Ozark (2017) s03e02 Episode Script

Civil Union

Order of operations [CLOSES WINDOW.]
goes a little something like this: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.
"Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" is a little mnemonic that works really well.
- You know how I know that? - [PHONE CHIMING, VIBRATING.]
'Cause it's probably been 20 years since I've done any algebra and I still remember it.
- So, who can tell me what "P" stands for? - [WHISPERING.]
Look, I get it.
This is boring, and I'm just a sub, so why should you give me the time of day, right? Hmm? But I have seen the test.
And this is on it.
- [BEEPS.]
- So - who can tell me what "E" stands for? - No.
Are you okay? - [SOBBING.]
Can I take a look at this? Does anybody know about this photo? Let me rephrase.
Who doesn't know about this photo? Seriously? No eye contact? Is it that easy? Hey! You got a human being sitting right here.
Anybody think about that before they hit send? Give me your phones.
Now! Now, phone.
Give me your fucking phones.
Phone, phone, phone! In the bucket, phone.
- [GIRL.]
What's he doing? - Whoa! God damn emotional fucking terrorists.
- [MAN.]
Hey! - I bet you're fucking looking at me now! Hey, you! What do you think you're what are you [GRUNTING.]
I should be on there.
Marty Byrde to see Frank Cosgrove.
You're good to go.
Yeah? Thank you.
We got issues, Marty.
We got issues of trust.
We got issues of respect.
Hell, we got issues of understanding the basic fucking rules.
That's why we're here.
That's why you're hearing about this from us first, and it's why we're offering you an extra 10% on top of what we're already paying you.
We want to make this right.
You got any idea what my boy has been begging me to let him do to her? What he's got every right to do.
You know what "untouchable" means? I do.
We do.
Then why do you think you can fix this by throwing a couple of coins at my feet like I'm a fucking beggar? It's not a couple of coins.
It's an extra 10%.
I want her fired.
Then we talk money.
I understand that you're pissed.
I'd be pissed off too, but we are not the only ones at fault.
So someone else went head-first off the top deck? Your son threatened to rat us out.
That's bullshit.
He threatened to give up our operation.
He's fucking lying, Dad.
Frank, I respect your code.
Is this true? He said, "You really want to do this with everything I know about you?" [FRANK JR.
You're not gonna take her word over mine.
Frank, you're absolutely right about trust, which is why we are willing to trust that Frank Jr.
was just joking, if you are willing to trust that Ruth will not make the same mistake twice.
She's untouchable, too.
Don't take any of that to mean that you didn't completely fuck this up.
I've been thinking about that law of large numbers stuff and about how if we're not as enthusiastic about catching cheaters as cheaters are about cheating us, then we're definitely getting screwed.
I've been doing some poking around about what's out there, and and there's a card counting team in Indiana that's making its way west.
A slot scam where gamblers use cell phone cameras and hacked algorithm.
You know, top shit.
There are card markers who use infrared ink and special contact lenses, Marty.
I'm not paying you to find me more problems.
I'm paying you to solve them before I even know they exist.
Are you sure this is the only lakefront property still available? No, no, it's for a colleague.
Okay, just don't let anyone sign a lease on it without contacting me, okay? Yeah.
Thank you, Marcia.
- Is this their financial report? - [CHARLOTTE.]
Who still uses a fax machine? Well, evidently, Carl and Anita Knarlsson of the Big Muddy Casino.
Is that why you were in Chicago? Hmm? It's part of a bigger plan to expand and go legit.
Makes us safer.
Is it your plan or your boss's? Ours.
Why didn't Dad go with you? You know it can take your father some time to acclimate to new ideas.
What did he say about me being in Chicago? I'm not doing that, Mom.
And I wouldn't do it to you, either.
- Good luck.
- [WENDY.]
Hey, I've been trying to call you all morning.
Oh, yeah? Well, I was up in Kansas City because Ruth threw Frank Cosgrove Jr.
off the top deck of the casino.
It's handled.
Um, what's this? Did you You bought a new casino and a new house without talking to me? Those are rental properties for Helen.
- Helen's moving here? - For the summer.
- That's just fucking perfect.
- No, it's a good thing.
- It's a good thing.
She's on our side.
- Jesus Christ.
Until she's not.
This is exactly what I was worried about.
