Ozark (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

The Badger

1 [woman.]
So, what was it like? All you ever hear on the news is just how bad it is, but it has to be at least a little exciting, right? Traveling all across the world for your country? I'd sure be excited.
Then again, I've never really even left Missouri, so [sighs.]
Five more minutes listening to her, you're gonna wish you'd died in a ditch in Hue.
Excuse me.
Oh, you heard me.
Sure, she's pretty and all, but that's only gonna get you so far.
Now, miss, what gives you the right to come in here and insult a respectable young woman? [chuckles.]
"Respectable"? Is that what they say when they mean more boring than a church social? I'm not boring.
Ooh! Anyone tells you they're not boring's got one foot in the grave.
Or are you telling me you made it back from 'Nam unscathed just to come home and run out the clock? Drop a ten on the table, follow me out that door, I promise I'll at least make it interesting.
And I need you More than want you And I want you for all time [woman.]
A gentleman never lets a lady go in alone.
Miss, what makes you so sure I'm a gentleman? I'm Darlene.
Got the feeling you're all kinds of trouble, Darlene.
Only the best kinds.
[Darlene shouts.]
Hold on, baby.
Please, please, please, just hold on.
[rapid gunfire.]
Drive, you idiot.
[tires screeching.]
Oh, God.
Don't you go and die on me, baby.
Oh, God, don't you die on me.
Thank you.
[Wendy inhales, exhales.]
What's going on? - Your sister is upset.
- Upset? Okay, more than upset.
She doesn't wanna be a member of this family anymore.
- What are you talking about? - I'm emancipating.
You are not emancipating.
I don't I don't understand.
It just means I'll be in charge of my own decisions.
We are so close to working out what I admit is a terrible situation.
But right now, you are being really fucking selfish.
- That's not helpful.
- [scoffs.]
Well We're gonna get through this, okay? Oh, is that a cliché or a platitude? [Wendy.]
I'm trying to see your side here.
You're scared.
You both are.
You know I'm right.
You're scared, and you should be.
So, you understand how this works, right? That's what you're saying? That's part of the threat? So, you're really gonna get a lawyer who's gonna ask questions? Who's gonna file papers in court stating exactly why you wanna be emancipated? So, I'm just wondering I'm wondering, what are you gonna say that's gonna keep us from all being arrested? Or killed? Jonah, pass the pancakes.
Now! Thank you.
What happened? [Darlene.]
The Mexicans tried to kill you, but God had another plan.
He sent that bullet straight through your shoulder, clean entry and exit.
Now, you lost a lot of blood, but you will be out of that bed and up in a day.
Where am I? You're at home.
Hospitals mean police reports, and police attention limits our options.
Here you are, honey.
[Jacob grunts.]
- Darlene.
- What? Don't you be making any reckless moves without me.
Don't you worry about me, baby.
You just rest.
If you do anything foolish [shushing.]
You just worry about getting your strength back.
I am perfectly capable of handling the rest.
[breathing heavily.]
[hip hop music playing.]
Try to at least pretend like you're a professional.
Yeah, I thought you were off today.
Well, somebody's gotta feed the fucking animals.
- [man.]
Everybody on the ground! - [gunshot.]
[all screaming.]
It's okay.
It's okay.
No reason anybody needs to get hurt, okay? We totally understand that you have all the power - [grunts.]
- [all scream.]
Who's in fucking charge? [Ruth breathing heavily.]
You don't wanna be doing this! You're next, sweetie.
Don't make this fucking hard.
Anybody moves, you shoot.
Move, girl! I said move.
What the fuck are you doing? And what are you doing dragging Wyatt to it? You keep dragging my ass on a wild-goose chase, this is what you get.
[inhales deeply.]
Now, open the goddamn safe.
There's cameras all over the main floor.
You think a mask from the dollar store is gonna stop the cops from figuring it out? I don't give a shit! Now open the safe! [inhales sharply.]
You don't wanna do this, Daddy.
Oh I already am, baby girl.
Now, open the safe.
[siren wailing.]
So, two men.
One older, one younger.
And the older one, white male, dark eyes, gravelly voice? You ever seen him before? No, I No, I didn't.
How much money was in the safe, do you think? [Ruth scoffs.]
I don't know.
Fifteen, 20 grand, or something like that.
