Owning Manhattan (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

If you don't want to make me almighty ♪
The Edge is something that
the Hudson Yards built recently, right?
And it's open to the public,
but if you buy an apartment
at 15 Hudson Yards, 35 Hudson Yards,
this is literally the view
that you would be waking up to
every single day.
Don't think about it
as, like, an investment,
but think about it as as, what feeling
is this apartment gonna get you?
Next-gen agent out.
- What's up?
- How you doin'?
- What are you doin'?
- We're doing social media content.
Our brand, our reputation
has taken me so long to build.
-Do you always keep your AirPods in now?
-Yeah, basically.
You wanna take 'em out?
Only for you.
And any time I get bad feedback
about any of my agents,
my gut instinct
is to kill.
When we first met, everybody told me
you were gonna be a problem for me.
And I told everybody,
"Know what? I see something in him."
"I do. I really, really do."
So, then, you
you made your mistake with Savannah,
and the stupid podcast,
and using company resources.
You have ego issues.
You rub some people the wrong way.
But even through all of that,
I I still told everybody,
"I still believe in Jonathan."
But in all So, let me ask you this.
In all fairness, have you seen me interact
with someone inside the business
where it's bad?
Yeah. I had Kayla Lee come to me,
come into the city,
take time out of her day,
come and find me
about some showing you did at 277 5th.
You said you'd bring somebody,
then didn't,
said you'd bring somebody else,
then didn't,
then you showed up, were walking through
the apartment, and then just sort of left.
I never showed up here.
Literally cannot have been me.
Probably John Morrison.
She said it was you.
-Which buyer
-You never went to 277 5th?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
That one? That one was great.
That was a different apartment.
I I mixed them up. Sorry. Um
-So, wait
-Yeah, that one was great.
-You remember going to 277 5th or don't?
-I remember completely.
I thought you meant that one.
Um, yeah, I remember that completely.
So I'm surprised she would say that.
I thought we made
a good impression on each other.
And I liked her. I liked her a lot.
Listen, I've stuck through
all this bullshit with you.
And I've been the one to say,
"Jonathan is gonna make everyone proud,
just you wait."
And then
and then, Greene Street.
$10 million listing.
And I say, "Just go into the appointment.
Don't open your mouth."
"I'm gonna show you after
what to do and how to talk."
"We'll get this deal done."
-"And go on to the next." What did you do?
I couldn't shut my mouth.
-I don't wanna have this conversation.
I don't wanna be standing
on this roof deck,
like, having this conversation.
I wanna be up here
with bottles of champagne.
- Sure.
- Right?
Instead, I gotta stand up here with you,
and I gotta talk to you about
fucking behavior.
I gotta talk to you about process.
I gotta talk to you about
the way you make other agents feel.
I don't think I've ever been bluntly rude
to anybody at the office.
I don't think
I've been mean to other agents.
That's that's really
That, I think, is wrong.
I I think I'm presenting myself
really, really well.
-I think I think you think you are too.
It's gonna sound cocky,
but I am the
the face of the next generation of this.
I'm the hardest working agent
you will ever meet.
I think I know more about the whole
industry than most people really do.
And you'll see, give me a year from now,
I'll be number one at SERHANT.
You'll be surprised.
You'll see.
Here's the deal.
I think you're gonna have a huge career.
It's just not gonna be here.
So Um, but it's all good.
I think
the biggest disappointment is that Ryan
We I thought we had
a relationship, at least, you know?
And he was always very honest,
and he was always very honorable.
Um but that sort of
proved it very, very wrong.
So, um I don't think me and Ryan
will stay cordial or friends after this.
Jonathan is a unique agent.
But any agent that is here
that is a poor representation
of our brand,
of our amazing success,
they can't be here.
I took a risk on Jonathan.
But not every risk works out.
I got my head in the clouds ♪
But my feet on the ground ♪
Can't nobody touch me
When I'm feelin' ♪
My brand-new commercial listing
has a residential space, an office space,
and an open creative loft space.
It is a unique building
that needs to be marketed
in a special way.
Doug! Hello.
So I came up with something
that the commercial world has never seen.
- Hello! I'm so happy you made it.
- Good to see you.
- I was asking if you've seen this video.
- Hi.
-I'm excited to. I think it'll be great.
-She's a little nervous.
- You're nervous? Why?
- About you.
It's just a property tour of a building,
right? And then
I am nervous to have Ryan see this.
