Ozark (2017) s03e05 Episode Script

It Came from Michoacán

1 He was dropped off at his home yesterday evening.
Before he was kidnapped, Marty told me he was willing to cooperate.
I think he'd be an incredible asset.
He had an agent killed.
We don't know that.
You You don't seem to know that.
It could take years to pull together a credible case on him.
If he cooperates, we could stop him from laundering for the Navarro cartel and have him working for us in over 18 months.
Agent Petty offered him WITSEC.
He didn't want it.
I'm not talking witness protection.
This is a deal to work with us.
You think he's that good? We've known what he's done for years.
We still can't prove it, so Yeah, he's that good.
We need to take him down.
That much was obvious to Agent Petty.
It is to me, too.
And if you think different, you're being very naive.
All due respect, Agent Petty was heavy-handed, and he broke the law, not to mention ignoring every rule we have for handling CIs.
I don't think we should go down that road again.
I've built rapport with Marty.
He wants out.
- Next moves? - This is a mistake.
Give me time to get close to him.
We don't know who came back from Mexico.
He's probably been tortured.
It could have unpredictable effects.
He's likely to be volatile, emotional.
If we're lucky, he could be ready to break.
Are you okay? Shouldn't you see a doctor? Go to the hospital? You've lost weight.
I'm fine.
They gave me rice and beans.
So they had the lights on the whole time? Yeah, they were stadium lights.
It was terrible.
Call me if you need anything.
Yeah, they did.
God, you cleaned.
When did you get up? Uh, about 5:30.
I'll bring you some coffee.
Dad made everything.
What else did they do to you? Uh, seriously, guys, they just asked me a bunch of questions.
I am fine.
I'm okay, and just be happy that I'm back.
Uh, Wendy, I will see you at the office.
I set an appointment with, uh, Helen and Ruth for 10:30.
You don't have to go in today.
No, we can handle things.
Take a day! Don't be late.
- Do you need me to come in today? - No.
No, take the week off.
Is Dad really okay? Yeah.
Yeah, he's fine.
He's just settling in.
Breakfast? Look, I know I kissed you last night, but I thought I was gonna fucking die.
This isn't about a kiss.
I didn't see you eat for five days straight.
And I was serious last night.
My family shouldn't have dragged you into this.
I've only known you for five fucking minutes.
I was a criminal long before Marty Byrde showed up with a bag full of cartel cash.
So spare me your fucking pity.
It's not pity.
I just think you deserve better.
I think you're pretty spectacular, to be honest.
Now eat your burrito.
I prefer French toast sticks.
Wendy, how much are you guys smurfing each day? - Ninety thousand.
- Okay.
How many smurfs? - Twenty.
- Mmm.
They're They're in rotation, ten a day.
They bring in ten grand, they lose nine, they keep one, and no one works more than three days in a row.
Ruth knows them all.
- Including your brother-in-law.
- What's that? He wanted to help.
Come on.
Any of these smurfs look like they have a job? - Not nine grand a day jobs.
- Marty! - I'm so sorry.
- Yeah, that's what I was worried It's my fucking fault.
I never should've said that I can do it.
It's all right, Ruth.
Don't worry.
Please sit.
It's okay.
You didn't do anything wrong.
Don't worry.
Go ahead, sit down.
Everybody did what they had to.
I get it.
The important thing is that we just back on track today.
So, first thing.
Ruth, I need you to set up lines of credit today at the casino.
We're gonna lend the smurfs some money that they're losing, make it look a little bit more legit and give us some cover in the short-term.
Okay? Frank Jr.
won't like it.
He won't? Why not? He's been loansharking at the Belle since we opened.
I don't know if we want to piss him off.
Hang on one second.
Who approved that with all the feds around? Jesus Christ, end that.
Tell him that I said so.
I don't give a fuck if I piss that guy off.
Bigger issue is we started smurfing in the first place.
We gotta phase that out gently while keeping our handle up.
We don't wanna raise suspicion.
