Ozark (2017) s03e01 Episode Script

War Time

- [GAGS.]
Adiós, pendejo.
Feeling lucky? You've come to the right place.
Fun in the sun? No problem.
- A hundred ways to win? Easy.
And for those of you who aren't satisfied to just play all day, you can play all night.
- Hi, I'm Marty Byrde.
- And I'm Wendy Byrde.
If you're gambling on your next vacation, make the smart bet.
Come see us here at the Missouri Belle.
- [BOTH.]
We like your odds! - [CHEERING.]
The Missouri Belle Casino is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Come see us in Osage Beach.
I think that it needed more star wipes.
Oh, you think? Great idea.
- Well, I will get right to work.
- [WENDY.]
Thank you so much.
What else we have today? [CHARLOTTE SIGHS.]
Um The lady who wanted to open the toe ring stand is here at ten.
And then at noon, it's the president of the Midwest Dental Alliance.
- [WENDY.]
Noon, right? - Yeah.
Good morning, sir.
Two o'clock, Paddock Road Truck Stop, I-70.
Did your mom smoke a lot of weed when she was pregnant with you? Huff paint, maybe? What's your fucking problem? We already used that spot.
Three months ago.
We need to alter every delivery in case if we're being surveilled.
That means different fucking days, different fucking weeks, and different fucking locations.
What else you got? You know, I know how this shit works a whole lot better than you.
It doesn't seem like it.
There's an old park off I-29 near mile marker 57.
Yeah, no, I already gave my guys the drop.
They got other deliveries.
Okay, I'll be at the park at four.
That'll give enough time for them to emotionally adjust to the change of plans.
Don't be fucking late.
Uh, hey, Ruth, can I have a water, please? Ten a.
, ten a.
, and he already smells like fucking booze.
Why don't you calm down and forget about it, okay? Tell me how the poker tournament's coming together.
You know, if my daddy ran the KC mob He doesn't.
Leave it.
We already paid them a fucking fortune because we already pissed them off.
All right? I want you to concentrate on bringing in the high rollers.
- Got it? - Okay.
So does getting the game up mean we're finally gonna get to work? No, getting the game on means we get more people in this casino.
We're already working.
I made five pickups already.
Which is fine.
I don't mind dealing with those dickheads.
I'm fucking management, I'm mature.
But all that cash is just sitting with Buddy doing jack squat.
Listen, I'm not gonna start laundering again until I feel completely safe.
We hired over 200 people in this place.
Law of averages tells me that the FBI already planted an agent.
Then you should've fucking vetted people better.
It was just me and one other human at a desk.
How can I trust that? [SCOFFS.]
Well, what the fuck else is there to trust? [SIGHS.]
As individuals, people are completely unpredictable.
Okay? One person making one bet, I couldn't tell you what they're gonna do.
But the law of large numbers tells me a million people making a million bets, that is completely predictable, completely ordered.
So, you give me a million people walking in this place and I can tell you that 3% are trying to cheat us, while another 1.
2% would have been sent here to try to catch us committing a crime.
There will be a pattern as to how those 3% are trying to cheat us, just as sure as there's a pattern as to how the 1.
2% are trying to catch us.
And you give me a little bit of surveillance and a little bit of time, and I'll find that pattern.
Good morning.
Jesus, fuck, you love this shit.
Well, I'm just trying to keep us safe.
Obviously, gambling has an allure for some, it's just not for everyone.
I'm sure you can imagine, dentists are a very diverse crew.
Which is why I think we are the perfect destination.
We're not just offering the Missouri Belle.
It's the whole lake.
It's the community.
There are so many ways to live your best life here.
It's just [SIGHS.]
I'm the president, and this convention is my legacy.
We went to Branson under the last administration.
Have you ever been? Hell, it's not just country.
That is a misnomer.
We saw Molly Hatchet open for 38 Special.
- Dr.
Meade - Fred.
Fr Well, let's let's cut right to it, shall we, Fred? What is it gonna take to put us over the top and host your convention? REO Speedwagon.
- REO Speedwagon.
- Yeah.
If you're the kind of place that can get the 'Wagon, you're gonna have yourself a whole lot of dentists.
You're two hours late! [MAN.]
