Ozark (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Game Day

1 [engine running.]
You know what that is right there? That is plug-ugly.
This was a place of great natural beauty.
Birds used to nest in those trees, Jacob herons, egrets, cranes.
It's our wonder of the world turning into a resort.
- It's ugly, I know.
- It's a desecration.
That riverboat they're bringing up here, have you seen it? I mean, close-up? [sighs.]
'Cause we're gonna be seeing it on our morning walks every day for the rest of our lives.
I'm reminding you that ill humor in the morning brings about a darkened day.
How is this any different from the power company flooding out our forebears a hundred years ago? We entered into it by choice.
We did, Darlene.
Not without reservation, but for the benefit of the family.
And our family will benefit.
- The family? - Uh-huh.
What family? Go get Petty.
We're not under arrest because we don't have anything to hide.
Then why are we huddled like a football team? [Wendy.]
This is not a joke, Charlotte.
When can we go back inside? Uh, I think you guys can go back inside when they're finished.
Busy morning looks like.
Not a thing to worry about.
This is Jonah's, just back from the taxiderm.
What the hell's that? Boy's first kill.
You ready? Call that lawyer.
Have him meet me there? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I don't, uh, feel comfortable, you going through the safe like that.
Well, if I cared any less, I'd be dead.
What? Well, what are you, uh What are you doing? Making sure, for Marty's sake, that there's nothin' here that shouldn't be.
Was Marty arrested? I told you.
I don't know.
All's I know is they raided his house.
Okay, but he wasn't arrested, right? Are you thinking that I know more than I did five seconds ago? Wait, you don't think they would come They wouldn't arrest us, would they? Why? You got child pornography on your computer or something? - [scoffs.]
- Okay, that's not funny.
[Ruth chuckles.]
Not to you.
But that's the thing about being funny.
They would need a warrant, wouldn't they? Yeah, yeah, they would need that, um - What do you call it? - Probable cause? Yeah, exactly.
And they don't have that.
I mean, well, not in my case Can you shut the fuck up and get me a cardboard box behind the bar? - Hey, baby.
- Hey.
- [Jade.]
What's going on in here? - [Sam.]
Doesn't look like nothin'.
Just, uh, keep an eye on her, okay? I'm gonna be right back.
What are you doing in the safe? Looking for the ham sandwich I left.
Can you do me a favor and get the fuck out and close the door? I take my orders from Sam.
- Oh, is that right? Well - Mm-hmm.
Well, how 'bout I pop those tits and squeeze out the silicone? - How do you feel about that? - [gasps.]
I've got you, Marty.
It's over.
The cartel knows where you are.
They're waiting to just kill you.
But here, it's safe.
Your family is safe.
Agents are at the house right now, ready to take Wendy and the kids right into protective custody.
Life So they say Is but a game And they let it slip away If I were you, I'd just really think it through, because we may never pass this way again.
[knock on door.]
What's up? Great, send her in.
Your lawyer's here.
[Petty scoffs.]
Not the lawyer you were expecting? Marty here was just inquiring about his future as a paid informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
No, I wasn't.
Did you steal $5,000? I didn't steal it.
I took it, because just in case you and Dad have an emergency or Is that all you stole? What about Jonah? He doesn't know anything.
I swear.
- What did you buy? - What? They found $4,600.
So, what did you buy with the rest? Um Jeans and a sweater and other little things Mm-hmm.
In case of emergency, huh? You got any other surprises for me? - Anything you wanna tell me? - Mnh-mnh.
You know, I distinctly remember you saying to me that everything, everything that's happened was making you feel like you were growing up too fast.
Well, grow the fuck up, because it's game on.
Do you understand? Let's just cut straight to it, shall we? And bring your attorney up to speed here.
The fact is, Marty, you are really good at creating corporate structures.
But the problem is, you lack people skills.
Misjudgment of character.
I mean, it's your Achilles' heel.
I mean, I don't wanna talk out of school here, but Just look at your track record, you know? Hmm? Dead.
Oh, Bruce Liddell, your longtime business partner and friend.
He became an informant for us.
I mean, he turned on you, buddy I mean, like that.
That has to hurt.
And now your daughter, she takes five grand of cartel money, stashes it away in a lunch box reeking of pot, by the way I'm sure you know how the cartel reacts when the value of an operative plummets.
Or if their loyalty's ever in question.
I guess my question is [sighs.]