That normal? I mean, I didn't deposit it yet.
From the weekend.
Is there anyone you might've told how much was in the safe? Like, I don't know, maybe someone out on parole? Look, I know what you're thinking.
How do you know what I'm thinking if I'm just now thinking it? [Marty.]
You're thinking that it was an inside job.
Ruth, you know who did this? No.
I swear to fucking God, I don't.
There you go.
There you have it.
[Nix sighs.]
I'm gonna go talk to some witnesses.
We'll talk again.
I promise, I didn't know he was gonna do this.
I believe you.
Who was that with him? Was that Wyatt? Hmm? My dad dragged him into this.
He's not a criminal.
I'll get you your money back, every fucking penny of this.
- This just can't come out, Marty, okay? - [cell phone ringing.]
You gotta protect him.
Jesus Christ.
All right.
I'll be right there.
Stick to your story.
Hi, there.
Excuse me.
You mind telling me what the hell's going on? No one goes through.
Well, look.
I got all these workers, all this equipment.
They should've been on that land three hours ago.
- We have an access road to build.
- Not my problem.
You mind radioing Jacob, at least? Or someone who can tell me what the fuck is going on? [Darlene.]
Jacob is indisposed.
Hey, Darlene.
He's been temporarily laid up by one of your boss' bullets.
What are you talking about? Oh, poor thing.
Did they not tell you that they were gonna try and kill us? What? Suffice to say, our little deal is dead.
You best start sniffing elsewhere for your casino.
Since when is it prudent to try to off your partners before a deal is even finalized? I must have missed that issue of the Harvard Business Review.
I told you, the cartel is gonna do what the cartel is gonna do.
- [Marty.]
- [Helen.]
Your job was to find a way to make this deal without the Snells.
I was in the middle of trying to figure out if that's even possible.
I did not say it was done.
The Snells poisoned my client's product.
My client couldn't allow such brazen disrespect without a proportional response.
We completely understand your client's need for respect.
- Are you fucking kidding me? - [Wendy.]
Marty I mean, your client's little ego trip just completely fucked us.
It fucked the casino, and he pissed away $50 million.
It wasn't my decision.
I wasn't even informed of it.
How do we salvage this? Find a way to immediately cut the Snells out of this deal.
We're not salvaging shit.
It's the first law of power, Marty.
Those who can, shit on others.
Those who can't, clean it up.
I'm not playing your fucking games anymore.
- [Helen.]
You don't have an option.
- Neither do you.
And neither does your client, if he wants to keep his $50 million.
You think I'm the only one over a fucking barrel? Clean up your own shit.
He'll do it.
Ruth, I love this sweatshirt Just take it off and throw it in the fucking fire.
Now! If you get popped for armed robbery, they throw you away for 15 years.
Nah, more like ten.
Shut up, Three.
And you can fucking forget about college.
I don't see what the big deal is.
They didn't even break and enter.
There were people in a club, Three, which makes it robbery, as opposed to burglary.
And Wyatt had a deadly weapon in his hands.
What the fuck's the matter with you? Cade said you were in on it.
How am I supposed to know? [Ruth.]
And you believed him? How much money did he give you? Why? 'Cause I'm giving it back to Marty.
Fuck that.
I'm not giving him a fucking thing.
He just promised not to rat you out, dipshit.
He just got you back into school.
Yeah, 'cause he feels guilty about killing my dad.
- He didn't kill your dad.
- You don't know that.
Just shut the fuck up about it, okay? Just stay away from Cade, all right? What's he supposed to do? Uncle Cade lives right there.
What do you think I'm about to say? [sighs.]
"Shut up, Three"? So, how much money'd Cade give you? Five grand.
This is where you give it back.
Right now.
- I've got this, okay? - [door opens.]
and Mrs.
I'm Gena Bracken.
I'll be representing Charlotte.
I'm sorry, who are you? Your daughter's attorney in her emancipation case.
I've gone to the trouble of drawing up Charlotte's emancipation papers.
As soon as you and your husband sign them, Charlotte will become an emancipated minor.
We can put all this behind us.
Why would we do that? Well Charlotte has painted a picture for me of a deeply unstable home.
One marred by marital infidelity and much, much worse.
[Zeke crying.]
Jonah, can you go to your room, please? Jonah already knew.
