Ozark (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

Outer Darkness

1 Oh, man.
Now this takes me way back.
Hey, what? You're choking the life out of the steering wheel.
Come on.
We got the job done.
Let's enjoy it.
Ow! You okay? Yeah.
Buddy, you all right? You sure you're okay? Never better.
Whoa! You know, I I saw these guys at the Fox Theater, in Detroit, in '65.
- God damn, that was some show.
- Hmm.
Do you miss it? Your life back in Detroit? - Sometimes.
- Hmm.
You know, that city was in its prime.
It was vibrant.
And it really had soul.
Yeah, I always thought I I'd make my way back.
Maybe you will.
Promise me, when you get that casino up and running, you're gonna get the hell out of here.
Yes? We have a plan.
There's a small town in Australia.
It's about an hour's drive from the Gold Coast.
What? Mullum what? - Mullumbimby.
- Don't make me laugh.
- Have you been there? - No.
Oh, God, no.
No, I've only read about it.
Growing up, we didn't have any money to travel.
I mean, we didn't have any money to do anything, so I would go to the library.
And I'd put my finger on the map.
Well, what's it like? Remote.
It's surrounded by mountains.
It's near the water.
I mean, it's a lot like the Ozarks.
Except people talk funny there.
I told Marty about it.
At first, it was the name that we liked.
Gold Coast.
Sounds like anything's possible.
And then I remembered this spot nearby, kind of like a hideout.
Of course, Marty, he's paranoid that there's gonna be a tsunami that hits the coast.
But, you know, I figure the town is so far inland, I mean, we'll have beach-front property by the time the water gets to us.
Buddy? Ruth? You okay in there? Ruth? Ruth.
What? Uncle Cade told me what happened.
I just wanted to see if you were okay.
I'm fine.
Just stop being a stalker and get your shit together for school.
I'm not leaving until you come out.
Suit yourself.
Buddy told me he wanted to die at home in his bed.
Do you think he'd be upset that he died in his car? No, sweetheart, I don't think he'd be upset about that.
What were you guys doing out so late? And why did he smell like gasoline? Well, Buddy wanted to help us with something, but it was it was just too much for him.
Help us with what? Why did you let him go with you? I thought he was better.
It's nobody's fault, Jonah, okay? Buddy was sick.
This was his time.
- All set.
- Yeah.
Thank you, Harry.
Sorry for the short notice.
That's life.
Sorry again for your loss.
Why don't we all stay at home today? Just the four of us? We can We can make pancakes.
You okay, Charlotte? Does that sound like a good idea? I just feel so stupid.
I know that this was coming, but it just doesn't make I know.
I know.
Go help Jonah.
Um I'm gonna go try to get in front of this.
At least take the morning.
You blew up their field, Wendy.
It's just gonna get worse from here.
Try to stay off the phone.
The feds might be listening.
Any of those dogs so much as pisses in that barn, you'll be hearing from our lawyer.
What exactly do you expect to turn up? His name is Camino Del Rio.
Ring any bells? He a Mexican? Last he was seen, he was headed on to your property.
Well, anything you can tell me about the fire out here last night? That was a prescribed burn on one of our fields.
- A prescribed burn? - Mm-hmm.
If you farmed, you'd know.
In the middle of the night? Because I think you're hiding something.
I think you're trying to destroy evidence out here.
Evidence of what? I guess we'll see.
- You okay? - Still walking on two feet, ain't I? You're late.
And if I find out you're skipping class, I will hunt you down, tie you to the back of the beast and drag you there myself.
Go get Three and get in the damn car.
Go! Where are you heading? Work.
Let me see.
Good girl.
Now, you know better than to let those fuckers get you down.
You play that long game.
You strike back when they least expect it.
We'll get that money, one way or another.
- Get over here.
- There you go.
Copy that.
Can I help you with something? Just here to see my business partners.
And what business is that exactly? We have a bid for a casino.
