Ozark (2017) s03e09 Episode Script

Fire Pink

I have that feeling like when you just quit a job.
Tell your boss to get fucked, walk out to your car and just drive away.
It's a good feeling, man.
I've never been a fan of the routine.
I've never been a person other people can force into a thing.
I mean, I'm peaceful, I'm loving, but I'm not like the others.
I'm not.
I'm not like the others, and I will not fall in line with the others.
When they're saying, "This is normal, what you walked into is normal, what we built here is normal, and your reaction to it is wrong.
That's not normal.
" No, no.
You serve in the military? I get it, I get it.
Thank you.
I can never do that.
Thank you for your service.
Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night and play out the worst possible scenario? Like you're driving your car, and a kid comes out of nowhere on a bike or one of them scooters, and you smack into that kid, the kid dies.
The good part of your life is over.
I wake up, I'll just flash to that.
Me, not you.
In my warm bed, roof over my head.
In my warm bed, roof over my head.
Food in the fridge Fridge in first place.
I'll wake up, I'll just start thinking about the guy by the gun store who lives in a tarp.
And the city just keeps fucking with him, and he's just a guy.
He's just a guy.
He's just a guy.
He's just a guy out of his mind.
He's probably a marine, because he has that look, much like yourself.
He has that look much like yourself, and he's just trying to get it all He's just trying to get by, but he can't, 'cause he can't 'cause he can't 'cause he can't get But he can't find the click anymore, the the the key.
Can't get it all put together again.
But there are days, I would imagine [SNIFFLES.]
there are days when when it's like when it's close.
When it's, like, this close to, like "Oh I remember.
I remember what my mind was before the thing happened that ruined my mind.
I remember who I am now.
And I don't gotta sleep on the sidewalk by the gun store in order not to kill myself or kill my wife.
" But then [WHOOSHES.]
He loses it.
Another day goes by, I'll lie in my bed cry about killing the kid on the scooter or the homeless marine or my father dying.
And my father was not a good person, but I imagine him there at the end.
I just want to hold him.
You know? [SNIFFLES.]
That's kind of always been a problem of mine.
I'll go deep into another person's shit.
Or I spin out on a thing that hasn't happened yet.
It might not happen.
But I worry.
I just worry.
Like Tom Petty.
What a shame.
My day's been going good, man.
How's your day been going? [THEME MUSIC PLAYING.]
Is he here? - The fuck's it look like? - How did you get him out? You and Wendy aren't the only fucking people I know.
Did you consider that we put him in the hospital because he is sick, 'cause he needs to get better? Did you ever consider you're full of shit and you put him there because you got embarrassed at your dumb-ass Missouri State dick-lickin' party? You do not know him like we do.
I've known him since he was 19 years old, all right? Then why'd you put him in the hospital when he was begging you not to? - Be - You've known me since I was 19 years old.
Is that the kind of treatment I got looking forward to? Hey, when he's like this, he hurts himself.
Okay? You're fucking lying to yourself.
There's other ways of dealing with shit like that.
He is sick.
You need to understand our position, okay? He knows everything that we do.
Do you hear me? Hey.
What the fuck, man? [MARTY.]
How you feeling? How am I feeling? Like you had me fucking committed.
That's how I'm fucking feeling.
- Hi.
Why don't you get - Are you okay? Yeah, why don't you go inside? It's air-conditioned.
Okay? I will in a second.
I'm glad he's here, actually.
You and Wendy can go fuck yourselves.
You pass that along.
We're done.
And I just told your bitch lawyer she can go fuck herself, too.
That bullshit's over right now.
- You talked to Helen? - What did you say? What did you say? - You spoke to Helen? - Yes, I spoke to her.
You don't get to commit me.
There's a lot of things that you can do to me, but you do not get to lock me up in a hospital and tranquilize me like I'm some kind of fucking zoo animal.
Do you realize what you're doing here? Do you know how far from normal every single thing you're doing actually is? I just had to tell a 16-year-old kid that her mother is a lawyer for a fucking drug cartel.
- Wait, what? - That bears no relationship to normal.
Calm down.
Did you talk to her kid? - Did you talk to her kid? - Yes, I talked to her fucking kid.
- You gotta find a place to take him.
- I spoke to her fucking kid, who, by the way, I feel sorry for, because she has no clue what she's in the fucking middle of.
You don't have a clue what you're in the middle of, all right? Get in the truck, now! - What the fuck? - Go with Ruth.
She's gonna fucking kill you.
- Come on, you gotta go.
- What? Get out of here.
Get in the fucking car, now! What the fuck? [CAR DOOR OPENS.]
