Owning Manhattan (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

All right, Zeeboo.
Zena's a princess today.
I am fully aware
my schedule will not be sustainable
for the rest of my life.
But I do not know
another way to do what I do
without working as hard
and for as long as I currently do it.
- You wanna draw on the tent?
- Yeah, let's do it!
I wasn't there
when Zena spoke her first word
or really took her first step,
'cause they happened during the day.
And I sacrifice those life moments,
but I'm also trying to build
a life that's not ordinary.
"Camp Zena."
I send Zena little emails all the time
about what I did at work
and what we're doing now,
because I have this dream in my head
that, like, one day, she'll be 18,
and she'll wanna come
and work in the business,
and she'll ask me how it all happened.
And I'll say, "Here's this email I set up
for you a long time ago. Go read them."
Let's go in the tent!
Camp Zena Alena!
- My back
- What's happenin', Dad?
I'm okay.
I don't know.
Maybe it's a lie that I tell myself.
But at the end of the day,
I just hope I make her proud.
Right, Zena, ready?
- Yeah!
- Ready?
Once upon a time,
Princess Zena, Queen Emilia
and the dragon prince
went camping in the jungle.
-Whoo ♪
-Feel like a million bucks, won't you? ♪
Everybody want to ♪
So what do we want to work on right now?
Um new podcast?
I think the AI subject
is a good one to touch base on.
Because, I mean, we use ChatGP
for basically every description
that we have.
So we should find someone
that's a leader in this field
so that we can talk about it.
I'm walking into something
right now, so I do have to run.
- I'll Okay. Bye.
- Okay. Well, that's cool.
I like how it could help benefit
everyone in real estate, right?
- How are you?
- Hi.
- Good. How are you?
- How are you doing?
-You smell good. What are you wearing?
-Thank you.
- Um
- Creed?
-It's Baccarat.
- A girl knows.
- Yeah. But I I mixed it a little bit.
Yeah, so
-I got I saw your email.
- I responded.
- Uh-huh.
-But you didn't respond.
It was just so condescending.
You know,
I heard you said some things.
You wanna work with people that have
more experience, or that are older.
So that's an insult.
-That's an insult to you? Directly to you?
-That's an insult. Directly to me.
That I want to work
with experienced agents?
Experience has nothing to do
with someone that's older. Right?
I did $100 million in sales
in my first year in business.
-I've done over
-You were on a team.
I I didn't It doesn't matter.
I've done 550 million since I started.
Ryan recruited me.
He recruited me too.
Did you get a bonus
when you got recruited?
- Does that really matter?
- It does.
Otherwise, you just got picked.
Okay, I really don't care about the bonus.
And I don't know how
that has anything to do with this.
'Cause if Ryan gave you, let's say,
a $5 million listing right now, what
I would know exactly what to do.
What would you do?
I would rather not go into detail
about the whole process.
-How long have you been in New York?
-Why do I need to prove to you something?
You do. You're the one coming in here
I'm letting you say,
"I did 300 million in deals
my first year."
"I did 100 million." On a team.
- How long have you been here?
- I'm letting you say that.
-I'm not asking you to prove yourself.
-I don't have to prove myself.
I already have.
That's the difference.
Do I love
what Jonathan's doing? No.
But, um, as much as I liked
being friendly with Savannah,
I can't work with a complainer.
I need a doer, not a complainer.
Clearly, we shouldn't try to work together
on any listings going forward.
How What do we benefit from you?
I think we have stuff to do.
Fucking Christ.
Oh, oh ♪
Watch me go, go, watch me go, hey ♪
Kick it hard, yeah, kick it hard, yeah ♪
I like those, those, those.
Pfft, pfft, pfft
Hello, hello? Hey, Jondee.
-Hey, how are you?
-What's up, man? Good to see you.
-All right.
-Looking for anything specific?
-I just wanna restock.
-And the shoes up front are new, right?
Take a chest measurement.
Hi, how are you?
-Good. How are you? Hey, Ryan.
-Oh, look who decided to show up.
-Look at you.
-What are you wearing?
- Ah, fancy.
- Yeah.
- How was your showing?
- Good.
-This is Jondee. Jondee, Jordan.
-Hi, I'm Jordan. Nice to meet you.
- Looking for suits too?
- We have the same style.
-Can't you tell?
-Oh. Sort of.
I used to shop for him.
-Now I'm shopping with him.
-He did. He used to be my assistant.
- Yeah.
- Really?
Was it the best
five and a half years of your life?
-It was for me.
-You don't have to lie.
Is he a diva
when it comes to anything?
Oh, he's a diva.
There's certain airlines
that he refuses to fly.
It can only be first class.
