Ozark (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

The Toll

1 [bell tolling.]
- [birds twittering.]
- [water laps softly.]
[sliding door opens.]
I'm ready.
Hon, I know we said yes, but I don't think this is a good idea.
Was last night really an accident? - [bell tolling continues.]
- Yeah.
Well, then I wanna go.
[screen door swings open, shut.]
Thank you.
I know this is not easy.
We'll, uh we'll get some lunch.
We'll get some lunch after the service.
- Just not a tuna melt.
- [Grace.]
I want a tuna melt.
[Grace chuckles.]
Whatever doctor decided mayonnaise was bad for pregnant ladies should have his medical license revoked.
[Mason chuckles.]
Get some rest, okay? - [clears throat.]
- [Grace.]
You about finished? Just about.
Are you even a believer? I like to hear you talk.
[rocks clinking.]
- [Marty.]
- Hi.
- Is that all for us? - Yeah.
It's heavy.
It's just a few basics.
How are your cousins? I made them bacon pancakes, but they still won't eat.
Been throwing rocks at that fuckin' can for three fuckin' hours.
I'll go check on them.
I'll put these in some water.
Thank you.
[metal clanging.]
You're good.
I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about your father and your uncle.
Anything we can do Thanks.
When Jesus chose his 12 disciples, he knew that one of them was the devil one was Judas.
Yet he sat with them all and broke bread still.
So what's the Bible telling us here? Um Well, as a minister, it's it's imploring me to embrace those of you who might be doing bad things.
You have to understand that Christ still loves you.
And that you can always change your life.
I'm here to help I'm here to [microphone feedback whines.]
Um If everyone could pull their boats around.
Ash will be passing out the hymnals.
We'll turn to page 24.
"Do not participate" [whispers.]
"Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness", but instead even expose them.
" "Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness.
" [softly.]
"Unfruitful deeds of darkness.
" "But instead even expose them.
" The Bible says one thing, and then it says something else.
I'm failing you.
I - Preacher.
- You need to stop.
I need to distribute these, and you need to keep preaching.
- Now, take - Don't fucking touch me.
[indistinct chatter.]
I need to talk to Jacob.
Service is over.
I'm sorry.
Service is over.
I need to talk to Jacob.
Where are the hymnals now? Preacher still with you? Give me some time, then bring him here.
You were clear, and you have been patient.
- [indistinct chatter on police radio.]
- [camera clicking.]
[hollow thumping.]
You've caused some upset I had to deal with.
I couldn't do it.
I thought I could, and then I saw their faces and I just I'm sorry.
I can't preach the word of the Lord, knowing what I'm a party to.
It would be a lie.
I understand.
We're both men of principle, you and me.
Lose the power of our word, it's it's like we lose ourselves.
Ash, make sure the hymnals are back in our possession, then we can say our goodbyes to Mr.
Wh That's it? Just like that, I'm free? [Jacob.]
You were always free.
But you know that.
Life is all about choice.
And right about now, all either of us can do is accept that.
You're getting sentimental in your old age.
I should have done this right when we got here.
Well things weren't exactly normal when we first got here.
I guess normal is what we make it, right? [chuckles.]
Guess I am getting sentimental in my old age, huh? - [crickets chirping ringtone.]
- Hello.
Preacher didn't let us do our job today.
Matter of conscience.
Now I respect his decision, I do, of course.
He's gonna have to respect the consequences.
[dog barks.]
Uh, Jacob, I could talk to him.
Grace? Grace? [Jacob.]
No more talking.
Too much talk and words lose their meaning.
Hang on.
Let me try.
It's done, Martin.
What's going on? - What's done? - Marty Kept my promise, plain and simple.
What the fuck does that mean? Search your soul, Martin.
You'll know.
[baby cries.]
Jesus Christ.
Life is simple, really.
It's all about hard work.
Words have meaning and actions have consequences.
Tell me Grace is okay.
Grace is past saving, Mr.
It's your own family on the line now.
- [Jacob whistles.]
- [dog barks.]
[line disconnects.]
[baby cries.]
- [baby cooing.]
- [shushing.]
I don't believe this.
Do you really think she's dead? Fuck.
Last night must have spooked him, otherwise he'd be gone.
- Don't look at him, okay? - Okay.
He sees our eyes dart his way, he's just gonna get suspicious.
Look at me.
