[WILLIAM] And where is it you get these
unfortunate specimens, eh?
They are executed criminals, but
But you call me a brute
for thinking we are better off
without such villains living among us.
Dispatch 'em, I say.
Does thee not believe it is a sin
to take someone's life, William?
The life of a murderer?
I call it justice.
But an army surgeon
I simply cannot fathom why
you did not choose a more
a more peaceable profession, Mr. Hunter.
[DENZELL] Well, when our parents died,
a relative of mine arranged for me
to attend a medical college in London.
I believe it is a noble profession
and one that suits me well.
But say a crime were committed
against your lovely sister, Mr. Hunter,
or against your brother, Miss Hunter.
You would hold fast to your principles?
We rely upon God's judgment alone.
Or the willingness of others
to commit violence for you.
I think we shall have to agree
to disagree on this matter.
We Quakers cannot be shaken
from our beliefs.
We tremble only before God and His word.
[RACHEL] Look there.
[ANTIOCH] Well met, all.
Where're ye bound?
[WILLIAM] Towards Albany.
Ah, ye're on the wrong road, sir.
Are you certain?
We were told this was the best route.
[ANTIOCH] I am certain.
You ought to've gone left
at the crossroads, sir.
It's several hours ride back
to the crossroads.
[DENZELL] Should we make camp
here for the night?
[ANTIOCH] Why don't you come
back to my house?
My wife would be pleased
to offer you supper and a bed.
That's quite generous of you.

I hope you have not gone
to too much trouble
on our account.
We don't often have guests.
Please, eat.
We lived in abundance on this farm
before the army
started marching through.
Thriving, we were
before they started taking
our crops, our horses,
the very clothes off our backs.
Which army was it?
Both of 'em.
I'm sorry to hear it.

Aren't you hungry, love?
You haven't touched your food.

Uh, I beg thy pardon.
I think I must take some air.
[WILLIAM] Miss Hunter.
Are you well?
I needed to remove myself
from the stench of that stew.
- Didst thou see
- No.
And I shall be a good deal happier
if you do not tell me.
I suppose we should be grateful
that the Johnsons could spare
us any food at all,
given their humble circumstances.
You're right, of course.
We will leave at dawn.
This sounds agreeable.
And if they are kind enough
to offer us breakfast
in the morning, our answer
will be a resounding "No."

Have a great day at work
and leave the rest to me.
Not to worry.
I have everything under control.
Oh, and bring your hard hat
home with you.
I thought you could wear it to bed.
I can do that.
Ah, I would say
"without your knickers on,"
but you don't seem to be wearing any.
Just something new I'm trying.
- Huh.
- Or old.
Got so used to not wearing them
in the 18th century,
just sort of feels weird now.
[ROGER] Well, that's a shame.
I like you in your knickers.
You like taking them off.
- [LAUGHS] Hello.
All right, sweetheart.
Mommy's gotta go to work.
Will you be good for Daddy?
- [MANDY] Yeah.
- Yeah?
Come here, baby. Mwah.
No mischief, you two.
Mischief? Us?


- [ROSS] Mike, Mike.
- Morning, sir.
[ROSS] Up here's the turbine room.
You'll have seen one of these before.
[ROSS] Apologies for the noise.
They're replacing a turbine today.
We're in this one.


You'll need these to get around.
Oh, thanks.
[ROSS] Maintenance and Repairs.
This is Mrs. MacKenzie,
your new plant inspector.
She's already familiar
with the tunnel schematics,
but she could do with
a tour of the grounds.
Introduce yourselves
and get her up to speed.
Good luck.
I hear you're replacing a rudder blade
on one of the turbines today.
Can someone take me to the valve room?
That's my project.
I'll take you.
Thanks. I appreciate it, Mr
Rob Cameron.
And this is two of my crew, Craig Dowd
Andy Pfeiffer.
Ah, nice to meet you, Madam Inspector.
Aye, charmed.
Right, come on then.
Got a busy day ahead of us.
And a pint at the Ryeland
waiting for us tonight.
Every night.

[ROB] Oh, the door's open.
You pass me your keys,
I'll show you which one
unlocks it for the future.
[BRIANNA] Oh, great.
Ladies first.
You can take my torch if you want.
All right, very funny.
[ANDY] Good luck, Madam Inspector.
We'll leave your keys on your desk!
Go, go, go, go!
- Hey!

[SIGHS] Come on.
[SIGHS] Bastards.
Oh, shit.
Left or right?
[EXHALES] Right.

