Owning Manhattan (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

So, welcome to Park Avenue South.
So we still have that Park Avenue address,
but we have gone further downtown.
In New York City,
we get a lot of celebrities, billionaires,
who don't want to come see
the apartments themselves.
So they'll send their assistant,
private wealth manager.
But when a client's sending their attorney
to come view apartments for them,
I know they have a lot of money.
We're talking a lot of money.
Beautiful building, 108 units.
The thing I like
about where this unit's placed
is it has its own private elevator.
Charlie works on behalf
of a very exclusive,
high net worth client from California.
They're looking for a second home
in Manhattan,
and so far it's been really challenging
to get any information out of Charlie.
Like, I really understand
NDAs and privacy,
but to have no information
is just unheard of.
So welcome to apartment 5J,
and look at these 22-foot ceilings.
Love the ceiling height.
Unfortunately, stairs are not going
to work for my client.
Okay. Okay, noted.
So do you want to see the rest of it? Or
Getting these little tidbits
that, had I known before,
we could've saved
a lot of time and energy.
-I like the fact that we are downtown.
But I think my clients prefer
even further downtown
if you can find something.
All one floor, high ceilings,
and in SoHo or Tribeca.
It, yeah, yeah, I'm it, yeah, yeah ♪
So, welcome to the Wooster,
a beautiful small boutique building
right in the heart of SoHo.
There's only eight units in the building,
so very limited traffic.
-I think it's worth taking a look.
-This is Brandon from SERHANT.
-A top agent, has the best listings.
-Brandon Bogard.
-So he's gonna give us a great tour.
That's very true! Thank you!
So, listen, I wanna show you
some of the unique details about this.
This is a 4,600 square foot
private residence.
The reason
I wanted to bring you here
was it has the full floor aspect
that you're looking for.
Keep up, gonna blow your mind ♪
So when you come back this way,
you have the bedroom suites.
We've seen
a number of apartments now.
We've seen this five-bedroom.
We've seen a two-bedroom.
-This is a four-bedroom.
-Bedrooms could work. Yeah.
Generally, in SoHo lofts, you only have
two exposures, front and back.
One of the great things about this is
that you have windows on three sides.
You're getting that extra light.
Especially in a bigger apartment,
it can feel quite cavernous.
- Like a tunnel.
- Right.
None of this
is structural behind us.
This is 4,600 square feet
that can be opened up and be gigantic.
So, you have all these exposures.
It would just be spectacular.
Yeah. So the whole length of the
apartment, you can pretty much open up.
-If that's more what your clients need.
-Right. That could work.
Could you, but you could never keep up ♪
- Would you give us a moment?
- Absolutely.
To feel the space, have a chat.
- Of course.
- So what do you think?
You've got the full floor,
which you're looking for,
the downtown,
you know, beautiful high ceilings,
lots of light, lots of exposure.
All these exposures are nice,
but the neighbors can see in.
- My clients are very high on privacy.
- Yeah.
Honestly, with the surrounding buildings
over here and over here,
the, uh privacy issue is gonna
be a dealbreaker for my clients.
Who the hell are these people?
Is it LeBron? Is it Meghan and Harry?
You know? That's why Ryan put us together.
He thought it was British royalty,
which I like to consider myself.
Is it the Kardashians? Like
How am I gonna find a New York City
apartment that no one can look into?
You know,
all I really have from you is privacy
and, um, that, you know,
they want a big space, like
Is there anything else you can give me?
Do they like to
You know, do they like to entertain?
Any sort of guidelines just so
I can really narrow down the search
and hopefully we can really nail it
with the next one I show you.
Sure. So I am authorized
to tell you they have two children.
-On the younger side.
-Um, a private chef.
Ideally, two kitchens, then,
so they have their separate area
where they're preparing.
-Two kitchens would be fantastic.
Um, and, you know,
they're looking for a downtown vibe.
-So I think that hits this.
But doesn't check
some of those other important boxes.
So perfect. What I'm gonna do
Thank you for giving me more guidelines.
I can now reach out to all the top brokers
in the neighborhoods we're looking at,
and I'll see what I can find.
Hopefully, the next one will be much more
in line with what they're looking for.
-Let's go.
I was born into royalty ♪
And I'm here to stay ♪
I'm queen, you better bow down ♪
- When I step on the scene ♪
- Hello!
- Hi, Ryan.
- Oh my goodness.
The queen of Brooklyn
graces us with her presence.
Brooklyn's in the house.
Do you have a few minutes? Or are you
-You do? Okay, good.
Yes. Sure.
- Come join me.
- Great.
- In your office.
- Okay.
All right.
I need a pair of SERHANT. house slippers.
-Wear them around the SERHANT. house.
I just want
a few minutes of your time.
-No problem. Yeah, any time.
I wanna I wanna come to you when I need.
I feel good about the townhouse sales.
I think I feel really good
about the resale business.
I'm feeling like
I've really caught my stride here.
But the price point, the properties
aren't growing in the way that I need to.
It's not enough
to just kill it in Brooklyn.
I see myself selling
$20 million properties in Manhattan.
I feel like there's so many opportunities
I see in the company,
so many great buildings.
I feel like I wanna be
a part of those conversations.
I'm just trying
to carve out some Manhattan presence.