It's a little risqué.
- Wait, Ryan.
- What?
-Come hither.
-Come hither?
I am so Did you fire Jonathan?
- Jonathan is no longer with the company.
- I am so proud of you.
- Okay
- Wait!
You're getting rid of the bad people.
You're cuttin' 'em out.
Listen. I'm not gonna ever say
anything bad about anybody.
I'll say it for you.
You got rid of the bad people.
It just wasn't the best fit.
Really good political answer.
- Wait.
- Someone's calling my name! What?
- Bye!
- What happened?
Oh, Jonathan is fired.
He's no longer at the company.
- Hi!
- What's up?
The streets are talking.
-Jonathan conversation?
-Jonathan Normolle.
-Yeah. What about him?
-Was he fired?
- Oh no!
- He's not with the company anymore, no.
-As of yesterday.
I can't believe it. Jonathan was let go.
And I'm like,
"For what? Give me some tea."
"And I want the dramatic details.
Someone please give them to me."
-Got you.
-What happened?
- SERHANT. wasn't the best fit for him.
- Right.
So we had that conversation,
and it is what it is.
How did he take it?
-You can call him. Talk to him.
-I don't wanna call him.
You didn't know
this is real estate Survivor?
-Yeah. Oh, yeah!
-Oh! And you're Jeff.
-Thank God. Thank God!
-Like, get the fuck outta here, boy.
-Like, you're a waste.
-I mean, it's about time.
Last night was a lot
for me to process. Um
Seeing Jessica now without her sidekick
Now she's all alone,
and I think it's funny.
I think it's hilarious, 'cause, like,
what are you gonna do now?
I told you so.
-How are you?
-I'm okay.
I mean, right now is not the time.
Today is Jade's day.
But what happened yesterday
was a shock to me,
and I had a hard time sleeping.
Jonathan called
and told me that Ryan fired him.
He definitely got very defensive about it.
I don't think he ever thought
that was gonna ever happen.
-Everything's good. For the best.
-It was heavy.
It's hard to lose somebody that you, like
you wanted to work with.
And you know, I have to rise above it.
Like, literally,
all that happened was a lot.
-It's gonna be okay. I promise.
-I know. I know.
-Everything is for the best.
-I know.
I don't wanna take away from Jade.
Today is Jade's day.
-It's Jade's day.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, Jade.
First, I just wanted to thank
all of you guys for being here tonight.
You know, when it comes to commercial,
there's two things
that I think are most important.
There's visibility and attention.
And by doing this video,
I just want to be able
to catch as many buyers as possible
and do something we've never seen before.
Yeah, Jade!
- Yeah!
- Thank you.
- So, with that play.
- Please!
- Yay!
- Whoo!
All right!
- Welcome to 868 Broadway.
- All right!
The bottom floor is housed
by Doc Marten headquarters.
The top floor is
2,000 square feet of living space.
- What about the third floor?
- I would use it as a dance studio.
- Whoo!
- Wow!
Gimme some, gimme some
Gimme some more ♪
We got the product
That you're lookin' for ♪
-Gimme that, gimme that ♪
- We got the figure ♪
- Hey, now.
Sauce, gravy, tossed, wavy ♪
Can't get enough, go crazy ♪
This is an incredible opportunity
that someone can live in
but also have
their creative space to inspire.
- No second guessing ♪
- Whoo!
Your limit is your lips ♪
I give props to Jade
for thinking outside the box.
I really do.
But I don't think
this is the way to do it.
It's a lot of booty.
Gimme that, gimme that
Gotta gimme that ♪
Gimme that
Gimme that, gotta gimme that ♪
Gimme that, gimme that
Gotta gimme that now ♪
Yay! Good job!
- That was hot.
- Yay!
- I am now accepting all offers.
- That was hot.
- All offers! Whoo!
- You are?
-For the building. Not
-Yes. Not for her.
Are you sure?
What did you really think?
I was far more impressed
than I thought I was gonna be.
Thank you.
I'm impressed by the video,
but more than anything,
I think I'm I'm impressed by by you
and your ability to
to really, really take courageous moves.
-And think outside the box.
And understand that selling real estate
doesn't need to be done
the way it's been done for 100 years.
If you could just stick a sign outside
and someone's gonna buy it
- Go for it.
- Yeah.
But if you need to actually add effort,
let's be the company who tries.