What's the matter with you? I think I fucking just told you.
Oh, right.
I get it.
Shark week? - Just give me my shit.
- Okay.
It's a nice spot.
I can see why you want us to drive three hours out of the way to it.
- Too bad we can't use it again.
- Next time, don't be fucking late.
- Hello! - [ENGINE STARTS.]
- [MAN.]
It's your lucky day.
I got two steaks in my freezer, and if you'll run out and get them, I'll cook for the both of us.
"Sure, Ruth, that sounds fucking awesome and real fucking nice of you, too! Thanks".
That sounds fucking awesome.
What you smiling about? [CLEARS THROAT.]
Stacey's grandma is making sloppy joes.
I mean, I could cancel if you want.
I can't believe someone's actually fucking dating you.
What you do is you mine the gold and then you sell it in bulk to a broker.
It's almost like a commodities exchange, and then that third party sells it to the mass market.
Thank you for cooking.
It smells great.
Know what it pairs well with? Mom.
But, sweetie, I just I don't understand.
It's a video game.
- It's not real gold.
- Yeah, but gamers are real.
And real people are impatient.
They'll always pay to get ahead if they can - [MARTY.]
Smells great.
- and gold gets you to the next levels.
Is that even legal? Technically, no, but you can just log in with a different username.
Yeah, I don't like it.
I've made $6,000 so far this month.
$6,000? On what? That sounds good.
The casino is open 24/7.
You don't have to watch it every second.
I'm very well aware of that, honey.
We're on - No phones at the dinner table.
- We just I just want you to have a summer job, something Something fun.
Something outdoors.
Did I fall asleep five years and miss your 21st birthday? What's that? [WENDY.]
No, it's just it's just one.
"Just one".
Got it.
Are you two going to therapy tomorrow? Yes, we're going to therapy tomorrow.
We're aware of your rules, Charlotte.
But I don't need a job.
I already have one.
Mining fake gold is not a job.
Oh, and by the way, that reminds me, there's a I have a business idea I really wanted to talk to you about.
Okay, I'm intrigued.
You know, all money's actually imaginary.
Uh, you know what, pal? Maybe your mom is right.
It is summer.
Maybe you should be outdoors, huh? And maybe uh, even make a friend, you know? Okay.
And could I please have some lasagna? [DOOR SLIDES OPEN.]
So, listen I know how concerned you are about security.
And I just want you to know I've been thinking a lot about it, too.
About safety and our future.
I've been reading about the cartel war.
Navarro's lost 61 men in the last five weeks alone.
What's that got to do with us? There's a saying in politics.
"Never let a good crisis go to waste".
- And? - And Helen's coming into town.
I know, you're expecting the worst, but let's let's preempt that.
Pitch her on the idea of expansion.
What does that mean? Hotels.
Casinos, but we keep the daily operations legitimate.
We sell the idea to Navarro as a safety net.
We put his share in a trust for his kids.
That way, if the cartel war goes south, then he has a whole new revenue stream.
Completely legal.
Well? What do you think? Well, I just I think that's batshit crazy.
It's not.
- No? - No.
It's not.
And actually, it was Helen's idea.
She talked to us about expansion.
There is a hotel and casino on the Kansas border in St.
Its infrastructure is old.
It's getting killed by a casino across the river.
And all it needs is an influx of cash to upgrade, and they would crush their competition, but their margins are too low.
It's a win-win.
Just like that? - Just like that.
- Jesus.
Of course.
- I'm trying to keep us safe, Wendy.
- Yeah, well, so am I.
I mean, how much more fucking stress do you wanna take on? This would all be legitimate.
Except for the seed money from the drug lord, which, by definition, is not legitimate? We are pre-approved by the gaming commission.
No one would question the initial investment.
We have Navarro's gratitude.
This would only increase it.
Don't you understand? We're in.
We're alive.
Big difference.
You want to know what a good outcome from this cartel war would be? Navarro getting blown off the face of the Earth, and you and I being out from underneath this.
But what if that doesn't happen? Expansion makes us a political player.
It insulates us, and that keeps us safe.
We could be the very legitimate, very public face of Missouri gaming.
We'd be too big to fail.
Wendy, I did not agree to stay here to start raising red flag after red flag.