[AIDE-DE-CAMP] Is that understood?
- You sent for me, sir?
General St. Clair was told
you speak Mohawk
and lived among them for a time.
He trusts you're familiar
with Joseph Brant,
known as Thayendanegea.
I am.
The British have promised land
to the Mohawk in return
for an alliance with them.
We, of course,
would prefer they supported us.
The general received
word Brant is staying
in the village of Shadow Lake.
You're to deliver a letter,
which will contain
within it important
I know of the village,
but respectfully, sir,
uh, can you kindly ask the general
to send another scout?
Why is that?
There are personal reasons, sir.
[AIDE-DE-CAMP] Unfortunately,
Mr. Murray,
war does not allow for personal reasons.
The general requires
that you leave today.
That's an order.

Auntie, can I speak to ye?
I-I ken ye're busy, but
No, of course.
I'm-I'm wonderin' how they come to be.
Ian, I
I refuse to believe that you
don't know how babies are made.
I want to know why.
What went wrong?
[CLAIRE] You mean
with the child that you lost?
What's wrong with me?
Why do you think anything's
wrong with you?
Emily's grandmother, Tsotehweh,
believed that to conceive,
a-a man's spirit
must overcome a woman's.
Emily has a child now with Kaheroton.
Well, his spirit was strong enough,
but mine wasna?
I could I could never
take another wife
if I kent I'd never give her bairns.
Uncle Jamie told me about the, uh
the-the sperm?
I wondered if there might be
something wrong with mine.
Could-could ye maybe look?
Oh, Ian, I don't think that would help.
Well, and I would need a microscope.
Did you ever see your daughter?
She was wrapped up on the
on the cradleboard for the funeral.
I didn't have a chance.
Did Emily ever say
did she ever say there was
anything wrong with the child?
Was she deformed in any way?
Emily said Iseabail was
The truth is, Ian,
many women lose children,
yeah, either through stillbirth,
or miscarriages
for any number of reasons.
Yeah, actually it's quite common
though women seldom talk about it.
Now I could list all
of the medical conditions
that could've caused it, but
I can assure you,
this has nothing to do with your spirit
and everything to do with science.
So ye're sayin' there
there's nothin' wrong with me?
What I'm saying
is that there's every chance
you won't have a problem having
a child with another woman.
Oh, thank ye, Auntie.

Mr. Johnson, you couldn't sleep either?
Denny, wake up!
[RACHEL] Stop it!
Leave my brother alone!
[DENZELL] Rachel, get back!
[RACHEL] Stop, Mrs. Johnson.
What's wrong with you?

[DENZELL] Rachel, grab her!
[RACHEL] Stop!
[RACHEL] Stop!

[RACHEL] Thee saved our lives.
I don't know how to thank thee.
You can thank that rotten stew.
Had I not awoken with such terrible pain
in my stomach
Where is your brother?
He's with wife.
She confessed, but
claims her husband
forces her to help him.
So they've done this before?
She showed us a cupboard full of jewelry
and other ill-gotten gains.
She offered them to us
if we'll leave her in peace.
We won't accept, of course.
[WILLIAM] How many victims
did they lure inside
and then butcher in their sleep,
I wonder?
She is begging for mercy.
She has lost her husband.
'Tis in God's hands now.
Punishment enough, perhaps.
What is it?

I've never killed anyone before.
I do not
I do not quite know what to do about it.
I expected it to be in battle.
I-I think I would know
how to feel if it had been.
Thee wouldn't.
You must think me disgraceful.
I know thee well enough
to know that's untrue.

[JAMIE] Claire.
Our scouts caught a British regular.
He told us that Simon Fraser is
one of Burgoyne's brigadiers
and has the forward command.
- Simon Fraser?
- Aye.
And not the Old Fox you met or his son,
but a second cousin,
Simon Fraser of Balnain,
verra bonny fighter.
I don't doubt it.
Worse, the British are running
short of food,
If they dinna have enough supplies,
they'll no be able to surround us
and wait for us to surrender.
They'll need to
they'll need to take the fort by force.
I think they'll put cannon
on Sugar Loaf Hill.
Have you talked to General Fermoy?
Fermoy's not particularly receptive
to the concerns of his subordinates.
[SCOFFS] He sounds like an arse.
He's a very proud man.
He insists they willna make it up there,
but-but I ken how a Highlander thinks.
If there's a higher ground to take,
then Simon Fraser will find a way.
Could you warn St. Clair directly?
[SIGHS] Fermoy has the general's ear,
so it's Fermoy I must persuade.
Wouldna be wise to go around him.
It could be very bad for my men.
But he's convinced
an attack will come by land,
and not from across the water.
It reminds me
of the Battle of Singapore,
though the other way around.
In World War II, the British
were stationed there,
and General Percival had
his guns aimed at the sea,
convinced that the surrounding jungles
were too dangerous
and dense to penetrate.
And he was proved to be wrong?
The Japanese cut their way
through the jungles
and attacked his defenses
at the weakest point,
by land.
And seeing is believing.
Of course,
by that point, it was too late.
Seeing is believin'.
You've given me an idea.

