Ozark (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

Coffee, Black

1 Attention, Superstore shoppers.
Stock up on cold weather gear, now ten percent off with our September Super Savings Sale.
Hey, sport.
How can I help? - Hi.
- Hi.
Wanna handle her first, or you ready to buy? I'm ready.
You got a photo ID? All right.
Just gonna need you to fill this out here.
Pen there.
There you go.
You want a scope and a sling for that, too? Yes, please.
Does make for a nicer profile.
Now this sling might give you a little trouble.
These little spring clips If you need any assistance, just let me know.
There you go.
Let's see this.
Think you made a mistake here.
This one.
See, I can't sell this to you if you're acquiring it on behalf of someone else.
Think you meant to check that box? That's the one.
All right.
You want a high-capacity magazine with that? - Okay.
- Good call.
Okay, you're all set.
Have a Superstore day! I got it.
Thanks, man.
- I'll call you later.
- Okay.
You promise you'll keep that safety on? I promise.
- See ya.
- See ya.
You kids ready? We're gonna be late.
I can't find my Chucks.
Well, pick some different shoes, 'cause we're leaving, okay? Jonah, do you hear me? We gotta go, pal.
Come on.
I poured you a cup.
Thank you.
Do you want me to go to the church with you today? Uh, no, it's okay.
I can deal with Nix myself.
- You didn't need to sleep on the couch.
- I felt like I should.
Charlotte, Jonah, get a move on.
He just sits there.
Who is he? Is he dangerous? Uh, no.
He's not dangerous.
He's a colleague.
Why don't you wave to him? What, Buddy? Oh, nothing.
I was just thinking if my ex-wife and I had had it out like that we might still be together.
Anyway the two of you are up to your ballsacks in drama, tell you that.
Burn patterns point to this spot right here.
Used an accelerant, probably gasoline.
What my fire guy says, anyway.
You know anyone might want to burn this place down? Mr.
Byrde? Uh, can't think of anyone, no.
And you intend to collect insurance on this property? Mm-hmm.
I got a, uh, builder's risk policy, but we weren't that far into construction, so I doubt it's even gonna cover the cost to clear the site.
Yeah, well, you won't be clearing the site anytime soon, anyway.
This arson investigation, it'll take a while.
I've got a I got a crew coming in to haul all this stuff away this afternoon.
Well, sorry.
No can do.
Sheriff, you don't understand.
I've got a contract to clear this property.
Well, and you don't understand, I have an active crime scene.
Which means your work is gonna have to wait.
End of story.
Excuse me.
And change to you.
Thank you.
I convinced the pastor to go back out onto the water.
You didn't have to burn that goddamn place down.
Plus, I could have bulldozed it, you know.
I could have used the expenses.
That's what that place is about, the expenses.
Without expenses, I can't launder.
And if I can't launder, my boss gets pissed off.
Understand? Now the whole fucking site's on lockdown for an arson investigation.
We didn't burn down your church.
Mason did.
- Thanks again, Jacob.
- Pleasure, Tim.
Mason burned it down? It was a gesture, Martin.
Some people understand the importance of gestures.
You didn't convince Mason of shit.
We did.
Fact, all you did was tell him about our operation.
A fact which, quite frankly, makes us question your intelligence.
You gave us distribution, but you stole our anonymity.
So you wanna know what we did? We stole yours.
Told Mason all about you.
And by the looks of those ashes, the good pastor wants nothing to do with your dirty money.
Be grateful it was only your church that went up in flames.
Why is there a Mexican sitting on your house? Agent Evans.
I remember.
Last chance for witness protection.
Excuse me? We're moving on your husband, Wendy.
With or without you.
I don't understand what you're talking about.
The wave's about to crash on him.
I'm throwing you a life raft.
Take it.
Maybe I'll go introduce myself to that Mexican man.
Oh, you know, I really don't think that'd be in your best interest.
- Mine? - 'Cause you see, if we are who you say we are, and that man is who you suspect he is, then you alerting him to your identity as an FBI agent only serves to have my family killed.
You'd lose your alleged witnesses, who you so desperately need for whatever it is you're after.
And, you know, I bet that's why you tracked me down here at work instead of approaching me at home, within his view.
You have a very good day.