If they were 50 million each,
that would be fine.
-Fifty million.
-I'm willing to start small.
I'm willing to start small.
I know that's a lot, but I feel like
I like it. Big goals.
I'm telling you I can deliver the results,
but I have to be given the opportunity.
And that's really why
I partnered with you.
I said I needed you to be my Lil Wayne
'cause I was gonna be your Drake
because I knew
how big and how bright your star was.
But I wanted to build
something great as well.
And, yeah, one day you can say, "I had
a hand in building Tricia Lee's career."
You're a good salesperson.
I mean, this is what I do.
You, like, just play to my ego.
And it totally works. Totally works!
-I'm so sold right now. Unbelievable.
-As you should be.
Sooner or later, everything's gonna be
sold by Tricia Lee.
I think it's great
that we're having this chat,
because I know everything you're doing
as you're building that luxury brand
since we started is working.
Listen, Tricia's a boss.
She sells everything she touches.
And I do think that I owe
our agents who sell other opportunities.
Otherwise, you can join
a national franchise
and maybe that would never happen.
Maybe you don't
Maybe your CEO doesn't even know you.
I have an idea.
New dev.
You get your fingerprints
on a new development tower,
then you take your career,
with one agreement,
like, through the roof.
Because then, you can go
to any other developer in the city,
any seller, any penthouse, anything,
and now you have an amazing résumé piece
for the next one,
and the next one, and the next one.
So why don't we do this?
I can get you opportunities in Manhattan.
- Mm-hmm.
- But first
Let's see how you do with
a new development like Brooklyn Point.
Downtown Brooklyn, 458 units,
highest infinity pool
in the western hemisphere.
Amazing, credible developer,
incredible designer.
Are you kidding me?
I walked into this situation
wanting just some help with Manhattan,
and instead Ryan is throwing
an entire building at me.
One of the best buildings
in all of Brooklyn.
I'm 75% sold.
But what if I get you a shot
at selling the rest of the building?
I can put you
in front of the developer, Ari.
This is insane!
Ari Goldstein has buildings
all over this city.
This is a huge opportunity for me.
I can bring the idea to the table.
You're gonna have to sell yourself.
'Cause I can only take you so far.
If I'm given an opportunity,
I'm gonna crush it
because I'm good
at whatever I put my heart into.
And this is something that I want to do.
It's something I wanna add to my résumé.
And then your next step is new development
through BK, then getting into Manhattan.
Good things are coming your way ♪
Good things
Good things are coming your way ♪
I s-s-say
Good things are coming your way ♪
Good things
Good things are coming your way ♪
- Hi.
- Hi. So we have a lot to talk about.
My Jardim launch party is almost here,
so I have gathered my entire team
to make sure
we have finalized every single detail.
We're talking about
a $20 million listing here.
I've got to make sure this party amazes.
So I wanna kind of go through
what needs to happen.
-From my eye on it before Thursday.
- Everything is an experience.
- Yes!
So, since Jardim is very earthy,
we can try to bring in
the Brazilian culture.
- Mm-hmm.
- But also have, like, earthy cocktails.
- I love that.
- That's really cool.
I think it's great.
I am thrilled
Chloe is bringing me on
one of her largest projects.
- Yeah.
- Then we have to look at pricing.
- I can pull some comps.
- Okay.
- We'll do that
- And email that out tonight.
I think this is a great opportunity
to show how I work
and that I am
a great value-add to her team.
-The place just has to come to life.
-I think, like, cooks in the kitchen.
-There's no better experience than food.
- And great cocktails.
- Come on. I'm ready for the party now!
- I know! Let's go.
- Can we just go now?
-I love myself ♪
-Love, love, love ♪
-I love me, I love me ♪
-I love myself ♪
-I love me, I love me ♪
-I love me, love me, love me, yeah ♪
-I love myself ♪
-I love, I love ♪
-I love me, I love me, I love me ♪
-I love me, I love me ♪
-Ah, ah ♪
-I love me ♪
It's almost impossible
to find a building in New York
that has not a single building
looking into it.
- Hi, how are you?
- Hi.
-Nice to see you.
-It's nice to see you as well.
But I have found the golden egg.
A super exclusive
off-market listing in Tribeca.
No one has ever seen it before.
And I know this will be the one.
- Let's go have a look.
- Okay.
Just mind,
there is a little bit of work going on.
It'll be ready
to put on the market next week.
- Okay.
- I wanted to get you in before the public.
It just went under
a two-year complete gut renovation.
But I think it does tick
all those points we've been looking for.
Going into an apartment
that isn't on the market,
you're always gonna encounter
some hiccups.
Yes, unfortunately,
it's not picture perfect.
But high net worth individuals
and the celebrities,
they want apartments
that no one else can get into.
Like, that's how it works.
The exclusive want the exclusive.
They don't want
what everyone else can traipse through.
So you have to give them
what no one else can have.
This unit is the full floor.
And you have
your own private keyed elevator as well.
It's really a trophy, iconic apartment.
You can really see
how extensive the living space is.
Here we come
At the start of the game ♪
This is
your southern exposure here.
Freedom Tower, the Four Seasons.
Slightly tilted to the west,
so you're gonna get beautiful sunsets.