Uh, you gotta get the kids out of here.
Okay? - To where? - Anywhere.
I don't care.
Just away.
And where are you going? [stammers.]
I gotta get out in front of this.
When it's safe to come back, I'll call you.
- All right? - Mm-hmm.
And if it's not? Then you just keep going.
Oh, no, no, no.
No, no hug.
It's just a normal day, okay? Husband and wife.
- Right? I'll see you soon.
- Mm.
[Wendy whispers.]
[engine starts.]
I don't understand.
Grab a few essentials.
Just jeans, a T-shirt, a windbreaker, and do not forget your medication.
- [Jonah.]
Is this okay? - No.
No, sweetheart.
No, not a suitcase.
A backpack.
Where are we going? Kansas City.
I don't want to go to Kansas City.
No, there's a The Plaza's really nice there.
- Is this about last night? - We'll talk about it in the car.
- I'm not going anywhere until you - Charlotte, just for once in your life, just once, for the love of God, just do what the fuck I say.
Okay? Go pack.
In a small bag.
Something you can throw over your shoulder like you're going to the mall.
What about Dad? I think you might've misunderstood this dance first time 'round.
You pay a fine once.
After that, you accept the punishment.
I'm not paying a fine.
And I'm not asking you for your forgiveness.
I want to buy your product.
That's $300,000.
That's my estimate for the street value of what was on the boat today.
Go on.
[inhales, sighs.]
I take it you don't want to go back to your old way of distribution? Right? On land? [Jacob.]
It puts a strain on our relationship with local law enforcement.
Then if I can't solve your problem.
I'm prepared to be your sole customer.
Every week.
The whole load.
Furthermore, I'm willing to launder the portion of the profits that Bobby Dean used to cover.
Darlene? I don't think the juice is worth the squeeze.
My wife thinks nothing's been right since you and your family touched down here.
You've cost us sleep.
We've watched you a lot, Martin.
Your family.
I get the feeling you know what it's like to be married to a woman who's always sitting on impulse.
What would you do if that wife who you love and respect felt that the smartest way to deal with a problem was just to eliminate it? I'm a businessman.
I trust the numbers.
Y'all hear the bell this morning? Legend goes that when they flooded my people out to make way for this lake, they swallowed a church up whole.
You can still hear the bell from under the water.
Certain people believe it's a sign.
A call to worship.
Others think it's a sign that someone's gonna die.
Today, it was both.
Next time, it's up to you.
["Love Is Alive" playing on stereo.]
Well, I think it's time to get ready To realize just what I have found [music stops.]
- Where's your brother? - Mom, just listen.
I cannot find my keys.
I'm not going anywhere without Dad.
Isn't that the point that you made in the bus station? That we stay together as a family? Yes.
And we are staying together, sweetheart.
We just We have to leave, just for a little bit.
- Without Dad? - [Wendy.]
Well, look, I know that it sounds crazy, but you just have to trust me.
[door slides open.]
[Jonah's breath trembling.]
- Jonah - Move.
Jonah, what is it? - Move! - [Wendy.]
Honey - [floorboard creaks.]
- Mom Get back.
So where are you going without Marty, Wendy? That's a lot of gun for a little guy.
- [breath trembles.]
You need to leave.
- [Garcia.]
We're gonna visit for a while, right? - Get to know each other.
- Stay back! - You don't wanna shoot anybody, Jonah.
- [Jonah.]
Stop! I'm gonna take that gun from you, okay? - [clicks.]
- [women gasp.]
You fucking think you're gonna kill me? You fucking little shit! You better - The fuck you think you're doing? - [gun cocks.]
You need to shut your tamale hole.
Jonah, ladies, get in your car.
Come on.
What kind of man talks like that to a child? You have no idea what you're doing.
That so? - [gunshot.]
- [glass shatters.]
Get in the car.
In the car! Get in.
Get in! Go, go, go, go, go.
Get in the back.
[engine starts, revs.]
You have any idea why I have a preacher down at my station holding a baby he's convinced that you cut straight out of his wife's womb? I got no clue.
I barely know the man.
Sure as hell ain't got no quarrel with him.
- [Darlene.]
Who found the body? - Oh, we haven't found one yet.
Well, where's the crime scene? We don't have one.
Witnesses? No, ma'am.
Don't understand it.
Ain't no logic to it.