Looks good, right? Morning.
You know, I been thinking.
There's a lot of good fishing spots in this country.
Towns a lot better than this one.
Rivers that really run.
- Cleaner lakes, in places that are - Hey, Russ.
Places that me and you could That we could be.
There's this spot in Oregon.
I'm sure we could get an investor and Russ, stop.
I need you to hear something.
Promise me that you won't try to kill Martin Byrde again.
I need the words.
- Why is - Just listen.
I won't try to kill Marty Byrde again.
What is that? Well, it amounts to a confession.
No, but why do you have it? I'm an FBI agent.
And I have you on conspiracy to commit murder.
What the fuck? Class B felony in Missouri is five to 15 years Fuck you talking about? I don't want you to serve that.
I've got a way you don't have to.
I need Martin Byrde.
What? You help me get him, and they will cut you a deal.
You understand what's happening right now? Russ.
- I don't know shit about Byrde.
- Ruth does.
Get something on Ruth that'll force her to turn State's against him.
You've already got her for the dock.
- I didn't see her rig it.
- You saw it rigged.
- It's not the same.
- But she did it.
- She told me she did it.
- That's hearsay.
Without real evidence, I need a confession.
I can't breathe.
- Here.
Here, here, here.
- I can't fucking breathe.
Just drink some water.
Fuck you, you faggot fuck! - You fucking turned me! - I You fucking turned me! Get the fuck off me! Stay down! You think I just happened to be right next to you when I needed somebody who knew the lake? Huh? I found you.
'07, Jeff City.
You were arrested for picking up a 19-year-old male prostitute.
So, no.
No, I did not fucking turn you.
Now you work with me or everyone's gonna know about it.
Now I'm gonna get up.
And when I do, I advise you to remember you're dealing with a federal agent.
Sign them.
Permission to bug your trailer.
A garbage truck? Yeah.
She was taking the open house sign to the front of the yard.
Oh, my God.
- It's my fault.
I picked a fight.
- No.
Well, I did.
It is, 'cause I was telling her about you and Marty, and how you two are married, and just to mess with her and she was being mean.
And childish.
It was - so stupid.
- Oh, Sam.
And I fired her.
- You fired - Yeah.
Do not blame yourself.
I'm never gonna be able to take out the garbage without thinking about her.
Sam, should you go home? I mean, I can I can cover things here.
Yeah, okay.
Are you hungry? Have you eaten today? I can I can go pick something.
I can bring it by.
Those cheese hash browns from the Pancake House.
- You love those.
- Uh No, there actually There's something, though, you could do.
I'm gonna need some of that money back from Marty.
Oh, I'm I'm not sure that's advisable.
Just financially, it's I mean, well, my mom had a lot of requests for her funeral.
Those are gonna add up.
Of course.
I'll I'll talk to Marty tonight.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
You just let me back in until the end of the week.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
Look, true or false? You have no idea what it is that I do or who I do it for.
- That is not the point.
- Right? You've never helped me and I will make sure you never would help me.
You never signed anything.
You never even handed me a goddamn pen.
Which means there will be nothing to implicate you in whatever it is that I do, okay? - Jesus, Marty.
- Even so, I know that if the authorities caught me, if they busted me, they would try everything to link you to me, right? And it would be difficult for you to prove that you didn't conspire.
Unless, of course, I made it very easy for you to prove your innocence.
- What are you doing? - Your iPhone? Give me my phone.
Hold on.
One second.
This is almost over.
Rachel you let me back into the Blue Cat to finish my business, or I'm gonna come for you.
You understand what I'm saying? I will kill you.
I will throw your body in the lake and no one will find you.
No one will know.
I get caught, that's all you'll need.
Come on.
I miss this deadline, the whole family dies.
Just till the end of the week.
- And that's it? - Yeah.
Bury the hatchet? Thanks for not telling your dad about the other day.
Guess I was jealous.
Why? You've been getting so close to Byrde lately, it seems like you're more interested in laundering for the Mexicans than helping your kin.
I told you that wasn't the case.
You still want to kill him? Jesus, Russ.
- Can't you talk about anything else? - I'm I'm just saying.
You tried once.
It didn't work.
You gonna try again? I have shit to fold.