Well, I'm afraid I can't allow you to have any contact with your partners, because anything we turn up today could persuade them to testify against you.
Any contact you have with them could compromise that.
So, I'm sure you understand.
He's gonna back up.
Simmer down.
Simmer down! Good boy.
Hey! I think we got something.
Do we know what's on the warrant? No, we don't.
It's weird, you know.
Petty didn't actually tell me.
Well, it's a good thing that we burned that field, at least.
It's not.
It's not so good that you didn't run it by me.
When were we supposed to talk about it, Marty? Hmm? When Ruth was being tortured by the cartel and you were tied up on the ground? It's not like I stole your credit card and I bought a dress.
You made the right call.
It's just we gotta stay on the same page always, or things fall apart.
You know, you got a real way of complimenting me and walking it back in the same breath.
You know that? Tell me they cleaned out the barn.
Tell me that the feds are not about to find a heroin processing Hey there, Harry.
I'm sorry.
Am I interrupting? No, you're not.
This one comes in gray or pink granite.
- It's modern, but timeless.
- Mm-hmm.
You're thinking single occupancy or double? Oh, double.
Let's give him some room in there.
- We're getting Buddy a mausoleum? - Mm-hmm.
When were you gonna tell me about that? I'm telling you now.
How do we feel about statues? I've been texting.
I've been away from my phone.
- It's important.
- I've had something more important.
FBI wants to question me.
An Agent Petty.
I'm guessing you know him.
I need to know what I'm involved with here.
I think you know exactly what you're involved in.
Do I? If we're gonna have any kind of relationship, you need to start being 100% honest with me.
The casino deal is completely legal.
But the business your investors are involved in isn't.
Did you know this before you started working with them? Yes.
Well, don't stop now, Charles.
Let's go.
You want the whole truth, now's your chance.
I didn't, uh I didn't know if you'd be in today.
You think those poles wipe themselves off? No, I mean You know, you weren't answering my calls.
And, you know, I just figured that I would make the rounds myself until you got back.
Mmm, just throw it in the safe.
I'll deal with it later.
You know, Ruth, if you need more time, you take all that you need.
I can I'm fucking fine, Marty.
Okay? Just Just put it in the safe! I got other shit I have to deal with.
- Call my lawyer.
- I already did.
I want to hear you say it.
Say what? That we should never have gotten involved with these people.
Whose idea was it to put the bones into the poppy field? Ash's? If I was you, I don't think Ash would be the topic to be talking about right now.
Excuse me.
Here's where I ask if you'd like to discuss all your business dealings with Marty Byrde.
I ain't gonna discuss anything without a lawyer.
Well, in that case, I'm required by law to tell you that you have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
The mere existence of bones in a field does not constitute a crime.
Are you waiving your Miranda rights, hmm? Will the sheriff please note that Mr.
Snell here is choosing to waive his Miranda rights? We're gonna have to bring you in.
On what charge? There's a county ordinance banning fires, due to drought.
You're a farmer.
You know.
Are you kidding me? The good news is I'm gonna get that all thrown out when I charge you for murder.
Cuff him.
Oh, I don't think that's necessary.
I do.
Cuff him.
Let's go.
Would someone please explain to your business partner that we need to know exactly what it is that the FBI is about to uncover.
- Oh, do you now? - Yes, we do.
Darlene, is Del in that field? Del Del is located elsewhere.
Okay, good.
Uh, and the other missing persons, are they gonna cause us any problems? I can't rightly say.
In case this is somehow unclear, targets of murder investigations are not granted casino licenses.
I don't give a damn about any casino license.
I'll rephrase that.
Your husband might go away for mass murder.
What do you plan to do about it? Seems to me that the people who burnt our field are the ones who have to come up with some kind of solution.
But we didn't burn your field.
- You're a goddamn liar.
- I burned the field.
And it's a good thing, too.