It's the smart play.
I'm here.
Take the fucking victory, okay? And do not tell me what is smart and what is not smart.
You blew through that stop sign six months ago.
Do you know what I did today? I talked to a woman about her toe ring stand.
I have the time.
We have the clout.
I can do this.
Just think think about the things we could build.
Why should the Charles Wilkeses of the world have a stranglehold on this state? We could have the money and the influence.
We could control every political lever in Missouri.
We could give millions to the causes that we care about.
We could run this goddamn place.
Do you even hear yourself? I do.
Do you hear me? Good night.
What? So that's it? - You're just gonna walk away? - I'm not walking away.
Really? That's funny.
I'm standing here, you're moving the other way.
I'm saving it for therapy.
You wanna save everything for fucking therapy! Well, that's what it's there for, isn't it? [WATER SPLASHING.]
What does your husband have on you? [WOMAN WHIMPERS.]
You said the divorce was settled.
Why does he suddenly think he can win a custody battle? [WOMAN CRIES OUT.]
What does he know? Bring her up.
What does he know? [PANTING.]
He's an entitled asshole.
I have always shielded my family from every aspect of the business.
But we have to be sure, no? [GASPING.]
that this all goes away if he just disappears? [PANTING, COUGHS.]
I told you, he doesn't know anything.
No matter what I do, I just can't get her to latch.
Even if I manage, it takes an hour for her to feed, which means it's only another hour before I have to start again.
I don't know what to do.
I mean, I can't give her formula.
I've read the studies.
Those babies don't thrive.
[WOMAN 2.]
It's all just overwhelming.
My husband started working double shifts, so he's never home, but we still can't afford full-time help.
Well, at least your baby's not gonna die from being poisoned by formula.
Darlene, please remember this is an emotionally safe space.
I'm sorry.
But you know, I lost my husband six months ago, and I am on my own.
And Ezekiel was born premature, so I worry about health issues.
I didn't mean any offense.
I know you didn't, sweetheart.
How you paying for that, anyway? You know, I've been depositing money in your account.
Yeah, I know.
Then fucking take it! What? They grow virgin ears in Overland Park or Webster Grove or wherever the fuck? Bill your shit.
Just fucking take the money.
The problem is we have very different philosophies about how to move forward.
Well, that's going to happen in a marriage, isn't it? Especially if business is involved.
But in this case, the ramifications are much more serious.
It can feel that way.
Wendy has a much higher tolerance for risk than I do.
Well let's dig into that a bit.
That scares you, doesn't it? It does.
Wendy, can you tell Marty you understand he's scared? I understand you're scared.
And when you get frightened you withdraw.
I do.
Sometimes, if you don't move forward you die.
Maybe it's best if we hold back on the hyperbole.
And why do you think this is so loaded for you? Uh, well, I had a I used to have a business partner that, uh that took unnecessary risks.
He didn't take unnecessary risks.
He was trying to cheat the system.
I'm not trying to cheat the system.
- I'm trying to grow the business.
- He blew up the company.
- I'm not trying to cheat anybody.
- It's unfortunate.
Okay, uh, let's take a step back.
May I offer an observation? Please.
Do you feel like most of the big movement, philosophically at least, has been from you? Or has it really been from Marty? I swear, she always takes your side.
I think she wants to sleep with you.
Well, if she ever sides with me too much, you'll know why.
Let's just keep talking, okay? [BOTH CARS STARTING.]
- [MARTY.]
Sue? Hey, there you are.
That was perfect.
I thought you were dynamite.
Um Next time, go a little bit tougher on me.
You know? Let her win a round or two, you know? That sound like a good plan to you? Either way, it's all fascinating.
All right.
Tea smells delicious, by the way.
We'll see ya.
So this is where all the action is, huh? I thought you were at work.
Yeah, well, Mom kicked me out.
It's pretty ironic, huh? I got you something.
Are you okay? Because summer jobs and friends Mom and Dad don't know what they're talking about.
You know that, right? [UNZIPPING BAG.]
If you get mushy on me, I'll take it back.
Holy shit! Is this for real? Yeah.
You have to leave the gold mine every once in a while.
I I can pay you back.
Please, come on.
Like Mom and Dad ever spend any time outdoors themselves.