You fucking happy? I did what you asked.
Who the fuck is this? Russ, this is Agent Evans, your handler.
He'll be taking over all FBI interaction from here on out.
- Handler? - You can reach me at this number.
What the fuck you talking about? I'm done.
I did it.
You heard Ruth.
She admitted it.
Actually, you talked and she pretty much listened.
Nothing she said today was explicitly incriminating.
We need specifics.
Her plan to kill Marty, her role in the laundering process.
I'm not talking to you.
You're only talking to him from now on.
Man, fuck you! Go back.
Do it again.
Jesus, fuck.
You idiot.
What? Tell me you didn't.
I got it done.
You're a fucking animal.
I don't trust her.
I don't trust Rachel.
We're gonna have to.
If Evans gets to her, she'll fold.
Look, if I don't transfer the last of the $8 million today, we're all gonna be swinging from a bridge, all right? And that's including the money that I already cleaned out of Eugenia's account.
God knows what happens if Sam keeps asking for it.
- Just roll it forward.
- I got it.
I know.
I got it.
So, once the crew finishes with the air ducts, they're gonna lay the new carpet, they'll replace the kitchenettes, then we'll be out of Rachel's hair.
Don't have to worry about it.
No, we're gonna need this place when Del sends more.
We'll find new businesses.
Jesus fucking Christ.
It just never ends.
Don't know what you want me to say.
I'm worried about the $8 million today.
I haven't gone on to worry about the fact that the prize for saving our fucking lives is just to do it all over again, only ten times bigger.
Do you wanna talk about our fight? Nope.
You do, though, huh? No.
I said everything I need to say.
I just wonder if you heard me.
I heard you.
- Did you hear me? - Yes, actually.
If we weren't stuck, would we still be together? I don't know.
Thank you for not taking that FBI deal.
Honestly Please.
Hey, Wendy? I mean, what the fuck do they have on us? Oh, shit.
Well, that's all we need.
Hey, Wendy? - Sam, hi.
- Hey.
- So, I just Hey, Marty.
- Hey, Sam.
Hi, buddy.
Look, I'm I'm sorry to bother you but, uh, I did a little more thinking last night about my mother's funeral request and I definitely think I'm gonna need that money.
Buddy, I'm really, really sorry to hear about Eugenia.
- Your mother was a real fine woman.
- Thank you.
Listen, uh we understand that you you want to give her the kind of send-off she deserves, but, you know, as your new financial planner, I got I gotta advise you that that oftentimes there are penalties for early withdrawal of funds and it can get very, very expensive.
Right, but I've got to do it, though, so, I mean You know, and also the market took a big dip last week.
I don't know if you knew that.
- Um, I just - Okay.
Any way you can pay for the funeral with other savings? Well, it's really not any of your business how I pay for the funeral, Marty.
No, no, I know.
I know.
Um I mean, my mother's gone.
No, I get it.
I just think it's not Okay, so just give me my fucking money.
Oh, Sam.
Sam, we're just trying to help.
Look, do I Do I have to get a lawyer? - No, no, no.
Let's Sorry.
- Let's back up here.
- I mean, it's my mother.
So, I don't - I understand.
So, I mean, I don't I don't care if the penalties are gonna be 50 fucking percent.
I got an idea.
How about we cover the cost of the funeral? No interest loan.
You can pay us back out of the fund after we're done with the penalty phase.
That way you don't lose any additional money.
- It's a great idea.
- Yeah.
- So So, you'll pay for it? - Absolutely.
This is an awful time for you.
I can't imagine.
I don't want to make it worse by you losing money and - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Let us do this.
We want to help.
Wow, that's, uh Look, I'm - I'm sorry for showing up like - Oh, please.
Wendy can go with you to the funeral home and help with the billing.
- What do you think? I got this.
- Yeah, sure.
I need to go clean up a little bit, but, uh, I'll go.
- Okay.
Yeah, sure.
- This is better.
- Cool.
Well, I'll be in the car.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Really appreciate it.
- Yep.
- How we gonna pay for this? - I'll call the bank.
I'll get a credit increase.
Funerals are what? Ten grand? I'm I'm sorry, what is it she wants? It's extreme embalming.
Uh, it started in Puerto Rico.