Do you think you're safe? Your poor kids, Marty.
They were so scared this morning, but not surprised, because they're complicit.
And they're starting to crack.
You know it.
I'm sure you also know that we try kids as adults all the time now.
Good God, could you imagine Jonah in prison for 25 years? He'd get out, what, be 38 years old? Will you be charging my client? If not, we've heard enough.
People skills, Marty.
Your bosses, they need to trust you to keep this all together so it doesn't all topple over.
And yet Ruth Langmore, right, your teenage lieutenant Did you know she tried to kill you? Remember when she gave you a ride home on her boat? August? Your dock was wired, Marty, exact same way the Blue Cat dock was wired when Ruth killed her uncles.
I'm sure you know about that also.
I never really did get to know Boyd, but I did get to know Russ.
Russ told me quite a bit about what you and Ruth do to help out the cartel.
We both know that if you could substantiate those charges, you would have arrested her.
I know Ruth wired the dock because I unwired it.
I saved your life, Marty.
Part of the job, I guess.
Can I get you a bottle of water? You were never supposed to walk out of the boathouse that day.
And if you don't believe me, ask your son.
Ask Jonah.
Jonah was there.
In fact, he pulled a rifle on me, right on your own lawn.
Are we done? Because I have another appointment at noon.
Oh, okay.
With another client? Or do you only represent the Navarro cartel? Look, Marty, you're under no obligation to use the cartel's attorney.
You can be represented by anyone you choose.
But if I were you, I sure as hell wouldn't leave with her.
Okay, then.
What if you stay here, with me, where it's safe? We can order in lunch.
I'm happy with my representation.
- [car doors closing.]
- [engine starts.]
I'd ask you if you're okay, but I know you're not.
Deal with it later.
[Wendy sighs and chuckles.]
As our Jewish brethren say, "To life.
" [Wendy chuckles.]
It's good.
- Uh-huh.
Been saving it.
- [chuckles.]
There was a French writer, long time ago I can't remember his name.
Well, I can't remember anybody's name.
Anyway, he was old for those days [clears throat.]
and very sick, lungs and ticker all going, and he was stuck in bed.
Now, this guy's a loner all his life.
But he tells the lady taking care of him that he wants to see his friends, say goodbye.
So she sends out word, and all his friends come to his little hovel, gather around his deathbed, telling stories.
And you know what happens? What happens? - He doesn't die.
- [chuckles.]
And then after a couple days, the friends, well, they leave.
They have lives.
And then he dies.
Sad, but sweet.
Because, when you think you're gonna die yesterday, today is sweet.
So, hang in, Wendy.
Lose your shit tomorrow.
Today's no day to fall apart.
[chuckles and sniffles.]
They found my money.
Well, maybe you shouldn't have kept it on a shelf.
Mom asked if you knew anything about it, and I said no.
- You should be thanking me.
- Thanks.
But you need to be really careful.
We both do.
Next time, give me your money.
I created two shell companies like Dad's.
The money's safe.
It can't be traced.
Do you think I could have some of it? For a van? - What? - A van.
I mean, you can live in it.
We can get away.
You know? [stammers.]
I can't.
But I gave it to you.
But the money's tied up, Charlotte.
It's safe, running interest.
I want you to meet somebody.
This here is Wally.
Wally, say hello to Mrs.
Or maybe you could call her Darlene.
Hello, Miss Darlene.
Wally's come to help out a little.
Help us out doing what? [Jacob.]
Help out.
Spend time on the farm, around the house, learn our ways.
- Wouldn't that be good, Wally? - Yes, sir.
Wally was born near Linn.
Lost both his parents.
Fell on hard times, but righted himself a little, didn't you? - Would you excuse us for a minute, boy? - Yes, ma'am.
Why you bringing some kid into our kitchen? He's a foster child, and I thought that if he likes us and we like him, then maybe he might be Our heir? No, I want a baby boy, someone we can mold.
We're gonna try this boy out, Darlene.
So, please keep an open mind, please? - [knock on door.]
- [door opens.]
Am I interrupting something? You're interrupting nothin'.
FBI is all over Marty Byrde.
He had a dozen men to his house.
Took him in for questioning.
I know all about it.
Well, you need to know something else.
These feds.
They're not messing around.
And they don't care much for local law enforcement.
What are you saying? I'm saying that if the feds decide to come around here, there's not much I can do.
May I remind you of your debt to us? That's why I'm here.
