Owning Manhattan (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Ever since I can remember,
I wanted to live in New York.
So after college,
I saved up my money working odd jobs,
and I saved about $20,000,
and I drove to New York City.
I gave myself a two-year window
to then make it as an actor,
but I was getting rejection
after rejection after rejection,
and I just watched my savings
go down and down and down.
New York City is expensive.
I remember going to the grocery store
and at the checkout,
my debit card was declined.
I have never felt so low in my life.
I had a distinct pit in my stomach.
I just didn't think
that I was ever gonna make it in New York.
And that was the moment I realized
the dream doesn't pay the bills.
I need to make money.
Tonight's the night ♪
It's looking good, oh-oh ♪
Tonight's the night ♪
Ow! Ow!
- We're not
- You've got sharp teeth.
- I know.
- He's bigger.
-Can I put him down?
-Yes, yes.
- Feel free to put him down. He
- I love you, but your teeth hurt.
- He's goin' buck wild right now.
- Yeah!
Perfect. I love these glasses.
- Who is it? I bet it's Jade.
- I don't know.
Chloe's always late.
- Hello!
- Pizza delivery!
Oh my God. Hi, beautiful.
- Hi!
- I said it was Jade.
I have friends over
fairly often.
You know, I like to
I like to keep it cute, intimate.
I'm kind of the bridge
between some of the newer agents
and the OG SERHANT. agents.
I also want the tea.
I do.
Well, cheers to you on your great event.
-Yes. Cheers.
-We had a great time.
- Yes.
- Thank you for supporting me.
The only thing,
I was a little bit disappointed.
- Because it was a big night, and
- Yeah.
Chloe some Like, you know, I think
she sometimes gets a little bit, you know
I love Chloe when it's just me and her,
but put her in a SERHANT. event,
and I will avoid her like the plague.
-You say it's crazy
-Fucking nonsense.
This is crazy, and you know it.
-Hey, Ryan.
-What's up? Everything good?
No. It's not,
actually, to be honest.
She becomes very loud
and, like, obnoxious.
And it's like a different Chloe
depending on the day.
I met your husband at the event.
- He's so lovely.
- He really is.
I didn't get a chance
to talk to him too much.
-But nice to put a face to the name.
-Yeah. Was it the first time you met him?
- Yeah!
- Holy shit.
What did he think of the event?
He's always supportive and he knows, like,
I've been working, like, hard, and, um
-He's there.
- Do you want him there?
- Do
- 'Cause it sounds like you don't.
- Yeah.
No, I mean, he's like It's, um
-It's just, like, marriage shit. You know?
Home has been
Like, I
I've been, like, sleeping on the couch.
Oh, honey. What's going on?
So I got a DM.
A girl.
- Oh, I wasn't expecting that.
- Ugh.
- Hello!
- Yeah.
- Hi!
- Hi!
- Yeah!
- Ooh! We got the dog! Mwah.
-I have gifts for us.
-Oh, fun!
- Hi, my lovey.
- Hi.
- All right. Ohh!
- Mwah. Mwah.
- Hello, how are you?
- Puppy energy.
Okay. I feel like we have
so much to catch up on, you guys.
Did any of you see
the craziness with Jordan March?
I wanna hear all about it.
Like, did you, like, have to,
like, do that, like, at the event?
I agree with you.
However, when I have someone
screaming at me in my face,
it is not okay.
- Let's be real.
- Yeah.
- It was a situation
- Yeah.
There's a thousand different things
you could've been doing
You saw something, and you were like,
"Hey, let me address"
You made that decision.
- That is so fair. And Yeah.
- But it's fine.
You know what? It's a journey, okay?
Chloe is like a sister to me.
But just like any sister,
we butt heads sometimes, yes.
Progress over perfection.
We both have
very different approaches to things.
You know, she's a little bit more type A,
and, you know, that could be
a little bit difficult for me.
It was so good to see Matt.
And Matt looks amazing right now.
Oh, yeah
But it it did seem
like something was off.
-Like, what was
-You not wearing your ring.
Okay, that's fine.
I'm just, like You guys are,
like, literally our best friends,
and it did seem for a second
like things were off.
Why are you looking at me like that?
I have to pee so badly.
- Yeah.
- Guys, she's probably just peeing.
- Mm-mmm.
- If we No?
No. I think she's crying.
Oh, honey.
Am I missing something?
Before you got here,
she was opening up about something.
Oh, I'm so glad she opened up to you.
Except for her best friend
-She's like a sister.
-I know.
-Why would she not talk to me about this?
-I don't know.
You got here a little bit later.
We've had a few drinks.
