Ozark (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Once on a Langmore

1 [woman.]
Senator Blake, can we have a word? Yeah, the word is "no.
" The casino bill.
You opposed it, called it another Charles Wilkes boondoggle.
Why'd you skip the vote? I had a family emergency.
There are whispers you made a deal with Wilkes.
Whispers? Is that what passes for reporting now? I'm giving you a chance to clear the record, Senator.
God damn it, do I need to call security? If you'd just make a statement.
You want my statement? Here's my statement.
The media can go fuck itself.
Angie, call the Capitol Police.
He is not gonna like how that looks when it leads tonight.
Do I really need to make this call? Okay, okay.
We're leaving.
But this is public property, - and the press is entitled - [gunshot.]
Oh, my God! [doorbell rings.]
- [Wendy.]
Have you seen it? - [Wilkes.]
Come on in.
It's running non-stop.
And that reporter was asking about our bill.
- She was asking about you.
- Yeah.
She called me for a statement.
What did you say? [Wilkes.]
What did I say? That it was a tragedy.
My prayers go out to his family.
[breathes deeply.]
Blake had a history of depression and hospitalizations, okay? No one knew.
It's a sad fact, but sometimes depressed people kill themselves.
That's what you had on him? His psychiatric record? That's what you were gonna expose? He was in a business where there's no room for secrets.
You know that.
Let me get you some coffee.
What is this? [Wilkes.]
I wasn't ready to quite talk about it yet, but, uh That's our casino.
Yeah, plus a 300-room hotel, upscale mall, green space.
I've been waiting for something.
It's just business, Wendy.
Well, have you talked to the Snells? It's their land.
- I was counting on you for that.
- You're counting wrong.
The Snells are proud people.
They will never sell.
- They haven't heard my offer.
- It doesn't matter.
- We can discuss other possibilities - There's nothing to discuss.
This is what I want.
I don't wanna fight with you.
You and your husband need this casino.
I can deliver it, or I can kill it.
[door opens.]
You can't just walk in here like this.
What if I was dressing? [Cade.]
You really think I'm gonna see something that shocks me? And you got a fucking job to see about.
[breathes deeply.]
I'm sorry I laid hands on you.
You sound like your brother.
I just gotta get myself re-socialized, I guess.
There is no excuse.
- Hmm.
- Can you forgive me? You wanna talk about a house, all that shit? I'll listen.
You're right.
That's not for us.
You know, obviously, we're in the off-season now, so most of the work's gonna be maintenance.
Seems to me the eaves need cleaning and the, uh, cabins could use a fresh coat of paint.
Looks like you haven't winterized that dock, either.
There's gonna be hell to pay if we get an early ice storm.
Yeah, that's true.
Listen, um, all that sounds perfect.
How soon can you start? [Cade.]
Oh, I'm not interested.
Manual labor, weather stripping cabins, roofing work You ever done anything like that? Ruth said that you were looking for a job.
I need a paycheck, an employer, as per conditions of my parole.
- I see.
- Mmm.
You expect me to just give you that without the work part of the work? It seems about right, after all my daughter done for you.
I'm not sure I follow.
I think you do.
Patricide was my crime.
I learned that word in the prison library.
But what the fuck is the word for a girl killing her uncles? I'm sorry things didn't work out for you here.
I'd think about that offer if I was you.
I don't need to.
That's Elena Del Rio under that veil, stepping out of an Escalade.
Mexico's archbishop blessing her.
Jorge Mendoza and a few others entering the cathedral.
They don't have a body, but this was definitely Del's memorial service.
[woman 2.]
Financial structure, Agent Evans? We've made some progress from last time.
We now know Paradise LP, a limited Delaware company, is owned, at least in part, by this numbered company that we've named El Diablo.
Based in Mexico City.
- Who's the other owner of Paradise? - That's the billion dollar question.
Some operating capital recently came out of Bermuda by way of Singapore and Panama.
A pattern that we're hoping to trace to Martin Byrde.
- [woman 2.]
Agent Petty? - Uh, I have a good new CI.