He can only stay in five-star hotels.
The spa appointments,
he always took care of those himself
because I think that secretly,
he, like, didn't wanna talk about it.
You know what I mean? Like
like, his facials and stuff like that.
Like, I think he was a bit too proud.
So those would always be a Saturday,
like, tucked in his calendar somewhere.
Of course, I would always see them.
It was very good, wasn't it?
- All right, the jacket's ready.
- So let me see. Oh, wonderful.
- Another blue suit.
- This is in your regular size.
I feel like
you've been doing that for ten years.
Fifteen years. I like blue.
You should try on a suit.
Wait, hold on.
Is that a gray eyebrow?
Stop it.
-Make a wish.
-I think that was a gray eyebrow.
- I'm getting older.
- Oh my God.
-This job is too stressful for you.
-I know. I'm gonna turn into you.
Can you put him in somethin' like this?
I wanna see.
He wears a lot of dark clothing.
I think it matches his insides.
So if he could wear something light
-Are you gonna buy it for me?
-Whatever you want, Jordy.
Thank you, Daddy.
How's everybody's
Are you doing your ninja listening for me?
- Yeah, for sure. Always.
- What's
-What's the mood around the office?
-I mean, there's like a couple
And the agents?
There's a couple
little messy things happening.
Jordan's kinda like my guy on the inside.
You ever seen, like, a prison show?
You gotta have, like,
your guy on the inside.
-I should dress more like you.
-You should try this outfit on.
-I should get full-sleeve leg tattoos.
-You should!
You're too scared.
You couldn't handle the pain.
You know, like,
I'm there, kinda walkin' around,
and Jordan will come by and be, like,
"Hey, you want a book? Want a comb?"
"Also, inmates in cellblock three
are coming up here to kill you."
I'm like, "Good to know.
Thank you so much."
Are agents happy here?
-I mean, generally. I mean, I'm happy.
-Or are they all just all stressed out?
I think everyone in the market
- Everyone in this industry is stressed.
- Oh!
- Look at that.
- No.
-Walk in, all business.
You're like, "Hey! Make an offer!"
No, it's kind of like a
like a picnic blanket or something.
there's some poaching going on.
- Okay.
- Like
Other firms are getting ahold
of people left and right.
So, I mean, you know
- Somebody reached out to me as well.
- Oh.
You know I'm loyal to you.
I'm not going anywhere.
What are the offers? What's it look like?
You know, the offers are significant.
- Like cash up-front?
- Sign-up Yeah.
We are number six in New York City.
And I made it pretty clear
I don't wanna be number six forever.
So do I expect all of our competitor firms
just to sit around
while we rise in the rankings?
No. Those other firms are gonna do
everything they can
to take me down and keep me down.
If you wanna go be at a huge firm
where you are just a number,
you should never have come to SERHANT.
in the first place.
The other part of me is like, "Good."
The agents we have cultivated
are so good that other firms
are willing to buy them.
Jondee, we have to go back to selling
all the real estate in the whole world.
So if we could just take
one of every suit,
one in my size, one in his size,
all the shoes at the front,
and put them on the card.
- Jeez, okay.
- Cool?
- Yeah!
- Thank you.
-No problemo.
-You're the best.
-I'm walking with you.
- Do you need a ride?
- Yes.
Why do I always offer rides?
- Why am I so
- If you offer, I'll take it.
Yeah. Okay.
- Hi, baby.
- Hey.
I see you got a glass of wine.
Yeah, I kind of needed that.
It's been a tough day.
You work too hard.
So, how are things going for you?
I love the company. I love Ryan.
I admire him so much.
And I really thought I found my home,
but it's just been so frustrating.
It's it's hard. Like, I
Like, I can't survive this.
It's it's too
It's so difficult.
It's starting to feel like
I'm in high school.
Jessica and Jonathan walk in the office,
they just stink it up.
It starts to smell. It's toxic energy.
And I don't want to feel like that
when I come to the office.
I wanna feel comfortable.
I wanna feel like I'm at home
and I'm in an environment
where I feel supported.
And right now, I feel very alone.
I'm at a crossroads.
I've also been, like,
talking to other firms
and, you know,
we hit it off at this other firm.
They're one of, like,
the top five teams in the city.
- And
- Right.
I can have stability
for my first three months,
so guaranteed salary,
which Ryan would not give me.
It's an overall better environment for me,
and it just feels, like, in my gut,
like the right decision to make.
You have to think long-term.
It's very important
that you advance
and improve your skill set.
And I think working with Ryan
could be a really good thing for you.
But if you can't start making more money,
then you're just gonna have
to pack your bags and come back home.
Right here is perfect.
-I'm getting the special treatment.