-Yeah. Right.
-Let's do big things! Let's build.
- Ah!
- Did you just see that?
-That was so good.
-I'm pretty talented.
Comin' up, up, up ♪
Never comin' down ♪
This is the final round ♪
-Oh, hello.
-Hello. Welcome.
-Wow. Are those for me?
-Nice to see you.
Even Oh, the finishes.
Welcome, Ryan.
- Come on in.
- Wow.
You have fully finished,
everything ready to go.
I haven't heard back from my developer
at Central Park Tower
about getting an extension,
and with the potential
of losing this $250 million listing,
I can't also lose the Huron.
- So cool. So clean.
- Wanna check out the rest?
-This is 4BW.
- This is the dining area.
- Nice.
- Dining nook.
- It's important.
Gotta have a nook in a three bed.
With the model unit now complete,
my deadline to hit $100 million
in presales is now up.
Looks good. See, it makes such
a big difference when you have furniture.
And I haven't hit it.
I'm $4,850,000 short.
- Pretty bathroom.
- Five fixtures.
- No, it's not. It's four.
- Four.
- Yeah, four.
- Four.
Four. Don't you worry.
- You build it. I'll explain it.
- You have to sell it.
I wanna continue to sell it.
That's the whole reason I'm here.
- I mean, our deal
- Yes.
was that you were gonna sell
$100 million worth of units,
before putting a listing live,
in presales.
That was the goal you and I agreed on.
I might've pushed it on you,
but you accepted it.
-That was the deal.
-I understand.
-Yeah. So, uh, I'm, you know
We're at the point
where presales are coming to an end,
and I don't think we're at 100 million,
last I checked.
We have done a lot. We've sold a lot.
We've sold to people all over the world
without a public listing,
without a model unit.
I I think I'm probably the only person
crazy enough to agree to that.
I I share your your sentiment
that it was a tough job,
but we all have tough jobs,
and the goal you agreed to
is not the goal that's been hit.
We have worked our ass off on it.
I know that doesn't mean anything
because it's all about results.
So, on that note,
there's an agent that we have.
His name is Greg Vladi. He's Russian.
He wants to make an offer on 7B.
I do have one thing up my sleeve.
There is another deal
that I'm working on.
And if I can get this thing done,
it's not gonna get me to 100,
but it'll get me to, like, 97, 98,
and I just hope that that
will show Jared that we basically did it.
And imagine, if I could do
98 million with no model unit at all,
imagine what we can do
once we actually have it.
Greg Vladi.
Hey, Ryan. How are you?
Hey, man. Uh, good, thanks.
I got your email about 7B West.
The price for that unit is gonna be 2.8.
No concessions.
Honestly, budget was, like,
around two and a half.
He definitely wants to capitalize,
but he's also
believes he's coming in early,
and he hasn't even seen
the final product, right?
-Just like he mentioned on our showing.
-So, with that being said
You know, it is a two bedroom.
Uh perhaps you can get us to 2.6.
- Hold, please.
- It's waterfront.
-It's got a 700 square foot terrace.
It's one of the best units
in the entire building.
This is one of those special units.
2.8 is really the number.
If we don't sell it now,
somebody else will.
-But somebody else will pay 2.8 for it.
I'm pretty confident on that.
There are not many units like that
with 700 square feet of outdoor space.
-Yeah. Hey, Greg.
The unit is a one-of-a-kind. Happy
to sell you other units in the building.
But as you know, these units
are moving incredibly quickly.
We could just hold it and showcase
that terrace to the entire world.
Is it a lot of money for a two bedroom?
Sure, today.
But in five years, six years, seven years,
it's gonna look incredibly inexpensive.
So I think we're gonna stick at 2.8.
Maybe there's a little room
on the transfer taxes at 2.8
because that's a big price
per square foot.
Let me chat with him,
and I'll give you a call back.
-2.8's a lot of money.
-2.8's a lot of money.
-Yeah, it's over 2,000 a foot.
-That's over 2,100 a foot.
Over 2,100 a foot.
I think it would also be
a two-bedroom price record in Greenpoint.
-For a condo. Good phone call.
-In this neighborhood.
See what they come back with.
Yeah. Hold on.
Uh, Ryan Serhant speaking.
Um, so I just,
uh, spoke with the buyer.
And he obviously recognizes, you know,
the quality of the building.
-Yeah. Yeah.
-And the product.