Otherwise, both you and Jacob would be in jail for drug trafficking.
You stood in my home and talked about adoption agencies.
You lied to me.
I saved this entire enterprise from going under.
Darlene, they found bones on your property.
We need to find out who they belong to, and we need to figure out what to do about it.
You need to get my husband out of fucking jail.
Pastor, I thought that was you.
What brings you in here? Uh, on the TV, they said they found bones on the Snells' property.
Is that true? Yeah.
There was a search warrant executed yesterday.
Is it Grace? We don't know anything yet.
I told you that they're the ones that killed her.
Well, we don't want to jump to any conclusions.
They're in the initial stages of identifying the remains, checking the DNA against missing persons.
But, you know, I'm afraid Grace isn't in the database.
Um, what if I bring my boy in? And you can sample his DNA for Grace.
You can do that, right? Medical examiner's not gonna be in the office till the day after tomorrow, but, yeah, you could bring him back then.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Okay, thank you.
- Sure.
Wendy, that was Darlene.
Mason plans to bring his baby in to get a sample of Grace's DNA.
- Oh, Jesus.
Is Grace in that grave? - She wouldn't say.
You don't really have a plan for what to do about those bones, do you? Do you? Uh, not yet.
- I have to talk to Jacob.
- What good will that do? - Um, honestly, I don't know, but - Yeah.
No, we have to warn him.
- Who? - Mason.
You know what Darlene is capable of.
There's no way in hell she's gonna let him take her down.
I'm right.
You know I'm right.
I want it on record that my client is here voluntarily, as a courtesy.
It's noted.
Okay, let's see.
Fifth largest private business owner in the state.
And you serve on the boards of museums, universities.
In the last year, you donated over $2.
3 million to Republican candidates in local and state elections.
Guess I understand what the Byrdes see in you, but I'm having a hard time understanding what you see in them.
My client and the Byrdes have no official business ties.
Does a $50,000 donation to your charity really buy that much goodwill? I have nothing but goodwill in this state.
The idea that $50,000 somehow buys my loyalty is ridiculous.
Okay, fine.
Let's just stick to the facts.
Like, you're 18 days late on a $136 million bank payment.
My guess, if we were to look into your charity, we'd see that you're siphoning funds to help prop up your agricultural business.
That's the real reason you need this casino so badly, isn't it? I'm not interested in your business.
But I do know some people who would be.
Unless I talk about Marty Byrde.
Are you sure you want to be filming this? - I am.
- Fair enough.
A man described as looking very much like you fired a handgun inside a bar called The Rusty Hull.
Silly name if you ask me, The Rusty Hull, but to each his own.
That was, coincidentally, the night before your motel room sustained over $10,000 worth of damage.
Another funny thing, when I inquired about the shooting, a local drug dealer became particularly interested.
Turns out he was robbed and assaulted.
Didn't report it.
Drug dealer and all.
It's amazing what you can find if you look hard enough.
I imagine at the moment your bosses aren't particularly interested in looking hard at you at all.
Though, I'm sure those things change.
Quid pro quo.
I tell you everything I know about the Byrdes.
And what do you get? I'm free from investigation.
And Wendy Byrde gets protection.
Come on, God damn it.
Just tell me about the bods, okay? Who are they? Is one of the bodies Grace? Shouldn't ask questions you don't want to know the answers to.
You're old enough to know that.
Are there other Masons out there that are looking for answers? "Who knows what hath been buried, until the earth belches it up, and new eyes are lain upon some old, dank deed.
" I hope you're enjoying yourself.
I'm just trying to get you out of here.
Feds are just trying to screw me the same way they screwed my family when they flooded us out.
Five generations of Snells have lived on that land.
Their remains are scattered all over.
You can't expect me to account for every pile of bones that turns up.
Say that again.
It's a possible way out of here.
Tell me where your ancestors are buried.
That is desecration.
We do not disturb our dead.
