Ozark (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

One Way Out

How do we reconcile it? I I don't know that we see it as something that has to be reconciled.
I mean wouldn't you agree, Marty? - Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh The way we see it, we're in the business of bringing prosperity to this lake of helping to turn it into a year-round tourist destination, of helping our community thrive.
And isn't that what it means to be a good neighbor? Set a good example for our children? A good person? Obviously, the FBI doesn't see it that way.
Or they wouldn't have raided your home and brought you in for questioning, Marty.
Well, they didn't bring me in.
I volunteered.
- Cooperated.
- Under duress.
How do you figure? They clearly thought you had something to hide, because they felt the need to come here in the middle of the night.
Well, it was early morning, actually.
When they knew you'd least expect them.
I'm curious how you explain that.
The fuck you doing? It's obvious he ain't coming, Daddy.
Not necessarily.
Henry can be a tad erratic.
Erratic ain't good enough when you're a parolee, Daddy.
I said quit fucking with that.
You're gonna draw attention to the merch.
If you think someone's watching, all the more reason we should be getting the fuck out of here.
Go! Shit.
Get the fuck out of here! Go! Shit! Oh, y'all look like ants, scrambling from a hill I just stepped on.
You were supposed to come by boat.
Well, uh, boat's out of commission.
Besides, little girls need to learn to be on their toes.
And quarter-wits need to take their advice and shove it before what's left of their brains leaks out.
Stand down, Ruthie.
The man's got money for us.
Crown Vic? What, you trying to look like a cop? I got it at auction.
So, y'all holding out on me? Or does this just boil down to a failure of imagination? It's off-season.
When we build our inventory.
If you got something specific in mind, spit it out.
All right.
I'll give you ten grand if you can get me a FLIR Thermal Imaging System in the next 48.
Well, that's like finding a pearl in pig shit.
But if the pearl is so easy to find, it wouldn't even be worth the shit it was in, now would it? Is everything okay? Wendy, you all right? Wilkes thinks you're about to be arrested.
Really? When did he say that? Couple of days ago.
And you're just now bringing it up? Well, we've kind of had our hands full, Marty.
Did he care to share how he came to this conclusion, or did he just kind of blurt it out? Does it matter how if he's right? How many other people have to betray us before we realize Well, Rachel is not betraying us.
She's wearing a wire, after she stole from us.
A wire that she told us about, after she outed her handler to us.
She could've shown you because she thought you were onto her, and she thought it was her best move.
She obviously hasn't given anything to the FBI on us, otherwise she wouldn't have told us about it.
How do you know she hasn't given them anything? Do you have any idea how long she's been wearing that wire? My guess is since she's been back.
But you don't know for sure.
Just like you don't know she's not playing us.
Unless there's something I'm missing, something you're not telling me.
Why do I get the feeling I'm the one being interrogated here? 'Cause I told you she couldn't be trusted, and you didn't believe me.
Was that her? "I need to see you as soon as possible.
" - No.
- Could be important.
None of us can step in the Blue Cat again.
Charlotte, you're no longer working at the Blue Cat.
- Wait, what? - I'll explain later.
You're the one that wanted me working there.
Well, now we don't.
Go tell your brother, just because he's suspended, that doesn't mean he gets to sleep in all day.
I want him at that table, doing his homework and only his homework, by the time I'm out the door.
Nothing in this house makes any fucking sense.
I don't think we can avoid the Blue Cat entirely.
It'll just tip off the FBI that we're onto her.
What would you rather do? I'd like to take advantage of the situation and feed them misinformation.
Excuse me.
That is way too risky.
What if you slip and tell her something you shouldn't? I think I'm capable of a little discretion.
The safest choice is a clean break.
Since when were you one for taking unnecessary risks? Please tell the kids that breakfast is ready.
I gotta go take care of some business at the club.
Don't forget we have that PR agent thing at ten.
- Helen had to haul ass - Got it.
It's just a little water, baby.
