Owning Manhattan (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

The first person to sell
the penthouse at Central Park Tower
gets $10 million.
Did you just say $10 million?
Ten million. Do you wanna take it on?
Should we, like, divide into teams
and conquer together?
-How are we doing this?
-I mean
- Each on his own?
- I think every man for himself.
It's the Hunger Games of real estate.
The commission on the sale
of the penthouse is 6%.
The sell side, that's myself, takes 2%,
and I'm giving 4% to the buyer's agent.
So, 4% of $250 million is $10 million.
There's buyers for this,
and we have to find them.
So this is an opportunity
unlike any other.
I have to get this sold,
and I can't just do it by myself.
So I've gotta bring in
some of my top salespeople
who have very, very different networks.
I've gotta get them involved
and incentivize them.
I've got Maggie.
She's incredibly networked in
the venture capital and tech communities,
both in the United States and across Asia.
I've got Rachel, ex-Wall Street trader.
She'll call dead people
to get something sold.
Nile is an international
networking machine.
Jordan March has been in the business,
I think, longer than I have.
He probably already has the buyer
in his phone and he doesn't even know it.
Jess Taylor is a closer.
She sells everything that is difficult.
-Game on.
-What happens if it doesn't sell?
We all die. What do you think?
- There's no option not to sell it.
- Butterflies.
This is SERHANT. We sell everything.
So get to work. Let's sell this.
The stakes are high,
and the stakes are high for the company.
- Start selling. Start workin' the phones.
- Okay.
- Thanks, Ryan.
- Thanks, Ryan.
So many stairs.
Hey, hey, hey! ♪
Hey, hey, hey! ♪
You keep tryin' to take my sunshine ♪
Livin' every day
Like I just got a new point of view ♪
I know you can't believe what I like ♪
I know you can't believe it ♪
Oh, there's my phone.
- Hi, Puff.
- Hi.
I'm trying to mentally prepare for Greece.
You leave here pretty quickly.
Do we get to have a date night before?
-Do you have time for a date night?
-Hold. Let me check.
No. No
Frisky Friday.
This is why I leave.
'Cause you're never around.
- I'm around right now.
- You aren't around right now.
If I'd never gotten into real estate,
I'd never know you.
Never would have gone
to that Hanukkah party and met you.
Wouldn't have this family, you know?
-All because of you.
-All because of real estate.
Emilia has been with me for a long time.
I mean, I remember
walking into this party in 2011,
and the first person I see
is this gorgeous brunette.
You know, I was feeling pretty good.
I think I just sold something.
And, you know,
I went and started talkin' to her
and did my kind of thing.
And she was like,
"Oh, that's so cute. Buh-bye!"
I'm a broker.
I don't like hearing we don't have a deal.
So I I followed up.
And followed up
and followed up and got her back.
Thirteen years later, it's forever.
This month was actually
our biggest month ever,
for sales and for commissions,
ever, as a company.
Cheers to that.
After the first quarter, I was like,
"Oh my God. We're gonna die."
-You know why you're stressed, right?
Because there's
a thousand things going on every day.
-And I have to do all of them.
-But you're also
Oh, there's that fly.
You trying to kill a fly with that knife?
It's because you take on too many things.
You have too many roles.
You're gonna burn yourself out.
I like doing deals every day.
That's part of who I am.
-It's just a lot to manage.
-But don't you wanna scale?
I do wanna scale.
How are you gonna do that?
I don't know. One heart attack at a time?
How about
considering hiring a COO?
I just don't like I don't
I don't know
if I can relinquish that type of control
to someone that doesn't know what
we've been through for the last 15 years.
You're going to need help.
Puffer, I'll live. It'll be fine.
I don't know.
I feel like I need to split
the responsibility of marriage
with somebody else!
So you think I should find
a COO for the company and, like
That's what I mean.
a COO for the wife?
No, but I feel like that,
hiring a COO, might help.
Oh. Got it. Didn't know where
you were going with that one for a second.
- What were you thinking?
- I I don't
-I wasn't thinking anything.
-Oh, you got excited there?
No. How would I have the energy
to have a second wife at the same time?
I never said anything about a second wife.
You didn't?
-Are you Fation?
-Very nice to meet you.
-Hi. How are you? Nice to meet you.
-Are you Albanian?
-I am Albanian. Yourself?
No. But I have a lot of Albanian friends.
I'm sure, yeah.
Well, welcome to the most amazing building
in Hell's Kitchen.
I know. I mean, I love it.
It's very funky,
with the windows all over the place.
I mean, it's a cool design.
It screams New York City, kind of.
My goal for SERHANT.
is to run the best commercial division
that New York has ever seen
and make it sexy.
Jade threw me a curveball.
I met her, and she's like,
"Oh, I do commercial."
I was like "Wh Uh"
"What? You?"
