Owning Manhattan (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

I got all these flowers for me ♪
-'Cause me, myself and I are the team ♪
-Are the team ♪
Hi, guys. I am back at Jardim.
I'm with the one and only Ryan.
Today's a really big day.
We have a lot of second showings.
He is here to help me
make little flower arrangements
to give to all of our buyers
who are coming today.
-Jardim means garden.
-So we wanna do glam garden clippings.
The Jardim launch party
was such a success,
and now I am booked up to my eyeballs
with showings.
-Gonna get a bunch of different chops.
Chloe, take it away.
Whatever speaks to you.
-Okay, bada-bing, bada-boom.
-Put it together. The randomer the better.
So cute! Look, guys.
What a fun little gift to give people.
I already have
one offer on the table,
and I'm hoping
to add to that number today.
Sold! All right. Wish us luck, guys.
-It's gonna be a big one. Mwah!
-That bouquet is worth 20 million.
- Hello!
- What's up?
- How are you, Chloe?
- Hi, boy.
- Hi. Hi!
- Hi! So good to see you again.
I am stacking these appointments
so close together.
- Hello!
- Hey, there.
-How's it going?
-Welcome back to Jardim.
I want one to be coming in
when one is finishing.
Hey, Chloe. Have another buyer for you.
I want people to feel the competition,
that this is a hot commodity,
and if they want this property,
they are gonna need to move quickly.
- This is Nikki.
- Hi.
-Nice to meet you.
-So nice!
- This is Chloe.
- Hi!
-I have little bouquets for you both.
-This is so sweet.
- Because we are at the Jardim penthouse.
- Ah!
-Lovely, thank you.
-It means "garden" in Portuguese.
- Hello!
- Chloe!
- And welcome to Jardim.
- What's up, girl?
- Fancy seeing you here.
- How you doin'?
Well, well, well.
Look what the cat dragged in.
This is Scott.
-Hi, Scott. Nice to meet you.
-And you.
-Welcome to Jardim.
We wanted to give you
a little bit of our garden.
- As we take a tour of the property.
- I love it.
- It matches your purple.
- It matches.
- Sweet.
- It's how it's done.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah.
I mean, I could use a gimmick.
I could use a gimmick or two.
I'm not I'm not beyond that.
But for her to, like, trash my plant
and then drop some bouquet of flowers
on me, it's like, okay
Yeah, let's just copy
and pretend like you're better.
-Scott is my partner from Miami.
-Oh, amazing.
- Yeah.
- We have a mutual client.
He's one of the top YouTubers
in the world.
- Okay.
- Scotty just did a deal with him.
-A condominium just like this in Miami.
- Oh!
- 10,000 square feet.
-They just closed it.
-So now he has an appetite for more.
So now we have to get him
a New York equivalent.
- Exactly.
- I love that for all of us.
- Let me show you this immaculate place.
- Let's do it.
Snap, snap, take a picture ♪
Quit starin', 'cause it lasts longer ♪
Snap, snap, take a picture ♪
-Felt cute, but I might delete ♪
-Yeah ♪
So you are looking
at just over 4,500 interior.
- Interior, okay.
- With another 4,600 exterior.
- The ceiling's quite high.
- 12-foot ceilings.
And you have all these sliding glass doors
that open all the way out.
-To give that indoor-outdoor feel.
- The light is incredible.
- The sun is great.
- It's so good!
- Yeah, it's next level.
Here we have the eat-in kitchen.
You have terrazzo throughout,
stainless steel.
- Look at this Hudson Yards view.
- Shopping
- Look how gorgeous this view is.
- It's amazing.
All right, into our primary.
- Amazing.
- What do you think of the space?
Not massive.
But you do have the ability
to open the sliding glass curtain walls
all the way,
which gives you
the illusion of more space.
This could be his little studio.
-So it'd be great for him to film.
-Yeah, he could do that as a backdrop.
- Ready? Hang on.
- The sound is always the problem.
-Like, where
-These doors are fireproof and soundproof.
- What?
- Yeah.
Can you stay in here and scream?
I'll show him how quiet it is.
- Okay.
- Okay, come here.
- We're gonna test it.
- Give it your best scream.
I'm the best YouTuber
in the entire world!
In West Chelsea!
Can you guys hear me?
- Really good.
- Screaming?
- Really loud.
- Your loudest scream?
- No, it works.
- It works.
It's perfect for Nile's girlfriend
when she wants to escape,
which I'm sure is often.
Anyways, let's go upstairs!
- This is what I was telling you.
- I know.
- Know what the killer part is?
- What?
He always told me
that he wanted a hot tub,
but this is a pool.
What do you think?
- I think it's Miami in New York.
- I really do.
- Right?
- 100%.
Honestly, I hope Nile has a buyer.
I don't care who brings the buyer,
as long as they give me
$20 million for this place.
- What do you think?
- Let's go downstairs.
Walk the neighborhood.
-Let's do that.
-Take a couple of videos, then call him.
- Let's.
- Get back to me quick.
-Nile, I know you can do this.
If you're working with him,
I believe in you too.
-Get it done.
-I like it.
Time is of the essence.
- How's it goin'?