Then you're gonna rot in here.
What are you doing here? He's beautiful.
What's his name? I heard you came by to see Sheriff Nix.
You people I'm here because I'm worried about you, and I'm worried about your baby.
You've never cared about anyone but yourself ever.
I am so sorry that Grace is gone.
There is nothing we can do to bring her back, but you can still help your son.
Call the sheriff.
Tell him you don't plan to bring the baby in to test for Grace's DNA.
- Why would I do that? - Because you know the Snells.
You know what they're capable of.
They'll do anything they can to stop that test.
Grace would still be alive if it wasn't for you and Marty.
If I hadn't invited you into my home, if you hadn't fed me lies about your father helping build a church and the depth of your faith.
That wasn't a lie.
You think coming here is gonna absolve you? That blood is never washing off.
I'm gonna see to that.
I want you to remember what happened to you the last time you didn't listen to reason.
Please, I am begging you.
Smarten up.
Save yourself.
Save your son.
Don't come back to the lake.
You not working? I took the day off.
- What's Marty gonna say about that? - I don't know, and I don't care.
Can I ask you for a favor? Yeah, of course.
You know those pills you had? Can I have a couple? - You okay? - I'm fine.
I mean, it's just You're coming in here, asking me for Oxy.
I'm just wondering if You know, I can go to Jimmy in town.
I just figured if you had It's all right.
I got you.
This have anything to do with why you're not at work? You know that FBI guy Petty, the one that raided Marty? - Mm-hmm.
- He still comes in here? Sometimes.
Well, stay the fuck away from him.
Tell me what happened.
He set me up to look like a rat.
Did something fucking happen to you? Is that what you're saying? Jesus, Ruth, tell me what fucking happened.
Who did that? Did he? All I'm just saying, if that fuckwad shows up here, don't trust him.
He'll use you up and spit you out.
You fucking with me, nerdcore? - Um no.
I don't think so.
- Is this how you run a business? You take people's money and flake? Oh, crap.
Look, I'm so sorry.
We, uh, had a death in the family.
What the fuck's that? It's your money back.
I'm failing that class because of you, dipshit.
And I'll give you 50% discount on the next one.
That's fragile.
Hey! - What the fuck, man? - He's, like, half your size, bro.
Just stay the fuck out of it, burnout.
Oh, yeah! Hey, hey! Break it up.
This is Marty Byrde.
So, they really suspended you? For a week.
They said it was a violation of the honor code.
What about Wyatt? He's still in there.
You two, let's go.
We can talk about this at home.
- Hi.
- I'm gonna stay and talk to Wyatt.
Talk to him later.
We got a lot of stuff on our plate.
Come on.
He saved Jonah from getting beat up.
That kid was huge.
Yeah, that's another thing.
You're doing homework for tenth graders, huh? - What did they say? - They expelled me.
What? They can't do that.
It's 'cause of the zero-tolerance policy against fighting.
You were protecting Jonah.
I'm gonna go the fuck in there and talk to them.
Please, Ruth, not now.
If you get kicked out, that means no Mizzou.
You know that, right? I know.
Please, can you just let it be? Dad, you have to fix this.
I don't make the rules.
Come on.
What? Oh, the rules about the one suspending your kid for cheating, but kick out Wyatt for saving his ass from being stomped on? What am I supposed to do? I don't know, Marty.
I guess there's nothing you ever can do, is there? Come on.
- Stay the fuck away from Wyatt.
- Ruth.
- She's a bad goddamn influence, Marty.
- Ruth, stop! I don't understand.
If you needed money, you could just ask.
- I know.
- Then why did you do it? Uh-oh.
You got something you wanna add? I didn't steal five thousand, I stole ten.
And we split it.
Before you yell at me about honesty, look me in the eye and tell me that you've never lied to us about anything.
You would have done the same thing.
Hey, what'd you do with your money? Jonah? I cleaned it.