Pastor Young says it's on account of him refusing to run heroin for you.
So this preacher is a drug dealer? He claims you were using him without his knowledge.
Did you smell his breath? I'd put money he was sober, ma'am.
Now you listen here, John.
When we planted poppies, first thing we did was come straight to you and make sure there could be no misunderstanding.
- Uh-huh.
- If we were harvesting opium, we'd have to cut the flowers off before they bloom.
You see us at the market? We sell mature plants.
I checked all the local hospitals.
No baby's been delivered in this area in the last three days.
Well, you got your home births, your midwives.
Now it sounds to me like this preacher's wife abandoned their child, and now he's gone around the bend.
We're talking about a potential murder here.
If you're connected in any way it's my duty.
I'm gonna have to bring you in.
Absolutely it is.
Uh I passed Martin Byrde on the road coming in.
So what sort of business you have with him? He owes us a debt.
- How big? - Bigger than yours.
[keys clatter on table.]
[Buddy strains.]
It was the only way.
Trust me.
- Where's Wendy and the kids? - [coughing.]
Where's Wendy? - Wendy! - [coughing continues.]
Wendy? - Hey! - Safe.
They're on the road.
- What now? - [sighs.]
Wait for dark.
[lift trolley whirring.]
Oh, Christ on a bike.
You don't know how to work it.
Oh, good.
Right, call a friend.
That won't send up any red flags.
It's just It's a YouTube [man on video.]
A single crematorium furnace generates temperatures between 1,600 and 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
You were the one who said you owned a funeral home.
Yeah, because you didn't trust dumping a body in the lake.
Well, even if you puncture the lungs, they still got a tendency to float up on you.
- Is that right? - Uh-huh.
Soft tissue is vaporized, while bones You given any thought to what you want when you, uh you know? Yeah.
I wanna be buried, no casket.
Let the worms get at my body.
They'll break it down, give back to the earth.
You know, feed the flowers, the trees Really? No, not really.
What are you, soft in the head? Nobody wants to be eaten by goddamn worms.
[cell phone ringing.]
That's probably my boss calling, looking for an update.
I'm guessing he'd be displeased.
You know, by shooting him, you basically signed my death warrant.
Well, remind me.
Next time, I'll let him kill your family.
Um, let's just shove him in there.
I'll turn this fucker up as hot as it goes, okay? - [furnace whirring.]
- [Buddy grunting.]
- You all right? - Yeah.
- You ready? - Ready.
[furnace igniting.]
[cell phone buzzing.]
Where are you? [Marty.]
I'm home now.
New plan.
There's a, uh, athletic field off of I-80.
Exit 112 near, uh Morris, Illinois.
I need you to be there with the kids at 2:00 p.
Can you do that? - Wendy? - Yeah.
Say it back to me.
Exit 112.
Morris, Illinois.
We'll see you there.
I love you.
Can I help you? How exactly did it happen? [Rachel.]
Just a freak accident.
Boat must've pulled the wiring loose.
AC current leaked into the water.
Are you the one who wired the dock? Uh, no, it was one of my workers.
Someone you hired? Or did Marty Byrde? Why would you ask that? Well, he's an investor here, right? Body washed up on his dock at home, I heard.
People talk.
I'm sorry, you have some kind of special interest in this? Russ Langmore was my fishing guide.
He was my friend.
If you thought there was something strange going on I'm sure there's people you could talk to.
I gotta get back to work.
Let's see.
Heron Mills Estates Heron Mills.
Heron Here we go.
You should've just said.
That's Snell property.
Yeah? Is that right? Nice people.
I buy their honey at the farmers' market.
Uh, you know, if you've got it, I'd love to see maps that connect this area with the Missouri River.
So I guess as far up as Jefferson City.
Of course I got 'em.
The question is, why am I getting 'em? Uh, why? Uh, my, uh My son's doing a research project.
With, you know, connecting local rivers and how it affects global warming.
- [scoffs.]
- Right.
Oh, I know.
Missouri River is 2,500 miles long, and you can still float an oil barge all the way on it if you got a notion.
And so that Okay.
That's Snell's there.
Yeah? Great.
And you're sure all of this is Snell property, right? Oh, it goes a heck of a ways further than that.
I'll get another map.
Uh Sorry, we're closed.
I'm looking for Marty Byrde.
Well, he's not here.
Are you cold? You're shaking.
