Ozark (2017) s03e08 Episode Script


1 Sue? It's Marty.
Sue? Sue, are you here? It's Marty.
Hello? Sue, are you back here? I don't understand why we have to do community service.
Well, you were arrested and then sentenced.
I think the judge was pretty lenient, considering.
So, you can't fix this? What, you want me to bribe a judge to get you out of community service? You can just tell him who you are.
It's not technically bribery if you just introduce yourself.
Okay, you both know we have to be above reproach.
We can't afford to bring any negative attention to this family.
One day, I promise you won't have to be so careful.
But for now, we have to look like law-abiding citizens.
Even though we're not.
Even though we're not.
Let me remind you that your cellphones Off you go.
Hi, guys.
We need to talk.
Marriage? Partnership.
- Ours.
- Okay.
Marty called this morning.
On his way to work, he checked in on our therapist.
She wasn't home.
No, she wasn't.
- We were handling it.
- Oh, were you? Because when I drove past, that fucking McLaren was still parked outside.
- That is still That is no reason - Yes, it is.
When you make decisions without us, you risk everything we're building here.
Oh, yeah.
The brand.
You and Marty are endangering the brand, and I am sick and tired of cleaning up after your mistakes.
Our partnership it's not gonna work if you keep me in the dark, pure and simple.
Oh, you want pure and simple? How about this? This launch party tomorrow night and this whole foundation business, it had better yield some serious results, because I hate parties.
Is this okay? I'm not gonna break.
What if I do? You talk too much.
Mm! Morning.
Yeah, you know what? You know that I'm going back to work now.
You don't You don't have to stick around if you don't want to.
You talk too much.
Rick and Marilyn Culver.
They, uh They run a small-scale foreclosure relief service out of Lee's Summit.
They're, uh They're nice folks.
They prey mostly on the elderly.
Particularly those with cognitive issues.
They've had a half a dozen complaints thrown out over the last decade, because their clients couldn't even remember what they signed.
Sad story.
Yeah, it's very sad.
Someone should do something about it.
Well, you know it won't be me.
Yeah, I know.
That's why I did some forensic accounting of my own on them, and, Maya, the stuff that came up, uh, you know, there's offshore savings accounts, there are suspect whole insurance policies, there's a family trust in the Caymans.
You turn this in, the IRS can get these guys on tax evasion alone.
- Don't you have a casino to run? - Mm-hmm.
Or money to launder? You said you wanted off my case.
You told me to do good.
I also told you that this is not how it works.
You can't have your cake and avoid prison, too.
That's cute.
Marty, do you understand what you're asking me to do? Yeah, fight the good fight.
No, you're asking me to be someone I'm not at my core.
Come on.
I'm just not willing to do that.
I want to do my job here and be able to look at myself in the mirror every morning.
Well, um, all I know is that it felt real good when the FBI got a bead on Blink Check.
And this is gonna feel good, too.
You okay? I'll be fine.
I'll see you later.
So, I want the canapés off the floor - about 20 minutes before Wade's speech.
- Absolutely.
And then, I need you to circulate with fresh champagne.
Okay? - Thank you.
- Tell me, why do rich folks need so much money spent on them before they'll even think about going in their own pocket? That is a very good question.
Welcome back.
Hmm? Sure you're ready for this? You can take more time if you want.
Yeah, absolutely.
Whatever you need.
I'm fine, really.
- Yeah? - I want to work.
That's great, uh, 'cause there's a lot of work.
You ready? Um I need you to talk to the limo company.
I don't want anyone waiting at the airport, and these guys keep saying they can get it done with five cars.
I just I don't know.
Dumb fucker thinks every ride takes 30 minutes.
What else? Um I'm gonna need to pull a few staff out of the restaurant to work the party, so can you look at the rotation for me? You mean stop Sidney and Diane coming here trying to a bag a rich husband? That's exactly right.
When you're done with that Come here for a second, look at this.
I need you to go down to the caterers, have them deliver new champagne flutes.
These look like they got washed with sand.
Not great.
Okay? Yeah.
You got it.
Benjamin Davis to see Frank Cosgrove Jr.
Sir, Mr.
Cosgrove is still not available.
Now stop coming back here every day.