Here we go again
You better recognize ♪
The light
is absolutely spectacular.
I love this little den space.
You could really pull this all out
and make it, like, a kid's playroom.
- Right.
- So then all their stuff's in here.
And then, it's very easy to host here
without having to do much cleanup.
- Okay.
- We're now facing north.
You can see the Empire State,
the Chrysler Building, Hudson Yards.
The great thing about where we're located
is that it's really very private.
-Which, as you know, is very unique.
Charlie seems slightly more engaging.
He hasn't made us walk out
as soon as we entered the apartment,
so so far so good.
So this is your family kitchen.
Everything has been gut renovated.
We've got top of the line,
a smart Wi-Fi stovetop.
Perfectly designed.
This is really your "show kitchen,"
as we call it in Manhattan.
And then this is
the state-of-the-art catering kitchen.
Dual ovens, the six-burner stove.
Another huge fridge, another Sub-Zero.
State of the art. Everything is brand new.
-So this could be perfect.
-We have dual
-This looks great.
Currently laid out
as a four bedroom, five and a half bath.
This is really your secondary bedroom.
It's huge.
-It's absolutely massive.
They have a basketball court.
It's the size of half a basketball court.
So primary suite is here.
Beautiful southwestern exposure.
Your sunsets from this bedroom
are just absolutely spectacular.
You have the dual vanity
and then a huge steam shower here.
You could have
a football team of kids in here.
So that's the whole apartment, you know.
What do you think they're gonna say?
-I think it checks a lot of the boxes.
Full floor, two kitchens,
four-plus bedrooms, total privacy.
I think it's it's beautiful.
And the punchline? The price?
The price is a little bit more
than what we've been looking at.
- Okay.
- It's
It's gonna come to the market
at 22 million.
- You know what our budget is.
- I know.
But this is a great investment,
and I'm going to tell you why.
I sold this in 2015.
- It was We They bought it for 15.3.
- Okay.
It's come on the market at 22,
and there's a lot of interest.
I know it's more,
but I think, for what they're looking for,
it really doesn't get better than this.
Is it a risk to take a client
to an apartment
that is over double their budget?
Of course it is!
Like, you could be fired on the spot.
But they've told me what they want,
and I've delivered it.
You know, you're very good at your job,
and I know the market.
And, you know,
you've been looking for ages.
I know they're probably fed up of looking,
so I think this
I wouldn't have brought you here
if I didn't think this could really be,
one, an amazing home for them,
and, two, when they wanna sell it,
it's going to go up in price.
Okay. I'll obviously have to have
a long talk with them about it.
-I'm gonna have to really do some work.
-Oh ♪
-Oh, oh-oh-oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh ♪
Ready or not, we gonna make you jump ♪
- Ready?
- Yes.
-Okay, so we're gonna meet Ari.
It's his building.
458 units, 720 feet tall.
-Nearly a billion-dollar sellout.
How could I miss you? You look so bright.
- Let's go. After you.
- I tried!
Before I started SERHANT.,
I reached out to three
of my biggest real-estate developers,
and I said to each of them,
"Here's what I'm thinkin' about doing."
"If you don't think I should, I won't.
Your business is too important to me."
- Hi.
- Hi, how are you? I'm Tricia Lee.
-Hi, Ari Goldstein.
-Nice to meet you, Ari.
-Ryan. Nice to see you.
-Nice to see you.
Ari called me and said,
"We appreciate
you taking a bet on New York this way."
"We're gonna give you your first tower."
And that tower was Brooklyn Point.
I've already sold 75% of the units,
but we still have
115 apartments left to sell.
So the reason I wanted us to all meet is
we're nearing the final stretch
of the sellout here.
And for that last final push,
I thought it could be great to bring on
someone fresh,
someone new, someone who is
I mean, I call her the Queen of Brooklyn
to the sales team.
Agents ask me for things
all day, every day.
And then, when I find
the right opportunity,
it's then in the agent's hands
to make it happen.
There's only so much I can do, you know?
I'm like like the daddy duck,
you know, pushing the baby ducklings
out into the pond.
But if you swim over an alligator,
the alligator's gonna eat you.
Good thing I've got other ducklings.
- Great.
- But I love the units.
So the first time
I toured with the SERHANT. office,
I secured a contract within a month.
I've seen how agents' careers
just take off
when they get in
with a developer like Ari.
I'm not gonna lie, I am so nervous.
Let me give you
a refresher on the building.
We'll see if you're the right fit
and go from there.
- Awesome.
- This is Brooklyn Point.
- I'm sure you remember the chef's kitchen.
- How could I forget this? Yes.
You have Michelin-star chefs
in the building.
Yeah, we have chefs that come in
and host private dinners,
five-course tasting menu.
We're open to other ideas
to activate the space.
I do so many things
with local small business owners.
I would love to do an event
to get really influential people
into the building,
to spread word about
how wonderful this lifestyle is.
-It's more than just a building.
-Yeah, exactly.
We have this amazing wine room.
- It's pretty cool.
- Yeah.
- You can get your own locker.
- It's wonderful.
I had a buyer that's head of a big hotel.
I brought him here. This room sold him.
So this is 51D.
We think of it as definitely
the best building by far in Brooklyn.
Yeah, this is great.