Thank you.
The precise details of my conversation with Charlotte are protected by privilege.
They will never see the light of day, if you sign these papers.
Otherwise, we will be forced to initiate legal proceedings and her statement goes into the public record.
Charlotte, do you really wanna go through with this? No, have you really thought this through? Mrs.
Byrde, Charlotte has asked that I speak for her.
Just so we can keep the tone civil Oh, I'm sorry.
Are you a member of this family? No, ma'am.
Then why should I give a fuck what you think? Okay, Wendy Uh, Charlotte, how about you and I talk one-on-one? - No, bravo, Charlotte.
- No lawyers.
Just you and me.
- No, bravo.
- Wendy You were trying to get our attention.
- Congratulations, because you got it.
- Please Wendy.
Come on.
Two days.
You have two days.
[Zeke continues crying.]
[objects clattering.]
[car door slams.]
Hey! What the fuck are you doing in here? Where's the fucking money? Well, I sure as shit won't be telling you, baby girl.
[cocks gun.]
Put down the gun, Ruth.
Come on, put it down.
You ain't gonna kill your daddy.
Why not? You killed yours.
You're not getting my money.
It's not yours, and I'm giving it back to Marty.
Now, why the fuck would you be doing that? Because he knows you took it, and he still vouched for you with Nix.
But if you want, I can call him up right now and un-vouch.
[inhales sharply.]
You know, if I go down, Wyatt goes down with me.
Wyatt's going to college, so you can stay the fuck away from him.
You act like he's Albert Einstein or some shit.
He's a criminal, just like you fucking are.
[Cade sighs.]
Ruth that kid made more money today than he has his entire life, and you'd take that away from him? Hmm? [Cade.]
Hmm? I already did.
And now I'm taking yours.
I thought you were gonna kill me.
[engine turns over.]
Want some company? Listen.
We messed up, okay? I messed up.
But we are the only family that you're ever gonna have.
I'll have my own family one day.
Do you trust me? Me? Your dad? Trust you how? To get us out of this.
Please trust me, Charlotte.
It is the one promise that I can make you, that you can always trust me.
And I am figuring a way out of this.
You know, we're gonna make this right.
[exhales sharply.]
Listen, parents are people, Charlotte.
We are we're flawed.
And I know it's hard for kids to understand.
- I didn't before I became a parent.
- I'm gonna go now.
Look, I'm not asking you to stay.
I just need you to acknowledge that you know that I love you.
That's it.
That your mom and I love you more than anything in the world.
Can you do that? [Wendy.]
How do we fix this? She knows way too much.
There is no way we can let her emancipate.
She cannot be trusted out there on her own.
I mean, who knows who she'll talk to? Who she'll think she can trust? I mean, God only knows what that lawyer knows.
She already knows about the affair and much, much more.
Did you hear how she said that? Like she's proud to be able to pick through the sordid details of our lives.
Marty? Yeah, listen.
There's nothing to fix, okay? This isn't some political scandal that you can just paper over with a press conference and a halfhearted apology.
This is our family falling apart, Wendy.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Well, then what do we do? We said six months.
What if we leave earlier? What if we leave the second the casino is approved and the cartel leaves town? - Okay, well, that's insane.
- Why? Because we don't have the time or the cash to be able to pull that off.
What if I could go to that lawyer? I could get her to drop Charlotte as a client, or maybe at least I could find out what Charlotte said to her.
No, that's a terrible idea.
After that little show that you pulled, she's even more likely to believe Charlotte.
And if you go see her, you're gonna be just as angry as you were tonight.
I wasn't angry.
I was right.
Do not go see her.
We have enough problems.
Just go talk to Wilkes and see if he's found a way around the report, and I'll try to figure out a way to force Snells' hand.
Got hard evidence on that Ozark-Chicago pipeline? [Petty.]
Something better: a new strategy.
These photos suggest the Navarro cartel and the KC mob might've gone in together in this casino.
And how's that supposed to lower my blood pressure? It gives you the chance to bring down both at once.
If the gaming commission votes no on this license, Byrde's dead to the cartel.
You can swoop in, offer him a lifeline he can't refuse.
And if the gaming commission votes yes, the casino has to hire a thousand workers in a few short weeks.
