Owning Manhattan (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

When I was ten years old,
I was in the car,
driving with my grandfather,
and we went by a cemetery.
He turned around and he said,
"Ryan, do you know who's in there?"
And he said, "In there, you have artists,
mathematicians, athletes,
the greatest people in the world"
"but you'll never know who they are."
"Do you know why?"
And he got really stern.
He said, "Because cemeteries are full
of wasted potential."
That's a lot to say to a ten-year-old kid,
but I'll never forget it,
because that was the moment I realized
I didn't wanna lead an ordinary life.
My name is Ryan Serhant.
I'm one of the top, if not the top,
real estate brokers in the world,
and I do over a billion dollars
in sales every year.
I'm the CEO and founder of SERHANT.,
the greatest real-estate brokerage
in the history of the known universe.
And I never, ever exaggerate anything.
After selling real estate for 12 years
and being on a TV show called Million
Dollar Listing New York for ten years,
like a lunatic,
I decided to start my own company.
Worth it.
We're at about 350 agents,
and it's been about two and a half years.
Every single person told me
to not start my own company,
and when everyone said no,
I took that as a hard yes.
- What is going on today?
- Did you check your email?
- Oh, are we doing a sales huddle?
- Yeah.
-The sales huddle.
-Oh, I didn't know that.
Now I'm competing against huge companies,
majorly funded companies
with billions of dollars,
and then me, by myself.
Right now, we are the number six brokerage
in New York City,
but I don't wanna be sixth at anything.
I wanna be first.
Z, I just wanna call and say I love you.
You'll be in bed when I get home.
I'm going into our sales huddle.
Do you have any advice for me?
-Bye, Daddy!
-Okay, bye-bye, Zebu.
On top of running the brokerage,
I gotta try to eat here and there,
sleep sometimes, work out,
pay attention to my wife
so that she knows I still exist,
and try to be a dad at the same time.
It says "sewer."
-Know what's in there?
Do we have to teach her that?
Am I even alive right now?
-How have you guys been?
-It's good.
-I haven't seen you in a minute.
-I like the shades.
-Keeping my head down, yeah.
how many people I don't know.
- I know.
- Hey.
I bet my entire life, my house,
and every single dollar I have,
'cause I am self-funded here,
on the success of this business.
I walk the plank by myself every day.
If this doesn't work out,
there there is no plan B for me.
Plan B is is
is bankruptcy.
So, I mean
So it, you know so it has to work.
-What's going on?
-Good to see you.
-Hi. Hello.
We need a bigger boat.
-Excuse me.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
- Oh, the hair!
- Whoo!
Oh, so many colors.
Are we good? Ready?
Here he comes.
The man of the hour!
Okay, okay, okay!
Listen, here's where I want to start.
We have a packed slate.
There's a lot that we want to get to,
and it's a beautiful day.
Right? The Knicks are playing a game
Who's going?
You are? Where are you sittin'?
Row two.
I'm on the court, but I'll wave to you.
I've spoken to a lot of you over
the past couple days, past couple weeks.
Some of you are here
for a matter of seconds.
There's agents
who signed up literally today.
Some of you've been with me
from the beginning of the firm.
Some of you've been with me
for the last eight to ten years.
We look for agents
who are incredibly hardworking,
have a great book of business.
I want multimillion-dollar producers.
I want the best of the best to work here.
And if you can't sell,
you can't be here.
You all have been crushing it, by the way.
We now just crossed $1.3 billion
in active listings as a firm.
Which is the most we've had
since we started.
Give it up to every person in this room.
We'll have a couple people
take it to the wall.
First, uh, where's Jordan Hurt?
Jordan started as my assistant,
He said,
"I don't wanna be your assistant."
"That's the worst job I could imagine."
"I wanna now be a power broker."
And he just broke a record in Tribeca.
Please go write it on the wall.
The wall is like a stamp of approval.
And when I'm writing myself down
for a 3.5 million
next to somebody
that did something worth 30 million,
I'm like, "Yeah, I did it."
- Where's Jess Taylor?
- Yes!
Jess Taylor, Brad, Jim, and Jamie
sold an amazing apartment
in Brooklyn Heights.
It was over $8 million, and you sold it.
Go write it up on the wall.
You know, I look on the wall
and I see these $1 million deals.
I mean, why why would I boast
about a $1 million deal?
If we're doing, like, ten-plus,
sure, let's boast about it. But
And last,
one of the strongest women I know.
She does a 20 and a half million-dollar
deal over the phone.
Take all the markers
and go to the wall, please.
The SERHANT. office
is 100% like a Lifetime movie. Yes.
Don't you need a little bit of crazy
to do real estate in New York? I think so.
- So, you with me? Yeah?
- Yeah!
You wanna change the game with me?
- Yeah!
- Yeah? You wanna build something big?
- Yeah!