You what? - You don't have a bank account.
- Yeah, well I sort of do.
This says Mike Fleming.
Who's that? Who's Mike Fleming? It's the name on the passport you got me.
I used it to open a bank account, along with two offshore accounts one in Panama, another in Cyprus.
They're numbered, just like you taught me.
Every time I got paid for doing homework, I'd generate an invoice and mix in some of the dirty money with the clean.
Okay, go to your rooms, both of you, now.
Uh, listen, before you get We don't need to make a big deal of this.
Oh, yeah? - No.
- Yeah? Jonah is laundering money under his second identity.
Charlotte is stealing drug cartel cash and telling secrets to Wyatt Langmore, who, incidentally, thinks that you killed his dad.
So, you know, I think, even for us, we need to make a big fucking deal about this.
I don't need a recap, either, okay? This is just a moment, and we're gonna get out of it.
We need six months, and then we're free, Wendy.
- You're lying to yourself.
- How so? And every time you say it out loud, I decide to believe you, because it sounds so much better than what's actually going on here.
It is what's really going on.
Oh, stop.
Just stop it.
Well, what would you like to do, Wendy? You want to send 'em out of here? No, we tried that already.
It didn't work.
Yeah, because you let them talk you into coming back.
Is that what you wish? That we didn't come back? - No, that's not what I said.
- Then we need to be here for them.
What does that mean? Was that for me? Marty, you can't sit in this house for more than 15 minutes without being distracted.
Okay, that's enough.
No, what, the deposits, the meetings - You're hiding from me and the kids - I'm busy.
I'm not going back to that life.
I mean, do you want to know why Jonah is laundering money? Because he wants to prove to you that he's useful, so that you have to pay some attention to him.
Jesus Christ.
What? What? Where are you going? You want me to deal with things? This is what it looks like.
This is me dealing with things.
I gotta go.
- Great.
Of course you do.
- I don't know what you want from me.
This is our life now.
I can stay here.
I can talk about our feelings.
Or I can go take care of shit and make sure that we don't die, okay? I hope you understand what you've asked of us.
I'm saving your husband.
Because you think what's dead is dead.
Is that it? This ground is fucking half-frozen.
You lied to me.
Look, it's not a good time, Charles.
I need to talk to you.
Marty's not home.
I can't leave the kids alone.
I'm on your dock.
Don't act like you're some kind of hero.
We both know I could've taken care of our preacher problem.
You told me the relationship with your investors started a year ago in Chicago that you got involved with them when you were soliciting money for a business venture.
Marty's been working for them for over ten years.
You're not just involved with the cartel.
You are the cartel.
- What did you tell the FBI? - What does it matter? It was all lies.
I needed to know what you'd feed them.
- You think this is some kind of game? - Trust me.
I know it's not.
Ah - I was trying to protect you.
- I don't need your protection.
Wendy, for a smart woman, you are so, so wrong.
I have seen people shift money from account to account, trying to keep hustling fast enough that the whole thing somehow stays together.
It's not sustainable.
If what you say is true, there's nothing you can do for me anyway.
What if there was? Leave Marty.
So you can be my knight in shining armor? No, this isn't about me.
You need to get out.
You do that, I'll push the casino through.
And then Marty will be able to try to keep this insanity alive for as long as he can.
You should go.
What happened to Ruth Langmore? You don't just show up here without any warning.
This isn't a partnership.
I don't talk about my work with you.
She has bruises up and down her arms.
Did you do that to her? Ruth Langmore is a petty thief helping to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel.
So it's a miracle she's not gutted in a ditch somewhere.
I want to talk to your boss.
I want it in writing that I get a plea deal when this is over.
There is no written agreement.
Besides, no one knows who you are, and that's for your own safety.
You only get a plea deal when you deliver something useful.
- I got you a search warrant.
- Yeah, which so far is doing nothing.
Well, that's not my fucking problem.