[WILLIAM] This is where we part.
Ticonderoga lies this direction.
My way lies farther north.
We thank thee for escorting us.
[WILLIAM] Should any British troops
or Hessians molest you,
tell them that you demand
to see their officer
and that you know his friend.
And if they demand to know
the name of this friend,
Harold Grey, Duke of Pardloe.
And who is Harold?
Some kin to me.
I would like you to have the money.

And I shall hold on to this.
I thank thee, but we will do
well enough without it.
I insist.
Fare thee well.

Thee knows he is a British soldier?
Likely a deserter.
And if he is?
Violence follows such a man.
Is thee not taking me to join an army?
I think thee may be
a hypocrite, Denzell Hunter.
Say the word and I'll find
thee a place with friends,
where thee may stay in safety.
The Lord spoke to me,
and I must follow my conscience.
But there is no need for thee
to follow it too.
The Lord spoke to me as well.
He said, "Keep thy
fat-headed brother from dying."
If thee are going
to join the army, Denny,
let us go and find it.


[SPEAKING MOHAWK] Wolf's Brother
My heart is warm to see you.
Mine, too.
What brings you here?
[YOUNG IAN] Uh, my general sent
me to speak with Thayendanegea,
Joseph Brant, about the war.
Yes, he's staying at our village.
But first, will ye walk with me?
I I can't go far.
My son
and daughter, newly born.
Yer family has grown.
I wish to say to ye that I'm sorry
that I could not give ye children
and that and that I'm glad
ye have them.
Are ye happy, Wahionhaweh?
I am.

Ye dinna ask me whether I am happy.
I have eyes.
May I meet your son?
Sweetheart, come here.
I must attend to my daughter.
What's your name?
Swiftest of Lizards.
Swiftest of Lizards.
Are you Wolf's Brother?
I am. Your mother taught ye English?
My grandmother talks about you.
What does she say?
She says I'm the child of your spirit.
- Does she?
But I should not say so to my father.

Will you choose a name for him
of your people?
For when he walks in that world.
Thank you.
Your name is Ian James.
- Ian James.
- [YOUNG IAN] Mm-hmm.
- I like it.
It's not safe in here.
Come on out.
Come on.
What's wrong, son?
Ye can tell me.
Well, why didn't you come up
to the house then?
For Dad's regular teatime special:
beans on toast?
I got in trouble at school.
What for?
Tommy Reid said me and Mama
and Mandy were all gonna burn
in hell as papists.
Well, you know what to say to that.
"I'll see ye there."
And I did,
only I said it in the Gaelic.
Miss Glendenning didn't like that.
She grabbed me by the ear and said,
"In this classroom, we speak English."
She shook me, Da.
And I cursed at her,
one of Grandda's curses.
So she called the headmaster,
and he made me hold out my hands
and gave me three with the belt.
Am I in trouble?
Come here, son.
Ye're not mad?
Not at you.
Why is it bad to speak Gaelic?
It's not.
Dinna fash. We'll sort it out.
I promise.
Come on.
And pick up your wrappers.
Don't leave your rubbish
out here anymore.
It's not my rubbish, Da.
[CLAIRE] You must try to get
some sleep, Mrs. Raven.
You're overtired.
[MRS. RAVEN] How can I sleep,
when any moment we may be
set upon by the British Army,
or worse, Indians.
I've heard they cut off pieces of you
fingers first, one joint at a time.
I'll prepare some herbs that'll
help you settle your nerves,
but you have to try and keep
these terrible thoughts
out of your mind.
How can I?
My husband and son were killed.
[CLAIRE] I'm so sorry.
I-I'll get something
that'll help you rest.
[STACTOE] I'm in charge here, sir.
We'll do this my way,
and we will cut below the knee,
especially as the patient might lose
can I help you?
Lieutenant Stactoe,
I don't believe we've met.
Denzell Hunter. And thee is?
Mrs. Fraser.
[STACTOE] You may move along, madam.
We've work to do.
[WALTER] Please, is it true?
They tell me
it will need to be amputated.
I'm afraid they're right.
Your foot is gangrenous.
I am sorry.
What were you debating?
Nothing for you
to remark upon, certainly.
We were discussing the degree
of amputation required.
The good surgeon wishes
to cut below the knee
to preserve the joint.
Well, I'm inclined to agree
with Lieutenant Stactoe.
Well, I believe we must perform
a mid-femoral amputation.
Walter has a popliteal
aneurysm, meaning that
[CLAIRE] That the artery is
in danger of rupturing.
You're right.
I'm so sorry, Walter.
I'll go fetch some boiling water.
[DENZELL] Boiling water?
To sterilize the instruments
to prevent post-operative infection.
[DENZELL] I see.
Mrs. Fraser, you will not subject
my blades to boiling water.
It will ruin the temper of the metal.
Hot water will do
nothing but clean them,
and I can't let you use
a dirty blade on this man.
Let me?
I do not need your permission, madam.
Perhaps I should perform
the operation, Lieutenant,
as the surgeon
with a degree in medicine.
Would thee care to assist me?
I would.
[STACTOE] Very well then, Dr. Hunter.
Butcher this man however you like,
but you won't be using my equipment.

