Ozark (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

My Dripping Sleep

1 [vultures screeching.]
Here's what I don't get.
We paid you to put this stuff inside the house.
It's of no use to me out here.
Like I said before, sir, we weren't contracted to move - anyone else's furniture out.
- Right, "contracted.
" In the history of moving, have you ever been contracted to drop someone's shit on the front yard? - Marty.
- Work with me.
They forgot the toy chest.
The what? Charlotte's toy chest.
The one I made her.
How is that a priority? Okay? Sir! I want you to give me one example.
I want you to tell me one example of someone who said, "We'd like you to take everything that we own and dump it on our front lawn.
Make sure you don't put anything on the inside of the house.
" Give me one example of that, and I'll drop it.
Can't do it.
It's never happened.
Ma'am, there's a number on the receipt.
- You can file a claim.
- Thank you.
I will.
- That's it, you're just gonna leave now? - Yep.
- [Wendy.]
- [Marty.]
- We'll move it in ourselves, I guess.
- Do you Supposed to be in the fucking service business! - Just calm down.
- [engine starting.]
- Why should I calm down? - Because you're gonna scare the kids.
At least I didn't tell them that their father launders money for a drug cartel.
Okay, you wanna get into this right here, right now? [Charlotte.]
Marty! Wendy! All right, well Everybody grab a box.
Let's go.
Okay, kids, if you're not gonna help, let's just go over what you're gonna say when somebody asks you why you're here.
- How about that? - Charlotte, come over here, please.
Pretty comfortable in my driveway bed.
- Charlotte.
- Over here right now, please.
This is important.
What do you say when somebody asks what you're doing here? We bought a resort called the Blue Cat.
That's exactly right.
We bought a resort called the Blue Cat.
And while I'm there today doing my job, your job is to get your boxes up into your rooms.
- Okay? - What's Wendy's job? [Wendy.]
Getting groceries.
If you don't like your jobs, you're free to go find a real job and help out the family.
- How long are we here? - Is your cartel after us? It is not my cartel, and no one is after us, pal.
Uh, hopefully, we're only here a few months.
Why did you tell us the real reason we're here? - Because you're too smart for bullshit.
- Please don't pander.
I'm not pandering.
You both have a right to know why your lives were uprooted, and the more you know, the safer you'll be.
Is it? Or is it 'cause you wanted us to turn on Marty here? You know, I found bus fares.
Caitlin said I could live with them - [Marty.]
That's never gonna happen.
- No, ma'am.
Her mother drinks every day.
[engine idling.]
[camera shutter clicking.]
But you are laundering money.
I'm I'm helping people, uh, get their money back into the bank - so they can pay their taxes.
- [cell phone chimes.]
I got a job interview.
- What? How? - Technology.
- I'll give you a ride.
- No, thanks, I can Uber.
Wendy, you know, you can borrow the minivan for the groceries, and I can use Buddy's car out back.
- Do either of you want anything? - [Charlotte.]
Maybe you could pick up some pistachio ice cream? Organic, please? [cell phone chimes.]
Oh, shit.
There's no Uber.
I'm happy to give you a ride when I'm done with my day, if you can wait.
Now, listen I know this is a bad situation.
I get it.
But we're all in this together.
We're gonna suck it up.
Whining's not gonna help.
That's your pep talk? That's my pep talk.
Also, grab a box.
[camera shutter clicking.]
You gotta be kidding me.
If I was kidding, I would've said you're witty and handsome.
You can't do that! - Watch me.
- What the fuck? - Russ! - [Russ.]
Now, Ruth, we were all involved.
We should at least get our cut.
It's just fair.
You spent $900 on Jack Daniel's and fireworks.
And for the record, life's not fair.
You'll be thanking me when I parlay that coin into a better roof over our heads.
You're missing the big picture.
She's not missing the big picture, Pops.
She just doesn't wanna waste it.
Come July 3rd, every tourist on that lake's gonna be too drunk or lazy to leave their Grady-White.
Black Cats and bottle rockets fetch double.
Lady Fingers and inch-and-a-halfers go times three.
And the Jack? Predilection for sour mash doesn't make a man stupid.
Doesn't inspire confidence either.
Point taken.
You know, you're not your daddy.
That's right.
And if Daddy were here, he would have hung you out by your ball sack already.