Maybe if you hadn't outed me to Marty Byrde Maybe if you hadn't forced my hand Maybe if you could hold a fucking conversation with him without being loaded I did everything I was supposed to do.
- You can't keep doing this to me.
- "To you"? Doing this to you? Christ, why is it that criminals are always so indignant? - I'm not a criminal.
- Yeah? Then why are you in this mess, huh? Why are you standing here, in some strange gay guy's $40 motel room, whining like a grade school brat who just flunked her test and swears it's everyone else's fault but her own? - I don't want any more drugs.
- Well, they're not for you.
The next time Ruth comes looking for drugs, give her these.
Still chopping boats out at Taylor's place? I thought you didn't wanna hear nothing about that shit.
You keep Wyatt and Three out of it.
You do that, and I'm in for whatever you need.
That's the FBI, isn't it? Ignore them.
What's Wilkes doing here? He never met Buddy.
I don't know.
Paying his respects, I guess.
- Hey, Harry.
- Mr.
- Should we get started? - Yeah, I think so.
Who are they? Kansas City mob.
Of course they are.
Any news from the medical examiner? Not yet.
We have a positive DNA match.
Hi, I'm Jonah Byrde.
Did we speak over the phone? - You're Marty's boy? - Yes, sir.
Frank Cosgrove.
- I'm really glad you could make it.
- Me, too.
Me and the boys wanted to come by and pay our respects.
And by the way, hell of a kid you got here.
I'm not sure I follow.
I found a paper wheel in Buddy's room.
You know, with all his contacts on it.
- You mean Jimmy.
- You mean a Rolodex.
Yeah, so I contacted some of his friends to tell them about the funeral.
I hope that was okay.
Yeah, no, good idea.
Thank you.
- A word? - Yeah.
Give us one second, Jonah, please? Thank you, pal.
Our people, they're just standing around, Marty.
We're gonna break ground at the casino any day now.
We got a couple of, uh - Hitches.
- Yeah.
Uh No disrespect, but if there's any way that we can delay paying them until after the work actually gets done or started? Ah.
In Jimmy's memory.
I'll see what I can do.
I appreciate it.
Thank you.
All five skeletons have about a 1 to 12.
5% match to Jacob Snell.
Hmm? I don't understand.
Isotope analysis showed that the remains ranged from 90 to 150 years old.
They're all related.
Must have been just an old family burial plot.
Jesus wanted me to tell you that just because you go to church, just because you dress in your Sunday best, does not mean that he smiles down on you.
Christ wants you to know also that false piety is the greatest of all sins, because false piety is fakery.
- In James 1:26 - Excuse me.
Do you have a permit to be out here? A permit? Why would I need a permit to exercise my freedom of speech on behalf of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? - That what it is? - Yes.
Calling all these Christians fakers? I'm not calling them all fakers.
We received a child endangerment report about a preacher out here, with a baby, in the cold, seven, eight hours a day.
Now, I think that report's true.
No, don't touch him! Don't touch him! Oh, God.
- No, no, no.
- Do not resist.
Leave my son alone! When we first met, I actually didn't know what to make of Jimmy Small, whom we called Buddy.
We were roommates, but we didn't get off to a particularly smooth start.
See, Buddy liked to skinny-dip.
In fact, the first morning that my husband and I woke up in the Ozarks, we we looked out over the vastness of the lake, and there was Buddy, buck naked, staring back at us.
But we we got to know him.
And love him.
He saved our family.
In ways I can't explain, he literally saved us.
And he was the man who I wanted to have a drink with at the end of a bad day.
We weren't related, but he was family.
We loved him, and we will miss him.
Would anyone else like to speak? - I'd like to say a few things.
- Right.
Hi, I'm Jonah Byrde, and I lived with Jimmy.
I reached out to some of his friends this week.
But, unfortunately, a lot of them were dead.
He didn't talk much about his past.