You can easily slip in a bunch of undercover agents, gut the cartel's money-laundering apparatus and the KC mob at the same time.
This casino it can be your Trojan horse.
Mine? Yours.
I just I'd like to request a transfer.
Back to Chicago.
I've got some personal stuff that's come up.
I need to be closer to home.
- Mom? Hey, hey.
- [gasps.]
Oh! It's me.
- [crying.]
Roy, is that really you? - It's me.
I missed you, Roy.
Well you don't have to miss me anymore.
I'm gonna move home full-time.
That sounds wonderful.
So you know, maybe you could move in with me and we could try to Yeah.
[Barb sniffles.]
Okay, so I just Mom? - No.
- [grunts.]
I just need to go out of town, get my stuff and then I'll come home.
So, I need you to promise me that you will not go anywhere - until I get back.
Okay? - [crying.]
Yes, sweetie, I promise.
I promise.
[elevator bell dings.]
Hey, excuse me.
This photo here, this was taken before the dam, right? Yes.
And this handsome fella is my great-grandfather.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
Well, then, your family was flooded out, too, huh? - Oh, yeah.
- Yeah? You don't seem that upset about it.
Should I be? Well, a lot of people are still pretty upset about it.
Yeah, well, the government just wanted to give them electricity.
Yeah, that's true.
Les McAlister.
In-house counsel, Jackson Power District.
- You're Les.
Well, I'm Marty Byrde.
- I am.
I'm your nine o'clock.
Thanks for meeting with me on such short notice.
Oh, the pleasure's all mine.
I expect we'll be doing quite a bit of business together if your casino gets approved.
That's the plan.
Yeah, no, we will, for sure.
- Shall we? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, please.
Um You know, Les, what I wanted to ask about was something completely different, though.
- It's actually about the dam.
- Mm-hmm.
You know, the size of it is so impressive, the scale It kind of makes you wonder how they got away with it.
Got away with what? [Marty.]
Moving thousands of people so quickly.
All right, so it looks like I managed to neutralize Beecher's report to the commission.
Now at least you're on a level playing field.
How'd you manage that? He's being investigated for bribery.
And if I had to guess, your hunch was right.
The FBI was setting you up.
And you leaked that to the commission? Well, they couldn't turn a blind eye to corruption, could they? Thank you.
In the absence of a credible report, the commissioners will have some questions.
You and Marty should be prepared to answer them.
When? Well, they wanna announce by the weekend, so later today at five.
- Today? - Mm-hmm.
They agreed to come here and meet with all parties involved.
So this is our smoke-filled room? Yeah.
You wanted me because people would come to the lake house.
Well, I can get 'em here, but after that, it's up to you.
And there's one more thing.
Of course there is.
If all goes well, the chairman of the gaming commission will ask something of you.
Something like what? I have no idea, but it won't be small.
And whatever it is, you need to grant it.
You don't have a choice.
So, extortion.
It's the way they do business.
Like you said, nothing personal.
[door chime jingles.]
Excuse me if I don't shake your hand.
I'm fine skipping pleasantries.
Let's make this overture brief.
The Almighty himself could not convince us to lift our blockade.
What about the federal government? You know who I spent the morning with? Your friends over at the power company.
I wanted to know how it was that they were able to get your ancestors off of their land so quickly back in 1929.
No mystery there.
Lies, theft, intimidation.
Well, they got an assist from a little thing called riparian rights.
Pardon me.
Riparian rights are the laws that say who owns the land under a body of water.
It's kind of crazy, right? I mean, who ever stops to consider the land under a lake? Or, in this case, the Missouri River.
Which last time I checked was a federal waterway.
What this means, Jacob, is that the instant you flooded your land and connected it to the Missouri, you ceded all of that flooded land to the US government.
Which is how I managed to obtain this written order guaranteeing our workers access to the boat.
Now, if you defy this order, we can have the US Marshals escort them.
And the land that you need for access roads and parking lots to get the people to your precious boat.
We own all of it.
What's to stop us from parking guards all around the water's edge? [Marty.]
Eminent domain.
The feds are gonna give all the surrounding land to our business partners to build shopping malls and hotels and, yes, access roads.
Because it's in their financial interest.
The tax revenue from said development is gonna be massive, just like it was in 1929.
They own it all.
Above, around and below.
There is a sermon to be had here, but I don't feel much like praying.