So, he
wants to go forward
with 7B West at 2.8.
But I just wanted to add
a little wrinkle to this.
Um, so he loves the building.
He has family that is moving to New York.
So he wants to buy four units
and see what the developer
is willing to do on the rest of those.
Hi. Sorry, can you hold, please?
He'd like to buy four. Four!
I have to sit down.
Okay, hold on.
Okay, so the same guy
wants to take four units?
Correct. Yep.
What exposures do you want?
He wants 4C West. That's a three-bedroom.
-That's next door.
-And then 5F West.
And then 3B East.
That's a smaller two bedroom.
Yes, yes, yes.
I don't think these are spoken for yet.
Hold on one second. Putting you on mute.
Okay, four units.
You just wanna say full price
and cover half their transfer taxes?
If they buy all four right now.
Not 7B W, but the others,
we'll cover their half the transfers.
Okay, Greg?
So, we'll give you all four units.
We'll cover half the transfer taxes
on the new three,
but no concessions on 7B.
It's just too special of a unit.
And then you have a deal. All four.
Let me speak to my buyer once more,
and I'll call you right back.
All right. Bye.
-Talk soon. Bye.
You should be
crossing your fingers right now.
You act as if I don't sell
millions and millions of dollars' worth
of real estate every single day.
Plus 1.250 plus 1.8, right?
So that's just under nine million
in deals right there.
-Sounds right.
-There he is. Hold on.
Ryan Serhant speaking. Who's this?
-Hey, Ryan. Greg Vladi again.
-I know who you are. What's up?
Here's what he's willing to do.
Look, it's four units.
So we'll take 7B W, no concessions, 2.8.
The other three units, we'll pay asking,
but we want all transfer taxes paid for
and a storage unit.
We're getting four units.
Let's make that happen.
Hi. Hold hold, please.
I don't know. If I could speak Russian,
I would tell you,
"Dude, it's four four deals."
It's $8.5 million.
We got a deal.
How do I say
"You've got a deal" in Russian?
- Say "mazel tov." We're good.
- Mazel tov? Mazel tov!
All right, good. Good job. Great!
Uh, I'll put the deal memo
and everything over today,
and Kayla will get it out to you.
Just make sure they move quick.
You got five days.
Otherwise, the units
go back on the market. Okay?
Buyer's excited. Thanks so much.
- Thanks, man.
- Thanks, Greg.
- All right. Bye.
- Bye.
Four units!
- Four units, baby.
- What's up?
-Also Hold on.
-I think you're close.
No, no, hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on.
So, if I do the math
I don't think
that actually gets us to 100.
I think it gets us to
over 100, before we have a model unit.
-I was gonna drop this, my phone
-It'll probably break.
So, congratulations.
Congratulations. You can keep your job.
I would so eat this
if it wasn't fake right now!
Nicely done.
You tell me things
Your momma don't know ♪
-This time, one of us gonna blow ♪
-Hey, hey, hey ♪
So let's start the show ♪
Whoa, whoa, whoa ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
Whoa, whoa, whoa ♪
So let's start the show ♪
There we go.
Might be a crazy question,
but do you want the mimosas
filled up to a certain level?
That's not a crazy question.
Halfway exactly.
- It's Tricia!
- 50%.
That's not 50% That's 60% And that's 70%.
Oh my gosh, you know what?
- You asked.
- You wanna do this?
Do it again. And do it better.
Ryan has given me my first opportunity
to sell a brownstone in Manhattan.
I just need one chance.
It's like that with real estate.
Just one chance,
and you get your ball rolling.
-7,000 square feet.
-7,000 square feet.
-How many bathrooms?
-Eight and a half.
- Views of?
- The Chrysler Building.
-1 Vanderbilt.
-Protected views, let's not forget.
Sell this house
to every broker in this room
like they've got the check
in the back of their pocket.
It's very important
that I set the stage here
so that they know Tricia Lee's here.
She's selling in Manhattan.
She's gonna be a problem.
-What's up? How are you?
-Welcome to 142 East 36th Street!
-Thank you!
-Good to see you.
- Hi! Jessica!
- Hey, there.
That's a lot of stairs.
Right? We good?
Cheers. Congratulations.
- I'm here!
- Yes. Thank you.
- Let's see the house.
- Oh my! A little Manhattan.
- I know.
- I'm so proud of her!
-Welcome to Manhattan.
-Thank you.