- All right. So let's go!
Let's go! All right, ready, everybody?
Ready, set, SERHANT.!
- Yuriy, you know what today is?
- No, Ryan.
- Today is Make Money Monday.
- Ah.
- Ready, set, go.
- Go.
Hey, do you know it's Make Money Monday?
Maybe not for them.
Right, Yuriy, we're going
to Central Park Tower. Uptown.
Central Park Tower is
the newest residential tower
in New York City,
and it rises 1,550 feet in the air,
which makes it the highest
residential tower in the world.
Stay here. Don't move.
This is a good spot for us. I'll be back.
It is the true definition
of a trophy penthouse.
It really is.
And, man oh man,
when we listed that thing,
it was the penthouse heard
around the world.
At 1,550 feet,
the just-completed Central Park Tower
is the tallest residential building
in the world.
The most expensive home ever,
a quarter of a billion dollars.
I've had the penthouse listing
at Central Park Tower for three months,
and I have three months left
on the agreement,
which means
I've gotta get this penthouse sold.
The elevators move
at 2,000 feet a minute.
They're the fastest residential elevators
on the planet.
So here we are, 129.
-I want you to close your eyes.
Because it it is a sight to be seen.
So close your eyes.
Kayla is one of our top agents at SERHANT.
-Keep your eyes closed. Great.
-Okay. Closed!
Sorry. Okay, this way. Go straight.
She works with buyers
all over the world.
She does mega deals,
and she has a buyer from Asia
who's interested in the penthouse.
This is insane.
Welcome to the penthouse
at Central Park Tower.
So the apartment interior
is 17,545 square feet.
You have 1,400 square feet of exterior.
The family, they're all spread
across the US and Asia,
and they're looking for
a really large space.
The building was designed
by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill.
Wow, these views are like
I've never seen views like this.
When you look at this building
from Long Island, Central Park,
or from the Moon,
you know exactly where you are.
Now, what I love about this room,
and we've set this up as a den
is it's a $250 million apartment,
but you still need your TV room.
-Sure. Yeah.
-You're still gonna live here.
You need a room to, you know, get cereal.
- The breakfast room.
- Right.
You know, someone
who's spending $250 million,
they have similar concerns
about their family
that someone who's spending $250,000 has.
"Is my wife gonna be happy with this?
Is the closet size enough?"
"Where's our personal security
going to stay?"
I mean, there's some
different concerns, obviously.
But at the end of the day,
it's going to be someone's home.
And hopefully, it is these people's home.
Where we stand now,
we're higher than helicopters.
Helicopters fly through the city
at about 1,100 feet.
You'll see helicopters fly beneath us.
- Oh my goodness.
- Crazy, right?
My ear popped
three times on the way up here.
So now I understand why.
And, as you know,
there's a 100th floor private club
in this building called 10 Cubed.
You have a private restaurant curated
by three Michelin star chefs.
-It is just for residents of the building.
There's indoor pools,
outdoor pools, amenities galore.
It's breathtaking. Wow.
- So there's three floors.
- Okay.
Then maybe one
of my favorite parts of this
I mean, they're all I mean, like
This staircase took them years
to design and construct.
That's insane.
It's some of the largest
single-pane pieces of glass in the world.
So this is your view as you're coming down
with your morning coffee.
Know what would be cool?
I think it might be hard
for you to show this on video.
Why don't I go to the top there,
and then you can do your video
and you'll see me?
I'm six foot three, to give them scale.
So we're going up. We're not even halfway.
- Do you see me?
- I do. Oh, there
Do I look small yet?
Yes, you're tiny.
- Hello!
- Hi.
You're not just buying an apartment,
you're buying scale, right?
This is luxury scale.
Now up to the 131st floor.
And then at the top,
you have your grand ballroom.
This is the appeal for them.
In South Korean culture,
we have a huge Lunar New Year celebration,
where all the families
come back to see the elders.
And this would be
one of the best US gathering places.
This would be really nice.
One of the first billionaires
I walked through here,
I told him this was the highest apartment
in the world, and he turned and goes
And he
- I don't know what's about to happen.
- Right!
And he says
"If I put my ping-pong table here,
would it be the highest ping-pong table
on the planet?"
What was your answer?
"Yes, it would be."
-You're now tuned into the master ♪
-Yeah, yeah ♪
Original, never manufactured ♪
- So, 1,416 feet in the air.
- Oh boy.
The highest terrace in the city.
You know,
you're basically closer to God up here.
Good selling point.
It's true!
I mean,
you could be naked out here.
By all means,
please sell this to a billionaire nudist.
That would be great.
There are only 3,000 billionaires
in the world
that can afford this apartment,
and I just need one.
-Hey, hey ♪
-But never do it like me ♪
Never do it like this one ♪
'Cause I'm one of a kind ♪
This is Central Park Tower.
Here is the view.
