Ozark (2017) s03e06 Episode Script

Su Casa Es Mi Casa

1 [MARTY.]
Okay, our partner thinks that she's a good hire, - and you weren't at that meeting.
- No, I was at the casino covering your ass.
Well, I wasn't exactly on vacation.
- No, I know that.
- I was under a great deal of pressure.
Yeah, but you made a huge unilateral decision.
Wendy, did why do you feel so resistant to hiring, - um Maya? - Maya.
This isn't about her résumé, is it? It's personal for you.
No, no, no.
No, not at all.
I just I just think that it is a huge risk to put somebody with such radically different viewpoints from ours in a position of power in our life.
Like, I understand I understand you are under a lot of pressure, and I am I'm so sorry you went through that, but Maya is not the answer to any of our problems.
Our partner thinks that she is.
Yeah, well, I disagree.
Good communication.
Can you access some feeling words? I'm scared! I'm fucking terrified, actually.
Ooh, those are strong feelings.
Let me tell you why you're scared, Wendy.
You don't believe in your husband.
- Yet, I have kept us safe this entire - "Safe"? For some reason, you think that you're somehow incapable - You think we're safe? - I do think that we're safe.
Ha! - Gonna help me out here, Sue? - Yeah! That'd be great.
Can you explain to her that everything that I do is for the family? Oh, and can you explain to him that that is complete bullshit? I think that the two of you are doing a terrific job at talking this out.
Really? 'Cause I feel like we're going in circles.
So, please weigh in.
You gotta have something to say.
I do, actually.
What does it say about a marriage when a husband and wife both try to bribe the therapist? You're both paying me off.
I said it.
- What the fuck is wrong with you? - Fuck's wrong with you? - You did the same goddamn thing I did.
- Once! - Once! - You're a fucking beauty.
Because I was worried when you came back with that crazy idea, and I wanted Sue to work a little harder.
You people don't make it easy for anybody.
Just shut the fuck up, Sue.
No, wait.
Have you been doing this the entire time? Are you that insecure? No, I'm that ignored, Wendy.
You wanna know why I'm bribing this woman? It's because you're completely incapable of listening.
This is my only chance to convince you that what you are doing is putting us in danger.
First, you force us to stay here.
Second, you dig us in so deep, we're never going to get out.
And now I discover that you've been pouring your heart out on the phone every night to Navarro, interpreting his fucking omens.
What is wrong with you? - You get how dangerous that is? - You're listening to my calls.
Wanna know what happened to the maid that lost the teeth? - You're jealous.
- He killed her.
You're jealous, that's what this is about.
You can't keep up with me.
- Give me a fucking break.
- No, you can't.
You can't keep up with me.
And I have one sliver of success, and you, you lose your mind.
" Chopping the balls off a horse.
Is that success? - Come on! I didn't know.
- [MARTY.]
Your ambition makes you reckless.
You go into business with a drug lord, what did you think was gonna happen? - My ambition? - Yeah.
You're so arrogant, you think you can flip an FBI agent.
Do you know how crazy that sounds? Is it crazier than killing someone? Don't you dare.
Don't you I didn't kill Cade.
No, you had somebody else do it for you.
- For our family.
- And I stayed with you.
Oh, wow! Well, does that make you a big fucking hero? I only did what I did because you didn't have the balls to do it yourself.
No, I was busy trying to get us the fuck out.
- They would've found us.
- No, they wouldn't.
We'd be dead by now if you'd got your way.
You'd say anything to justify what you did.
I don't know how you live with yourself.
- You're an ungrateful prick.
- You did exactly what you wanted to do, - and you always have, haven't you? - That is not true.
Gary, Navarro, another casino, a horse farm.
You put everything before the family.
I am trying.
I am trying to build a future for our family out of the mess that you created.
And you're too narrow-minded and jealous to see it.
Right, yeah, and you're just a fucking scary, selfish, power-hungry fucking bitch.
Get the fuck out.
Do it.
- I don't need you.
- I don't even fucking know you anymore.
Obviously, we need to discuss doctor-patient confidentiality.
I mean, I don't have to tell you.
Breathe even a word of this to someone, it's got some pretty nasty implications for your career.
And for you and Wendy, I imagine.
How much money do you want? It's not about money, Marty.