Okay? How do you plan on doing that? I've met Agent Miller.
She's clever.
Ideally, we find someone with a lot of money who won't mind losing it and trusts us to give it back.
Yeah, but it's my inheritance.
Which Which we'll return to you with an extra 8%.
Now, that's that's a really good deal.
I mean, if you need the money, I can loan it to you.
No, it's more of a cash flow problem.
We need to raise the handle at the Missouri Belle to get another line of credit.
And by the time summer's over, it'll We'll all be fine.
Yeah, I don't know, Wendy.
I'm happy with the way things are.
Hasn't life gotten better for you since we met? Hmm? I mean, haven't I always pointed you in the right direction? You have more money.
You have a job.
You met Jade.
Uh Actually gonna ask her to marry me.
That is great news.
- A little nervous, but you know.
- That's great.
And you know what? I I bet she'd love to watch you play high roller for a couple of weeks.
I mean, is this is this illegal? No.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's unethical, maybe.
But all you've gotta do is lose and you can You can do that now, can't you? Uh, yeah.
So, is that a yes? - Yes.
- Great.
I'm sorry, I have to get this.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Hello? Wendy.
How are you? Better.
Thank you.
It's been a very difficult time, I know, and I'm sorry that you had to go through it.
I appreciate that.
I think you're going to be very pleased because I have been thinking about the question you asked.
"What's next?" Do you know what a charro is, Wendy? Uh, cowboy? A Mexican cowboy.
And my grandfather, well he was a charro, and nothing would impress him more to know that I was the proud owner of an American horse farm.
And it would make a beautiful piece in the legitimate empire that you are building.
We can certainly start to look into that right away.
I have one in mind already.
The best one in Kentucky.
They're expecting a visit from you this afternoon, and, Wendy uh, this is the one I want, so you and Marty, you must get it for me.
¿Sí? Of course.
Something is wrong.
You're not happy.
No, I am.
I just I just have I just want to know Why did you let Marty come home? Do you not want your husband back? No, of course I did.
We all did.
It's just We didn't pass your test.
Marty passed.
I didn't know him, now I do, and you're very lucky, because he's just like me.
How so? He wants to win.
- Hi, there.
- Hi.
So, Marty, what is it you wanted to talk about? So, I need to hire someone new at the casino.
Uh, she's very talented.
I think that she could give us a real edge over the competition.
- That's wonderful.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, but you know, uh, Wendy is gonna fight it.
Thank you.
Um She's not in my corner, and I need you to get her there.
I always do what I can to help her see your side, Marty.
Well, do you, Sue? You know, I'm not giving out participation medals.
From now on, if you want your bonus, you're gonna have to earn it.
It's gonna be You listening? It's gonna be $300 It's gonna be $300 if she is leaning my way.
It's gonna be $800 if she commits in session.
Good? Oh, well well, this is We don't usually talk about sums.
Listen, if you're uncomfortable with our arrangement, why do you take my money? I suppose I want to see where your story ends.
You play your cards right, it's gonna end with you getting $800.
Sound good? Have a cookie.
They're homemade.
They smell delicious, but I'm gonna see myself out.
You have a great day.
Before you get your panties in a bunch, just listen.
Okay? We're offering credit now, so you gotta stop your shit.
What "shit" is that? The fucking loansharking shit.
I don't lend money to guys that can get credit.
You do your thing, I'll do mine.
We can coexist.
No, we can't.
This is coming from Marty.
You gotta cease and fucking desist.
It's fucking dumb anyhow.
That right? Yeah.
Take it up with your daddy, if you want.
I bet he wouldn't think it's such a shit-hot idea for you to be knocking some guy's teeth out in the restroom when the feds are breathing down our necks.
I bet he doesn't even fucking know.
Any questions? - No.
- Good.
Now, quit parking in the crippled spot.
What you got ain't a disability.
Just poor fucking judgment.
Good to have you back.
How you feeling? I was worried about you.
Why? I was on a business trip in Kansas City.