You see the entirety
of the island of Manhattan from here.
It's pretty crazy.
- People like the copper.
- People do. It's super unique.
- It's different.
- Yeah.
Looking out onto the city,
this is just gorgeous.
- You can also monitor traffic from here.
- Yeah. When to leave?
Yeah, before you call
your Uber or something.
- "No, the bridge is packed."
- "I'll wait."
"I'm gonna go a different way."
You know, this whole building has
this entire floor dedicated to fitness.
This is imported Brazilian granite
on the floors.
- It's gorgeous.
- We have underwater speakers.
- Jump in?
- No.
Come on! No?
-That's your thing, not my thing.
Ryan can do all the laps he wants.
I'm here to pitch to Ari.
So no, I'm not getting this hair wet.
This is the tallest rooftop
infinity pool in the western hemisphere.
Oh! This is amazing!
I wanna talk to you guys
about what I can offer you.
I know that I can't lead
with new development sales.
I understand that. But I can tell you
what I have accomplished.
I've listed 112 properties,
but I've sold 111 properties.
All of those 111 properties
have been sold in under 100 days.
I have my clients
that I've built from the ground up
running my businesses,
and I did that
over the course of ten years.
All of those clients followed me
into real estate.
If I start working in new development,
I'm gonna approach it the same way,
with the innovation,
the marketing expertise.
So it may be a new opportunity for me,
but I'm still gonna kill it.
What's your elevator pitch
to a potential buyer about this building,
to get them to buy here
instead of anywhere else?
The community you're building
is probably my favorite thing
that I'd say is a selling point.
That's something that's real to buyers
once they're placed.
So I'm sold on the building,
and anything I'm excited about,
I can sell really well.
I like the initial stat you said
about the listings and success you've had.
That that demonstrates a lot. Um
It definitely is a leap
for such a tall building,
from a four story townhouse
to a 720 foot tall building.
-I don't know.
-If anyone can do it, I can do it, though.
I'm gonna study it, perfect it.
I'm gonna make sure I shine with it,
the way that I do with everything else.
I think I'd be a great addition
to what you've got going on here.
All right.
Let's do it. Final push.
Welcome to the team.
- Wow.
- Thank you.
-All right!
-Thank you! Yes.
- Group hug. Oh, good job.
- Thank you, Ryan!
Every so often, you get reminded
that all of the hard work does pay off.
I feel magical in this moment.
Look at that!
This is just one step closer to my dream
of conquering New York City.
I'm getting emotional
just thinking about it.
-I'm excited!
-Final push. Ready, set, go!
- Let's go!
- I have a showing in 15 minutes.
- Good.
- Let's go.
Any time you get the listing,
you immediately leave.
Before they change their mind.
I keep on comin' back for more ♪
I can't help it ♪
I keep on comin' back for more ♪
-Mmm ♪
-I keep on comin' back ♪
-Oh, wow.
What are we looking at here?
We're looking at my listing
at 67 Franklin.
- Wow.
- Exactly.
This is a work of art.
It is truly a masterpiece.
People are still getting a little
warmed up to living right off Broadway.
But to me, that's where the action is.
- Oh my God.
- What?
She said,
"Those SERHANT. agents are a mess."
"Have you seen this?
What is Jonathan's problem?"
-This client just sent me a text.
She sent me a link and said,
"This video's an interesting watch."
"Promise you'll thank me later."
- We have been doing phenomenal.
- Yes.
-Have you ever watched this?
-Is it a mess?
-Me neither. I don't know.
Something I wanna make very clear
to everybody out there.
-Ryan called us to join SERHANT.
-For a reason.
- Exactly.
- Okay.
No one else here
was called to join SERHANT.
- He called me.
- Just me and Jess.
That's why we joined
at the same exact time.
A lot of the people
I'm not gonna name names, but they have
some resentment towards us, right?
- Jordan.
- I'm okay saying Jordan March.
-You're nowhere near my radar.
-Oh, I'm sorry.
The beautiful people,
we're all so angry at you.
Listen, honey. Stay in your lane.
You don't need to talk about me
on your little podcast.
You know, I'm not checkin' for you.
Don't even come for me.
- Savannah.
- Right.
What the fuck would she do with a deal?
She would fumble it.
But that's what pisses me off with
these people that are at the firm now.
He's sitting there
with so much bravado.
Is he insane? You still have to show up
to work and work around all of us.
Pipe down, bro.
- I'm over it.
- Let's say
-Say you hand
-You're not on my radar.
-I literally don't have time for that.
- Sadie! Hi.
- Oh my God! Hi!
- Welcome to Jardim.
- Oh my!
Oh my God, the bar looks amazing!
- Welcome.
- Holy crap. Wow, wow, wow.
- Everything looks great.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yes, you look gorgeous as well.
- Yeah, Sades.
The day of the party
is finally here.
I wanna put on a show.
I really wanna play on the four elements,
earth, wind, fire and air.
You have
this incredible indoor-outdoor space.
I wanna showcase the greenery.
We have plants coming in.
We have flower arrangements.
We have two bar setups. Catering.
We have girls coming in
to do water aerobics.
It's a Broadway opening
of the real estate industry.
Lights, camera, action!
Places, people. We got a party to throw.
