Overlord (2015) s01e08 Episode Script

Twin Swords of Slashing Death

1 No, I was really worried! You didn't come home for days.
I waited for you a long time.
U-Um, may I ask who you are? Huh? You don't know her? Hm? I'm here to kidnap you.
Huh? Mr.
Nphirea, please stand back! I want to use your talent of being able to use any kind of magic item in order to summon an army of the undead.
Huh? Become our tool.
Won't you use the Crown of Wisdom for us? It's a request from sweet little ol' me.
Who are you?! With the Crown of Wisdom, it'll be possible to cast the seventh tier summon.
Undead Army, that normal people can't cast.
And although it's impossible to control all the undead we summon, we'll be able to lead them in various general directions! It's the perfect plan! Mr.
Nphirea, please run away from here quickly! B-But Ninya, you must stand back as well! Huh?! Take the kid and run! You have things you got to do! That's right.
You have to go save your big sister, who was taken by aristocrats! Everyone.
Give me some of your tears.
I'll cry them for you.
But, it'd be a problem if you got away from me.
You play around too much.
But you prepared everything so their screams won't be heard, right? Can't I take my time with just one? Mr.
Momon! Sorry for making you wait.
Not at all.
I finished the registration.
From this day forth, your name is Hamusuke.
Thank you very much, Master.
It spoke! Amazing! Is it true the owner is a copper plate?! He's on such an amazing magical creature, isn't he actually a famous adventurer? Hey, you.
Are you the one who went with my grandson to collect herbs? I am Lizzy Balear, Nphirea's grandmother.
I accompanied him to Carne Village as his bodyguard.
My name is Momon.
And this is Nabe, also I am the Wise King of the Forest.
My name is Hamusuke now, it is! So this great magical creature is the legendary Wise King of the Forest? That's right.
I met him during your grandson s request and I beat him into submission.
Amazing! And so, where is my grandson right now? He went ahead with his herbs.
We are about to head to your home to collect our reward.
Oh, I see.
Then, why don't we go together? Yes, with pleasure.
Nphirea! Mr.
Momon is here! What's going on? Trouble.
Wh-What is it? What's down this way? It's the storage room for our herbs.
E-Eeek! What is going on? Huh?! Zombies! Where is Nphirea?! He isn't here.
Nphirea! Protect her.
I understand.
It doesn't look to be a trap.
But this "I've heard that girls in a team can cause serious problems.
" So that's how it was.
This is a little displeasing.
A piercing weapon.
My grandson! Nphirea is not here! Nothing was rummaged through, so their aim must have been Nphirea.
Then, who are these people? They were adventurers that accepted your grandson's request with me.
They were your friends? No.
They were people I happened to work with this one time.
More importantly, what do you think? About what? If there was a third tier caster who can use Create Undead, the culprits would have been able to gain time by hiding the bodies or taking them along.
Yet the bodies were left behind so distastefully.
The culprits didn't care if they were found out or perhaps they were confident that they would get away.
Either way, it will be a problem if we don't deal with this quickly.
Why not make a request? Isn't this a request fitting for an adventurer? You're lucky, Lizzy Balear.
I am the one strongest adventurer in this town and the only adventurer that can bring back your grandson.
If you make a request, I may take you up on the offer.
True, if it were you I'll hire.
I'll hire you! I see.
But, I am expensive.
Are you ready to pay the price? How much will satisfy you? Everything.
What? I want everything.
You They say that demons will grant any wish for a human soul.
It can't be, but are the two of you demons? Even if we were, is that a problem? Don't you want to save your grandson? Then there is only one answer, Lizzy Balear! I'll hire you! I will give you everything that I have.
Please save my grandson! Then, we will hunt for Nphirea's whereabouts now.
How will we do that? This time, it'll be easy.
Their plates are gone.
Even though all the valuables were left behind.
Why do you think that is? I am very sorry.
I do not know.
The reason Lord Ains.
There is something I must tell you.
I am busy right now.
I will contact you as soon as I have time.
I understand.
Please contact Lady Albedo at that time.
Let me continue.
The culprits took their plates as hunting trophies.
The plates were probably collected as souvenirs, but this time that will be their fatal mistake.
It's the item Locate Object.
I don't have to tell you what we're looking for.
Also, there's a chance that the enemy is using Detect Locate, so using Fake Cover and Counter Detect is the most basic of basics.
I'm sure that this will be enough for this enemy.
Now, Narberal.
Activate it.
Fake Cover! Counter Detect! When collecting information with magic, you must take measures to protect yourself well.
To do a Player Kill, you have to collect as much info as possible, then attack hard and swift! These are the basics from the document "Anyone Can Easily PK" that Punitto Moe created.
Locate Object! Here.
That area is a cemetery, if I remember.
Then next, use Clairvoyance and Crystal Monitor simultaneously so I can see as well.
Clairvoyance! Crystal Monitor! A pack of undead.
It's confirmed then.
And the ones who took the plates are nearby.
What shall we do? Should we teleport and attack at once? Or use Fly magic and launch an assault? Don't be stupid.
The enemy has prepared such a huge number of undead.
They are trying to do something big.
If that's the case, we should take care of that as we save Nphirea to spread our names.