You can see the river
and the Empire State Building.
Also, lots of sunlight
makes this place very bright.
Twenty-seven foot
Oh, if you want to say
it's 27-foot ceilings.
If you wanna put me in it,
you can totally.
I'm six foot three
to give them, like, scale.
Uh, six feet
- Three. Don't cut me short.
- Three!
- Okay. Excellent.
- And your buyer, remind me?
So it's a really influential family
from South Korea.
They operate an electronics conglomerate,
and they are branching out
in different worlds.
This is gonna be
the perfect spot for them.
So that's it. Bring me an offer.
Okay. I mean, I'm just
You know, they're really hard negotiators.
Honestly, if it were up to the developer,
we would have priced it at $350 million.
-At the current square footage, at 250
it's just over $14,000 a square foot.
The penthouse of that building
sold not that long ago
for $20,000 a square foot.
- Okay.
- So we're already at a discount per foot.
One of my special talents
is I have this thing called "buy-dar."
I can tell you when buyers want to buy,
even if they're not even here in person.
I will share feedback with them,
and hopefully,
I could have one of the representatives
of the family visit and do this tour.
- Ooh. I'll be here.
- Okay.
What's different
about Kayla's buyer
is that this wouldn't just be
a trophy purchase.
It's an emotional one.
And once you get
those emotions involved in the sale,
I can remove the money
from the conversation,
and I can negotiate with feelings
all day long.
-I'll walk you down.
- Not down the stairs, obviously. Elevator.
- Hope not.
- How are you?
- All right.
There you go.
We're celebrating Jordan.
- We're celebrating me.
- 20
- As always, celebrating.
- Yes, thank you.
-Twenty million?
-Last week I put 20 million into contract.
- God bless.
- Wow.
-You've done Huxley, right?
- Yeah.
- We've got the team over there. We
-Seventy, wasn't it?
-74% sold right now.
Correct me if I'm wrong,
but Chloe had it before you, right?
- I believe so.
- Okay.
- Chloe was the previous broker.
- Right.
The vets at SERHANT. are myself.
Hah! Of course.
Jordan Hurt, Jordan March,
Tricia Lee, Jeffrey, Jess Taylor.
- I think she did a great job. Just
- Yeah.
I think they needed someone
to come in and actually sell it.
- Finish it.
- Damn.
The shade!
And the rookies are the agents
that have started relatively recent.
We call them "pandemic brokers" in jest,
who got their license during the pandemic.
Everybody from Jessica Markowski,
Jonathan, Jade, and Chloe.
I wanna be doing that,
working like that with Ryan.
Do you need it?
I wanna prove to him that I'm the one
he should be giving these
really high-profile residential deals.
If there is a big deal, I want it.
The rookies think
that it's gonna be handed to them,
or Ryan's gonna give them a listing,
or we're gonna go make a million dollars.
And there is some cases
where that does happen.
Ryan's the big papa.
Gotta make Ryan proud, right?
-What's up? Just got in?
-Want some champagne?
I just got in. Did I show you the video
from my client's garage this morning?
-The bikes?
-This guy sounds like quite the client.
He is quite the client.
Jessica is on the listing too.
-You are? So you know the deal.
-I know the deal.
See the Bentley,
Ducati, then mine.
- Is this the penthouse down in
- No, this is a townhouse.
Some of the people on the SERHANT. team
really do not like me,
because I'm young, I'm new.
People are scared of change,
and especially successful change.
-Well, that's very interesting. Um
- This is really coming along!
- Let us know how it goes.
My brand is celebrities,
it's Instagram models,
it's Wall Street guys, it's crypto guys.
Basically, anyone young.
Would you rather work with me
if you're young
or the guy over there in the boring suit?
It's pretty obvious to me.
We are, we are ♪
We are the new generation ♪
We are, we are ♪
A brand-new sensation ♪
What's up, Jay?
-I'm down ten pounds.
-Looking good, sweetheart!
Call you later.
I grew up in Los Angeles.
I always had dreams of coming to New York
and being a big Broadway star.
I did a Broadway national tour.
I was playing Sophie in Mamma Mia.
I thought I'd see
"Chloe Tucker Caine" on the marquee,
and it just turned out
that I had bigger dreams.
I wanted the whole damn skyline.
Chloe's actually newer
to the business.
But even though she didn't have
that much experience in sales,
you just know sometimes with people.
She was a performer.
She didn't get into real estate to start.
She was on stage.
Simple me ♪
She is fiercely competitive
and she has a strong personality.
She does not take no for an answer,
for better and for worse.
Come on, we got a listing pitch.
I thought real estate
was gonna be, like, a side gig,
and I've sold
over $100 million worth of real estate
with $500 million in my portfolio,
and I'm just getting started.
- Hey, you made it!
- Hello, hello!
-This is Sadie.
Hi, Sadie!