How's this one different than the last? Other than not being dead.
Well, they're much closer to Byrde.
Better access to the books.
Revised time line? A month to a warrant.
Two, tops.
[FBI agent.]
Agent Evans, do you concur? Two or three months seems possible.
Do better than you've been doing.
See you all in a month.
[Petty clears throat.]
Thanks for the backup.
With the shit you pulled, you're lucky I haven't taken your knees out.
[Petty scoffs.]
Well, what are you waiting for? Go.
You mind telling me what you were thinking by telling your dad about Russ and Boyd? I mean, isn't the idea that if you wanna get away with something, you don't tell anyone? I don't know, Marty, if you say so.
I must have ditched that day in crime school.
Hey, Ruth, he's using it to try to extort me, so I'd like to know why you decided to tell him.
He figured it out, okay? - How? - I don't know.
He just did.
Well, how did you explain killing his brothers? I told him the truth.
I thought Russ was a fucking rat.
What are you talking about? I found a bug in his trailer.
That shit didn't get there by accident.
You found a bug in Russ' trailer? You didn't think that you should mention that to me, Ruth? He's fucking dead.
Okay, but whoever he was working with, unless you killed them too, is probably still around.
We ain't open till 1:00.
Anybody here? Touch-squirts always show up here early.
It's a fucking thing.
- Black Label, rocks, Calvin? - [Marty.]
- You Martin Byrde? - Yeah.
You're hereby shut down pursuant to Missouri Statute 573537.
"Improper layout"? Fire hazard.
Ingress and egress and all that.
We'll just move some tables around.
You're gonna have to take it up with the state board.
There's missing fire-retardant insulation in half the cabins.
We also have concerns about the dock wiring, considering the recent deaths.
[Marty stutters.]
That wiring was fixed the day after it happened.
I don't understand why that's a problem.
Not by someone licensed by the county.
Are you the owner? 'Cause every piece of paper I have here lists the owner as Rachel Garrison.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, she's You know, she's away, but I'm a partner.
I'm a silent partner, so Well, you can go back to being silent.
I need Miss Garrison.
- [camera shutter clicks.]
- Well, you know, she is away, sir.
Well, I'd give her a call.
Tell her she's shut down until she gets in touch with our department.
Shut down? Hang on.
She's not reachable, and I'm fully auth [engine starts.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
Hey, Tuck when's the last time you spoke to Rachel? They hit the funeral home, too? What did they say? "Unusually high levels of dioxin and mercury in the surrounding soil"? I mean, it's just It's not a coincidence.
Somebody is targeting us.
Could be whoever was working with Russ Langmore.
It's somebody with pull.
Three state agencies all at the same time? It's not the Snells.
It's not KC mob.
They have no reason to hit us.
What about Wilkes? [Marty.]
Wilkes? He finally made his ask.
I wasn't very receptive.
What was his ask? He wants to build a hotel and a shopping mall next to the casino.
The Snells are never gonna go for that.
That's what I told him.
And then he threatened us.
So he's just gonna jam up hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, and I gotta explain that to Chicago and to the Snells? - They're not gonna be happy about that.
- We can get another business.
Where? I think I might have something.
Well, appreciate it.
Thank you, Ruth.
But, you know, we gotta get this up and running.
Wendy, why don't you go talk to Wilkes, please, and see if you can work something out.
I'll see if the Snells have any wiggle room at all.
We've gotta go pick up the kids.
I don't see why I have to pay for a B plus, dude.
I wrote you an 89 paper.
You have a 78 average.
C to an A too fast and they're gonna find out.
Then we're all screwed and my business goes bust.
I want a solid A on my history project, though.
- [Wendy.]
Where's your sister? - [Jonah.]
Is that a new friend? - Sorta.
- Oh.
[wood creaking.]
- Well, what can I do for you? - Hey, Taylor.
Last I heard, you were shooting your mouth off about demanding that I deliver your boat myself.
Well, I'm not here for that.
I got a business proposition.
I heard you had money trouble, and I wanna invest in your business.