How much? A shitload.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Get in the car, Wendy.
You're gonna walk home? Home is a 43-minute walk from here.
By the time I get there, I want you out.
What's with all the federal agents? All good, Sam.
Casinos are regulated.
Regulated how? Just regulated.
What are they regulating? [SIGHS.]
They're called compliance officers.
All normal.
Just don't look like you're trying to lose.
Look like you're having fun.
- Fuckin' smile.
Hey, you know what this is? I could not care less what it is.
It's a bill from my body shop for $7,800! For bird shit? For a custom paint job on my Trans Am.
A little steep, don't you think? Considering the car is not worth hardly half of that.
Well, that's what it's gonna cost you.
You and me are even.
Call the Audubon Society or some shit.
Better yet, the casino gives loans now.
I can get you an application.
Hey, this whole anti-authority thing you got going on, it's gonna get you hurt.
You're fucking touching me.
I'm making some changes with tomorrow's drop.
I already talked to my boys.
The abandoned stadium off of Woodrow Wilson.
- It's quiet.
- No.
The drive-in in Branch.
Got it? What the fuck is your problem? That stadium is a good drop.
No, the last time you picked, your crew tried to fuck with me and jeopardized a shit-ton of money, so And you ain't a fucking authority! You heard from Omar? If you're wondering if he's still angry with you, yes, he's still angry.
Next time I give you advice, listen to it.
- Mmm.
- I know.
We need a new machine.
I should probably let you know, Marty and I are taking some time apart.
Why? We had a fight.
- What kind of a fight? - A big one.
You're not splitting up, I hope.
No, I don't know.
He was being a dick, so I tossed him out.
You know how it goes.
I do.
I also know to never underestimate the power of somebody moving out, however briefly.
Well, we're still business partners.
Everything will function exactly as it has before.
I just don't have to deal with his shit right now.
You say that, but the first time you [SIGHS.]
Jesus Christ.
The fuck is she doing here? I want to talk to your boss, alone.
Where's Zeke? - With my lover.
- Oh, right.
It's summer vacation.
Don't you worry about Zeke.
He is safe and sound and none of your business.
Judge told you that.
What do you want, Darlene? I've re-planted my crop.
We're back in business.
I came about our distribution deal.
Are you out of your mind? You can't plant poppies that close to the casino.
This is my land.
We'll be up and running in four months.
You killed 57 people when you spiked our dope.
That is dirty water under an old bridge.
I don't care.
Your deal went away the second that you crossed the cartel.
You burned our fields.
You took our land for this monstrosity of a casino.
Whose profits you enjoy.
And now you're going back on your word? You made a commitment.
You owe us.
The last thing that we promised you was to spare your life.
Don't make us go back on that one.
Now get the fuck out of my office.
Broken promises got consequences.
Bring 'em on.
You had a guy killed, Wendy.
Does that weigh on your conscience at all? 'Cause I don't see it.
And now I'm I'm weak, because I've got a soul.
That's rich.
You're so so calm, so cold after Mason's death.
Like it never fucking happened.
Well, we could have gotten out.
It all would have worked, but you didn't want that.
I saved us, you pulled us right back into the shit.
Now I gotta save us all over again.
And I'm fucking arrogant? Are you fucking kidding me? I'm doing exactly what you wanted.
You wanted me to step up, I'm stepping up, and you cannot even back that one goddamn play.
You think I'm gonna apologize for protecting my family? You're out of your mind.
You're out of your fucking mind.
How are you doing? Uh, not great, actually.
Wendy and I had a fight, if you must know.
Sorry, that sucks.
Yeah, I was thinking that, um, I might go check out that place that they put you up in.
Do you like it? Yeah, it's great.
As long as you don't care about aesthetics.
Or comfort or hygiene.
Uh, it's got a roof though, right? [MAYA.]
- What's this? - It's a confession.
All you gotta do is sign.
Oh, yeah.
I gotta I gotta check with Wendy first.
Okay? [MAYA.]
Is this what you're fighting over? It is part of it, uh, you know.
She'll get there.
- I just need a little bit of time.
- You know what this looks like, right? It looks like I'm stalling, but I'm not.
I just moved out of the house, so Look, I went out on a limb to get you this deal.
Just look at it.
Cross out anything you don't like.