Most people think
"commercial real estate agent,"
they think "old white guy."
But commercial real estate
is a 20 trillion dollar industry.
And so, if Jade has connections
and wants to get into commercial,
there could be a huge opportunity there.
- I am gonna show them ♪
- The first floor is a restaurant.
And the upstairs is all office?
Yeah, the zoning
is for performing arts.
-If you don't wanna go the office route.
- Let me show you.
- Yeah.
Want somethin' new
You need to take it ♪
SERHANT. is the most followed brokerage
in the world.
After you.
And it's brilliant to be able to utilize
that following and close deals.
You're welcome.
My goal with commercial is to bring
Ryan's residential marketing approach
to the plain, boring commercial industry,
and prove to Ryan,
not only can I sell this building,
but I can sell any other building
in the Manhattan skyline.
You have
2,670 square feet per floor.
- Okay.
- Plus 14.5 foot ceilings.
You have 27 uniquely designed windows.
They had a vision, and it was
to create an art piece of a building.
That's what it looks like.
It truly looks different
from everything else in the neighborhood.
It's a magical space.
I also had somebody come in
and bless the space.
- Um
- "Bless the space." Okay.
-You know, just a little palo santo in it.
I do prioritize spirituality and energy.
So I have a shaman.
I have an astrologist.
Therapist, inner child therapist.
Did I say shaman?
Oh, and a life coach.
Oh, I also dance.
And then, I have a therapist
that specializes in inner child work,
which, honestly, has done wonders.
Welcome to
the absolute moneymaker of this building.
- The rooftop, huh?
- The panoramic rooftop.
2,670 square feet.
Fation just sold
a shopping center in Florida,
and he's looking
to allocate the funds somewhere.
So why not this building?
This here, this is what makes this
a trophy asset. I think you're right.
You have a lot of opportunity here.
So, you mentioned
you guys are having a party?
-A launch party for the place?
-We are.
We are having a launch party to showcase
what can be done with the space.
-So we will have a lot of buyers there.
-Which works against me a little bit.
-But that's that's okay.
But I was able to fit you in
before the event.
So you guys have this listed
at ten million.
-Um, you know, I'm into this place.
I I think it's gonna take me
a year or two to repurpose it.
In that time, you know,
it's not gonna be generating any income.
So, you know, I think seven million
is where I'd feel comfortable
on a property like this.
It's definitely lower.
But I mean, obviously, they understand
the market and what they're selling.
We're in a weird market
in the commercial industry.
Pre-COVID, you had all of these people
who wanted office spaces.
And after COVID, you had Zoom.
You had people working from home.
And that market completely disappeared.
So, all of these buildings
that were once worth $20 million,
$30 million, $50 million,
are now vacant.
So, everything is at a discount.
I'm all about taking advantage of,
you know, of the cycles in real estate.
-So I think
-Yeah, smart. That's what smart people do.
I don't know if you know,
that's how my father got started.
He was the first person to invest
in the East Village, back in the '70s.
-People thought he was crazy.
-Now, you're like
-Who's laughing now, right?
- Yeah, so But he did see it.
- Yeah.
-And, you know, it's it's paid off.
You know, I I don't wanna
speak for my clients
But if we're able to come up a little bit,
maybe around a 7.5,
we can have a conversation with them,
and we can see where they're at.
Maybe maybe 7.4 is something
I'm willing to agree to.
This is a real offer.
We can close in 30 to 60 days here.
Okay. Let me present it.
Let's see what we can do.
Let's make it happen.
We'll get the press release started.
Okay, perfect. Thank you. Bye.
Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan
You've got life ♪
You've got life ♪
- What is that?
- A new bike.
- This is how you get to every appointment?
- Usually.
-Nice. Thanks for meeting me.
-How are you doing?
- Good.
- Thank you for meeting me.
I mean, Ryan himself said it,
in Downtown magazine,
that I am the face of the next generation
of real estate brokers,
buyers, and sellers.
I plan on being a top producing agent,
not just at SERHANT.,
but in New York City.
I mean, the world. Yeah.
Given your background,
in nightlife, in modeling,
your brand aligns itself
really, really well
with the brand of this insane SoHo loft
I'm gonna show you.
I did a huge event
with that gallery right there.
You've probably spent as much time
on this block at 3:00 a.m.
that I've spent on it at 3:00 p.m.
Jonathan Normolle is not
your typical real estate agent.
You know, I I sleep in a suit.
He rolls out of bed,
and he looks like a rock star.
-Let's do it.
-Do you need to lock this?
-At least take your helmet.
So, I took a chance on him,
and I brought him into SERHANT.
- Ready?
- Yep.
All right.
- Wow.
- Here we are.
Shoes off.
- Yeah?
- Always.
Did you play that game,
growing up in Denmark, the floor is lava?