If we'd just kept our heads down, Wendy There's nothing we can do about that now.
Maybe there is.
I've had time to think through some of it.
You said yourself on the phone, we're committed.
Well, deals go bad, you know? Good plans go wrong all the time.
And Navarro's a businessman, he'll understand that.
As long as we don't spend a cent of his money, as long as he's whole, we can get out of this before it even begins.
We're not getting out of this.
You're saying that because you don't want to.
I want you to admit something.
Admit this is all about you and has nothing to do with what is best for the family.
This is about me making sure you don't have to launder for the rest of your life.
This is about me finding our only real way out of this! So, you can either be a part of that solution, or Part of the problem.
That sounds like her.
Okay, I am not arguing with you about this.
- Where are you going? - We are going to St.
Joe's, and you can look over the bid in the car.
Right now? Yep.
I want this deal closed before Helen arrives.
We'll be back.
These numbers are from the gaming commission.
They have no invested interest in whether you hang on or sell, but their report is dire.
A 35% drop in revenue.
This year.
Since your rivals opened across the river.
Look, my point exactly.
It could just be a blip.
That a business term? "Blip"? My point is everybody always goes for the shiny new thing.
Who's to say once the sheen is off, they won't all come running right back? The view is always better from this side of the river.
You know, Carl, it would be one thing, um if your revenues were holding steady before that casino opened, but they've been slipping for years.
Probably why you can't get a loan.
You don't know that.
They do know that.
You know, you're not nursing those 30-year-old slot machines downstairs just out of nostalgia.
You need a cash influx, and, um, without one, competitors are always gonna be shinier, always gonna be newer.
The point is this place needs money.
We have it.
You act like we don't have a choice.
Honestly, I wish I could say that you did.
Now, we're willing to make an offer of 7% above market.
Now, some other corporate outfit would come in here and give you all sorts of reasons of why that valuation's too high, but we would never do that.
Because we understand how hard it is to just to walk away from something that you've you've put decades into.
We would never dream of insulting that sacrifice.
We'd love to take a look with our lawyers.
Go ahead and send the paperwork.
Sorry about sourpuss back there.
Oh, don't be.
I I hardly noticed.
Businessman of the year.
He's always been defensive about the place.
He knows what people say.
"Inherited from the family, ran it into the ground".
Far as I'm concerned, your offer's our saving grace.
Carl will come around.
He just needs a little time to adjust to new ideas.
- You know? - Hmm.
I do.
He'll get there.
Oh, boy, that other casino really is right there, huh? [CARL.]
Yes, it is.
You know, on top of that, they are putting on a big Memorial Day fireworks display.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah, like throwing a big flaming middle finger right in our faces.
Calling it "Tribute to the Border War".
Hey, uh, Carl, listen, I know that this is a very frustrating situation for you, but you got a hell of a lot to be proud of.
You've been running a successful business for, what, 25 years? With your wife? Uh Wendy and I have been at that for barely a year now, and it's, um It's not easy, right? It's tough.
If it were up to you, we wouldn't even be here, would we? Well, let me save you a world of pain.
You want a good work-marriage partnership? Learn to let your desires take a backseat.
I want you to hold on to this.
All right? What if you held on? Now, what is this? Is this some kind of reverse psychology? No, sir.
This is just one man telling another man not to give up on his dreams.
I mean, your financials are not great, but you could stave off bankruptcy for a couple years, and who knows what would happen to your competitors during that time? It's a very unstable business.
You know, the best bets are just guesses.
Plus, you've been at this decades.
They're at it for a year.
Who knows if they've got your staying power.
Anita would never go for it.
Okay, but what if your desires have been in the backseat long enough? What if it's her turn? I don't know.
Think about it.
Do not tell me they're not here.
Do not tell me I left them in Chicago.
Fuck, could I have left them in Chicago? Mom, how the fuck could you have let me leave my boots in Chicago? I promise we will buy you new Doc Martens as soon as we get there, honey.
Not gonna have the plaid ones in the Ozarks.
Well, then we will order them online.
It is Missouri, not the moon.
Look, I know that you are upset about the change of plans.
Let's just try and make the best of it.
Hmm? I mean, maybe we can talk to Emma and Keira's parents and see if they can come for a week or two.
- That'll never happen.