Why don't you tell me what's goin' on?
-'Cause sometimes I don't trust you.
I feel like you're gonna cry
and you're gonna ask me questions
that I'm not ready to answer.
Jade. You don't tell me anything.
It hurts my feelings.
You should be able to confide in me
and tell me things.
Should we interrupt?
-I think let them have their space.
-Okay. You don't Yeah.
You call me, like, "Everything is great."
-"Business is wonderful."
-Yeah. Um okay, so, um
Like, I found out that Matt had cheated.
Not once.
With the same person?
Different people?
How did you find out? Did he tell you?
Did he tell you? What happened?
I got a DM from someone.
And I'm like, "What?"
And, um, I've been, like,
holding everything together,
and I've been, like, just, like,
trying to, like, do everything,
and, like, try to be perfect,
and, like, do this thing and
Why would you not call me
and tell me what's going on?
I want you to be okay.
But then I get upset, to be honest.
I get upset and I get resentful,
because it's like
you're talking to everyone but me.
Like, everyone but me.
I don't get it.
My husband cheated on me,
and she finds a way
to make it about herself.
Dirty it up, dirty it up ♪
Dirty it up, dirty it up, up on it ♪
I have 217,000 followers on Instagram.
It's gonna change tomorrow,
but it's 217,000.
I think I am
the second most followed person
over at SERHANT.
Obviously, Ryan's number one.
He's a social media guru.
But I think I'm number two.
Check. Follow me.
Yeah, I look good, I feel good ♪
Prior to joining SERHANT.,
you know, my first job out of college
was head of communication for a company
that Kim Kardashian actually owned.
Learning with
such an innovative woman such as Kim
allowed me to see
the business behind social media.
So I think, personally,
I'm like a Ryan Serhant
and a Kim Kardashian combined.
We be taking over
Riding waves like supernova ♪
We be like the Matrix
Hella magic, hella raided ♪
Me and Jess work together
when it makes sense.
So it's a collaboration
whenever we want to.
That's what's great about it.
We each have our own strengths,
and we both love
using social media as a tool.
Ticktock, ticktock ♪
Come on in.
- Hello.
- Hey.
In the beginning,
I don't think she actually liked me, so
But I'm happy she does now.
- How are you?
- I'm good. How are you?
Wow, this is, uh, bright.
Yeah, it is. I rented it last year,
and now they're looking to sell.
So let's get it sold.
-Show me around. Let's see it.
-Yep. Come on.
- Welcome to 161 North 4th.
- Thank you very much.
Uh, 1,286 square feet.
So, terrace right over there.
The outside space is nice.
This is great that you got this.
- It's a two bath.
- Okay.
So here we have one bathroom,
for the guests.
Oh, okay.
Followed by a bedroom over here.
And the primary.
- Um
- It's very bare bones right now.
But we'll get some plants, a little
staging to make it feel more homey.
- It comes with its own balcony.
- The balcony is actually cool.
And you have a church, so your view
is never gonna get obstructed.
- Yeah.
- Really special, right?
- No building will ever come up.
- Yeah. This is great, for sure.
Let's check out the living room again
and, uh see what we can do.
- All right, this couch.
- Yeah.
Do you like where it is?
Should it be over there?
-I'm happy to
-Let's try to move it.
-If we hate it, we'll move it back.
-I think this opens up the room more.
So you can put a couch here,
a table there,
a chair somewhere over there.
-It's a conversation area, not a TV area.
Okay. That was nice.
- This isn't the biggest apartment for us.
- Mm-hmm.
But there's no reason
to just focus on the big-big.
Us doing, let's say,
200, 300 of these a year
makes more sense.
And then we still have we still have
the $19 million ones, right?
With our, you know, social media,
-I know that we could get it done.
-We will.
Whenever I get a new listing,
I create a lot of reels, a lot of stories.
I hype it up.
We are so good at executing fast.
-Time is money.
I wanna execute
and do this as quick as possible
to make everybody happy
as quick as possible.
-I'm super excited.
People assume, like,
"Oh, she's just a pretty girl."
Like, I get that all the time.
"She's just a pretty face."
"Oh, she's just a social media girl."
"She's just a model girl."
So I work at SERHANT.
because Ryan understands social media
better than anybody else.
Let's get it done.
- Next-gen.
- Next-gen always.
Gimme all that you've got ♪
Never gonna drop off ♪
Caught me being less shy ♪
Here we go ♪
Here we go ♪
Some may think
that I have an unfair advantage with Ryan.
Hello, hello!
However, Ryan is
kind of like family to me.
I've done everything
from, like, his Christmas shopping
I was at his wedding.