Your mom, uh, breaks her back.
-That's a different one. But yeah.
-If you step there with shoes on
- She dies?
- You die.
- Okay.
- Everyone dies.
- Always. Don't think about it.
- Okay. Got you.
- Cool.
- Yeah. Perfect.
it's been beautifully renovated.
It's really set up
as, like, an entertainer's loft.
- Yeah. I like it.
- Right?
-It's cool, right?
-Yeah. I love it.
I'm passionate about design.
I always have been.
And just by looking,
for example, in the living room,
you see Arne Jacobsen,
Georg Jensen, you see Roche Bobois.
You see all the biggest, sort of the most
expensive furniture that you can get.
Most of this,
you're talking millions of dollars.
It's art. It's not IKEA.
I'm from Denmark, so I know this.
It's in my blood.
I'm obsessed with this fireplace.
- Wood-burning, mantle, backlit, onyx.
- Ooh. They really went all out.
Then, this is your home office.
They've turned it into, you know,
a space for a fantastic wine
and liquor collection.
Primary suite is Bergdorf Goodman's
meets spa for your open bathroom.
This here is insane.
I love everything in here, truth be told.
It's always about showcasing
that love for the space.
Sales, at the end of the day,
is just a transfer of enthusiasm.
No one signs a check for $9.5 million
while they're crying.
-Unless it's a divorce.
-We'll sell their apartments too. Okay?
This is the type of listing
that we're associated with.
People hire us
because there's a SERHANT. standard.
-I like to say.
-Yeah. Yeah.
When I look at you,
I don't immediately think
"top broker in New York City."
-That's too bad.
-And that excites me, though.
Because I look at everybody else who's
trying to be like me the last ten years.
-The people who dye their hair gray.
They're wearing the same suits I wore
for 15 years as I built up into the city.
-But I look at you and I think "new wave."
I think a different generation of buyers,
sellers, customers, lawyers, bankers.
And I think, if you bring
that authenticity, that honesty,
we're all gonna move
into the metaverse anyway.
Yeah. And I had my hair gray,
just in dreadlocks before.
I'll show you a picture.
- You are a bag of surprises for me.
- I've been there.
These new agents are just
Uh they're just different.
-You wanna work on this listing with me?
-I do.
If you wanna be
a successful company,
you have to consistently
tap into what's new,
even if it feels incredibly risky.
In the words of Whitney Houston,
"The children are our future."
Commission split's gonna be lower. Okay?
-Because it's a longtime client of mine.
-That's fair.
-This is a résumé credit for you.
-You'll work your ass off.
-Be here 24 hours a day if you need.
That's fair. I won't drop the ball.
I'll dribble it and score.
Yeah, you better.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
-Hi, Chloe. Nice to see you.
I'm on cloud nine right now.
I am feeling so good.
Not only do I have the chance
to sell the penthouse at Jardim
for $20 million,
I also just got this Hudson Square listing
by picking up the phone
and making a cold call.
If I can get this listing sold
and win the pitch at Jardim,
I will definitely be on Ryan's MVP list.
Okay, let's sell this apartment.
- Hello, hello.
- Hello!
- Welcome to your client's new home.
- I hope so.
Since this is a pocket listing,
I'm not doing your traditional open house
to let any Joe Blow off the street in.
I am having an off-market day.
If somebody comes
who you think would be appropriate
-Yeah. Yeah.
-we can get you in to show it.
Off-market day is invite-only,
super high-profile,
and no one's looking at this listing
unless I'm giving them access.
- Hello.
- Wow.
I've invited some of the top brokers
and very high-profile clients
so that I can not only get her 5.7,
but maybe even better.
- This is amazing.
- It's insane, right?
- I got somebody.
- Tell me about him.
-Tech entrepreneur.
Met him at one
of our penthouse off-markets.
-This is exactly what they need.
I knew you would have someone for me.
-We'll see.
-Get him on FaceTime. Let's get a deal.
- Yo, bro.
- Brandon.
-How's Italy?
-What's goin' on? It's awesome.
Let me turn this camera around.
I'm here with Chloe.
Wish you were here in person.
We'll have to do it on FaceTime.
-Looking forward to it.
-I'm gonna give you guys a full tour.
Ba-da boom, ba-da bing ♪
You have 2,500 square feet.
You're clearly sitting on the water.
- Amazing views all day long.
- Yeah.
- The light is great.
- So good.
- The colors are great too.
- Right?
-This is amazing.
-It's so good.
You have a full through apartment.
-Ai-ai-ai-ah-ah ♪
-I'm obsessed ♪
I love the wall treatments.
Makes it feel cozy.
- Not a white box. Got a lot of character.
- Exactly.
- What do you think of the windows?
- What do you think?
Nice. That's like the bathtub
I have in my hotel room in Italy.
-Very nice.