You want me to tell him that you're disrespecting me? Didn't think so.
Keep it shut about Byrdeman's eight mil.
You don't wanna be fighting the whole town for it.
[engine starting.]
All she ever says, "I'm telling Daddy.
" - You brought him up.
- Well, fuck that.
How long we gotta feel bad about what he did? Don't start with that again.
- I'm just saying - I know, I know.
"There's gotta be a statute of limitations about this shit.
" You're damn right there does.
Fuck me.
There you go.
["Still the Same" plays on jukebox.]
Good mornin'.
The, uh, gas tanks are filled.
- That's a waste.
- Why's that? Simple economics.
All supply, no demand.
I'll worry about that.
It's a good song.
Did you pick it? It's a Tuck specialty.
There are easier ways to take over a business than getting punched in the face.
Well, that should tell you something, shouldn't it? That you're a lousy fighter? That and, uh, I'm willing to do whatever it takes.
Okay? Long as it's in pleated pants.
Uh, listen, we need to increase traffic.
Um what do we have that no other place does? Uh, an investor that knows absolutely nothing about the Ozarks.
- And the cheapest gas.
- We don't have the cheapest gas.
We do now, and it's our siren song.
All the guests at the high-end resorts, they get ferried around.
So that's not our bread and butter.
What we're after are the families with the credit card debt.
Every one of our competitors, they raise their gas prices during the summer.
It's the logical thing to do, yeah? We lower ours.
And as we start to steal their traffic, maybe they lower theirs, too, to keep pace.
What do we do? We lower ours again, and we offer a burger and a beer for five bucks with every fill-up.
We buy the burgers at bulk so we're still in profit.
Saturdays, the busiest day of the week while everyone's scrambling, we raise our price ten cents while still keeping the burger deal.
Sunday, we start the cycle all over again.
Control the market.
Yeah? You win, I win, they win.
Are you high? No.
Your eyes, you look high.
- Oh.
- [door opens.]
I didn't sleep last night.
Well, maybe listen to one of your business lectures.
That might do the trick.
Burgers really five dollars with a fill-up? Yes, sir.
Uh, what'll you have to drink? Mm, Bud is fine.
You guys doing some work on the place? That's the word.
- [country music playing on radio.]
- When the leaves are fallin' In the cold November [turns off radio.]
[breathes deeply.]
["Still the Same" plays on jukebox.]
Hey, Tuck? There are other songs in there, pal.
Please? Different number, different letter.
You owe me a job.
- What? - Am I speaking Greek? - You owe me a fucking job.
- How do you figure that? It's not tough.
You got me fired from the last one.
You got yourself fired when you stole from our room under the guise of diligent service.
I'm not leaving without gainful motherfucking employment.
Why don't you use the 20 grand that you took from me? That should supplement your welfare.
- I'm not a welfare bum.
- No? There's a million other places you could probably work.
Not right before season.
All staffed up.
My daughter got an interview in under three minutes.
I doubt she got a rap sheet like mine.
Boy, you say that with such pride.
Listen, Martin wouldn't you agree that it's always a good idea to keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Hey, you told your uncles to kill me.
Do you remember that? - You're here, aren't you? - That's right, I am.
Isn't it better having someone working under you who knows all your dirty little deeds? I mean, if I were in your shoes, I'd sure as shit rather have someone like me nearby, instead of running my mouth to every Tom, Dick and Harry about the eight million cash you're swimming in.
Someone could get ideas.
Wanna take a little wade in that big pool of yours.
And then when it's over, when it's all said and done you'll find all your money's gone and you're at the bottom, with an anchor tied around your torso.
In theory.
Follow me.
- What are we doing? - Deposit this.
- What? Why? - Just do it.
- Okay.
- Good what? You, Ruth Langmore, just committed an overt act.
Wh-What the fuck's that? See this camera? It sees you.
And it saw you just make that deposit.
Now if I'm ever arrested for anything having to do with that money, the fact that you just made that deposit for me, the feds consider that an overt act.
Makes you an accomplice.
Simply put, if I ever go to prison, so do you.
Does that mean that I'm hired? You wanna wash dishes for minimum wage, you can be my guest.
[reporter on radio.]
And now, in local news, a man from Osage Beach was hurt in a boating accident late last night near mile marker four off the Gravois Arm.