If you try to fight this, it will cost you a lot more than a bullet in the shoulder.
Which is why you asked to meet me alone.
You were afraid Darlene wouldn't be quite so receptive.
I'll need assurances if we're expected to stand down, that you will never, ever try and hit me or my wife ever again.
You have them, so long as you keep Darlene in line.
Jacob tell Darlene that the casino profits are gonna make you richer than you ever imagined.
That you can use them to buy twice the land that you have now.
She's the same woman now as when I married her.
Same woman that slipped into this booth 45 years ago, took my beating heart in both her hands and took off quicker than a mare.
Same woman I've been chasing ever since.
They'll kill you, Jacob.
What do you do, Martin, when the bride who took your breath away becomes the wife who makes you hold your breath in terror? [door chime jingles.]
It's from Mizzou.
I know it's it's fucking skinny, and maybe it's a no, but I also want you to know that there's a buttload of other colleges out there.
[breathes deeply.]
Okay, can you do it? I can't.
[clears throat.]
"Dear Wyatt Langmore, I am delighted to inform you that the University of Missouri Committee on Admissions has accepted you into the class of 2022.
" [sobs.]
"Just wanted to let you know that your essay was among the most inspiring we've seen all year.
" [both chuckle.]
Maybe it can wait a year.
What? Why? I can't leave Three.
Three will be fine.
I'll take care of him.
I don't know, Ruth.
What's not to know? This is everything you've been working for I know.
I just feel stuck, okay? Okay, so get the fuck unstuck.
There's no curse, Wyatt.
I need to understand what happened to my dad, okay? Was it an accident? Was he murdered? Then what the fuck happened? [door shuts.]
What deals did you just make behind my back? Only the ones to protect your life.
I've been doing just fine with that on my own.
Yes, well [grunts.]
I think my right arm might beg to differ.
I told you, God has bigger plans.
We're beat, Darlene.
We were beat the second we flooded that land.
Land now owned by US government.
The second you flooded that land.
I told you, we should never have shaken hands with those Mexicans.
And you were right.
You were right.
But, right now, they don't need us alive for their casino.
So the only thing keeping us that way is my promise that we'll stand down.
Until no one's looking, then they'll go ahead and kill us anyway.
No, Darlene.
They just wanna keep us smiling and happy and stupid until their casino comes through.
You don't know that.
It's what I'd do.
They'll want one of our heads as a price for those poisoned drugs and you know it.
Is that why you met with them alone? I met with them alone because the last time you undermined me, it nearly got me killed.
Just like you killed Ash.
Your temper killed Ash.
It's like it's killing everything we spent our lives working for.
But I swear, Darlene, if you ever even think to undermine me again What? Tell me, Jacob.
What the fuck happens if I undermine you? Don't push me, Darlene.
It will not end well for you.
[door closes.]
Bracken? Oh, hi.
- I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you.
- No, no.
Not at all.
Family law is about attending to people's feelings, and feelings never follow rules or wait for appointments.
Especially when those feelings come from a teenager.
Or their parents.
I wanted to apologize for my reaction yesterday.
And offer a little context.
Um I'm sure that Charlotte has mentioned to you our move from Chicago.
And she's taken it harder than my husband and I could've ever anticipated.
I'm sure you understand how difficult it is to to watch a bright, promising child struggle.
And even how more difficult it is to admit that you don't always know how to respond to that.
So I'm genuinely sorry for my reaction yesterday, and for how much of your time we've wasted.
I just want you to know that my husband and I are willing to pay your hourly rate I've been doing this for a very long time, Mrs.
Long enough to see scores of teenagers come through here, asking for their emancipation because mommy and daddy took away their car keys - and their cell phones.
- [chuckles.]
I can imagine.
Charlotte is not one of them.
She is terrified of the person she'll become if she has to stay in that house.
It is clear to me that she's responding to something extremely troubling at home.
But I just don't have any idea what she's talking about.
If you could shed just some light on what she has said, then I don't know.
Maybe I could offer a little perspective, or at least understand why she's so upset.
I can't reveal any more of the specifics.
And I hope I never have to, because you and your husband signed those papers without a fight.
You know, the kind of people who do the troubling things you think we're doing are the kind of people who will do anything to protect their children.