But, like I said, I can't I'd offer you coffee, but I just rinsed the pot.
I'll be on my way, then.
Oh, and, Sheriff.
That boy on the porch? His name's Willy.
On your way out, run him back down where he came from.
All right.
Sit on the other side.
Who's Ruth Langmore? We work together closely.
She's very valuable.
She's smart.
I shouldn't need to tell you this, but if we get any indication that your loyalty isn't solid, arrangements will be made.
Do you understand that? - I'm sorry, do you understand that? - Yeah, I understand that.
Okay, so tell me about your computers.
What are they likely to find on them? - Nothing.
- You sure about that? If they found anything, I wouldn't be sitting here.
Do you know that for a fact? You know, I'd appreciate it if you didn't treat me like a child.
Speaking of, what about the money on your daughter's shelf? - Is that my client's money? - It is not.
How much do they know, your son and daughter, about everything? They don't know anything.
Well, as a parent, I find that implausible.
Kids see things.
They hear things.
- What do your kids know? - This isn't about my kids.
They know that I'm opening a casino.
They think the raid is connected to that.
Are you lying to protect them or yourself? Your son pulled a gun on a federal agent, Marty.
Pull over.
[lighter clicks.]
My kids don't know I smoke.
I hide it.
What about the Snells? What about them? The FBI sent half its Midwest dipshits to our little hamlet, so I'd say we have a problem with their crop of opium poppies.
Do you agree? I agree.
I have a source at the US Attorney's office.
I can see if there's a warrant pulled.
Because if the FBI find our poppies, then our casino is dead.
And if our casino is dead Arrangements will have to be made.
I wish you'd stop saying that.
Well, I really wish I didn't have to.
I'm loyal to you.
I've been loyal to you for years, to a fault.
If you have reason to suspect otherwise, I'd like to hear about it.
Why do you think you're sitting in my car? Call the Snells.
Set up a meeting.
Um, all right, you guys good? Yeah? [man laughs.]
- What's up? - Have you seen Marty? - Mnh-mnh.
- Have you heard? Just what everybody else heard.
They raided the house.
- What about you? - No, I haven't heard shit.
I left Marty messages, but he hasn't called back.
He doesn't leave anything here, does he? Like what? I don't know.
His shit? Shit that he doesn't want, you know, people to be going through, or I mean, you think they got something on him, or - Do you want something to drink? - No, no.
[Rachel clears throat.]
You think they're gonna bring you in? They're more likely to bring you in, since you're his partner and all.
You're his friend and partner in the strip club.
Well, then he has a lot of partners.
Sure fuckin' does.
Hey, what would you do if he went down? I haven't thought that far.
You should.
You should get your story straight.
I mean, fuck, we both should.
Like, if they ask what he does Rachel sounds buzzed.
She may have a little Oxy problem.
- Roy - Come on.
It's game day.
It's why we do this, Trev.
It's why I made sure you came down here from Chicago.
Yeah? The cartel sending its lawyer [laughs.]
The expression on Marty's face was priceless.
And by tonight, nobody'll trust anybody else, and the whole thing'll just topple.
Just be careful.
Stay by the book.
The slightest whiff of blown Miranda or entrapment, all this gets thrown out.
You're not my fucking boss.
So, just follow the leader here.
If I hadn't vouched on your psych eval, you wouldn't have a job right now.
You know what? Big picture? You're a worker bee, and I'm the queen.
Do me a favor, Roy.
Don't give Rachel Garrison any more opioids.
[Petty sighs.]
And this time, try to keep your asset alive.
You're just jealous because that big, beautiful bear fucked me 50 times harder than you ever could.
- [Evans.]
Where are you going? - To a titty bar.
Why did Helen drop you off? Because Helen was my lawyer.
[door closes.]
Are you okay? No, they drove me halfway to Benton.
I thought they were gonna kill me.
- What? - Yeah, they're questioning our loyalty.
- Why? - The FBI.
That fed Petty, he's a He's a real bastard, a real piece of work, you know? He says he's gonna try the kids as adults.
- They can't do that.
- Well, they do it all the time.
And Charlotte I mean, she she Charlotte fucked up royally.
I know.
I yelled at her.
Oh, did you? That's great.
Problem solved, I guess.
Are you blaming me? No.
No, I'm just you know Sorry.
Anyway, Buddy's better.
Probably outlive all of us.
- Is Jonah in his room? Yeah? - Yeah.
[knock on door.]