-Well, of course.
Judy is a client
that I got from another broker.
They came to my listing.
I think you're gonna love this one.
The guy actually
fucked that up for himself,
'cause he kept, like,
cutting me off, and all this.
It was just weird.
And I was just being my regular self
when I was connecting.
It's important for you
to have a place where you can, like
feel like it recharges you, you feel safe.
And, I don't know,
every morning you feel happy.
-Waking up
And then at the end of that tour,
Judy asks for my Instagram.
I give it to her.
And I messaged her on Instagram.
"How long have you known that agent for?"
She was like, "I don't know.
Someone referred me to him."
I'm like, "Okay. Well, how about
I take you out for two days,
and if we haven't found
an apartment by then,
go back to the other guy."
This whole process
is pretty fun for me too.
-I don't have that much stress.
I'm not under a timeline.
-So it's, like, all fun things.
I get to meet people along the way.
I didn't steal Judy.
Judy chose to be stolen.
People will forget a home,
but they won't forget
the feeling that they had with you.
That is the art
of making people feel comfortable,
and also providing an excellent service.
That said, I think, you know,
the line is, be charming, don't flirt.
-You have to love it, right?
-That's all that matters.
I knew you wanted light,
so look at this.
Floor-to-ceiling windows,
corner unit.
It's the best.
Um, you're getting the sunset,
like, in the south.
- The sun sets in the west, babe.
- Ugh! Well
- Sunset in
- Sunset in the west. Wow.
Take a look around.
Why don't you show your feelings? ♪
My parents really want light
all the time throughout the day.
So I think this this view
Like, even if I just, like,
take a picture of it right here. Smile.
Like, if I send it to them now,
they're gonna be like, "Whoa."
Are they gonna hate my tattoos?
They're chill. They're chill.
This one to the left is the primary suite.
Let's check out the bathroom.
Oh! Wait, I
Oh, this is nice.
I need another person for the other sink.
You do.
But you'll get them eventually.
Back in the living room. So overall,
what do you think your thoughts are?
I try not to act like
I am too enthusiastic in front of you.
-But I am definitely happy.
-It's not me you have to worry about.
I'm on your side, you know?
-That is true. That is true.
-So what is it listed at again?
-It's listed
I know we're looking at between 2 and 2.5.
Yeah. It's listed a little above that.
-It's listed at 2.79.
Other people try to sort of focus
on the elite, like, 20 million and up.
Um, I try to also focus on the on the,
sort of, like, three million and under.
The people under three million
are usually first-time homebuyers.
And if I can gain their trust,
they will be my clients for life.
That I learned in in modeling.
I'd be at a casting, and I saw
some stylist, you know, that was a nobody.
The next year, they're
the main casting director for Dior.
You know? And you got yourself a job
a year later at Dior.
So you just never know.
I can probably get 'em
This is being cocky,
but I can probably get 'em at, like, 2.3.
But me being cocky
is usually pretty realistic.
-That's why I have you, right?
But I'm I'm really glad
you showed me this.
Check in with your parents.
They have to love it.
Definitely, I can
I can draw up the offer.
-While you think on it with your parents.
-So we have it ready to send.
-I agree. I think Time difference
-But I'll call my parents tonight.
I'll show them the pictures that we took,
then I'll text you.
I I'm excited. I hope
-I hope we can get this done.
-Let's do it.
Let's get it on ♪
Let's get it on ♪
Hello, hello.
Hello, hello.
- How are you?
- Good.
So what's up?
Um so
I've been offered
a really great opportunity.
-I feel like I can't turn it down.
I know how it is as an agent.
Like, you you don't get stability.
-But this other firm is offering that.
-A guaranteed salary for a few months.
-They're offering
-So, like, an assistant position?
No, it's a full-time agent.
Um like, they're giving me
guaranteed deal flow.
And I've talked to a ton of other agents,
and they're all telling me
I'm stupid not to take this.
What are you looking for me to say?
I want your heart right now.
-If you were in my shoes
-What would you do?
I'd stick with the winning ticket.
You going with another team
at another firm
that is giving you
something nice and shiny
is betting on them.
Staying here is betting on yourself.
That's a decision that only you can make.
We've had, like, one one-on-one
since I've been here.
-I would like more attention from you.
Oh! Okay. Right. Got it.
I have the potential.
I'm fully confident that
I'm going to be very successful at this.
But if I stayed here
I need more deal flow.
If I could be on a team here
that was producing enough
to feed me a little bit more
-I would stay in a heartbeat.
-Yeah. I understand.
I wanna know
if you would be able to offer that.
This is a two-way street.
I don't owe you anything.