But I found out that Jimmy was a war hero and that he'd won a Purple Heart.
Also, he was one of the best negotiators that the United Auto Workers, up in Detroit, ever had.
I didn't know that.
Anyway, a lot of people wanted me to pass along messages to you.
So, um Gretchen from Pontiac said, "Jimmy was the handsomest man I ever knew.
I'm no home-wrecker, but I was a sucker for those bright green eyes.
" Pete from Flint told me, "He was a real son of a bitch.
And I mean that in the best way, kind of.
" Thanks, Pete.
His friend Mike from Tallahassee, Florida, said, "Jimmy was the best damn chopper pilot in Vietnam.
" He also told me that Gretchen was the love of Jimmy's life.
So, I guess what I wanna say is to me, Buddy was just Buddy.
He was an old man, but he knew how to talk to a kid.
He knew how to tell you what you need to know.
He knew how to ask you things, and he knew how to listen.
Buddy was my best friend.
In a way, he's the only real friend I ever had.
And I'll carry our secrets to my grave.
We're dropping the charges, calling it a misunderstanding.
They can call it whatever they like.
I ain't gonna forget it.
I missed you so, baby.
- Half what I missed you, honey.
- Oh! Let's go.
Thank you.
So, how'd you do it? Pardon me.
Do what? Oh, come on.
You know, when the power company dammed up our land, our family's remains had to be moved out of harm's way.
So, I guess I should thank you for helping us find them.
That said, you'll be hearing from our lawyer about the civil suit we're bringing against the FBI for desecrating our graves.
Honestly, when I showed you Buddy's house, I thought you'd never take it.
And then you did, and I thought, "Uh-oh! This isn't gonna work.
" - And then you became so close.
- Life's funny like that.
Yeah, like me taking the job at Lickety Splitz.
If I hadn't done that, I never would have met Jade.
I mean, Melissa.
No, you certainly wouldn't have.
- If you'll excuse me one minute.
- Yeah, sure.
It's getting late.
We should get the kids home.
I agree.
Okay, um, I will I'll finish up here, okay? See you at home.
Don't worry about cleaning up anymore.
I'll finish it before I go.
Well I may not like you, but I'm not gonna let you drink by yourself.
Buddy would approve.
Do you think I hide my emotions? I think you bury 'em in just about the deepest grave I've ever seen.
Oh, I know that it pisses off Wendy, but I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
You know, I'm trying to keep everything from unraveling.
And if I let myself get emotional Maybe you could say exactly that.
It's not that easy.
Yeah, it is.
You know, when Charlotte was born do you know what my first thought was? Hmm? It's not okay to die.
The most joyful day of my life, and I'm hit with that crushing realization that I'm the last line of defense, you know, against anything.
I mean, no one can live up to that standard not even Marty Byrde.
To Buddy.
To Buddy.
You know, the last time I saw him, I cut him.
- What? - Yeah.
The last few days there, he was He was worse than ever, you know? Obviously.
And he couldn't get out of bed and And so, I helped him shave.
Cut him.
Last thing I did was hurt the guy.
Aw, you didn't mean to.
Yeah, I know.
Doesn't matter.
I hurt him.
All right, I'm gonna clean up.
Listen if this goes wrong, if I don't pull off opening up this casino, I want you to know that I'm not gonna leave you hanging, okay? Um, what do you mean? I mean, there's a guy in Chicago, a private investigator.
And if this fails, you're gonna go to him.
And he's gonna make sure that the feds can't touch the Blue Cat.
You're gonna get it back, okay? You can do whatever you want with it.
Sell it.
Keep it.
But it'll be up to you.
You understand? Okay.
No one's ever gonna know what you did to help me.
Not the feds, not the cartel.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- I I can't.
- Sorry.
I know.
- I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
- Marty.
I'm sorry.
- Marty - I know.
I'm I'm sorry.
Okay? I know.
Hey Rachel.

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