Okay, so tell me this.
Is it hospital policy to allow psychiatric patients to get into cabs alone when they're released? No, that's right.
No family member, no guardianship whatsoever.
Oh Look Don't speak to me that way.
No, no, no.
Do not speak to me about patient rights when I know all about this.
I'm done with you.
- [BEEPS.]
I'm sorry.
I didn't hear you pull in.
Well, I'm sorry.
I'm assuming you heard about Ben.
- I have.
Have you spoken to him? - No.
No, I don't know anything.
But do you? I mean, why would the judge rescind the order? I don't know.
The hospital called me and told me they released him.
- That's all I know.
- I was just on the phone with them.
- They're useless.
Oh, it's Marty.
Um, he fucked up with Helen.
- She's She's right here, actually.
- Is that right? Uh, well, listen, you're gonna have to do your best not to react.
No, she She doesn't know any more than we do.
Ruth got Darlene to get him out, and then he went to Helen's, and apparently they got in a fight, and he told Erin everything.
I'm on my way to you, honey, all right? Okay.
How is she behaving? Uh, is she acting like nothing happened? Yes.
And I tried to call them, and they don't know anything, either.
Just, can you tell Helen that, uh, I was there at Ruth's, and there's no one there? All right.
I asked Ruth to get him out of there, and she probably took him to Darlene's.
I don't know.
Well, we will, uh - We'll see you when you get here.
- Yeah, see you in a bit.
Uh - Marty's at Ruth's.
There's no one there.
- Hmm.
He's on his way here.
My brother's really sick.
I know.
That must be so hard.
What's going on? [ERIN.]
What exactly do your parents do for a living? - [CHARLOTTE.]
What? - What do they do with my mom? I mean, she's their lawyer.
Yeah, and they're business partners.
What's going on? Did your uncle just get released from a mental hospital? What are you talking about right now? Your uncle just came to my house and told me my mom works for a Mexican drug cartel.
What do you have to say about that? So, it is true.
God, and what about your parents? They own and operate shell companies Jonah, don't.
Unless you want your whole fucking life blown apart, you have to listen to me, okay? You can't tell anyone.
Trust me.
You don't want that.
You can't talk to anyone about any of it.
And when you need to talk about stuff, - you can talk to us.
- But only us.
It's how it has to be.
Thank you for doing this.
We're just gonna need him to be hid long enough for shit to calm down.
He'll be fine here.
I'm gonna have to go back to the casino so nothing seems unusual.
You know, we'll get the cash and passports, and everything will be lined up.
I'm not leaving the country.
You're gonna leave the fucking country if I ask you to leave the fucking country, okay? I'm sorry.
It's fine.
Everybody stay calm.
He's got safe haven here with us for as long as need be.
You come on with me, Benjamin.
I'll get you a cool drink.
Thank you for this.
Seems like a nice guy.
There are people trying to kill him.
You know, everything he touches turns to dog shit.
I'm starting to think we might be related.
Well, I take your point, but I speak to my dead father, and I'm in love with a woman that speaks to her dead husband and is old enough to be my grandmother, so What's crazy, really? In love? Yeah.
It's okay you're in love with the guy.
I didn't say I was in love with him.
Are you sure that this is okay? - What, him being here? - Yeah.
Yeah, it's fine.
She likes you.
Why? 'Cause I like you.
- It's gonna be all right.
We can call if he shows up.
I don't mind waiting.
Are you Are you hungry at all? All right.
Let's just stop.
Where the fuck is he? I'm so sorry.
The good news is he is insane.
And I can tell Erin how very sick he is.
- How everything - I have done that, obviously.
She didn't believe me.
Well, I will make her believe me.
I have a thousand stories, trust me, and then, Helen, I will find him, and I will get him out of the country.
I'll make him disappear.
You'll never have to think of him again.
- Helen, please - [SLIDING DOOR OPENS.]
We need to talk.
I thought about what you said.
You're a fucking liar.
- [WENDY.]
Erin - Don't bother.
Erin, you need to understand.
My My brother's been making up fantasies like this his whole life.
Let's do this at home No, they should be a part of this.
Don't you think? Erin, honey, look at me.
Look at me.
Your mother is not a criminal.
Or a a lawyer to a drug lord.
We're not We're not criminals.
Think about it.
It's insane.
I I don't even know you.
And I I can't be near you.
I'm going back to that stupid house, getting my stuff, and I am going home.
- [SIGHS.]
- [WENDY.]
She'll calm down.
She will.
Um We can talk to her, and um we will deal with Ben.