- Good. Just got back from Europe.
-Where did you go?
-London, England, uh, Spain, and France.
- Hi, Savannah.
- Hi!
-How are you?
-What's up?
- Did you hear the latest?
- Hear what?
- Maggie Wu left.
- The company?
-Wait, did she really?
- Wow.
- Wow!
- So, wait. Oh my God. Really?
- Yeah.
There's been a lot of rumblings
around the office
about other firms trying to poach agents.
But Maggie Wu?
If someone lured Maggie away,
that's kind of a big deal.
So we have a few hot topics.
I mean, like, where do we even
where do we even start?
I feel like we're in an inflection point,
you know?
I feel like I'm like, under assault.
- Okay. We are not in a crisis.
- It feels like a crisis.
-No, I know it does.
-I can't sleep.
I found Maggie Wu as a solo agent.
And I went to her, and I said,
"If you follow my guidance,
you're gonna build a team,
break 100 million in sales,
and you're gonna win awards."
And that's exactly what she's done.
And, all of a sudden, she said,
"I'm gonna leave."
"And I'm gonna do press
and make it public."
She took her whole team with her.
We have one article
poppin' up today.
It's not our favorite. But it's there.
The minute someone decides to leave
and go elsewhere, then agents say, "Huh."
"She left.
Maybe I should think about leaving."
Or "I wonder how much they paid her.
Maybe I can go get some of that money."
I totally get it. It's part of the game.
But it doesn't mean I have to like it.
I don't know her business.
I know we're a new company.
We're having new systems implemented.
It can be a lot that's changing.
But I think that she may have made
the wrong decision, genuinely.
Especially as it's a new company.
And, as you all know,
the amount of people,
when I say, "I'm at SERHANT.,"
they're like, "What?"
I'm like, "I was at Corcoran five years."
They're like, "Oh, I've heard of that."
So we're trying to build
the reputation of the company.
And then, Chloe is fighting
at an event for a massive building.
-Agents from other companies
-Are there.
-It affects all of our reputations.
-Talking about "messy SERHANT. agents."
-She fought with you at Jade's.
-Okay, fair enough.
- We get branded.
- True.
When that gets out,
it does affect all of us.
If it started affecting my business
because of how agents are behaving
- It's definitely something I'd consider.
- Sure.
It takes so long to build up reputation,
and it can be destroyed in a heartbeat.
Reputation is all we have
in this industry,
especially as women in this business.
We spent years building that up.
If we're associated with a company
where agents are fighting
at top developer events,
there are podcasts going out
destroying the integrity of some
of the other agents that also work there,
like, I I understand.
-I just don't want Maggie's departure
to be, like, a watershed moment.
Now that we've been successful
and we move fast
and I've obviously been loud about it,
now there's a target.
And now we have these huge competitors
who are saying, "This is real."
- "We're going to kill him."
- Mm-hmm.
So now, they're gonna start
coming after our agents,
start coming after me,
start coming after our listings.
And I get it, right?
All is fair in war and real estate.
Stay positive and stay with our vision.
Do you know these other CEOs
that I now compete with?
-They're all on boats.
-I know. I know.
-They're not in an office. I know.
-They're not in New York.
-I know.
-They're not in a suit, going through it.
-Like, I I care.
-I know.
You are not gonna convince me
this is a crisis.
-This is not the battle. It's one team.
-It'll be all over everyone's phone.
And what are we doing
to counteract this and preempt this?
Let's go on the offensive.
Let's go on the counterattack.
I wanna make sure
we now start really showing people
why all these teams
are being so successful.
-Why they're doubling their sales.
-Send a statement to The Real Deal.
-I'll send a quote.
Then I wanna go on the attack.
I wanna make sure
that we have a significant plan
for counter-press that goes out
where there is a drumbeat.
Where people know what we're doing.
-Where we're coming.
-You can't catch us, so don't even try.
Then I wanna go after everybody.
- Trish!
- Hello.
Hi. Look at you,
working with a cocktail!
-Oh my gosh.
-Yes! You look so cute and summery.
- Thank you. You look so cute.
- Hi!
I just came from,
like, three pitches.
I was surprised that Maggie left
'cause I saw her as another superstar.
-How'd it go?
-Pretty good, I think.
I'm like, "Well, why are you leaving?
We're both favorites."
And I know the benefits
of being a favorite.
I would never admit to being a favorite,
but I'm a favorite.
I get it. Like, I'm a favorite.
One is, like, one of those long-term ones.
The other one,
we'll have an off-market next week.
So I'll send you that,
since you have clients.
Amazing. Oh the shade, it starts so early!
People were just
gossipy about it.
But we're still in the same business.
We'll do deals together.
- You wanted to have lunch before you left.
- Yes.
- Then you were just gone.
- I know. I feel so bad.
-I wish I could've told you beforehand.
Has Ryan reached out at all since?
- He did. Yeah. He did. Yeah.
- Okay.
I don't have to tell you
that you were a big loss.
-What he wasn't saying that I heard was
"I'm not losing any other heavy hitters.
Understand that."
I just wanted to hear it
from the horse's mouth.
If someone like you leaves, people
look at me like, "What's your next step?"