Yeah, we had an accident on the dock a couple nights ago, and two men died, so I'm just a little upset.
Anyway, um, you know, we'll be open in a couple hours, if you wanna stop by then.
I'll leave you to your work.
Uh, should I tell Marty who stopped by? No.
I'd rather surprise him.
[door closes.]
I fucking got that motherfucker.
I told you, I don't see how this works.
Well, we're gonna figure it out.
We don't have anything to arrest him on.
- Then we're gonna make something up.
- Are you drunk? Nope.
I'm enlightened.
Del Rio's got a clean sheet.
That that's why they use him to travel back and forth.
We can't touch him.
Jesus, what fucking box factory are you working in? The same one that'll take away your badge if you try to make a bust without cause.
You need to stop worrying about the law.
That's a joke, right? Right now, the only things that matter are leverage and perception.
How do you figure? We need to get Marty Byrde on anything, so that he knows he has no other choice than to turn on Del Rio and the cartel.
- I understand fucking leverage, Roy.
- So, perception.
If we drag Del Rio in here on anything, it does not matter what it is, it doesn't have to stick, so long as we know that he sees that we're holding Marty Byrde, too.
Then Del Rio will get spooked.
And Marty will know he has to cooperate for protection.
Otherwise, he's a dead man.
- [Three.]
Hey, you might wanna see this.
- [Ruth.]
What happened? - [Three.]
Just get over here.
- [Ruth.]
What? What are you doing? Wyatt fucking Langmore, what're you doing? What the fuck! Hey, stop it! Stop! Stop.
What the fuck are you doing? Did you hear me? - What are you doing? - It's none of your business.
- What did you say to me? - What? None of it fits anyone, and it's too shitty for Goodwill, so what're you getting so mad for? It might not feel like it now but there's gonna come a day when you're staring at a picture of your dad wearing some fucking stupid motorcycle T-shirt and you're gonna wish to fucking God that someone said to you, "You know what? Keep that jacket.
" "Keep that dress.
" 'Cause right then, all you're gonna want to do is put it on.
'Cause that's the fucking closest thing you got.
Hey! Where are the guns? What are you talking about? Two handguns.
They're not in the trailer, and they're not in the truck, either.
So, you're, um you're still promising to buy us suits for the funeral? Yeah.
Okay, then.
[engine starts.]
- Dad said 2:00.
- [sighs.]
He's just late.
- He's never late.
It's rude.
- No, it's a long drive, sweetheart.
Marty sent me.
Maybe you want the kids to wait in the car? [Wendy.]
Is he okay? Your husband's fine.
He instructed me to bring you these.
There's passports, Social Security cards, birth certificates.
"Michael Fleming"? "Cindy.
" Are these real people? Are Are we stealing their identities? I don't want to be Mike Fleming.
I'm afraid choosing names isn't an option.
What if people call me Flem? Wendy, your license will need to be renewed in six months.
- And I'll also need your phones.
- No fucking way.
- Charlotte, please.
- My life's in there.
Use this until you establish a permanent location - Please.
- then you can set up accounts in your new names.
How do you know my husband? He hired me a few months back.
What do you do, exactly? I'm a private investigator.
In Chicago.
Why would Dad hire a private investigator? [Charlotte.]
What about my dad's envelope? Did Did you send it to him already? I was only hired to create three identities.
- Mom - [Bob.]
I'll give you some privacy.
Sir did he ask you to make these up recently or when you were doing your investigating in Chicago? It was after I finished my work for him.
The day before you left.
Mom do something.
Just call him.
Do something.
[crickets chirping ringtone.]
Friends of yours? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
It's just a meeting.
Enjoy your walk.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Go on.
Hey, hey! Del, it's amazing, I was literally just about to call you.
Is that so? Yeah, got the answer to all our problems.
And what kind of problems do I have, Marty? Bad choice of words.
It's just a figure of speech.
No, it's a good word.
What else do you call it when your trusted lieutenant refuses to answer your calls? - Hmm? - What are you talking about? Where the fuck is Garcia? [cell phone ringing.]
Hello? [automated voice.]
This is the Missouri Department of Corrections.
- You have a collect call from - [Cade.]
Cade Langmore.
[automated voice.]
To accept charges, say, "Accept.
" To decline, say, "Decline," or hang up.
Come on.
Daddy? Warden just called me in.