And here I was, all concerned that you could pay your boat repair bill.
I guess it must be my lucky day.
Well, I'm working in an office: Marty Byrde Enterprises.
And he wants to invest in your business.
You're serious? I can see rot and bend in these supports.
And I bet you don't have money for a breakwater.
- [Taylor.]
Don't need one.
- [Ruth.]
That's where you're wrong.
You've got all those fancy yachts tooling around here during the summer.
They can't even stop here for gas if you got no breakwater.
And we'll get you that breakwater and that business.
The place ain't for sale, Ruthie.
We're not buying.
We're just injecting some capital in something we know can improve.
Your boat's out back.
I'll tell the boys to make sure you pay before they give you the keys.
Oh, Jesus, now what? [Marty sighs.]
Jonah, I want you to go straight to your room, okay? Jacob.
You left a message for us.
Well, you didn't need to respond in person.
It sounded important.
Well, uh, listen, it's cold.
Why don't we go inside.
We can discuss it.
Okay? Hi.
It wouldn't have anything to do with the man who showed up on our property, looking to turn our land into a theme park, would it? You know what today is? No.
I'll bet the boy knows.
- First day of hunting season.
- Jonah, go inside.
I haven't missed one in 50 years.
I don't intend to start now.
- So, what I suggest, Martin - [gun cocks.]
Is you join us in the woods, and we can talk privately.
Get some things worked out.
Is that a Remington 700? It is.
Nightforce scope.
You hunt, son? [Wendy.]
No, he doesn't.
I'd like to.
Go ahead.
Now all you gotta do is put the vest on.
Well, our talk is about business, and he's got schoolwork to do.
No, I don't.
He's old enough to learn our ways.
- Jonah, honey, you're not going.
- [gun cocks.]
Anybody mind if I tag along? [Jacob.]
We move quick, old-timer.
Not if you keep talking.
Let's go.
[gunshot in distance.]
So, he's shut down your businesses.
That means all our money's tied up.
Yeah, temporarily.
I know it.
Wilkes is definitely sending us a message.
Well, maybe you need to send him one back.
[gunshot in distance.]
Some people only respond to a certain kind of pressure.
Well, listen, we are going to need Wilkes to help push our bid through the gaming commission, so, uh, maybe there is a middle ground.
I'm not selling any more land, Martin.
We've sacrificed enough.
[gunshots continue.]
Jacob, if he kills this bid, it's gonna hurt us all.
Not everything is negotiable.
[loud gunshot.]
I gotta stop.
[breathing heavily.]
Hold on.
[sniffs, grunts.]
Buddy, you all right? - You okay? - [Buddy.]
Never better.
- You tired? - No.
- Getting close.
- Good, good.
- Quiet.
- Yep.
Ready? [Jacob.]
The thing is, Martin anyone who's your enemy is now our enemy.
I appreciate that, but I don't need you to do anything.
I got this.
You got 24 hours.
If you can't persuade him, we will.
You know, I don't really believe in this sort of thing.
- No harm in trying.
- [gunshot in distance.]
- When will they be back? - Well, it depends.
Strong heart line and long marriage.
This little circle here indicates there's been some sadness.
- Yeah, that's true of any marriage.
- Yes, it is.
Now, your lifeline got a couple of breaks here.
And Huh.
That's it.
What? - What did you see? - What does it matter? You don't believe in this, anyway.
Come on.
You can't do that.
What did you see? You lost a child.
Nice-looking buck.
No, let the boy take him.
You don't have to do this, okay? Don't feel any pressure.
- [gunshot.]
- [birds screeching.]
- Your boy's first kill.
- [Marty.]
We believe in blood.
Oh, no, no.
We don't need the blood.
Thank you.
It'd be disrespectful to the deer.
It's okay, Dad.
My thighs feel like pillows.
[Wyatt chuckles.]
Hey, how come in five months, you've never tried to kiss me? [Wyatt.]
Uh I don't wanna just be some story you tell someday at some dinner party or whatever to [inhales sharply.]