I've got hundreds of agents
who are doing business every day
that I actually do feel like
I owe something to.
And to then come to me and say,
"I've got another offer
unless you give me stuff."
Like, okay.
It takes time to build relationships
and to build a strong reputation.
I moved here
because you saw potential in me.
I look for people that have
an underlying talent, like I think you do,
who have an energy,
a spark, slightly mysterious,
and potentially kind of dangerous,
which I think is also you.
I just think maybe
you have unrealistic expectations
of of how quickly
life is supposed to happen at you.
Like, things take time.
If you want more one-on-one time with me,
that's what I'm here for. You know?
But this is not the company
where you come for a handout.
If you think you can learn more from them
and grow bigger and faster
than you can learn from me,
then you should go.
I think you should think about it.
Sound good?
- Thank you for your time. Talk soon.
- Thanks.
Oh God.
That is not
what I wanted to hear.
I'd say whenever you're in real estate,
you have to think
with a very short memory.
Like when you play
defensive back in football,
if you get burnt deep, the next play,
you have to forget about it
because you have to play the next play.
I I lost the Jardim to Chloe.
I took an hour out of my day to lament,
and then from there, I'm brushin' it off.
Business as usual. What's next?
- Hey!
- Hi.
My newest listing is 737 Park Ave.
- Hi, Nile.
- Jess!
-How are you?
-What's up, sweetie? How you doin'?
Just two blocks from Central Park.
I love the double-breasted.
-It's one of my
-Thank you.
-This doesn't have a door. Oh, it does.
-It does.
-Here. It's a private elevator landing.
Ryan knows that, you know, I'm one
of the platinum agents at this company,
and I can get it done.
- So, this is Charlie.
- Hey, Charlie.
- One of the top real estate attorneys.
- Nice to meet you.
-He's here on behalf of his client.
-Cool. What's the name of your client?
-I can't say. Attorney-client privilege.
-We're buying an LLC.
I like it. I like your style already.
Nice suit, by the way.
So we're at 737 Park,
one of the most prestigious condominiums
on Park Avenue.
You want it, need it, no time to wait ♪
Park Avenue is home
of the global super elite.
When you hear the idea of old money,
literally, Park Avenue is
the avenue that defines that.
This is the grand room.
3,800 square feet.
-You got the shades on now too.
-It's a little bright in here.
Too bright for you?
Went out last night.
A little hungover.
If you could, you would ♪
- But you could never keep up ♪
- Awesome.
Ceilings are kinda low.
But it is a prewar building.
When it's prewar, you have
to work with the existing structure.
-Old Upper East Side.
-I can touch the ceiling.
-Even I And I'm like 5'5".
Yeah. It also makes it
very intimate and cozy.
- He's brokering you.
- South-facing windows
- That's a plus!
- South-facing windows give tons of light!
Do they want a view apartment?
Is views important?
Views are obviously important
when you're spending
- At this price point.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm Ryan's go-to agent for anything that,
frankly, is impossible for anyone else.
So he's asked me to help him with
a high-profile client from California.
We've got all-new Ley appliances.
Really seamless, where you can have
guests here, entertaining,
and then also preparing food.
If they wanted to have a closed kitchen,
you could add in the pocket doors.
This client's looking for
a five to ten million dollar home.
Those are really the only parameters
Charlie has given me.
Private terrace. Double exposure,
so you're facing north.
You're also facing east.
- Uh-huh.
- And you have all wide-open views.
You know,
the advantage here is the location.
I can see there's windows all around us.
Really, I think we can do better.
This is the first thing we've seen.
-So we're sort of, like, you know
-Just gettin' gettin' your feet wet.
-Yeah, exactly.
Charlie's a tough nut to crack.
He's really not giving me much,
but I can tell
this apartment's just not the right fit.
This is the showstopper.
This is the primary bedroom.
It is stately. It is impressive.
The bathroom's also impressive.
-We got marble on marble on marble.
-Yeah, this is nice.
- This is nice.
- Five-piece bathroom.
- A tub, stall shower, double vanities.
- Yeah, it's beautiful.
Okay. Oh, you get a little privacy.
They got the privacy frost there.
Well, my husband walks around naked
all the time, so
That works. That works. That works!
One of the easiest ways to know
you have a buyer on the hook
is when they're imagining living here.
When you get
these kind of emotions involved,
you know, naked partners, whatever,
that tells me
that you have a live one on the hook
and you gotta go in.
-You seem excited.
Um, it it is. It's exciting.
I think my husband would like this.
Get your husband on the phone.
-Speak to him. The time is now.
-Yeah. Okay.
-Okay? Let's strike a deal.
-Yes. Yeah.
-Why not? We both got the Gucci loafs on.