How do you know he's not available? Did you call his office? Ben Davis.
- Mr.
Cosgrove is not available.
- Fuck you! Sir, you Hey! Hey! Yeah, he just blew through.
Oh, shit.
Shit! And here we are.
So, once the mixer dies down, I'll make a few introductions, and then you can take the stage.
How has the response been from across the aisle? Good, good.
No, we targeted all the donors that Charles Wilkes rubbed the wrong way.
So, there'll be a lot of people here.
You know, I ran a lot of campaigns, and, I mean, over time, I've just I've learned what people really want.
And what's that? Courage.
Courage for your family, for your state, for your country.
I mean, if you lack courage, you are doomed.
Is that a challenge? In a way.
Oh, I have an addition for your speech tomorrow night.
It's, uh It's a potential bipartisan initiative.
This one's on the Foreclosure Relief Fund.
Just so you know, we tried to give this to the FBI agent who's running our audit.
We thought the Bureau might be interested, but she basically told us to go fuck off.
What was the agent's name? Uh, Miller.
Special Agent Maya Miller.
Community service was so disgusting.
I found an astronaut diaper.
Oh, Jesus.
How'd you know it was an astronaut diaper? - It said "NASA" on it.
- Got it.
I found this.
This is supposed to be community service, - not a treasure hunt.
- Thought you'd want it back.
- Oh, look at that.
- Hmm.
Great, thank you.
Oh, by the way, I blame Mom for making us pick up the trash.
It is okay to talk about Mom.
We're still a family, okay? And we both decided that you guys should be doing this.
Are you and Mom gonna get a divorce? Look, no matter what happens, we are still your parents.
We still love you, and we will still work together, okay? You'll still have community service.
What happened to therapy? You promised you'd go.
We We did, uh, but, you know, she was not the world's best fit.
So Does your boss know you and Mom are separated? Won't he be angry? You don't have to worry about that.
We're doing a great job for him.
He's happy.
Let's just relax.
We'll enjoy a nice family dinner, okay? Yeah, without Mom.
Hi, can I see a list of your whiskeys? You're looking at 'em.
Another beer, please.
Just give me a single malt.
Anything from the Highlands.
And a water back, of course.
That's a nice tie.
I was being sarcastic.
So was I.
Hey, you guys, cut the shit, okay? I mean, a really fucking nice tie.
Do you got a problem? Nice tie, motherfucker! Marty? No, it's me.
Your partner.
It is two o'clock in the morning.
Actually, it's almost three.
I'm outside a Kansas City police station where I'm about to serve as the attorney of record in an assault case for your brother, who told the Kansas City PD that I was, and I quote, "the family lawyer.
" Fuck.
He's facing two counts of felony assault.
Disturbing the peace and drunk and disorderly.
And an outstanding North Carolina bench warrant for a misdemeanor assault and property damage.
Did you know about that? Thank you for dealing with this.
I'll take it from here.
- Will you? - Yes.
You think I don't know what you were doing in Kansas City? I didn't touch him.
No, but you beat the living shit out of a fucking stranger.
I'm sorry.
I got mad.
And he was a dick.
You're lucky they got you out.
That piece of shit needs his ass kicked, Ruth.
- I can't believe you don't want him dead.
- No, I do.
I just don't want you dead and me dead, and Marty and Wendy fucking dead, too.
You still care about them after they don't lift a finger over this? They cut ties with the mob.
And that's enough for you? No.
It's not enough, but But it's what I got, so shut the fuck up and promise me that this won't happen again.
All right? All right.
I'm sorry.
You know, Wendy wasn't always soft.
She wasn't.
As a kid, she'd fight anyone who got near me.
Took out a kid's front teeth once for calling us poor.
She should've found a way to put that son of a bitch in a hospital that night.
That night.
I'm telling you, marrying Marty made Wendy chickenshit.
Your sister ain't chickenshit.
Trust me.
Oh, yeah? What have you seen her do? Plenty.
Like what? It doesn't matter.
Let it go.
Seriously, Ruth.
She's not what you think she is.
All right? Your sister is not soft.
She works for a fucking drug cartel.
You really think she couldn't bring herself to hurt Frank Jr.
? She's done it before when it suited her.
She just didn't feel like doing it now.
