Ozark (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

The Big Sleep

1 [siren blaring.]
[siren continues blaring.]
Over here! Help! Quick, hurry! Hurry up! This way! Hurry! - Ma'am.
Ma'am? - What's wrong with her? We don't know yet, son.
Pinpoint pupils.
Do you know what kind of drugs she was taking? Resp in the toilet.
You wanna intubate? No, let's bag her first.
Go ahead.
Give it to her.
[Tuck sobbing.]
Is she dead? [snorting.]
Hey, Eddie, you got any Oxy? No Oxy.
Got some H, though.
- I don't want that shit.
- Well, suit yourself.
Fly safe.
[knock on door.]
I'm stronger than a locomotive Yeah [chuckles.]
Eddie, what's up? - [Eddie.]
Hey, man.
- Wanna hit it? Nah, I'm good, man.
- [man.]
How much? - Half-load.
Why I'm so weak for you I can leap tall buildings Huh.
In a single bound - [chuckles.]
Ooh! Business been good.
- Fuck, yeah.
- What you do with your profits? - Shit, I don't know, man.
- Spending it.
- You smart, you get in the market.
I got a broker.
I can hook you up.
- No, I think I'm good, man.
- You sure? - Yeah, dude.
I gotta run.
- Hey.
They call me the Superman of love Yeah [chattering.]
- Fuck, yeah.
- What? My broker told me to short Weight Watchers, and it just went down 12%.
You got a broker? You gotta clean your money somehow, man.
- Hey, look, I'll send you his email.
- Okay.
- [man.]
Yeah, baby! - [cheering.]
- It's party time! - [man.]
Hit it! Morning, ladies.
- We ready? - Mm-hmm.
Looking good.
Call the Mexicans.
Enlighten my eyes or I shall sleep the sleep of death.
[Zeke cooing.]
[cooing continues.]
Hey, Zeke.
Want some eggs? [gasps.]
No, thank you.
Some coffee would be great, though, please.
How long is he staying with us? Just until they can find a suitable home for him.
So, people just give us babies indefinitely? What, like we're such the model family? Okay.
Easy on the sarcasm.
We told you.
Mason asked us to help him out.
[Charlotte sighs.]
Where you goin'? Wyatt's.
I thought Ruth told you to stay away from him.
I don't care.
In case you've forgotten, it was Wyatt that got expelled for protecting Jonah.
- [Wendy.]
That's not our fault.
- [Charlotte.]
- Hey.
- [Charlotte.]
Jonah didn't get expelled.
They threw out Wyatt because he's a Langmore.
I suppose you think that that's fair.
Well, none of it's fair.
Jonah, would you take the baby in the other room? I wanna talk to your father.
Come on, buddy.
Did you get any sleep? She's right about Wyatt, you know? Well, we have other problems.
Beecher's report to the commission.
It's as bad as we expected.
Marty, we've gotta get ahead of this, or else the casino's gonna go down in flames.
What do you wanna do? Wilkes isn't returning my calls.
You know, I used to think that we were, uh, different than them.
You know, these people that we work for.
And, um Hey.
We are different from them.
You saved my life.
Mason would've killed me otherwise.
And you are the one who has always said, "People make choices.
" Mason's wife didn't have a choice.
Our kids, they didn't have a choice.
Okay, well, we have to concentrate on the casino.
- So, I am going to go see Wilkes.
- [cell phone ringing.]
- Hello.
- Can you look after the baby while I'm gone? Jesus, is she dead? I'll be right there.
What? Rachel OD'd.
I gotta go.
I just wanted to thank you for what you did.
I know you didn't sign up for this.
It's all been a nightmare.
Pretty weird kidnapping when the victim gets to keep the ransom.
He gave it to us.
He was going on the run, and he knew he couldn't take care of the baby.
I have no idea whether to believe you or not.
- I'm sorry you feel that way.
- Yeah.