No matter.
I have a set of my own.
I'll send my sister to fetch them
along with a pan of boiling water.
Walter, I think
it best you get some rest.
What are we doing here, Colonel?
I was told there was a matter
of great importance.
There is.
See for yourself, sir.
Is that our cannon and our soldiers?
My men hauled it to the summit
this morning
wi' the permission
of the captain of artillery.
If they can do it, ye can be sure
Simon Fraser and his men will, too.
[FERMOY] What are you doing?
- They're aiming at us.
[JAMIE] Stand down.
We're not under attack!
Have the men stop.
Tell them to get back to their posts.
[SOLDIER] Return to your posts!
What have you done?
The fort is within firing range.
Now ye've seen it wi' yer own eyes.
The only thing I have seen, Colonel,
is your flagrant
disregard for authority.
I instructed them to aim wide, sir,
only meant to demonstrate the
vulnerability of our defenses.
[STACTOE] By creating another?
Taking men and cannon outside
the protection of these walls?
What if they fell into enemy hands?
This entire fort will fall
into the enemy's hands
if we dinna put men on that hill.
[STACTOE] Enough.
How dare you humiliate me, sir,
disobeying my order with
this reckless public spectacle.
I should put you in
chains for your insubordination!
Fortunately for you,
I cannot spare a single soldier.
If and when the British attack, by land,
we need every man inside
to defend the fort!
Bring your men
and that cannon back here,
And they are not
to leave the fort again.

Ian Murray.
Miss Hunter.
I didna expect to see you again.
[RACHEL] We heard there was
a need for surgeons.
My brother wished to lend
his support to the army.
Hmm, that's brave of ye,
to leave yer home.
[RACHEL] My friend William
recovered well
and accompanied us
on a large part of our journey.
We were grateful
for his protection on the road.
Well, now that ye're here,
I offer my protection.
I welcome thy protection,
though hope I don't need it. [LAUGHS]
Are those medicinal herbs?
Uh, aye.
Um, whenever I'm sent off to scout,
I forage for my Auntie Claire.
Claire Fraser is thy aunt?
We've been working closely with her.
Suppose I'll be seein' more of ye.
I suppose so.

[CLAIRE] No sign of infection.
And it's healing nicely.
Ah, though you will have
to stay in bed for a while.
So dancing's out of the question?
You like to dance, Mr. Woodcock?
My wife does.
Yeah, that's how we fell in love
hmm, dancing.
I'm sure she misses you very much.
I hope so.
We, uh, didn't part
on the best of terms.
But thanks to you, I have
a chance to see her again.
Put things right.
[BRIANNA] But then the tunnel
split in two directions.
[JEMMY] Which way did you go?
Well, luckily, I had studied
the tunnel schematics,
so I knew where to go; I went right.
And that's why you always do
your homework, pal.
[BRIANNA] Exactly.
And then when I finally got out,
all of my coworkers applauded.
You were really brave, Mama.
Thanks, kiddo.
[ROGER] This calls for a toast.
Cheers to my brave wife
on her first day.
- Sláinte.
- [BRIANNA] Yeah.