You must be excited.
Tourist season, booming economy.
How is the casino business, anyway? I understand you're upset.
Oh, really? Do I seem upset? My client, on the other hand - [MARTY.]
We've been over all this.
- Yes, we have.
Considering the amount of hires that we had to make, there's no way [HELEN.]
Yes, you don't know who might've infiltrated, so you don't wanna launder.
I understand.
Just as I'm sure you understand that I didn't ask to drive to the Ozarks today, but we all have to do things that are outside our comfort zone, don't we? They think that we killed a fed.
Agent Petty's DNA was all over Cade Langmore's truck.
They know you didn't kill him.
But you know what I mean.
I think what none of us can account for is the emotional component for the FBI.
We can't be sure what level of resources they'll invest.
So, is it a tougher hand? Sure.
But the reality is, it doesn't matter if they think that you hired Cade to get rid of Petty and then got rid of him.
You've always known the laundering would have to be done right under the FBI's nose.
And it will.
I just need some time before I start moving tens of millions of dollars through that building.
You're supposed to be the best.
That's why you were hired.
Well, then listen to me, okay? People as individuals are completely unpredictable.
One person making one bet, there's no way I could possibly know which way he or she is gonna go, but the law of large numbers Yeah, you're mistaking this for a discussion.
Look, I was sent here for a simple reason, to deliver one simple message in person, despite my own various shit-shows, which I guarantee stack up quite nicely against your own.
Launder the fucking money.
Starting tomorrow.
Are we good, or are we in our feelings? We're good.
I'll show you out.
I'm sorry you had to drive all the way here.
Gave me a chance to clear my head.
- Obviously, I've been reading the news.
- Mm-hmm.
Just how stressed is our boss about what's going on? Well, I can tell you from personal experience, he's in a hyper-vigilant place.
Would he be open to a solution that might alleviate some of his stress? Meaning what? I have a proposal.
Actually, it was your idea.
Well, thank you.
I will call you in a few days.
Hey, you.
I got a question for you.
Let's hear it, fuck-nut.
I heard you're sending limos to the St.
Louis and KC airports.
Are you running a high-stakes game? If so, I want in.
You're kidding me, right? I play.
I can afford it.
I want a seat.
No fucking way.
Sometimes I think you forget who you're talking to.
'Cause your daddy runs the KC mob? You really think it's smart to have you as an advertisement for this place? It's a bunch of lawyers and hedge fund sharks.
Do you honestly think that's a different table than mine? Let me say this as respectfully as I possibly can.
Would you please kindly fuck yourself and leave me alone? Thank you.
You need to learn to watch your fucking mouth.
What was that all about? Frank Jr.
wants in, but I shut him down.
Um, well, hang on Let him play.
Are you fucking crazy? [MARTY.]
Uh, you know, we got bigger problems.
Really? Than some mobbed-up drunk who's wanting to have a seat at our table? Well, um, our our partners are demanding that we start laundering tomorrow.
So, yes, right now having a pissed off Frank Jr.
on the floor is a bigger problem than having him happy and at the table.
So, we can't afford any problems.
Let him play.
Okay, I'll get a crew to smurf money in.
I mean, how many guys do you want? I got a backup plan.
I don't want the money in different people's hands.
- I'm gonna bring it in myself.
- How? Come here.
Um Casino security was all built around making sure that nobody steals money from the full cash boxes during a pit change.
But no one is watching the new empty cash boxes that are replacing them.
So, if if those boxes are already lined with cash Then our dirty money is in circulation before anyone's even looking.
All right? Yeah, I suppose that can work.
Breaking the evening off Catching a nice breeze through the day line Singing in my mind "It's the way life goes" Ain't cutting a man slack I'ma take mine Love is all right and the grace shall show Sundown I'll meet you by the sea line Mom.
I'm so sorry.
Run next door and get help.
I haven't been here for that long.
Just a couple nights.
I If I just get my things, I'll be out of your hair in a second.
- I'm so sorry.
Nice! Yeah! Sweet, Mom! [IMPACT THUDS.]
Do not kick him.
- Get up and get out! - Come on! I have never slashed a tire in my life.
Darlene, the woman saw you with her own eyes.