Have you heard about the Beecher letter? Oh, yeah, I heard about it.
The casino's doomed.
The commission will never approve it.
- Unless you interceded.
- Yeah.
Nope, can't do it.
- [chuckles.]
Can't or won't? - It's too late.
What about your offer? Is it still on the table? - Come on, Wendy.
- No, I'm serious.
You would leave Marty? If it kept him safe.
Him and the kids.
You said you'd do anything to get that final vote on the casino.
I always wondered if you were lying.
Try me.
It's gone too far.
[inhales sharply.]
Are you wearing a wire? [softly.]
Fuck you.
The EMTs took it off me.
I didn't know you were using.
[inhales sharply.]
Yeah, well, it's not your problem.
I'm not a fucking junkie, so don't worry about it.
Nix said that he thought that the dope was spiked.
So? So, it's not your fault, okay? None of it is.
I'm really sorry that I got you involved in all of this.
Yeah, well, no offense, Marty, but that don't really mean shit.
You're right.
You know, when I first came-to, I was relieved.
I was like "Well, that's good.
I didn't die.
" Then I was like "What the fuck now?" Hey.
What if I can get you out? The cartel doesn't know about you.
I don't know.
I'm just really tired.
I know.
I know.
Then let me help.
I can't fuck it up any worse.
[Rachel chuckles.]
That's the hearse Wendy was driving in.
They could've moved that dough anywhere.
You think you can handle that Keebler Elf-looking motherfucker? Only one way to find out.
- Hi, Harry.
- Ruth, hi.
You here for the invoices? No, I actually need to talk to you about something.
Come on in.
Um, it's kind of weird.
Weird? Well, confidential-like.
Do tell.
Do you like what you do, Harry? I never wanted to be anything else.
Why? Well you know, I work in the strip club, and I've just been thinking about job security.
I mean, that's not something I really wanna do for the rest of my life.
Not like what you do.
Well, that's the thing about our business.
You never run out of customers.
[both chuckle.]
To tell the truth, not everyone has the stomach for it.
I got a pretty strong fucking stomach.
Pardon my French.
Why don't you come back with me? I'll show you what we do.
Come on.
What's the line? Eagles and three? No, fuck the spread.
I told you before, I'll tell you again, man.
They just a fluke.
Yeah, let me get three large on the Browns.
- [crashing.]
- [man.]
FBI! Everybody down! [shouting.]
Don't move! Don't move! Don't move! [shouting continuing.]
- Hands! Freeze! Drop it! - Put your hands up.
The latest update is 22 fatalities, seven more in critical condition.
Fentanyl mixed with heroin.
Upstairs is getting their asses kicked.
No one cared as long as the minority communities were the ones dying, but once it hit Northwestern [man.]
Do we have a source yet? [woman.]
We're rolling up as many mid-level and street dealers as we can.
The ODs seem to be limited to the Navarro Cartel's territory.
With all due respect, it doesn't sound like Navarro.
For all you who haven't had the pleasure, this is Agent Petty.
He's been undercover down in Lake Ozark for the past few months, that is, until one of his informants blew his cover.
Our theory is they're amping the dope with fentanyl.
Maybe they overdid it.
Got a better idea? Look at it epidemiologically.
If the tainted drugs were from the Navarro Cartel, we'd see a spike in ODs in Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland and Indianapolis, because Chicago's the hub.
But right now, we have a spike in ODs in only two places: Chicago and the Ozarks, which indicates two things.
The contaminated drugs are a small batch, and the drugs came from the Ozarks to Chicago.
Find the connection.
You can tell a lot about a guest I call them guests.
When you're working on them.
Did they drink? Were they fit? I can even tell you their station in life.
Like this guy.
Had his teeth straightened.
Family probably had money.
Oh, my God.
The smell of formaldehyde.
The funny thing is people are scared of the dead, and they shouldn't be.
It's the living who can hurt you.
- We don't do that.
- Sorry.