According to the State Highway Patrol, Henry Bullock sustained several injuries when his boat struck a commercial dock.
Bullock was transported by ambulance to Lake Regional Hospital, where he has been pronounced stable.
The boat was severely damaged as well.
And now to sports, where the St.
Louis Cardinals look to extend their three-game winning streak - as they begin a - [country music plays.]
[preacher on radio.]
I will say, "I will stand up for God!" - [tunes through country music stations.]
- [radio cuts off.]
Fucking kill myself.
I know you're pissed off at your mother, but she still could've given you a ride.
Don't worry, I am just as pissed at you.
- But what Wendy did was wrong.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm Dad, she's Mom.
The first name business stops right now.
That understood? - And I want you to go easy on her.
- Why are you defending her? I'm sure you could tell us stuff.
I mean, bad things she's done that would poison us on her.
- Am I right? - Uh, Charlotte - you're gonna be late.
- [sighs.]
Hurry up.
Get in there.
[breathes deeply.]
This all sounds good.
So, would you consider yourself a self-starter? Yeah, definitely a self-starter, sure.
And I'd say I have leadership qualities, as well, but not to the point where I'd undermine the boss, or suck the air out of the room.
- Well, thank you.
- Yeah.
Could you start this weekend? Uh, could you excuse me for a moment, please? [Three.]
Oh, dude.
On three, pop shove, right now.
Hey! - [grunts.]
- [Three laughing.]
You just got hit by a girl! - Did I just see what I think I saw? - Yep.
- Good shot.
- [engine starting.]
[crickets chirping.]
[owl hooting.]
[door opens.]
You watching porn? No.
Just kidding.
Uh, you have any questions about this morning? - No, I'm good.
- You sure? Okay.
You know, if if you do, you can just ask.
Yeah? Okay.
- [man speaking Spanish.]
- [gunfire.]
Charlotte won't even call us Mom and Dad.
I've never hated the sound of my own name more.
You should've seen her when I told her I couldn't get that ice cream.
It was like Medusa.
I almost turned to stone.
Most kids wish that their biggest worry was ice cream.
- [typing.]
- But this isn't their biggest worry.
Wendy, I'm on it, okay? It's our worry, not theirs.
No, it's all of our worry.
You know this could mess them up for life.
I just spoke to Jonah, and and he's fine.
Besides, a little adversity isn't is not so terrible.
- Adversity? - Yeah.
Did either of us grow up with any advantages? Okay, this is not like being picked last for dodgeball, - or failing a class.
- I'm not saying that.
Oh, Jesus Christ, Marty.
You can't just rationalize this away.
I know what you think of me right now, and that's fine.
But I love my kids, and I'm not gonna fucking lose them.
Oh, come on.
Where are you going? I've got shit to figure out, Wendy.
The Blue Cat alone is not gonna cut it.
[man on TV cackling.]
[vehicle approaches outside.]
[engine turns off.]
[vehicle doors open, slam shut.]
[cackling continues on TV.]
What's up, ladies? Fuck happened to you? - [Wyatt.]
- [Three.]
Chick beat his ass.
Eat a dick, Three.
It was that, uh, Byrde girl.
You just gonna let that little piece get away with that? [sighs.]
No, Boyd.
You know I don't advocate hitting a woman.
Somebody needs to toughen him up.
Go on, get up.
Hit me.
Right here.
- [Russ.]
Step off, Boyd.
- Come on, hit me in the face.
Just What's that, uh, movie? Fuck.
Robert De Niro and the other - Step off.
- Raging Bull.
Yeah, Raging Bull.
That's it.
Come on, up.
Stand up and hit me I'm asking you, step away from my boy! [both grunting.]
- Fuck you, man! - All right, man.
Chill out.
We're cool.
Chill out.
- [Russ and Boyd grunting.]
- [glass shatters.]
What is it this time? - Who fucking knows? - Is Three fighting, too? Nah, he's fine.
He's basically passed out.
- What you reading? - [inhales sharply.]
[chuckles softly.]
You love that guy, huh? Yeah, except this one's non-fiction.
It's about when he had to write the movie for Moby-Dick for some hot-shit director.
Got no fucking rest.
Almost killed him.
[Ruth chuckles.]
You know what I read? - My phone.
- [both chuckle.]
That's fucking it.
- Hey, I was thinking.