And you're sure his boat's got a FLIR Imaging System? If he talked about that boat any more, you'd think he married it.
Lulu said that he just about moans its name when she goes down on him in the parking lot.
It'd be a real shame to squander all this time we could be spending on more remunerative opportunities.
Opportunities with a pay-off we actually know exists.
I can't steal Marty's money if I don't know where it is, Daddy.
I'm trying.
- Try harder.
- I said I'm working on it, okay? Don't mind if I do.
We'll come back after dark, Ruthie.
Everything all right? I can't stop thinking about last night.
Yeah, me, too.
I could hardly sleep, wondering when I'd see you again.
Yeah, that makes two of us.
Turns out I didn't have to wait very long, did I? No, you didn't.
Thank God.
God, I wish we didn't have customers here right now.
Why's that? Don't make me say it.
I'll blush.
Well, I'd, uh I'd really love to hear you say it, Rachel, because, uh, you've piqued my interest, and I'm a curious guy.
Maybe you could come by around closing, and I could show you.
Should I wait for you? Hi, Charlie.
Hey, it's me.
It's Wendy.
I just I don't want you to think that I have forgotten you or that I'm ignoring you.
I just I just need some time to, I don't know, process our conversation.
I just need to think it through, so if you could just bear with me, okay? I'll I'll call you.
Thanks, bye.
Looks like you've got some serious problems.
You're lucky Helen called while the situation is salvageable.
Albeit with an extremely aggressive approach.
Or as it's known around here, 40 minutes of hell.
Not sure I follow.
The full-court press, pioneered by Nolan Richardson when he led the Razorbacks to the '94 national title? - And adopted by Mizzou - Right.
when his longtime assistant Mike Anderson coached the Tigers? Come on.
I've never even been to the Ozarks before, and I knew that.
Well, just like Coach Richardson's famous full-court press, our strategy is to play offense and defense with equal intensity.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
I'll be posting regularly - and expecting you all to do the same.
- Mm-hmm.
And tomorrow, a lifestyle reporter from the Kansas City Star will be interviewing you in your home and doing a photo spread of the family.
You all have such a wholesome look, and we want to emphasize the casino as an approachable mom-and-pop operation.
How do you know what our family looks like? Helen.
Um Tell me about the defensive part of our full-court press.
The problem with the US justice system is it doesn't prove innocence, even if you're acquitted.
So, it's up to us to wash the stink off by hitting your little FBI problem head-on.
So you're going to look gracious about the investigation.
Smile it off as a misunderstanding.
I'm supposed to smile about the FBI threatening to put my kids in prison? Do you want to act righteous, Marty, or do you wanna win? I work with winners.
I bet your wife does, too.
And she'd know the right answer - from her work in politics.
- Hmm.
Speaking of which, when are we expecting Wendy? Get up! I have a 14-year-old boy named Jonah and a 15-year-old girl named Charlotte.
The boy, he's really, really smart.
He's a little awkward, but, you know, I bet if you gave him a jet engine, he could take it apart, and he could put it back together again.
And the 15-year-old, she doesn't apply herself as much, but nothing gets by her, believe me.
No! No.
Hi, this is Wendy.
Leave me a message.
Wendy! Wendy! Shall not go unpunished.
Can't go unpunished.
Until the lies will be destroyed.
Must be destroyed.
Where is she? I haven't the faintest clue what you're talking about.
I just found her car out in the middle of fucking nowhere, with tire tracks leading away from it.
The same exact stunt you and Jacob pulled on me a few months ago.
Now, why would we go and do a thing like that to Wendy? Cut the shit.
We don't sell fertilizer, Byrde.
That's two rows down.
We both know that you're still pissed off at her for burning the field and lying to you about getting a kid.
Sounds like maybe she deserved to be taken.
Darlene, I'm gonna give you two minutes to decide whether you wanna start a war that you have zero chance of winning.
Or maybe she left you.