Told me my brothers were dead.
That true? Yeah.
Said it was some kind of accident.
Um They got electrocuted on a dock.
At the Blue Cat Lodge.
And Marty Byrde? How's his health? He's fine.
You and me are gonna talk in person.
Listen, Daddy.
I'm [automated voice.]
Your call is no longer connected.
Uncle Cade? How'd he take it? [Ruth.]
Who knows anything with him? I know what happened, you know.
I figured it out when the guns went missing.
They weren't going to the Blue Cat for a fucking beer.
They were going to kill Charlotte's dad.
At least rob him.
You don't know that.
What, business opportunity? Skipping town? Not telling you? They were gonna kill him except he got to them first.
Marty Byrde doesn't have it in him to kill someone.
Not even in a chickenshit kind of way, like a rigged dock.
My guess is, is fuckin' Boyd did some stupid shit, like hit the power cord or some shit like that.
And the other part? I don't know.
Look I don't want Three growing up knowing that his dad was willing to be a murderer, okay? Listen, I've been thinking.
Um I know I'm only two years older than you, but And you're way fuckin' smarter than me - No, I'm - No, no, just fuckin' listen.
I was thinking that maybe I could call Social Services and see if they'd let me be your guardian.
Not to, like, you know, give you rules and shit, but more just so nothing can ever split us apart.
I mean, would you be okay with that? Yeah.
Yeah, totally.
Um what do you think? [Ruth.]
You look perfect.
[Del sighs.]
Where is he, Marty? I told you, I don't know.
Hang on.
I do not know where he is.
I do not know where he is.
Del, goddamn it.
I've got no fucking idea.
I have no idea where the [screams.]
Goddamn it! Shit! Fuck! Motherfucker! Why would he call and tell me there was a problem? [groans.]
I don't know.
I've got no idea.
Del hang on! I've got no idea where Garcia is.
Hang on, goddamn it! [Groans.]
No! Fuck! Fuck! [Panting.]
Why would I do anything to him? I finished the summer.
I got a new shipment.
My life is good! Where the fuck is Garcia? I don't know.
Ah! Fuck you! - [choking.]
- Why are you taking this? Huh? Huh? We both know that you barely made the eight million.
What makes you think you can handle 50? [straining.]
I've got a plan.
You didn't give me the details.
[Marty panting.]
I'm getting my fucking toenails ripped off.
You didn't give me any of the details.
I knew Bruce was lying because he finally shut his big mouth.
You, when you were lying, you talked a mile a minute.
But now you do have something.
Don't you? I just need you to have an open mind.
So you're looking for this fella on behalf of the Mexican government? They're requesting extradition.
This is a drunk and disorderly from 2002.
So y'all must want this sucker pretty bad, digging this deep in the trash.
- We do.
- Hey, boss.
Patrol car just got a hit on that plate.
It's a black Suburban, heading onto the Heron Mills Foothills Estate.
All right.
Heron Mills.
There a problem? That's the Snell farm.
It's over 500 acres.
You go in there cherries blazing, your target's likely to disappear into the wild.
You got another idea? You got a warrant to go in.
I don't.
But if this fella's got no reason to be suspicious, there's only one main road in and out.
So, you wait outside that, I'll provide as much backup as you need, and he'll roll straight into your arms.
Jacob, Darlene, uh this is, uh, Camino Del Rio.
He's a representative from the second-largest drug cartel in Mexico.
So precise.
Always with "the second-largest.
" Yeah.
Um should we sit down? Uh Darlene and Jacob grow and control all of the heroin in this area.
- [dog barks.]
- [Del.]
Jumper, get.
Get! - [Ash.]
Hey, Jumper, get.
- [Darlene.]
He's a hunting dog.
He's sensitive to different smells.
So, I I am in the unique position of understanding the needs of your operation and of your operation, and I think that what I have here is something that's that's mutually beneficial.
Uh, they have a distribution problem, and and I'm proposing that the cartel becomes the sole buyer and distributor of their product.
- And why would I consider this? - [Marty.]
Because you lose roughly 20% of your product to seizure at the border.
And this would offset that loss, and would also put you about seven hours from your central hub in Chicago.
And you make good money controlling all the heroin in this area? Yes, we do.
I'm sorry.
I just have no way to tell, you know? [Marty.]
My point is buying the product in this region would mitigate your risk, and it would alleviate their distribution problem.