- Well, you never know until you ask.
Except I do.
They won't visit me when I'm with you.
- Ugh! - [SIGHS.]
- Everything all right? Who knows? Amber Alerts are just so annoying.
Then you will make new friends.
There'll be tons of kids your age at the lake.
Tons of things to do.
Can you stop fucking pretending that this summer is about anything - other than you getting us away from Dad? - [ALARM BLARES.]
You need to watch your language.
Could somebody please turn these goddamn things off? - Uh, hey, Mom? - Hmm? Yeah, this alert's about us.
Gene, are you out of your fucking mind? The arbitrator said that I have them all summer.
Everyone knows summer doesn't start until Memorial Day.
You took them two days early, which might make you a felon.
So what do you want, Gene? For you to comply with our custody arrangement.
Oh, that is bullshit! Missing summer league is gonna screw Seth's chances of making the high school team.
And playing means he stays in Chicago? Giving you the perfect opportunity to work on your relationship with your daughter.
No, absolutely not.
They are both with me all summer.
Then I'll let the alert stand and it can be on the record at our custody hearing.
- Bye.
Come join us for Sunday service at 8:00, 10:00, or 11:00.
summer kick-off with the top-of-the-line boats and jet skis open all Memorial Day weekend off the lake - [CLICKS.]
- You can put on whatever you want.
- Get it together, baby - Come and get your love - I'm fine.
- Come and get your love - [CELL PHONE VIBRATING.]
Does this mean you've thought through our offer? [CARL.]
We have, and we're saving you the hassle of sending that paperwork.
We're not ready to sell.
I don't understand.
It's an unstable industry, and we're just not convinced that our rivals have the staying power that we do.
Carl, we both know what the numbers say, and But it was very nice meeting you folks, and the next time you come on out to Big Muddy, there'll be some complimentary chips with your name on 'em.
What were you two talking about? We talked about marriage.
We talked We talked about being in business with your wife.
So what the hell happened? They have no leverage, no competing offer.
I really I don't know, but I'm gonna find out.
Just how bad is the word from Mexico? Oh, I think it's safe to say he's not in a good headspace.
So, you think this house will work? [HELEN.]
Um, at least it's three months I don't have to deal with Gene.
Ugh, he attacks and attacks and attacks.
He has no idea what I've endured just to keep him alive.
Not that I want him dead, obviously.
I mean, I do want my kids to have a father, but do I fantasize now and then about him getting the shit kicked out of him? Losing a few of those teeth he spent a small fortune capping? [CLICKS TONGUE.]
You betcha.
I don't mean to dwell on Gene.
You're not.
It's just, you know, when things get so hostile so fast, you think, "How'd I manage to fuck that up so badly?" That painting has no intention.
How is it that all these years, I was trying to protect my family, and actually, I was just doing the opposite? For all you know, things could have been much worse, and you're the reason they're not.
Maybe he sensed that I was keeping things from him and withdrew.
I don't know.
Maybe it is all my fault.
Maybe if I'd told him everything, we'd still be together.
I don't know.
That just trades one set of problems for another.
Ask our therapist.
We're very careful.
Maybe that's the only way to truly make a marriage last.
Make it impossible to blow up without the shock wave swallowing everyone.
Mutually assured destruction.
Meredith? Marcia.
Marcia, tell me, does the boat Now, does the boat come with this? Thank you.
Steve is it just me or has this guy on 22 still not placed a single bet? [RUTH.]
Who's your signal? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Is it a three-man team? A four-man? How you working? Sorry, lady.
No man, no team.
Then what the fuck are you doing? I'm just enjoying my coffee, watching senior citizens piss away their Social Security.
This is a casino.
Well, that explains a lot.
Acceptable activities include gambling, drinking, inhaling hot wings at the buffet.
Nursing free drinks while you ogle gamblers like a creeper? Not on my list.
Well, look, I'm just enjoying my coffee.
There's no law against that.
It's called "loitering".
You're funny.
And you're not.
Get him the fuck out of here.
Go ahead, put your fucking hands on me.
- [RUTH.]
Dennis! - See how that works out.
I didn't want to have to say this, but I'm good friends with the owners.
You're fucking full of shit, you know that? Is this part of your customer service? 'Cause if it is, I have some thoughts.