The word on the street was that you left
because, you know, you weren't getting
the favorite treatment anymore.
- And there were new people coming onboard.
- Yeah.
I didn't think that was it.
I figured there was more to it.
People are going to talk.
I can't stop them from talking.
But the truth of the matter is
there are favorites.
-I am, was, one of them.
But, you know,
favoritism comes with something, right?
I did not want people to associate
"She's a favorite, therefore she's fed."
-It's not because of Ryan.
- No.
- I do adore him. He's a great mentor.
- Yeah.
- But my success is my own.
I honestly don't know why Maggie cares
what any of these people think.
Ryan gives business to people
he knows are gonna close. Period.
Ryan can hand me
a $30 million building today.
- Yeah.
- The talent is in closing it.
You have to ask for it
when you deserve it.
What I don't like is if people ask for,
let's say, a $10 million deal,
and then the
the most they've ever closed is a rental.
- Right. Right.
- Then I'm like "What?"
That is the audacity of, like,
so many people
-So many people at the brokerage, yeah.
I don't know. I always feel like, because
because he works at the pace he works at
and has the results that he has,
he just sees that in everybody else.
And I'm like, "That's not accurate."
-But his belief and hope is it's true.
- Yeah.
- It can kind of be, you know, a blinder.
Word on the block is
they're also coming after you.
Do you think you would ever
leave SERHANT., come where I am?
I would leave anything
and anyone always, yes.
- Wow.
- Absolutely.
-But I'm happy.
-Love it.
You know? Like I would I wouldn't say no.
I'm just not I just don't believe
in anything forever, honestly.
'Cause you know they take control
Of every single thing ♪
I gotta show some teeth ♪
If they cross me, all right, you'll see
Regret it ♪
Fight for what I believe ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
You've gotta wear your robe, show it ♪
I've gotta let them know ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
- Hello?
- Hello!
-How are you, Jonathan?
-How are you doing?
I'll shake your hand.
-Thank you for having me.
-How are you?
-Um, is your client coming?
-My client is not coming.
I'm here to make decisions on his behalf.
-Oh, I wish you'd told me.
He doesn't need to see it.
He's that kind of client, a billionaire.
-I've known him years.
-You think a FaceTime would work?
-Or are you gonna do videos?
-He doesn't even need it.
Uh, he trusts me enough.
-Oh no.
It's someone
I've been working with a long time.
And, you know,
we're seeing a lot of different places.
He's out of town.
I'm gonna preview these different places.
He trusts me completely.
Um, I once actually chaperoned
his daughter to school.
- I'm very protective of our developers.
- Sure.
-Sure, yeah, as you should be.
We go over
everybody who's been in this unit.
So like today, when there's no client,
it's a little bit difficult.
He's more than vetted.
Like, yeah, more than more than good.
You would ask If I give you his name,
you would know, and that'd be fine.
- Okay.
- So, yeah.
-But, um I'll take a detailed video.
So, um yeah, let's see it.
Let's see let's see everything else.
Oh, when they tease my shine
I move on ♪
So at 277 5th Avenue,
this penthouse is where you wanna be.
4,520 square foot interior.
You don't see a single column,
which is amazing.
This is the great room.
It has almost 14-foot ceilings.
It's 53 feet across.
- Um
- It's a great room.
Bad boy back in town ♪
Take a look
from this 75-foot wide loggia.
We have the icon of New York City
right in front of you.
Who can't love this view?
Yeah. No, that's true.
-This is river to river,
So you can see the Hudson,
you can see the East River.
It's complete.
It's a shame
that it's a little foggy today.
-Okay. Let's head into the kitchen.
-You got the Okay.
-Sure. I'll be the gentleman.
You can see how heavy that door is
and how insulated.
There's no noise coming in,
which is fantastic.
Beautiful kitchen.
We have oak cabinetry
with satin metal trim,
and then the hood that vents out.
And we have a really nice
Calacatta Sacchelli marble slab.
- And backsplash.
- One piece?
This is a huge, heavy
waterfall piece of marble.
-So let's
-Is this a garbage disposal?
Not bad. Not bad at all. Not bad at all.
This is a four bedroom,
four and a half bath.
All of the four bedrooms
have each its own en suite bath.
That closet is 120 square feet.
- Very rare.
- Yeah.
Let's check out the primary suite.
It must be able to fit
a California king bed,
which I see this is not.
A California king would be
more stretched out.
- A little bit.
- Yeah, it'd be, like, where that lamp is.
It would fit in comfortably.
And if you look out here,
you have a Jacuzzi.
In the middle of NoMad.
- On a terrace on the 54th floor.
- Yeah.
So to us, that's very great,
but to him, you know, to him, it's
It's, uh
I'm trying to impress my client, right?
- And this is a billionaire guy.
- This is impressive!
The Jacuzzi is, you know
I don't know, 100,000.
He he has watches
that are five times that.
-You don't think he would enjoy this?
- I mean, I'm sure he would enjoy it.
- Yeah.
Um, but it's not
it's not the dealbreaker to him, right?
Um, I'm trying to just
Uh, I would love to do a deal with you.