-Yeah, you made the trip over the bridge.
-I sure did. In a big way.
- All right!
- She's still a Brooklyn girl at heart?
- Yeah.
- Absolutely.
First, I'm pitching
against rookie agents at the Jardim,
and now Tricia Lee's
comin' across the bridge
takin' townhouses in Manhattan.
I really gotta stay
on top of my game right now,
because I'm not losin' any more business.
-I know how that is.
-You better be ready. I'm here now.
-Let's go!
-All right. Beautiful.
- Keep up, gonna blow your mind ♪
- Wow!
Keep up, or you'll fall behind ♪
What I love most about
the Manhattan townhouses is the entrance.
It is very dramatic. You get that "wow"
and the sense of arrival.
- Yeah.
- Very grand, honestly.
- The chandelier.
- Like, obviously the chandelier.
It's giving opulence.
If you're good, you like it
You can have it, good boy ♪
How many floors are there?
Seven. Lucky seven!
- Is this a working fireplace?
- It is. We have four more.
- So five in total, gas fireplace.
- Nice!
- I don't see woodwork like this anymore.
- Isn't it beautiful?
Yeah, isn't this gorgeous?
Ladies, the best part.
- Your elevator is here.
- Amazing.
If you want to come in, not be bothered,
and go straight to your bedroom, you can!
-Oh, thank God. I'm wearing heels.
- After you!
- Thank you.
Seven flights of stairs is not the one.
- I mean, yeah, well
- Yeah.
-Unless it has
-Manhattan problems, right?
This is only one of six bedrooms
that we have in this property.
- Okay.
- A total of six.
And you see a little outdoor space here.
- So you have five outdoor spaces.
- A little Juliet balcony.
A little Juliet.
But you also have a roof terrace upstairs
that has unobstructed views.
Tricia, this room is incredible.
- The window is everything.
- The window!
I mean, imagine
getting sunrises right here, waking up.
And the primary bathroom
off of it.
Oh, this is beautiful.
This is the party shower of the century.
- Gorgeous bathroom.
- Can we all go in?
- We can all fit!
- Beautiful! Let's go!
- Let's go!
- Have a beautiful little
Oh, this is what
they do in Manhattan? Got it.
Oh! Who turned on the water?
- Nile!
- Nile!
So let's be clear.
You are all here
to fall in love with this townhouse
and bring me one, two, or three buyers.
Let me tell you, in this neighborhood,
if you start doing $8 million deals,
you're gonna get a lot of people upset.
- I mean, this is Manhattan.
- Speak for yourself!
I don't know what you deal with,
but brokers around here
There's about 30 brokers
who do all the business.
I'm not saying you can't.
- Whether it's Brooklyn or Mars
- You'd never say I can't do it.
-I know that's not it.
A lot of brokers outside
the borough think they'll come to New York
and it's just gonna be their their turf.
-All I'm saying is, just be dialed in.
-When I
- Watch out for
- Jordan.
I dealt with that when everyone was like,
"How will you go
from doing nails to selling houses?"
I did it.
-And I did it above and beyond everyone.
So I'm used to it, and this is
my brand of doing it differently.
You don't have to like me.
- You will respect me, first.
- Right.
It'll be one of those situations where
you can't beat her, you gotta join her.
I think any time you get Ryan's attention,
you get the hate that comes along with it.
And I'm ready for it.
I just gotta kill it on this first sale.
I know it'll piss off a lot of people.
I don't like the whole notion
of "We're coming into Manhattan."
-"It'll be different." It's the same.
-You are.
-The same shit.
-The same shit.
-But you are coming to Manhattan.
-I tell you, we are coming to Manhattan.
- So be careful. That's what I say.
- Ohh! Is that a threat?
-He's with me. He's with me.
-That's what I say to that.
For Jardim, we had an offer
come in at the party. It was too low.
I presented three more offers to Harlan,
also too low.
Okay. Talk to you soon. Bye.
I now have another offer on the table,
but it's a little bit complicated,
because it's definitely
coming from left field.
But if I've learned anything
from Ryan Serhant,
it's that an offer is an offer.
- If you get that
- Hey, Ryan?
- Yes.
- Oh, hi.
-Mind if I steal Ryan for two seconds?
-No worries. I'll talk to you later.
-No, it'll be really quick. Sorry, Vik.
-It's fine.
I'll text you later.
- Appreciate you.