Although, we don't have the time to collect more information.
We're done.
Did you find something? The cemetery is their base of operations.
My grandson is there, too? Yes.
Along with an army of undead.
What?! Don't be so surprised.
But the army of undead may pour out of the cemetery.
Please tell the townspeople and the guild of this, Lizzy.
Nabe and I will head to the cemetery immediately.
Wait! Do you have a way to break through the army of undead?! I have my way right here.
Another quiet night.
We haven't fought the Empire lately.
And haven't the number of undead decreased? Hm? What's that sound? Hey, don't try to scare me like that.
Quiet! I heard something.
It's just your imagination.
Hey! Look over there! That's An army of undead?! And there's way more than just a hundred or two! About a thousand?! Notify the soldiers at the station! We have to keep them back until help arrives! What?! Bastard! R-Retreat.
Retreat! An adventurer?! But a copper plate is useless.
You guys need to get away from here immediately.
My sword.
All of you.
Look behind you.
Huh? J-Just who are you? Open the gates! Don't be stupid! There's an army of undead are on the other side! So? Is that a problem for me, Momon? Well, it's fine.
If you don't want to open the gates, it can't be helped.
Oh, Master Nabe! Please don't leave me behind! I shall also go with my Master, that I will! Hey.
Do you hear that? Huh? What? The voices of the undead No way.
Going against that many undead.
It's impossible.
Just who are those people? That man.
He called himself Momon.
That man was a copper plate? Impossible.
Isn't he the rumored adamantite plate? We may have just seen a legend.
A raven black warrior.
No, a raven black hero.
No, no.
I apologize for causing so much trouble.
Can you stop moving? You're fluffy and hard to carry.
The undead are sensitive to life.
Stay there so you aren't targeted.
I apologize, that I do.
But, at this rate, we won't be able to get far.
Then, why not call our forces from Nazarick? Don't say stupid things! How many times do I have to tell you the reason why we're here? But, Lord Ains.
If you wanted to spread our names, why not wait until there were more human casualties? The aim of the enemy! The power of this town! If we had more knowledge, we could have done things differently.
But with our lack of information, I don't want to risk falling behind.
I see.
You are amazing, Lord Ains.
Your consideration for everything is as expected of the Supreme One.
I am in awe of you once again.
By the way, please explain to a foolish one as myself.
Why did we not send in forces with undercover skills, sit back, and wait for a shift of situation that would give us the best timing? I-If I told you all the answers, how will you improve?! Find the answer yourself! Yes! I apologize.
However, it is true we are short on time.
It can't be helped.
We should make a move to open up a path.
Create Middle Tier Undead.
Jack the Ripper.
Corpse Collector.
Go! Th-They're amazing, they are.
Well, let's go.
Master, please don't leave me in a place like this! Lord Khajit, they've come.
Okay, one definite idiot here.
It's a nice night, Khajit.
Isn't it a waste to spend the night on a boring ritual? Hmph.
I decide whether the night is perfect for a ritual or not.
More importantly, who are you? We're adventurers who have accepted a quest.
We're looking for a certain boy.
I don't have to tell you his name, do I? Also, one of your allies should have a piercing weapon.
Planning to lay low? Or could it be you're scared of us and in hiding? You examined the corpses.
You're good.
You Well.
Looks like he's figured it all out.
There's no point in hiding.
So? Can I ask for your names? Oh, I'm Clementine! Nice to meetcha.
There's no point in telling you, but it's Momon.
Yeah, that's true.
But how did you find this place? The answer is under your cloak.
Let me see.
Woah! Pervert! Dirty old man! Just kidding.
Talking about these? Those gave away your position.
I leave Khajit and those men to you.
I will take care of this woman.
I understand.
Be careful above you.
Why don't we fight to the death over there? Hmph.
This woman? Twin Maximize Magic! What?! Electrosphere! You fool.
You should just squash easily like a caterpillar.
Come to think of it, were the ones I killed in that shop your friends? Could it be you're mad I killed your allies? That magic caster was so funny! It looks like she believed help would come until the very end.
Sorry for killing them! There's no need to apologize.
Really? That's too bad.
It's the funniest when I beat down someone who says things like, "You killed my friends!" Why aren't you mad? That's boring.
Oh, maybe they weren't your allies? Depending on the situation, I would probably do something similar.
So reproaching you for that would be hypocritical of me.
However, those people were tools to raise my name.
For interrupting my plans, your very existence is offensive! Oh, that's right.
Isn't that beauty a magic caster? She won't be able to defeat Khaj if that's the case.
She wouldn't be able to beat me either.
Even Nabe would be able to defeat someone of your level.
You're so stupid.
I'd slice and stab a magic caster easily! It always ends with that! I see.
Only a few can fight equally with me in this country.
One person from Blue Rose and one from Drop of Red.
The only others, would probably be Gazef Stronoff and Brain Unglaus? That's good to hear.
Then, I'll give you a handicap.
That will be my revenge to you.
I don't know what kind of ugly face is under that helm, but this inhuman Lady Clementine, who has already stepped into the domain of heroes, would never lose! That's why I'm giving you a handicap.
No matter what, I won't fight you seriously.