-See? It's meant to be.
Done deal.
- Hello!
- Hi! Ooh!
I'm sorry
I had to double you guys up today.
-It's been back-to-back.
-You're good, babe.
- You look amazing.
- Hi. You guys look amazing.
Brad Mondo is a huge media personality
with a massive social media presence.
And he's also a hair entrepreneur
and absolutely killing it.
We bumped into each other at a party,
and he recognized me from social
and wanted to work together.
Riddle me that.
This apartment,
I I want you guys to see this.
- This is so pretty.
- It's so pretty.
I would die. Like, imagine every day
just being like, my coffee, my view.
That's what I'm saying!
And, as you know,
the area is just skyrocketing in value.
- Uh-huh.
- The major tech companies are comin' in.
-Right there. I'm telling you.
-It means you'll hit me with a big price.
- I love it.
- I love!
- Hi, neighbs.
- Oh, my
- We love New York. You can just see in.
- Hello, New York!
Good morning. I'm naked!
Now we gotta talk shop.
We really do. This is gonna go so fast.
- Come on.
- A good product's a good product.
So, what gets it done?
she won't take less than 5.8.
Hey, hey ♪
So that's it's what it is.
5.5, maybe. 5.6 on a good, good day.
I'm telling you, in a year from now,
this will be worth at least 5.9.
- We're predicting the future? Come on.
- No question. 100%.
- I know this area.
- All right.
- I love it more than I thought I would.
- Yeah.
- Get an offer in. Start the conversation.
- I will.
You don't wanna be the guy
that had your clients miss out.
I don't. And I won't.
Let's talk and see what we can figure out.
- And we're cutting that hair.
- Is it bad?
-I see those dead ends from here.
-Oh my God! Okay.
Does it really look bad? Hold on.
Looks great.
What is he talkin' about?
- Everything good?
- Yeah.
- I'm heading uptown. I'll be right back.
- Okay.
- Morning.
- Hi.
- What's up? Nice haircut.
- All good?
-Hey. How are you doin'?
-Hi, Jonathan.
-Excited about your new listing.
-Yeah, I am too.
- Tell me more about it.
- It's a cast iron building in SoHo.
And there's only six apartments
in the entire building,
so you can see on this floor plan,
it's extremely wide, it's extremely open.
Ryan entrusted me
with the sale of 60 Greene.
And I'm gonna do it because, of course,
I want to prove to Ryan I can sell it.
But I also want him to think of me
as the guy for these future listings
and these clients.
So I really wanna perform well.
Give me your recommendation.
This shot is really great.
It's showcasing
the raised conversation pit.
I love this.
Like, I'd drink tea up there at night.
Well, not tea,
but, like, whiskey or somethin'.
Okay, so the challenge right now
that Ryan put in front of us
is we have to sell a $250 million home.
Right here. Look at it.
Right here. This is it. Okay?
The commission on the penthouse,
if we sell it at full ask,
is $10 million, okay?
I'm one of the few agents
Ryan called in to Central Park Tower,
but also to pitch
the penthouse of the Jardim.
I have a lot of work cut out for me,
but I have an advantage.
I have a whole team.
The goal today
is to make phone calls nonstop
to get our connectors.
So I have 1,500
of the world's richest people right here.
To get to the billionaire
who's in the 1% of the billionaire club,
it's not gonna be me calling Bezos.
It's calling a friend who knows a friend
who can get in touch with Jeff.
That's generally what you wanna do.
Remember, when we cold-call,
we don't sit down.
-Sara, stand up.
-All right. Let's get after it.
Sam, you ready? Hit it.
- What's up, Sam?
- Evan!
Sean, how are you?
-Hey, Chris.
Hey, buddy!
I have somethin'
that's really, really exciting.
I wanna share it with you.
You got two seconds?
It's a penthouse for 250 million.
$250 million.
I was I was only 100 million off.
I am the top producing agent
on the top producing team
at SERHANT. right now.
But if I'm able to sell this,
it's an exponential level-up
in terms of my career
and also makes me one step closer
to sellin' a billy.
Next one.
Get your next call ready. Let's go.
What's goin' on?
Uh, so, last week was busy.
There was a little drama.
You know, Chloe and Jordan March.
- I'm not surprised.
- Yeah.
-I'm not surprised.
-Wait, no, I am. About what?
Well, because Chloe's old assistant
used have a dalliance with Jordan March.
- Really?
- He's so messy.
He ended up poaching
Chloe's old assistant onto his team.
- That would have pissed me off.
- Yeah.
And then on Friday, uh, some of us
got called to Central Park Tower.
Uh, it was me, Nile,
Jordan March,
Maggie Wu, and Rachel King.
And he wants us five
to sell it, basically.
He was like, "If you sell it,
I will give you $10 million."
- That's a tremendous amount.