Is there a bathroom I can use? Stomach not as strong as you thought? [chuckles.]
Come on.
I'll show you.
What's in here? That's a storage room.
Just some surplus caskets.
Bathroom's just down the hall.
I appreciate you bailing me out, Ms.
I'll pay you back every penny just as soon as we get back up and rolling.
I know you will, Amos.
I don't know what happened, man.
It seemed like the feds was everywhere.
Come on.
We'll give you a ride home.
I really appreciate it, but, uh, I can just catch me an Uber.
It's no problem.
It's on our way.
You can't save the world, Marty.
I'm not trying to.
I told Rachel that I'm gonna help her get out from under Petty.
- How are you gonna do that? - I don't know yet.
You're a good man, Marty.
You are.
But right now, we need to get the casino over the hump, and then we can make things right.
She almost died because of what we did.
Rachel almost died because she's a drug addict.
She stole from us.
She informed on us.
She wore a wire.
At what point is any of that our fault? Is there something I need to know about you and Rachel? - [door slides.]
- [Charlotte.]
Mom, Dad.
Sheriff Nix, this is a surprise.
I'm sorry to stop by so late, but I needed to ask you some questions about Mason Young.
Thank you, Charlotte.
Can I get you some coffee? Or maybe some tea, or No, I won't be long.
Social services is looking for Mason.
It seems like he's disappeared.
- Oh, dear.
- Disappeared, huh? He hasn't answered his phone, and no one's seen him.
So, I thought I would check with you, see if you knew anything.
[both stutter.]
Well, we were contacted by social services about the baby, but we actually hadn't spoken to Mason in months.
See, it just seems a hair strange that you end up with his child, and then he goes missing.
Yeah, well, uh Actually, I think it was probably the reverse.
He must've gone missing after social services took the baby into custody.
So, you think he might've done himself some harm? We know how much he loved that baby.
- [Marty.]
- Which is why we wanted to get the boy out of the system as quickly as possible.
We've been waiting to hear from Mason.
You didn't try to reach him? We went up to Jeff City looking for him, but he wasn't on his regular corner.
Why not just call him? We didn't have his new number.
You know you might wanna talk to the Snells.
You know they have a relationship.
Yeah, I may have to do that.
You know, the Snells and I, we go back a long way.
But everything has its limit.
Thank you for your time.
You'll let me know if you hear from Mason? - [Wendy.]
Of course.
- [Nix.]
All right.
Good night now.
[door closes.]
Why are you asking me this? [sniffling.]
I don't know, Amos.
Maybe because most of the ODs were on your turf.
I don't know nothing about it.
Any of it.
You cut our heroin with fentanyl.
You tampered with our product, and now people are dying.
I didn't.
I wouldn't! [Amos sobbing.]
We don't wanna do this.
But we are going to find out, one way or another.
Make it easy on yourself.
- What did you do to the drugs? - Nothing.
There's still some hidden in the body shop.
It's wrapped in that plastic.
That's the way it came.
I lost money on the market, so I hit the dope.
But only with inert stuff.
Fentanyl? No fucking way, I swear to God.
I only used B12, and who's that gonna hurt, huh? [sniffling.]
I appreciate your honesty, Amos.
And don't worry.
It's all over now.
[gasps, choking.]
I saw Susan Blake today.
Her husband kept a file on Wilkes.
He's over-leveraged.
He's using his charity as his own personal account.
Now, I have a plan, but I need your help.
Did you hear me? [sighs heavily.]
I wanted to tell Nix the truth about Mason, just to get it over with.
That would have been a very bad idea.
Well, I didn't say I was going to.
I just wanted to.
So, why are we here, Marty? EMTs found a wire on Rachel.
I know she was working with you.
And? She's worthless to you now.
It's kind of touching, the way you care about her.
I mean, she was trying to put you away.
She almost died last night.
I'm asking you as a human being to let her go.
