Ozark (2017) s03e03 Episode Script

Kevin Cronin Was Here

1 I've been around for you Been up and down for you But I just can't get any relief I've swallowed my pride Good boy! But you still make me feel like a thief You got me stealin' your love away 'Cause you never give it Who's the best boy? Who's the best boy? And we can't relive it Oh, I make you laugh and you make me cry I believe it's time for me to fly Time for me to fly Oh, I've got to set myself free Time for me to fly And that's just how it's got to be I know it hurts to say goodbye But it's time for me to fly Wendy? What are you doing? Oh, don't you know it's time for me to fly - Oh, I've got to set myself free - Time for me to fly Oh, baby, that's just how it's got to be Did you sleep all right last night? Mm-hmm.
You're, um you're going to negotiate the hotel at the new casino today, right? Helen's going with.
You need any help with that? You know, actually it'd be a huge help if you could deal with the REO Speedwagon people person.
His name's Dickey.
Well, that's a shame.
You know, last night you yelled while you were sleeping.
What? Uh, you yelled, "I can't".
How is your ex? Is he still in the hospital? He is, and doing about as well as he should be.
How are you and Marty? We're okay.
We're We're good.
We're just We're a little disconnected at the moment.
Same thing happened to us.
When I started eclipsing him professionally, he was no longer interested in me sexually.
Oh, I'd hardly say I'm eclipsing him.
- Oh, please! - No, we can't do any of this without him.
Few people get my client's attention the way you have.
And should I be worried about that? - What, his attention? - Mm-hmm.
Only if you fuck up.
There she is.
Ugly as we left her.
No one will be fired.
In fact, you will continue to be paid, and when you come back, you'll return to a more sophisticated and healthier work environment.
Good conditions, good pay, and good benefits.
What the hell do you think you're doing? These are promises.
And I do not break my promises.
We are addressing our workers in our casino.
You're closing it down.
Well, we had an agreement in principle to purchase the casino and hotel, and you reneged on the hotel.
If you could all help me and gather your things and safely make your way off the boat.
Thank you.
It was a verbal agreement.
Well, nevertheless, here we are.
We have no use for a casino with no hotel.
And you have no use for a hotel with no casino.
You'll lose a fortune if you shut down, especially during the summer months.
We can afford that.
- Can't we, Helen? - Oh, yes, yes, we can.
- We can afford that.
- Hmm.
We are bigger than you, and we are meaner.
And we do not lose.
So why don't you just sell us the hotel? Have done with it.
- I'm so sorry you feel that way.
- Hmm.
If I'm gonna spend a lot of time someplace, might as well make it feel like home.
This is Jeff.
And this is me.
Agent Maya Miller.
Marty Byrde.
So, show me around the place.
You should come to the REO Speedwagon show.
Well, I'll buy a ticket.
I like REO.
So, let me explain this thing to you for full transparency.
I have a team of forensic accountants deployed at the tables, creating a rough estimate of your physical chip counts.
Now, we'll compare those counts to your receipts every hour and also check your cash boxes.
You're trying to apply Benford's Law of Large Numbers to create a predictable pattern? Helps us highlight any irregularities.
Yeah, except that you're setting a false baseline.
You know, the mere fact that you and your agents are here is gonna drive down my business, you know? I allow a margin of error of 3%.
That sound reasonable? Promise I'll be as unobtrusive as possible.
But I need hard data.
If we leave and there's suddenly a massive jump in revenue, well, that's cause for a new warrant.
- We start this dance all over again.
- Hmm.
May I? Yeah.
Um So, uh, that, uh The new FBI agent, she's good.
I don't know how we're gonna be able to move money through here.
That's what you wanna tell me? That's why you called me up here? Well, also, I should not have yelled at you for, um helping out Wendy.
Yeah, no shit.
Yeah, I was outta the loop.
Things were moving fast.
I'm not your fucking marriage counselor.
- I'm trying to apologize.
- Okay.
Well? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Okay? Let's move on.
I need you to get Frank Jr.
and his guys to smurf this week's run into the new casino.
Wendy says the new place is supposed to be clean.
She doesn't need to know.
So, you're moving money in the new casino and you're asking me not to tell your wife? In a nutshell.
We interrupting? No, unh-unh, not at all.
We just came for the boat keys.
Oh, yeah.
I like this color on you.
Gray? I was thinking we should hang out.
You're joking me, right? Deadly serious.
So, uh, you guys have a good time.
Please, thank you.
And safe would be great.
Think about it.
He's fucking weird.
Yes, he is.