Oh, hang on. Hey, how's it going?
Hey. All good.
I just wanted to let you know
I'm gonna be a little late for the event.
Also, another thing really quick
before I let you go.
Have you seen that podcast
with Jonathan and Jessica Markowski?
I'm gonna send you the link
for you to watch.
I thought it was very interesting.
-Why? What's on it?
Can you just tell me the bullet points?
I really do have shit to do.
All they talk about is how
they're so good at making money
and so good at this business.
And, like, they definitely are
calling some people out.
Tonight's super important to me.
I've spent I've worked
really, really hard to curate tonight.
I'm not gonna let
toxic-ass bullshit ruin that for me.
I don't have time for that.
I gotta get back to glam,
but I'll see you tonight.
-All right. Good luck. Bye.
Like, am I in real estate,
or am I in a freaking sorority,
is how I feel sometimes.
The opportunity to be working
on a $20 million penthouse
is the reason why I came to New York City.
At this party, there's gonna be builders,
architects, celebrities,
influencers, other top agents.
I wanted to join a team
to expand my network,
and this is
the perfect opportunity to do that.
- Jessica?
- Yeah, Jonathan?
- We have been doing
- Hey, beautiful.
- Hi!
- You look so good.
You look gorgeous.
It looks amazing.
-You look stunning. How are you?
-I'm good. How are you?
Um, I need to show you somethin'.
Will you guys give me two seconds?
Thank you, thank you.
Have you seen this podcast?
No. What podcast?
Shall we just watch it?
Look at us now.
Like, we're thriving.
I am gonna name names here because
I'm okay with saying that to their face.
For example, Jade,
um, like, New York socialite.
And like every single video she posts
-"My dad is a real-estate tycoon."
-"Real-estate tycoon."
"Mom modeled."
I'm like,
"Okay, well, you turned out terrible."
And same with Chloe.
Chloe, like, is just all talk.
Let's say Ryan was to give someone
not good deals.
For example, Savannah.
- Right.
- What the fuck would she do?
I wouldn't give her a deal,
'cause she would fumble it.
My body temperature is rising.
I'm, like I'm in, just, shock.
It's not handed on a golden platter
sometimes, you know?
Who does she know?
-I don't know.
This is so unacceptable,
and they should not be at the company.
-This is a bad look for the company.
I'm disgusted.
- I don't wanna make a big deal.
- You're not, but I am.
Jonathan's an asshole.
I'm not really hurt about what he said.
I'm more so hurt about what Jessica said.
I genuinely thought
that she was gonna be a new friend.
And not only did she say
these things about me,
but she put it on the Internet
for the whole world to see.
We have a $20 million listing
to actually sell that is actually ours.
-This is more important.
-I'm gonna put my dress on.
We'll show 'em how to actually work
instead of just yapping about it.
My God, Savannah. Nonsense.
Drop down like you're ready for it ♪
Set fire, I'mma ♪
Hi, Ryan.
You'll wanna hear this.
-I wanna give you an update.
-Someone got me this.
And what's that for?
Like, every time you do a deal,
you should
-Isn't that weird? And annoying?
-Yeah. Terrifying. So abrasive.
-It doesn't sound like an exciting sale.
That sounds like a donkey.
What's up?
Um, Charlie, the lawyer you gave me
with the buyers from California.
Yeah, sorry.
It's fine.
You always give me difficult things.
Super difficult.
-So came in at five to ten.
Coming from California,
they don't know the market here.
-We saw a few things.
Slowly increasing the budget
so they could understand the market more.
And we went to see 25 North Moore.
What's there for under ten million bucks?
Uh, there isn't. Something was
about to come on the market.
It's gonna be listed for 22.
-What? What?
But they want it.
They wanna put an offer in.
Shut the doors.
You upped their budget
by ten to 15 million dollars.
-I know.
-So what's the issue? Good job!
They want it for 20 million,
and it's only just come on the market.
-At 22.
-At 22. Who's the broker?
-Matt Coleman.
- It's a good offer.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
You gotta help me get them.
I've pushed them as far
-I've already got them from five to ten.
-I'm thinking. This is my thinking face.
The last big deal I did with Matt
He's a texter.
Do it.
Let me just text him.
Let me just text him.
"Sitting with Jess Taylor."
"20 million for North Moore."
"Closing" He's gonna want some time.
-So 60 days?
- Good?
- Mm-hmm.
- Make sense?
- Yeah.
Okay, cool.
-Okay, great.
But they are barely
putting it on the market.
-And it's 22 million bucks.
-Mm-hmm. Yeah, I know.
There's nothing else like that
in Tribeca right now.
If I'm him, I'm getting this,
then I'm going to my sellers.
-And saying, "Already got you 20."
And then the sellers are probably
saying that, "Oh, we underpriced it."
Always. That just happened.
We just had a Oh. That was fast.
"20 million is a non-starter."
"The owner knows what this place is worth
and the entire thing
is going through upgrades."
"Last and final."
It's all psychological, as you know.
-Well I
I guess it makes the buyers feel like
they've got something off the ask
without the sellers
having to lose that much.
If they want it and they wanna
take it off the market right away
-And they don't wanna lose it
Then we go just go back to 'em
and put the ball in their court.
-So shall we call Charlie?