I was the first person in his office
to hold Zena.
I've been there through it all.
You know, whether it's fair or unfair,
it is what it is, and I put my time in.
So I don't know what to tell them, but
I think 50 million is the best
offer you'll ever get for this place.
And you can give me all the stories
and everything you want Good?
Um but it's just gonna be
a total waste of both of our time.
- Uh one sec.
- Yes.
- $50 million.
- It's 5,000 a foot.
-I got him to come up to $50 million.
-Yes, but
He's gotta totally gut-renovate the place.
It'll be the single highest purchase price
in the history of SoHo.
I'll get it done. All right?
Thank you. Thank you. You're the best.
You owe me. You owe me. All right.
-I Bye.
Who was that?
It's a $2 million commission,
and he thinks I owe him.
What's up?
How are you?
-Better now. How are you?
-Good. I'm good.
Were you arrested
and taken to Mexican prison?
Well, I did not go to Mexico
to get arrested.
-That was a freak thing that happened.
I was there for
a colleague's sister's wedding. Okay?
And I had a little run-in with the police.
It was all a big misunderstanding.
There was a gay club
three blocks away from the hotel.
- Okay?
- Sure.
I went there, had a really lovely time,
watched a couple drag shows,
met up with a group of Americans.
-On my way back to the hotel
Well, I stopped on the side of the road
and I peed on a tree.
Within two seconds,
I was in handcuffs and thrown
in the back of a police pickup truck.
So I made it to the wedding
fresh out of jail.
- Wow.
- It was insane.
Okay, good.
It's good character-building stuff.
Um, I just don't like to have agents here
that get arrested.
-I don't either! I know it's a bad look.
-Yeah, it's not good.
- It happened.
- We'll make it our little secret.
Jordan, Jordan, Jordan.
I've never had an assistant last
as long as he did.
And now he's crushing it.
Penthouses over here.
Condos. Breaking records over here.
Man, you must have learned
from someone amazing.
The best.
It's I'm pointing at myself. Me.
So I just wanted to talk to you
about the Plaza.
-Right? Our upcoming listing.
-Yeah. Yup.
When you think of New York City,
you think of the Empire State Building,
the Statue of Liberty,
Rockefeller Center,
and the Plaza.
It was originally built
in the early 1900s,
and it used to be
all hotel rooms at one point.
Until 2007, they converted part of
the building to private condo residences.
I mean, it's the most amazing location,
you know, right on Central Park South
and Fifth Avenue.
It's probably the most significant
New York City address that there is.
So, remember the call
that we had with the owner?
And we basically said
someone owes us a favor for staging.
- Yes.
- Uh
And so I've tried talking
to every stager in New York City.
no one wants to work for free,
as you can imagine. I know.
-It's annoying.
-It's very annoying.
-The owner will not pay for it because
-Yeah. What's the list price again?
- 10.5.
- Okay.
-So then let's just stage it.
And who pays for it?
Daddy Warbucks?
-Oh, is that me?
-Yes, you.
-Is that what you call me?
-I mean
What did you call me as my assistant?
-I didn't call you Daddy then.
-But now I do.
Give me your credit card,
and I'll handle everything.
We have to suffer the cost
of this full staging project.
At the end of the sale,
you know, once we get the commission,
we would subtract the cost of staging
and disperse it accordingly.
Ideally, we just sell it,
we get our commission,
and that will soften the blow
of having to pay for the staging upfront.
Nice suit.
Thank you. You too.
It's very SERHANT. blue.
As as it should be.
- As it should be.
- Mmm.
Alexa, play healing frequency
- Girl, what is up?
- Hi!
You look stunning.
Those stairs are killing me.
- I know, I know.
- What?
It keeps my legs
looking nice and toned.
Oh my God.
I feel like there's a lot of energies,
and Diana's very powerful.
-I'm gonna do a blessing for your house.
-Come in. Get comfortable.
-Thank you.
-I feel like it needs it.
It wasn't until, um
the stuff with Matt happened, um
where I was like, "Crap, I need to, like"
"I need to get, like, a team,
like, a spiritual football team of people
to sort of guide me
where I need to be guided."
So we're gonna breathe.
Take a deep breath.
Hold it for three.
-I think I did that right.
-Yeah, you did.
I started feeling emotional.
- Your chart, which is what's happening.
- Thank you.
Yeah. I think I think for me, just, um
-Work is the most important thing to me.
You know, there's a really good run.
-For relationships partnerships, clients.
I've been negotiating with this one guy,
and it's going pretty well.
Maybe 7.4 is something
I'm willing to agree to.