You work for one of the most vicious cartels in the world, and you're talking to me about being human? Rachel isn't a criminal.
Does your wife know about your feelings for Rachel? Do your superiors know that you were supplying drugs to Rachel? Just so we're clear, the drugs she OD'd on came from your business partners.
But I might be willing to let her off the hook, if If? I want the Snells' operation.
The Snells are our partners in the casino.
I'm not aware of an operation.
We think the Snells poisoned the cartel's dope.
Maybe this marriage of convenience became inconvenient.
But once the cartel figures it out, it doesn't bode well for their partnership.
So if you really care about Rachel, you're gonna have to choose sides, Marty.
What are you doing down here? I like it here.
- Is the baby asleep? - Finally.
Is that homework? - Do you know what gamer currency is? - Mnh-mnh.
Cyber criminals use it to launder money.
I could do this.
We're not looking to get into more crime, sweetheart.
We're trying to get out of it.
But let me ask you a question.
The account you were using, Mike Fleming's How did you open that without an adult's permission? Well, I looked into some local banks, and there was one small one that failed the stress test a few times.
Not enough capital, so I figured they wouldn't look too closely into a kid's account.
So, hypothetically speaking, um I mean, would it be possible to open an offshore account with that? You wanna launder money through it? No.
No, no, no.
No, of course not.
I'm just wondering if it's possible.
I've already done it, Mom.
So, if I wanted to disguise the source of some funds I can do it.
Just this once.
You going somewhere? Yeah, I'm going home.
I'll give you a ride.
I'll take a cab.
You outed yourself to Marty, didn't you? You really think he's gonna rescue you? Maybe he will.
You're not going home.
You're being detained until I can extradite you back to Louisiana, so You still belong to me.
I didn't know you had a key.
We don't.
You should've called.
I would've met you here.
No need.
I just wanted to talk about the accounts.
I send you statements.
We're kinda like the US government.
Trust, but verify.
Like this $1.
8 million withdrawal from the construction account made today caught my attention.
Um Right.
Yeah, $1.
That seems a little odd.
We haven't started building yet.
We have infrastructure costs.
Gas and water and power.
We gotta get it all up there.
And, uh, we, uh We took out a loan to get things rolling.
Today was the due date.
I just don't want you to confuse our money with yours.
So from now on, all expenditures over $50,000 get run by me.
Uh understood.
Anything else? - The Snells.
- What about them? They spiked our dope with fentanyl.
The feds are up our asses.
My client is furious with them.
And? The cartel's gonna do what the cartel does.
The casino is on their land.
The casino is gonna get built, with or without them.
- Helen, that's gonna be a huge problem.
- Your problem, Marty.
I'm an accountant.
I move numbers around.
I'm a lawyer.
I move words around.
There are no victims here.
Just volunteers, right? [woman.]
Following a teacher walkout that began ten days ago, state lawmakers finally passed a new education budget bill providing, on average, a $3,000 raise for teachers statewide.
The strike ends amid a wave of teacher protests throughout the state, as reduced education I tried reaching you.
I made dinner.
Helen Pierce, um, was curious today as to why $1.
8 million was missing from the construction account.
I was gonna tell you when you got home.
Okay, I'm home.
I had to put something in motion on Wilkes.
I had to move fast.
Did it not occur to you to ask me first, Wendy? I did.
I asked for your help.
You were more interested in Rachel.
Okay, that ground feels a little shaky to me.
Look, we're gonna get most of the money back, if that's what you're worried about.
Do you not know what happens to people who skim? This is not skimming.
This is me trying to make sure that we build a fucking casino for the fucking cartel, so that we all don't get killed.
Now, you wanna second-guess me, go right ahead.
- What I want is to not be blindsided - [Zeke crying.]
- [Wendy shushing.]
- by having $1.
8 million just mysteriously disappear.
You know what? Since Mason, your priorities have been completely upside down.
Well, you seem completely unaffected by what happened.