- What? I have a
-Why is it five? Why five and not 50?
No. Five five brokers to sell.
- Five brokers came over.
- Right. I'm clear on that.
But why is it five brokers,
not 50 brokers?
- Why is it five people that are selected?
- I think he
I You'd have to ask him.
-He seems to think we are his dream team.
-I have to ask him.
That's crazy. I don't know.
I feel like Mm-mmm.
I have worked my ass off for this company.
I've sold over $300 million
in real estate.
There is no reason
why I shouldn't have been in that room.
I've more than proven myself.
Do I have to be doing Manhattan deals
to be a part of Ryan's inner circle?
I don't think he'll ever say that,
but one has to think.
Don't leave me out of nothing, Ryan.
All right, Miss Thing, come here.
I have been working my butt off
prepping for this Jardim pitch.
Learning about the architect,
studying Harlan,
studying the building,
other projects Isay has done.
I feel so damn prepared.
And on top of that,
I have some good news for Marla.
We gotta make a phone call. Wish me luck.
-Hi, Marla. It's Chloe. How are you?
Chloe! Good. How are you doing?
Everything is good.
I actually have some really good news.
So, we did the off-market day.
-The apartment was so well-received.
-And I did get an offer.
He came in at 5.4,
and I pushed, pushed, pushed.
I pushed, pushed, pushed,
and I got him up to 5.5, all cash.
I know you really have
your heart set on at least 5.7.
5.5 is his last and final,
which I do think is great,
considering the one upstairs
went for 5.5 as well.
And usually, you know,
it goes up by floor.
I feel like my apartment is very special.
And there's no world
in which I'm taking 5.5 today.
I got her 5.5,
which is a record-breaking number
for her floor in this building.
I I think
that I can get more for my apartment.
Honestly, Tom and I truly, truly believe,
given everything that's going on
in the neighborhood
and just where we are
in the economic cycle,
that if we wait and sell it in the spring
that we'll get the number
that makes us more comfortable.
Thank you for all your efforts.
-Of course.
-But I'm fine waiting.
All right.
It's a bummer.
5.5 is an incredible offer
on Marla's apartment.
Now there is a lot riding
on this Jardim pitch.
I know that I need to prove myself.
There is no way
I'm gonna lose against Nile.
I have to get this.
And I'm gonna be honest,
he's a really good agent.
Last year, he had the number one team
at SERHANT. I'm nervous.
- Thanks, Chloe. Bye.
- Of course. Bye.
I cannot lose.
Hey, Harlan.
- Hey, Ryan.
- Hey, man.
- Good to see you.
- How are you?
- I'm great, man. How are you?
- Great.
I've got two agents coming.
Nile and Chloe.
We'll see who you feel comfortable with.
And then we'll get rocking,
we'll get this place sold.
Okay, great.
I don't get intimidated by big listings.
I get excited by it.
The bigger, the better for me.
This is my opportunity to prove to Ryan
I can be a top star of this company.
Selling a $20 million property
requires $20 million worth of expertise.
And Chloe's out of her league.
Give me a real challenge, Ryan.
Put me next to somebody like you.
So this is them.
Is that a plant?
- Pinstripes. It is. How are you?
- Got it.
-Harlan, this is Nile.
-Nile Lundgren.
-This is for you.
-A plant for me.
It's a philodendron.
- It's native to Brazil.
- Great. Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-I did not bring a plant.
-I brought myself.
-Where's my plant? I'm Harlan.
- Chloe.
- Nice to meet you.
-Where are we supposed to put this?
-Uh, wherever.
We can put it right outside.
Maybe here as a centerpiece.
Look at this.
- That's very nice. Thank you.
- You gotta unravel it.
- A plant.
- Yeah, a little gift.
So, what would make the most sense
is if you wanna just show them around?
-Show us around?
-Okay, sure.
The apartment's 4,000 square feet
on this floor.
- I love this kitchen.
- Awesome.
It's facing 28th Street.
- Okay.
- You have a view of Hudson Yards.
We found Isay Weinfeld.
This was his first commission in America.
And I just fell in love
with his work down in Brazil.
He's the 360° Building?
- Glass House?
- Yeah. Yes.
Isay essentially revolutionized
the industry in São Paulo.
The 360° Building is 62 houses with yards.
They're all stacked on top of each other.
Nothing like that
has ever been done before.
This atrium, where else do you find
this type of outdoor square footage
in the heart of the living space?
You have art on the inside.
- And you let the art of the city in.
- Mm-hmm.
-Inside out. Good?
-Nice way to put it.
-That was good.
-See, Nile?
- That's the stuff you need to win.
- On to the bedrooms.
Let's look at the bedrooms.
The apartment's a four-bedroom.
This is the master.
Oh, wow.
- The longest vanity I've ever seen.
- Keep my husband over here.