I'm a man of charity.
You know this of me.
But helping the less fortunate is not my primary motivation.
Sure, um if I may, uh This, uh this map here Pardon me.
Um, this here Right there.
This is your property.
Okay? And the first time I came here, you pointed out this stream right here, and I saw that it flowed west.
It's curious, right? Flowing west? So, if you trace that stream all the way here, all the way there, all the way up into Jefferson City it hits the Missouri.
That means it's not a tributary to, but is an it's an actual branch of the Missouri River.
Missouri law states that a riverboat casino can be built within 1,000 feet of any approved river.
- The Missouri River makes that list.
- [Jacob.]
That stream ain't a river.
That's true.
But if you dam that stream right here and you flood these three acres, you turn it into a river, which makes it eligible to house a casino.
And that's away from all of the land that you use for your growth operation.
- Flooding.
- That's right.
You're aware of our family history, how we come to be on this hill.
- But this is three acres.
- Symbolism matters, Mr.
Maybe not to people who have no pride, no history.
But to us.
Riverboat casinos gross nearly $90 million a month.
But, besides being incredibly profitable, a casino will be able to handle all of the money laundering needs of your operation and of yours.
All of it.
I'm afraid that you're too stupid to understand what it is you're suggesting.
Since 1985 you have spent your profits to buy roughly ten acres of surrounding property every year.
And you never build, right? If I had to guess, I would say that your goal is to get some kind of leverage over that power company that displaced your people, long ago, with that flooding.
A casino will give you a lot of money.
Buy a lot of land.
It would give you a lot of political capital.
You'd be able to do, in five years, what no Snell has been able to do in the last 75.
Del Rio? I need to make a phone call.
Someplace private.
I don't want them touching anything.
I'll be right back.
[phone ringing.]
- Byrde residence.
- [Wendy.]
Hi, it's Wendy.
Are you safe? Yeah, we're okay.
I, um I've been trying to get in touch with Marty, and he's not answering his phone.
And I I just need to know if he's still alive.
Buddy? As far as I know.
There were a couple of more Mexicans here.
He didn't want my help.
He drove off with 'em.
That doesn't mean he's not okay.
No, of course not.
Thank you.
For For everything.
Well, it's just what you do.
[chuckles softly.]
Bye, Buddy.
[line disconnects.]
We have a deal.
I'll leave it to Marty here to work out the details.
Okay, great news.
I told them that there was some dark business here.
Garcia must have gotten involved somehow.
He was always too ambitious.
Only Marty Byrde can move to Missouri and somehow convince me to partner with a bunch of rednecks.
- [chuckles.]
- [Darlene.]
I'm sorry.
What was that? I said only Marty Byrde can somehow convince me to partner with a bunch of red [gunshot.]
Goddamn it, Darlene.
You just cannot be doing that.
I won't abide that talk.
You know that.
Man was a guest.
Ash, get some towels, please.
- He was disrespectful.
- Mm-hmm.
You fucked us.
Oh, you've completely fucked us.
You know that? Are you out of your goddamn minds? Huh? Are you fucking crazy? Do you know who that guy works for? [Jacob.]
I suggest you watch your mouth, or you and her are gonna have some discrepancies.
His boss, your new partner, is gonna be expecting him home.
And when he doesn't, they'll send another Mexican to take his place.
If there's one thing Mexico is full of, it is Mexicans.
And what the fuck are we gonna say to that guy about Del? Why would we kill someone we'd just gone into partnership with? No logic to it is there, Darlene? I might have overreacted.
This cost me my family, you know that? This deal was done.
They could have come home.
Now, there's gonna be men coming here, they're gonna be looking for answers I can't give.
They made a deal with us, and they're gonna honor it.
And if they don't, then you're in partnership with us now.
And we know how to look after our own.
Right now, you go home, relax, maybe get yourself a frozen custard.
Me and Darlene will clean up this mess.
[siren wails.]
[Nix on speaker.]
Turn the vehicle off, drop the keys on the ground.
Open the door.
[keys clatter.]
Open the door.
Exit the car slowly.
Hands up.
Hands up! [translating in Spanish.]
On the ground.
Shut 'em off.
Don't you move.
Where the hell is he? - Who? - Camino Del Rio.
Where the fuck is he? [Marty.]
I don't know who that is.
[Evans sighs.]