I don't know, to show that you've got, like, real grit in your life or something.
[door opens.]
You can't even fucking see in here.
You're supposed to be writing your essay.
It's in my head.
Can you excuse us for a second? Yeah.
[Charlotte sighs.]
That girl never ever has to worry about getting into a college.
Her daddy can just donate a fucking library or something.
It's different for you.
Yes, I'm well aware that it's different, Ruth.
No, you need to take your seat at the fucking table, Wyatt, and make your place.
Look, I got nothing to say to those people that'll change the way that they see me, okay? Then be who they want, then.
I don't know.
Just Just write the essay, okay? Where are you going? [Wyatt.]
I'll write the fucking thing.
I gotta drive Charlotte home.
No, no, no.
You're wasted.
There's back roads.
[doorbell rings.]
I wanna talk to Charlie.
He's out of town.
He's not returning my calls.
Well, that probably means he doesn't wanna talk to you.
Now, if you don't mind, I'm finishing up some work for him here Is he shutting down our businesses? I have no idea what you're talking about.
You are full of shit.
He is pressuring us to get the Snells to sell him the land.
- Has your answer changed? - It's not possible.
Wilkes doesn't believe anything is impossible.
That's why he's been as successful as he's been.
Well, he's behaving like a spoiled brat.
I'll pass along your message.
[door opens.]
- [door closes.]
- Tuck? Hi.
You got a lot of nerve, calling me back here.
- [scoffs.]
I've got nerve? - That's right.
You stole $300,000 from me, Rachel.
That I found in my wall of my business.
Do you think that I'm afraid to tell my partners that I lost their money? How does hanging from a bridge sound to you? Fuck you, Marty.
Hang on.
Hey, hey.
Rachel, Rachel.
I'll keep them out of this if you help me get this place up and running again, because apparently, you're the only person that the inspector will deal with.
Okay? Please? And I need you to be the face of this place for an investigation.
Who's investigating you? The gaming commission.
I'm opening a casino somewhere else.
- Of course you are.
- Mm-hmm.
Preying on addicts and hillbillies.
For the record, I'm only here 'cause Tuck said he needed me - Okay.
- to protect his job.
You threaten him? Of course not.
You don't even know what's a lie and what's the truth, do you? [sighs.]
Oh, fuck.
Oh, you scared me.
I couldn't sleep.
Are you okay? You know I only went hunting once as a kid.
I couldn't do it again after that.
Why did you ask me to kill that man? You nodded at me to pull the trigger, and I did.
Honey, I thought he was gonna kill us.
If I'd done it, would you have thought of me as a murderer? No, no.
I would have thanked you for your unbelievable bravery.
Mind if I stay up a little longer? Can I sit up with you? [Marty.]
But, sir, the weekend is the only time that the club makes any money in the off-season.
If you don't re-inspect, then we can't get our clearance letter, and then we can't get our license back, which means we can't re-open, so, you know, I'll meet you anytime that you want.
Thank you.
[knock on door.]
- Hello.
- Hi.
Are you Wendy Byrde? - I am.
- I'm Janet Rayner with KZYO News.
I know who you are.
I was hoping I could ask you a few questions about Charles Wilkes and Tim Blake.
I'm sorry.
I don't really have anything to say.
You and Wilkes worked together to pass a casino bill? Well, we have no official relationship with Charles Wilkes.
Okay, but unofficially, you lobbied senators with Wilkes.
I'm sorry, I have no comment.
Byrde, we can talk on background or off the record if you want.
I don't mean to be rude, but I really think you should leave the property now.
Did you know that Tim Blake's widow is filing a wrongful death suit against Charles Wilkes? That's crazy.
She's going to announce it at his funeral.
But he was clinically depressed.
How do you know that? Thank you so much for stopping by.
"A mortgage applicant agrees to pay to consult an attorney.
Do not sign.
If this is" [continues reading indistinctly.]
I was just looking.
Yeah, looking to move.
You wanna lie to me, girl, [breathes deeply.]
fine, I get it.