- I'm so happy to finally meet you.
- Likewise.
-I literally feel like I know you.
-I feel like I know.
This neighborhood,
just south of Greenwich Village,
has had a lot of growth
in a really short amount of time.
And it might have been kind of ballsy,
but all I did
was cold call
a bunch of people in Hudson Square,
and all it takes is one person to say yes.
Okay. Show me everything. I'm so excited.
Show me what you got ♪
It's open, bright.
It's great.
Where we hide
Show me what you got ♪
I mean, I will be very sad
when we actually go.
- Yeah.
- But we spend so little time here now.
- You're in Montecito a lot?
- Yes.
Tell 'em now, say what you're gonna do ♪
From day one, been makin' my moves ♪
Play with fire, and you'll get burned ♪
Take this as a lesson learned ♪
Here's my bathroom.
- I love the soaking tub.
- It's great.
The shades do come down.
You're not, like, all out there.
Can you imagine?
I I could, in fact.
I've seen some crazy things in this city,
I'll tell you that much.
Show me what you got ♪
Oh! You don't see kitchens like this
a lot in New York.
- Carrara marble. It is so pretty.
- Yeah, it's gorgeous. Wow.
Oh, this is Sadie's favorite,
where all the dog treats live.
Oh yeah. Here, can I give her one?
I don't know if she'll eat it.
She's very picky.
-But we can try. Okay.
-Wait. She might like this.
- Okay. Uh-oh.
- That's okay. We tried.
So, talk to me about price.
We've had two sales
in the building for 5.5.
So do you see yourself
kind of listing around there?
-This whole area is on fire.
Disney and Google's headquarters are
opening up in the next couple of years.
-I can't see us selling for less than 5.7.
- 5.7.
- For sure.
-Definitely north of that.
5.7, this is gonna be tricky.
The apartment above is for sale for 5.5.
This apartment is below,
and she wants more.
-If we were gonna list it
Why would we give you an exclusive
when you've got a guy who just got
three offers on the unit above us?
-That is a great question, Marla.
-I mean
- And I'll tell ya!
- Will you
She gives me a zang.
I try to come back with a zing.
I'm just trying to keep my footing
and make sure that I'm still the person
that's going to be
the one to sell this thing.
-I just met you. What do you do?
What I have
that they don't have is SERHANT.
They really are transforming the industry
in terms of the tools they give us
to sell your home
better than everyone else.
And it's using social media,
which sounds crazy.
And with Ryan's platform
He has, like, you know, four million
followers plus, plus the YouTube.
People are looking to us to see
Yeah, but people who can afford
an apartment like this
-They're not necessarily on YouTube.
-You'd be surprised.
-I mean
-I'll tell you why.
I have a lot of clients
who are influencers and YouTubers.
-They are the ones making the money now.
-I know it sounds crazy, but that's
-That's interesting.
It's the world we're in now.
It's such a different world.
-This has been great.
-You could consider it a pocket listing.
-If somebody would be appropriate
-we can get you in to show it.
-I'm 100% on the same page.
-We'll be very strategic.
I am the queen of collecting off-markets.
If I could do a great job
with her listing,
I will get all the other listings
in the neighborhood too.
-I think that's a good plan.
-I'm glad you're happy.
But what means more to me than anything
is proving myself to Ryan.
That I have the potential
to be his MVP of the company.
-We'll shake on it.
Okay. Deal.
- Let's make it perfect.
- Yeah.
We wanna open this at, like,
11:30 on the dot.
- When people come.
- Yeah.
I'm looking for
the strawberry-pineapple-banana juice.
Peach-mango juice? Is that in your car?
You picked it up separate.
-Oh, no, I gotta go get it.
-No, babes. We'll make it work. Uh
I'm just gonna try
not to be a psycho about it.
- Did I bring a gold spoon, by chance?
- Oh my God.
Back it up ♪
I love the cool factor that Brooklyn has.
You can't create that anywhere else.
You can go to London,
you can be in Shoreditch,
and it's like,
"This is like the Brooklyn of London."
You're always gonna be emulating our shit.
That's just what it is.
Back it up ♪
Tricia Lee is
the honorary mayor of Brooklyn.
And she's a million-dollar producer.
I can go anywhere in Brooklyn with her,
and she would not only know
how to sell every property,
she would also know who lives there.
Through owning
my nail salon, polishbar,
I got to know every woman in Brooklyn.
Over the course of those ten years,
I had 23,000 clients in my database
that were probably
the most powerful people in the city.
And that is the foundation I used to
really build my real estate business on.
Do you want ginger ale,
champagne, or sparkling water?
-I want nothing. No.
Ginger ale in a cup?
No, I want a sold house in a cup.
-Do you?
-Can you put that in a cup?
-What's goin' on? Jeff.
-What's up, brother?
-Good to see you.
-Nice to meet you.