Maybe she's having hallucinations.
All those hormones and breast milk playing tricks on her.
It's a tire.
I mean, can't you just try to be reasonable? Social Services checks up on my fitness.
I can't have some woman out there hopped up on breast milk slandering me.
You gotta make this go away.
Called about Wyatt? Yeah, I should have called you back.
You're that Langmore who works for Marty Byrde.
I'm sorry.
I made a mistake.
I don't understand.
Well, I just I assumed you'd be the one to bail him out.
Well, I got money.
Yeah, but I'm I'm afraid that he doesn't want your money.
Well, I mean, can't can't you just take it anyway? Mnh-mnh.
No, it's his prerogative.
I'm sorry.
Wyatt, I know you can hear me.
You got fucking money in your account.
At least use it to bail yourself the fuck out of jail! What'd the boy do? - [MARTY.]
Got yourself a drone, huh? - [LOUD WHIRRING.]
Jonah has a business proposition.
Is that right? You bought him a drone? You're not doing any drone porn, are you, Jonah? Wait, "drone porn"? Yeah, it's a thing.
I want to help with security for my summer job.
I've been thinking about surveillance and how it can go both ways.
And I could use the drone to map the whole lake, every house, every car.
We'd have a record of everyone who arrives.
That would help, right, when you're trying to figure out who might be watching us? - Oh, boy - I could even catalog license plate numbers, and we could buy one of those scanners, like the kind that, uh, shopping malls and airport parking lots use.
You know, I think It's outside like you wanted.
We just want you to have a normal summer job.
But I know this could help.
I think your mom's right.
Um, you know, but maybe we talk about it.
Should we talk about it a little bit? - [CELL PHONE VIBRATES.]
- Have a little family powwow? - [WENDY.]
I'm sorry.
I have to get this.
- Okay.
Um, where did you get it? [DOOR CLOSES.]
Everything okay? [HELEN.]
My client's interested.
Well, that's great.
He wants to meet you.
I'm sorry, what? We have a 24-hour window.
So I'm gonna need to pick you up first thing in the morning.
I was I was under the impression that you'd bring the idea to him.
No, no.
He wants you.
It's important for him to know who he's in bed with.
I thought this was important to you.
- It is.
- Good.
Because it's significant enough for him that he's willing to leave a fucking fortress.
Do you understand that? Yeah.
So, is that a yes? Yes.
See you in the morning.
Everything all right? Everything's fine.
You know, just dentists, REO Speedwagon.
So if you're gonna start laundering, how do you bring it into the casino yourself? Slowly.
How are you feeling? It's a good plan.
It is, you know.
- [SIGHS.]
This is Marty Byrde.
Leave a message.
Hey, it's me.
I know you won't get this until later, but I needed to tell you I'm going to Chicago with Helen.
Her client is interested in our business proposition.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you this morning, but I know how stressful your day is.
I didn't want to add to it.
I don't want you to think that this is some kind of unilateral decision.
I'm just thinking about our safety and exploring all our options.
It'd be crazy not to.
Anyway, we'll talk.
- Boo! [LAUGHING.]
You want some honey? Do you know who I am? [LAUGHS.]
Of course.
Okay, so I need to know why you paid my bail.
I was in the station.
It seemed like you needed a break.
You don't even know me.
Well, I admire people who take a principled stand, especially when it's not the easy choice.
Look, I don't want to be in debt to anybody, okay? Fair enough.
I respect that.
If you can wait a bit, I'll take you on back to jail.
Or if you're not afraid of a little hard work, I run a farm.
Maybe you and I could come to some kind of arrangement.
- Yes! - [WOMAN.]
- [WOMAN.]
Yeah! [RUTH.]
First of all, I wanna say how much we appreciate y'all playing in the first ever Missouri Belle Classic.
And to the folks who are here to watch and gamble, it's a privilege to have you, so thank you.
The game is no-limit Texas hold 'em.
It's a sit-and-go tournament.
Buy-in is $50,000.
Blinds will increase every 45 minutes.
Does anybody have any questions? No? All right.
Players, introduce yourselves.
I'm Jim Atkins, St.
- Hey, Frank Cosgrove Jr.
, Kansas City.
- [JIM.]
How are you? - Hey.