And Marty? Marty doesn't stop your sister doing shit.
What are you talking about, Ruth? What did she do to you? Nothing.
Just shut the fuck up and let me drive.
- Hi, you need me? - Yeah.
Um Just hung up with Helen.
She's not happy.
Well, I can't say I blame her.
She tells me that you're handling things.
What does that mean? - It means I'm handling things.
- Uh-huh.
Can Can you tell me how? 'Cause this was bad, Wendy.
I don't need you to tell me that.
I told her I'll fix it, and I will.
Yeah, do me a favor and just Just walk me through it.
'Cause if you don't tell me, uh, what you're doing, if you don't communicate with me, then I can't help you.
Yeah, I don't want your fucking help.
I told you I'm handling it.
How? When I'm finished here, I'm gonna go to Ruth's.
I'm gonna talk to him, try and get him back on his meds.
Right, see, that you've done before.
- Yeah, well, I have no other choice.
- Yes, you do.
We do.
I think you'll admit that had we not committed him ten years ago, he would be dead today.
- We don't know that.
- Yes, we do.
And he's very lucky that Helen got him out of jail because now we can commit him to a place that can actually help him.
I am not committing my brother.
It would kill him.
- You said that ten years ago.
- And he hasn't been the same since.
He's not going back to a place like that.
He's not capable of making that decision.
- And you are? - I think so.
In fact, I made some phone calls.
There's a private facility around here.
Looks like a great place, we just need to get him there.
Okay, there is no "we" here.
I am doing this alone.
Boy, wouldn't it be great if that was true? You think I like dealing with your fucking brother, Wendy? He's been a problem since the day you and I met.
Oh, well, congratulations then, 'cause he's not your problem anymore.
At minimum, we can recommend wire fraud charges, Truth in Lending Act violations, aggravated identity theft.
We might even be looking at RICO here.
Can we have a moment, please? Marty Byrde's wife Wendy has become something of an obstacle This isn't about your forensic audit.
A Missouri state senator slipped us this evidence of criminal activity in the payday loan industry.
It was obtained from an anonymous source.
A source who claims they tried to slip it to you first, but you refused to accept it.
That's true.
This is a viable investigation.
There's good evidence here.
Why wouldn't you take the case? Because the anonymous source is Marty Byrde.
So? Honestly, I felt if I accepted, I'd be compromising my integrity.
Your integrity? There's a crime being committed here.
Your job is to investigate crime.
You chose to look the other way.
So much for your integrity.
When the casino warrant expires, I want you to return to DC.
I'm putting you back on forensic accounting full-time.
I fought for years to get field duty.
So did I, Special Agent.
Lay it on me.
Tell me what a fuck-up I am, what a fuck-up I've always been.
Hey, hey, hey, don't get mad at me.
I'm not mad at anybody.
I just know where this is headed.
Oh, do you? Where? How's it gonna end? Where does it always end, Ben? I didn't come here to give you shit.
Then why did you come? To let you know it is not safe for you to be here right now.
Especially when you're acting like this.
I went after Frank Jr.
because you and Marty wouldn't do shit.
We did everything we could do.
Ruth is safe.
She knows that.
Yeah, Ruth says you could have done something and chose not to.
What the fuck does that mean? What could you have done? How much, Ben? How much is it gonna cost to get you out of town? Get you set up, get your life back? My life My life is here now.
No, it is not.
Fuck you.
- Fuck you.
- Ben! Ben! Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Darlene? Just a sec.
You know this thing is $1,000 a plate, right? We can afford it.
Why are we even going to this thing? I thought you hate this shit.
I own a third of that monstrosity.
And it's on my land.
And besides I would pay 100 grand just to see the look on Wendy Byrde's face when we walk in there.
You're not embarrassed to be seen there with me, are you? Never.
The main event is tonight.
So, please, just enjoy yourselves, drink, eat, whatever Thank you so much.
Let's just see how the evening goes before we start toasting each other, shall we? Oh, Erin looks lovely.
Yours, too.
Why do we have to go on stage? Because it's called the Byrde Family Foundation, and we're all a part of it, so Hey.
You'll be fine.
Don't worry.
What the fuck is she doing here? I can't help who buys tickets.