What are you doing? I'm calling your good fucking friends.
Okay, wait.
Don't Don't Don't Don't do that, please.
Okay, um, look, I wasn't exactly honest with you.
So, the owners and I, um It's just we're not so much friends as I'm Wendy Byrde's brother.
And I'd really rather wait until morning to talk to her so she doesn't think I'm crazy.
You think morning's gonna make a difference? Did you know he was coming to the lake? Do you really think I wouldn't tell you? Well, he can't be here.
Not now.
He'll get bored and leave after a few days like he always does.
- Ben, get in here.
Oh, I was trying to caffeinate through till morning and not wake you up, I swear.
It's okay.
Hey, Marty, that little blonde Nazi at the casino is tough.
She's kinda cute, though.
Here, let me show you where we're putting you.
- Okay.
- [MARTY.]
Good to see ya.
Detroit Lions? Thought Marty had better sense than that.
Well, all this stuff belongs to the old man who kind of came with the house.
You bought a house that came with a man? Hmm.
It's a long story.
Longer than how you ended up with a casino? What are you doing here? I need money.
I'm kidding.
I'm fine, really.
I'm taking care of myself.
I got a routine.
Did you lose the teaching job? Lose? No.
Mutual decision? Yes.
We had some philosophical differences.
Look, I wanted to see you.
It's been too long.
You know I like it when you give me a heads up.
Good night.
Good night.
Hi, I'm sorry.
I just missed your call.
What's going on? [HELEN.]
I spoke to my client last night.
We have more money for the bid, so get back up there and seal the deal.
I can't ask him a third time.
How would you feel about coming with instead of Marty? Is there a problem I should know about? No.
No, no, no.
Of course not.
It's just he's a numbers guy, and I could use a negotiator.
I'll pick you up at the office in 20 minutes.
- Fuck.
- [WENDY.]
Fuck! Shit.
Oh, what time is it? Late.
Jonah, you're, like, a foot taller.
Is this the old man right here? Oh, you shouldn't touch that.
Or sit there.
Buddy didn't really like strangers touching his stuff.
Two of you were close, huh? He was my best friend.
Probably more interesting than a bunch of 14-year-olds.
So what was his deal? I don't know.
He was just He let me shoot watermelons and try his oxygen.
And he went skinny-dipping every morning, no matter who was watching.
Marty Byrde for Frank Cosgrove.
This is 20% over market value.
Well, this is your life's work, and we understand that any offer must value that emotion.
Honey it's over.
We held firm and drove the price up good for us but if we wait any longer, that other casino is gonna end up killing us.
She's trying to walk all over us.
Well, we are closing on another casino as we speak.
The only problem um, is that there's a there's a rival casino right across the river.
It's bigger, and it's newer.
Let me guess.
You need them to have a downturn in their business.
Frank, our plan is to upgrade and leave them in our dust.
But that is gonna take time, and it has become clear that our investors expect an immediate return.
Tough investor.
- As you are aware.
- Hmm.
We are making an offer that no one else would.
Bringing a lawyer in here, shoving papers in our faces.
It's all right.
We'll go.
The idea that we are somehow the bad guys here is completely juvenile.
We are offering 20% above market value for a failing business.
You want to hold on to it, oh, you be my guest.
We will buy it from the bank out of Chapter 11.
What's the ask? [MARTY.]
We need the other casino shut down for a while.
That's a big ask.
I can give you the trucking contract at the new casino.
At the additional 15% we negotiated for the Belle? It's only fair.
I swear to God, Carl Lee Knarlsson, if you don't do the smart thing here.
If you'll excuse me, I I think what Anita has been trying to say Don't you deserve to give up those headaches that have kept you up for the last 25 years? I mean, don't you think it's time to enjoy your life? I'll take the papers over to the lawyer this afternoon.
Give them the once over.
Then we'll sign.
Hello? [NAVARRO.]
Wendy Byrde.
Who is this? [NAVARRO.]
You know who this is.
Now, can you please tell me what is happening with my casino.
We got it.
They signed? [STAMMERS.]
Well, not yet, but uh, but they've agreed.
Well, then don't tell me that you got it, okay? [HEAVY BREATHING.]
Something happened today.
One of my maids, she was serving me lunch, and she fell.