Get the fuck up.
Get up.
I've been in this car all day.
No one else has been in it.
- [door opens.]
- Clear these out of here.
What? Where are you going? I'm pulling this out of the way, then I'm going up there.
Yeah, no.
No, I can't let you do that.
You what? The warrant was to locate the car.
We found it.
You're shitting me, right? I don't have probable cause to go onto private property.
I've got a witness who saw Del Rio in this car.
Can you produce him? Does that mean I can go now? You got my keys.
[soft classical music playing.]
[baby crying.]
[Mason shushing.]
[crying continues.]
- [door opens.]
- [Marty.]
I was just driving by and I saw your car.
I thought I'd stop in and and check on you guys.
Heard about Grace.
I'm sorry.
You know, if you fold this in a triangle Can I show you? You can You just put his head here.
Let me show you.
- I got him.
- Yeah? Okay.
If you just put his head there in the middle, you can kinda wrap this one side around him.
- [Mason sighs.]
- [baby coos.]
Yep, and then bring up the bottom.
Then you wrap the other side around and tuck it in like an envelope, and make, like, a little burrito.
- [Mason exhales.]
- [baby cooing.]
Oh, yeah.
Come here, bubba.
- [baby crying.]
- [shushing.]
Come here.
Come here.
Charlotte fought it at first, but it keeps them feeling safe.
The police are saying that there's no evidence of a crime.
They're acting like I'm the insane one.
- What's his name? - He doesn't have a name.
Well, don't wait too long.
He's gotta hear it.
Why would I want to keep a baby alive in this world? Because kids are hope.
Hmm? You know, that that maybe things can get better.
You know, I had this, uh faith that getting shot and surviving meant that there was a God.
It was Grace who told me how naive I was and that all it meant was that shit happens.
Sometimes we get lucky.
- [softly.]
- You don't believe that, do you? Uh No, you're right.
There's gotta be a God.
'Cause there's a devil.
I think you're the fucking devil.
[soft classical music continues.]
- [Wendy.]
Okay? - [cell phone ringing.]
- I'm serious.
- [Jonah.]
Please tell me you're okay.
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm sorry that I haven't called.
No, it's [sighs.]
It doesn't matter.
It's okay.
Look, we'll come straight home.
Uh, Wendy, you can't.
You were right.
Um, it's it's never gonna be safe here.
Okay? Then you come to us.
I don't think I can.
I think if I do that they'll never stop looking.
You know? Um, I saw Mason's baby today.
He's healthy.
He's perfect.
There has to be a solution here.
Yeah, there is.
You're doing it.
You want to talk to the kids? No.
I think if if I hear their voices it's, um You know.
Maybe I'll try you tomorrow.
I am so sorry I hurt you, Marty.
I should never have done that.
It's not your fault.
I was just shut down, you know? I don't wanna hang up.
[disconnects call.]
[trembling sigh.]
Was that Dad? Was it? Nobody else would have that number.
Is he okay? Are we going home? [engine starts.]
[engine stops.]
We're trying to keep you safe.
So that's a no.
We're not going home.
Your father and I made this decision together.
So let me talk to him.
Charlotte, give me the keys.
Is it unsafe there right now? Right this second? Honestly, I do not know.
Look, I know you're just trying to take us somewhere safe, but that place doesn't exist.
I mean, we should at least stay together.
We won't even know where to turn once we get out of this parking lot.
I mean, we'll just be driving.
We've been driving for days.
How are you silent back there? Just say something! [Charlotte sighs.]
I don't want to be Mike Fleming.
It's just a name, sweetheart.
I'm old enough to decide for myself.
That's not what I meant.
I'm not some little girl, you know? I've done things that you have no idea about.
You made us adults the second you told us about what Dad was doing.
You can't take it all back now.
I meant, I don't want Jonah to die.
What do you mean? Well, the second I become Mike Fleming that means Jonah Byrde is dead.
I don't want him to be dead.
[soft classical music continues.]
[no audible sounds.]
[baby crying.]
[Mason grunts softly.]
[baby crying.]
[baby cries.]
[soft classical music continues.]
You ready? Yep.
- [Ruth.]
I love you.
- [Wyatt.]
I love you, too.
[vehicle approaching.]
- [vehicle doors opening.]
- Hello? [vehicle doors closing.]
- [Charlotte.]
Dad? - Dad!
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