Ozark (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

The Precious Blood of Jesus

1 [acoustic guitar playing.]
Sometimes I don't know where This dirty road is taking me Sometimes I don't even know The reason why I guess I keep on gamblin' Lots of booze and lots of ramblin' Well, it's easier than just A-waitin' 'round to die One-time, friends, I had a ma I even had a pa He beat her with a belt once 'Cause she cried She told him to take care of me She headed down to Tennessee Well, it's easier than just A-waitin' 'round to die You work for Mercer Lumber? - [driver.]
That's what it says.
- [man.]
Out of the truck.
I can hear you.
I said, "Out of the truck.
" In front of the truck.
On the ground.
On the ground.
Face down.
- Give Mercer a message for me.
- What is it? [screams.]
we're gonna wait around and die Yeah, together we're gonna wait around And die [indistinct chatter on TV.]
I don't understand.
I thought we had a deal.
Well, what's it gonna take for the other offer to disappear? I can do 50 more.
That's it.
Okay, great.
I'll drive there today with the down payment.
Yes, in cash.
Just no more surprises, okay? Yup, thank you.
It's so hard doing business when you can't trust anyone.
Sorry, I didn't sleep well.
We are now the proud owners of the Missouri Belle.
You bought a boat? It's a paddle wheeler.
It's cheaper and faster than building an actual casino.
- The casino's gonna be on a boat.
- [Marty.]
It's gotta be on the river.
- Slots.
- What's that? 88% of casino revenue is slots.
It's kind of boring, but it's where the money is.
Okay, good to know.
Thank you.
You know, the bill hasn't even passed yet.
I'm counting on you and Wilkes for that.
We should wait.
Maybe not gamble away that money on a boat.
There's no more maybes.
This bill's gotta pass.
[man on TV.]
Missouri needs many things.
- What's for breakfast? - I've gotta get going.
Ask your father.
What Missouri doesn't need is another casino.
God damn it.
They've been running this for weeks.
- [Wendy.]
That's what we're up against.
- And when is the vote? Forty-eight hours.
There's food in the fridge, but you'll have to nuke it.
I'll be in Jeff City late.
I have swim practice after school.
Who's gonna pick me up? - [Wendy.]
Ask your father.
- [Charlotte.]
Dad? Take Buddy's car.
Just bring it back in one piece.
Without an adult? You sure? I'm not.
Charlotte, I gotta be in Cape Girardeau, and I gotta get to the office now.
So, take Buddy's car to school and back.
No detours.
- [Jonah.]
What's for breakfast? - [Marty.]
Ask your sister.
Injuns say that they got their markings from falling ash, like, from a bonfire.
- Think it's true? - I don't know.
Where'd you hear it? Wyatt read it in a book.
Wyatt's still sleeping up there? He's been doing it since Dad died.
You going somewhere special? [Ruth.]
The office.
[man sighs.]
Can I help you? I'm looking for Cade Langmore.
What's your business with him? I'm his parole officer.
Ronald Swale.
Hey, good morning.
I was sleepin'.
- [Swale.]
I thought we said seven a.
- I gotta get myself an alarm clock.
I'm checking on you to see how you're adjusting.
Yeah, it's good to sleep in a real bed.
And my family has been a blessing.
This your daughter? You've seen the resemblance? Should we get it over with? You got a cup? Uh, sorry, but I gotta watch.
'Course you do.
So How you doing getting employment? Well [sighs.]
I'm workin' on it.
The job market, it's a tight one.
My boss might have an opening at the Blue Cat Lodge.
All right, well, you do need to get a job by the next time I'm here.
Yes, sir, Swale.
You bet.
[urinating continues.]
[Swale grunts.]
[urinating continues.]
You need to turn four.
If I have to do all the heavy lifting, then why do I need you? I'll be delivering the rest.
Of all the guys who don't hate your guts? [chuckles.]
You think I'm an evil right-wing capitalist, but I believe in the causes I back.