But you're lying to yourself, and you're filling Wyatt's head with lies, too.
I have a real job, Daddy, in an office, with responsibilities.
Tell me what they've ever asked you to do 'sides their dirty work.
You're a Langmore, baby girl.
You carry the weight of that name.
I know it.
The rest of the world knows it.
Seems like the only one who doesn't understand is you.
So, you're here to open a bank account.
I know I'm supposed to have an adult present, but my mom's running errands.
She gave me these papers and signed all the forms she's supposed to.
All right.
Looks like everything is here.
Filled out correctly.
Let's just give your mom a quick call to confirm.
- What's her number? - I have her on speed dial.
- [line rings.]
- [woman.]
This is Connie at the bank.
I'd be there myself, but I've been stuck at the dog groomer's all day.
He definitely has my permission.
And $5,000 is correct? $5,000, that's correct.
All right, well, thank you.
Your mom sounds nice.
It's the weekend.
Do you have a passport? Oh, yeah.
And what name do you want the account under? Mine.
Michael Fleming.
I'm looking for Mrs.
I'm Susan Blake.
Blake, I am so sorry for your loss.
I I wanted to come and pay my respects.
I'm Wendy Byrde.
- Hi.
- This is a shepherd's pie.
Thank you.
Were you friends with Tim? We met once.
I know this is a terrible time, but is there a place we could speak privately? [Wendy.]
Oh, what a beautiful family.
[Susan chuckles.]
Thank you.
How did you know Tim? Uh [sighs.]
To be honest, we were on the opposite sides of an issue.
He was against a bill I was backing.
Tim could be a tough opponent.
Yes, he could.
Are you a lobbyist? No.
My husband and I own a company that's investing in a new casino.
You work with Charles Wilkes, don't you? We have mutual interests.
You know I'm gonna sue him.
Wrongful death.
I heard.
- Hmm.
- And you'll lose.
When a clinically depressed person kills themself, there's no way to win that case in court.
I don't care.
The corruption, that's what Tim fought against his entire life, and at least now it'll be out in the public.
Charles Wilkes has the money to fight you, and he will fight you.
He will fight you until you are bankrupt.
He killed my husband.
Oh, Mrs.
Blake I am so sorry, but he didn't kill your husband.
I have a brother.
He is manic-depressive, and he has been a mess his whole life.
And I have spent much of my life resenting him and what he put my family through.
To me, he was indulgent, and he was embarrassing, and, quite frankly, he was weak.
And then, ten years ago, I fell into my own depression when I lost a child.
And I learned very quickly that depression is not a passive, lethargic state.
Far from it.
It might seem that way to people on the outside.
But to the person depressed, it is an active state of roiling pain from the tip of your hair to the bottom of your feet.
And I think, deep down, you know, probably more than anyone, that Charles Wilkes didn't kill your husband.
Tim killed himself because he wanted the pain to stop.
He just wanted it to end.
I mean, it feels like torture.
That's why he killed himself.
And and we want to fund a foundation in his name to take care of the mentally ill in Missouri, with an emphasis for those with depression.
We're prepared to start with a million dollars.
- You're trying to buy me? - Yes, I am.
I am also trying to do some good here so that Tim's suicide isn't in vain.
Just think about it.
Thank you for your time.
I think this is a really great opportunity for you.
You can do so much with the landscaping and the big trees.
And you're really close to everything, so Thank you so much for coming.
It was great to meet you.
Have a great day.
Well, I've tried everything, Jacob, and, uh, it's gonna be at least a week.
Yes, I understand what that means.
Hey, easy, creepy.
A breast is a breast is a breast.
It's not my sandbox.
What time is he supposed to meet you? Nine.
This is the "Terms of Compliance" letter.
Just tell him you don't understand any of the particulars.
And try to act fucking natural.
Here, these will help.
And what if he gets suspicious? This whole charade was so he would come calling you, which he did.
He's not gonna be suspicious.
I hate your guts.
You know that? That's my cue to go.
Can you believe he spent $10,000 on that toy hotel and paddle boat? The man thinks he can wow people into acquiescence.