-Hi, I'm Tricia Lee. Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
Trish is my fiancée. We work together.
So Taj You know nothing about basketball.
- But welcome to this amazing house, Taj.
- Yeah!
Working with your significant other,
um, I would never suggest it.
I don't suggest it.
I do it, and I do it well.
I was coming over
and forming a team at SERHANT.,
and he had decided to join me.
I would decide to join me too. Shit.
So this is it. This is beautiful property.
Come in. Come see the house.
I will go anywhere I wanna go ♪
See it, feel it, believe it ♪
They just did a full renovation.
The floors have been restored.
These are the original floors.
State-of-the-art kitchen.
The biggest island
you could ever imagine in a home.
This stove here is an ILVE stove,
so it's like top-of-the-line,
48 inch wide,
seven burners and griddle,
so you can do any and everything here.
-Perfect for a chef who comes in.
All of the stained glass up there
is original as well.
All of the molding
has either been restored or repaired.
-This is everything.
-Gorgeous. Let me show you more.
Watch out
I'm takin' the best of this life ♪
Patience Girl.
Girl, I have, like,
two inches bandwidth here.
Watch out, I'm comin'
Steppin' into the light ♪
- Upstairs, to me, is the best part.
- So nice.
What are you doing
if you don't have a camel in your bedroom?
And this bathroom is bananas.
So, we always decide
which room is our favorite.
This is the room
I wanna move into and never leave.
-This is this is it.
- Isn't it pretty?
- The details!
- Yeah.
- Stunning.
See the ceiling height.
A shower tall enough for you.
Well, we have to move it we have
to move it up a little bit. It's close.
-Pretty good.
-Downstairs is stunning, but this is it.
Get naked and have a good time.
- I love it.
- Yeah.
I think that since you're quiet,
you like it.
Nah, I'm just I'm just observing it.
- Checking it out.
- Okay.
- What are you asking?
- 3.6.
- 3.6?
- A little aggressive.
But I think it will get close.
3.6 million is a really ambitious price
for a brownstone in this area.
But I wanna set a record with this house.
Just being in the neighborhood
for as long as I have, I get it.
I see the value.
Well, send me some buyers!
My brand is built
around Brooklyn. It always has been.
But I don't want to be known as
an agent that only sells in one location.
Manhattan is, like,
the golden nugget of New York City.
So I wanna expand my business
into Manhattan
so I can conquer all of New York.
And allow me to make more money. Hello!
You know, you and your husband,
you give, like,
a Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan thing.
Which one's Michael? Me, right?
Hey, seriously. Me, right?
So I'm in Chelsea.
I was in FiDi this morning.
I went from FiDi to Tribeca,
and then Chelsea.
So this is city view.
I had to run from that listing,
see a friend who is now looking
in Greenwich Village, West Village area.
- The detail is amazing.
- So West Village.
And then got a wax.
I'm never doing sugar waxing ever again.
Holy mother of God.
Before I came to SERHANT.,
I worked for a custom home builder
back home in North Carolina,
and we sold high-end luxury properties.
As soon as I can afford laser,
we're doing that.
New York real estate
is just a completely different animal.
But I came to the city
'cause I want to build an empire.
I'm on the highway ♪
Savannah is
one of our newest agents.
She's a Southern belle.
I saw a unique personality in her,
a real hunger to survive and thrive.
And so I told her
that she could join our firm
under what we call our Apprentice Program.
This is a good light. Okay.
Um I don't have time.
I have to go to my next Okay.
My goal at SERHANT. is to work my way up
and sell multimillion-dollar properties.
I have two more showings.
But right now,
because I'm new to York City,
I have to start with rentals.
-Chris! Hi.
-Hi, Savannah. Nice to see you.
-You too. Thank you for coming.
-Thanks for having me.
This place is gorgeous.
Thank you.
This is 8,000 a month.
This is the only rental building
on the Upper West Side in this location
that has these high-end
condo-level finishes.
This is definitely rare
for a rental building.
-You have high beam ceilings.
-It's so nice.
- Washer-dryer.
- That's clutch in New York City.
-At 8,000 a month, you'd hope to get that.
-You get that. Absolutely.
This is the guest bath.
The rental market
is really hard right now.
I'm working with,
like, two million renters at once,
just trying to make ends meet.
And it's so exhausting.
-Hello, I'm Vienna. Nice to meet you.
-Hi, Savannah. So nice to meet you too.
California king-size bed.
Walk-in shower.
- Secondary bedroom right here.
- Oh. Mm-hmm.
The two bedrooms are nice
because I wanna have my bedroom
but also maybe, like, an office
or a place for all my extra clothes.
Perfect. Okay, so you can use
the secondary as your closet.
- Perfect.
- Yeah.
There is a pretty unique quality
about the kitchen.
These are porcelain radiant heated floors.
I thought my feet were sweating!