-It's not that, you know?
I'm trying to think on how we can do it.
I I just need them here live.
- I know, I know.
- And yeah, we can talk, you know?
It's a hot tub. Like
A billionaire is not gonna care
about a hot tub.
I I think that's pretty obvious.
But, I mean, to each their own.
Different strokes for different folks,
as they say.
I noticed this little thing.
This little
Yeah, it's a 3D viewer of the building.
This is phenomenal.
I need one of these.
Imagine sending this out
as a mailer to individuals.
- Just you as an agent.
- Yeah.
"Hey, my name is Jonathan Normolle."
"With SERHANT., next-gen agent."
I need to just send these out to people.
- Okay, come on, Jonathan.
- Excuse me. Yeah.
- I'm busy!
- Okay.
So now that you've seen this,
how do you feel about
the space for your client?
Uh, I'm not gonna be one of those agents
that tells you they're gonna buy it.
-I don't know. I'll see what they say.
I'll have a talk with them.
Not now because they're traveling.
- Okay.
- But, um
Now that I'm here and I'm seeing this,
I have another guy.
This is a celebrity guy, rapper guy.
-I won't say his name.
But this could actually be
perfect for him as well.
So we'll set appointments,
but please send me over some info.
-And we'll do some deals.
-We'll stay in the SERHANT. fam.
-Thank you. It was a pleasure.
-All right, Jonathan. Thanks.
Clap your hands
Don't clap your hands ♪
Just clap, clap, clap
Don't clap your hands ♪
-Hey, Jonathan. It's Ryan.
-What's up?
Super important, also awesome news.
I think I've got a buyer
for 60 Greene Street.
We have an offer on 60 Greene Street.
A great offer, $9 million.
We're asking just under nine and a half.
It's a great starting offer.
All cash.
- Great.
- Yes, but here's the deal.
They wanna buy all the furniture too.
And so they need to come back
tonight at 6:00 p.m.,
because I think their flight
is at, like, 11:50 p.m. out of JFK.
And so I need you
to show them all the furniture,
but do not talk pricing.
Don't talk numbers. Nothing.
Let me handle that.
I'm already in conversations with them.
I am an inch away from doing this deal.
This happens all the time
in beautiful homes.
The beautiful home helps the home sell,
but then people are like, "But I love
how beautiful I want it just like this."
"Can I take all the furniture
as part of my offer?"
Furniture is like
It's like the seasoning, you know?
Like, if you make a great meal.
Not that I've ever cooked,
but I'm assuming if you make a great one,
the seasoning at the end
could either, like, really make it
or could, like, ruin it.
We're gonna sell this.
I just need you to let them in,
have them take photos, all that stuff.
-But just do not talk pricing. Cool?
-Got it.
Okay. Cool. I'll text you the info now.
Be there at 6:00.
-Hello! You're getting tan in the sun.
-It's warm.
-Yeah. Wanna go inside?
Okay, awesome.
You did such a good job
with these stairwells, Doug.
Doug is the owner
of this three-story building
right in the heart of Union Square.
The bottom floor is
the headquarters for Doc Marten.
You already have income
making 190,000 a year.
- Great tenants.
- Yeah.
The middle floor is completely empty.
This is massive.
And the top floor
can be used as an apartment.
- Building's 1849, old building.
- It's real New York.
You know, there's not that many places
that are actually
- You walk in, it's
- Yes.
It's original brick, refinished.
I purchased the building 20 years ago,
totally gutted it.
-And everything is relatively new.
-You did a really good job.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
It's unique.
It's it's a great work-live space.
- The possibilities are endless here.
- Yeah.
-Yeah. Yeah.
-With this building.
My job is
to think outside of the box
as to how we're going to sell this
quickly, efficiently, and creatively,
at the highest price point.
This building is a challenge
because, generally,
buyers who are looking for
a residential property,
they don't really want the responsibility
of two floors of commercial space.
And people looking
to buy a commercial space
don't typically want
a residential unit attached.
It's been listed
by a lot of other brokerages before
who haven't been able to sell it.
So we're gonna need to get creative.
We wanna tell the story
to showcase that this is a live-in,
and creative condo bulk space.
Somebody can open up an art gallery.
-A showroom, a studio.
A dance studio. Um
So I came up with this idea
to do the first ever
original listing music video.
What does that involve?
So it's going to showcase
us walking through
and actually doing a tour.
And when we get to this floor,
we're gonna have a dance number
that entices and is sharable,
so that hopefully, you know, it helps us
get a lot of views,
um, and people sharing it.
And and, you know, hence a lot of buyers.
In a very tough market,
the best way
to create interest for a property
is, one, to lower the price,
or two,
get people's attention
and get them talking.
Will the, um dancers be naked?
- No!
- Oh!
Ain't the type sit around look pretty ♪
I ain't afraid get my hands all dirty ♪
- I love this room.
- My favorite room.
I always say that, though.
I say everything is my favorite.
Oh, it's like you've planned this.
- I did!
- Okay!
- What are we celebrating?
- I'm planning a little mini celebration.
Nothing is more appropriate
than a bottle of champagne.
'Cause I wanted to just celebrate the fact
that you gave me an opportunity.