It's a celebration of their life, a way to show them at their best.
Mom saw it on Good Morning America.
- $12,000? - Yeah.
I understand she staged homes for a living.
Loved it.
Well, if you would like her hanging a piece of art, that would be quite beautiful, I think.
There would be an extra charge, though.
- And why is that? - Oh.
My engineers would have to figure out how to suspend the painting in a way that won't topple the corpse.
Probably a ceiling mount.
Oh, yeah.
That'll do it.
I also worked up a rough estimate of the other items we spoke about on the phone.
The full buffet.
Did you decide on a head count? - Between 100 and 150.
- That many? Yacht club, bridge club, Rotary.
Hundred and fifty, to be safe.
Sam, this is a lot.
Well, she always swore that she'd throw a funeral better than her wedding.
Stick it to my father.
So Mom, isn't it? Our compression services for the carat she requested runs $19,900, pre-tax.
And I brought some of these diamonds here to show you.
Well, I'm sorry.
I'm a little behind here.
What are these? Compression preserves our loved ones and keeps them with us.
We cremate the body, then use heat compression to convert the ashes into a diamond like these.
Yeah, Mom wanted me to have it in case I met somebody and decide to propose.
- Hey, Sam? - Yeah? Will you excuse us for a minute and just let me talk to Harry here about pricing? - Yeah, sure.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Harry it seems to me that some of this pricing just isn't accurate.
It is.
Well, but surely there's some room for negotiation? Not really.
What's the total? Pre-tax, it's $49,950 with the headstone.
What do you need a headstone for? She's a ring.
Of course.
Of course.
Hey, Harry? - Do you have a business partner? - Just me.
God, that's gotta be hard.
'Cause I was noticing that your your roof needs to be replaced.
And the the floor in the lobby and the wooden banister need refinishing.
And you know, it was amazing how, when we called, you were able to see us immediately.
You didn't have any appointments to reschedule.
You don't even have a receptionist.
Now, maybe that's because you don't need one, but I suspect it's because you can't afford one.
You're struggling.
And it seems to me you're trying to solve that problem by upselling and overcharging a man in grief who is my friend.
So what if I had an alternate solution? - Yes! I told you.
- Come on! Hey.
There's no hit man out front.
I transferred the last of the eight.
- We're done? - For now.
We did it.
I want one of those.
How'd that Sam thing go? We own a funeral home now.
Of course we do.
Gotta kill those fuckers.
- I know.
- What are you doing? - This controller's shit.
- You're shit.
- You're shit.
- 'Sup? So embarrassing.
My go.
Ruth, you and me? Wyatt, you guys and Boyd go down to the Steak 'n Shake and get some dinner.
- All right.
- Whoo! - You want a triple? - Uh, yeah.
I'll take a triple.
Chili cheese fries.
You know that Dumpster in the back Ruth wait a second.
Look, I need to know what the plan is with Byrde.
Dude, what's your deal? My deal is I wanna stop wiping other people's asses, finally.
And Wyatt, Wy's smart, you know.
He could go to college.
You want him saddled with that debt? You know, you barely care if he goes to high school.
He can miss a few days with that brain of his.
If you want that cash so bad, you do it.
But you you were the one who learned to clean it.
That was the whole plan.
- Get outta my way.
- No.
Just say you'll try it again.
You're acting fucking weird.
Just want to make sure you're holding up your end.
Kill Marty Byrde and get his money.
I never wanted to kill Marty Byrde.
That was your idea.
And, frankly, I don't know why you want to kill him so badly.
He's a good guy and a great businessman.
And since I'd very much like to keep my job, how about you kindly get the fuck out of my way? - What? - She's onto you.
No, she's not.
She's just a She's just a bitch.
Fucking plays head games with everyone about everything.
Doesn't mean shit.
I I can do this.
Try again, but don't push so damn hard.
You'll blow it.
Can I talk to you, Boyd? - Thought you wanted food.
- They can go alone.
Wyatt, take my truck.
Keys are in it.
Get over here, Boyd.
- Where the fuck we going? - Shut up and get over here.
Oh, God I'm killing him tomorrow.
What? Marty.
Gonna get his money.
- The fuck you talking about? - I'm leaving town.