-He responded really, really fast.
-It looks like he's in deal-making mode.
Jess did a great job
because she got her buyer,
who she's never even met,
to raise their budget by $10 million.
So now I just need to do what I do best,
which is talk really, really fast
and super enthusiastically
to get them to close the deal.
I like that you saved him
as "Charlie Lawyer." That could be a name.
-Hi, Charlie.
-Hi, I'm here with Ryan.
-Hey, man.
-Hey, how are you?
Good. So we're in my office here in SoHo,
and we just presented the offer
of 20 million for 25 North Moore, okay?
So, uh, we have good news.
It's not the news you're gonna look for,
but I think it's good depending on
how you wanna move forward, okay?
Let's hear it.
So there's a lot of interest
in this apartment.
There's nothing else like it
that's over 7,000 square feet
with multiple exposures,
especially on North Moore,
which is a prime, prime street in Tribeca.
They really, really, really wanna hold
at their asking price,
but if we can move quickly,
they'll come down a little bit.
They'll come off 300 grand.
$21.7, the property is yours.
-Listen, this is a super unique property.
But it's completely up to you
what you wanna do.
Right. Well, I mean,
obviously, it's not up to me.
It's up to my clients,
and, um, they obviously want the property.
You know,
it's good that they moved a little bit.
Shows some good faith.
Not what my clients were hoping for,
but let me, uh, get in touch with them.
Okay, so you'll come back to us?
Yep. Get back to you shortly.
- Okay, thanks.
- Okay. Speak to you soon.
Not only is it a lot of pressure
because it's a lot of money,
but on top of that, this is Ryan's client
who came in with a much smaller budget.
We've already pushed them
to the 20 million mark.
They could be like, "We're done."
You know,
"You've pushed us, you've pushed us."
"We're not doing this anymore.
We wanna go find someone else."
So I need this to go through.
Uh, he just texted me.
Did he say, "Dead deal"?
- "Forget you forever?"
- No.
He said, "Okay. Awesome.
We're good to go."
-Good job!
-Do you wanna squeeze it?
-Can I stamp on it instead?
-Stamp on it?
-Break it.
-No! It's brand new.
-It's so annoying.
- 21.7!
- Good job!
$21.7 million!
Like, that is a ridiculous deal
to close with these particular clients.
And so I don't know
if it was Jess T or me or my blue horn
but all I know is
I'm never letting go of any of them.
- Okay, I'll get this all wrapped up.
- Yeah.
And make get rid of the horn.
-Want it?
-No, I really don't.
-You sure?
-Yeah. Thank you, though.
I am gonna show ya ♪
I am gonna show you
Like I told you ♪
Come on, Sades.
We gotta go check on the water aerobics.
Hello, hello! How's everything going?
You guys freezing? You're okay?
- Hi!
- Hi.
- for coming!
- Looks great.
- Good to see you. Hi, hi, hi.
- It looks great.
- Who are they?
- Our arts for the pool.
I'm taking back what's mine
Just so you know ♪
- Oh my goodness!
- It's happening.
- Wow!
- Very nice.
- Good?
- Fabulous.
- What do you think?
- Great.
-It's good?
- Garden chic.
- Garden chic.
Look, I hate nothing more
than an event for the sake of an event.
If this party doesn't get us offers,
then I don't care
how fun and great and big it was,
it was a waste of time.
So Chloe better pull this off.
Through hell or high heels.
How many people are coming?
So we have a very,
very curated list on our end.
- Sure.
- Of 50 people.
Every single person in here will either be
a multi-millionaire or billionaire,
or someone that has
a strong connection to that clientele,
whether in art,
technology fashion, wellness.
-We're gonna get this done.
-Okay, great.
Take it to the top ♪
Hello, welcome. Come on in.
- What's goin' on? Hi!
- Hi.
- Welcome. Come on in!
- Hi!
Oh, hi, gorgeous boy!
Oh my God. It's so good to see you.
-I'm so happy you're here.
I have curated
a really special list of guests.
-How are you?
-I'm so glad you're here.
I made it.
Phillip Salem,
who is a top broker in New York City.
He sold Ariana Grande's
apartment next door.
Oh my God. Hi, hi, hi! How are you?
I also invited Andy Yu,
who is Martha Stewart's best friend.
He is a serious socialite
in New York City.
I met him a long time ago.
-Young boy.
-That co-op deal on the Upper West Side.
-I went to his house. He cooked for us.
Ryan doesn't know how to cook. Wait.
Don't tell people I do that stuff.
Makes me look bad.
The whole concept
is redefined indoor-outdoor living.
I love it.
So every single window
in the entire unit is this wall of glass.
We call them the curtain walls.
-They all open.
-Love it.
You can do indoor-outdoor.
You have four outdoor spaces.
I know that you have
high-end art collector clients.
It's really perfect for someone,
I think, in that world
who wants something that's really special,
its own piece of art.
-I got off the elevator, like, "Whoa!"
- Beyond, right?
- Beautiful.
And there's a pool upstairs
that you have to see. It's perfection.
You really are in a garden oasis.
The building is called Jardim.
It means garden in Portuguese.
-It was done by Isay Weinfeld.
But every little, like, blade
of grass, every centimeter of moss
They ran all the ivy up the walls.