And I closed three sales here.
I'm so confident that I can sell more.
Brooklyn Point
is almost completely sold out.
We still have a small hurdle to go over,
but I've closed deals fast,
and I'm ready to celebrate.
Ooh! Perfect!
- All right. There we go.
- Nice.
I only know how to celebrate
with champagne. Or food.
Or jewelry. Or luxury goods.
Or travel.
Well, actually
This could go on for a while.
But for Ari and Ryan, champagne.
So let's start at the top.
60E, I sold at 2.83 million.
-Your three bedroom, two bath.
And then 57H shortly thereafter
at 2.25 million.
- Beautiful two bedroom, two bath.
- Nice. Nice.
And then 47H most recently.
- At 2.19 million.
- Okay.
- Also a two bedroom, two bath.
- Nice.
And I have a buyer
that I'm almost at the finish line with.
- For a two bedroom as well.
- Okay.
I'm gonna round those numbers out,
get to four closings.
I love it. You know your stuff.
You know the building, you know
the amenities, the tax abatements,
you know the location,
the price points, the views.
I know the competition
and the neighborhood.
That's what it takes. To be able to have
somebody really understand
why this is the best purchase
they can make in Brooklyn.
And I think that translates,
at the end of the day, into sales.
So cheers to three closings, almost four.
-And almost sold out at Brooklyn Point.
-Almost sold out, yes.
-We're gonna be out of things to work on.
-We are almost sold out.
Should you have anything else
laying around that you'd like help with.
You have any other towers laying around?
Just figured we'd ask?
-We have some stuff that we're workin' on.
So, at the right time,
I think we'll have another conversation.
- You did a great job. We'll be in touch.
- All right.
- Okay.
- You gonna take your champagne?
- No, you can have it.
- Thanks.
Okay! See you, guys.
Cheers to you.
Sometimes the stars, like, align,
and it is it's just so awesome.
Because I had big risk here.
Tricia's never done a tower before.
And she crushed it.
And I know Tricia's real goal
is to get into Manhattan.
If you give me the opportunity,
I will perform.
Yeah. Speaking of opportunity,
I might have something else.
I don't know if you want it.
It's very, very, very different from this.
-Okay. How different?
It's a brownstone.
I've been doin' brownstones all this time.
In Brooklyn.
Yeah. That's my that's my thing.
This brownstone that I'm thinking of
is in Manhattan.
- Thank you for meeting me.
- It's a cute spot.
Oh gosh, I have so much goin' on.
How are you?
-You do have a lot going on.
- Yes.
- Sorry. What can I get for you to drink?
Um, you need a drink for this.
-Oh, great.
Do you have just,
like, really intense tequila?
-On the rocks.
-Yes, sure.
-Yeah, that'll help me. Thanks.
We did, um
it was supposed to be a buyer's tour.
-With Jonathan Normolle.
-The buyer didn't come.
-So that's problem number one. You know
-Did he say a buyer was coming?
-Or was it always a preview?
-No, there was a buyer coming.
With major assets.
I actually pushed a whole bunch
of appointments just to make it,
because this is 277 5th.
This is our penthouse.
It was a bit of a last-minute appointment.
- Yeah.
- But we made it happen.
-He's SERHANT. family, you know?
-Thanks. Yes.
So when he said his buyer's not coming,
he said he would take videos and share it.
He didn't take a single video or photo
during the entire tour.
And then just
I I don't know how to say it.
It it's just, he was a little bit odd.
He said several things
that didn't make sense.
I was I was bewildered
for most of the tour.
-And of course, you know
-I do need this tequila.
I almost feel like
there was no buyer to start with.
It was a billionaire tech guy.
-But by the end, he said it was a rapper.
-So was he there
Excuse me?
There was a rapper in his back pocket.
He said it might fit better for them.
Oh, and the other thing is
He was saying the Jacuzzi
His client's watch
costs more than the Jacuzzi.
I don't understand.
What? Why would he say that?
I don't know. The whole thing just
rubbed me a little bit up the wrong way.
- Well, sorry. That's annoying.
- Oh, that's fine. You know
-I felt there might be a bigger problem.
-It's not. But it's also not.
The only reason
you're showing him without any
He didn't send you any financials
on the buyer?
- He didn't. He said an NDA was required.
- Whatever, whatever.
- Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. So the
- Yeah.
The only reason you did the showing,
though, is because he works here.
Yeah, SERHANT. fam.
I'm honestly on my last nerve
with Jonathan.
Not bringing a buyer to a high-end showing
and canceling last minute is
is one thing.
But then actually showing up
and being rude,
and the listing agent is an agent of ours
who's one of the biggest in the city?
I.. Like, I I don't understand.
As you know, the brand and reputation
is incredibly important to me.
- Yes.
- It is everything.
Because it took me 15 years to get here.
- Mm-hmm.
- And it will take me 20 seconds to end it.
It's my stamp on him. And then he's
running around saying he works for us.
But the real non-negotiable here, and
the biggest thing that angers me the most,
is the wasting of your time.
Right. So, you know, for me,
I like the fact
that it was so hard to get in.