-I know.
Come on. Come on.
We're working the Gucc.
Every day, every night, we be singin' ♪
It's easy A
When it's love that you're bringin' ♪
Does the trick, double six
Yeah, we're winnin' ♪
Winnin', whoa, whoa, winnin' ♪
- Hi.
- What time is it?
- It's, like, 8:00 a.m.
- Yeah. You are never here this early.
- I know, but
- Are you okay? Are you sick?
-Ryan! I'm totally fine.
-Hi, buddy.
I just had so much to do,
prepping for this Jardim launch party.
- While I have you, actually
- Oh, talk to me!
- Ry-Ry time. Give it to me.
- Oh!
Have you ever spoken a lot,
like, to Savannah?
-She's kind of an enigma for me.
-She wants a lot to do.
It's like she's, like,
starting freshman year in high school,
but she wants to graduate tomorrow.
So between us,
what what
what do you think I do with her?
Let her work with me.
-I'll kick her ass a bit.
-So you do wanna work with her?
I mean,
I'll have to give her a test first.
Let her Let us put her
through the ropes for a second.
Know what I mean?
For anyone to join my team, I need to see
that they're up for the task.
I wanna make sure they're prepared,
they know their shit.
So if Savannah can handle it at
the excellence I'm looking for, amazing!
Welcome to Team Chloe.
But if she can't buh-bye!
You better get the next bus
back to Georgia, honey.
Is that where she's from?
I like her. I believe
I believe in her, truly.
-I won't be easy on her.
I'm not easy on anyone on my team.
-I think she does have a lot of potential.
-I do too.
-She kinda reminds me of that meme I saw.
-Oh God.
It's like, "All I need is
a little structure,
a little support, a little guidance,
and $500 million."
- Yeah!
- Right?
Speaking of, I'm gonna hit
100K on TikTok today.
-Oh, really? Wow!
-I know.
All I see on TikTok is you. You should
get here at 7:30 a.m. more often.
- Look at this!
- We can have our alone time.
-Catch up. Talk about
-I meant more for your work and
To work and sell more.
Oh, we're up to nothin' good
Yeah, we're always causin' trouble ♪
We like to smoke and drink, so ♪
How's everybody doing?
Do we need another champagne bottle?
Most brokers, you know, they work
nine to five, or they stop on weekends.
I work 24-7.
I mix business with pleasure
because it's work-life.
There is no work-life balance.
Day or night, I don't care
what time it is. I get the deals done.
Hey, how you doing?
- Hey, how's it going? Yeah?
- I'm good. I'm good.
Judy showed the pictures and videos
of Broome Street to her parents,
and they loved it.
They wanna go all in at 2.3, all cash.
But, you know, of course,
I can I can do better than that.
So this is about the deal
at 202 Broome Street with, uh, with Judy.
And what we wanna do is
put an offer in for two million cash.
We can move quickly.
I can get this done by tomorrow.
I have a lawyer
who works quickly and efficiently.
You will be in a better position
to move on to the next project.
Okay, listen, you're right.
We do want to get this done.
But your price point is too low.
If you guys are serious,
come in with an offer that makes sense.
So how about this?
I'll write up
an official sort of offer tonight,
and I'll send it over to you, and
But it can't be
It can't be an offer
that is so far from ask.
I understand that,
but the specific line
that you have in the building
has not been selling as fast
as any of the other lines that you have.
But we're trying to be
I'll offer another thing.
We're also happy to promote the property.
What do you have?
How many followers do you have?
Where are you at?
300,000 on Instagram.
Yeah, that's pretty awesome. Okay.
If that is something
that can be sort of solidified
and not just to be,
like, something in the air.
It can be solidified, for sure.
I'll be very candid with you.
We need to be at 2.25 at least.
If you can promise me
2.25 right now, do we have a deal?
Okay. I'll take that. I'll take that.
Thank you very much.
Okay, sounds good.
Thank you. Thank you. Bye.
I got Judy's parents a great deal,
and Judy. And that's all that matters.
Right? The risk was worth it.
But it was a calculated risk.
There's a big difference.
It was just me being great at what I do.
All right, guys. 2.25 million.
We have it. Shots on me.
I know that I like it
Li-li-li-li-like it ♪
Yeah ♪
Ooh ♪
- Hello, hello!
- Hi.
-What a day to be showing real estate.
-I know.
- Hi, honey. How are you?
- Staying dry?
Trying. My God.
Do you know how big the unit is
we're showing them?
I think it's a little over 2,200.
That's correct.
I have to put
little Miss Savannah to the test.
I'm bringing her today
to one of my new rental listings,
which is located
in the Chelsea Mercantile.