Just, please, let us fix this.
There's been a lot of fixing lately, don't you think? With both of you? And I understand that it's too much to ask that you neutralize this particular situation yourself, but I think we can all agree that today's events point to some pretty unacceptable vulnerabilities.
And I am gonna have to fix that.
Can you give to your mother and me a moment, please? No.
- No? - No.
Where is Ben? He's with Ruth.
Somebody's gotta watch him.
- I can do that.
- No.
No, you can't.
You can't help that way.
Why don't we all go away? - [CHARLOTTE SIGHS.]
- We can just go someplace safe and start a new life again.
It's easy enough with the accounts I've got set up.
We can find a surrogate to deal with everything, and we can take Ben and Ruth with us.
Jonah we can't do that.
We need to get money out of the mausoleum, get documents lined up for Ben.
You need to get Agent Miller her job back.
- I'm working on that.
- Yeah, work faster.
Have to get him out of the country.
Why does he have to leave the country? Just because he told Erin? But Erin will be fine.
We're fine.
He fucked up.
- Wendy - No, he did.
And you both know we can't make mistakes like this.
Helen will go to Navarro over this.
She will.
He needs to know that we're more valuable than she is.
I like your lady.
She's cool.
Oh, cool.
Ruth's really angry.
She's just scared.
You know? She works for bad people.
I feel like I fucked up pretty bad.
I mean, she grabbed a shotgun before we left the house.
No, look I've never seen Ruth in love before, and I've known her my whole life.
So You feel pretty sure about that? Well, doesn't really matter how I feel about it.
How do you feel about it? I love her.
There's nobody like her.
No, there's not.
Do you think I should Do you think I should go and tell her I know how fucking stupid I am? No.
I could I could call Helen.
Look, I don't think that she would've brought you here and told you to stay if she wanted you to leave.
So I should stay.
You sure? I am.
Sure, yeah, I understand.
One last final push today, $300,000.
- I know, but you just told me to cool it.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, but today is a brand-new day.
This isn't a cash flow issue, is it? It is, actually.
Okay, well, I'm just I'm just worried about the FBI.
- Because - It's fine, yeah.
there's a problem with the money.
Not a problem.
Not a problem at all.
- I need between $250,000 and $300,000.
- [SIGHS.]
Need you to do it for me.
You can, 'cause I've seen your work.
- I - Okay? Today.
Thank you.
Damn it.
- [MAN.]
Ooh! - [DEALER.]
Craps, two.
Thank you.
Hello, Mr.
- Yeah.
Marty, she knows.
She knows something's up.
I can't do this anymore.
I just can't do it.
Maybe the hormones are kicking in.
Don't know if that works with pregnancy or what.
Goddamn it.
I know.
I thought it was gonna be easy, too.
I mean, you just lose a little money.
Nobody's gonna know because it's gambling.
Everybody loses money.
- Fuck me.
- You don't have to cuss at me like that.
What the hell are you doing? You can't be here.
I'm just trying to figure out what I can do - to make this more smooth.
- Shit.
- What are you talking about? - Just stick to the fucking plan, Sam.
You're cussing me again.
I'm so sorry, Ruth.
I love you.
I didn't mean to hurt you or do anything stupid.
Ben, you cannot be here.
Everything's fine.
No, everything is not fine.
Nelson is downstairs.
Come on, you gotta come with me.
Come on.
Just go with him.
Do what the fuck he tells you.
I love you, too.
I do.
Yeah, I understand.
Just rent a car and meet us at mile marker 18.
Tell her I said I'm sorry.
Tell her I wanted to apologize to Ruth.
Tell her I'm sorry.
Yeah, okay, all right.
And, uh And Ben says that he's sorry.
Okay? Yeah.
- Was she mad? - [ENGINE STARTS.]
What do you think? [BEN.]
Are you sure I can't fix this? All right.
You taught me a lot over the years.
No, I haven't.
I called you that night Bush won the second time.
And I called you, freaking out [LAUGHING.]
'cause I hadn't done my taxes in, like, nine years.
That is the night I taught you all about the Internet.
Then you taught me TurboTax.
You wouldn't let me do your taxes.
And, uh the year I taught you TurboTax, didn't you get audited? So, you know Still, that's If you give me a chance, I can make this right.
Ben, I, um Look I made a decision a few years ago.
And it it created, uh, a difficult situation for my family.
I regret it.
The people that we are dealing with, they care about one thing.
It's money.
Helen will have you killed.
She'll have our entire family killed.
That's why we're doing this.
I'm really sorry.
Just get in the car.
I'll get this up to Kansas City.