[ROGER] Come with me for a minute?
Finish your dessert, kids.
I thought you had a great day?
[BRIANNA] I didn't want
to upset you and the kids,
but it was shit.
It was totally horrible.
I am furious, Roger.
This-this wasn't just hazing.
They did this to me because I'm a woman.
- Arseholes.
I knew this was gonna be hard.
I knew that, but I'm-I just
I'm worried they're never
gonna respect me.
I imagine that's what
it was like for your mother
that first day
at Harvard Medical School.
Being the only woman
in a class full of men,
it's not gonna be easy.
But you made it through today
and I think that's something
worth celebratin'.

I have a little something for you.
[LAUGHS] A hidden drawer?
[ROGER] I found it yesterday when one
of the drawers got stuck.
[BRIANNA] What is it?
Oh, Roger. It's beautiful.
I love it. You did not have to do this.
I wanted to.
You know, for you to use at work,
to make sure you know
that I am so proud of you.
And I'm sorry I didn't make
that clearer from the start.
Thank you.
Maybe you should put
your knickers back on.
Jem, what's goin' on?
[JEMMY] It wasn't me, I swear.
She saw someone outside and was scared,
but I didn't see anyone.
[BRIANNA] Mandy, honey, hey.
Did you see someone outside?
The Nuckelavee.
[ROGER] Well, maybe she did see someone.
I saw some, uh, food wrappings
on the ground earlier.
I'll have a look.
Hon, shh, shh. You're okay.
Jem, you okay, baby?


Burgoyne's cannon will likely
reach the summit by daybreak.
How is it we were not prepared for this?
No one could have foreseen it, sir.
[ST. CLAIR] Do we think their
cannon can reach our walls?
- I think they can, sir.
Then I see no other choice.
We must evacuate immediately.
But sir, we cannot abandon
the fort without a fight.
Burgoyne's soldiers outnumber
ours twofold.
If they breach our walls
[JAMIE] Mayor General, if I may
I've already ordered my men
to commandeer boats and canoes
at Lake Champlain.
The water will carry civilians faster
than the British can march.
Take as many as you can.
The rest of you,
gather supplies and artillery.
Destroy whatever you cannot carry.
We must leave nothing behind
for Burgoyne's army.

[ROGER] Bree?
The kids are in the house,
glued to the telly,
so we have about 15 minutes.
I think, uh,
I have an appointment for an inspection.
[BRIANNA] Oh, do you now?
I'd love to, but

There's something I have to do.
I'll be here when ye get home.
You coming again that weekend?
Wrong place, lassie.
Knitting club's down the street.
So who do I have to lock in a tunnel
to get a drink around here?
Well, I heard you made it out
in record time, Hen.
[ROB] No, seriously. Seriously.
You see, Craig here would have
definitely gotten lost.
Yeah, he'd be in there
for about three days.
[LAUGHING] No, he'd have
still been in there.
- Oh, no, he'd have still
- been in there.
- No, no, no, no, man.
[ROB] Hey, Donny!
Bring a pint of your finest
over here for my colleague.
[WORKER 1] Yeah, no, no, no, man.
[WHISPERING] Look, you had
your fun and games yesterday.
We'll call it a clean slate.
But if you ever do anything
like that again,
I will have the lot of you fired.
- [WORKER 2] That works!
- [WORKER 3] It does.
Oh, and don't call me "Hen."
[ANDY] Well, it works for some people.
Fair enough, Gov.
[CLAIRE] How long do we have?
A few hours at most.
We'll bring as many as we can.

[WALTER] Are we under attack,
Mrs. Fraser?
we have to evacuate.
Oh, I think I can walk
with a little support.
[CLAIRE] I'm so sorry,
but it's too soon.
The sutures won't hold.
It's too dangerous.
If there were any way I could,
I'd take you with me.
I understand.
Uh, you go on then.
Big Red needs you and so do the others.
It's best that you stay here.
You're injured. The British will
have to show you mercy.
If you keep the wound clean
and don't put too much strain on it,
it will heal quickly.
This is laudanum.
It will help with the pain
and help you sleep.
Just don't take too much.
This war, it will be over one day
and you can go home to your wife.
Goodbye, Walter.
Godspeed, Mrs. Fraser.

[JAMIE] Come now.
- [PERSON] Grab a paddle.
- Quick as ye can.
[PERSON] Grab a paddle.
Follow the boats that have gone ahead.


Jem said he built this for you, Da.
He said that he and Mandy come
here to talk to you.
Something I think you'd be proud of,
got a new job, working at a dam.
[SIGHS] Well, I'm the plant inspector,
which kinda means I'm everybody's boss.
It's not really that easy,
tellin' the lads what to do.
Even in this time, it's complicated.
Roger and I bought Lallybroch.
I wish you and Ma could see it.
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