And suddenly, her front teeth were on the ground, and there was blood everywhere and no other help, so I Well, I picked them up.
I didn't even realize that I had done that until they were in my hand, and well I saw the red of the blood and the white of the teeth and I thought Vamos.
Let's go.
You think maybe that could be a bad omen? I mean, I ask everyone, you know, but nobody will say anything, and then I thought "Wendy Byrde".
Well, it sounds to me like it was just an accident.
That's all.
What, you don't think that an accident can be an omen? Well, anything can be an omen if you're looking for it.
I mean, I'm sure if you went back through your day, you could find 50 good ones to help balance the bad.
Guess I hadn't really thought about it that way.
Huh, yeah, yeah.
I knew I would feel better by talking to you.
Is she okay? - Your maid? - Huh? Oh, eh I don't know.
She's no longer with us, so You have a good night.
Who was it? It was Helen.
I'm sorry to wake you.
She's just anxious about the deal.
So what's her daughter like anyway? [WENDY.]
Well, I haven't met her yet, but, you know, she's new here from Chicago, and you know how scary that is, so you and Charlotte, you be nice.
We will, I promise.
And no talking about you know anything.
Most parents aren't as free with the truth as we are.
Will Ben be there? Yeah, of course.
Am I really like him? What makes you wonder that? Well, when we first moved here, and you and Dad were worried that I was I don't know, you said you were afraid I was like him.
Oh, honey I love my brother.
He'll always have a place in my heart, but there is no comparison.
- Mom.
- You understand? - I need you to hear me - Mom! - Wendy.
- Your hair's coming in nice.
- [CRIES.]
- The sun's getting in his eyes.
- Oh.
Children are like corn stalks.
They need fresh air and sunlight to grow strong.
Isn't that right, Zeke? Zeke? [STAMMERS.]
Our Zeke? You said he went to a good family.
I promise it's temporary.
I'm sorry about your brother.
I know how much the two of you hate being split up, and I did try and avoid it, but you've You know, never mind.
I'm just sorry, that's all.
And I'm sorry about the situation with your father.
And I'm sorry that I'm not around more, and I'm sorry for, uh [SIGHS.]
I don't know, a whole bunch of other stuff that I can't even think of that I'm sure I also fucked up.
Can we just try for a clean slate and leave Chicago in Chicago? Just try and enjoy the summer.
I'm actually starting to come around on this place.
Really? No.
Did she really think I was so stupid that I couldn't see that the sun was in his face? [SIGHS.]
You'd have been so proud of me, baby.
Didn't so much as scowl.
I'm almost to the edge of the lane.
If you want, I can start on the other side when I'm done.
All right.
Lunch will be ready soon.
Not a single cross look.
Even though I had every right to do a whole lot worse.
What's that? I'm just talking to my late husband.
Oh, cool.
Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt.
Do you talk to someone? What? Who do you talk to? Um My dad.
You've had a lot of loss, haven't you, boy? [SIGHS.]
It is what it is, you know? It's the Langmore curse.
Your daddy may have been useless, his daddy human garbage, but before that your folks were all right.
God, back in the day, they had stills in every kind of cove and holler.
Biggest bootleggers in the Ozarks.
Now, you can't pull that off unless you're tight-knit, hardworking folks.
Langmore stock is as good as any around here.
Don't let anyone tell you different.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Mm-hmm.
You still breaking and entering? I've been crashing in my car so I don't get busted again.
I got a cabin on the property here.
One of my workers used to live in it, but it's been empty for a while now.
If you want it, it's yours.
- [HELEN.]
Hi, we tried knocking.
- Hi! You must be Erin.
Hey, I'm Wendy.
I'm Marty.
Jonah and Charlotte are dying to meet you.
They're just inside.
Here, I'll take you in.
- [ERIN.]
What have you got? For when our new casino becomes official.
Right, yeah.
Hold that door.
[MAN 1.]
This one right here? [MAN 2.]
It's gonna be 1A to 1B, then wires there.
Sweet toy.
It's not a toy.
It's a tool.
Fair enough.
What's it good for? Aerial photography, maintaining a secure perimeter, tracking wildlife.
Shit, when I was your age, I'd have just used it to spy on girls.
I'd never seen a TV.
You didn't watch TV at all? [HELEN.]
No, never.
I wasn't allowed.