It is a premier luxury building
that has been home to so many celebrities
and A-listers over the years,
including Katie Holmes,
Nick Jonas, and even Marc Jacobs.
-Hi. How are you?
- So nice to meet you.
- And you!
- Tyler?
- Hi. Yeah. Nice to meet you
I appreciate the opportunity
to be working with Chloe.
I'm excited to see where this goes.
And this is all kind of making me think
that Ryan did hear me out
and listen to my concerns.
But at the same time, my nervous system
has just been in overdrive constantly.
- Who is this?
- This Sadie.
- She's our little our mascot.
- Hi, Sadie.
And I'm thinking, "Don't fuck it up.
Don't fuck this up. Like, don't mess up."
All right, Sadie.
Here's the deal
with this building.
It is one of our favorites
in all of Chelsea.
It checks every single box for you guys.
However, it's a large two bed,
not a three.
-So just keep an open mind.
And then we'll see what you think,
once we take a look at everything.
- Sounds good.
- Let's do it.
- Come on in.
- Let's check it out.
- Go ahead.
- Thank you.
I am going to let Savannah take the lead
with my rental clients today.
She did her homework,
but now I wanna see
if she's able to problem-solve.
- Oh.
- All right.
- High ceilings. Nice foyer.
- Yeah.
- Our sun-bathed living.
- Oh wow.
Just like you wanted,
tons of natural light.
This room is enormous.
You've got
north and east exposures.
- And these are soundproof.
- Ooh.
I know we're over
a pretty busy street, Sixth Ave.
These block out
a lot of that traffic noise.
- You can't hear anything.
- Mm-hmm.
Beautiful living room.
I love these built-ins.
Yes, there's tons of storage.
Let's go to the primary.
- Well, this is very nice.
- You have a ton of light.
Gonna look in the bathroom.
- Excellent.
- Mmm.
- And a nice walk-in closet.
- I did notice that.
- With some beautiful built-ins.
- Yes. Really nice.
- Let's peek in here.
- Right. Okay.
- So this is the secondary.
- Yeah, this is nice.
- This would be kids' room.
- Yes.
And you said it was two-bedroom?
So we would be talking about
- Bunk beds?
- Both of our kids in here.
Or two fulls.
They do not share a room right now.
What we can do, possibly,
if you're up for it,
we can make our way to the living,
and you can see
where we could put a flex wall.
- And convert it to a three-bed.
- Okay.
I'm having trouble envisioning that,
so tell me what you're thinking.
To convert this into a three-bed,
we'd have this
coming into that secondary bedroom,
and the flex wall could go here.
And you would have the AC unit still here.
I'd say it'd come right right about here.
So you're gonna have
I mean, that's a pretty big size bedroom.
And that way,
it would go straight to the living,
and then we'd have a door on this side
or this side into the bedroom.
- I could see that.
- So the wall, the room would be here?
- Mm-hmm.
- The owner would do that?
We would have to check.
I don't wanna give you any promises.
- No, I just Yeah.
- We'd have to see.
-But we'll try to find a solution.
But other than that,
how does it feel overall?
You really hit on
all of our most important things,
other than the missing bedroom.
Which we can fix! I think we can solve it.
Which I think we can fix.
You know the feeling
when you just walk in,
and you can see
that this could be your home.
And that's definitely how I feel.
That's why we wanted to show you this one.
I'm actually very impressed.
She was great with the clients.
She knew her shit.
She came up with
a great idea for the flex wall,
which I was waiting to see
if she was able to do.
Thank you for kind of thinking
outside the box here.
-I love it.
- We had a feeling you might.
- Yeah.
- This is great. Thank you.
- Of course!
Thanks, guys.
Now, is she going to join my team?
First, I wanna see if she's able
to get this to the finish line.
We'll walk you out, and and you'll hear
from us by the end of the day.
They tryin' to take it all from me ♪
I will bring the sky
Down to its knees ♪
- Okay. Right here?
- Just pull over here.
We got action. On on Park.
You just freaked me out.
Okay, get in the car.
- What's up? What's up?
- You good?
-What's goin' on?
-Oh my God.
-It's hot out there.
I just got off the phone
with the agent.
- Yeah.
- I just got proof of funds for 737 Park.
I think my husband would like this.
-10.2 million.
-Jesus. Okay.
-Yeah. I know. I know.
-Yes. One, good work.
-Good work!
I'm workin'! I'm workin'!
-Thank you.
I know. I told him that. I told him that.
Because it's a steal of a deal
even at the asking price.
What time is it?
Let me just call him.
Well, Ryan. How are you?
It's been a while. Any news for me?
I do actually have good news with you.
I'm with Nile.