You almost had to prove, like, your worth,
and have all these GCI numbers, and
-But I'm just
I know we're in growth mode,
but it it does frustrate me a little bit.
And I think, like, some of us OG agents
tend to talk about it.
- You know, like
- I hear you.
You're not a tenured professor to be here.
If you don't have that résumé,
like he and a handful of other agents
-And then you're gonna come and use me
- And use me to get in doors
- Right.
Just because you got in
doesn't mean you get to stay.
I thought this was gonna be,
like, a table-size huddle.
I think none of us knew.
- Hey. Sorry.
- Hi!
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
- Oh wow.
- Oh!
Okay. Hello.
All right. Everybody here?
Hello, hello, hello!
All right. Gather close.
If you can't see me, you can't hear me.
All right.
Thanks for joining. Thanks for coming.
We have a problem.
Actually, we have two problems.
One problem is in this room.
The other problem is outside this room.
One problem, we can control.
The other problem, we can't control.
Like, I can't control traffic.
I get mad at traffic all day.
There's nothin' I can do.
I also can't control the market.
Rates are high.
The market has started to feel frozen.
There's nothing
anyone in this room can do about it.
But the other problem we have
is the things we can control.
The minute
you step outside of these doors,
you don't just represent me
and this company,
you represent everybody else in here.
This is not a talent show.
This is not a social media warehouse.
You see me do social
because I talk about deals.
And so maybe there's some some confusion,
because I I hear things about,
"Well, I'm here because Ryan's
supposed to give me business."
And a lot of you are having
an incredible year.
But then there's some of you I feel
have gotten a little confused.
I remember exactly what it was like
to be broke in this city.
And I also remember what it was like
to build financial discipline.
Perfect timing.
When I call an all-hands meeting,
I expect everybody to be here.
Because it means it's incredibly
important. And I don't do it all the time.
If you wanna be at this company,
I expect you to show up.
And when you're late,
it's rude and disrespectful.
And it I just, like, I am frustrated
to to no end.
I can no longer be the salesperson
who does the marquee sales.
That's what you're all here for.
So take the resources you have
and go back to basics.
If you're not following
Finder, Keeper, Doer,
where you wake up, you find business,
and that's all you do
You have tunnel vision.
That is your structure.
You are busy now forever.
There is no white space in your calendar.
And to those of you
who are waking up every day
and finding a reason to complain,
you are surrounded by greatness.
But let me be super,
super, super, super clear.
The only people I want in this room
are people
that wanna wake up and be great.
The only people I want in this room
are people that are gonna wake up
and sell the shit out of New York City.
So it's time to step up.
If it's too much,
and if it's too much stress,
if selling real estate is just too hard,
you can leave right now.
I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding!
I'm kidding.
So who wants to leave?
You can leave. No questions asked.
Won't come after you. Nothin'.
If this isn't the right place for you, if
you don't believe in your personal growth,
if you don't believe
in the resources we have,
if you don't believe
that we're doing this together,
you don't have to be here.
Do you wanna be with me,
or do you wanna complain?
- I'm with you, Ryan.
- Let's go!
- I'm with you.
- So who else?
- Let's go!
- Okay?
Good? Are you with me? All right?
And with that,
Coyne will talk to you about systems.
- Hi, honey!
- Hi, lovely.
-Nice to see you. It's so hot.
-You look hot.
- So do you.
- Holy shit! Okay, Barbie.
Okay, quick, before we go in,
'cause it's super hot. Hold my hand.
-Chloe is inside.
-Shut the fuck up.
- You're joking?
- No.
I just think you guys need to talk.
I'm friends with both of them.
I'm fed up of being
in the middle of this nonsense.
This is just for the best. I promise you.
Come come in.
I heard everything Ryan had to say.
I've spent a long time
building up my reputation.
I don't want it destroyed
by people who just don't know
how to act in a professional setting.
Hello, hello.
- How's it going?
- Good. How are you?
I'm good.
- Surprised?
- Hi.
- I'm very surprised.
- Yeah?
- Perfect. Thank you. Okay, so
- Okay.
Look, we've all had
our differences in the past,
but you guys go way back.
And look, even if you can't get back
to exactly where you were,
you need to at least get to a pl
- Listen to me.
- You okay?
Get to a place where you're civil
because you don't want this tarnishing
your reputation in the company.
Ultimately, there's a lot of love.
That's why you're both so upset
and why we're talking about this so much.
Pardon my interruption.
Can I get you a drink?
- Yes.
- I'm gonna do a martini, please.
- Sure.
- Extra dirty.
- Okay.
- Tito's soda.
Tito's soda.
-Are you okay? Great. I'll be back.
-Yeah. Thanks.
-I think, obviously, Jade crying shows
-It's fine.
- I get it.
- It means you still care.
- Like, I'm, like, at the tipping point.
- I understand.
Like, being with you. Like, I just
- Jade, I hear you.
- I'm hearing.
- I'm hearing. I'm listening.
- Just
We go so, so far back.
You were the maid of honor at my wedding.
However, it was a bit surprising
to go to lunch with Savannah,
to have her have to come to me and say,
"You can't trust Chloe.
You need to watch your back."