Uh, do you think you can move 250? Yeah.
With, uh, five or six guys - it won't be a problem.
- Great, thank you.
Hey, Ruth.
Great fucking job communicating with your wife.
She closed the fucking casino.
Hmm? What are you talking about? The place is fucking deserted and chained up.
- Hey, Dickey Elston.
- Hey, Dickey.
So, the rider, huh? For the band? Um, Ruth, let me talk to you when you get here, please.
Just get your fucking shit together, Marty.
Let me take a quick look at this, Dickey.
Yeah, it's just the basics.
Fiji, charcuterie, Xanax, crudité, oolong.
I'm kidding, man.
About the oolong.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
Dad just sent this over.
It's the band's rider.
Don't forget, you have your appointment with Mrs.
Shelby today.
Well, this can't be good.
Uh, your husband around? He is not.
You'll have to do then.
Frank, you remember my daughter Charlotte? - Hi.
- Ah.
Uh, you shut down the new casino.
We're supposed to start the routes this week.
I'm sorry? Uh We didn't do what we did out of charity.
Would you mind getting me a cup of coffee or something? Sure.
Why do I get the feeling you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about? Because I don't.
- Then you better talk to your husband.
- Yes, I will.
For the month.
At the new rate negotiated for the Missouri Belle.
If you don't mind, how did you know the casino was closed? The blonde.
Curly Sue.
She had my boy's crew over there.
Something about moving money.
From now on you'll be dealing with me on this.
I don't care.
As long as the checks clear.
I'm just asking for your help.
Actually, you're not.
You're going behind my back to expressly do what you know we are not allowed to do.
Because you won't help.
Do you not see a pattern here? You've done nothing but fight me on this.
And now, now you want unfettered access to the very thing you've tried to undermine since the very beginning.
I don't want I need access, Wendy.
We need access.
We have made promises to our shareholders about this casino, and I don't think I don't think we want to annoy our shareholders.
What would you have me do? I don't feel very compelled to help you right now.
I just had a very interesting conversation with Frank.
From Kansas City.
Oh, yeah? Hmm.
And you do you do realize what a magnificently stupid and dangerous thing it was that you did in Kansas, right? I pleaded with you, "Please don't do this.
Please do not get us further in on this".
Remember that? Yeah.
And because you didn't get your way, you went behind my back to sabotage me.
I was trying to protect our family, Wendy.
That's it.
That is such That is such a tired - Is it? Okay.
- tired excuse.
You know what you like to do? You like to control your family.
I'm asking you for fucking help on a problem that you created, and you're not helping.
That's the whole story.
To you.
Let's pause there.
- Marty.
- Yeah.
What would it look like to achieve your objectives without interfering with Wendy's project? I think that that would look like death.
But what would it really look like? - Really death.
- Okay.
Marty, my mother had a saying.
"Just like a pie is only as good as its crust, a marriage is only as good as its trust".
Going behind Wendy's back on a project that is obviously meaningful to her violates that trust.
Wendy is a powerful woman, and it's your responsibility to nurture that, Marty.
Not stifle it.
What the hell was that? Hey, Sue! What the hell was that? You told me to let her win a couple.
Small things.
- Small.
- I thought she was right.
I don't give a fuck.
You're yelling at me.
Well, I'm angry, okay? Yes, Marty, you are.
There is something deeper at play here.
And I believe that you and Wendy can be happy if you let me help you.
Save it.
I'm not bribing you to make us happy.
So, uh what did everyone do today? Okay I'll start.
Jonah took me to the caves.
He jumped in the water.
You let him jump in cave water? Who's gonna stop me? Well, how was it? It was not good.
It was very scary and disgusting.
Anybody know any jokes? I should get this.
Saved by the bell.
Lucky bastard.
Hello? I'm interrupting.
No, no, not at all.
Yes, yes, I'm interrupting your dinner.
But not that I'm spying on you or anything, it's just it is, uh it's dinnertime there, no? Yes.
Did you cook? Yes.
What did you make? Chicken.
Chicken roasted with vegetables.
Well, I imagine you are pretty good in the kitchen, no? We are very close on the hotel.
Wendy, my girlfriend had a baby the other day.
Uh, Santiago named after her grandfather.
That's wonderful.
It's a wonderful name, it's a very It's a very strong name.
It's different every time, but the feelings are still the same.
I want a better life for them.
For all of them.
They can have that.
Well, you closed down the new casino, Wendy.
I have a plan.
Well, your plan is bleeding my money every day.
You've trusted me so far.
I don't trust you.
I trust my opinion of you.