Nile's been able to pull an offer.
And the offer, okay, their starting price,
is 10.2.
Think we got disconnected?
Sellers are like little babies.
They don't they don't actually grow up.
They just look like 52-year-old men.
What happens when someone hangs up on you?
Call back.
Call 'em right back.
-Pretend we got disconnected.
-We just
You wouldn't believe it.
I just got a prank phone call
telling me I got an offer for 10.2.
Don't hang up.
Don't hang up. Don't hang up.
-Ryan, 10.2 is not a real offer.
-Ten I understand.
When I gave you this listing, you told me
that you could get me $11,880,000.
If I came to you right now
with a briefcase of cash
with $11.5 million in it,
would you do that deal?
Yes or no?
I would do the deal if it was all cash,
under 30-day close.
Okay, let us go back to them.
- Call me back.
- Okay. Bye.
-I think let's give him a call.
All right? Don't tell him I'm in the car.
-I don't want him to feel like Dad's here.
-Yeah, I got ya.
-Hey, Joe, what's goin' on?
-Hey, thanks for the call.
I got the email that you sent
with the offer and the proof of funds.
The seller's just not even gonna
entertain where we're at right now.
So my question to you is,
have they given you any other indication
on where a deal would land?
-Just broker to broker, real quick.
-I I've been authorized for 11.
That's the highest that Garrett
and his husband have allowed me to go.
Amazing. Okay,
let me go to work, and I'll call you back.
- Great.
- Thanks.
We got this.
Hey, Ryan. Okay,
do we have any good news here or
Yes. Yes.
It's it's not 11.5,
but we got them to 11.
-I'm not even going to consider that.
I understand. But as I think this through
there is the chance that if we pull
the deal that they just say, "Okay."
Because you know what?
You have all of your dollars
that are tied up in this apartment,
just in this apartment,
and we are looking for one buyer.
This buyer has
lots of different apartments.
Yes, it's a beautiful building.
It's Park Avenue.
But there's also other options out there.
So if I put myself in the buyer's shoes,
I'm saying to myself,
"Okay, they don't wanna do the deal."
And now, all of a sudden, it's not
about the money. Now it's about ego.
All right. What do you suggest we do?
I think we go back to them
at 11.2.
-Okay, make the deal.
-Did he hang up
Sorry. I couldn't I couldn't hear you.
I thought you hung up on me again.
What'd you say?
I said, "Make the deal."
Thank you. We'll get back to you.
Let me see if they can do it.
No guarantees. They give us a hard 11.
But I'll come back to you. Bye.
- Hey, Nile.
- Hey, Joe. I have a best and final.
So it's 11.2, all cash.
11.2, Nile?
11.2, done.
We want all other offers held as backup.
No other showings.
-Okay. Okay.
- Great. Great.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- I'll keep you posted.
-All right. Bye.
-Aaah! Good job!
-Oh, that hurt.
-Ah, I'm sorry.
-You Dude, that's a fuckin' Vacheron.
-It's a really
-Nice watch.
-What's wrong with you?
-I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I got
-But good job! Good job! Jesus!
-Oh, my bad. My bad.
Oh my God. Okay.
We're all the way uptown.
Did you mean to come this far?
Nah, it doesn't matter. I'll
Yeah, we're up pretty high.
Are you ready for the big show? ♪
Are you ready for the fire? ♪
We ready to roll?
Comin' at you like a low blow ♪
There will be no mercy shown tonight ♪
We're back here at the SERHANT. studio.
-With Jessica, who's just arrived.
-Jessica is here!
Um, with the Next Gen Podcast.
We're doing things
a little bit different here today.
-As always.
Make sure to like and subscribe,
and, uh, stay tuned.
I started a podcast
called Next Gen Podcast.
Jessica joined.
It's basically industry leaders.
Not just in real estate.
Any industry, really,
that are disrupting for good,
changing the ways
of older methods, basically.
Ready, Mikey?
- We're ready.
- Good.
Things can be changed.
It doesn't have to be done the same.
Imagine if a soccer player
played soccer when he was 80.
You don't want a team of 80-year-old guys.
It would be a terrible team.
So, uh, Jessica.
Yeah, Jonathan?
-We have been doing phenomenal lately.
We really have.
And I think,
you know, uh, when we first started,
it was a lot of, like, building trust,
and we were really
we were both really, um, set on that.
I think what connected us right away
definitely was the fact that we both
come from European backgrounds.
So our values and our work ethics
all stem from that.
Um, you know, I grew up
in an immigrant family.
They came to America in the late '80s,
um, hustled, worked really hard,
came with $100 in their pocket.
I went to middle school
on the Upper East Side.
But it wasn't easy.