If you were in Chicago, I would fight you tooth and nail.
And you'd lose.
- [Wendy.]
I'd wipe the floor with you.
- [chuckling.]
[Wilkes sighs.]
I assume you have oppo research on these guys.
- Yeah.
- [Wilkes.]
Bring in the files.
You sure? [Wilkes.]
Yeah, I'm sure.
He's very protective of me.
What you're about to see is what we have on the undecideds and nos.
It's thorough, detailed, and, obviously, highly confidential.
Thanks, Jim.
- [Wilkes.]
I know.
It's a lot.
- Please.
- In Chicago, this would be baby steps.
- [Wilkes chuckles.]
They're all gonna be at the prayer luncheon today.
I don't understand what you want me to do.
[Helen on phone.]
You need to get the hillbillies under control.
I'm an investment adviser.
I don't strong-arm people.
I don't care how you do it.
But they're jamming up the transfer.
Okay, I got it.
I'll head down there, and I'll see what the holdup is.
Do better than that.
If we don't get this working, my client might decide this whole operation just isn't worth the trouble.
Okay, goodbye.
We'll see.
- Ruth.
- Yeah? Come here for a second? Go to Cape Girardeau and finalize a deal for us.
We just bought a paddle wheeler.
I don't know fuck all about paddle wheelers.
It's a boat.
If it floats, it's fine.
Get it upriver and dock it at Bagnell, okay? How am I supposed to do that? I don't know.
I don't care.
You said you wanted some more responsibility, and this is what responsibility looks like.
The fellow's name is Devereaux, I think, and give him this.
Tell him I'm gonna wire the rest.
You understand? - Say yes or no.
- Yeah.
[in Spanish.]
Hello Hello, friend.
Helen sent me.
[in English.]
Just [in Spanish.]
Please wait.
[in English.]
These people have no fucking manners.
Just hang on one second.
Hi, there.
What's the problem? [Jacob.]
We ain't got no problem.
Then, what's their problem? The product is not being loaded.
Maybe they're lazy.
Look, um, you have a product.
You have no means of distribution.
They have demand, but no product.
That's That's market equilibrium.
Yin yang.
Ebony and ivory.
Tell me what the fucking problem is.
- Trust? - Trust.
We told them the heroin was pure.
That wasn't good enough for them.
Right, well they brought you the money, right? Did you count it? My men did.
Did they take offense to that? Trust is a two-way street, Jacob.
This goes forward, you guys stand to make millions.
But everything you do is making it harder.
You want the casino or not? [pastor.]
And welcome to our 55th Annual Governor's Prayer Luncheon.
It's so good to see so many familiar faces this afternoon.
We are here to honor some of our distinguished leaders, but we are also here to remember our redemption.
And we are redeemed, such as silver and gold, but through the precious blood of Jesus.
Do I hear an amen? - [all.]
- [pastor.]
Please have a seat.
We are betraying who we are.
We're good.
The business with Ash - You understand.
- [cell phone chimes.]
I gotta go, okay? Damn it! - Another casino? Really? - Look at this as a jobs bill, Senator.
Our research shows that we will create hundreds of jobs - in the hospitality sector.
- Minimum-wage shit jobs.
Gambling's just a regressive tax on the poor.
Senator Blake, I'm sure you recognize that casinos provide millions of dollars - in tax revenue for education - Is this the Charles Wilkes-backed bill? Uh.
Well, yes, he recognizes the benefits that could come He recognizes only money, his money, and it's destroyed Missouri politics.
Our studies show this casino will create hundreds of jobs Frankly, I couldn't give two shits for your bill.
- But it will create tax revenues that - How much we talking about? It could be hundreds of thousands of dollars for education.
Okay, don't be naive.
Twenty-five to your re-election campaign.
- Untraceable.
- No need.
Just cut me a check.
Senator Mercer.
I got here as quick as I could.
- You're wasting your time.
- Just tell me what happened.