My offer still stands.
I confirmed it this morning.
Just say the word and you have your life back.
Look, unless it's about the audit, I don't want to hear it.
It's that bad.
Sorry, Marty.
I really am.
And, um don't go near my family again.
I'm gonna be out all afternoon.
Try not to worry.
What? He thinks you're alike.
- He said that, huh? - Yeah.
What do you think he means? I have no idea.
I can do the talking.
Don't worry.
I want this, too.
Give this guy some sweet feed.
He deserves it.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You must be Wendy.
- Hi.
- Marty.
Oly Brennan.
- Hi.
Uh, this is just such a beautiful place.
I really hope you'll let us be a part of it.
Me too.
Let me show you around.
She's so desperate for me to like her.
It's pathetic.
Like, you're the one who packed me off to boarding school when I was eight, and now you want to be friends? Fuck that.
Woodlands is a good school.
Yeah, if you like Jesus and nothing happening to you.
Hey! Did you invite them here? Hey! He's not the one, Erin.
Trust me.
You can do so much better anyway.
Whoo! Did you guys bring beer? Every stud has specific needs, and their owners expect us to meet them.
I am not looking for someone to tell me which corners to cut.
I want a buyer so I can upgrade my facilities my way.
What I don't need is your opinion along with it.
Well, we don't know anything about running a horse farm, so our only opinion is that you have a very special place here, and we'd like to invest in it and then perhaps with the financial support, you can turn it into whatever you've dreamed it could be.
You can run the day-to-day, the, you know, the hirings, the purchasing, all of it.
I'd expect nothing less.
So let's just for one minute, let's forget about all the necessary upgrades and the owner expectations.
You can do that with anyone's money.
What we wanna know is, what is your dream for this place? We overlook the dams.
The mothers.
A broodmare can only carry one foal a year.
A stud can service 100 mares in that time.
People forget they're both important, and great dams don't sell too often.
But I've got an idea about how to fix that.
Have you ever been to a maiden race? That's the Isn't that the That's the race with the new horses? That's right.
Horses that haven't won yet.
Now, if you've got an eye for it, you can spot future winners coming in around third or fourth place.
I figure if we buy up a bunch of them, play the numbers.
With our studs, we stand a chance of putting out a whole pack of winners.
Maybe even run our own champ and keep the winnings.
There is no greater feeling than your own horse coming in.
I bet.
Let's do it.
Wanna do it? We'll, I don't know, tack on another 6% into the investment and we'll earmark it for this.
What do you say? - You in? - You kidding? I haven't gotten an offer like it.
Thank you.
Thanks for coming out to the farm today.
It's a long drive.
You're welcome to spend the night.
We have a pretty little guest cottage all made up.
Oh, thank you, we Zeke's hearing is tomorrow afternoon.
We'll get up early.
I'll go with you.
- Really? - Yeah.
Well, I guess we're staying.
So you know Ruth, then.
From the casino? I work with her sometimes.
Yeah, I know her.
She's cool.
I don't really see her though, 'cause I'm in the office.
I got you.
You like it? Working for your parents? What? Um Yeah, it's fine.
It's a summer job.
So how do you guys know each other? My mom is their parents' lawyer.
I normally live in Chicago, but she dragged me here for the summer.
You're Helen Pierce's daughter? Yeah.
You've heard of her? I should really get you back.
My parents are gonna be home any second and they're pretty strict, so come on.
Um, can I check out the restroom before you throw us out? Fine.
- Hey, what are you doing? - Taking a piss.
The bathroom's right there.
What can I say? I wanted to wipe my dick on your parents' sheets.
We good? No.
Why were you in there? Listen.
What's going on? - He was using Mom and Dad's bathroom.
- So? Don't be weird, Jonah.
I think you need to leave.
I'll text you.
We're going out Saturday, okay? Cool.
We should bring the kids here.
They could learn how to ride.
Jonah's been so serious since Buddy.
Since forever.
I was just like that.
Really? No kidding.