-Because snobby kids, wealthy kids
-Yeah, yeah.
I was the only kid in the school
who was called the the Brooklyn girl.
They were not nice.
- Um
- So, what about after that?
-What about your teen years and stuff?
-So, teen years, I became more attractive.
A modeling agency recruited me.
Finally, I felt like,
"Wow, people find me to be pretty."
-"And they like my attention."
-You're getting attention.
And they like me to be there
with the best, you know, models.
-And all that stuff.
-Best people, the richest.
-With the Richest.
I'm, like, surrounded with the best
of the best. And I'm like, "Oh my God."
- "I'm finally, like appreciated again."
- Yeah. Yeah.
So that was my upbringing.
- And nothing was ever handed for free.
- Right. Right.
It's it's crazy, 'cause
how similar our stories are.
But I I don't come from a poor family.
I I did go to the Mensa school. Um
- I I qualified. I have an IQ of 145.
- Mm-hmm.
Um, I dropped out of that,
and then, uh, I signed
with Ford Models in Chicago.
Basically, that's how I got introduced to
the top promoters, 'cause we would go out.
'Cause Ford Models was, of course,
the best girls and stuff.
-So we'd be at the best tables.
There'd be, like, Justin Bieber
Um, all the, like, sort of, you know,
high net worth people. Right?
-Um, and I utilized, you know, that crowd.
-So same exact fucking model way in.
-Yeah. Yeah
But that's what pisses me off with
these people that are at the firm now.
It's almost like a lot of the people,
um, and I'm not gonna name names,
but a lot of them,
they're not angry with us,
but they have
some resentment towards us, right?
You know, they're like, "Oh, yeah"
I'm also okay with saying this.
For example, Jade.
Um, like, New York socialite
and this and that, and, like
Every single video she posts is like,
-"My dad is a real estate tycoon."
-"Real estate tycoon."
"My mom modeled."
I'm like, "Okay.
Well, you turned out terrible."
But, um
For some reason, I don't like the culture
of hyping too much, more than you need to,
and I feel like
Jordan hypes knowing everyone.
I'm okay
with saying Jordan March.
- If you have to say it, you don't.
- Right!
And the same with Chloe.
Chloe, like, is just all talk.
It's like, "You don't have
to try that hard, and it's okay."
It's like anybody that is
in their 30s, or 20s, or whatever
that has millions of dollars,
they would rather much rather
go tour with you and me
than some fucking dude in a blue suit
and bald and, you know, half car salesman.
Um, I can promise you that.
So we are bridging that gap.
- Right.
- This might sound cocky.
There's no competition at all.
-For example, Savannah, right?
Um, with her,
what the fuck would she do with a deal?
-What would she do with a deal?
If I was running it,
if I owned the firm,
I I wouldn't give her a deal.
-Because she would fumble it.
-And then Ryan loses money.
If Ryan gives deals to us,
he knows we'll close it.
-So there's a difference there.
-And there's a track record.
-Faking is short-term.
- Real is long-term.
- Yeah.
- Let's do it!
- Did we get it?
Got it.
- All right.
- All right!
- Really good podcast.
- Yeah?
-I think it was good, right?
-Yeah. Yeah.
It was, uh, pretty interesting,
to say the least.
I'll say all of that to their faces.
I will. Truthfully.
Wild. It'll go live tonight.
Is the market hard? Yes.
Can you control it? No.
So it's time to step up,
wake up, and sell.
Let's go!
I hope you're ready for action ♪
- Jessica?
- Yeah, Jonathan?
- We have been doing phenomenal lately.
- Yes.
- Have you ever watched this?
- No.
I hope you're ready for
Ready for, ready for action ♪
This is so unacceptable.
-I was just being real.
-You think that's okay?
Stop your fuckin' shit.
I don't care how much you sell.
You don't use company resources
and talk shit about other agents.
- Chloe is inside.
- Shut the fuck up.
Honestly, she's dead to me.
I want nothing to do with it.
Plus, she wears Zara.
- I hope you're ready for action ♪
- Speaking of opportunity.
This is in Manhattan.
If you start doin' $8 million
deals in this neighborhood,
you're gonna get a lot of people upset.
You don't have to like me. Respect me.
We are coming in Manhattan, so be careful.
The deal fell through.
-I I don't understand.
-We are no longer moving forward.
- We're not a crisis.
- Feels like it.
-I know it does.
-I can't sleep.
I hope you're ready for action ♪
There's nothin' wrong with this product.
If it's not us, it must be you.
You're not just bringing me down.
You're making everybody else
in this room look bad.
Someone is about to get fired.
I think you're gonna have
a huge career.
It's just not gonna be here.
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