So did Hitler.
He held on to his power 'cause no one stood up.
People ain't afraid of autocrats.
People are afraid of being different from their neighbors.
I think we are actually preserving democracy in the fine state of Missouri.
[both moaning and grunting.]
Come on! - [Jacob laughing.]
- [Darlene moaning.]
[Jacob exhales loudly.]
[both breathing heavily.]
[both laughing.]
Oh, Darlene.
- You are a marvel to me.
You know that? - Mmm.
[Jacob sighs.]
- [Darlene.]
Oh, your heart.
- It's beating like a jackhammer.
- [Darlene moans.]
- [Jacob grunts.]
[both laughing.]
[Jacob grunts.]
Easy now.
- Whoa! Don't take 'em with you.
- [both laugh.]
- [Jacob exhales, sighs.]
- Mmm.
You know what I've been thinking about? My mind is an empty shell right now.
I want a baby.
Don't you think we're a little past that? Mnh-mnh.
Huh? There are millions of ways to get a baby.
And I'd be a wonderful mother.
[Darlene sighs.]
I'm serious, Jacob.
What is the point of all this if we got no one to leave it all to? Rachel? [Rachel.]
You're late.
Turn the lights off, man.
Come on.
The place is shut the fuck down anyway.
You okay? Turn it off.
You're late.
I'm sorry about that.
That's the letters.
Compliance or - some shit.
I don't really get it.
- It's a bunch of things they asked for.
This should get it done.
What are you doing? What are you doing? Ow! Ow! - What the fuck are you doing? - I'm just trying to see if Marty Byrde has some feelings.
That's all I'm trying to do.
Ah, why don't we pick up this conversation tomorrow? - Oh, shit.
- [Marty.]
You all right? Hey.
What's wrong with you? I mean, you wrecked my fucking life, but I'm okay.
I wrecked your life? All right, look.
 Come here.
Come here.
Let's get you to bed.
Sleep this off a little bit, okay? - Come on.
- Okay.
- [Marty.]
Come on.
- You do not get to see me naked.
You had your chance.
- I'm fine.
- [Marty.]
You're not fine.
One foot in front of the other.
- [Rachel.]
All right.
- I'll set you down.
Come here.
Come here.
Right here.
Slowly, slowly, slowly.
- [Marty.]
Okay, all right? - Okay.
Right there.
- Thank you.
- Let go.
- Thank you.
- You all right? [Marty sighs.]
You sleep this off.
And you'll be back to normal, okay? All right.
- Marty.
- Yep.
They're gonna find you.
Hmm? They're gonna lock you up.
Or they're gonna kill you.
[engine revving.]
[line ringing.]
- Hello.
- What the fuck are you doing, Ruthie? I got $50,000 worth of damage here on my dock! I have not the slightest idea what you're talking about.
I was actually gonna call you to follow up on our conversation from two days ago.
Is now a good time? I ought to kick your ass.
Your insurer will likely see that the damage was not caused by an act of God, but a large boat.
And if he's a suspicious type You know those insurance fuckers.
He might even think that it was caused by a $300,000 wake boat.
No payout coming from Allstate, if you know what I mean.
So, one option is to declare bankruptcy, of course, and the other is to take what I offered you two days ago.
Marty Byrde Enterprises will replace all these boats out front before the owners know a thing.
You're worse than your dad.
We'll get you your breakwater.
Most of you knew Tim.
When he believed in something, nothing could dissuade him.
He was a bulldog with a bone.
[congregation laughs.]
He loved being a senator, serving his constituents.
And he believed that systemic corruption was destroying the thing he loved.
What some of you may not know is that Tim also suffered from clinical depression.
He was hospitalized several times.
He didn't tell people, because he didn't want to be defined by his condition.
Now the reason I am telling you all this is because I have an announcement to make today, and I think Tim would approve.
We are starting the Tim Blake Foundation for the mentally ill with a substantial endowment.
As Father Bill says, "Though he were dead, yet shall he live.