- Yep.
-The door's shut.
Well, I mean, it's really important.
Let's talk about Jardim.
-Your dog's on my desk.
-Yes, she is.
-Your goddaughter.
-Got it.
So, here's the thing.
-I've been showing it like crazy.
I did a bunch of second showings.
-We've had the offers.
-We had the offers.
- Low. Low. So low.
- And they're low.
So Kristina and Celine came in.
They have a high-end rental client.
We don't wanna rent it. We wanna sell it.
I just don't think Harlan's gonna rent it.
But at least
if we get someone in now as a rental,
and then maybe next year,
as that area keeps developing,
maybe timing will be better.
Let's just call Kristina,
just get her on the phone
and see exactly what the deal is.
Sit. Come, sit.
-Hey, it's Ryan.
You have a client that might wanna rent
the penthouse at Jardim?
It's a very high-profile client.
Um, they eventually want to purchase it,
but for the time being,
they're only interested in renting.
- You can't get 'em to just buy it?
- Not now.
He's not interested
in purchasing at the moment.
I think the penthouses in that area
are renting for,
I don't know, anywhere from
40, 50,000 dollars a month.
I just don't think it makes sense.
the client will do it for 100.
He'll do it for 100.
Get it done, Ryan.
Get it done, Ryan.
I mean, I'll ask. I'll ask!
No no guarantees.
I mean, that's a big offer.
I'll call you back.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
You didn't tell me they'd offer 100 grand.
I didn't know that.
She said it was a high-profile client.
- He's gotta take that.
- Uh let me just see.
Come on, Ryan.
-Hey, Harlan. It's Ryan and Chloe.
-Hey, Ryan. Hey, Chloe.
We have something interesting for you
for the penthouse.
They have a high-profile client
that is making an offer
to rent the penthouse.
I don't really
wanna rent it, Ryan.
-Yep, but
The offer that we have
is for 100,000 a month.
I don't know, Ryan.
I think we really wanna sell it.
I also wanna sell it.
And we can still sell it.
It could help us on the future sale,
just to say that,
"Hey, we have someone
paying 250 bucks a foot."
I hear you, Ryan.
But I think at this point
We should still try to push the sale.
Put it there, just focus on
on selling it, okay?
Okay. Thanks.
- All right. Take care. Bye-bye.
- Bye.
- Hi.
- Hey, hey. Just wanted to call you back.
Um, so we just we just spoke to Harlan.
They just don't wanna rent it.
Sorry. I just
Ryan. $150,000.
We need days.
You just broke up. What did you just say?
They're ready to move very, very quickly,
and they need it in two days.
Two days. I'm gonna get it done.
Consider it done. Okay. Thanks.
- Uh, he has to take that.
- Yeah. That's insane.
Sadie, what do you think?
- No comment.
- No emotion. No emotion.
-No emotion.
-Think I'm scary? She's really scary.
Okay, let's just call him back.
Hey, Harlan?
I know we just spoke
but we just rented the penthouse,
and I'm sorry.
You did?
-I know you said no
But they came back at $150,000 a month.
That's nearly two million a year
on an annualized basis
just to borrow it,
and we can still sell it.
That is a record price for the area.
That's nearly $400 a foot.
-And there's press opportunities.
-Ugh. Ryan
And it's a lot of money.
Ryan, do you think there's a shot
at these people
wanting to purchase it too?
Anybody who's willing to spend
$150,000 a month
eventually wakes up and says,
"Why don't I just buy this thing?"
I think this would really help
the sale when it's time.
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
All right, guys, let's do it.
Let's do it, Ryan. Good work.
-Good work, Chloe.
-Okay. We'll put the lease together
-Wait. One more thing. I totally forgot.
-Yeah? Yeah?
They need to move in in 48 hours.
Oh my goodness.
Um Okay. Let me get my team on it.
I mean, that's
-We'll make it happen.
-Yeah. Chloe's gonna go there now.
- She's dressed to help the movers.
- I'm ready.
- She's ready to go.
- Right?
-But we have a deal?
-Okay. We have a deal.
- All right. Thanks, Harlan.
- Thanks, guys. All right.
-Good job. What did you just call me?
-Bestie, we have a deal.
- Whew! That was making me nervous. Yikes.
- And you still get to sell it.
So you get the commission from the rental,
and you still get to sell it. All right?
Well, that's amazing.
Do you still think of me as a rookie?