Feel it Come right here.
I'm feeling it there.
- This is nice.
- Little bit, right?
- I feel it here too.
- Nice!
I think that's just because
we were standing there.
I could've easily stayed
in North Carolina,
but I wanted more for myself.
- Thanks for coming.
- Thank you.
And I know I can make it here.
Just give it to me, baby, baby ♪
Gotta spend it to get it
That just the way it goes ♪
Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
Scam money don't make no money, no ♪
-Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
-Yeah ♪
Gotta spend it to get it
That just the way it goes ♪
Gotta spend it to get it
That just the way it goes ♪
- Hey, Chloe.
- Yeah?
- Ryan needs to see you.
- Right now?
-Yeah, if you have a second.
- Ryan needs to see you. Now.
- Okay. All right, cool.
What did you do?
-What did you get me into?
-Oh, you know Let's see.
Oh Lord. What did you do, Nile?
I closed too many deals this month.
I'm still technically considered
a "rookie,"
and Nile is one of the top dogs
at the company.
Like, ugh. I want that to be me.
- Hello!
- Ah, sh, sh Yeah. Come in.
Chloe is Broadway.
She's talented. She puts on a show.
That's very important in New York City.
Putting on a show is different
from selling real estate.
Okay, I'll get on it in
six and a half minutes. Bye.
So there's a really, really special
listing that I have now.
-It's the penthouse of the Jardim.
West Chelsea, 527 West 27th.
The Isay Weinfeld one?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
I knew when I started SERHANT.
that I would no longer be doing
all of the deals personally,
the way I did for the 12 years prior.
I've got, like, HR meetings,
insurance meetings.
There's things I gotta do now.
So I gotta listen to the people around me
and delegate more of the work that I have.
The developer's name is Harlan.
He's a killer. He's a beast.
-He's been around for a long time.
Um $20 million.
- Okay.
- Okay? Big apartments.
- I can't service it completely by myself.
- Mm-hmm.
I can't sell $20 million apartments
and build the entire company
all at the same time.
- Right.
- So I told Harlan that I've got
This is interesting.
two top producers.
- Okay.
- Right.
- And I want him to meet both of you.
- Mm-hmm.
I don't want the decision about who's
gonna be on the listing be down to me.
-Hold. It's not us together?
-No. It's one of you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I've really been looking for something
that I could really step up
and show Ryan how capable I am
of taking the next step.
All I have to do is take Nile out,
Mr. Clean's schlubby brother.
I got this. Let's go.
And then you're each gonna pitch him
as to why you.
At the end of the day,
it comes down to experience.
Chloe's the new kid on the block,
you know?
A $20 million deal is not the same
as a $2 million deal. That's for sure.
And $20 million is my sweet spot.
He's already sold on me, sold on SERHANT.
- He's sold on everything.
- Okay.
It's an amazing apartment, but
it's definitely a unique apartment, right?
Sweet. Indoor-outdoor living. Love it.
Yeah, so this insane architectural
staircase, spiral, huge space
- It's really pretty.
- Got it.
- So I need you to show up.
- Mm-hmm.
-Bring your AAAAAAAA game.
- Right? Wow him.
- Yeah.
Make the difficult decision
for him.
Agents hate competition,
but they feed off of it.
Competition fuels greatness.
Nile is an incredibly accomplished
real estate shark.
One day he's in New York City
selling a $30 million mansion.
The next day he's in Abu Dhabi
riding camels with billionaires.
Chloe, on the other hand,
is hungry for that next step.
I think she's ready for that next step.
I could not be more impressed
with Chloe cold-calling owners
to land a listing
in Hudson Square.
So I'm giving her a shot
at the big leagues.
You do this right here,
possibilities are endless.
-Let's do it.
-Great seein' ya.
-Can't wait to beat ya.
-Thank you.
Let the games begin.
- Appreciate the opportunity.
- So good seeing you as always.
Jess, how's it going?
-Good. How are you?
-That workout class was so hard yesterday.
Why did you do that to me?
I can't feel my legs.
Jessica is one of the first
agents that I met at SERHANT.
And it's just so nice
to have another friend here.
She's from New York City.
She's beautiful.
She seems very well-connected.
You know, I wanna really learn
how to enjoy New York.
I'm, like, so clueless.
-Last night, I went on a date.
-Okay, how'd it go?
And It was a Hinge date.
-The guy was super-hot.
Like, super buttoned-up,
and all of a sudden, he goes,
"Do you wanna do a line in the bathroom?"
-So not so prim and proper after all.
-And, like
I got an Uber
and got the heck out of Dodge.
-That's so traumatizing.
-What is wrong with the guys here?
Welcome to New York City.
We have the good, bad, ugly, crazy.
They're all lunatics.
When I was single, I would say,
"Real estate keeps me busy.
It's my boyfriend."