Oh, she's a devious one, that Wendy.
Tell me where Jacob is, okay? Maybe I'll talk to the sane one.
Jacob had other urgent business to attend to.
Something to do with cleaning up the mess you and your treacherous wife made on our property.
That fire in your fields is gonna be the least of your fucking problems unless you return my wife to me immediately I can't return what I don't have.
- Mason - Shut up.
Before you say a word, you need to know how this works.
Whatever happens down here, you control.
The more you lie, the messier it gets.
But if all you do is tell me the unadulterated truth, this'll be painless.
- I heard you praying out there, Trying - I think you should tell the truth.
- Maybe you should stop lying.
- To summon the strength to do this.
- For once! - We both know this is not who you are.
- Oh, really? - No.
Mason! You're a good man.
You're genuine.
You're selfless.
You're the farthest thing from a killer there is! Lucifer was an angel before he fell.
He was pristine, he was blameless, and then one day, he wasn't.
Lucifer wasn't a father.
He didn't have a little boy to lose.
Neither do I! What are you What are you talking about? What, did something happen to your son? - Don't.
Don't, don't.
- No, what? Did somebody hurt him? Mason! Mason, you tell me what's going on! You know what's going on! You're the one that did it! - What do you mean? - And now you got the guts to lie to me, - when I can take your fucking face off? - I'm not lying.
You threatened me.
You told me not to take my son to the police, then you had him taken from his father! - I don't know anything about this.
Mason! - Oh, God! "A false witness will not go unpunished, and a liar will be destroyed.
" Mason.
"A false witness will not go unpunished, and a liar will be destroyed.
" Mason, I don't have anything to gain from taking your son! But I can get him back.
But I have to be alive.
We can turn this around.
But the second I die, it's over.
Let me help you get your son.
- Hello.
- Marty, it's Mason.
Mason? I have Wendy.
She says that you can get Zeke back for me.
The police took my son, and I want him back.
Before sunrise tomorrow or Wendy dies.
If you call the cops or the cartel or the Snells, Wendy dies.
If anyone other than you and my son show up tomorrow morning, Wendy is dead.
Are we clear? Let me talk to Wendy.
I'm not doing anything until I know she's all right.
- I'm here, Marty.
I'm fine.
- Where? Where's "here"? - Where are you? - I don't know.
Try to find out.
It doesn't matter unless you have Zeke.
Call Wilkes.
He'll help you.
He knows people in almost every state agency.
Wendy, hang on.
This is crazy.
I can't get that kid in a day.
One second.
What do you want? I think Wyatt ought to be the one who comes with me tonight.
Why? You want him to go from dropout to juvie in 24 hours? Now, Ruthie, that's not What? How about we get him a drug charge while we're at it? Make sure he hits for the delinquency cycle.
He ain't gonna get caught.
'Cause he ain't going.
There's no need for you to be taking a risk like this, Ruthie.
Risk? What risk? You ain't been right since that night with the cartel.
Just worry about yourself.
I'm fucking fine.
You know what these are? Email exchanges with my PAC board, trying to convince them not to resign 'cause of your FBI shitstorm, okay? - Well, sorry about that.
- So, whatever emergency you couldn't tell Jim about on the phone better not be bullshit - Well, listen - 'cause you're interrupting - some very important things, and - Wendy has been kidnapped, okay? Kidnapped? That's right.
Yeah, her life's in danger.
- And I need you to do something for me.
- Okay.
Okay, okay.
- Um there's a - Call the FBI - No.
You can't call the FBI.
- You know what? You'd get her killed.
We both know that.
I have friends whose security firms - specialize in this sort of thing.
- No, no.
No security, no feds.
- It's gotta be done bloodless.
Listen - Oh, come on.
As long as Wendy's okay, why do you care how it ends? Because I do.
It's gotta be done bloodless, and there's just one way to do that.
And this is gonna sound a little bit crazy Yeah? Crazier than everything else that's happening here? I need you to get me this baby from Social Services today.