You weren't allowed to watch television ever? - [HELEN.]
- [WENDY.]
I think I might have just turned your son into a peeping Tom.
- [HELEN.]
Good thing I'm a lawyer.
- [WENDY.]
Ben, this is Helen.
Helen, my baby brother, Ben.
- Hi.
- Oh, hi.
So how do you guys know each other? [LAUGHS.]
Um We met through work.
Nothing very special.
Yeah, I'd pull a Sylvia Plath if I had to work for my mom.
It's not that bad.
Plus, if I do a good job in there, she pretty much lets me do whatever I want out here.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
I could show you around if you want.
We can rent jet skis or go caving.
Plus I have the hookup for some pretty good weed if you're into that kind of thing.
What about Party Cove? Party Cove gets old fast.
It's basically just a bunch of college kids who come down for the weekend, get wasted, go crazy, and they just go home.
Every other girl in my grade's already lost her virginity.
If I do it here, I get it out of the way, but I'm not stuck seeing him every day.
Honestly, I don't care who it is.
I just cannot go back to Chicago a virgin.
Damn it! [LAUGHING.]
Your mom had the thickest Carolina accent of any of us.
- That is so not true.
- Oh, Marty, help me out here.
When you first met Wendy, what did she sound like? I refuse to answer on the grounds that she is sitting right here, - and she's listening.
- Do you - [LAUGHING.]
You remember how we used to say that you were the only one in the world who could turn the word "down" into six syllables? - Unh-unh, that was Aunt Millie.
- Aunt Millie was five.
You were six.
Hmm! Your uncle has a very fanciful imagination.
- Hi.
- Sorry I'm late.
Hey, look who it is.
Guten abend! Take my seat.
I'll get another one.
You hungry? No, I'm good, thanks.
Good to see you again, Ruth.
You, too.
This is my daughter Erin.
What the fuck? Nothing's happening.
Just wait.
Fucking A.
- So how long are you staying for, Ben? - [BEN.]
Just a couple days, right? Not that we don't love having him, it's just you know, he is always on the move.
Anybody want something from the bathroom? [CELL PHONE VIBRATES.]
Anita, I hope you're calling with good news.
Well, I guess that depends on your perspective.
I don't understand.
Seems our rivals have gone and set themselves on fire.
It's gonna be months before they can reopen.
So we're gonna be able to get that bank loan and upgrade.
- We're backing out of the deal.
- [WENDY.]
You can't do that.
But I am.
Our handle's about to go up a million dollars a month.
But we had an agreement.
A verbal agreement.
Anita, where is this coming from? This isn't you.
Oh, please.
Don't pretend we had a relationship.
"This is your life's work".
Really? You were a carpetbagger, plain and simple.
I was your fucking salvation.
I'll take you to court.
- You could try.
- Well, I will.
And for the record, you humiliated my husband.
Me? You and that lesbian lawyer.
He's a weak man, and you let him know that, didn't you? Oh, you know, that's really That is really rich.
And if you think for one fucking second Quiet.
I can't believe they had it in them.
Sat there looking at us like we're vultures and all the time, they're fucking arsonists? - What can we do? - She's right about court.
Even if they win, it'll be tied up for years.
We must have some recourse.
More money is out of the question.
I can't ask my client again.
I'll figure something out.
I'm not losing to that woman.
Was anyone hurt? In the fire.
Who knows and who cares? [MARTY.]
Well, you know, she She said that the whole thing went up, so must have been a lot of people inside.
- Yes! Yeah! Oh! [WOMAN ON TV.]
Well, Memorial Day weekend is finally here, and that means the summer party season - [MARTY.]
Good morning.
Um, listen, Ben, I have been thinking a lot about this [CLEARS THROAT.]
and I think that the, uh, best thing to do is to just be completely honest with you.
This is not a good time for us here in this house.
Uh, there's There's a lot going on.
Um, Wendy uh, has not been herself.
- Um - Are you asking me to leave? Thank you for understanding.
But I don't understand.
Honestly, this is the first time I've recognized my sister in years.
Well, you know I need you to go, okay, Ben? I need you to go, and if money is an issue I don't want your money.
I kind of skipped a bench warrant in North Carolina, so right now this place is basically my salvation.
Don't worry.
All I want to do is chill.
You won't even know I'm here.