"It keeps me financially okay,
emotionally okay
maybe not sexually,
but everything else, it takes care of me."
So, you know, for now,
let real estate be your boyfriend.
That sounds great.
But real estate is not satisfying me
in any capacity whatsoever.
Oh no.
I'm just trying to pay my rent right now,
and it's really, really hard.
I have tons of clients right now. I would
love, love, love for you to help me out.
-Wait. Really?
I have this one client who's looking
in the downtown region
for his son who's going to law school
here in the city.
He's looking for a three-bedroom.
-Okay, let me write this down.
-Full-service building?
Full-service building. It needs to be
walking distance to school.
So around Washington Square Park.
Budget is up to 30,000.
-So we have a little bit to play with.
-Great. Wow.
The highest rental
that I've closed so far is
3,500, 4,000 a month.
And to get the opportunity
to work on a deal with her,
this is, like,
equivalent to five rental deals for me.
-Put it all together.
-See what, you know, what they like.
-Sound good?
-You have no idea how much this means.
-Yay. Let's get it done!
Savannah is super sweet, super nice.
It's kind of refreshing in New York City.
- Okay, see you. Bye.
- Thanks.
There's a reason why
many people don't survive in New York.
Like, it's a fast-paced environment,
like go, go, go, go, go.
It's not like, "Aaah"
We go to Florida for that.
-Hey. Morning.
What did the seller say?
He's nervous.
He's thinking it's not gonna happen.
But I'm just waiting for this call,
and we should be
I don't know, we should be all right.
- Well
- What's up? What's wrong?
You look stressed. What's the issue?
We're at the closing table,
and now these buyers are balking.
- What house?
- Stuyvesant.
- Oh, the beautiful one.
- Yes. Yes.
It's all emotional now.
-Actually, this is Let me talk to her.
- Every deal like this now is such a fight.
- I know.
Even if it feels like it'll work in the
beginning, at some point, we get stuck.
- Yeah.
- But this house? No. No way.
It's just as important for us
that we set this record as well.
All right. I'll talk to you soon. Bye.
All right. Well, I got to give our guy
a call and give him the news that
we just set a record in Bed-Stuy!
- Record price?
- Record price.
- Good!
- 1,170 per square foot.
- 1,170 Bed-Stuy.
- Nice work. Awesome. Congrats!
Everybody, they just did
a record-setting deal. What address?
- It's on Stuyvesant Avenue.
- Okay.
- Stuyvesant Stuyvesant and Jefferson?
- Stuyvesant and Jefferson.
-Three family house.
-They sell too many. They don't know.
But it's a record, just closed.
So sign the wall!
Should they sign it?
- Let's go!
- Go, go, go!
- Take it to the wall!
- Whoo!
Wait, I'll give you a pen.
To have everyone come in
and see that we got
a $3.6 million sale in Bed-Stuy is great.
I think it's important.
But for me, it's about
us knowing that we've done it
and us knowing what is the next goal.
And we wanna
grow the brand into Manhattan.
That is the ultimate goal.
Go! Sign it! Bigger.
I'm a very competitive person.
There are times when I see
these numbers and names,
and I'm like, "Oh word?
If you can do it, I can do it."
Some of you,
if you can do ten, I can do 40.
And I think that if I keep on this path,
I'll get there. Just click-clack.
With all the shade
that was supposed to be in that,
I hope you got it
'cause I meant it.
Don't write over other people.
It's not all about you. Okay?
Isn't it, though?
This one,
you couldn't even remember the address.
I want it all, I want the best
And nothing at all ♪
I want it all, huh ♪
Gimme this, gimme that, gimme more ♪
I'm meeting the Studios team at the top
of the Empire State Building.
I want the best and nothin' at all ♪
He won't do $95 million?
I would just say,
"Today's price always feels expensive."
"In two years, it's gonna be 110.
It'll be 115."
All right. Just get it done. Thank you.
-Brock? Oh, perfect.
-Welcome. Studio team's right upstairs.
Studios, good. Let's do it.
Do we have to take the stairs?
- No, we'll find the elevator.
- Oh, thank God. Okay. Thank you.
- Number five for you.
- Thank you, sir.
We're headed to the top
of the Empire State Building
to make some SERHANT. promotional content
that I can send out to my team.
- All right!
- Welcome. What's up? Are you ready?
Hi, guys.
Social media
has changed everything.
If you can make billions of dollars
selling makeup through Instagram,
you can sell real estate too.
So I built SERHANT. Studios,
which is really the first of its kind
in-house production company.
If you are not moving forward,
you are falling behind.
It's a wild world.
Hey, everybody. It's Ryan Serhant.
Right now, I'm standing
at the top of the Empire State Building.
What got you here won't get you there.
You've heard me say that
time and time again
because I believe it in my core.
Everyone told me
I shouldn't move to New York,
I shouldn't get into real estate.