- Crazy.
- Yeah.
Well That's flat fucking insane.
So you know I'm not a monster.
I'd never think that, Mason.
I think you're confused and lost.
But that's only natural when you've been lied to so many times.
Grace was one of the bodies they found at the Snells.
- The police said - The police lied.
We told them to.
When I told everybody that I wasn't crazy, that that I knew Grace, that I knew that she wouldn't just leave Yeah, you were right, Mason.
Grace was murdered, and we helped cover it up.
Um Do you, um know where she is? I wish I did.
All Marty and I did was give them bones to put in her place and threaten the medical examiner.
Like you threatened me.
That was a warning.
That was not a threat.
That was me trying to protect you, because I know too well what the Snells are capable of.
'Cause you work with them.
Not because we want to.
Because uh we felt we had to.
Convinced ourselves it was the only way.
That's the thing that no one tells you about evil.
They make it seem like there are two clearly marked paths with flashing signs pointing out each way: sin, redemption.
I mean, they tell you Adam and Eve knew that they could eat from every single tree in that garden, except one.
But the truth is, evil comes when the righteous path is so hidden it just looks like there's only one way out.
The truth is Adam and Eve probably grabbed that apple because they were fucking starving, and it was the first tree they saw.
Not that that's any excuse.
Or that I ever deserve your forgiveness.
I just I don't want you to make the same mistake.
I don't want you to do something you regret because you think there's only one way.
There is another path for you.
It's a better path.
I can help you find it.
You have no idea what I would have done if someone had come along and done that for me.
Find it how? What do you need? Clothes for Zeke? Formula? I can get you money.
Do you wanna move? Wipe the slate clean? Point to a map, anywhere on a map.
I can get you an apartment.
I can even put down a security deposit.
By the time Zeke is back in your arms, your new life can be ready, waiting for you to walk into it.
But first, I really need to pee.
I need my hands to Thank you.
Really think I'm gonna try and squeeze through the window? Gilroy's gonna wonder.
Legitimate businessmen don't need babies at a moment's notice.
But you know what? Let me be very clear, okay? I'm gonna get this done for you, for Wendy.
But the second this little circus ends, our relationship ceases to exist.
You know, Marty and his wife Wendy are upstanding members of the community.
They're business owners.
They're parents.
They're Christians.
You know? They're close friends of Mason Young, former members of his congregation.
They were donating money to help him build a church.
They started a GoFundMe page when the pastor fell on hard times.
So, I think we can all agree this is a this is an ideal situation for Ezekiel, fostered by a friendly family who shares Mason's values.
You, uh, interested in fostering other children, Mr.
Byrde? Oh, uh This is a real special circumstance.
You see, I'm working my tail off here to try and get my department's priorities back on track, but, uh I'm having the hardest time finding foster families that can help me do that.
Foster families who promote the sort of values that can combat the moral decay that our society is experiencing.
Well, listen.
I'll tell you what.
This situation has really awakened in me and my wife, uh, the deep need that's out there for that, uh, crisis, really.
And, uh I'm glad to hear that.
So let me broach that subject with my wife, please, you know, right after we get this situation underway.
You'll broach it with her, and I'll see that this little situation gets resolved right away.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.
You'll be receiving a call saying Ezekiel's ready to be picked up in about, uh, ten days.
Ten days? Uh Uh, Mr.
Gilroy Uh You know, I think that it is vital that Ezekiel spends as little time as possible in the system, to minimize the exposure to that moral decay that you were talking about.
He's barely been in the system 48 hours.
That's 48 hours too many.
So you're saying We were hoping to have custody of Ezekiel tonight.
It would be an understatement to say that this request is highly unusual.
I understand that, yeah, but, uh Mason Young has lost a tremendous amount in three months.
He's had his church burned to the ground, his wife has abandoned him, and now his son Ezekiel, without any warning, without any explanation.