- Yeah, this is a bathroom.
- Wow.
- This is the whole wet room?
- This is a wet room.
- Let's show them the roof.
- Okay.
- Isay, he's also known for staircases.
- This is awesome.
Anytime I suggested a staircase,
he would do it differently.
I read an article about him.
He says he doesn't like
to do anything twice,
because he wants to continue exploring
the human condition and existence.
Oh my God. What?
- Very cool.
- 4,500 square foot exterior space.
That's larger than most penthouses
in and of themselves.
- Okay.
- You've got the Edge up there.
- What a view.
- And then you got a pool.
- Which is so rare for New York.
- Pool!
You're goin' in when you lose this pitch.
-Oh, okay.
-I'm sayin' it now.
Were you expecting an infinity edge pool
with this huge, massive view?
New Yorkers don't have time to do laps.
We dip.
The structural engineering,
how long did it take to figure out
the weight capacity for this pool?
That wasn't the toughest part.
The engineering for the garage
was difficult.
- It's a robotic garage.
- Yeah.
Mmm. How do you feel about AI?
- I think it's a little scary.
- Yeah, me too.
Gonna use AI to sell the apartment?
-Well, you can do No, it's
I know he's a pioneer
of a lot of this web stuff,
so I wanted his opinion on it.
-Someone did her research.
-You brought a plant.
-Yeah, yeah.
I like the plant.
- Good!
- No, I've been a fan of this guy.
He's done incredibly artistic stuff
throughout his career. It's amazing.
- Thank you.
- Truly.
It's gonna take a lot more than flattery
to win a $20 million listing, Chloe.
- Why don't we go back down?
- Okay.
They'll each tell you why they're awesome,
and then you and I will talk.
- Cool.
- All right, thank you.
I think Nile and Chloe are both capable.
They're both great choices.
It's up to Harlan.
Okay, Harlan, as you know,
my name is Nile Lundgren.
I'm one of the top producing agents.
Last year, my team sold
$100 million worth of real estate.
We didn't do that by just putting stuff
on the market, crossing our fingers,
hosting an event or two,
and hoping it sells.
We're gonna be strategic
with social media.
We're gonna create output
on a daily and weekly basis.
If I'm not speaking to one,
two, three buyers on a daily basis
about a property that I have,
that's gonna be a problem.
What we do is, we're also gonna
contact all of the other buyers
that I have direct from my other
$15, $20 million listings,
and I'm gonna cross-sell them on this.
I have the Rolodex.
I have the people right now.
Collectively, I have sold $250 million
of real estate in my career.
I wanna add another 20 million.
We are the best of the best of the best.
We wanted to bring the big guns in.
I am the big gun.
I'm the biggest gun at SERHANT.
I'm a cutthroat killer.
And confidence is my middle name.
You normally don't see other agents pitch,
but if this is my competition
- You're up.
- Okay. Um
Truly and utterly, I've been
following your career for a while.
And with that being said,
I think there are three key things
that would need to happen.
Number one, someone needs to have
an extremely strong understanding
of the product.
Right now, we're not just standing
in a 4,000 square foot penthouse.
We are standing
in a one-of-a-kind piece of art,
designed by, quite frankly,
one of the genius artists of our time.
The next thing
is identifying the right buyer.
And what I've seen work
is experiential marketing to influencers.
On our last launch, we did a fashion show
in our porte cochere.
We invited the designer,
all the celebrities to our penthouse.
We had them take photos, do videos.
We had over five million
social impressions.
From that,
we had a 500-person waitlist to view
and six offers presented to our developer
within the first three days.
In terms of a launch party,
the concept is a play
on the four elements.
And we would really
lean into the holistic.
The elements, the indoor, the outdoor.
We could do fire dancers,
if we can get a permit for it.
We can put swimmers in the pool.
I want people leaving here feeling like
they stepped into Isay's world.
I think Chloe's pitch
is pretty strong.
Some of her ideas
and her strategies are a bit lofty,
but what they show is that she has ideas.
- Okay. Any other questions?
- No, I think I'm good.
-I think we should talk.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thanks, guys.
- Thanks.
- Of course.
- Appreciate you coming.
- An absolute pleasure.
-All right.
-Thank you for your time.
- Nice to meet you.
- Appreciate it.
- And you.
- Take care.
I'll find you downstairs.
-All right. Sounds good.
-What do you think?
-It's a tough one.
I like both of them,
but they're very, very different.
- Their styles are very different too.
- Yeah.
Um, Chloe, first of all,
I think she really gets the product.
And on the other hand,
Nile is a very hard worker, you can tell.
-Yes. Nonstop energy.
-And, um and nonstop energy.
So, it's it's kind of a difficult choice.
Have you ever done that before,
pitched like that?
Honestly, not with Ryan in the room.
-I don't think I've pitched with Ryan.