Judges don't look kindly on people who threaten lawyers.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I'm just saying, I'll do anything to protect my daughter.
And I know she's safest at home, with her family.
- Sheriff.
- Cade.
Whatcha doing? Swapping out the thermostat and plugs on this engine, which I pulled off that skiff.
Who owns the skiff? That's above my pay grade.
You know, boats have been going missing since about the time you got paroled.
Well I don't wanna tell you your job, Sheriff, but it looks like it could be coincidence.
You're selling stolen boat parts.
And you robbed the strip club.
Hit that guy in the head with the butt of your gun, sent him to the hospital.
That's what I'm thinking.
You know if thinking were a cupcake, I'd eat that shit.
I was you, I'd be looking over my shoulder, brother.
Because I will catch you in the act and I will send you back to prison.
You understand me? [grunts.]
Good luck with that.
Well, you gotta put yourself in the commission's shoes, Mr.
You own four small businesses, and you wanna open a casino.
With two partners.
One of whom isn't even based in this country.
You gotta imagine, we're normally inclined to grant licenses to native Missourians.
Of course.
Um as you should.
It's why it was so important for my wife and I to partner with Jacob and his wife Darlene.
The Snell family has been on this land since before there was even a lake, right? That's right.
That's right.
There's more Snell blood in that land than any other family in Missouri.
I see you're still working the farm every day.
Yeah, well, hazard of the job, I guess.
Still, it keeps you young.
You over here pulling strings? Watching people's mouths flap? Hey, tell me.
Once the casino's open, how long before you try to take us out again? You won't be touched.
I gave your husband my word.
What's that worth? You know, you'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
Mmm! What do I catch with tar? Excuse me.
Speak to me kindly I'm the type of girl you call wifey Yeah I ain't no side piece [Jonah.]
Can you turn down the music? I'm gonna put the baby down for a nap.
[volume lowers.]
I think what you're doing is wrong.
How do you think this ends? Happily ever after? No, but they're getting the casino approved.
- That was the plan.
- We're bad guys.
I mean, we're criminals.
You see that, don't you? You almost killed someone, and Mom asked you to do it, and you're not even freaked out about it? That's what freaks me out.
[Zeke cooing.]
I'm sorry.
Yeah, well, you didn't have to tell that lawyer about the affair.
- Jonah - [Zeke crying.]
How we looking? There's one definite no.
There's two that are leaning our way and two that are still on the fence.
- Mm-hmm.
Could I have a water, please? - Sure.
Do you think that Wilkes will be able to sway the undecideds? Honestly? I think he's still figuring out if he's gonna save his own ass or take us down with him.
If I may.
Pardon me.
Is she staying in line? Why don't you just worry about your own business? I am.
But if you don't keep up your end of the bargain, I can't keep up mine.
Don't look now, but I think here comes our ask.
- Mr.
and Mrs.
- [Marty.]
Commissioner Hodges.
I must say, you've made quite the impression.
The fact that you succeeded in overturning the casino cap in the first place, well, that in and of itself is an accomplishment.
Well, obviously, from our end, we'd hate to think that we lifted the cap in vain.
- [Wendy and Hodges chuckle.]
- I believe in being direct.
Please do.
I believe I could assuage the other commissioners' fears if I had certain assurances.
What kind of assurances? What's your relationship with Frank Cosgrove? Uh, his company is gonna be involved in some of the construction.
Because there's obviously concerns about organized crime infiltrating the gaming industry.
Commissioner, I can promise you that he is not going to be involved with the business outside of the initial construction.
I'd be happy to put that in writing.
Keeping Missouri a right-to-work state is a priority for me.
Please, be direct.
The casino can't be a union shop.
Under any circumstances.
Um Then it won't be.
You have my word.
Thank you.
Did we just betray the Kansas City mafia? [Charlotte exhales sharply.]
What the hell do you think you're doing? You want a hit? Suit yourself.
Where's your brother? I don't know.
Probably laundering money in his room.
Put that out! Why should I even pretend to not break the law when no one else does? You know Wendy here threatened my lawyer today? - That is not what happened.
- Oh, that's what she told me.
Yes, I went to her, because I wanted to understand why you were so upset.
- You went to her? - Like it's some big fucking mystery? I said I would do anything in the world for you because I loved you.