One of my drivers was run off the road.
They blew his hand off.
Um Who's "they"? And why do you think this has to do with the casino bill? They made it crystal clear what they wanted.
- Again, who's "they"? - Kansas City mob.
They're heavy in the casino business.
You do the math.
I'm pulling the bill.
Hang on.
Let me pay for your man's medical bills and give me some time to work this thing out, like a day or two.
I can't take the risk.
I got a family.
You'd do the same for yours.
[boy laughs.]
- Don't be rude, Kaiden.
- [woman.]
Darlene Snell.
Right back this way.
Mom! My husband and me, we know it's late to be startin' a family.
But we just lost someone close to us, and I just can't rid myself of this feeling that something's missing.
And you think that's a child? We already have a dog.
You missed this question, how old you and your husband are.
Does that matter? Children need love, and we got some to spare.
In general, the agency doesn't like to place children with parents who are more than 40 years older than them.
Well, that is a stupid rule.
- You may not agree with it - I don't.
Do you know what it takes to run a farm? We're both strong.
We are respected community members.
I'm sure.
A child needs space to run.
And we've got hundreds of acres.
Snell, it's not impossible.
But it is unlikely.
Now, you can start off by taking in a foster child.
Then the state can come in and evaluate your fitness.
Where does evil come from? We know it's there, but we can't see it, right? Then where does it come from? No one knows.
It's unanswered.
Thank you.
The serpent was in the garden before Adam and Eve showed up.
The bite of the apple was not the original sin.
Lucifer's fall was.
In Job 41, God said, "Everything under Heaven belongs to me.
" He takes responsibility here.
He's omnipotent.
Thank you.
God bless.
And then He gives us free will to choose, right, sir? [continues indistinctly.]
Jonah, I just heard Mom pull up.
Better get to bed or bad things are gonna happen.
I'm almost done.
You've been at it since dinner.
Too late.
There she is.
You said this school was easy.
[door closes.]
It's extra credit.
Why am I hearing Jonah's voice? [Marty.]
I told him.
- [groans.]
You let him stay up? - [Marty.]
Come on.
Get to bed.
You're an easy touch.
He's a good student, I guess.
Um What did Wilkes say about the truck driver? Well, he'll push Mercer, but it's a problem.
If the mob's pressuring him, who knows how many other senators they're working on.
- And how many votes do we need now? - Two.
But a lot can happen in 24 hours.
I told you there was dinner in the fridge.
I had other things on my mind.
[Wendy sighs.]
I saw Mason Young today.
He was preaching on a street corner.
His baby was with him.
Isn't there something we can do? - I don't think that's a good idea.
- What happened wouldn't have happened - if we didn't gotten involved - We talked about this, Wendy.
- People make choices - He's on the street - with a baby.
- and people have to live by them.
Listen, there's nothing that we can do, okay? What about our kids? Let's keep our eye on the ball, all right? - [door opens.]
- Charlotte? [Charlotte.]
I had a bad day, okay? Sorry.
- Hey.
- [Marty.]
I'm really tired.
- [Wendy.]
Finish your homework? - Yeah.
I'm gonna go to bed.
Was she high? Hmm.
Not much else to do here.
I don't mind a little weed.
I just worry about what she's gonna say when she smokes it.
- I'll do that.
You go to bed.
- You sure? Yeah.
[Wendy sighs.]
Thank you.
Sure is a nice boat.
Yeah, I like to go fast.
I talked to Senator Mercer late last night.
Oh, yeah? Yeah, he'll give us a day, but he's pretty spooked.
You pretty sure that the mob is behind the trucker? Yeah, it makes sense.
Frank Cosgrove plays rough.
Tell me what you know about that guy.
His mob outfit controlled the Detroit Teamsters for years.
He moved down here when they invested in a couple casinos.
They probably don't want the competition.
Can we get him to back off? We? Come on.
There's no we.
I've done what I can.
This is in your court.
If you can't get it done by tonight, Mercer pulls the bill.