- Yeah? Maybe, uh after you, like, invest some of that money or whatever, I could maybe borrow some to go someplace? Like a vacation? Florida or some shit like that? - Sure.
- Yeah.
Or for good, maybe.
Well, where are you gonna go? I don't know.
Well [sighs.]
Here's what I'll tell you we're gonna get a lot more than 20 grand soon.
Okay? You know, Wyatt in our world, it's it's good to be one of the smart ones.
Remember that.
Okay? [woman on TV.]
this season for the tri-county region.
The visitor bureau estimates high demand for boats and recreational vehicles.
So make those reservations soon.
And now, a word from our sponsors.
- [somber music plays.]
- I'm Sarah McLachlan, and I'm here to tell you about an innocent animal who's suffering and needs your help.
You can help rescue her from abusers, help her get medicine, shelter, food and love.
So, please, instead of changing the channel or running to the refrigerator for a snack, call the number on your screen, or go online and help us with a monthly gift, right now.
But not you, Marty.
Not you.
I don't trust you'll care for these animals.
In fact, if you adopt them, they'll die.
So, please, pledge with me now to save these animals.
Just a small act of kindness can help save a life.
For just $18 a month, we'll send the [man on TV.]
They are eager to join her on the hunt, but still far too young.
They would only endanger themselves and give away her presence.
As prey migrate away - from the drying plains - [Buddy coughing.]
so, too, must the lioness venture beyond her familiar territory into the territory [Buddy continues coughing.]
[wheezing and coughing.]
[floor creaking.]
[birds twittering.]
Goddamn it.
What is it? Fuck.
Get some sleep? Uh, no, but I feel fine.
[screeching in distance.]
What is that? Do you hear that? Jesus.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! - Hey! - [wings fluttering.]
Oh! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
That's disgusting.
What, you didn't you didn't hear vultures in our backyard? No.
- I wanna know how this got here.
- Maybe coyotes? Mm-mmm.
Someone would've had to drag it and then leave it.
I'll see if the old man's got a wheelbarrow.
[vulture screeches overhead.]
- [Marty.]
- [Evans.]
Byrde? [Marty.]
Trevor Evans, FBI.
- Have a second? - How's it going? - All right.
- Sure.
What can I do for you? We're looking into the disappearance of your partner, Bruce Liddell.
The disappearance? What do you mean? Exactly what I said.
Neither he nor his fiancée have been heard from in almost a week.
Oh, God.
When's the last time you two spoke? Um uh Tuesday? Last Tuesday, I think.
- What time? - Uh, I'm not sure.
Disappeared, huh? Our records indicate he called you that night at, uh, 11:47 p.
- Yeah, that sounds right.
- That right? Yeah, could be.
You spoke for a minute and 12 seconds.
What'd you talk about? - Well, we didn't.
- You didn't? No, he left a message.
Uh He, um, he Uh, he said a lot.
He was rambling a bit.
You know, maybe drunk.
Uh, I'd called him earlier in the day, and I I'd told him that that I I wanted to dissolve the partnership.
- Uh, so maybe that's - Why'd you dissolve the partnership? I, you know, I thought that that he was maybe doing something illegal.
I don't know.
And why did you think that? 'Cause he was He just started acting different.
He was nervous about something, definitely, and I caught him making a couple of calls in Spanish.
- Do you know Spanish? - I don't.
Uno, dos, tres.
That's it.
And I had no idea that he did, yeah.
So I asked him about it, and and he was evasive.
That's what set off the, uh the the alarms.
You know, and [Charlotte.]
Hey, hermit crab.
This is so fucked, isn't it? Well, Dad's a drug dealer.
If he's a dealer, then I'm a user 'cause I take Advil.
[indistinct yelling in Spanish, gunfire over speakers.]
- [sighs.]
- Those are Dad's coworkers.
[shouts continue.]
Just stick with porn.
When you think about it, it's always been, uh, a little bit off.
- You know.
- Here you go, honey.
- Oh.
- Hello.
Trevor Evans, FBI.
- FBI? What's going on? - Yeah.
We believe your husband's partner was murdered.
- Murdered? Hang on.
- Oh, my God.
You said "disappeared.
" What makes you think he was murdered? How'd Bruce take it when you dissolved the partnership? Uh, he didn't take it well, like I told you.