For a New York developer,
they don't do that.
- I love it. Stunning. I'm proud of you.
- Yeah.
-Thank you!
-I can't wait to bring buyers.
-Oh my God! Let's get this sold.
-Do this deal with you. Drinks!
- Chloe! Come and see us.
- Yes!
-Chloe, Sophia. Sophia, Chloe.
-We met upstairs. Hi!
-We met earlier.
-Thank you so much!
-How's it going? Of course!
So she just ran around the whole apartment
FaceTiming a buyer in Israel.
- Yes.
- Amazing. What did they think?
They expected the pool to be bigger.
It's 32 feet.
How much more do you need? Right?
So they're willing
to put in an offer today.
It's a little low.
I'll be honest.
We've been running around like crazy.
I have people looking at this
left and right.
And so, if you can't
get them up right now, let's hold.
This is a rookie mistake.
This is really
where Chloe comes off as as junior.
An offer's an offer.
Doesn't matter what the price is.
You push for a counter. You're fishing.
I I've bridged $50 million gaps before.
-I can inch them up a bit, maybe.
-Let them know there's serious interest.
We literally have
a wait list to view at this point.
As much as I like
having Chloe on this listing,
I can't ruin my relationship
with my clients.
We should say, "Thank you.
Let us see what we can do."
-But are they cash?
-Oh, yours is cash?
-Cash, closing as soon as possible.
-Okay, I like that.
-Cash is king today.
-So, write it up, send it over.
-Yeah. Okay.
-She'll present it, get you a counter.
-Yeah. Yeah.
-We'll go to bat.
-Thank you.
-Let's do a deal.
-Let's do it.
-I'd love to get this done.
What's up?
-You look beautiful.
-Thank you.
-Is that a bathing suit?
-They said "resort" in the invitation.
Oh, you know the deal is that
I told you. So, I lost to Chloe
You haven't lost anything, honey.
If she doesn't sell it,
it will come to us.
-Right. Absolutely.
-Right, Ryan?
-She's right behind you. Hi.
-That's okay.
-Oh, hey!
- Hi!
- Talking about me?
- No!
- Okay.
Just because I won the pitch
doesn't mean that's game over.
Now I really have to prove myself,
because if I don't get this sold,
Nile's just waiting in the wings
to swoop in and get a deal done.
So the pressure's never off.
If anything, it's just begun.
Hey, how you doing?
-Nile. Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
-I work with Ryan, Genesis, and Chloe.
-Oh, yeah!
We're trying to see
if we could sell this place today.
Losing a $20 million pitch,
it was a blow to the ego for an hour.
But then I sat back a little bit,
and I was like, "Okay."
"If I can still have
Chloe do 90% of the work,
the marketing, the showings,
the collateral, the video, all that stuff,
and I bring a buyer,
I still get 50% of the commission."
And so, really, it's more of a win for me
if I just sell it repping the buyer.
I'm falling, I'm drowning ♪
I'm spitting out the poison ♪
Oh, Sadie, do you need some water?
Feeling my body ♪
Can't deal with all the aching ♪
Caught up
And I'm never gonna find the freedom ♪
Don't know what she's doing here.
-I wanted you to come by to show you
-Hi, you look beautiful.
She has no business
being at this event.
I know she doesn't have a buyer for this.
That's for damn sure.
Oh, everyone, can I please have
your attention for one second?
Thank you all for coming.
I'm Ryan Serhant.
We're the exclusive broker for Jardim.
We already have one sight-unseen offer
that just came in, all cash.
- So
- No pressure, guys!
So with that,
I'd like to introduce you to Chloe.
- Yes.
- The queen of the night.
I'm so glad to have you all here.
Jardim is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
Where else can you find
an incredible 32-foot pool?
Dancers not included,
unless you come at full ask.
Exactly. Thank you, guys.
Thanks for coming.
Everybody, real quick!
-I'm a man of my word.
-What are you doing?
Chloe said that if she got the listing,
which she did, I had to go in the pool.
- Oh no.
- Yeah!
-Nile, you're being a sore loser.
-I have a fucking $28,000 bag!
-We have makeup on!
No. No, no, no.
Okay, that's literally why
he's not doing this listing and I am.
No, absolutely not.
-Oh my God.
-In what world?
I once ended up in a pool or four.
I don't know how to reprimand behavior
that I also had when I was his age.
And I don't even know how old Nile is.
Nile has a face where
he could be really young or super old.
I don't know.
Do not hug me.
I spent too long doing hair and makeup.
-No, no, no, no!
-Oh, God! Oh, God!
I think this is when Daddy leaves.
- No, no, no, no! No, stay!
- Why not?
- I'll see you guys later. Be good.
- Okay, see you.
Hi. How are you? Hey!
Oh, look who decided
to show her face at this event.
Oh my God.
-Oh, you don't want that?
-No. After your little podcast?
Well, I was invited. I was told to come.
But right away,
it was just like all this bad energy.
What is going on right now?
There was a podcast that her
and what's-his-name Jonathan, made.
And for seven minutes,
they are bashing Savannah.
At SERHANT., in our office,
talking bad about an agent.
Who does that?
This is a close-knit group at SERHANT.