And we're concerned that that, uh that Mason might not be able to handle a loss like this.
And so, you know, I'm asking for your help as a fellow man, a fellow Christian, to help steady this man's soul, uh by placing his son, his only anchor, in a home that he knows, that he trusts.
Right away.
You want some tea? My grandmama believed there was nothing that couldn't be made better by a cup of tea.
I killed her.
She warned me, you know? Told me to stop being so stubborn, go back to the water.
And be thankful for what we had, but I didn't listen.
I killed her.
Mason, look at me.
There's a sweetness in surrendering right now, because it's easy.
Because no one would blame you for it.
Because, hell, I wouldn't blame you for it.
But that guilt you're feeling it's the Devil tempting you.
Because there's a little boy out there, and he needs you more than anything in the world.
And that guilt.
It does nothing for him.
My sin was pride.
You came to us and I knew you weren't believers.
I knew that you were lying.
And I still thought I could change you.
I still thought I could turn you into something that you weren't.
Maybe you still can.
Why the fuck hasn't Marty called? Help! Help! Stop! Stop it! Stop! No, stop! Shh.
No, please! Please, stop! You know, I should really just thank you for making this easier on me.
- Please, please, please, please - Shut up! Yeah? Mason, it's Marty.
I've got Zeke.
They just gave him to me.
Let me show him to you.
Hey, say hello to your dad.
Say hello to your dad, huh? Say hello, little guy.
Can you smile? Can you smile for your daddy? There it is.
There it is.
Okay? There he is.
Um, okay.
Um, bring him here.
Uh, let me see Wendy.
Happy? Bring him here.
Uh, where's "here"? Home.
I'm at my home.
Pull around to the side of the house.
And you come alone, and you come unarmed, or Wendy dies.
There she is.
She's a beauty, ain't she? Well, let's get to it.
Everything I said before was true.
I need you to know that.
Just because of what happened, it doesn't mean I was lying to you.
I want what is best for you.
I want this to work out for you.
I want you and Zeke to be together.
So you attack me after I cut you loose? Well, it's instinct, Mason.
I'm scared to death.
When you think you're going down, you grab hold of whatever's closest.
Guns, drugs.
Fire extinguisher.
You've never grabbed a hold of God once in your life.
You have no idea who I am.
I grabbed hold of God.
I hung on for dear life.
God didn't exactly grab back.
Where I grew up, self-annihilation was a religion.
More followers than Christianity's.
More passionate, too.
Sex, booze, drugs.
All before I was 15.
I was a quick convert.
And the one place that kept me from going under was that church I told you about.
The one that my daddy built with his bare hands.
And when going home wasn't an option, because that very same daddy decided he loved liquor just a little bit more than he loved Jesus that night? I went to church.
Even though I was a sinner, I knew I needed it.
And I felt safe there.
Then when I turned about seventeen, I realized where I was headed.
I'd put one too many friends into an early grave, and it scared the shit out of me.
So I went to my pastor, and I threw myself into the loving arms of his mercy, looking for salvation.
Or at least a little hope.
I told him everything.
I believed his forgiveness would make me whole.
I even told him about the abortions.
And he said all the right things.
How lonely I must've felt, how we all stray from the path, how the important thing was that I was walking it again.
But the way his jaw tightened, the way his eyes hardened when he looked at me, I knew.
I knew he'd never look at me the same way again.
And I was devastated.
I was heartbroken, and I wasn't welcome.
So I left God behind.
Because you wanted to leave him behind.
Because you never truly believed, right? A Southern preacher and abortions? You knew exactly how he'd react.
That's why you told him.
How long after did you leave home? Six months.
So you said it yourself.
The church was the only thing that you had left.
So you needed him to reject you, so that way you had no choice but to leave.
But anyone who truly believes can't just walk away like that.
Anyone who truly believes can't just turn their back on their faith, not even for survival.
You leave a church, fine.
You leave a pastor, fine.
But you find a new one.