You know what? Let's break into the stables.
What What, like this? We can't.
Why not? We own the place.
Come on.
Look at this guy.
Are you really okay? This doesn't feel like something you'd get over in a day.
Well, it was it was hell.
I wasn't lying, and I I told the kids that, but, um Wendy, this might have been the best thing that could have ever happened.
I spent a decade afraid of something, and when it finally arrived, it wasn't at all what I thought it would be.
And I wasn't who I thought I would be.
What does that mean? It means you were right.
Me burying my head in the sand wasn't gonna keep us safe, but I figured out what is.
What's that? I'm gonna turn Agent Miller.
I'm gonna put her in our pocket.
That's what I told Navarro.
That's what got me out.
The warrant is gonna expire in a couple of weeks.
If we just wait it out, she'll be gone.
They're gonna keep coming back.
That's what Maya said, that this is gonna be a long play for them.
- "Maya"? - Yeah.
Yeah, that's what she said.
We'll never know when the hammer's gonna fall, and she's very she's very good.
I don't know if I can stay in front of her.
But if we own her all the anxiety goes away.
Wendy, if you want safety, if you want to get the kids out, this is it.
You hear me? People People don't just turn an FBI agent.
So why don't we just - take a breath - What are you doing? - be still.
- Don't do that.
You asked me to get involved, and this is what it looks like.
This is me supporting you, Wendy.
More than ever I got my own shit together More than a decade of hits can I get a forever? Well, come on.
Some of us got shit to do.
Where are the bags? You know, getting seen out here ain't good for any of us.
Fucking haul ass.
Yeah, get 'em yourself.
'Cause the way we've heard it, you want everyone's jobs anyways, so Your boss is a real asshole.
Do every dumb shit thing he tells you? - Mm-hmm.
- Hmm? Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! What the fuck? Stop! Get me the fuck out of here! Come on! You derelict motherfuckers! Fuck! Fuck.
Oh, you monster.
I could strangle you.
Boo! Hey.
Hey, thanks for doing this.
You want some lunch? I got a whole mess of boiled peaches.
I hope this is fine.
It's from my dad's funeral, but I bet he thought you looked real smart, too.
Hey, you scrub up all right, Langmore.
With the exception of this filthy mop you're wearing.
We gotta give that a good wash if anyone's gonna believe a word that comes out of your trap.
- I can just tie it back like I always do.
- Oh, don't be a fool.
She's obsessed with him.
She said that she wanted to lose her virginity before she went back to school.
Oh, that is tricky.
There's something off about him.
He was asking tons of questions, and he knows who Helen is.
I'm worried that she's gonna find out.
Well, then then lie.
It's okay, if you're protecting her.
She'll find some other boy to disappoint her.
How do I look? Like a very responsible citizen.
It's just so sad, you know? I mean, she's got no fucking idea how scary her mom can be.
She is lying.
She wanted to get hit.
She is trying to steal my baby.
Just like how she stole my late husband's land for her ugly casino.
Drove him into an early grave.
Not a word comes out of that woman's mouth can be trusted.
Snell, I won't warn you again.
I'm just saying, the way I treat that snake of a woman does not reflect on how I treat Zeke.
Look at my records.
I am doing everything right.
I'm a good mother.
I mean, she told you so.
Byrde, do you have anything to add to your written statement? Only that I am I'm really sorry, Darlene I am not trying to hurt you.
We We fostered Zeke for a while after his father left, and we love that child.
Our kids love him.
And we can't just look the other way just because Darlene is our business partner, no matter how uncomfortable that may be.
We have to do what's right, not what's easy.
I'm sorry.
Snell your records are good, but it concerns me deeply that you struck Mrs.
I tried to explain I think it's time that we heard from our witness, don't you? Mr.
Well, Mrs.
Byrde was offering to buy Zeke for a cut of their new casino.
Snell didn't want to, so then Mrs.
Byrde called her sorry uh, a "fucking redneck".
Uh, and then she just swung at her.
It was Mrs.