Can I be honest with you? I don't know yet.
Uh, I don't I don't trust you.
You know, there's a big risk for me, and you can dress it up as safe, but we both know it's not that simple.
- And everything I know about the FBI - You haven't had good agents on your case.
Well, are there any? You know, I mean Evans is out for blood, and Petty was a sociopath.
You know, he, um, he got one of my people hooked on drugs.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
Look, I will deny ever saying it.
Agent Petty, dick.
Agent Evans, dick.
Shouldn't even be on your case.
Especially not when the two of them were sleeping together.
Completely unprofessional.
But I'm not them.
But how do I know that? You know? I don't know that.
You know, this is this is a two-way street, and I tried to prove to you that I want to do the right thing, that you can trust me, and you turned me down.
And so now you gotta prove to me that I can trust you, and until I do, and until Wendy's on board, I cannot sign anything.
I'm sorry.
You know, I mean, I want to work with you, but not at any cost, so [DARLENE.]
You ever notice people don't honor their word anymore? Well, I've done everything I can do for you and baby Zeke, Darlene.
Not talking about you.
The cartel's breaking their agreement to distribute my product.
Can you believe that? The nerve.
Well, I don't know what I can do about that.
I can't arrest people for not doing crime.
How many people you got working under you? Ten.
Count the reserves.
How many you trust? Your kind of business? Three, four.
That'll do, for a start.
We can always recruit.
People around here trust the police.
Darlene, no.
No, come on.
There's limits to what I can do.
Who sets those limits? Not you.
Darlene, I cannot be slinging dope.
Are you kidding me? How am I even supposed to ask 'em? You can stand there and refuse me after all I've done for you? Jacob's still warm in his grave, - and you want to cross me now? - No.
I'm gonna need some time.
Get 'em primed.
Figure it out.
You got three months.
And whatever arrangements you have with the Byrde family that's over.
No more protecting them.
- You got me? - [DOOR OPENS.]
I thought I told you to stay away from Erin.
She called me.
Well, then don't pick up.
This is a bad idea.
Uh, A of all, he brought us beer.
B of all, it's summer, and C of all, you're not my mom.
He's not a nice guy, Erin.
He's nice to me.
- [TOMMY.]
Okay, iron lung.
Wait, did you even inhale it? [ERIN SCOFFS.]
Come on, Jonah.
- [TOMMY.]
It's good weed.
Inhale it.
- [ERIN.]
Are you kidding? - Would you cut it out? He's 14.
Come on.
You're having fun, right, buddy? Does anyone wanna play a drinking game called "Suck It"? No! - Actually I got a better idea.
Come on, Charlotte.
Wanna hold it? It's safe, I promise.
We should go.
Uh, I'm not ready to go.
Yo, if you want, I can just ride with Tommy.
Thirty-ish feet right here, right? Hey, mind pointing that down, dude? Why? Think I'm gonna shoot you? Who'd load my fucking truck? Oh, Jesus.
Come on, Erin.
This is fucking crazy.
Let's go, Erin.
"Let's go, Erin.
" God, you're such a pussy.
- Does anybody hear a pussy talking? - Screw you.
Oh, my God.
Pussy stood up to me.
Can you shoot a gun, pussy? - Wanna try? - [JONAH.]
Let him.
You get three shots.
You hit one bottle, I'll give you 20 bucks.
If I hit all three? That's a nine millimeter, kid.
It kicks.
My turn.
- God! - [BOY.]
What the fuck do you think you're doing? Calm down, okay? I was - [CHARLOTTE SIGHS.]
- Okay.
Put it on your head.
No! You put the fucking gun down! - [TOMMY.]
Do it.
- No! Jonah! [TOMMY.]
Could be fun.
Come on.
- Try it.
- Fuck! [MAN.]
Drop your firearm.
We know anything more? [SIGHS.]
Where are you staying? Uh, at the Howling Creek, where Maya's living.
I'm sorry.
I thought I had it handled.
Well, you didn't, did you? [WENDY.]
Were you drinking, too? [JONAH.]
No, I wouldn't.
Oh, good.
So it was just the pot and the guns, then.
Charlotte, I've got a question.
Why didn't you leave? You had a van.
Erin wouldn't leave.
- Okay, you can't make your own - Wendy, a word.