-Let me present it.
-Yeah. Let's make it happen.
You know, should I try to tie up
all of these negotiations?
- Or do I have
- Yes.
-Okay. Mm-hmm!
-Would be nice.
Venus is retrograde.
You know,
retrogrades are a good time to refocus.
-A good time to see what isn't working.
And in this case,
in your chart, it's friends. Right?
Um, my friend at at work
Chloe is her name.
She's like a sister, but then I wanna
throw a potato at her sometimes.
And then it is dealing with, like,
another, like, very strong personality.
-And I can deal with it up to a point.
But where it starts
crowding my own feelings,
it's like I can't
I can't deal with someone who's like
who's like, this, like, crazy, like,
sporadic, like emotional being,
when it's like, "Hey," like
-"Hello." Like
We really wanna settle up
with as many negative vibe merchants
as we can.
I float like a butterfly
Sting like a bee ♪
I'm tuned into a higher frequency ♪
I float like a butterfly
Sting like a bee ♪
I'm tuned in ♪
-To a higher frequency ♪
-Oh wow, this is pretty. Hello?
Honey, I'm home!
- What's up? How's it goin'?
- It's good.
My client, Brad Mondo,
is still eager to find his New York home.
And what do you know?
The perfect listing just came up.
And it just so happens to be repped
by my best friend, Jordan.
- Hi.
- How are you?
-You made it.
-I made it.
-I like your shoes. Come in.
-I'm coming.
You look like a little cotton candy,
ready to sell something. Right?
Like a little cotton candy ball.
Wow, this is really pretty.
- Before
- Yeah.
you give me a full tour, I
I know things escalated so quickly
at Jade's event,
and I never wanted to fight with you.
But as a friend, I
My feelings were just really hurt
when you hired my old assistant
without just giving me a call.
-Like, "Hey, what happened?"
"How do you feel
about me hiring this person?"
-I feel like we've had this special bond.
And it just hurt my feelings.
And that was it.
-Got it. I mean
Look, I didn't I really didn't think
it was gonna upset you.
-Yeah. What, you yelling at me?
Well, before that.
I should've considered
what you were feeling.
I thought 'cause you fired her,
like, you just didn't care at all.
But I should've came to you, you know.
-My bad on that.
I just wanna do deals, do business.
-I mean, we're here. You know?
-It's honestly water under the bridge.
-Is it?
-And, like, you know I love you.
Chloe is, like,
a fireball of energy.
I love her ambition.
I think sometimes she feels
a little too over-competitive
when she doesn't really need to be.
And sometimes
it gets in the way of business.
Look, we're moving forward.
I'm happy that you're here.
-Tell me about your buyer.
-Yeah. So, he's an influencer.
-He really needs privacy.
So I love that there's,
you know, the doorman downstairs,
this building is kind of on a side street.
-He really wants high ceilings like this.
-And these types of big windows.
-Oh yeah.
This is, like,
prime Flatiron District.
It's like the East Coast version
of Silicon Valley now.
It has, like, a townhouse living vibe.
It's 2,500 square feet.
- Wow.
- And it's just boasting all the character.
I mean, it's a 33 foot long living room.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oversized sash windows.
Let's check out the kitchen.
- Look. We have Calcutta marble top.
- Yeah.
Look at this peninsula.
You can put four people here.
Perfect for serving breakfast,
prepping food. Right?
It's a good slab, Jordan!
He's gonna think it's great.
I mean, if he's an influencer,
this is how you want to entertain.
Look at this dramatic entrance.
It doesn't get better than this.
22-foot ceilings.
- Ooh!
- Private elevator.
I love seeing you passionate
about real estate, Jordan.
Oh, Lord help us in these shoes.
I know.
How do you get around the city in those?
- Slowly.
- Right.
Huge alcove
that can make a perfect office.
It's two bedrooms,
with a grand secondary bedroom.
Great views of the street,
en suite bathroom.
This is where
you want your guests to luxuriate.
-This is where the magic happens.
-Okay. Now we're talking.
- This feels like a real primary.
- Yeah.
- Let me show you the closet.
- Okay.
Yeah, you can tell a man lives here.
A very straight single man.
- But the space
- The space is good.
The space is good.
What he could do is
make the whole thing a closet,
and you go through the bedroom,
through what feels like a walk-in
into the bathroom.
-Like a dressing room into the bathroom.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I think that would make sense.
-Let's get him in.
Let's get an offer.
And then
-Let's get a deal. Let's get paid!
-We'll celebrate.
-We won't fight this time.
-I hope not.
-Ever again.
Make it easy for me.