Byrde who threw the first punch.
Oh, that is a lie! Wyatt! What are you doing? Quiet please, Mrs.
Now, go on.
Snell was just defending Zeke, and she was right to.
And if you don't mind me saying, Judge Wendy Byrde never has liked us locals.
When they first moved here, I mean, she threw a dead possum on my house.
Is this true? There were unusual circumstances.
And how do you know Mrs.
Snell? I've been doing a little farm workup at Heron Mills lately.
And have you observed Mrs.
Snell with the baby? Yeah.
Yeah, every time I see him, he's laughing, and Darlene loves him like he's her own.
- She's a great mom.
- In his vast experience.
What the fuck is going on at that farm? You want to make $15 the hard way? Very funny.
Thanks for coming.
I knew you'd call.
Where does this guy live? We're going there right now.
- No, you can't.
- Yeah, I can.
Frank Jr.
needs a kick in the dick like nobody I've ever met.
But you can't.
I mean it.
He's KC mob.
Shitbag's untouchable.
- Not to me.
- To everyone.
Last time I fucked with him, it cost Marty big.
What did you do? I threw him off the top of the boat.
'Course you did.
Look at that.
It is here.
- Is this a mistake? - Uh, no, I ordered it.
When? Day I got back.
They shipped it overnight.
Can you believe it? I used to play this all the time when I was a kid.
Fantastic, I'm very I'm very happy for you.
But listen, can we get back to Zeke, please, just for one minute? You know, I was I was so distracted when you were gone, I didn't even think to check in on Wyatt.
We should've gotten to the judge and should've had our own witness.
- Next time, I'm gonna have everything - Whoa, hey, hang on.
There's no next time.
You tried your best, we lost.
It's time to let go.
Okay? We don't need the distraction.
Zeke is not a distraction.
You gave him to a sociopath.
We have to get him back.
He's not safe with her.
Well, Lord knows she'll protect him.
And with the way things are, it's probably for the best.
You don't actually believe that.
How'd it go? We lost.
I'm sorry.
Really? You gave me the week off.
You drink when we're home.
You're home now.
Where is Dad? In the garage playing video games.
Make an appointment for me to see Jim Rettelsdorf tomorrow.
I'm going up to Kansas City.
He's out cold.
I can't thank you enough for today.
Did you mean what you said? Am I a good mother? Yeah.
Yeah, every word.
He loves you.
That was awesome.
I've been around long enough to know what I'm doing.
What? What you thinking? Maternity leave is over.
It's time we replanted my fields.
You look nice.
Jonah, wanna watch me beat this thing? Come on.
Are you still playing video games? Arcade games.
And you told me to rest, so - Ready? - When you own the game, you don't need quarters.
You can set it to give you infinite lives.
That'd be cheating.
You're not wrong.
About what? That looks like Marty, walks like Marty, sounds like Marty, but that is 100% not Marty Byrde.
That guy's vibrating.
He's fine.
What is that? I got a date.
You look good in those shorts.
- Hop aboard.
- No.
I came here to tell you that you can't date Erin.
Really? Who says? 'Cause I don't really take orders from teenage girls.
You know who I work for, right? Yeah.
And you know who my dad is, right? Him and your boss are kind of tight.
This comes from him.
So cancel your date and back the fuck off.
Or else Frank Cosgrove finds out that you crossed Marty Byrde.
I thought we were having fun.
You thought wrong.
I'm afraid this is a waste of your time.
If I was to take an outside client, it wouldn't be somebody who almost landed my employer in jail.
Saved from jail.
Agree to differ.
Cut the crap, Jim.
You wouldn't be sitting here if you didn't know which way the wind was blowing.
We just bought another casino.
You're stuck with us.
Yes, Big Muddy.
- Well, you caught a lucky break there.
- Ah, not luck.
If that's what you wanna call arson, very well.
Look, my employer might have a blind spot when it comes to you, but I don't.
In fact, it's my job to see through it.