I'll buy a burner later.
Which direction are you gonna head? I don't know.
East, I guess.
I'll call you.
- [BEN.]
I'm really sorry.
- Nope.
Sorry I fucked up your party.
Me, too.
You're going back into politics.
I always thought you should have stayed in politics.
You could have been a big deal.
I could still be a big deal.
- You could still be a big deal.
- Hmm.
This is America.
Where can I take you? Where you can stay and get better.
Every place I go, there I am.
Well, there's gonna have to be some place.
How did this happen? Well you can't fuck with the children of powerful people.
I mean, for the most part, you can't fuck with the children of any people, but powerful people they take it especially bad.
But I mean, like [SIGHS.]
How did we get here? I mean, how did you get here? And don't you think, like her daughter would have eventually figured it out anyway? No, no, no.
No, I don't.
And I would I would never let her know I think so, but Helen Helen is terrifying, and she's smarter than I am.
Did I just hear a drawl? [LAUGHS.]
Do you really think she's smarter than you are? - No.
Why do it? I told you why.
Not really.
Because fighting for your life makes every other thing you ever did before seem extremely dull.
You must be tired.
You'd think so.
Is something gonna happen to him? Tell the truth.
That's why Mom took him out of town.
So that nothing bad happens.
Where is she going? Someplace safe.
All you guys need to do is just relax and get some sleep.
What I need to do is drive Mom's phone to Kansas City.
I'll do it.
You got enough going on here.
Please, that's way too dangerous.
Any more dangerous than anything else? He's not fucking here.
I wanted to ask you about my dad.
Did he suffer at the end when you shot him? [INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO CHATTER.]
Good morning, Officer.
Are we not allowed to sleep here? - I thought we could.
I'm so sorry.
No, that's fine.
I'm here about your friend here.
It's my brother.
We had a report that your brother might be in some danger.
Somebody might be looking for him.
That, uh, Omar Navarro was looking for him in order to kill him.
There any truth to that? [WENDY LAUGHS.]
Goodness, no.
My My brother's sick.
He's He's mentally ill and we just We just got out of the hospital, and we were just we were just listening to a story about Omar Navarro on NPR.
So, this is all It's just a huge misunderstanding.
I'm gonna have to ask you both to step out of the vehicle, please, ma'am.
Officer, can we please Can we not make this more complicated? Step out of the car, please.
I'm gonna ask you a few questions.
Then we're gonna take a look inside the car.
All right, all right, we can, we can We can step outside the vehicle, but you know, search and seizure laws now say we're not required to answer your questions and if you want to search this vehicle, you're gonna have to get a warrant.
And that would be such a waste of time and resources.
And on a weekend, no less, all because of you? And you know, I'd be I'd be really curious as to what you would cite as cause on this warrant.
What, some absolute nonsense my brother, who just got off a psychiatric hold, by the way, just rattled off to some drifter in a parking lot? So can't we just let this go? Please.
And you can You can focus your good intentions elsewhere.
You a lawyer? No.
Well, we have your license plate information, so, uh you two just be extra careful.
Thank you, Officer.
Goddamn it.
What are you trying to do to me? What would you do? What would you do if you were me? You're like a fucking toddler.
You make me wanna drink at seven in the morning.
You make me wanna drink.
- I'm sorry - No talking.
No more talking for the rest of the trip.
- Where are we going? - Oh, for God's sake.
Jesus H.
I don't know what to tell you.
She's meeting with donors in Kansas City.
First of all, your foundation - is dead in the water.
- Hmm.
Nobody wants messy where their money is concerned.
What exactly do you want from me? We both know that your brother-in-law is a danger to the organization.
Well, I disagree.
He's not.
Not when he's on his medication, - and I've spoken to him - No.
No, no, no.
In our field, and I'm sorry to have to be so blunt, but there is no room for mental illness.
Ours is not an occupation for progressives.
Ours is a very conservative pursuit.
Good luck.
Ruth, I need to talk to you.
What? Okay.
Marty's asked me to lose a bunch more money, and I can't.
Like, I think that FBI lady is onto me.
So if I keep losing money - she can - Sam, just get the fucking thing done.
Whatever Marty said to do, just fucking do it, and I don't want to hear another word about it.
I don't think you understand the stress I'm under right now.
Sam, I don't give a fucking rat's ass! [HELEN.]
Because she hates me.
Is that what you want? Because she'd rather be with you? Because coming here was a terrible idea? What the fuck do you want from me, Gene? You have both of our children.
You win.
She'll never be able to keep this a secret for the rest of her life.