That's the best way to make up.
-Let's fight, then we split a check.
-All right.
Seems like every day ♪
Livin' in a haze ♪
Hopin' for a change ♪
Oh, when we gonna rise up?
Ain't it time to rise up? ♪
-Rise up ♪
-Like the sun in the summer ♪
-Rise up ♪
-For the love of each other ♪
-Rise up ♪
-Yeah, just 'cause you wanna ♪
- Table for one?
- Two.
- For two? Enjoy.
- Yes. Thank you.
Let's do two glasses of the Paul Laurent.
- Two glasses? Perfect.
- Yes.
-Thank you so much.
-You're welcome.
-How are you?
-I'm good. How are you?
-Good! I'm so happy to see you.
-I know.
I got two glasses of champagne.
-Oh wow. You're on it.
-Yeah. Yes. Sit, sit.
Oh, this place is so cute.
I know. But the honking.
-It's part of the New York ambiance.
Usually, when we're sitting outside
in North Carolina,
you're hearing birds chirp, or cicadas.
New York is, you know,
not for everyone sometimes.
-So, I get it.
But you always have me.
If you ever need anything,
you know, I can be I can be the mom.
Big sister.
-Big sister, mom, whatever.
-Big sister!
- Hey, ladies.
- Hi!
- Two glasses of Marie Weiss.
- Amazing.
- Some crisps for the table.
- Amazing.
-Thank you.
Well, cheers to New York, to real estate.
-And to friendship.
-And friendship. And more deals.
Yes. As I say in Polish
- Oh, I love it!
- Yes!
- Love the honking.
- It's like the cars agree.
They're cheersing with us.
Um I was excited for us,
because we've had things in the works,
some things planned.
But I didn't know
you'd been working with Jonathan.
I was, like, kind of taken aback.
I felt kind of blindsided,
because I thought
it was just you and me together.
Are you, like, officially with Jonathan?
So we became friends, and he was like,
"I would love to work with you,
and I would love for us
to really, like, do things together."
So it kind of It was one of those things
that, like, it just felt so right.
I mean, he's he's 26.
-Like, he's brand-new.
-Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
I mean, there are many entrepreneurs
who are very successful at a young age.
-Right? Like
You can't say, like,
just because someone is 26, 27,
they're not capable of doing something.
-No. And I didn't mean it in that sense.
-'Cause I'm 26. I'm still new.
-Yeah. Yeah.
He believes in social media so strongly,
as I do.
-You know, we are the next generation.
And we are doing it a different way.
I love to partner with a lot of people.
-It just makes sense.
I feel like
there's a little bit of pressure on me
that Savannah wants to work with me.
I ultimately don't know why
I am responsible for her growth.
But, like, I I never wanna do you wrong.
That's not my intention.
I'm not that kind of person.
Like, I wanna be your friend,
and I want us to do business together.
What do you think about the possibility
of just all of us joining forces?
I'm open to it.
I think what we're building
is something so grand,
and if you wanna jump on it with us,
like, we're more than happy
to set a time to meet and talk
and see what we could do.
Yeah. I'm excited.
- Now eat!
- And drink.
-And drink. Cheers.
How do you say it in Polish?
Na zdrow
-Na zdrowie!
-Na zdrowie!
Never in my wildest dreams
would I have thought
that one day I'm Ryan's assistant,
and then, ten years later,
I'm gonna be working with him
on a listing at the Plaza.
There are brokers
that spend their whole lives and careers
trying to get listings like this.
So it's a privilege and an honor
to be working on this with Ryan.
And that in itself is huge,
so I need to sell this listing.
- Oooh!
- Welcome in.
Look at this.
This is the first time
I'm seeing it fully staged too.
- Wow.
- Like, look at this Central Park view.
- Isn't that crazy?
- It's like a picture.
It's a moment.
We're on the 16th floor,
so we're perched pretty high.
Oh my gosh!
Look, I'm killing it in Brooklyn,
but my real goal
is to sell $20 and $30 million apartments
in Manhattan.
Oh, the handles. I can't!
Exactly, the handles.
Like, the iconic Plaza.
- This is what you're paying for.
- Yeah.
The Plaza is, like, one of
the most iconic New York City buildings.
I would love the opportunity
to sell a place like this.
-I love the ceiling in here, Jordan.
- This is beautiful.
- It's opulence. You know?
- Yeah.
- It's like, sophisticated, elegant Plaza!
- This is amazing.
- Yeah.
-So there's 163 condos in the building.
And then there's still
the classic hotel side.
- Right.
- They share, like, all of the amenities.
You've got white-glove service.