So that's why you emptied your bank accounts and left Chicago? No, sir.
I have a business opportunity here.
What are you implying? I think the two of you should know that Bruce was working with us as an informant against them.
What? Who's "them"? Come on, Wendy.
You know.
Know what? Let's all stop playing this game, shall we? It's gotta be exhausting, right? The lying, the running.
Aren't you both tired? These people are murderers.
They skin people alive or they they hang them from bridges to make a point, or if if they want someone to just disappear they dissolve their bodies in acid.
We all know the cartel killed Bruce.
Who's next? You? Your kids? You need to tell us what we want to know.
I don't know anything about Bruce's involvement with any cartel.
We can get you in witness protection.
Keep you safe.
We had an opportunity, and and we made a choice to move our family to to a more peaceful place.
Did you have any idea he was working for them? What do you think? I'm so sorry.
I gotta get the rest of this shit off the yard.
You okay? I'm getting used to betrayal.
- What are you doing here? - Working.
- What's it look like? - I didn't hire you.
Take it up with Marty.
Would you look at that? Shit's so clean you can eat right off it.
I don't hire criminals.
Well, all I've seen is a hard worker.
2009, a series of off-season break-ins in Osage Beach.
2012, a chop shop in Camdenton doing 15 cars a week.
- Should I Should I continue? - No, I'm sensing a trend.
Okay, good.
'Cause I haven't even gotten to the aggravated assaults yet.
Uh, look, she doesn't work for the Blue Cat.
She works for me.
Well, maybe you wanna talk to me next time.
People deserve a second chance, just like businesses.
If she steals so much as a fork, she is gone.
[boat engine revs.]
That there what you meant about another revenue stream? Pumping gas on a dock? [chuckles.]
Can't say as it makes me wish I'd gone to business school.
How can I help you? Don't tell me you don't recognize me.
You were all up in my titty bar, all full of ideas on how I should go about my business.
What was it that you called yourself, again? A silent partner? Secret Santa? It was some kind of investor.
- Angel investor.
- Angel, that's right.
You're funny.
Fill her up, son.
I I was told, over the phone, that you had organic pistachio ice cream.
So now that I'm here, all-all I see is mint.
Please tell me you have some in the back.
- Um, no, ma'am.
We don't.
- What do What do you mean, no? No? Um - I'm sorry, you made a mistake.
- I drove an hour and a half to come to this particular supermarket because one of your employees told me that you had pistachio ice cream! - Yes, ma'am, I understand - No, I don't think you do! I mean, is is mint the same as pistachio? - No, ma'am.
- Huh? Is it? Is it? I mean, it tastes nothing like pistachio.
One has has chips, and the other has nuts.
Can you not tell the difference? Because I sure as hell can! [Evans.]
She was calm.
Like her hubby.
They were unified in their story.
I [sighs.]
Still not certain it was the right tactic.
Well, by announcing yourself in the front, they won't be watching the back.
[Evans chuckles.]
And that's presumptuous.
I was going to stay.
Well, and that is presumptuous.
- Breakfast tomorrow? - Too busy.
You're a sociopath.
You know that, right? Because I don't wanna be seen in town with a fed? I don't wanna blow my cover on day one because my ex-boyfriend, the only black man in a suit, with a badge, for 50 miles, is, what? He's too insecure to eat breakfast by himself? Take care agent.
Wendy! Unless you have something nice to say, I don't wanna hear it.
I've had a shit day.
What was shitty about it? Ice cream, Marty.
I accosted a kid at a store over fucking pistachio ice cream.
- Okay.
- No, it's not okay.
It's not okay at all.
And I I'm not gonna be a victim over everything that happens.
Especially since I'm responsible for most of it.
[Marty exhales heavily.]
Sorry, what'd you say? [boat approaching.]
What the hell are they doing so near our house? That's probably because Charlotte punched the older kid in the face.
- What? When? - Yeah.
Yesterday, I think.
You know, this partnership in parenting thing, it doesn't work unless you tell me what's happening.
Just did.
[engine roaring.]
They're trying to intimidate us.
Dead animals pop up.
Now they're stalking us.
Yeah, it's probably 'cause Charlotte, she punched the older kid in the face, um I think yesterday.
- Yeah.
- Get some sleep, Marty.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Nothing good's ever come from deprivation, right? Yeah, you're right.