You do not have
the confidence of a rookie.
That is true. I'm
I'm a vet now. I'm a Serhant.
I don't know if I'd call you a vet yet.
But I think you are kicking ass
and taking names,
and I appreciate the work
and everything you do.
And I think just keep putting yourself
in winning situations.
And good things happen.
It's like I say all the time.
You take care of the work,
and the work will take care of you.
-Great job.
-Okay. Bye, bestie. Thank you.
-Can't wait for the next one! Bye!
-Yeah, bye.
Get all dressed up for the part ♪
Gonna straighten up my body ♪
I'm a good girl, do you feel me? ♪
Wow. Yes!
- Yes, yes!
- Oh!
Thank you!
You guys look like
a set of dolls.
Hi! You look amazing tonight.
And you can buy you individually
or you can get the set.
- Like the new Spice Girls.
- All the colors.
-Cheers. Happy three-year!
-Amazing. Cheers! To year three.
I want it, I want it
Let's get it, let's go ♪
I said it, I meant it ♪
- Let's get it, let's go ♪
- Thank you.
I'm comin' to get you
Let's leave tomorrow ♪
Anywhere you want to
Anywhere you want ♪
I only invited, like, four people.
It doesn't look like four people!
It's kind of a dream,
walking into my company's
three-year anniversary party.
The fact that we made it to three,
that's massive.
And I have everybody
in this party to thank for it.
Because I would not be here
if I tried to do it alone.
And trust me, like, I tried.
- Are you about to dance now?
- Three years!
- Three years, yeah! We did it.
- Three years. We did it!
Hi! Unfortunately, I cannot,
but thank you.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey.
You just gonna walk by me
and not say happy birthday?
-What? Happy birthday?
What do you mean happy
Oh, happy birthday. Yes.
I thought you were talking
about your real birthday.
-No, three years for the company.
-I don't matter. It's about the firm now.
-Happy anniversary.
I would like to take a moment
to just give a cheers to Chloe
on the Jardim penthouse.
- Thank you, thank you!
- That article that came out.
Is Bad Bunny gonna live there full-time?
-I need to know.
-Or Kendall Jenner?
It was announced
that the high-profile client
moving into the penthouse at Jardim is
Bad Bunny.
I am a huge fan of Mr. Bunny.
Love his music. Love his face.
If you're watching this, call me.
Guys, I can't talk about it.
There were NDAs.
- Yeah, yeah.
- It's in the press!
It's just a matter of time
before I'm running this shit, okay?
My wheels are spinning.
I'm like,
"What can Ryan and Chloe do next?"
The possibilities are endless here.
The sky is the limit.
Chloe and Ryan. The Brokerage.
Serhant and Caine.
Caine and Serhant, actually.
It's a lot of money.
I wish I saw your face.
-You sound like a jealous, sore loser.
-I am jealous!
Just a little. If your face was on it,
I'd be more jealous.
-That's true.
-So not that jealous.
$150,000 a month, not bad!
But not a sale.
Ryan only puts the best of the best
on the properties that he knows can sell.
That's why I'm on Central Park Tower,
and that's why she's renting apartments.
So, like, what do you think
is gonna happen tonight?
There's so mu
I mean, Jonathan got fired.
I wanna go get some more hot goss.
Häagen-Dazs? Do they have ice cream?
-This is Elva.
-Hi! So nice to meet you.
- You good?
- Three years. It goes by quick.
Good job. Good job. Good job!
Why is Ryan firing people?
-Not bringin' in the money.
-Quality over quantity.
If you don't fit the vibe,
if you're not meshing well, you're out.
Ryan loves you.
He handed you that listing.
-You're getting all this press.
-Of course.
-No, she had to fight for it.
-I had to fight to the death.
-She was up against Nile. She won.
Yeah, but Ryan made it
more easier for Chloe.
-It's a good presentation!
-I will pull these earrings out right now.
-Oh! Don't mess with the pregnant woman!
-I was surprised, too, but she killed it.
-Don't scratch me!
I heard she absolutely killed it.
I was like,
"One plus one doesn't add up here."
- What are you trying to say?
- I heard she fucking killed it.
You didn't know that I could do
a record-breaking rental in the city?
Oh, I'm sorry.
You didn't do it, honestly.
Someone else did it for you.
It's your listing, but you didn't do it.
- Who did it?
- You know. Why you pretending?