I'll get you your half, okay? Leaving? Wait, I thought Ruth was taking care of him.
No, Ruth ain't doing shit.
She's fucking stalling.
Russ, what's going on? Why are we standing out here in the woods right now? I fucked up.
There's feds.
They're in town.
- Feds? - FBI.
- Somehow been watching me.
They got me.
- What are you talking about? They got me on conspiracy to to murder Byrde.
- What the How the fuck? - Yeah.
They had somebody They had somebody undercover.
That fisherman? They'd cut me loose if I could help them get Ruth.
- Ruth? - Yeah.
I mean, they really want Byrde, but Or Byrde's boss, or his boss' boss I don't fucking know.
But first, Ruth.
And then they get her to do what they're doing with me, except with Marty.
- They'd cut her a deal? - If she helped 'em.
- Well, then do it.
- No.
It It - You gotta do it, Russ.
Yes! - No.
No, I can't No, she knows.
She fucking knows.
I tried to get her to incriminate and she figured it out.
You remember that shit Cade would do when he knew you was lying about something? Stone cold and then all smiles and shit? She just did that.
She knows.
I can't get the feds what they want, they're gonna put me away.
Fifteen years.
I'm gonna kidnap Marty get his money and kill him.
With feds in town? The boys and I will be in Canada before they know what happened.
I'm coming with you.
- Boyd - You're my brother.
What the fuck have I got here, anyway? Do we really gotta kill him, though? Can't we just take the money and get? We can't.
He could tell the Mexicans about us.
Besides, they're gonna kill him anyway.
And worse.
It's mercy to murder him.
You got that? Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh, Jackie Blue Lives her life from inside of her room Delivery for Marty Byrde.
Okay, yeah.
We'll just tie that up in a sec.
- Uh, we're not expecting any delivery.
- He is.
'Course he is.
Is that a problem? No.
I'll just go ahead and sign for it.
No, can't.
It's gotta be him.
All right.
I will give him a call.
Hey, Jonah? What time is your dad getting back from the funeral? I don't know.
How How long are funerals, usually? I'll wait.
I need you to get down here.
There is a delivery for you.
You okay? I need a favor.
Heading out.
Get over here.
Thought you had the afternoon shift.
Gotta go to the store first.
Come on over here a sec.
Need to talk to you.
- Something wrong? - Just get over here.
What's up? Listen.
Your uncle and me come into a business opportunity.
Requires us to relocate.
- Business? - Yes, business.
Good business.
It'll pay for your college, you wanna go.
- Get you a four-wheeler, Three.
- Oh, shit.
But you gotta do what I say, okay? To the letter, so listen.
You put a movie on in the trailer when you go back in there.
Put it on loud.
And you start packing.
Just a few things, shit you can't live without.
Leave the fucking Xbox.
We'll get you another one.
And do not open your mouths when you're in there.
- That's important.
- But what's going on, though? Is someone listening or something? After this conversation, you do not talk about this.
Not with anyone.
Well, what about Ruth? - Especially not Ruth.
- Why not? 'Cause I said so, Three.
She's coming with us though, right? Keep your fucking voice down.
- Is she coming with us? - No! Well, what the fuck? She ain't invited, Wy.
- But she's Ruth.
Why not? - 'Cause there's shit in this world - you don't fucking understand! - Hey, Dad, come on! Calm down.
I'm your father.
We're leaving tonight, and you're gonna do what I fuckin' say.
Please? I love these.
Okay, there.
You're set.
Have a Superstore day.
What are you doing? - We can't talk in there.
- Why the hell not? - Dad said.
- Said what? I'm not supposed to be talking to you.
Wyatt, what the fuck's going on? Dad and Boyd got into some business thing and we're leaving town.
What thing? I don't know.
I'm guessing not actual business.
They took the guns.
When are they splitting? Tonight.
And you're going with them? He's my dad.
I'll let you know where we are when we settle.
I gotta get back inside.
You're finally getting out, huh? Oh, my God.
- How much? - Fifty mil.
How'd it get here so fast? Roller skates.
What the fuck do you think? Just drove it down from Chicago.
- It's not wrapped.
- So wrap it.
Fifty million? You're a smart man, Marty.
You'll figure it out.