Look, it's never easy when you're
one-on-one with your competition.
I mean, look, I think
you have a lot of potential.
-A lot of potential?
-I think you have potential.
I'm not sure if you're really there yet.
I've closed over $100 million
worth of real estate.
-Thanks for telling me I have potential.
-You do.
I was brought in here, okay,
as the other top producer.
He's looking for you to step it up.
-To step it up? He's never
-I just don't think a wellness TikToker
is a great approach
to sell a $20 million apartment.
Maybe you didn't do research.
Do you know anything about the developer?
Do you know anything
about the person, the architect?
-They're incredibly into health
-Did you see the plant I showed up with?
Ryan could bring anyone to pitch with you.
He brought me. So keep that in mind.
-All right?
- Thank you. I appreciate it.
- All right.
Now I'm not the bad guy. So it's good.
This is worse than waiting,
back in the day, to get a role or not.
It's so crazy.
So, here's the deal.
-I think your history of him was helpful.
I think your energy was on point.
You did your thing.
- Thank you.
- Right?
But your plan was super bespoke,
and you came prepared and knew your shit.
And I think he really,
really, really appreciated that.
He he feels comfortable going with Chloe.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- That's so I'm so excited.
- Congrats.
-So if you could leave.
-Thank you. Yes.
-Get to work. I'll talk to you later.
-I'm not gonna let you down, boss!
-I'm gonna do it!
- Great.
- It's gonna be great.
- Thanks. Bye.
- Bye!
-Nile, you gotta jump in the pool.
-Okay. All right.
I'm so damn happy and proud.
I got work to do. I gotta sell this thing.
I could cry and scream and cry
and, like, laugh at the same time.
I'm full of emotions. I'm so happy.
-Won't let you down next time, man.
-You didn't let me down.
You didn't let me down. It's tough, man.
-Know what the best revenge is?
-I'll crush
-Success! Mmm!
-I'm gonna crush something else.
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
Everybody, everybody
Come on, work your body ♪
Everybody, work your body nonstop ♪
If your body want this body
Well, then, it's a party ♪
Lisa, are people getting here yet?
I think we can all agree,
a red carpet is so, like, 2007.
This is our first-ever
commercial building launch party.
That no one's ever done.
We got to roll out a blue carpet.
SERHANT. blue.
Hi. Oh my God.
I planned this party
when I first got the listing.
And just 'cause I got an offer doesn't
mean I'm gonna cancel a good party.
I'm gonna use this party
to get more offers.
Good, better, best ♪
- What's up?
- Hi!
-I'm so happy you made it.
What is going on?
-This is a spectacle.
-We're selling the building.
We are asking ten million.
We wanted to wait until after the event
to execute an offer.
See what happens tonight.
-If you have anyone
This is a party.
-Keep it easy, keep it breezy ♪
-Oh my God!
Hello, hello!
- Hi!
- Hello!
-Congratulations. Mwah.
-I'm gonna head inside, okay?
- You look perfect.
- Congratulate me when we sell.
-Yes. I'm sorry.
-So proud of you.
Jade and I have been great friends
since I started in real estate.
She kind of, like,
forced me to be her friend.
- This is for you, not for now.
- Aww!
She's my sister in a lot of ways.
We're together every weekend.
We travel together.
Our husbands are really, really close.
And I am so damn proud of her,
because this has really
always been her dream, you know,
is to be doing these types
of commercial projects in a very Jade way.
Can we go find our husbands?
You're workin', honey. I'm ready to party.
- Like it?
- Very cool.
We have about $2 million worth of art,
which is cool.
- Don't say that too loud.
- I see.
Like, who is this artist?
- That's the Anna Delvey's art.
- Seriously?
You know Anna Delvey.
The infamous "heiress."
I can't believe
that is Anna Delvey's art.
Jade has a very interesting
collection of clientele.
It's good.
It's really, really good.
I am friends with her manager-publicist.
And through that,
I've developed a relationship with her.
While she was in jail,
she decided to start painting.
It was all over social media,
and I was like,
"Okay, let's put her paintings up,
and let's get people interested
and get their phones out
and take videos of this art,
and also the walls of this building,
and the lighting,
and the incredible ceiling height."
Versace, rich ♪
Jay-Z and Beyoncé, rich, I'm rich ♪
I'm rich, I'm rich ♪
Yeah ♪
If anyone was gonna uproot my
brain, it'd be that stupid piece of shit.
- Matt, my husband.
- Nice to meet you.
-Husband, Jordan.
-I've seen and heard a lot about you.
-Nice to meet you.
-How are you doing?
-Good, yeah.
-I love the glasses.
-Thank you so much. I do too.
- He's like my work husband.
- All right, all right.
-I'll see you in a bit.
-I'll see you.
Welcome to the building.
What a process.