- Hey.
- [Wendy.]
Your wife's a major talent.
She could have a big political career here if she wants.
She's got a job.
Thank you, though.
When you said you'd pick me up, I assumed it'd be a car.
Well, this way's faster.
We can work out of my house.
Come on.
- [cell phone chimes.]
- [Marty.]
Hold on.
I gotta take this.
- See you later.
Have fun.
- [Wendy.]
I thought I was gonna hear from you last night.
 What's going on? Yeah, well, we hit a little bit of a snag.
Your boat doesn't have a fucking engine.
What? What's Devereaux say? Devereaux says what a piece of shit says.
Well, just get it upriver.
Tow it if you have to.
I'll cover the cost.
Well, sugar lips, we got a deal or what? [Ruth.]
Not for a boat without an engine.
There wasn't no contingencies on the deal I made.
How am I supposed to get this boat to Bagnell? That's really doesn't concern me.
As I told your boss, there's another offer waiting on deck.
Then take it.
No one's gonna pay a red nickel for a paddle wheeler that doesn't even paddle.
Hold up now.
I might drop the price a few hundred if you'd care to sit on my lap for an hour or two.
So, we're negotiating now? [Devereaux.]
Yes, we are.
You got a counter? [both chuckle.]
Let's just make something clear.
I wouldn't fuck you if your dick were made out of gold.
[exclaims and laughs.]
You are one mouthy cunt.
- This cunt likes to kick! - Yo.
- What the fuck is wrong with - Get some, skinny bitch! [Devereaux groans.]
Cody, get your ass over here! Holy goddamn concrete! What the fuck? Get this fucking chair up, Cody.
What's the matter with you? Ugh! Shit! [groans.]
Oh, God! [coughs, gasps.]
If you was my daughter, I'd tar the living shit outta you.
And if I was your daughter, I'd slit my throat first.
We both know that there is no fucking backup offer.
Drop 50K and let me get the fuck out of here.
We got a deal? [Cody panting.]
Get the fuck outta here.
[announcer on TV.]
Welcome, America, to another edition of - Fact or Fiction! - [door opens.]
Hey, Buddy, can I talk to you for a second? [TV switches off.]
These shows greatest ads ever for capitalism.
Any problem would be solved with a new toaster oven.
Why do you watch them? - So I feel superior.
- Hmm.
Like I'm not sitting in a basement, watching daytime TV.
So, what's your problem? You need a new toaster oven? You know Frank Cosgrove from your days in Detroit? He used to be involved with the Teamsters.
He's a mobster.
Yeah, I knew him.
We did some business.
He's in Kansas City, and I need to get to him.
I could use your help.
Well, one thing you better know walkin' in.
Cosgrove's a psycho.
You look at him wrong, he'll gut you.
[applause on TV.]
I was thinking about today.
You wanna take the helm? - [Wendy.]
- [Wilkes.]
Come on.
Just keep the wheel steady.
Pull this back if you want to slow down - and forward for faster.
- [Wendy.]
There you go.
So, tell me.
Why does this casino mean so much to you? [Wendy.]
Marty's an entrepreneur, kinda like yourself.
He saw a need.
No one needs another casino.
Our investors would disagree.
Yeah? And who are they? [Wendy.]
They wanna remain silent investors.
Oh, that's a non-answer answer.
You have oppo research.
Pretty sure you know who they are.
The gambling commission's gonna investigate.
We're prepared.
It's all legal.
What we don't have are the votes.
Do you have any ideas? Did you take a look at Foreman's file? I'm not comfortable with that.
It's a dirty business.
But if you really believe in what you're doing, sometimes the ends justify the means.
Just depends how important it is to you.
But I have some ideas.
We'll talk 'em through.
We're getting close.
Let me take over.
Hi, there.
Help you? We're here to see Frank Cosgrove.
Got an appointment? No, but this is important.
Cosgrove don't see people without appointments.