In my car.
Can I ride with you, Dad? Oh, uh, you should go in your mom's car.
Okay? - Why? - It's okay.
We're just we're - We're - Having a - A thing.
Here we go.
- thing.
What kind of thing? [WENDY.]
In my car.
All I asked was for your kids to show her around.
Charlotte tried to keep Erin away from that boy, but she couldn't exactly explain why now, could she? - Oh, I see.
So this is my fault.
- I'm not saying that.
She has never been in any trouble before.
The first thing Erin said to Charlotte when she got here was that she wanted lose her virginity and could Charlotte help.
So she drove her to the middle of nowhere with some low-level mobsters? That's nice work.
If Charlotte hadn't stayed with Erin, God only knows what would have happened to her.
Look, we are all upset here You know something? We may have dipped our toe in the friendship pool, - but I'm not sure we're gonna swim.
- Oh, fine with me.
What the hell happened out there? - [TOMMY.]
I got them loosened up.
- [EVANS.]
No, you got them arrested.
- Look, I'm working the lawyer's kid.
- Yeah? Yeah, and I'd say I'm doing pretty damn good.
Okay? She can't stand the Byrde kids.
She hates her mom.
- And she loves me.
- Are you sure about that? Today she told me she's a virgin.
So, what do you think? Just don't knock her up.
He's sorely fucking mistaken if he thinks that I'm gonna pay for that piece of shit car of his.
I shouldn't have messed with him.
I didn't realize.
No, fuck that.
It was funny.
He's a piece of shit anyway.
Maybe, but you gotta be careful with guys like that.
No, he can't touch me.
I'm like a made woman over there.
If his boys try any shit tomorrow, I swear to God No, stop it.
Don't worry so much.
I can handle it.
Are you okay? It's not you.
- Um I'm the only girl here.
I just drank too much.
That's all.
You are so fucking beautiful.
Yeah, okay.
I'm sorry.
You know, someday you're gonna meet a girl who's so dope that you won't need to shoot a gun to impress her.
You think Dad's moving out for good? I don't know.
Let's just try to get some sleep, okay? Hey, Maya, good morning.
Let me give you a hand with that.
It looks heavy.
Dryer's busted.
I don't know what you expect.
You got a suite.
Yeah, well, that's what they call it.
You should try the buffet.
Looks like they washed the food a couple times to keep it fresh.
Did you forget something? Nobody tells you you're gonna be sick the whole damn pregnancy.
Yeah, you know, um when Wendy was eight months pregnant with Jonah, she threw up in my shoe at a party.
That was fun.
So, how's that going, with Wendy? I'm here, aren't I? - Marty.
- Yeah.
I'm due in six weeks.
It'd be good to know you're safe before then.
- [MARTY.]
Have a good day.
- You, too.
Please tell me that you did not have sex with that kid.
Since rumor has it that was your summer project.
Where'd you hear that? [SIGHS.]
We should talk about this.
There are things that you should know.
Things Things I can explain.
Is there more coffee? Put the phone down.
I'm trying to have a conversation with you.
- And I need a cup of coffee.
There's more in the pot.
So what do you like about this kid? [ERIN.]
His big dick.
Really? - And you're not seeing him again, either.
- Why? Oh, because he drives a truck? You're such a fucking snob.
Because he took you to a beach to get high and shoot guns.
I don't understand you.
Erin, this just isn't you.
Why didn't you leave? I didn't have a car.
You had a phone.
There wasn't any service.
You're grounded.
Do not leave this house.
Where are you going? Alligator Cove.
See if there's any service.
Fucking bitch.
Wendy Byrde.
Do you have a few minutes? There's something I wanna run by you.
You hit a dead-end with the Fed.
No, something else.
I've been thinking about Charles's foundation, and I want to set up something similar.
Well, uh, something, uh bleeding-heart and liberal, I imagine? Peace and whales and socialized dentistry? Oh, no need to sound so disgusted.
We do live in a purple state, and I know you like to have your finger in every pie.
Yeah, yeah.
What do you need? Names.
Anyone who turned down Charles, I suppose.
Well, that's a short list.
- Donors and politicians? - Yeah.
I'm looking to spend first.
- You know, raise support.
- What is this all about? You're not running.
I just want to send some money in the right direction, Jim.