But I'm gonna stick around, make sure it's safe.
Um, okay.
Well, we can't do it dressed like this.
We'll be back in an hour, okay? Can you pull this up to that corner cabin? See you in a bit.
You're gonna hide it here? Well, I can't use the storage facility.
The Snells know about it.
But what about Rachel? I don't have time to fuck around, Wendy.
Not with feds in town.
We already have to wrap it.
Skip wrapping it.
Just get it out of sight.
No, I can't just stack bills in a wall and call it a day.
There's rot, and there's termites, there's rats.
First year I did this, Bruce lost 300K in two days to squirrels.
But it's gonna take us days with just the two of us.
That's why we're gonna need more hands.
Couldn't spare a couple bucks for psoriasis, huh? - It's not our money.
- Yeah.
And it's not a disease.
- Oh, my God.
- Okay.
One more box to go.
I'm starving.
Yeah, you know, you two are breaking, like, ten child labor laws right now.
All right.
Let me hammer this piece in.
I'll go see what Rachel's got in the kitchen, okay? All right.
Russ? Russ! What the fuck was that? It's probably the transformer.
Okay, good.
The generators came on.
Honey, I'm gonna go check it out.
Hey, are you all right? What the hell was that? Something must have chewed through that wire.
You smell that? What the fuck is that? Oh, my God.
Oh, fuck! You know them? That's Russ and Boyd Langmore.
Why the fuck they got guns and a grab bag, Marty? - Did you do this? - What? Somebody fucked with all the wiring.
- What are you talking about? - It's been rigged.
- Rigged? - Yeah, right there.
It's rigged.
Did you do this? You knew that they were coming after you.
'Cause somebody fucking did this on purpose, Marty.
Get out of here, both of y'all.
I'm calling the cops.
Hey, put the phone away.
You hear me? - Put the fucking phone away! - Whoa! - Take it easy.
- Marty, is this one a problem? She's only a problem if you kill her.
Put the gun down.
Put the gun down.
She should call the cops.
She would, okay? Electrocutions happen on this lake all the time, okay? It's, like, four already this year.
This is not a problem.
We just get rid of the grab bag and the guns, and you call the police.
You say it was an accident.
A boat came in a little bit too hot and cut the wires.
They fell in the water.
It's very, very easily explained, right? You kill her, and she disappears, you can't explain that.
Okay? And don't worry about her.
She knows how to mind her business, right? - Right? - Yeah.
Get the fuck out of here, Marty.
You weren't here tonight.
Let's see if you do know how to mind your own business.
I'm gonna play witness when you talk to the cops.
Make sure you get the facts right.
She'll be fine.
- You'll be okay.
Right? - Yeah.
- Go.
- Yeah.
Yeah, Del.
There's been some drama.
I will call you when I get more information.
Yeah, I'd like to report an accident, please.
You guys go brush your teeth.
- Get right to bed, please.
- We'll be right in.
They almost - They could have - But they didn't.
- The kids were with us.
- I know.
Who could have rigged that dock? Did it work? Yeah.
What if Rachel had gone for a boat ride? The boats are in storage.
What if Charlotte had gone for a swim? It's too cold to swim.
Those are your uncles.
I couldn't have them kill you.
What'd the sheriff say? He's ruling it an accident.
She did this.
You know that.
Can you take your call outside? - It's exactly how she went after Marty.
- The game's on.
Man, fuck your game.
- Excuse me? - Rob.
Hey, calm down.
- Pick her up.
- On what? It was an accident.
You know what? You better hope it was, Roy.
Because if she did do this, that's on you.
She was onto Russ the other day, and you know that, and you gave him another shot because your dick wanted it that way.
That's a bad idea.
Hold the line I have heard it once before Please, please, woman I'll be home at 2:00 I drip, drip bourbon On top of your chest, ah I tiptoe, honey On the top of the roof, ah When we make love You know I'm leaving When we make love I know you're hurting Now, I'm craving Everything I see - I've waited years for you - Count lucky stars Never really hurts me Count lucky stars I tiptoe in the world I'm searching I'll breathe fire into your mind Dope fiends, that's what we are Dope fiends, count lucky stars Oh, and she did it Oh, and she did it Now, you're escaping There's no use for me
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