-You know, the Palm Court restaurant.
-Yes, yes.
-The Champagne Bar.
-All too well.
-All too well.
-You've got the spa services, the gym.
This is, like, a world-class building.
Here's the primary. Two Juliet balconies.
Let me show you over here.
If you're gonna live in a hotel,
this is the one to live in.
-I wanna scream.
-Beautiful, right? Do it!
Aaah! I love it!
So basically, you know,
we had to cover the cost of staging.
The seller would not pay a dime
for staging.
I hit up every stager in New York City.
We found this woman based in Philadelphia.
- Oh, not Philadelphia!
- Honey, yes, Philadelphia.
And we paid her $27,000
to stage the whole home.
- Okay
- So we have to sell it.
Because it's coming out of our commission.
-We had to do what we had to do.
-27,000, though?
Which is the lowest cost for staging
that we could find.
You you definitely didn't
do luxury in here.
The company we worked with
for Stuyvesant, that was 23,000.
I mean, our photos look like
we're in, like, a home magazine.
- Almost double
- How large is the home?
4,300 square feet. So you're talking
about almost double the size.
- Okay.
- You know?
I love Jordan, but if I had this listing
-This is like the lobby of a motel.
- Yeah.
- I'd go with a different fabric.
I'd have added
a lot more texture on the bed.
You know, it serves its purpose.
It'll do. But if I'm doing the Plaza
-"It'll do" isn't the goal.
-I know.
This apartment just looked
like it was furnished.
It should've been staged.
You know? There's a difference.
Just, you know I think you could've
gotten a a bit more for your money.
And if you're selling
a $10 million apartment,
at the Plaza,
in Manhattan, at Central Park,
you gotta know the difference.
-It's hard to find your $10 million buyer.
Ten and a half. You know.
-I mean, don't forget the half.
- Hello.
- Hi!
- How are you?
- Hi, I'm Cathy.
- This is my wife Cathy.
- Cathy!
Despite all of the commotion
from the party
-How are you? Long time, no see.
we have three offers on the table so far.
And now it's time to convert a vision
into monetary value.
Fation, welcome to one of the most
unique buildings in all of New York.
I've put so much time
and so much energy into this building.
Events, social media,
partnerships with art galleries.
Really, really good.
I made that building sexy as
Can I curse?
No, no, no!
Let's talk about the deal.
-We did list it for ten million.
And I did present your $7.4 million offer.
They were waiting on it
for a little bit,
but I wanted to congratulate you
because you guys have an accepted offer.
Oh wow!
-Oh my God! Okay, that's awesome.
-That's amazing!
- Thank you so much.
- Cheers.
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
Thank you.
You don't need to be
a boring man in a suit
to sell commercial real estate.
Case in point.
This will be one of many deals
that we do together, I promise.
You definitely have my business
going forward.
Closing this deal will show Ryan
that I'm capable
of building out and running
our commercial division at SERHANT.
Also, I could get
a lot of vintage Dior purses.
For new clients and friends,
I have a signature closing gift.
- That is for your keys.
- Wow!
-Oh, that is awesome.
-Oh, that is so cute.
And I thought
it would also match your Ferrari.
Yeah, so it was actually my Lamborghini.
Ferrari, Lamborghini, I don't know!
I'm a New Yorker.
I don't even have a permit.
I'm here to pay it ♪
You all know me now ♪
-I'm here to pay it ♪
-Yeah ♪
You all know me now ♪
Give 'em my dreams ♪
You can't stop me ♪
-Hi, baby.
All right.
Let's go, guys. Yeah!
Jess, this is your night.
- Our night.
- For sure.
No one is stoppin' me ♪
No one is stoppin' me
Ain't no stoppin' me ♪
I'm the boss
So you know I stay hustlin' ♪
The RED Awards
is an annual awards show in New York City
honoring top real estate achievements.
And it's super exciting for me this year
because so many SERHANT. agents
are nominated.
- Are you ready, Jessica?
- Of course.
-I'm excited.
I mean, don't forget,
we're the number sixth
real estate brokerage in New York City.
- Hello. How are you?
- How are you?
As a new company,
to see my own agents being recognized
in front of all the other firms
Those other firms better watch out.
We're comin'.
- Ryan! You're right over here.
- Hi, guys.
- Congrats.
- Thank you for coming.
- Yeah, of course.
- Thank you.
-Do you have a speech prepared?
-I do. Are you ready for it?
-I am so ready for it.
-You're mentioned.
I've been nominated
for Social Media Influencer of the Year.
It is the new way within real estate.
It's the new way every broker
and their mother needs to use.
- We're starting the program now.