Somebody's gotta make this place livable.
- Certainly won't be you.
Yeah, all right.
Well, I can pull a few names together.
And a list of people you can't go after.
Agreed? Agreed.
Hey, thanks, Jim.
You flushed your meds.
- No.
- Do not lie to me.
I met somebody.
Oh, I'm really pleased for you.
Go get a refill.
Those drugs fuck up every human impulse I have.
It's Ruth, isn't it? You gonna tell me to stop seeing her? 'Cause I won't.
I like her.
So do we.
She's very important to us.
She's important to me, too.
Well, then do the right thing and get back on your meds.
You listen to me You cannot fuck this up! You always think the worst of me.
Yeah? Then don't prove me right.
So, I'm wondering, uh, how we can make all this go away.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Well, I think, obviously, the arresting officers were not aware of our relationship.
I'm asking if you can fill them in.
Well, I looked at the report and it looked to me like your kids were treated fair.
I'd have kept them in overnight.
They were high, shooting guns.
- I understand, but, um - But what? They're just gonna have to take their chances like everybody else.
That's the way you wanna play this? Yeah, it is.
Now, if you don't mind I got a lot to do.
This summer just keeps fucking us.
Snake eyes.
- [WOMAN.]
Come on.
It's time to quit.
- [SAM.]
I'm almost done.
- [WOMAN.]
You're gonna lose it all.
- [SIGHS.]
You got a problem, Sam.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Eight is the point.
Jade, can you just let me gamble in peace? Please? [DEALER.]
Seven, out.
People think they can handle this, but they can't.
It's not you.
It's everyone.
I get it.
You don't want me dating your brother.
You think I'm not good enough.
- Is that what it is? - No.
No, that's not it.
Ruth, he's bipolar.
Do Do you know what that means? It is It is It's complicated, and it is it is very messy.
So, you think he'd be happy that you're here? Honestly, I'm hoping you won't tell him.
We have a very narrow window here where Ben can get back on his meds and level himself out, and without them, he's he's dangerous.
To himself, to you, to everyone.
Dangerous how? [SIGHS.]
Okay, so, look.
For us, it would take something pretty, um, serious for us to explode, right? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay, not for Ben.
When he's not on his medication, he he loses he loses all sense of scale, all sense of perspective.
He You know, tiny problem, gigantic reaction.
I mean, sometimes, he's reacting to no problem at all, and And then sometimes, it's What? His judgment is completely impaired.
And there is no point in trying to figure this out.
There's no logic to it.
And he's he's had girlfriends before.
Girls who really loved him, and He's great.
He's one of my favorite people on the planet.
But there is no amount of love that can fix this.
He needs medication to function.
When he doesn't have it, he gets sick.
He gets very sick.
Every time.
So I am asking you, as a friend.
I am asking you as my friend.
Help get him back on his meds.
Or don't see him.
Something told me it was over So, uh, you wanna give me a job? Part-time, after school.
Tending poppies.
I've heard stories about those poppies.
- Yeah, well, maybe they're true.
- [THREE.]
Hey, you can live here too, if you want.
There's a cabin right up the hill.
So, you and me, we'd bunk together? Nope.
Cabin would be yours.
What about Ruth? - Ruth's a grown-up.
She'll be fine.
- [THREE.]
You have hardly touched your stew.
- You want some mustard in it? - Uh, yes, please.
So, where are you living? Up here? It's a big house.
Thank you.
Stew's delicious, by the way.
Reveals the tears that was on my face Yeah [RUTH.]
You're gonna break your fucking knuckles.
What happened? Something weird's going on up there with Wyatt and Darlene.
Weird how? [SNIFFS.]
I think they're fucking each other.
Lord, forgive me for what I do What's a four-letter word for a Mongolian hut? Yurt.
Is he here? 'Cause I'm not leaving until I talk to him.
Well, you might be standing there for a long time.
It's okay.
It's fine.
What are you doing here, Wyatt? Come home.
You don't have to talk to me.
You don't even gotta see my face.
I've thought about this conversation a hundred times.
I've rehearsed it.
Rehearsed what? Are you fucking her? I'm not coming back, Ruth.
I have a good home here, a real job on the land, and uh I think it might be good if Three came and stayed here, too.
You don't have to be here.