" [Wendy.]
You owe me.
Yeah, I owe you.
You wouldn't know anything about my boat being blown up, would you? About as much as you know about my businesses being shut down.
So, listen.
I'm the one who convinced Mrs.
Blake not to sue.
- The foundation? That was your idea? - Mm-hmm.
We told her we'd donate a million.
You're gonna pony up half.
I am, am I? Unless you want to be sued for a lot more.
Dragged through the mud.
Listen, the Snells are a no-go, but we have 3% of the profit.
We're willing to give you 1.
- Oh.
- It's the best we can do.
You're a very persuasive woman, Wendy Byrde.
What about my boat? That's why you have insurance.
Hey, for the record, I didn't close down your businesses.
Someone's got you in their crosshairs.
The commission's gonna come at you hard, and I hope you have everything buttoned up.
That's what we're working on now.
- We own a dry storage business.
- Um, good.
I need to talk to you.
Or at least we're investors in a dry storage business.
All we just need is new hydraulics - and a shit-ton of dock repair.
- Can you hold on for one second? - And I figure we can make up - Let me - Hey, Ruth.
- for most of the laundering we've lost, with the businesses shut down, just on repairs alone.
Just stop for a second, okay? - Do you hear what I'm fucking saying? - It's impossible not to.
I got us a brand-new business - to launder through.
- Great! What the fuck is going on? We can't have you around the offices for a little while, okay? Are you fucking firing me? No, I am not.
The gaming commission is launching, uh, an investigation.
We can't have a convicted felon on any paperwork.
That's all.
You're fucking firing me.
Just in name.
You're still gonna manage the strip club.
You're still gonna get paid.
We just We need to have somebody else be the face of the place.
Okay? - I get it.
- Good.
Why are you yelling at me? Because he could've found the wire.
He didn't.
How the fuck do you know? - Hey, look, I am not cut out for this.
- I don't care.
It just makes me hate myself so much.
Do better than you've been doing.
Here's to our working partnership.
- [Marty.]
- [clinking.]
Absolutely, and to us being up and running again.
We appreciate you understanding that sometimes diplomacy has to take a back seat to action.
Well, maybe there was a little diplomacy, too.
The point is, the man shut down your businesses.
And now he knows the cost of stepping out of line.
Ain't that right? Charles Wilkes won't be a problem again.
You know, I thought you'd be a real cunt.
I was wrong.
Well, thank you.
Thank you.
This is delicious.
Don't thank us.
Thank your boy.
He shot it.
"You ask why I belong at Mizzou.
The simple answer is I don't.
" - [Wyatt and Three chuckle.]
- [Three.]
Dude, you really wrote that? "An undercurrent of savagery pervaded my life long before the violence truly began.
My dad made grand theft auto seem like a good career path, like we were entrepreneurs in a start-up.
Only our start-up was the motor of someone else's car or truck or boat.
" You shouldn't be saying this, Wyatt.
Keep reading.
It gets better.
"My childhood traumas are not like yours.
My mother's leaving is not like your mother's leaving.
You see, I'm a cursed Langmore, long inured to violence and death.
'Taken too soon?' people ask me of an untimely death.
And in the case of a Langmore, perhaps not soon enough.
" [breathes deeply.]
You shouldn't be saying this shit, Wyatt.
It sounds like you're ready to off yourself, not get into college.
I wrote the essay.
I don't know what else you want me to do.
You're not fucking cursed, Wyatt.
[slams door.]
[bobcats meowing.]
You believe in the Langmore curse? Walking the same fucking path you always walked, 'cause nothing's gonna change anyway.
Are you losing your shit, baby girl? Hmm? To Hurn's, the dry dock Russ and Boyd used to work at.
You can make a job for yourself there.
Look all busy when your PO stops by.
Look, I don't want to know nothing about it.
It ain't my business, but, you know, after dark, if someone wanted to chop boats for parts, you could probably make a fair amount of coin.
I thought you didn't approve of that shit no more.
You want the keys or not? [meowing.]
Your fucking choice.

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