[toilet flushing.]
Hello? Hello, Sam? [bathroom door opens.]
Sam? Hey! Welcome.
Thank you for coming.
That's a greeting.
No, no.
It's not that.
It's just You know what, just Never mind.
Is there a problem with the house? Is it Buddy? Is he just I was wondering if you might want or or need some help? Help? Like, selling houses? No, no, no, no.
Of course not.
But maybe in the office.
Or, you know, I I could help decorate the homes.
Yeah, I'm good at that.
Uh, so so let me level with you.
You've seen my inventory.
My niche is sort of rundown spots off the water.
And I was lucky to list Buddy's house.
Plus, my mom stages the houses for me, and she's pretty territorial.
So [Wendy snoring.]
[snoring continues.]
[male announcer.]
And here's the two-two pitch.
Got him with a short.
Hernández up with it and throws him out.
Another one-two-three inning for the young [continues indistinctly.]
- [somber music plays.]
- Hi.
I'm Sarah McLachlan, and I'm here to tell you about an innocent animal who's suffering and needs your help.
You can help rescue her, help her get medicine, shelter [remote clatters.]
[Marty sighs.]
Let's get some fresh air and figure out how to wash more money.
Something fucking stronger, all right? Smoke and mirrors? Come on, dickhead.
Come on.
Do I steal? Huh? What's the play, Bruce? What are the rules to this game? I don't know it.
A whole new game.
Right, Bruce? What do I gotta do, pal? What's the play, buddy? I tag up? Do I steal? I need to play a little something different.
- [sighs.]
- ["Still the Same" plays.]
Turn off the song, Tuck! Just think it through, buddy.
Fuck! [water bubbling.]
- [sighing.]
- You always won Every time you placed a bet You're still damn good [man speaking indistinctly over microphone nearby.]
[man continues speaking over microphone.]
"Do not despise these small beginnings," he said.
"For the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.
To see the plumb line in Zerubbabel's hand.
" God was telling Zechariah - to not worry what folks may think.
- [engine cuts off.]
That in any situation, He would be there to help build it back up.
He said He said, "Small beginnings can bring down mountains.
- And what are you, mighty mountain?" - [engine starts.]
"Before Zerubbabel, you will become level ground.
And then then he will bring out the capstone to the shouts of 'God bless it.
'" Now, if you'd all open up your hymnals to page 139 let us join together in song.
Thanks for checking on me the other night.
What's that? When I was aspirating a lung.
Wasn't that you creaking around upstairs? Not checking on me? Sorry.
Boy, uh, you know, Buddy any chance you could start throwing on some trunks? You got people in the house now.
Nice chatting with you.
The the kitchen's right around here.
There's such a great feel to it.
It's the perfect starter home to raise a family.
- Oh, Sam, hi.
Um - Hey.
This is Sam, who's the actual listing agent.
And they just popped in while I was setting up.
That's great.
Hey, um, can I talk to you for just a second? Mm-hmm.
I'm sorry.
I just I thought my furniture would be more useful here than in storage.
No, it's it's great.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I know how to sell the idea of a happy family.
Mom's gonna be pissed.
Uh, the kitchen is is right around here.
- ["Still the Same" plays.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
- What? - You're pretty.
You ever listen to old-school hip-hop? Tupac, Eazy, shit like that? No, but I will start.
- It's my favorite swimming cove.
Okay? - Okay.
- [girl screams, laughs.]
- All right, you guys have fun.
- Oh, hang on, one second.
- [man.]
Looks good, huh? It'll look even better at night, obviously, all lit up.
But, um, maybe we don't even need it.
Look at all these people.
We're not even in season yet.
What do you think? You like the sign? Sure.
"Sure"? That's it? What am I supposed to say? Rachel, you did not have to take my money if you didn't want it.
I know.
Don't get my hopes up.
No, honestly, we just we needed a change.
And it's it's a nice resort.
Well, it's a fixer-upper, that's for sure.
Oh, the kids are great.
Yeah, yeah, they're great.
There's a huge, huge lake here.
So, you know, what's not to like? I know.
I I know.
[vultures screeching.]
Linda, I have to call you back.
Let me call you back.
- Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Shh Shoo! - [screeching.]
Fuck! Either of you, you fuck with my daughter, you come near my house again, it'll be you the vultures are picking at.