How about that? I'm the one he kidnapped! I'm the one who he threatened to kill, so don't you fucking tell me what I feel.
[Zeke continues crying.]
Do you know what? Just You take care of the baby.
I'm gonna go get some sleep.
Is something bothering you? As a matter of fact, there is.
Should I make you some cocoa? It was you, wasn't it? You spiked the product.
[Darlene scoffs.]
What if I did? You know how many people you've hurt? [Darlene.]
Ugh! Some junkies who were killing themselves with dope succeeded.
So what? This is about respect.
The cartel thought they could roll right over us.
Well, they don't anymore.
I think you misconstrue the situation.
I told you not to get involved with them.
I don't answer to you, Darlene.
I think you misconstrue the situation.
They'll come after us.
There'll be a war.
We've had to fight before.
I am not afraid.
Are you? Yes, I am.
I am afraid.
Of you and your implacable rage.
Your rashness.
You killed Ash for no reason.
For money, for a casino.
I killed him to save you.
I guess we just see things differently.
[door shuts.]
[Zeke cooing.]
[Marty grunts.]
[Zeke coughs.]
You okay? Morning.
[bell ringing.]
Hello, Ruth.
What the fuck is it now? You already kicked out Wyatt.
- Please sit down.
- You kicking out Three, too? - What, you get a family rate? - I guess they didn't tell you.
This school has had it in for the Langmores - since my daddy's been here.
- This has nothing to do with Three.
Wyatt is a good kid.
Did you even read his application essay for Mizzou? He's smart.
He ain't like the rest of us.
I mean, he can go somewhere.
We're letting him back in, Ruth.
What? Assuming there are no further incidents, we're rescinding the expulsion.
A benefactor made a very eloquent case on his behalf.
- Who? - Well, I can't tell you.
He prefers it that way.
Make sure Wyatt's back on Monday.
Hey, boss.
What's up? [Rettelsdorf.]
Well, some interesting news.
Looks like the right-to-work initiative's gonna make it on the ballot.
Mmm! About time.
And a lot of pushback from the unions, big surprise.
And a $1.
8 million donation was made to the foundation.
- That's generous.
- Yeah, with some strings.
Half goes to the Wilkes Foundation, a third passes through to the Blake Foundation, and the rest goes to some hurricane victims charity.
600K to Blake? That's close to the amount we owe them.
I know.
- It smells a little.
- Who's the donor? - It's an anonymous gift.
- That's even worse.
Before you accept it, you better find out who the hell anonymous is.
Whoa! They've got a ton of first editions.
Look Homeward, Angel.
That's, like, probably my favorite American novel ever.
[exhales sharply.]
Excuse me.
Could you unlock that case for me? Thanks.
Just be careful.
These are worth a lot.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
Wow! Thomas Wolfe, huge guy.
Like, 6'6".
But he liked to write standing up.
So, he would stand at his refrigerator and use it as a desk.
[cell phone ringing.]
Ruth, what's up? Yeah.
Okay, what's that mean? Okay.
- Did she tell you who? - [Charlotte sighs.]
All right.
Love you.
I got back into school.
- What? - Yeah.
Well, that's cool.
What happened? I don't know.
Ruth just said she talked to Abbott.
She said someone came in and made my case for me, and I go back on Monday.
Hey, do you think it was Marty? I don't know.
You think he felt guilty about my dad? About what happened? I'm not sure I know who my parents are anymore.
[door opens.]
Bet you were a teacher's pet.
Straight-A student.
Sat in the front row.
Hair combed.
Hand up first.
Yeah, you'd lose that bet.
I, um I spent fifth grade in the hall.
I kept correcting the teacher's spelling.
She never appreciated it.
You always thought you were the smartest one in the room, huh? Some rooms are smarter than others.
You got Wyatt back into school, didn't you? It didn't seem fair.
Like being tossed out of the classroom for knowing more than the teacher? Listen, um I I should've protected you from the cartel.