Tell him Jimmy Small is here.
Go on.
You don't need to know.
One thing you should know, Cosgrove always thought I fucked his wife.
- [exhales.]
- [chuckles.]
Thanks, Daddy.
I didn't know who else to call.
It's what we do for blood.
So, tell me, firecracker.
How much your boss pay for this heap of shit? [laughs.]
A million or so.
A million? A mill You gotta be shittin' me.
A million in cash? [Ruth.]
Something like that.
You carried all that cash down here? You skim a little for yourself? [chuckles.]
I got something else working.
I saw a house yesterday.
A house? - [Ruth.]
For sale.
- Wow.
It was really nice, you know? There's enough rooms for everybody and a backyard with flowers.
It was real nice.
You know, once the casino gets rollin', there's gonna be a lot more money comin' in.
Marty's promised.
You know, I can help Wyatt out with college and maybe get you a new pickup.
And I bet Marty'd get me a mortgage, if I asked.
So, you You in good with him, huh? [rock music playing.]
Is Ruth Langmore around? [woman.]
Is she in some kind of trouble? No, no.
- Can I get you a drink? - No.
No, it's a little too early for that.
She's very talented.
What's her name? [woman.]
You know what? Get me a shot of tequila.
Hi, Lulu.
I'm Wendy.
There's a lot more where that came from.
Jimmy Small.
- I thought you were fucking dead.
- You don't have long to wait.
You sick? Bum ticker.
That's tough, man.
But we had some times.
[Buddy laughs.]
That scuffle down in Flint [laughs.]
That was more like a riot.
We got the contract we wanted, didn't we? Yeah.
- What brings you my way? - He does.
Hi, Marty Byrde.
My firm is backing the casino bill that I know you're familiar with.
That bill is dead.
Well, not not quite yet, um Sir, I have a special expertise in finding creative approaches to moving money.
And this avoids taxes.
This avoids interest from, you know, shall we say, other parties.
And I think that you might be willing to We have our own accountants.
- I'm sure you do, but none - We're done here.
The bill's dead.
Oh, cut the shit, Frank.
You got problems.
You know it.
You're on thin ice with the brethren.
And this right-to-work shit is gonna get worse.
We're doing just fine.
Your Teamsters' pension is suffering.
That means your skim is going down.
Your management can't be happy.
Am I getting warm? [Marty.]
Sir, what if we made the casino a union shop, where every construction truck, every food delivery, every limo, all Teamsters.
You deliver for the union, you get your cut.
It's a win-win.
Do you want me to trust you? - Yeah.
- [Cosgrove.]
Why? Why? Well [coughs.]
Because I'm here, on oxygen, vouching for him.
That's fucking why.
Fucking mick bastard.
- [Buddy exhales.]
- Careful.
I could end your suffering right now.
You'd be doing me a favor.
Hey, Frank.
How's your wife? [sighs.]
[both laugh.]
You always were a tough motherfucker.
[both laugh.]
Let's talk, Marty Byrde.
Can I have a Jack and Coke? Hi.
I was wondering if I could join you, and since I saw you come in alone, I hope that's a yes.
Okay if I buy you that drink? Sure.
I'm Terry.
Of course you are.
You look like a Lulu.
I am.
Let's go upstairs.
Can I ask a question? [Buddy.]
You wanna know if I fucked his wife? I'm a gentleman.
So all's I'm gonna say is she had a tattoo on the inside of her thigh.
What did it say? [Marty.]
"Keep on truckin'"? - Who the fuck are you? - [camera shutter clicking.]
Untie me, you fuckin' bitch.
Hello, Mr.
You can get dressed and go now, Lulu.
I'm gonna leave this for you in your bag.
I'm so sorry, Mr.
This is as uncomfortable for me as it is for you.
Well, maybe not.
Now, who can we get to untie you? [Ruth.]
Two, three, four, five.
This is for the first two months.
Good night.
Thank you.
Thousand sounds about right? It'll do.