I thought your job was to take care of Charlie's interests.
And let me remind you, he has a stake in the Missouri Belle, so that makes our business his business.
You have large ambitions, don't you? I do.
And we have a very large problem.
Special Agent Maya Miller.
Ah, yes.
Your integrated audit.
Well, you should be flattered.
FBI doesn't wheel that out for just anyone.
She's their forensic accountant.
We need everything you can get on her.
Well, I admire your initiative, but that would be, how to put it politely, fucking insane.
- If you can't do it, I'm sure I can find - No, no, no.
Don't simplify things.
It doesn't become you.
I'll get you what you want, if there is anything.
But just a friendly warning: Whatever you're planning it's a terrible idea.
We need it as quickly as you can, please.
I'll call you in a couple of hours.
Four months, we'll be ready to harvest.
Oh, you should see it.
In full bloom, this whole place is like a miracle.
I've never tried heroin.
I thought about it when my dad died.
I even bought some and then threw it out.
Don't say that.
I won't have a junkie in my bed, Wyatt.
I know you got pain.
I see it.
But there's pain that uses you, and there's pain that you use.
You got the good kind.
Come on.
What's going on? - We've got a problem.
- Yeah? I met with Jim Rettelsdorf this morning, and he got us some information about Agent Miller.
It's not good.
Why are you involving him? Because he has a contact at the FBI.
And If you're trying to turn an agent, Maya Miller is the wrong person to go after.
What did he dig up? She's a known crusader.
Her father had a mortgage refi business in Boca Raton.
He scammed a lot of people.
When she was 15, he went to prison, leaving her mother destitute along with her little sister and 100,000 other people.
Taking down people like her father is her life's work.
She's not gonna turn.
Well, that's disappointing.
Yeah, I don't think so.
I think it's something we can work with, actually.
Um Your old firm represented some, uh unscrupulous characters.
Uh, there one in there that you can throw under the bus? One that fucked over the little guy and got away with it? I'd need some evidence.
I'll see what I can do.
What What are you gonna do? I'm gonna throw some chum in the water and see if she bites.
This is good.
Really good.
We should put Rettelsdorf on retainer.
What the fuck happened to him in Mexico? Do you think it's a good idea to turn Agent Miller? Doesn't matter what I think.
It's what my client expects.
Hey, Maya.
I'll walk with you.
Um Just wanted to apologize for yesterday.
That was rude.
Well, you've been through a lot.
Yeah, you know, I sometimes wonder if I should be in another line of work.
You know? Yeah, gambling sucks.
You should help people, Marty.
- Beats getting abducted.
- Hmm.
Well, listen, I know you're just trying to do the right thing, okay? Yeah.
You should give it a go.
And what's that? Join the war on drugs? We wouldn't have someone like you on drug cases.
Anyone can do this.
Somebody with your skills, I'd make sure you were doing valuable work.
Such as? Take your pick.
Bad loans, payday lenders, corporate tax evasion.
It's not sexy, but every time we take one down, it's one step closer to new legislation.
That shit counts.
Is that the kind of work you'd be doing if you had a choice? In a heartbeat.
- Thank you.
- If you say yes, and let me off this case.
It's something to think about.
For sure.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
I'll see you.
I need some help.
What can I do for you? Last week Marty went through something very very traumatizing.
It's not my place to to give the details, but I'm concerned.
He's He's unpredictable, he's edgy.
That must be very frightening.
It is and especially when I I try to convince him that some of his plans are a little They're out there.
I see.
And you want my help to convince him? Exactly.
And I know your time is very valuable, but I was thinking it might be helpful, in a complicated case like this, to have some some extra time to think.
Especially in a complicated case like this.
And I could give you a supplemental fee, so you could you could focus on getting Marty back on track.
Is that something that interests you? Yes.
Yes, I think it would be very helpful, Wendy.
Good, great.
Oh, take your call.
Come in a little early next week, and we can discuss details.
Thank you.
What do you mean? Just tell me.
Oh, I'm coming, then.