From her father, from her brother, it's just [EXHALES.]
I really wish he hadn't told her.
But just to be clear Ben doesn't have to die because of what he told Erin.
Ben has to die because Erin is not the last person he will tell.
I'm really sorry about all of this.
I don't care if you're sorry.
She'll never trust me again.
Uh We thought that.
Your kids are different.
How? Because they've always known.
No, they haven't.
Wendy told them soon as we came here.
I wouldn't have made the same call, but yeah.
Um You're gonna get her back.
I know it doesn't seem like you will, but you will.
Regardless, you know how this has to go.
And if it doesn't go that way, you know how this has to go.
I wanted to tell you I'm sorry.
We need to fix this.
I want you to know that I never meant to hurt your kid, but the hospital is a very bad place for me.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I understand.
Where are you? I can come and get you, and we can sort this out.
Hmm? Who were you talking to? Helen.
What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you trying to get yourself killed? Are you trying to kill my family? If you want to get killed, go run out into the street! [STAMMERS.]
Do you understand? Listen, I know I fucked up.
- I'm trying to fix it.
- Oh, my God.
If she doesn't get what she wants, she will kill my children! This is not a game.
This is real.
It's real.
Get in the car! Get in the car! Go! Get in the fucking car.
That was your brother-in-law.
You really need to tell me where they are.
- Where are you? - [WENDY SOBS.]
This is a nightmare.
I mean, where am I taking him? I mean, what the fuck am I doing? He's not getting it.
He's really he's not getting it.
Can you tell me where you are? Oh, what difference does it matter where I am? I'm at some fucking rest stop.
I can't I can't fix this.
I can't.
I can't control him.
Tell me what I can do.
You can't.
You can't You can't help me.
I love you.
I love you, too.
You stupid, dumb, fucking idiot.
- Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Where can I take you? [WHIMPERING SOBS.]
Where can I take you where you can just be and be okay? Hmm? Then we can we can get Ruth to you.
And we can fix this.
We can, but, honey, - honey, you gotta help me.
Okay? Where can I take you? [CONTINUES SOBBING.]
Maybe Maybe Knoxville.
I still know a few people there.
And I know [SOBBING.]
I know where all the hospitals are.
And I can really lay low.
I can lay low.
- Knoxville.
- Uh-huh.
- Okay, okay.
- Okay.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
Oh, fuck you.
Your receipts are up 19%.
Gee, that's a lot.
That's enough to get my warrant extended.
What an interesting turn of events.
Probably a wealthy tourist.
So, one minute, you're getting me demoted and now this.
You're a game player.
Maybe I should've never flagged that account.
Maybe you should still be in a cell in Mexico.
This bullshit is gonna keep me here, but we are not gonna be friends.
Know that.
Have a nice day.
- That be all for you? - Hmm.
Did that man just buy a phone? He sure did.
You need a phone? - Are you all right, sweetheart? - I don't know.
Well, you need some help? No, no.
Thank you.
These are good.
They are.
And pancakes for dinner reminds me of the house on Fire Pink Road.
The bats.
The bats! It was a great house.
Was it? [SIGHS.]
It had that big front porch.
It did.
That was Lucky's porch.
- It was.
- He was such a good boy.
What do you want? What do you mean? Five years.
I don't know.
Come on.
Tell me.
You okay? I'm fine.
Tell me.
All right.
All right.
It's easy.
Garden, job.
Um And I'd like goats, but I feel like that's more eight to ten years.
Sounds nice.
You? What you said sounds good.
The The dogs and the - goats and all.
You're not dogs and goats.
You're clearance codes and fundraisers on yachts.
That sounds terrible.
Somebody's gotta do it.
Eat your food.
I'll be right back.
Hey, where are you? [CRYING.]
I didn't know what to do.
Honey, just breathe with me.
- Where are you? - [PANTS.]
I can't do this.
I I can't I can't, Marty.
I can't do this.
- Are you driving? - I can't do this.
Pull over.
You shouldn't be driving.
Wendy, you're our whole life, honey.
You're our whole life, honey, and we love you very much, and just come home and let us take care of you, okay? I can't do I can't do this.
I can't.
What, do I stop him? Do I stop him? Baby, just breathe.
- What are we doing? What am I doing? - [MARTY SIGHS.]
Oh, God.
Just take deep breaths.
What am I doing? Oh, honey, everything's gonna be fine.
No, no [SOBBING.]
Baby, just come home and let me take care of you.
Tell me you can hear me, baby.
What are we doing? [CONTINUES SOBBING.]
What are we doing? [THEME MUSIC PLAYING.]

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