[Charlotte sighs.]
It's melted.
Well, it'll be in the freezer when you want it.
[opens, shuts freezer.]
Mom, uh [camera shutter clicks.]
[posts picture.]
"It's the only loss you could forsake, it's the only bluff you couldn't fake.
You're still the same.
" - What is that? Is that Bob Seger? - It is.
Do you even like Bob Seger? Uh-uh.
No, not anymore.
It's not enough.
It's not enough.
What's not? [sighs.]
I gotta be something else.
- Like what? - I gotta man up.
I gotta I gotta be something else.
It's It's not enough.
Not in three months.
I gotta I gotta take the fight to them.
I gotta get dirty.
I gotta [sighs.]
[shower running.]
[hip-hop music playing.]
- So, what do you want to do? - Yeah, can you just dance? Can you just Can you just face me and dance, and just look me right in the eye, and don't stop.
Okay? Okay.
[inhales deeply.]
I want you to tell me about your boss.
I'm a fucking sociopath? [chuckles.]
Me? I'm not the drone operator eating Hot Pockets while he bombs a hospital in Kabul.
A satellite killer with plausible deniability, hmm? [breathes heavily.]
All the while, the number of overdoses in this country just blows up like a fucking piñata.
[breathes heavily.]
[man gags.]
You okay, man? Yeah.
Your money's on the table.
[exhales deeply.]
You got issues, dude.
So I've been told.
- What are you doing up? - I couldn't sleep either.
Are you okay? [sighs.]
I don't expect you to forgive me but I am trying to make everything right.
Okay? I know.
You sure? Yeah.
- Who loves you? - You do, Dad.
[Marty inhales deeply.]
[sighs deeply.]
Where you going? Mmm.
[gun cocks.]
- What the fuck is that? - [gasps.]
- What? - That.
The fucking kitty cats in the cage.
I told you not to touch that fucking money.
They're not kitty cats.
They're bobcats.
Tell her, Russ.
You'd be surprised, the market for exotic pets.
Look online.
They're all over this area.
Make a hundred times what we've spent with the cats.
Get the fuck over there.
[cats calling softly.]
You see a pair of balls on either of them? Goddamn it, Boyd.
I told you three times to check the undercarriages.
What are they gonna fucking do, scissor each other? Why you getting on us? We know you been working - for that Byrde dude.
- So? Quit while you're behind! How you gonna get his money working for minimum wage? Fuckin' A.
What? Get in there.
- Fuck that.
- [gunshot.]
I mean it! Now, you disobedient motherfuckers! Get in! Calm the fuck down, Ruth.
The fuck you doing? - Very funny.
- Shut the fuck up! Listen good.
I do have a plan.
I'm working with Martin so I can learn how to launder for us.
When I do, I'm gonna take the money and kill him.
You got anything to say about that? That's a sound plan.
Get some sleep.
Wait a minute.
You You just gonna leave us in here? - ["Nobody Speak" playing.]
- [Ruth.]
Looks like that.
- Fucking idiot.
No, fuck you! - Fuck you.
Picture this I'm a bag of dicks Put me to your lips I am sick I will punch a baby bear in his shit Give me lip I'ma send you to the yard Get a stick Make a switch I can end a conversation real quick I am crack I ain't lyin' Kick a lion in his crack I'm the shit, I will fall off in your crib Take a shit Pinch your momma on the booty Kick your dog, fuck your bitch Fat boy dressed up like he's Santa And took pictures with your kids We the best We will cut a frowny face in your chest Little wench I'm unmentionably fresh I'm a mensch, get correct I will walk into a court while erect Screaming, "Yes! I am guilty motherfuckers, I am death" Hey, you wanna hear a good joke? Nobody speak, nobody get choked Hey Get running Start pumping your bunions, I'm coming I'm the dumbest Who flamethrow your function to Funyuns Flame your crew quicker Than Trump fucks his youngest Now face the flame, fuckers Your fame and fate's done with I rob Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty Linus and Lucy Put coke in the doobie Roll woolies to smoke with Snoopy I still remain that dick grabbin' slacker That spit a loogie 'Cause the toter of the toolie'll Murder you friggin' Moolies Fuck outta here, yeah Nobody speak, nobody get choked, hey Nobody speak, nobody get choked, hey Nobody speak Nobody speak, nobody get choked
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