The line was, like, down the block
to 11th Avenue.
I know.
If we were launching
a residential building,
this is exactly what it would look like,
because you wanna create buzz.
You need to create attention.
-Nice outfit. I was gonna wear the same.
-Welcome. You look good too.
That's exactly
what Jade is doing here.
I'm impressed. I'm a little bit impressed.
Oh, Ryan, let me introduce you.
Chuck is the owner of the building.
-How are you?
-Thanks for coming.
Thanks for entrusting us
with the listing.
You guys did more for us in two months
than the last two or three years.
-Thank you very much.
-We've got offers. It's only been weeks.
- You're gonna sell it in three days.
- Yeah. Or tonight. That's the goal.
Put your mon
Put your mon, put your mon ♪
Put your mon
Put your mon, put your money ♪
- Hello.
- Hello. Hey.
-What do you think? SERHANT. Commercial?
-So different, isn't it?
This is like the first time
we've ever done anything like this, right?
I've never been to a commercial event
that had this many people in my life.
Everyone thinks commercial's dead.
So I think it's nice to bring
our style of marketing to commercial
and really shake things up.
Do you drive past this building
and wonder what it is?
-All the time.
- "What is that with the crazy windows?"
- I don't go this far west.
- Now you know.
- Now I know.
Have fun tonight.
-I miss you as my assistant.
-I know you do.
Don't you miss being my assistant?
Just doing everything for me all the time?
-You were so good at it, though.
-I know.
You knew what was in my head
before it actually happened.
I know. And we'll never see it again.
-But God bless. And I love you.
Ryan always asks me
to come back and be his assistant.
I'm like, "No."
Well, I told him, "There's a number."
I would do it for a certain number,
and he knows that number.
It's half a million.
You would have to come correct
with that paycheck.
-Wanna go get me some water?
-Yeah, I'll
-Wait, no!
-Oh! Just kidding. Okay.
If the market does bad,
honestly, we've been fighting,
and making sure that we don't
- We stay above, on higher ground.
- Totally.
Jordan, you and I have
to have a little powwow.
What's up? Talk to me.
Talk to me.
- Love you, Jordan.
- What's up?
So, my old assistant left.
Yeah, you want her still?
No. I didn't know you guys hired her.
Well, okay. Yeah, I mean
-And didn't even tell me or ask me why I
-Why would I ask you?
Are we best friends? It's professional.
She said she got fired.
You didn't think,
"It would be good business
to understand why someone fired someone
before I rehire them?"
Chloe's all in her feelings.
I don't need to ask you permission
for every business move I make.
If you fired the assistant,
why are you so mad that she's with me?
You fired her?
-We split ways. Yeah, I fired her.
-Okay, you didn't want her anymore.
-I fired her, and guess what?
-I wanted her.
She's a free agent. Call her.
I bet she wants a job with you.
-I don't wanna work with her.
The real estate business
in New York is cutthroat.
Everyone here is a shark.
I taught that girl everything she knows.
Now she's gonna go join Jordan's team
and give all of my secrets
and share our client list?
Like, no, thank you.
Quite frankly,
you're just jealous that I hired her.
-You don't own her. You don't own anybody.
-I mentored her for months.
-You fired her.
-I want
I fired her because she did things
that were not okay.
-I believe
-Like what?
Like sending out emails.
By giving you leads
you can't close. Got it.
I wanna unleash on Chloe right now,
but it's in my best interest to say,
I'm here for one reason,
and it's to network,
get more contacts in my book.
I'm not here for office working gossip.
That's not my style.
Jordan, this is getting
fucking embarrassing.
-You and I can talk later.
-Let's say
This is crazy, and you know it.
I've put so much time and so much energy,
and this night is so important to me,
and instead of supporting
your so-called best friend,
you're arguing with someone
who has nothing to do with you.
I'm just gonna pray
that Ryan doesn't see what's going on.
It could cost the company
a potential deal.
This is crazy, and you know it.
-You say it's crazy
-This is fucking nonsense.
- Enjoy.
- You don't admit anything you do wrong.
I don't admit anything.
I am ruthless
when it comes to protecting our brand.
Go fuck yourself.
-Hey, Ryan.
-What's up? Everything good?
No, it's not,
actually, to be honest.
The minute you're in public
and you behave badly and you work for me,
that's not just you messing up,
that is a reflection of me,
of our entire brand,
and of everybody else who works here.
I can't have that.
-Figure out whatever your beef is.
-It's not okay
-I understand. But
-Take it outside.
-Hello. Hi.
I just gave Chloe a shot
at a $20 million penthouse listing.
How is she gonna handle that
if she can't act professional
at this launch party?
I don't give a shit how much you sell.
If you're gonna be an asshole,
I will fire you.
Everyone around you ♪
Everyone around you
Everyone around you ♪
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