I don't know. No, tell me.
She got the listing from Papa Ryan,
but she didn't do it.
Damn, I am done
with all these motherfucking bitches.
Wait, don't throw it! No! They're so good.
I'll sit here with my burgers
while we talk.
I thought you were gonna throw it
across the room.
I am in the publications.
I am besties with Ryan.
I don't have time
for all the chitter-chatter.
You need to sell it. That's
what they hired you for. To sell it.
-Not to rent it.
-Okay, I'm too pregnant for this.
At the end of the day, I'm here
to make money. That is all I care about.
Like, do you know how much it costs
to raise a child in New York City?
Okay. Good. Hello? Oh!
Thank you all for being here.
If you're all back at the bar,
there's more drinks.
It's an open bar.
You can drink the whole time.
So come this way. Come this way.
It is pretty surreal to me to
to be here in front of all of you.
In front of our amazing employees,
staff, our
Our founding members, agents
I don't know where I thought
we would be at this stage in the game,
but honestly,
just looking out at all of you,
I'm not gonna cry, but I do feel it
just a little bit on the inside.
You know, this is a crazy city.
New York is one
of the hardest places to live in.
But if you pound that pavement, right?
New York will pay you back.
But it will also kick your ass
at the same time.
So I don't know what the market holds.
I don't know what the world holds for us.
All I know is that I wouldn't wanna do it
with a group that's different
than everybody in this room.
And everywhere that we're gonna go.
Thank you all for being here.
It's only year three, right?
That's how I look at it.
We've come a long way.
There's been some ups, been some downs,
but you always get right back up.
So with that, right, ready
Set. Go!
All right, let's make the room blue!
All right, you can do it. There we go.
Okay, good. It worked!
Okay, perfect. Yeah, yeah!
Watch, ready? I can do this.
A little of this, this, this Good.
-This A little turn.
-Did you see that?
Uh! Where you at, dawg?
Where you at, dawg? Where you at, dawg?
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
-Whoo! ♪
-Watch this, I'mma claim my throne ♪
Gonna shake my thing
Gonna stay up all night ♪
Watch this, I'mma claim my throne ♪
Gonna shake my thing
Oh yeah, it's on ♪
-Hold up! ♪
-Hold up, baby ♪
I'mma need to fix my crown ♪
-Sure 'nuff ♪
-Sure enough ♪
-Let's go, baby!
-Before I gotta shut it on down ♪
-Hurry up! ♪
-Hurry up, baby ♪
Gonna make my way through the crowd ♪
What's up, baby? ♪
Wait! Let me fix my crown ♪
Oh, oh, now ♪
Oh, now, now, now ♪
Hey ♪
-Whoo! ♪
-There ain't no night like tonight ♪
There's just no need to despair of me ♪
I'm a proud new queen in town ♪
- Oh my
- Ryan!
I did not mean to do that!
So take a look at the sky ♪
Hey, hold on one second.
Let me get to a quiet spot.
Learn how to fly ♪
Yes. Can you hear me?
You want me to come right now?
No, I understand.
Yep, I'll be right there.
Yuriy, go as fast as you can, please.
I gotta get there. I don't wanna be late.
Doing real estate in New York City
is insane. It is so hard.
And you have to have the thickest skin
to do it every single day,
because you have no idea
what's gonna happen.
All right, stop.
It's got the highest highs
and the lowest lows.
Okay, Yuriy, keep going.
We gotta get there. Let's go.
But what gets me up
every single day
and motivates me consistently
is knowing that the greatest deal
I've ever done
I haven't even done it yet.
-Good to see you.
Thanks for gettin' here so quickly.
So cool.
Yeah, this was in Succession.
I remember it.
- The asking price on this is 38 million.
- Yeah.
Well, it's beautiful.
This is one of those moments
where you just are reminded
that it's New York or nowhere.
Oh my goodness.
Pretty amazing.
I mean
We called you here
for this penthouse.
We think you can sell this.
-Me too.
What do you think about
the rest of the building?
What do you mean?
So the remaining $300 million
in inventory.
You're saying,
"Jump in your car
and race up to the Upper West Side
and talk to me about selling out
the rest of the building"? I'm saying,
"Let's fucking go."
Let's do it.
I hope I didn't ruin your party.
There'll be a lot more parties.
You're still here?
What are you doin'?
It's over.
Go back to chillin'.
Oh God. My pants are so tight.
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