Hey, Ruth.
Y'all look so nice.
- Thank you.
- So do you.
Wyatt tells me you're practically running this eyesore.
- Well - And that makes me happy.
It's good to have some local blood in my casino.
- Y'all enjoy the party.
- Thanks.
Don't think we won't.
What was that? Hey.
Um it's pretty bad, actually.
We may have gone too far.
They are pulling her off of our case, and she's being sent back to DC.
You've got to get her job back.
We can't lose her.
Yeah, I know.
Hello, everyone.
Good evening and welcome.
I'm Marty Byrde, but some of you already know that, I see some familiar faces.
But I'm willing to bet that every single person here knows my wife Wendy Byrde.
She's truly the the driving force of It's thrilling to see it finally come to fruition, and, uh, well See, I'm already getting the, um, "Dad, you've been talking too much" look, so I'll stop talking, and let's say hi to Wendy Byrde.
Oh, thank you all so much for for coming here this evening.
This foundation has been a dream of mine, you know, since the early days when I was working on a certain Illinois senator's second campaign.
A charitable foundation with no policy, no politics, with a simple mandate: to make the world a better place.
And I know, I know it sounds naive.
But I also I know we can do some good here, right in our own front yard.
We can make our communities a better place to live.
We can make it more equitable, a better place for our children, for our families, for ourselves.
And before I introduce the main event, there there's one person who I need to thank, and that is my husband Marty Byrde.
Without whom I would not be standing here.
So without further ado, to introduce our first initiative, Missouri State Senator Andrew Wade.
"Make the world a better place.
" Sounds like a pipe dream.
Sounds like something a politician says to placate his base.
Something my 93-year-old nana would call, pardon her French, "a steaming crock of shit.
" The other thing she'd say is, "Talk don't matter till the rubber hits the road.
" So, I'd like to start driving and tell you about not one, but two initiatives funded by the Byrde Family Foundation.
The first will take on payday loan abuses.
The second will target fraud in foreclosure relief.
- Both particularly - We need to talk.
I'm in the middle of an event.
What happened to Marty's partner in Chicago? - Okay, let's go talk downstairs.
- No.
Right here, right now.
Did you make that partner disappear, too, or did the real shit start when you got here to the Ozarks? - This is not the place - What, this? This is fucking fake.
It's a lie.
How long before you think everybody here realizes that? You're having an episode.
- I need you just to take a deep breath.
- Do not do not do not fucking do that to me.
Don't you fucking condescend me, like I'm fucking sick and you're well.
Okay, okay, we can talk about all of this, but just not right now.
- Let's talk about Ruth's dad.
- I need you to keep your voice down.
I will not keep my fucking voice down! Hey, Ben.
Ben, is everything okay? No, Marty.
Nothing is fucking okay.
I need you to just calm down a little You're a fucking liar! You're all fucking liars! You're all fucking liars! Everybody! I don't want to do this either, but you know we have to.
Do we? There's no good options, Wendy.
It's jail or hospital.
It'll kill him.
So will jail.
Sheriff Nix is waiting for you in his office.
Sheriff has agreed.
He'll request a transfer to the state hospital.
State hospital? - In lieu of jail.
- Uh, can't can't we Can't we just send him to a private facility? We've already found a very good one.
It's nearby.
I'm sorry, but that's the law.
Sheriff needs your permission as next of kin.
Does he have it? Good.
I need to see my client.
You're lucky.
Marty won't be pressing charges.
And the sheriff is willing to consider this a family squabble rather than a bail violation, so you're not going to jail.
You are going to the Central Ozarks Behavioral Health Center.
You will be committed on an indefinite hold.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
No, no.
No! No! No! No! No! Wendy! No! No! No, no! No! Wendy! I don't wanna go! I don't wanna go there! Is Ben okay? I guess so.
Dad texted and said not to worry.
Don't let all that shit that happened tonight be what you remember, okay? - What do you mean? - You and Erin.
Remember that.
It doesn't mean much.
Yes, it does.
You got kissed by a girl.
Holy shit.
So, remember that when you remember tonight.
I did, didn't I? Ruth Langmore? Uh, yeah, that's me.
You can see him now.
Uh, I'm his sister.
He only wants to see her.
Here, give him this.