Because anyone who believes knows that faith isn't a choice.
It's the essence of life.
Do you understand? When I walked into that robbery, I was just as desperate as you were.
I had no job.
I had no family, no direction, no reason to live.
But I walked into that store 'cause I knew that God would protect me.
When I was lost, I didn't walk away from him.
I walked towards him.
Oh, Mason You didn't walk into that store to find God.
You walked into that store to die.
God was just something you happened to find along the way.
Come on, don't you tease me now, not when I'm about this close.
God damn it, Ruth, I said keep that goddamn light on my hands.
- Fuck.
- Kill the light.
Hey! Is somebody down there? You said he wasn't gonna be here till two.
I said, "I thought.
" Hey! My shotgun just loves making new friends.
- Fuck.
- Come on.
We gotta get in the water.
- Hey! Is someone down there? - Shit.
Lift up your shirt, turn around, flip out your pockets.
No, I'm I'm unarmed.
I'm I'm alone, just like you said.
I'm just getting your kid.
But I'm not giving him to you until I know that Wendy's okay.
- Wendy! - Wendy? Marty, is that you? - Marty, I'm here.
- Wendy.
Like I said, my shotgun just loves making new friends.
What are you gonna do to me? What are you talking about? As soon as I let you leave, what's to stop you from calling the police and telling them what I did? - We would never do that, Mason.
- He would.
We had an agreement.
Wendy for Zeke.
As far as I'm concerned, this whole thing is over as soon as we leave here.
How can I be so sure? Because I kept my word on that.
I'm gonna keep my word on this.
How do I know? How do I know that you didn't already call 'em and tell 'em where I'm at? - You know? How do I know - Mason, Mason that they're not up there right now? Waiting for you two to walk out of here and then come down here to Will you shut up? What did you do to him? Here.
What are you talking about? To make him this way.
I brought him straight here as I brought him straight here as soon as they gave him to me.
Mason, it's completely natural for a baby to cry if you haven't seen them for a while.
No, no, no.
He did something to him.
You're not making any sense.
I'm making perfect fucking sense.
There's nothing I could have possibly done to him.
You can do whatever you want.
You're the Devil.
Mason, we brought you your son.
There's nothing wrong with him.
You gotta let us go.
Not until you tell me what you did to him.
He's just upset because of the situation, Mason.
Hey! I'm waiting.
You wanna know what was done? You wanna know what was done? A fund-raising campaign to help you while you were on the street.
I warned you to go back out onto the water so that the Snells wouldn't come after you.
In fact, I begged them to let you go back out onto the water instead of them just killing you and Grace, right then and there.
And when they didn't listen to me, I paid $700,000 to save your lives.
Every single thing I've done has been to help you.
Everything I've told you to do has been to help you.
And what have you done? You've done the exact opposite every single time, and what did it get you? It got you right fucking here.
Why do I even listen to him? All you do is lie! He's not lying, Mason.
Wendy said so herself.
You two are criminals.
- You're killers.
- No, no, no, no, no.
I said that we worked with them.
I never said that we were criminals.
Suppose the foot said, "I'm not a hand.
I do not belong to the body.
" Suppose the ear said, "I'm not an eye.
I do not belong to the body.
" There are many parts, but there is only one body.
What can we do to make you believe us? Nothing.
So then, just choose to believe us.
Just make yourself believe us, like you did with God.
After you lost everything, you made a choice to believe in God.
I can't, not anymore.
You killed that.
I'm taking her.
What? No, you're not.
No, you're not.
Put that down.
I'm gonna take Wendy to protect her from you.
'Cause whenever you're not around, she tells the truth.
Right? And the minute you show up, you start lying.
- Mason, slow down.
- Okay? He's corrupting you.
Yes, you're gonna come with me.
- Come over here.
- No, no, no.
- Wait a second.
- You see what's happening, don't you? - You see what you're doing? - I'm helping you.
No, it's the same thing as in that store.