So, please, the next time we talk, I want to hear that you closed this deal, and, Wendy Well, if you can't get what you want with reason, then Yes.
you'll have to get it with force.
There's half a million dollars in the bag on the floor.
It's yours if you leave town immediately.
All you people ever understand is money.
Is that a yes? Come with me.
I can't.
I can't.
You don't ask this man the same question twice.
Well, Helen, I'm not asking a question.
I'm telling you, as the person who directs these finances, we need to look for a short-term solution for our laundering problems.
And I am telling you, as his attorney, my client wants his new business clean.
You're gonna have to find another way.
Tell me, is it your client's wish, or is it Wendy's? Why would you ask that? Well, because I don't think you understand how invested she is with your client.
Meaning what, precisely? The only reason we can't move money through the Missouri Belle now is because of an audit that she brought down on us.
Okay? - Maybe she should talk to Navarro.
- No.
Her obsession with expansion, it's fucked us.
No, no, no, no.
You fucked us, Marty.
I've seen the warrant.
Wendy didn't cause this audit.
You did, when you decided to blow up a casino.
Let's be plain.
You played, you lost.
I have no interest in looking at that any further.
My interest is in moving forward as a team.
Now, I assume that's not gonna be a problem.
- Is that gonna be a problem? - No.
You need to leave before my daughter gets home.
I'm sorry.
I was I was really lost there.
I quite often find myself as such.
Thank you for coming out to see me.
I know our our dealings have not been friendly.
That's a way of putting it.
But I have no desire to bankrupt you.
How Christian.
- Coffee, hon? - Yes, please.
- That's good.
Thank you very much.
- Mm-hmm, sure.
Oh, sure thing.
What do you really want here? Some dignity would be nice.
That's understandable.
Because from what I see, you don't get that at home.
How long have you been married? Forty-four years.
And for how many of those 44 years has she made you feel insignificant? Now, look, I I used to stay at home.
I did.
I raised the kids.
I I did the grocery shopping and the driving and the cleaning, and it's a noble thing.
It is, but it's It's not what I wanted.
So I took back my life.
And now I answer to only one person.
You sound like your husband.
How's that? He told me my desires had taken a backseat to my wife's for too long.
He's the reason I pulled out of our deal.
Well My husband, he had a very good point.
If you don't sell us your hotel, you're facing financial ruin.
Now, you've got to get your wife to do the right thing here.
Otherwise, she's gonna lord this over you your entire life.
Is that what you want? - No.
- No.
And even if this is all her fault, do you think she'll ever see it that way? - No.
- No.
So don't don't let that happen.
I don't think I can win this particular battle.
For the rest of your life, Carl every single day being told you're a failure? Now, you're a smart man.
She might not be able to see that, but I can.
And if you can't get what you want with reason, get it with force.
Talk to Wyatt lately? I'm not doing this, Ruth.
It's a simple fucking question.
Are you gonna fucking tell me how he's doing? You going to tell me what's going on between you guys? Then I ain't telling you how he's fucking doing.
What the fuck are you doing here? Always authentic.
You okay? Yeah.
I've been meaning to offer my condolences about your father.
Yeah? Is that right? I lost my dad when I was about your age.
Was he murdered? - No.
- Hmm.
What did your daddy do for a living? He was a surgeon.
No, he wasn't.
He fixed refrigerators.
Died of a heart attack at 61.
My mother, she was a teacher, and she is still alive because she is too mean to die.
What about your mom? She's dead.
Oh, I'm very sorry to hear that.
Yeah, it was a long time ago.
We done enough chitchat now? Your contributions to the company have been exceptional lately, and I wanted you to know that.
Your slot machine idea, that really saved this last deal.
All right.
I'm impressed with your skills, and I'm impressed with your loyalty.
Now, because of this new casino, Marty may have increased responsibilities.
Like what? We want him to set up the books, we'll need him on security.
Startup concerns, generally.
Could you run the day-to-day at the Missouri Belle if Marty were away? Yeah, I could do that.
That's what I was hoping.
Have a lovely day.
- Whoo! - Whoo-hoo! Oh, fuck.
Boat cops? That's a thing? Turn your engine off.
Yeah, just just let me do the talking.
You're 14.
Going a little fast there, aren't you, bud? Hey, Sheriff Nix.
It's Jonah Byrde.
Oh, hey, Jonah.
I didn't recognize you there.
So, who's this you're here with? This is my Uncle Ben.
All right.
All right, Uncle Ben.
You wanna just slow it down just a little bit for me there? We will.
All right.