I know it doesn't mean much, but I blame myself.
You should.
I want my office back.
Anything else? It's a start.
Turn off the lights when you leave.
[door closes.]
You bought that? Not exactly.
What did you do? What does it matter? It's yours.
I don't want it.
Why? What's wrong? You just don't get it.
It's like what happened at school.
If you get caught, you get a slap on the wrist.
Marty pays for the book.
I get caught, I go to fucking jail.
You liked it so much, and I wanted to get it for you, so I just got back into school, for Christ's sake.
- I thought you hated school.
- I [sighs.]
That's not what I said, Charlotte.
- I'm sorry, okay? It was stupid.
- No You just don't understand who my family is, okay? The shit that they've done, it's like I can't escape it.
Oh, Jesus, you think you're the only one? I saw a guy get killed in my house.
I loaded money into a wall.
The fucking FBI raided us.
My parents are paranoid about anyone I hang out with.
And now we have a baby, and I know they're lying about how they got it.
A fucking baby! It's all just so fucked up.
Why would you do that? Do you have any idea how much that's worth? Charlotte, will you let your brother know that dinner's ready, please? Jonah! That's great.
I could have done that.
[door closes.]
Take a seat, sweetheart.
Sorry, I was just finishing up.
What were you finishing up? Jonah is um, creating an online profile for Mike Fleming.
What does that mean? [Wendy.]
We're using his account, only temporarily.
The Blake Foundation is having a benefit tomorrow night, and we'll see if Wilkes bites.
You didn't need to ask Jonah.
It was an emergency, and you were busy.
What'd you do today, Charlotte? I stole a book.
- [Wendy.]
You what? - You stole a book? A first edition of Look Homeward, Angel, from an antiquarian bookstore.
Why would you do that? [chuckles.]
I don't know.
Because I'm a Byrde and that's what we do.
Then you return it.
It's too late.
I gave it to someone.
Then you need to pay them for it.
You don't steal things from a store.
You know that.
This is insane.
You see that, right? [Zeke crying.]
Charlotte! [cell phone ringing.]
Hi, Helen.
I got the link you sent and did some digging.
Check your inbox.
I think you'll be happy.
[cell phone ringing.]
- [Wilkes clears throat.]
Yeah? - [Rettelsdorf.]
It's me.
I wake you? - [chuckles.]
What do you think? - Yeah, say hello to Sherry.
- She finish your taxes yet? - Fuck off.
What do you want? Well, I paid off a teller at the bank that made the wire transfer.
The name of the anonymous benefactor is Michael Fleming.
Michael Never heard of him.
That's because he's a 14-year-old boy.
What? Evidently, his father died and left him a foundation.
They need to make some bequests for tax reasons.
[Wilkes chuckles.]
I'm here.
What do you want me to do? - If I had more time - It's fine.
The world needs a little bit more trust.
Just accept it.
Accept the money.
There's not much to like about the Ozarks, but, man This French toast is I think it's the fresh buttermilk.
You gonna give me the details of the Snell operation, or are you on your way out? [Barb.]
You're a fucking angel.
I needed a fix, and there you were.
How did you know who I was? [man.]
I'm a friend of your son's.
You want me to tie you off? - [Barb.]
Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
[Barb breathing heavily.]
[Barb exhales.]
[sighs heavily.]
You're a fucking angel.
I will fucking kill you.
No, you won't.
Not if you care about your mother.
You're gonna let Rachel go, and you're gonna drop all pending charges.
If she gets so much as a parking ticket You proud of yourself? Threatening a sick woman? No.
Not for a second.
Hello, Charlie.
I didn't know you had an eye for art.
I don't.
It's a commodity, like everything else.
Should I buy it? It's better than hog futures, and it's for a good cause.
Mind if I borrow your date? As long as you return him in the same condition.
[Wilkes sighs.]
What are you doing here? I heard you finally made good on your donation.