This is just the beginning, Daddy.
I just hung up with Marty, and he's agreed to give you a job.
I'll be working for you now.
It's not like that.
Come on.
Get in the truck.
Let's get out of here.
[car engine starts.]
Thank you for seeing me so late, Senator Foreman.
Just show me the video.
- You don't have to look at it.
- Give it to me.
Who the fuck are you? Untie me, you fuckin' bitch.
That bastard.
I'm sorry.
I should call the state police.
This is extortion.
Yes, it is.
But if you call the authorities, it just goes public.
This way, no one's the wiser.
No one gets hurt.
If I vote for this bill, how do I know this won't surface later? I give you my word.
Your word? You're disgusting.
Good night, Senator.
Charlotte? [Charlotte.]
I haven't seen you all day.
Get in here.
Um I would like to talk to you about yesterday.
Anything you want to tell me? I know we talked about being honest.
And I haven't been.
I'm sorry.
You lied to us? I told Mom I was studying for a test yesterday.
And I wasn't.
You weren't shopping for Visine, either.
What do you mean? The first rule of smoking weed? You knew? Why didn't you say anything? Who were you with? I was with Wyatt.
He's been really sad since his dad died.
Are you guys [chuckles.]
No, we're just friends.
He's not like the rest of them.
He's not what you think he is.
Listen, you understand that you might say the wrong thing when you're high.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I'll be careful.
I promise.
I can't believe I used to carry you like a football.
Charlotte I never wanted this to land on you and your brother.
- I know.
It's okay.
- [cell phone chiming.]
I gotta study now.
- Okay, good night.
- For real.
How'd it go in Kansas City? Well, we worked it out.
Or Buddy did.
- But we had to cut a deal with the mob.
- Of course we did.
God, I feel like I need to take a shower after tonight.
- Well, we're doing what we need to do.
- I know.
Did we get the votes? We are still one vote short.
I'm gonna go see Wilkes, see what he can do.
I won't be home till late.
All right, bye.
[pop music playing.]
Hey, what are you doing in there? You're missing the party.
You can start without me.
- You sure? 'Cause this is rocket fuel.
- [Rachel.]
I'm sure.
So, where are you from anyway? Rachel, you all right in there? [Wilkes laughing.]
Man, I'd loved to have seen the look on that holy roller's face when she saw this.
- [Wendy.]
- [Wilkes.]
Good work! - You said you wanted ice? - Mm-hmm.
- We're still one vote short.
- [Wilkes.]
Well it's impressive that you got this far.
Frankly, I expected to lose.
Then why did you stay involved? I wanted to see what you could do.
There are gonna be other votes, other campaigns, and I'd like you to consider working on them.
Oh, Charlie.
I'm really flattered.
No, I am, but right now, I I need to make this happen.
So how do we get that one last vote? Yeah, Blake's gonna be a tough vote.
But there may be a play.
I've read his file.
He's a crusader.
He's clean.
You look close enough, there's always dirt.
- He won't vote for anything you back.
- He doesn't have to.
He just has to not show up.
And they'll be a vote short.
If you already had something on him, why didn't you tell me? Because I didn't want to waste it on a lost cause.
- Oh.
- [chuckles.]
I'm sure this all feels like some kind of game to you.
- It's not to me.
- Oh.
[clicks tongue.]
You told me that was your mother's.
[both chuckle.]
But it wasn't, was it? Hmm? All right, let me see this thing.
[sighs deeply.]
There it is.
You just used this to get to me.
Sister Alice called me the minute you left the orphanage.
She told me you were there, asking about my past.
I didn't mind.
I appreciated your ingenuity.
It is a game, Wendy.
- We both play it.
- Yeah.
Is that what this is? A little quid pro quo? I don't know what you're talking about.
I sleep with you, you deliver Blake.
No, one thing has nothing to do with the other.
- [laughs.]
- Oh, Charlie.
Oh, come on.
Be direct.