Say hey to your mom and dad for me, okay? - Okay.
- All right.
What just happened here? I should probably drive us home.
- Marty.
Hey, Marty.
- Yes.
- Are you fucking deaf? - Well, you know, I'm busy, Ruth.
That why you didn't tell me that I was gonna have to run this place - while you get Big Muddy sorted out? - What are you talking about? Helen came over to my place to see if I can handle shit here because they're gonna need you over there.
What did you tell her? That I could do it.
The fuck you think I told her? What? What? Uh, she's just she's exploring her options.
Exploring her options for what? In case they decide to go an unexpected way with me.
It's okay.
What What? How the fuck is it okay? You know, I should have known that giant fucking bitch was up to something.
What are we gonna do? I just gotta figure out a way to keep on laundering.
They will bankrupt us and for what? So we can be living out on the street, but say that we won? I don't understand why you're not on my side on this.
We gotta be reasonable here.
These people have enough money to ruin us five times over.
What do you know about business? I'm putting my foot down.
So, to me, you'll put your foot down.
To me, you'll be the big burly man, but those two blonde b-words, you barely have a thing to say.
That's not fair.
Don't talk to me about fair.
Is it fair I married the man with the worst business sense in the state of Missouri? Everything everybody said about you is right.
You ran this place straight into the ground.
And you wanna know what else? I should have married your brother.
- He was three inches taller than - Enough! - Hello.
- We got the hotel.
Uh, that was fast.
They had a change of heart.
Uh, good.
Um Are you calling to offer me some assistance here, Wendy? I'm just trying to keep you updated.
Got it.
Okay, well, I'm updated, and I'll talk to you later.
Hey, Mom.
- Jonah.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna get Zeke back from Mrs.
Are you sure that's a good idea? I am.
Who's Zeke? A dog? No.
A baby.
- Your baby? - No.
Huh! Gotta say it's a complicated world you got going down here, Wen.
Casinos babies.
Your kid just talked his way out of a speeding ticket on the lake.
Jonah was speeding? I was speeding.
Oh, come on.
He loved it.
He is by far my favorite.
He's a little boy version of you.
God, no one has ever said that.
So let me recount.
- You had a baby.
- I didn't have a baby.
You had a baby, moved to Missouri.
You bought a casino and apparently, the Ozark Boat Police, and then you bought another casino, and you and Marty are doing really great.
I didn't have a baby.
Some bad money things happened in Chicago, and regardless of the of the money things, um I had an affair.
Everybody knows.
Marty knows.
The kids The kids know.
And we moved here to start over.
And it's been hard.
We were fostering a baby for a while, but whatever, it's, um How was the affair? Fucking sucked.
The end of it really fucking sucked.
Marty wants me to leave.
Oh, he doesn't want you to leave.
He told me to leave.
Okay, well, yeah, he wants you to leave.
- Who was the affair with? - Just some guy.
Aah! So How are you gonna get this baby? I'm gonna pick a fistfight with a hillbilly.
- You're serious? - Mm-hmm.
What's Marty think about that? - I don't give a fuck what Marty thinks.
- Ooh.
Look at you, Wendy Davis.
Yes! What I'm proposing is that we lease you guys your equipment.
I could make things smoother for you.
We could funnel everything through.
One lender could pump some money back into this local economy.
Yeah, I don't know, man.
Bands get nervous when you start subbing out sound equipment, all right? - Do they? Um - Yeah.
Well, um Dickey, uh, would would it mitigate any of those nerves if-if we, uh if we did an extra 100 grand? Will that make things better? Huh.
That's, uh That's reasonable.
I would say so.
- I'm gonna have to call the boys.
- Sure, of course.
- Okay.
Give me a minute here.
- Please do.
And, um And if it's helpful, you know, same vendor could handle the merchandise for you guys.
If it's helpful.
I just need your signature on a few invoices - and a couple receipts.
- Hey, Kev.
Hey, um, so listen, the guy here wants us to help him launder some money.
Yeah, man.
An extra 100K.
Oh, look at you.
Oh, your sock is almost off.
You're silly.
You're silly.
Desperate for honey, Mrs.
Byrde? I've got a proposition.
Oh, hi, Mrs.
Hey, Wyatt.
I didn't realize you were working here.
How can we help you? We've bought a new casino, and we're ready to cut you in, in a very generous way.
All you have to do is give up your parental rights.
What are you saying to me? I'm offering you money for Zeke.
Hey, uh, I really don't think this is the right place to be talking about this.
Well, no, he should have a nice young family.