Let her go.
Let her go.
Let her go.
Let us out of here.
Let her go.
Don't do this! You have everything you want I have nothing that I want! I don't have my wife! I don't have my faith! - Think about Zeke.
- I don't even have my son anymore! Yes, you do! He's right there.
You've taken everything from me.
- Just finish the job.
- I'm not gonna do that.
- Take Zeke and go.
- Or I can just push this in.
Mason! Mason, put that down.
Put that Mason! - If I just plunge this right into her - No! Mason! God damn it.
No, no.
Let me help you.
Let me help you.
Shit! Shit.
Lay still.
Lay still.
Lay still.
- Don't move.
Just lay still.
Lay still.
- No Oh, shit.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
I'm so sorry, Daddy.
I swear I didn't I didn't know he'd be back so soon.
I I I promise, I promise, I promise, I'm not a fuck-up.
I'm not.
You just You gotta You gotta give me another chance, Daddy.
I'll make it all right, Daddy.
I'll make it so you won't have to think about this.
I promise I'll make you I'll make you so, so proud! It's all right, Ruthie.
There'll be other boats.
All that matters is you're okay.
I think I know where Marty's money is.
A little bit ago, I saw Wendy drive a hearse up to one of the cabins at the Blue Cat.
And at the time, I thought, "That doesn't make any sense.
" But now, when I'm thinking that must have been where they were keeping the money.
I must have caught them moving it to the funeral home.
Well, let's go get it, then.
Okay, I need you to put these clothes on and I need you to put your clothes in the laundry bag.
Okay? What the hell are we gonna do? We're gonna do We're gonna do what we have to do.
We're gonna get rid of the body, and we're gonna take Zeke with us.
I think I'm having a fucking heart attack.
Honey, no, it's just it's just a panic attack, sweetie.
And you're in shock, but you have to keep breathing.
- Okay, Marty? - Yeah.
Just in on the count of four In on the count of four and out on the count of four, all right? Just keep breathing.
I'm here.
I'm here.
I'm here.
I got this.
I got this.
It's okay.
I'm right here.
Just in on four, out on four.
I'm right here.
I got this.
I'll take care of this.
I'll take care of this, just the way that you took care of me, so Okay? In on four, out on four.
You just keep breathing.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two I don't know that we see it as something that has to be reconciled.
Wouldn't you agree, Marty? - Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
The way we see it, we're in the business of bringing prosperity to this lake, of helping to turn it into a year-round tourist destination, of helping our community thrive.
And isn't that what it means to be a good neighbor? Set a good example for our children? A good person? Obviously, the FBI doesn't see it that way.
Or they wouldn't have raided your home and brought you in for questioning, Marty.
Well, they didn't bring me in.
I volunteered.
Under duress.
How do you figure? Well, they clearly thought you had something to hide, because they felt the need to come here in the middle of the night.
Well, it was early morning, actually.
When they knew you'd least expect them.
I'm curious how you explain that.
You know, I'm so glad that you brought this up.
FBI scrutiny is expected when you open a casino in this country.
I mean, we all understand why.
And we laud the very thorough work the federal agents are doing to keep us safe.
It's why Marty cooperated when they came here.
And it's why we prepared for that scrutiny as a family.
In fact, we welcome it because we know it's necessary, and we don't have anything to hide.
At the end of the day, the FBI's going to find what everybody finds when they meet us.
And I encourage people to come on up, I mean, introduce themselves to us when they see us around.
They're going to find a family that's very much like their own.
We work hard.
We make time for family.
We try and treat our neighbors with respect and teach our children to do the same.
And we sacrifice for each other.
Sometimes a bit more than we bargained for, but we make our peace with those sacrifices because we love each other, very much.
So much so, that as you can see, we all came together as a family and decided to help a friend out in need and foster his son for a bit.
And when I put it that way, we sound kind of boring.
What do you think, Marty? Are we boring? Sorry.
Say it again.

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