No, I'm coming.
Y'all having fun? What the fuck? French toast sticks.
Dinner and a show? I got shit to do.
What the fuck is that? Fifty pounds of birdseed.
Frank is going to shit when he sees this.
Can't say anyone touched him.
Roger Blinkhorn.
Blink Check.
You know him? Asshole payday lender out of St.
He raked three million people over the coals and got off with a settlement.
We couldn't prove that he knew what they were doing.
Why do you ask? You two setting up together? Not after he's in prison.
I got a look at, um, the evidence that was suppressed.
There's another way to get him.
Uh Blink Check did a whole lot more than charge illegal interest rates.
I got a metric shit ton of stuff on this guy, and this right here is just two hours of following the money.
Well, it all started when he created a holding company back in the '90s No, stop.
Stop talking.
What the fuck are you doing? That's the kind of guy you want to take down, right? You don't need to tell anyone how you got there.
You can get a fresh warrant with what I found Marty, hear me when I say this.
You cannot take the deal without taking the deal.
You can't skip the part where you sign a confession and go to prison.
That's not how this works.
I'm just trying to show what I can bring to the table.
I won't let you play cop and moonlight for a drug cartel.
You gotta prove to me that you're serious.
That starts with you admitting that Omar Navarro kidnapped you and took you to Mexico.
Anything less, we're done.
You can rot in prison and wait for him to kill you.
Is it okay if I sit down for this? My feet are killing me.
Um I haven't really been myself the last few days.
Yeah, but, um Still, I should've I should've thanked you earlier, um right away.
What did I do? You saved my life.
I know that it was you that flagged the Panama account.
Only someone that's had their nose in my business and with your kind of access could have done that.
So I know it was a risky move, but it worked.
Thank you.
You got me out.
Are you saying you were in Mexico? You've gotta say it.
Last week, I was in Mexico.
With Navarro.
He kidnapped me.
There's nothing wrong with that horse in there.
Brennan, you're not listening to me.
The horse is sick.
Just calm down.
How dare you show your face here.
Oly, I don't know anything about this.
I'm just catching up.
Why would you cut off his balls? And don't tell me it's medical.
She tried that.
We check our horses every day! That is a perfectly healthy stud in there.
And this is millions of dollars' worth of damage.
Millions! What am I gonna tell the owner? We will handle that.
A horse was sick? The vet will testify to that, yes.
Oh, bullshit! Bull fucking shit! How could you? How could you come to my home and lie like that? You should be ashamed of yourself.
- You're a monster.
- Oly, I You have destroyed me.
You have destroyed everything I have worked for.
When word gets out about this, no one will stud their horses here.
We're done.
We're finished! Then you better not tell anyone.
Is that understood? Who the fuck are you people? Oly, I'm so sorry.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Could you take her inside, please? Oly, I'll try and fix this.
I will.
Why would he do this? He's sending a message.
The horse belongs to Castel Lagunez.
- His rival in the war? - Mm-hmm.
When he found out that Lagunez' stud had been moved to Kentucky, he couldn't pass up the opportunity.
And did you know? When you sent us out here, did you know he was gonna do this? I didn't find out until this morning.
- Believe me, this is not a task I relish.
- Oh.
You're lying.
Give me his number.
- It's not a good idea.
- Hmm.
Give me his fucking number.
Why didn't you tell me you wanted to butcher a horse? How did you get this number, Wendy? This was supposed to be a legitimate expansion.
A legitimate business and you've just ruined it.
The horse is still alive.
I own the farm.
Everything about this is legitimate.
The horse is gravely damaged.
The owner here is devastated.
You've just undermined everything we've been working on.
We're supposed to be partners.
Partners? No, no, no.
You exist for me to use! What did you think, huh? That because you are American, you are not gonna get your hands dirty? Wendy, if I am at war, you're at war! We're not partners.
I own you! And if you call me again like this, I will make sure that you remember that.
Hi, this is Marty Byrde.
Please leave a message.

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