Now, clearly, she has taken that, she's twisted it and made it sound like some sort of a threat.
Because you know what, Charlotte? Lawyers are dishonest.
You know who's dishonest? Drug lords.
Okay, let's all just calm down for a second, okay? [Charlotte.]
Why? So you can emotionally blackmail me with this bullshit about how you're trying so hard to fix this? Do not disrespect your father.
He's not my father, and you're not my mother.
Charlotte! [Charlotte.]
And as far as I'm concerned, the two of you can both dissolve in a fucking vat of acid.
You wanna emancipate? Fine.
You emancipate.
You wanna go, Charlotte? Go! You be my guest! Just go! [door shuts.]
[breathing heavily.]
Why did you talk to her lawyer? I told you that would make things worse, didn't I? Somebody had to do something.
We can't just cross our fingers and wish it away.
I did do something.
I talked to her.
Oh! Well, clearly it did a whole lot of good.
Because you undermined me, Wendy.
Why are you taking her side? Because she's right.
We're not fit to be parents.
It's not even a family.
It's a goddamn group of criminals.
[door shuts.]
God damn it! God damn it! Nix thinks I fucking robbed the strip club.
You did.
You hold on, girl.
What'd you say to him? Nothing.
Fuck off.
Why don't you tell Nix a couple of Mexicans did it, huh? You really think that's a good idea? To go to the sheriff and say, "Hey, you know what? Now I remember.
It was a couple of Mexicans.
" Maybe I'll go to that fucking fed, Petty, and drop a dime on all your asses.
Hmm? You're putting this on me? Hmm? 'Cause last I checked, I didn't rob anybody.
I didn't violate parole.
I'm your fucking father.
- Now, you will fucking get me out - Or what? Or you'll kill me? I'm sorry.
Sorry to bother you so late.
I can't find Charlotte.
She left in her van with Wyatt.
Van? What van? The one she bought with her own money.
Do you know where they went? [Ruth.]
All I know is that they're not here.
[engine turns over.]
Yes, four of us, going from Sunrise Beach to a location near Little Rock, Arkansas.
That's right, one way.
Uh, sir, can I call you right back, please? Thank you.
- Hi.
- [Wendy sighs.]
I found her.
She's with Wyatt, in a van.
A van? Whose van? I don't know.
I think hers.
I'm gonna wait here until she comes out.
- Be nice to her, okay? - Yeah.
- Is Mom okay? - Yeah.
She found Charlotte.
I'm not so sure she wanted to be found.
What were you and the lawyer whispering about at that party? Eh Just small talk.
Playing nice.
Figured we might go for a walk before breakfast.
This early? Workers start building that road today.
Don't you think we ought to see the land one last time? While it's still unspoiled? Let's take the long ways.
Drink it all in before it's gone.
[cell phone vibrating.]
You got it, Wendy.
You won.
Barring any fuck-ups, the commission's gonna grant your license in 48 hours.
I don't know how the fuck you do it, but you always manage to get what you want, don't you? [line clicks.]
You're that fed, ain't you? I wanna talk to you about Marty Byrde.
What is it? It's a badger, looks like.
Best leave it.
His family will find it and drag it back to the den.
Pups will feed on the worms and eat the corpse.
That way its death has meaning.
Brings nourishment to the family.
[knock on door.]
I'm gonna need you to take over the whole operation.
The second the casino is approved, I'm getting my family out of here.
And if you can run things by yourself, we'll be long gone before the cartel knows we've left.
With me out of the picture, they'll have no choice but to hand everything to you.
But if this is gonna work, no one can know.
Not the kids, not Wendy.
[Jacob grunting.]
It'll be quick.
I promise.
Cyanide in your coffee, from ground-up cherry pits.
[both chuckle.]
I never could keep up with you, Darlene.
It's okay, baby.
Just rest.
I love you, Jacob.
You just rest.
I'll make sure it means something.
I am a lineman for the county And I drive the main roads Searching in the sun For another overload I hear you singin' in the wire I can hear you through the whine And the Wichita lineman Is still on the line I know I need a small vacation But it don't look like rain And if it snows That stretch down south Won't ever stand the strain And I need you more than want you And I want you for all time And the Wichita lineman Is still on the line And I need you more than want you And I want you for all time And the Wichita lineman Is still on the line
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