- Oh.
-I'm actually at that table over there.
-Oh no. Okay.
Yeah. But I'll see you guys shortly.
So the fact that
they reached out to me to nominate me
is just a huge, huge
huge little, you know, pep in my step.
Welcome, everyone.
So I'm going to announce
the award winners tonight.
First award tonight,
New Development Broker of the Year.
From SERHANT., David Fernandez.
Come on up to receive your award.
I just wanna thank Ryan Serhant.
Without you, we wouldn't be here.
Thank you.
Okay, our next award tonight,
Social Media Influencer of the Year
A lot of people
count out Jess Markowski.
People say,
"Oh, you're just a social media model."
"You can't sell real estate."
But she can.
And so I want her to win this award
so that other people can start
seeing what I see in her.
goes to
Jessica Markowski.
Are you crying? Are you crying?
Thank you. Um
I'm really proud
to work with Ryan Serhant.
In a cutthroat industry,
it's really nice
to have a team that really has my back.
And so I thank the RED Awards
for this incredible honor.
Thank you.
Winning this award
in front of Ryan,
and having him be here in support,
really just, like, solidified on the map,
like, "Okay."
Like, I'm doing something right.
And Ryan saw it before I got an award.
So, you know, Ryan is like
a magician in his own right.
He knows before it's known.
Where's the cocktails?
What do you want?
Uh, probably just a champagne.
What are you gonna have?
- I'm in a bubbly mood.
- Yeah.
- I'm excited for us.
- Yeah.
-We had an amazing week, and
-We did.
I mean, what's next week?
So, I met with Savannah.
She wants to work with us.
So my issue with Savannah is this, right?
If she is on the team, it'll be like,
she would be, like, a runner.
-She would have to be trained.
And, like, she would have
no say in anything.
-I don't think she would like that.
-I mean, you have a say. Ours is 50-50.
-But for me, I don't want her on the team.
Partnering with Savannah, not a good idea.
She doesn't bring anything to the table.
She has no niche.
She has no anything. She's new.
So she needs to start from
where I started from in the beginning.
-Say Ryan gave her a $2 million listing.
What the fuck will she do with that?
-She would drop it. You know?
-So prove yourself, hone those skills.
-Before I did any sales, I did rentals.
-Yeah. Right.
-Learned every skill I could ever learn.
-That's all I did, every day, all day.
I missed Christmas, I missed New Year's,
I missed all holidays.
- Yeah
- She hasn't done any of that.
What bothers me is, like,
when I met with her, she said,
"Why would you work with younger people
who have 'less experience'?"
I find it interesting, I mean,
that Savannah is asking us to join
and then trash-talking me.
We did 120 million last year.
- Right.
- So experience, my nuts.
Age doesn't matter because a hustle is
a hustle. My numbers speak for themselves.
She doesn't even have any numbers.
And I doubt she will.
I just didn't like it.
90% of real estate brokers in New York
make less than 40K.
I mean, my my watch is five times that.
You know, 40K is literally,
like, almost nothing.
-When we see her
-It's not worth my fucking time.
But hopefully I hope the best for her.
Oh my God.
What's wrong? You okay?
Jonathan sent me an email.
He said,
"It's not about what brokerage you're at,
it's about you as an agent
being able to perform."
This is just, like, so unnecessary.
And it's just it's just really annoying.
Like, I know I shouldn't care
because he's an idiot.
But, like, I feel stupid for crying
about this, but it's just it's
He's stupid. The whole
It's just unnecessary.
-I don't like to see you cry.
Give me a hug. It's okay. It's okay.
I know what it's like
to have everybody doubt you,
and be in the industry
and wanna do really well,
and have people come at you
like you have a target
on your back at all times.
I'm just so exhausted
and tired of getting comments like this.
He goes, "I'm not sure why
you would go and say anything like that."
Uh say anything like what?
- What is he talking about?
- The way he talks is
- I fucking know. Jessica told him.
- What happened?
I told Jessica,
"You shouldn't be working with
someone as inexperienced as Jonathan."
It's okay. It's okay.
-Just breathe.
-Fuck Jonathan.
-Goodbye. Goodbye.
-Little clown town.
Goodbye. Goodbye forever.
You are not gonna worry about it.
You're gonna keep your chin up.
-You're a rock star. Do not stress.
-Thank you.
I love you. Don't stress.
I'm serious. Do not
No tears over that loser.
Ever. Don't stress.
Just another day
in New York real estate.
Just so rude.
Somethin' tells me
I've been losin' sleep ♪
For nothin' ♪
You don't know my ♪
-Hello. Good evening.