Hey, pal.
Um, I just got a quick question for you.
Um I need to know if you pulled a gun on a man.
You're not gonna get in any trouble for it.
I just need to know if you did it.
Would've been a couple months ago? In August? He was on our property.
What was he doing? I don't know.
That's why I pulled the gun.
Have you seen him since then? Or before? Once at the Blue Cat, but he didn't see me.
And then this morning, at the house.
And was it the main guy? Yeah.
All right, that's it.
[tires screech.]
Ruth Langmore? I want my lawyer.
No, you don't.
Then I'd have to arrest you.
For what? How about a double murder, for starters? You know, I just gotta ask you.
What forces do you think you're messing with when a double murder's the least of your problems? I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
Oh, no? How about the Navarro cartel? Ring any kind of a bell? Listen carefully, because you have three options here.
Turn state's right now, end up in a cute little Arizona ranch house, with 800 bucks a month, for doing absolutely nothing.
How does that sound? - Sounds like "go fuck yourself.
" - Clever.
You want me to explain how that works exactly? Look, I'm not your problem here.
I'm your fuckin' solution.
Second option, I arrest you for killing your uncles.
And maybe you don't know it, but juries, they tend to look down on people who kill their own family members.
What you do is you roll into a ball or whatever, and you take your dick, right? And you put it up your ass.
Third option is I do nothing, and the cartel kills you.
Today, probably.
They kill you.
They kill your cousins, because that's just how they operate.
And you know, I really couldn't care less.
But I liked your Uncle Russ.
A lot.
We put our tongues down each other's throats and our dicks up each other's asses, but I guess I take this kind of personally.
See, you.
I think you're just a piece of shit.
You're just a dangerous, worthless, raggedy-ass little redneck piece of shit.
I bet you're thinking, "Marty Byrde He'll protect me.
He won't let the cartel kill me.
" Mnh-mnh.
But I just talked to him.
I told him how you tried to kill him, how you wired his dock, so [winces.]
Now, don't be too obvious, but look over your shoulder, one o'clock.
See, that's the cartel.
And now guess what.
They think we're friends.
You know, Sinatra used to say, "Live every day like it's your last.
And one day, you'll be right.
" My baby is a freak like me And she knows just what I like She carries all the keys to the places That no one dares to find She won't tell nobody What goes on in these walls If they talked They'd probably tell you all about love [music continues.]
[breathes deeply.]
- [Darlene.]
What kind of source? - [Helen.]
A reliable one.
Who? [Helen.]
Forget the source.
The FBI are coming to search this place very soon.
They searched our place pretty thoroughly.
Jacob, you were there.
You saw it.
We can move the labs to the bunkers underground.
And what about these fields? You gonna move them underground? Twenty years we've stayed clear of the authorities.
I think we know what to do.
We have already spent millions on this casino.
If they find these poppies, we will lose it all.
Destroy them today.
I don't appreciate your tone.
I honestly don't care.
We made a deal with you people.
Now, it wasn't easy to start with, but where I come from, a deal is a deal.
And now it seems like every day, somebody wants to change that deal.
That deal, to erect a casino, requires that all parties take all necessary precautions to protect that casino's viability.
Our deal was for you to distribute our heroin and for you to launder our money.
Y'all knew we grew heroin.
That was preexisting knowledge.
No one's denying that.
But circumstances have changed.
A deal's a deal.
What's changed? You wanna know what's changed? The FBI is on their way over here as we speak.
- I'd call that a change, wouldn't you? - We need your help, okay? Please.
- You want us to destroy that field? - Yes, today.
Then you keep paying us for our product.
You want us to keep paying you for heroin that you're not delivering? Mm-hmm.
Otherwise, we'll just take our chances.
I'm spending way too many billable hours arguing with these rednecks.
I'd use a different word if I were you.
- I hate this place.
- Yeah.
Those sheets at the Ramada? Ugh.
Like sandpaper, and I miss my kids.
We have to get rid of those poppies ourselves.
Well Ourselves.
It would cause a war.
Then fucking get them to change their minds, because they may not be worried about the feds, but get this.
My client is extremely worried.
We take no chances, okay? To us, the acceptable risk here is zero.
Got that? [engine starts.]
Your friend Wilkes, he funds that orphanage, doesn't he? [Wendy.]
You think he could help me and Jacob find a baby? I'm sorry.
A child, Wendy, a baby boy.