I just want to know what the terms of the deal are.
- Now you're insulting me.
- It's just a game, right? - The ends always justify the means.
- Yeah.
They did with Senator Foreman.
- Right.
Right? - Yeah.
Good night, Charlie.
[rock music playing on stereo.]
I need some smokes.
You want anything? [Ruth.]
Just a Coke.
[music stops.]
[woman shrieks.]
Daddy forgot your Coke, but he got this.
Why the fuck did you do that, Daddy? You're on parole.
You got a grand in your pocket.
You got a job.
Because I felt like it.
I don't understand you.
You don't understand me? [laughing.]
Yeah? Well, let me explain some shit for you, little girl.
You ain't buying no picket fuckin' house.
And you ain't spending your life working for no Marty fucking Byrde.
You're a Langmore.
This is who you are.
- [Cade grunts.]
- Stop! Stop! If Byrde's got a million bucks to toss around, there's more where that came from, and you're gonna find it.
Does that clear shit up for you? - You say, "Yes, Daddy, it does.
" - Yes! - What? - Yes! - [Marty.]
- I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to wake you.
It's okay.
I was already up.
How'd it go? We're gonna lose tomorrow.
What happened? Wilkes.
He could've helped, but the price was too high.
What do you mean? What'd he want? Me.
He wanted me.
And? Was that a no? [shower running.]
[horn honking.]
[car engine starting.]
Hello, Senator.
I've got nothing to say to you or your boss.
Just curious.
You ever get off that high horse or you sleep on it? - What do you want? - [urinating.]
We want you to go on a little trip today.
I'm busy.
Big vote.
Wait till you hear what I have to say.
It might change your mood.
[doorbell rings.]
Want some coffee? Yeah.
I didn't sleep well last night.
I never sleep well.
I need to get that bill passed.
I understand.
No, I don't think you do, Charlie.
It's got to pass.
It's done.
We lost? I thought you said the vote was this afternoon.
Blake had a sudden family emergency.
He has to go out of town.
He won't be voting today.
You've got your bill.
Really? [both chuckle.]
Uh, I don't even know what to say.
Can you tell me what you had on him? No, don't.
I don't wanna know.
And, Wendy, just so we're clear there was never a quid pro quo.
I told you I only support the things I believe in.
- You don't believe in a casino.
- No.
But I believe in you.
- [cell door buzzing.]
- [chattering.]
Garrison, you got a visitor.
A visitor? Who is it? A lawyer? [guard.]
I don't think he's a lawyer.
I know you.
Not really.
But I know you.
You hung around the Blue Cat.
I've been looking for you.
You disappeared off the grid.
No phone records, no credit card receipts.
So, we put out a flag on you.
Why, Agent Petty? [Petty.]
Marty Byrde.
We found over a hundred grand in cash in a plastic bag in the trunk of your car.
Tell me how it got there.
- I got lucky.
I made it gambling.
- You're the opposite of lucky, Rachel.
You know what I think? I think you stole it from Marty Byrde, and it's cartel money.
- I think I need to call my lawyer.
- Hmm, sure.
Be my guest.
But right now, you're facing a triple felony.
DUI, possession of a controlled substance, and reckless endangerment, so If you're found guilty, the judge can apply the three strike law, and you could go away for life.
Yeah, but that was an accident.
Even worse.
Word gets out on the street [sighs.]
that you stole cartel money how long you think you'd last? So, you're trying to scare me.
How am I doin'? Door number three.
We help each other.
We know Marty Byrde launders millions of dollars a year for the Navarro cartel.
What we need to know are the details of how he does it.
His books, computer files, a flow chart, whatever.
But if he knows I stole from him, then he will never take me back.
Let me take care of that.
Even then, how am I supposed to get that kind of information from him? I don't care.
I don't give a shit in what you do, who you betray, who you hurt, who you fuck.
But if you don't give me what I want, Rachel, you are going to prison for a very, very long time.
[suspenseful music playing.]

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