- Yeah? Where'd you hear that? - Susan Blake.
Oh, you're friends now? - We have mutual interests.
- Like what? Like making sure promises are lived up to.
Are you trying to tell me something? Marty and I facilitated the donation from Mike Fleming to you.
My position has not changed on the casino.
I am still out.
I assumed.
Unfortunately, you just accepted Mexican drug cartel money and helped launder it through a Guyanese charity.
That is just not a good look for a moralist like you.
We had no idea where that money came from.
I'm not so sure the FBI will see it that way.
And once they start looking into how you use your own charity as your own personal piggy bank, well, I guess you're looking at tax evasion, wire fraud, money laundering - You fucking set me up? - Hey.
Take a drink, Charlie.
People are watching.
You try and take me down, believe me, I take you and Marty down with me.
I don't doubt that for a second, but there's a less painful way out of this, one where you get to keep the donation, recoupable against your piece of the profits, and we get the casino.
Just help us get through the commission.
You are one cold-hearted bitch.
[Cade exhales.]
Let's go.
Camera to the left.
- [doorknob jiggling.]
- [Ruth.]
Oh, shit.
[Cade grunts.]
God damn it.
Fuck! [grunts.]
Where is it? [Ruth.]
Maybe I just got it wrong.
You're always wrong when it comes to Marty fucking Byrde.
You are like a fucking dog, going to whoever feeds you.
I saw the hearse.
It has to be here.
Yeah? And when was that? - How long you been holding out? - I'm not holding out.
You been leading me on this fucking goose chase for months now.
- Where the fuck's the money? - I don't know! You know what? You're worthless to me.
You're like a piece of shit on the bottom of my shoe.
Don't say that, Daddy.
[Ruth grunts.]
You made me do it.
When are you gonna learn? What, are you gonna cut me now? You ungrateful fucking cunt.
[door shuts.]
[breathing shakily.]
What were you running from, Buddy? Ghosts? Were they in your dreams? Did they forgive you? Bye, Buddy.
I'll be seeing you.
[knock on door.]
- Hi.
- Can I come in? How do you feel? Um, okay.
Petty is not going to be bothering you anymore.
How'd you get me out? He had a change of heart.
What's this? That's a plane ticket.
To Miami? There's a clinic there where you can clean up.
I said I wanted to help, and this is what it looks like.
Well, I can't even afford that, so It's paid for.
It's done.
And this is an advance on the Blue Cat.
You send me your account information, and I'll deposit the rest.
I guess I should say thank you.
I fucked your life up pretty good.
Hey, Marty.
I, uh Thank you.
[children giggling.]
- [Reverend.]
Y'all take care.
- [man.]
Appreciate it.
Wonderful sermon, Reverend.
The nature of salvation.
Gave me a lot to think about.
Thank you.
And that fried chicken.
It must be genetic.
Women around these parts all just seem to know how to cook.
- Isn't that right, Darlene? - Mmm.
Oh, it was good to see you, Darlene.
Well - good night now.
- Good night.
Jesus, it's just fucking fried chicken.
A cat could make it.
Thank you.
[engine turns over.]
Y'all got a problem? [tires screeching.]
Where have you been? It's late.
We've been worried.
I have something I wanna talk to you about.
What is it? I wanna get emancipated.
- What are you talking about? - What? Do you remember Jordan Parks from back home? He did it.
He had his own apartment when he was a senior.
That kid's parents are drug addicts.
- There's a difference there.
- This is silly.
You'd have to pay for rent, food, clothes.
I'll get a job.
Where? McDonald's? You think minimum wage would pay for all that? Charlotte, I know things have been crazy, - but we gotta stay together.
- [Charlotte.]
Why? We're a family.
What does that even mean? I don't wanna hurt you.
I love you, but I can't be a part of this anymore.
Everyone lies about everything.
It's gone too far.
You can fight me on this, or you can help me.
I've made up my mind.
I want out.

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