We'd take more kindly to destroying our field if you could get us a baby.
We've done a lot of things, Marty, things that we said we would never do.
But I am sorry.
I am not gonna help that woman get a baby.
I would get them quadruplets if they would plow that field.
What does she think? She can just snap her fingers Who the hell knows? What else do you want to do? - I don't know.
I don't know.
- [cell phone rings.]
Hey, Ruth.
They're setting me up, Marty.
That fed Petty fuckin' blindsides me in the parking lot and starts saying all this fuckin' shit.
Listen, not now, okay? You know I didn't talk to them, right? - Hey, not over the phone.
- All I'm just asking I said not over the phone.
I'm gonna call you later.
- When? - Later.
I'm hanging up now.
[muffled music playing.]
[cell phone ringing.]
- Hello.
- [Ruth.]
Wait, why are you calling me? Aren't you, like, in the office right now? I need you to give me a ride home.
Uh okay.
And I need you to pull around back.
Hey, guys, how's your day going so far? God, remember when waiters used to come up to the table, middle of your meal and ask you, "How is everything?" Now they have to ask, "How's everything tasting?" All because some poor bastard was probably fighting with his wife and yelled, "We're getting a divorce.
" Hey, I told you everything that I know this morning.
Oh, actually, I'm here to talk with Mrs.
But if you both want to, that's okay, too.
Feel free to call your lawyer, and we can make it a double date.
Where do you want to do it? [clicks tongue.]
Uh - Well, inside? - [Wendy.]
The kids are home.
Okay, right.
So, do you guys have an open marriage? You know, some kind of arrangement? What are you talking about? Oh, Charles Wilkes? You call him Charlie in your email.
You two having an affair? - Wow.
- Sorry, you wanna do this inside? Ah, shit, the kids.
Sorry about this, Marty.
In one email to you, Wendy, Charlie talks about doing something that he shouldn't have, but that a part of him kind of thought you wanted him to.
What did he do? Did he kiss you? He feel you up? Why don't you go fuck yourself? You're out of line.
- This is an ethics violation.
- You wanna hit me, Marty? It'd be a pretty bad idea, don't you think? Marty, it's okay.
It's okay.
Well, it's kind of touching, the way he still defends your honor.
I mean, after what you did.
Who do you think you are? [Petty.]
A federal agent conducting a criminal investigation.
And whether you've accepted it or not, you're a criminal, Wendy, in serious trouble, I'd say.
In serious marital trouble, if I'm reading any of this right.
- Are you finished? - No, not quite.
I've seen it.
We've talked about it.
Really? Wow.
And what'd you say? You say that "I'm sorry"? [Wendy.]
You really think you can shame me? Shame us into witness protection? What's your angle here? Divide and conquer? [chuckles softly.]
Are you guys just staying together for the kids? Because if you really want to do them a favor, and by that I mean save their fucking lives, then get them out here right now.
- We'll get in my car and get out of - Get the fuck off our property.
Why would you save that video? [door opens, closes.]
- What are you doing? - [gasps.]
What's it look like? You hear from Marty? - No, he won't talk over the phone.
- He's right.
What's the matter with you? - I got a bad feeling about this, Daddy.
- Yeah? Well, where you going? - What? - You're packing.
Where you going? I don't know.
That's your first mistake.
And what'd I tell you? How many times? We don't rat, and we don't run.
You know why you don't run? It makes you look guilty.
Now, did you rat anybody out? Well, what are you worried about? The cartel.
Maybe they think I ratted.
You ain't done nothin' wrong, Ruth.
Okay? There's one way in here and one way out.
Plus, we got all manner of weaponry.
And it's dark.
They don't know the layout.
If those Mexicans are stupid enough to come here half-cocked, we'll take 'em out.
[zips bag.]
[man on TV.]
Starting now at their own 38.
Rogers in the shotgun looking around, trying to figure out the defense.
Good protection, looks right, plenty of time [door opens.]
Hey, Buddy.
What's the score? By the time you're in the ground, there won't be any football.
Not like this, anyway.
National Flag Football League.
Glad I won't have to see that.
What's going on? I gotta do something about those poppy fields.
- Snells? - Mm-hmm.
- What are you gonna do? - I don't know.
I'm tired of playing monkey in the middle, though.
Yeah, well, that's because you're trying to please everybody, and it's not goddamn possible.
You gotta act.
And let everybody else react.
[doorbell rings.]