It's his slippers and his robe No robes are allowed here.
It's his slippers and some Vonnegut.
He likes Kurt Vonnegut.
- Okay.
- Okay? And tell him that I love him.
Tell him this is only temporary, until he gets better.
Any sharp objects on you? Pen, pencil, keys, hair clips? Just my keys.
You'll have to leave your keys out here.
Can I see your bag, please? Oh, yeah.
I can't believe she did this.
Her and that fucking lawyer.
What happened last night? Why did you come in the party like that? I figured it out.
She killed your dad, didn't she? And that FBI agent.
She did that, too? Not Not, um, Petty, just I'm sorry.
Um it's complicated.
He was I should have never said anything.
She promised me she would never do this again.
This place is death, Ruth.
It'll kill me.
She knows I can't take it.
Tell me what I did that's so insane I need to be locked up.
What exactly am I wrong about? Nothing.
It's It's not fair.
None of it.
What happened to you, that's not okay.
I know.
I'm sorry.
It's fucking drugs What can I do? Get me out of here.
I can't stand it in this fucking place.
You gotta get me out of here.
I'm having misgivings about our partners up here.
They're struggling to move even a minimum of cash.
Their efforts with the special agent are at a standstill.
And to top it off, last night's charity event did not go well.
And why is this any concern of mine? Maybe they are just not what we thought they were.
Do whatever you need to do.
Oh, hi.
How, uh How How's he doing? Not good.
Sheriff's got him, like, on suicide watch or something.
He's in this place, Wyatt.
This This awful place.
I mean, they call it a "behavioral health facility," but it's nothing but a shithole for crazy people.
I can't believe they put him there.
He doesn't belong in a fucking place like that.
I I gotta get him the fuck out of there.
Hey, I think maybe Darlene could help.
Don't you play games with me.
You put him in there, you can get him out.
I'm not playing games, Darlene.
I'm just trying to uphold the law.
And what if I let that guy out, he goes and shoots up a fucking bar? He won't.
I want him out today.
You know that judge who committed him, right? Who signed the order? I want you to drive out to his place right now and convince him to tear up that order.
And how am I supposed to do that? Tell him you were wrong.
Tell him you didn't have all the evidence.
I don't give a holy fucking shit what you tell him.
Just get it done.
All right.
If I do this for you, you gotta do something for me.
Oh, you're making demands now? No, no.
Just asking.
If I do this for you, you need to find somebody else to run your product.
Discharged? Uh, who the hell discharged him? I don't know.
Maybe Darlene pulled some strings.
Why the hell would Darlene get involved with this? Well, because she hates us.
Because she's fucking Wyatt.
Because Wyatt's Ruth's cousin.
Any idea where he's headed? No.
He got in a cab.
Ruth's maybe or Or he's coming here.
I'll head to Ruth's.
I'm closer.
Yes, what was it? - "I am I own entity.
" - " own entity.
" Can you believe you ever said that? - Okay, now that - There you are.
Hey! Yeah.
Don't bother.
It's the sheriff got me out.
- Get behind me, Erin.
- Mom? You wanna know what a piece of shit your mother is, Erin? That she's a fucking lawyer? Well, she ain't! She's a fucking monster.
My sister is a monster.
Her husband is a monster, too.
You know what they really do, who they really work for, Erin? They launder drug money.
Drug money, Erin, for the Navarro drug cartel! That's enough.
You need to turn around and leave now.
Fuck you.
Fuck! What the fuck was I thinking? - Mom, is that true? - No, of course it isn't.
What the fuck was I thinking? You're not You're not my fucking lawyer.
You're not my fucking lawyer.
You're not even a fucking lawyer.
You're a fucking cartel operative! You sell heroin.
You have people killed.
You have them tortured.
You tortured Ruth! Did you kill her dad? Or did you just order the hit? - Mom - Your mom! Your mom has people killed and tortured for the cartel! You wanna know what's really fucked up? Do you remember that truck that got all shot up? They're in the middle of a fucking drug war! That could have been your fucking house! Enough! Get out! You okay, baby? - Mom, why was he saying this? - It's okay.
Because he's sick.
He's supposed to be in a mental institution, and he doesn't know what he's saying.
It's okay.

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