Why are you doing this? 'Cause I know if it were the other way, I know you'd do the same.
No, I wouldn't.
'Cause I'm happy now.
And I was miserable.
Are you gonna ruin this? Are you gonna ruin this for me like you ruined everything else? You don't know who this lady is.
- Oh, stop it.
- No, she kills people.
She kills people, and she buries them on that hill, and she spikes her own heroin And you killed my dad and lied about it.
So, where does that put you? Are you better than her now? [WYATT SCOFFS.]
You ruined my life.
Is that simple enough? I love you.
Don't you understand that? Go home, Ruth.
- [HELEN.]
- Yeah, I'm still here.
I just checked.
It's not us.
Then who the fuck is it then? I don't know, but it's not us.
Where are you exactly? Uh, I'm out in front of a dollar store, in a mini-mall, corner of Hawk Nest and Parkway.
Is there a back door? Um, there's an alleyway, so there must be.
Go inside.
In five minutes, Nelson will pick you up and take you home.
Uh, okay, but right now, I'm not living at home.
- [HELEN.]
You are tonight.
Is Ben here? He's downstairs.
I don't care if we can't fuck.
I just want to talk, okay? Okay.
What's going on? I saw Wyatt today.
Up at the Snell place.
What happened? I ruined his fucking life.
Hey, no, you didn't.
I just I just, I I I I fucked it all up.
I I might I might as well have put him in that psycho's bed.
Come here.
What are you doing here? Helen didn't call? - No.
- That's great.
I'm being followed.
Who's following you? I don't know, but I gotta spend the night here.
Well I'll leave, then.
You can't.
Helen's orders.
Wendy, I don't want this any more than you do.
Dad? - [MARTY.]
Nobody leaves.
Why? - Can we be in our rooms? - No.
- No, I want you where I can see you.
Now do you believe it wasn't you? Shut up.
I could put my drone up.
No, thank you.
Nelson's got us covered.
- Jonah, it's your turn.
If we survive the night, are we still grounded? Yes, absolutely.
You know, I forgot to tell you.
We're starting a charitable foundation.
So, maybe you guys could think about some of the causes you'd like to support.
That's a great idea.
You could hide dirty money as cash donations, and I guess you'd pay less money on tax, too.
Right? It's not for that.
It's real.
There is some good we can do.
Hmm? Well, I think that that's a very good idea, Mom.
I did it.
You think, uh, grounding works? As a principle? About as well as prison does.
What do we do? Are you kidding? We ground them.
Remember in Chicago, when they were, like, ten and seven, and they wanted to know what, uh, murder was? Vaguely.
And Jonah asked if someone was driving and they hit somebody who was walking, was that murder? And I said, "No, it was manslaughter.
" And he kept saying it over and over again.
"Manslaughter, manslaughter.
" - Why are you remembering this now? - [CHUCKLES.]
And Charlotte realized it was "man's-laughter.
" It was funny.
You can't You can't sleep out here.
Just come to the bedroom, take the bed.
I'll throw some cushions on the floor.
It's fine.
It's a house made of windows.
I'll sleep in the loft.
What about the war on drugs? - [WENDY.]
Or animals? We could save native birds.
There's women's issues.
What'd she say? [SIGHS.]
Three SUVs left early this morning.
They were going north, and Helen seems to think that they're headed to Chicago, so we're all clear.
So so that's it? [MARTY.]
Seems like it.
I was tired and fell asleep.
The drop is still on.
You know where it is? Uh, yeah.
The drive-in, in Branch.
Do you want some coffee? [STAMMERS.]
No, I'm good.
I should probably get going, you know.
I'll take her coffee.
He's off his meds.
Hey, what's the range on your drone? Three miles, about.
You wanna take a drive with me? I'm grounded.
So? You still have her there? Yep.
She's, like, two miles ahead.
They better not fuck with her.
You know, the two of us we should drive cross-country with the drone.
Lots of crazy-ass people in every city and town.
- Whoo! - [LAUGHS.]
Maybe next summer? Yeah.
That'd be awesome.
Do you see her? Fuckers.
Go to the back.
You fuckers gonna make me walk all the way over there? Dicks.
Oh, come on.
- Get the fuck out of there.
- I don't have time for this.
Something's fucked up.

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