Like, what exactly did I do
that is hurting you so much
that you feel the need to tell people
in the company not to trust me?
Chloe, my husband cheated on me.
And when I'm down
and I opened up to you
and I told you how hurt I was,
you kicked me and you took the knife
and you stuck it in my back.
-How did I? What did I do?
- Pardon my interruption again.
- Don't worry.
- What can I get you for dinner?
- I'll get the tuna tartare, please.
I'll do, um, a steak.
- Medium rare?
- Uh
-Yes, please.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I think we both have done
a lot for each other in our friendship,
and I just think
I feel very disappointed in you.
And I'm sure you feel the same in me.
And I just I hope that there's
a way through this, but I mean, I
I mean, that's unfortunate.
-That what?
-That you are disappointed in me.
- That's unfortunate.
- Yeah.
There's no need to go around
the office saying, "I don't trust Chloe."
- You know Chloe
- It's not fair.
-I I own up to that.
And, like, I I shouldn't have done that,
and I was emotional.
I understand that,
but I think we should just
I won't talk about you,
you don't about me.
- Okay.
- Deal?
-I know you're workin' hard.
Don't go sit with Savannah and talk
about me. You're killin' it. Go kill it.
- Okay? You know, this is dumb.
- See?
That was a nice thing.
Now you say a nice thing.
Your hair looks good.-
- Like the extensions.
- Boobs look great.
Maybe a hug? I know we're not like
-We're not gonna be best friends
-Come here!
- I'm amazing!
- Next time you hurt me, I'll strangle you.
-Seriously, let's You know what it is?
-Actually, I'm going to strangle you.
It's communication. We need better
communication. And we're gonna work on it.
It's not worth it to have beef
with people at the office.
And even though sometimes
I feel like people are screwing up,
they're in the wrong,
I have realized that it's not always
my responsibility
to make them see their faults.
It's just better for me
to make amends with everyone,
stay in my lane, and get my work done.
This industry is so difficult.
And I know we all cry most of the time,
so you don't wanna be the energy
fighting with people
who actually love and support you.
Okay, guys, I have news.
- Oh, God, what?
- Are you pregnant?
But you're drinking.
No, I'm not. It's water.
-Oh my God.
-I'm having a baby.
Are you fucking joking?
Stop. No, I don't believe you.
I don't know why
I'm telling Jade I'm pregnant,
but something in me is telling me
that she's the first person I wanna tell.
That's exciting!
-You've been trying so long!
-You can't tell anybody.
She was, like, really my first friend,
like, in New York City.
And sitting here just looking at her,
feeling like I'm seeing the real Jade
again, my real friend, it just
You know, she's who I wanna tell
about my pregnancy.
-Is that why you were such a bitch?
I want Jade in my life.
And I want her in this baby's life.
So we gotta
just put all this bullshit behind us.
I'm not ready to be an aunt.
I'm too young and hot.
-You're not gonna be skinny anymore.
-Let it go.
I know, bitch. I fucking know. I know.
What do you think
this is gonna be about?
- I think it's gonna be good.
- I think we're all in trouble.
- No!
- Nah!
- I do.
- Need help?
Don't think like that.
I don't know what Ryan has up his sleeve.
Like, dude, what is this about?
So, like, you just yelled at us,
and now you're asking us to go to dinner.
I'm I'm confused. Is this is a good thing
or is it a bad thing?
- Just us?
- A box of emotion.
We got the private room.
Do you still love me just as much? ♪
Like in '95? ♪
We've been around ♪
Grey Goose slightly dirty martini.
-I'll just have a ginger ale.
-Club soda and lime.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- So I was about Hey!
- Hey.
- Hi.
- What's up?
- Good to see you. Love the suit!
- How are you?
- How are you?
- Good.
- How are you? Good to see you.
- Hi. Oh, don't get up for me.
- I do like that suit.
- It's really nice.
- It's very nice.
- Oh!
- The players! The closers!
- Yes! Here we are.
- How you doing?
- I'm good.
- Yeah?
- Thanks for meeting.
My goal tonight was I wanted to take out,
uh, some of my top earners to dinner.
Thank you.
- Sweet.
- I love it. I didn't know.
I was like, what's the catch here?
-Like, tell me about it.
-There's no catch, Tricia.
Right? Enjoy life.
-Drinks, ready for cheers.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
There's relationship advice
for when you get married
that says never stop dating.
And it's the same in any company.
I don't want my agents to divorce me.
Even if I'm focused on them all the time,
I gotta make sure I tell them
I'm focused on them.
Gotta tell them "I love you."
It's a weird analogy,
but for our our top salespeople,
I wanna I wanna treat them well,
and I wanna show them gratitude.
- Cheers.
- I love it.
So sometimes I need to treat people
to, like, steak dinners.
Yeah, just just like dating.
In all seriousness,
I wanted to have dinner with you
because I'm starting
to think about retention.
And, you know, I want people to be happy.
As happy as you were the day you got here.
Through up markets, down markets.
-And for the long term.
You sell a significant amount
of real estate.
I am probably more loyal to you three
than you are to me.
- Thank you for that.
- Yeah.
Jordan prides himself
on his loyalty to you.