How you doing, sweetheart? - Hi.
Two minutes.
We're all aware how much stress this war is putting on the business.
Um, obviously, it's difficult to find other avenues for revenue, even in the best of times, but, uh, Wendy and Marty are in a unique position to help with that.
Why? Because they have been recognized as a legitimate entity by the gaming industry in Missouri, which means they can create revenue streams free of any legal entanglements, which might give you a safety net.
Why? Because they are pristine.
Because they're white.
Wendy has identified a casino and hotel in Northwest Missouri that needs an influx of cash to survive.
I have seen the financials.
She is right.
- It could give you a foothold.
- [SIGHS.]
Why should I be worrying about this now? - [HELEN.]
Well, we were thinking - Eh-eh.
Because you might very well be dead in six months.
We are all parents here, and if this war goes wrong what can you leave your kids? [STAMMERS.]
Or if you're arrested and and there's no legitimate assets unencumbered for them to access? [STAMMERING.]
I I mean, I imagine you followed the trial last year.
It was not your organization, but but still, their kids, they had them testify against their parents because they were they were trapped in the family business, and this this gives them a different path.
If you know you have a future, there's no reason to blow up anything in the present.
And And in two years, if we're not all dead or in jail, what's wrong with millions more legitimate cash? I've run the numbers, and I really think Okay.
I'm sorry.
Honestly, that's the longest I've ever seen him sit for a meeting.
As you see all the players in the game have filed their 8300.
Even Frank Cosgrove Jr.
? $50,000 buy-in automatically triggers a filing, no exceptions.
Did you know Agent Petty and I dated? No.
We'd been apart for a while before Cade Langmore was hired to kill him.
But still I'm sorry for your loss.
This is the point where I'm ethically obligated to tell you that you can make a deal.
I've got no reason to make a deal.
I'm not sure you comprehend how poorly the cartel war is going for Navarro, but it won't be long before all his hacks and all the petty criminals working for you start looking for ways out.
Do you think they'll be loyal to you? I find comfort in the idea of you waiting every day for that one slip-up or betrayal.
That one wild card.
What the fuck? Oh, come on.
Come on.
You really trying to sweat me like that? - [DEALER.]
Hey, hey, I'm fucking talking to you.
You really think you're gonna bluff me on a flush? I'm sorry, there's no swearing and addressing others at the table.
How much we got there, dealer? Nineteen thousand.
Okay, 19.
That's fine with me.
I don't give a fuck about that.
Got your 19,000 right up your ass here, pal.
You think this makes you some kind of fucking genius? Asshole! Look at me.
Get him out of here.
You sure you want to do this with everything I know about you? - Get him the fuck out of here.
- [MAN.]
What did he say? [WENDY.]
I'm standing in front of our old house.
Really? How does it look? - [WENDY.]
Same house, different family.
It's a good house.
It was.
You gonna make me ask you again? Navarro called Helen an hour ago.
He likes the plan.
It doesn't mean we're obligated.
Yes, it does.
Are you still there? - I gotta go.
You embarrassed me.
How the fuck did you get back in here? It's a poker game.
People talk shit.
This time, you're gonna get the fuck out, and you're gonna stay the fuck out.
- Sit tight.
- Do you know what your problem is? Gee, tell me.
Your problem is you're just playing dress-up.
And you know it.
- I put this game together all by myself, and you fucked it up because you can't bluff well enough to pretend like you belong.
You're a fucking bitch.
And you're a low-rent daddy's boy who can't even pay to get respect.
I should fucking kill you.
Come get you some.
Sit tight.
- Stupid bitch! Come on! - [MOANING.]
The moonies are up on a mountain The lunatics have taken over The asylum Waiting on the rapture Singing, "We're here To keep your prices down Feed you to the hounds To the Daily Mail" Together Together You made a pig's ear You made a mistake Paid off security and got through the gate You got away with it But we lie in wait [VOCALIZING.]
Where's the truth? What's the use in hanging around lost and found? With your head in the sand Fat chance, no plan No regard for human life Keep trying, you've no right Fast or loose, win or lose Jumped the queue, go back again President for life Lord of all that flies in the sky The beasts of the earth the fish in the sea You've lost command [VOCALIZING.]

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