And everyone told me not to become
a real estate technology CEO.
And here I
-Here I am. Hold on one second.
Kayla. Hello. Can you hear me?
Hey. Can you hear me?
Look, I'm at the top
of the Empire State Building right now.
Wow! That's amazing!
Do you have a Oh my God!
Do you have an offer?
That why you're calling?
Are we about to sell the most expensive
penthouse in the United States?
And do it from the top
of the Empire State Building?
I wanted to give you some
I just heard back,
and thank you so much
I can't Kayla, can you see me?
Can you hear me?
There should be better service inside,
if you wanna step in.
Uh, okay. Hold on,
hold on, hold on. Hold on.
Hold on. Let me get inside.
Let me get inside. Hold on.
Did I lose you? Did I lose you? Hello?
Hey. How are you?
Oh, now I can see you.
Okay, great.
Need to put a cell phone tower
on the Empire State Building.
So wait. What did you just say?
You have an offer for me?
I don't.
I'm so sorry.
I tried my best.
But he decided to divvy up his funds
and purchase a few units in New York City
and a few in LA.
-Like, the investment thesis changed or
So basically, the daughter's family
was all moving to New York City,
and so it was, like, a really nice place
for all the family to get together,
'cause they're all spread out.
But the daughter decided to stay in LA.
I really wanted to do this deal.
-So it's a disappointment.
-Can you
Can you get them to change their mind?
It's the greatest home of all time.
Um, unfortunately, you know,
they're gonna pass.
-All right, bye.
- Okay. All right, ready? Ready, ready?
- Yeah.
What's wrong?
- Assuming positions or coming
- Let's just get into it.
Okay. Center up with me.
Got it. Everything is great.
Everything is awesome all the time.
I thought
that I could be the best agent,
and start the best agency,
and be the one
who would sell
the best penthouse in the world.
And so far, I've failed.
I I like, I take it so personally,
but I have to let go of the idea
of what I thought
I was going to be able to achieve,
because I can't I can't do it all.
I cannot do it all by myself.
Uh and that is a weird feeling.
So I am gonna use the resources
that I have built around me,
and I'm gonna bring in my top people.
My goal is to take our firm
from number six
to number one.
And you don't get to number one
by not selling this penthouse.
Wow. Wow!
- Oh my goodness.
- Bananas!
- This is insane.
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- Good, you're all here.
- What's up?
- How's it going?
Welcome to the penthouse
at Central Park Tower.
It's insane.
I think I can see
the curvature of the Earth.
You can.
I'm serious!
You can see six different states
from this view.
- No way.
- Wow.
Okay, let's talk.
- Okay.
- Yes.
I've had this listing,
and I need to get it sold.
It's one of the biggest developers
in the United States.
And this is a big-ticket item.
The asking price on this,
as you know, is $250 million.
It's the most expensive apartment
in the world on the market right now.
So this is an incredible,
incredible opportunity,
and I know that I've really worked on this
by myself, a lot,
but you guys are the best of the best.
You're incredibly networked.
You've got people all over the place.
You sell things in your sleep,
at all price points, everywhere.
If I don't get it sold,
they give it to another brokerage,
which is absolutely not okay with me.
Failure is 100% not an option.
So I have a challenge for you.
This listing is now your listing.
And I want you all to work your networks.
I want you to hit the phones.
I want you to get creative.
The first one to get it sold,
to bring a buyer where we get a deal done
you're going to get $10 million.
Let's see if it works.
The real estate business
in New York is cutthroat.
They're sharks, and when they smell blood,
they're gonna come.
All is fair in war and real estate.
If there's a God ♪
90% of real estate brokers
in New York make less than 40K.
And 40K is
I mean, my my watch is five times that.
Do you know these other CEOs
that I now compete with?
We're gonna have these ups and downs.
Make it look awesome, or people will think
I can't afford a ladder.
As a firm, the stakes are
one trillion percent higher.
You fucked up. Royally.
He's looking for you to step up.
Ryan could've brought anyone to pitch with
you. He brought me. So keep that in mind.
Central Park Tower penthouse.
We have to sell it.
Some of us got called
to Central Park Tower.
I've worked my ass off.
There is no reason why
I shouldn't have been in that room.
How many times
is your name on the deal wall?
So I can pray later ♪
This city will give you everything.
But it'll also take away everything.
If you don't start getting tough,
people are gonna eat your food.
Why do you feel like
I need to prove to you something?
-You do.
-I am the reason you're at this company.
-Do you think you'd ever leave SERHANT.?
-Chloe, like, is just all talk.
-Your little podcast?
That's not acceptable. Get out.
I am ruthless
when it comes to protecting our brand.
I don't give a shit how much you sell.
If you're gonna be an asshole,
I will fire you.
Either hold yourself
to a higher standard at this company,
or go start your own fucking company.
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