If there are children in the house, they should go to their rooms.
How can we help you? What's going on? Is this Ruth? Talking to that fed? I'd say we have a problem, wouldn't you? [Wendy.]
Seriously? Ruth? - Do you trust her? - Absolutely.
What about you, Marty? Do you trust her with your life? Yeah.
You hesitated.
- You can trust her.
- [Helen.]
Why did you hesitate? [Marty.]
I was considering the question, Helen.
[cell phone rings.]
- Marty.
- Hey, where are you right now? - I'm home.
Where do you think? - You gotta get out of there.
I need you to meet me somewhere, in town.
What, now? Why? Behind the movie theater, that lot? What the fuck's going on, Marty? Ruth, meet me.
I'm staying put.
Fine, don't move.
I'm gonna be right there.
Marty, they will kill her.
Why did you hesitate? She tried to kill me.
- What? - Ruth tried to kill me.
Bruce turned on me.
You cheated on me.
Maybe I'm not the best judge of character.
Close the door.
Mom Mom had an affair.
- What? With who? - I don't know.
- How do you know? - I just heard them talking about it.
- Who, her and Dad? - Yes.
He said, "You cheated on me.
" And she didn't even say anything.
I mean, she didn't even deny it.
So what do you think's gonna happen? I don't know.
You don't think they'll split up or something? [exhales deeply.]
That van How much does it cost? [Buddy.]
Nobody's functioning around here.
Put the pasta in, Wendy.
- [Wendy.]
Are you hungry? - No.
[water running.]
You know, there's a lot going on.
And when that's happening, and you don't know what to do, you do what's right in front of you.
You understand? I like Marty.
But he thinks too much.
He's got to act.
Somebody does.
That fuckin' fed, Marty, had me outside the strip club, saying that I murdered Russ and Boyd.
Yeah? If he had any evidence, you'd already be arrested.
What about the cartel, Marty? He said that they're gonna kill me.
So? It's all part of the same thing.
That's just his play.
He's trying to scare you.
He's trying to shake us all up so that we turn on each other.
Did you say something to him? What? Did you try to kill me last August on my dock? Your car broke down.
I loaned you the van.
Did you wire that dock? Yes or no? It was a long time ago.
No, it was not.
It was three months ago.
You were working for me.
Come on.
[Ruth exhales slowly.]
Hey, I need to know if I can trust you.
Our lives are on the line, both of our lives.
Okay? I swear to God, Marty.
You can trust me.
I swear on my life.
I swear on Wyatt's life.
- [Marty.]
You don't need that.
- [gun cocks.]
- [Cade.]
Yeah, I do.
- [Marty.]
Done talking.
Got this.
- [Helen.]
Drop it.
- [Cade.]
Get the fuck off my property.
- [Helen.]
Drop it.
- Cade.
You can trust her.
I just talked to her.
Well, you weren't so sure an hour ago.
Well, we'll know soon enough.
- [stammers.]
You told 'em I was here? - No.
Then how do they know where I live? [Marty.]
They know where everybody lives, all right, Ruth? [Cade grunting.]
Fuck off! You little fucking Marty.
Let go of me! No! No! Stop! Don't! [grunting.]
Let go! [Ruth.]
Let go! Let go of me! - [man.]
Name? - It's Wendy Byrde, for Darlene.
- You don't have to do this.
- It was my idea, God damn it.
Go, go.
- [Ruth coughing.]
- [Helen.]
Are you working for the FBI? [Ruth.]
No! No! Have you ever spoken to Agent Petty before today? Have you stolen from the cartel? Have you stolen from Marty Byrde? [coughing continues.]
Do you understand that betraying Marty Byrde is the same as betraying the cartel? - Yes.
- Oh, I don't think you do.
[muffled screaming.]
So, I've made an exhaustive list of Missouri adoption agencies.
[laughs nervously.]
[breathing heavily.]
[liquid pouring.]
[muffled screaming.]
You better pray she fucking lives.
[screaming continues.]
[breathing heavily.]
Here goes nothin'.
Burn, baby, burn.
Burn [laughing.]
She's a tough kid.
[Ruth whimpering.]
- [gasping.]
- Lean on me.
Lean on me, girl.
Go slow.
Go slow.
Go slow.
That's it, nice and easy.
- Yeah.
- [sobbing.]
Take it easy.
[sobbing continuing.]
[Ruth coughing.]
[car engine starts.]
[dramatic music playing.]

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