I mean, don't you agree, Wyatt? Not an aging widow.
- I think she's trying to upset you.
- Jacob would take the deal.
I don't ever wanna hear you utter his name again.
We should all just calm down.
I think we can all agree that the child deserves better than a farm stand and a redneck for a mama.
That ought to do it.
- Get out of here! - Stop.
- Get out of here before I kill you! - Stop, Darlene.
- She is gonna try and take my baby.
- She's not gonna take your Listen, Darlene, she's not gonna take your baby, I promise.
I can't lose him.
- I can't lose him.
- It's gonna be okay.
Hey, buddy.
- I'm gonna kill her.
- No, you're not.
We're gonna go home right now so you can rest, and I'm gonna take care of Zeke, okay? - Okay? - Yeah.
Can I ask you a personal question? When did you start a 529 for your kids? When they started preschool.
Okay, good.
Thank you.
I know Agent Evans has pressured you to testify against the Navarro cartel.
I get it.
Textbook play.
It's personal for him, just like everything was personal for Agent Petty.
But there's a world in which you don't testify and you don't have to go into witness protection.
There's no one on my team who can do what you do.
You on the other side You offering me a job in the FBI? I'm saying if you pled guilty to a separate offense wire fraud, something casino related you spend 18 months in a federal prison, Navarro would know you didn't rat.
Got it.
Eighteen months, you'd be a free man.
Provided you agree to help me catch people like you.
You think I'm crazy, but I'm not.
You'd be a contractor for the federal government as a private citizen.
It's a real possibility.
Only the offer doesn't stand if Agent Evans gets you first.
Food for thought.
Pretty clear, don't you think? And we got all five prints, in case you were wondering.
So here's how this is gonna play out.
We want Marty Byrde.
We're sure he talked to your boss in Kansas City about this job.
If you help us get him, your friends don't have anything to worry about.
You don't then you're all going to have problems.
Do you understand? I'll do whatever you tell me.
What happened? You really want to know? Of course.
I ran into a door.
You got into your hillbilly fistfight.
I did.
I'm so proud of you.
What? No.
I don't want it getting weird with Marty.
No, you should stay.
Why the change of heart? I want you around.
Yeah? Yeah.
I don't want you to burn.
Don't worry.
I'll be gone before your friends get here.
My friends are in Chicago.
- Any news? - Hmm? On who beat up Dad? When I know, you'll know.
Do I look okay? You look great.
Call me if you need anything? I will.
- I love you.
- Love you, too.
Wendy Byrde.
I wasn't sure if I should call you.
Oh, of course you should.
We got the hotel.
I never doubted you.
So, tell me what can we do next? Another hotel? Another casino? Or if you have bigger plans, I Hello, are you there? Hang up.
This line is compromised.
What's the name of your school? Woodlands.
What's your middle name? Marie.
Would you rather die by a firing squad or drowning? Jonah, stop acting insane.
Hey-hey! What's up, ladies? How's it going, little man? Hey, little thought.
Why don't you guys come over here? We got booze.
We got views.
Hey, Charlotte, right? Yeah.
Nice tan.
Come on.
Yeah! All right! Would you mind staying and watching our stuff? Welcome aboard.
- Is this your dad's? - Oh, yeah, I borrowed it.
All right, let's go.
Cash rules everything around me C.
, get the money dollar dollar bill, y'all Cash rules everything around me C.
, get the money Dollar dollar bill, y'all It's been 22 long, hard years I'm still strugglin' Can I help you? Want me to save you a seat up there? I don't fucking think so.
Then let me buy you dinner tomorrow night.
Lunch? Breakfast? Snack? Glass of water? Glass of water it is.
Hello, Ozarks! Check yourselves out! Hey, are there any dentists in the crowd tonight, by any chance? I've been around for you been up and down for you But I just can't get any relief Eighteen months? When you guarantee your service to the FBI.
But you still make me feel like a thief You got me peeling the years away Okay, then.
- Okay? - Okay.
I make you laugh and you make me cry I believe it's time for me to fly You said we'd work it out You said that you had no doubt I make you laugh and you make me cry It's time for me to fly All right, where the fuck are we going? Where the fuck are we going? I don't need to fucking go in there.
It's time for me to fly It's time Time for me to fly Baby, that's just how it's got to be Whoa, I know it hurts to say goodbye But it's time for me to fly Time for me to fly Hi-i-i-gh Time for me to fly It's time for me to fly Time for me to fly It's time for me to fly Time for me to fly It's time for me to fly It's time for me to fly Whoa, baby, yes, it is Whoo!
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