And you spent seven minutes
talking about this girl right here
I'm a ride-or-die bitch.
This girl is now a friend of mine,
she's working for me,
and I feel responsible to protect her.
-Think that's acceptable?
-I'm not scared of you.
-Stop your shit
-It's not about being scared.
Stop your fuckin' shit.
Don't be a bully to anybody, okay?
- I was just being real.
- Oh, real?
-I was just being real to you.
-You think that's okay? In this industry?
-I know you've been in it for six months
-Stop being a bully.
-That's not acceptable. It's not nice.
-Okay. Okay!
-You're not nice!
-I'm not nice?
You're attacking me. Is this nice?
What's going on?
-I don't know why you're here.
-I don't know why you are.
Chloe, I'm just here trying to support you
and be here and celebrate you.
And you're just, like,
attack, attack, attack.
- Not okay.
- Anything else?
Not at the SERHANT. office. It's not okay
to be talking bad about another agent.
- That's what we're talking about.
- Not acceptable.
Because she's not the bully, right?
- She's not. I
- So, okay, in fairness
What I saw was kind of, like, cringy.
- Listen, I When I met with you, Savannah.
- Right, focus on the event.
What happened?
When we met in that room
These two should not be here.
Why are either of you here?
Are you joking?
Chloe, this is your business event.
This is my event.
You know where the door is.
See! Who's the bully?
-You have no idea what happened with Jade.
Okay? I've known Jade for years,
and you guys are friends since yesterday.
I don't know why either of you are here.
-You're not supportive.
-I was invited, and I
-I always support you.
-You weren't invited. I don't want you to.
You are here to wear
your stupid fucking outfit. So are you.
- Focus on your business.
- Does it make you mad?
- Focus on TikTok.
- Does it make
- I will!
- Okay.
You know what,
no hard feelings.
But I think you both should leave.
This is embarrassing.
I do think
that what you did was uncalled-for.
Tell me what hurt you the most.
Tell me. Maybe it's time to talk.
- "Tell me what hurt you the most."
- So, everybody. What everybody
Do you want me to take you out of here?
Yeah, let's I don't know.
I'm I'm over this.
You were like, "Savannah would fumble
if she had a listing. She's a nobody."
- You said she would fumble a listing.
- "She doesn't know anyone."
I feel like it's super drama.
And I'm not I don't know.
This is stupid. Why did I even come?
I just thought speaking about me
on that podcast was very two-faced.
-And I was shocked.
-I mean, we're
You're what?
Can she speak to me?
Why are you focusing on the drama
that I'm having with Savannah?
You should be focusing on entertaining
the buyers that are allegedly here.
I don't need outside noises
coming into this conversation.
-Too much for your brain to process?
-No, I can handle it. I can handle you.
-Okay. Okay. Great.
-Trust me. Trust me.
I don't want you or Jonathan
to say my name.
Don't say anything negative about me.
Is that possible for you?
-If you
-Is it possible for all of us?
Yeah. No, actually, in person,
I'm telling you how I feel
about something you did.
- Yeah.
- It was really bad.
I'm not walkin' around
makin' a podcast about you.
If I have something to say to you,
I will say it. You know where the door is.
See you!
-Oh my God.
-I can't. Like, is she okay?
Like, is she okay?
She's the bully.
You and me under these harsh skies ♪
Don't need no smoke
Oh, you got me so high ♪
You and I ♪
Our skies ♪
Morning. Hi.
Okay, come on.
Oh my God.
Oh my God. Did this not even start?
Come on. I need coffee.
Hello, hello.
-Oh my God.
-How are you?
I am not okay.
What a night.
It was a great night.
And a lot of people wanna come back.
I do think, you know,
it could get competitive.
- Anyhoodles.
- Anyways.
Jess calling me a bully?
Like, "Okay, you're a bully."
Lord, have mercy.
If you're here to support,
just, like, send a text or give a call.
- Something.
- Don't have to show up all razzle-dazzle.
I don't know.
And instead of putting in the work,
you're spending your time
trying to convince all of New York City
that you guys are top agents.
But, like, really, you're not
doing anything but running your mouth.
But at the end but also
Sh, sh. Oh my God, she's here.
Well, see, maybe she is
she is trying to actually work today.
-Came into the office.
She's here, ready to do some business.
Aah! She got a dog
that looks just like Sadie.
-She's really obsessed with us.
-She was smiling.
Come here, baby. Come to Mommy.
I love you.
Girl, get your own ideas.
When you're starting
to build your business,
any money is good money.
If there's a deal to be made, you make it.
I once sold a full-floor apartment
in Lower Manhattan for $22 million
in a pre-construction building,
and I didn't really check
to see what kind of guy my buyer was.
All I cared about
was that he could put down
a hard deposit of $4.5 million in cash.
Two years later,
when the building was finally built,
he couldn't pay the rest.
But his contract was non-refundable,
and the seller had the right
to retain his deposit.
So I met him alone for the walkthrough,
and he grabbed me by my shirt collar,
came right up to my ear, and he whispered,
"I've put people
under the Brooklyn Bridge,
and I'll do the same to you
if you don't get me out of this contract."
And that was the moment I realized
it's when you first start tasting success
Thank you very much.
Appreciate it.
that you get a little sloppy.
All right, all right.
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