-How are you doing today?
-I'm good. How are you?
-I'm always good. Thank you.
There goes the fool ♪
It's somethin' to see ♪
No, no ♪
- Hello, hello!
- Hi.
- Hi. You look pretty.
- So do you.
- Hi. How's it goin'?
- Hey, you.
-It's good.
-I love your dress.
I think this is the first time
that you were earlier than me.
I freaking know.
I've never been this early in my life.
I didn't know what to do.
How does it feel?
- It feels good, actually.
- Is it a new you?
You know what? New me.
2.0 Chloe. What can I tell ya?
-What else is 2.0 Chloe?
Is it being on time? What else?
Being on time, just not holding things in.
- You're pretty good at that.
- You think?
I think you're good
at letting out your emotions.
Did you, uh did you see what happened
at the, what is it? The RED Awards?
Jess Markowski, like, accepted some award
for Influencer of the Year or something.
-Can't stand her.
-I think she's great, to be honest.
Give me a break.
I can't stand her or Jonathan.
Look, I think that
if she were to leverage her following
From a strategic route, I think she has
a lot of potential. I do have
She doesn't have enough brain cells
in her brain to make sense of 1+2=3.
She is she
I think she has a lot of potential.
I You know,
I don't know too much about Jonathan.
He's a snake.
You know from the first time
we met him at Soho House,
and he was, like,
throwing his best friend under the bus.
- Yeah. It's weird.
- "I did $100 million my first year."
I'm like, "My dude,
you were on someone's team who did that."
-Everything about him is a lie.
And then, from what I understand,
he's now bullying Savannah.
I'm like, "Step the fuck off."
Chloe's energy
is just so negative all of the time.
I have enough bad energy at home.
"Step off."
I can't deal with it anymore.
Okay. So I feel like there's, like,
a lot that we just haven't talked about.
- So just Yeah.
- We sure haven't.
It was a bit of a bombshell dropped
on me, at Jordan's, with them.
Right now,
I'm going through a fucked-up time
because somebody who I thought
I was with Matt longer than you.
Like, somebody
who I was, like, with for seven years.
-Seven years, Chloe. My best friend.
-I know. It's a lot. It's a lot.
You have to understand
when I'm going through this
But don't take it out on me.
- Like, I've worked so hard.
- I know.
Anything that's a distraction
- So I can't deal with your emotions.
- My emotions?
-Chloe, don't take the
-I'm not the one sitting here crying.
Chloe, that's not a
Please don't take that offensively.
-But I don't understand what you mean.
-I I just, like
-What do you mean, my emotions?
-When when I'm going through something.
I can assume
Like, let's just say Leon cheated on you.
-I would be pissed.
To be honest, that'd be more likely
than Matt cheating on you.
This is, like, crazy.
Yeah, so
But for some reason, I'm now the bad guy.
What does your shaman say about that?
Oh, that's cute.
Look, I don't know why you feel like
you need to be mean
to people you're close with
This is not being mean.
This is being honest, Jade.
-I'm being honest.
-Oh, God. Okay, cool.
I I've never once in my life
woken up and said,
"You know what?
I'm gonna be mean to Jade today."
-Do you think you're a good friend?
-I do, actually. I'm a great friend.
Do you think there's a reason you don't
have any other close girlfriends?
I have so many close girlfriends now.
And I'm so grateful for them.
Never had 'em growin' up, but now,
as an adult, I live for my girlfriends.
- Okay.
- Live for them. Live for them.
Okay, good.
-So, let's not start this.
-Aren't I your closest girlfriend?
You're like my little sister.
Is this how you treat a sister?
I've done everything for you.
I've given you clients,
tried to give you referrals.
-I've done everything for you.
-Have you?
- Have I?
- All right.
-I've also
-That referral I sent you in Miami?
That you just didn't even answer
and made us look like idiots?
And you're gonna say you don't trust me?
What have you ever done for me?
I've done everything for you. Everything.
-Are you joking?
-I am the reason you're at this company.
- That's a lie.
- No, it's not.
I had to beg Ryan to even meet with you.
You're crazy, Chloe.
Well, let me tell you something, Jade.
Do you know who calls other women crazy?
Gaslighting assholes.
You wanna take over the men in commercial?
Really? You sound just like them.
Honestly, Jade, it feels a little bit
like you and I
have just outgrown each other.
Are you the reason? ♪
Oh, are you the reason I can't sleep? ♪
Are you the reason? ♪
Are you the reason?
Are you the reason? Are you the reason? ♪
-Are you the reason? ♪
-Something's calculating ♪
Shadows in the night are watching me ♪
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