-I am.
-I think you hurt his feelings.
-It's fine. He didn't mean it, Boo-Boo.
-I know.
-I know you're loyal. It's okay.
-You know I am. I'm a loyal-ass bitch.
It's okay. I get it.
I am super-great. But what am I bad at?
- What can I improve? Like, be honest.
- I think you're
I don't think you can be
as accessible as you wanna be.
-I feel like a lot of people
-Is that a promise I make and then can't
I don't know how
you would be able to execute that.
I think a lot of people come to this
brokerage expecting to work with Ryan.
- Yeah.
- Like, right by his side.
- Right.
- It's not realistic.
You can't give anyone that.
Whatever it is they need in that way,
there's not enough of that to go around.
I just wanna give people what they want.
I just want people to be happy.
Maybe it's because
I didn't have many friends growing up.
Or girlfriends. I don't know.
I need to talk to a therapist, probably.
But, like, when one of the things
everyone asks for
is to be able to have one-on-one time
with me and work alongside me,
what am I supposed to say?
"I'll pencil you in for 2027"?
But I hear I hear Tricia.
I hear what she's saying.
Ohhhh, there it is.
- This looks incredible. What?
- I'll put this down just
- Bananas.
- It's the perfect amount of gold.
- Thank you, Dino.
- This is incredible. Amazing.
You know, we're also entering
new territory as a company.
We had a team that left.
- Right?
- Yeah.
I take everything personally.
- I take it as "I am leaving you, Ryan."
- Mmm.
- You can't please everyone, right?
- Right.
Like, you know this industry.
And I think losing agents
and gaining great agents
is gonna continue to happen.
We can get a lot more done
if we stay focused on what's ahead of us.
But I do wanna make sure that I've set up
a culture and a community
that is so strong
and collaborative and exciting
that it kind of doesn't matter
what the market does
or what other offers
are gonna be out there.
That you're loyal to your business
and your business is best here
because we've set you up
with the tools and the platforms.
So I wanna make sure that
I can get ahead of it better next time.
-Our special desserts.
Oh, yeah. This is the dessert. Thank you.
- What is it? In a little bag?
- A little strawberry, cherry
Oh my God. What?
- This is a little something.
- What?
- What in the world?
- A little something from me.
- Honey!
- Ah! Yay!
- Come on, come on!
- What?
- Shut up!
- That's what I thought!
- Ooh!
- First of all, I love Cartier.
I gotta take care of my top producers.
- Beautiful.
- Come on.
Oh, you're so jelly.
-Thank you so much. That's amazing.
-Of course.
I don't think I've ever been
more excited about a gift in my life.
I'm a Cartier snob.
Sorry. Not sorry.
This is so cool!
This is my love language.
This is how you tell me you like me
and you think I'm pretty.
If he's trying to buy my love and loyalty,
he got me.
I'm here. What's next?
When you walk the front lines with me,
great things can happen.
You're not real estate agents
who work at SERHANT.
We are all aligned in partnership
as we build the greatest company
in the history of the world.
What a beautiful dinner.
Oh my God.
Thank you.
This is like
a battery in my back.
I'm like, "You thought
I was sellin' stuff before?"
- "Hold on to your goddamn wig."
- Oh my God.
- This is like a dream.
- Oh, I love it.
- I don't believe this is real.
- Yes!
- Oh my God.
- That's what's up!
- I love it!
- Okay, so, they know me here.
Everything's taken care of.
You guys have drinks, whatever you want.
- Everything is on me. Sound good?
- Thank you, Daddy.
Have fun tonight. Be safe.
- See you.
- Appreciate you.
- Of course.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- Bye. See you later.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Yes, bitch.
- That is amazing.
- That's good!
- Oh my God.
- Top producer hug.
Hi, Ryan.
Hi. So I, um I got your texts.
Yeah. So, the deal fell through.
-I I don't understand.
-We are no longer moving forward.
I I don't understand.
-When we showed up, Jonathan was there.
And it just became
incredibly uncomfortable.
What happened?
- He brought up the furniture.
- Yep.
How they loved the couch.
And he made a comment along the lines of,
"You won't be able to afford that."
It was so unprofessional.
They were just completely turned off
and offended.
They really liked their time with you.
But then, once he stepped in that door,
it completely changed everything for them.
I I I don't know what to say to you,
to be honest.
First, I'm sorry,
and incredibly frustrated.
I am as well.
I mean, this was
the perfect place for my clients.
-It still could be! It's still there.
I'll meet you there.
We could sell it right now.
I'll meet you there.
Say say say,
"Ryan met you. He apologizes."
I will I'll give him a couch.
I don't care what the couch costs.
I'll buy it.
I'll throw in the fucking couch. Okay?
They specifically said,
"We do not wanna do a deal with SERHANT."
They have actually moved
in a different direction,
where they have put in an offer elsewhere.
They were looking quick,
and they made a decision.
I get it, I get it, I get it.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Um
I'm sorry. Super, super frustrating.
Super f frustrating.
Uh, but thank you. I'll
I'll see you on the next one, I guess.
-See you then.
Good luck. Bye.
God fucking damn it!
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