Yeah [SIGHS.]
Yeah okay.
Wendy, the slots at the other casino, what are they? Three-reel? Five-reel? Video? Mainly three-reel.
I was doing some research for Marty about different ways our casino might be vulnerable, and I realized we might be able to use what I learned to play offense instead of defense, if you catch my drift.
Explain it to me in the car.
Hello, there.
If you'd given me a heads-up, I could have arranged for a tour.
What do you think happened at that casino last night? Boy, I mean, your guess is as good as mine.
So, why did Wendy look like she thought maybe you did know? I don't know.
Where's this coming from? It's coming from is that I'm starting to sense that you two aren't exactly on the same page about this expansion plan.
As you know, I don't like to take on unnecessary risk.
I'm not talking about philosophical differences.
I'm talking about something deeper.
In case you hadn't noticed, this plan now involves more than just the two of you.
So, when you have problems, they become my problems.
I think you should be having this conversation with the both of us.
Wendy isn't the issue here.
Just be thankful that she and Ruth have got us back on track.
You didn't know.
Of course I knew.
I'm surprised that, uh that you did so soon.
All right.
That looks good.
And go.
And now.
- Hey, Lulu, ready? And hit it.
All right, Amber, Dianne.
Ready? Amber go.
Wendy? Wendy, hello? Does that mean it's working? - Hello - Like gangbusters.
Don't let up.
I want them stunned into submission.
All righty.
Hey, so is this legal? [CELL PHONE CHIMES.]
Hey, what's up? Yeah, hey.
Um What are you doing? What do you mean? I mean, right now, tell me what you're doing.
I'm using the slot scam I told you about on Big Muddy, forcing them back to the negotiating table.
- No, no, no! - Why? You have to stop that.
What? I can't.
It's already done.
Why didn't you tell me that you were gonna do that, Ruth? You You made a big deal about how I'm not supposed to be bringing problems, how I'm supposed to be solving them.
I'm just doing what you fucking wanted.
Okay, but you're not.
You're completely screwing us.
By getting you another casino when no one else could figure out how the fuck to do it? Are you fucking kidding me, Marty? How about a little gratitude? I mean, your wife seems pretty fucking grateful.
Wendy has absolutely no idea what is good for us.
Is that my fault? Is that my fault that you can't communicate for shit with your wife? - All right, Ruth, listen to me.
- No, no.
How's about instead of shitting on me, you get your own house in order? And until you do, how's about you fuck off? - All righty? - [CALL DISCONNECTS.]
Looks like your boat sprung a leak.
To the tune of, I'd say 200,000 grand per hour.
You're not gonna cheat us into selling.
I'm only saying what everyone on the floor is seeing.
Another five grand.
If, however, you'd like a life raft, we'd still be happy to purchase your casino from you, for say three million under the previous offer, since its value is depreciating swiftly.
What we'd like is for you to get the hell out of our casino.
The longer you hold on, the lower our offer drops, since your slots are hemorrhaging.
We'll kick out the cheaters.
We'll bring in different people every day.
We'll unplug the machines, stop the bleeding.
Well, according to your financials, slots bring in 80% of your revenue.
How's that life raft sounding? [DRONE BUZZING.]
Cut it out! Jonah! [JONAH.]
Didn't see you there.
And done.
- I need more.
- [SIGHS.]
Hi, it's me.
Is it a bad time? You know I'm just getting off work.
I just wanted to apologize for my tone the other day.
I'm listening.
I need to remember that even though we don't always agree, you'll always have the kids' best interests at heart.
Look [SHOUTS.]
Are you kidding? It's gorgeous here.
Tell me, how are things with you? [MARTY.]
What's this? A warrant signed by a federal judge that was triggered the minute you purchased a second casino.
This is an integrated audit of your whole operation.
A team of forensic accountants who will supervise every casino transaction as it happens.
Every invoice and receipt, they'll be there when it's printed.
Every hour, they'll count the chips on the floor.
For the next month, we're gonna be running this place with you.
Do you know what I miss most about Chicago? - [HELEN.]
What's that? - Johnny's Beef.
- You ever been to Johnny's Beef? - Hi.
- [WENDY.]
Hey, hi! We've got new partners in the casino.
Son of a bitch! [THEME MUSIC PLAYING.]

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