Ozark (2017) s03e10 Episode Script

All In

You like your fucking job? Just shut the door, please.
I got the rest of this.
Thank you.
- What? [SIGHS.]
You cannot go after Nelson, okay? You can't go after Helen.
You understand? We can't afford to lose you, too.
You have to promise me.
Wendy should be here.
Oh, well.
We don't have time to wait.
I don't fucking understand any of it.
How'd they find him? He called Helen.
Must've slipped up.
Why didn't he call me? Uh I You know, I think that he was probably trying to make things right so that he could come back.
I don't know.
You know? I know that you loved him.
Um You wanna say anything? [BREATH TREMBLING.]
You okay? Are you ready to tell me where you are? [WENDY.]
We're here, whenever you want to come home, okay? The kids love you.
And I love you.
Do you have his ashes? [SNIFFLES.]
Are they heavy? Not very.
some of my affairs in order.
Of course.
The baby, he's not in the will.
He didn't even have an official name until yesterday.
I am so sorry about your girlfriend.
We're losing this war.
- These things ebb and flow.
I want you to take the nanny and the children to America until it is safe.
Of course.
The older boys' inheritance is in a trust with my ex-wife.
I would like for you to transfer all of my legitimate assets equally amongst the three of them, in their names.
I'll have the papers drawn up.
What is it? - Well, if I may.
- Please.
Trusts and estates won't make a difference if the Byrdes drive your legitimate businesses into the ground.
I could help.
How? Well, I I would like to take control of all the Byrde Enterprise affairs, just in case their involvement continues to prove erratic.
What are they telling people? That he went to Knoxville.
Figure out any more about what happened? Just that he fucked up and called Helen.
And then, that that fucking robot who shot my dad brought the body home.
- [SIGHS.]
- I guess, for Wendy.
I think she's too fucked up to drive anywhere, so So, I don't I don't fucking know.
I'm so fucking tired, Wyatt.
I know.
Uh, how's Darlene? She wants me to meet her mom.
- What? - Well, that's fucking weird.
- [SIGHS.]
Do you think she'll like me? - [LAUGHING.]
Everybody likes you.
I can't I can't make fucking sense of it.
I just think maybe you should be asking why.
What do you mean? Well, I think I think you should be asking questions.
And I think you shouldn't be afraid of the answers that you might find.
'Cause the guy that I met was living for you.
And I think that he would have made it back here.
And I also know that when something feels off it's probably off.
- Seven out.
Baby, I think that's enough.
It's time to head out.
One more pass.
I have to pee, and the Cardinals are playing at Milwaukee.
Okay, okay, uh Can you, um Can you just count these for me? [GASPS, SHOUTS.]
Is this what I think it is? Even better.
It's my mom.
It's your mom's? [LAUGHS.]
No, my mom, pressed hard and firm, and wrapped around your finger for life.
Try her on.
Sam [SIGHS.]
I'm worried about your gambling.
I think you have a problem.
Don't be silly.
It's all you do, and you're really bad at it.
Well, that's just because you don't know how it works.
Okay, just don't worry.
I've got everything under control.
Sam Dermody.
You are under arrest on suspicion of being an accessory to money laundering.
Oh, this is crazy.
Sweetie, this is crazy, okay? - Can she really do this? - Oh, I can definitely do this.
Just a misunderstanding, okay? Well, it's a matter of expediency, really.
If I had time to go through the proper channels, I would.
What makes you think I can just instantly get you on a casino license? The fact that you're willing to come to my house to take this meeting.
Why? Are you saying you can't? I believe Marty and Wendy are very close to losing their hold on the casino.
And why do you think that? Well, as their attorney, I can't violate privilege, but let's just say that I feel certain that time is of the essence.
I don't just back random power plays.
Nor should you.
You hold 1,5% of the casino profits as a silent partner, which, unless I'm misinformed, is very helpful to prop up the rest of your businesses.
I don't believe I need to lecture you on self-interest.
I never saw you as the Ozark type.
We adapt or die.
All right, let's say I managed to convince the gaming commission to add you to the license.
If that happened, - my plans for a hotel and shopping center - Will be very much alive.
Let's not pretend we both don't know how badly they fucked you over.
I hope you're proud of yourself.
I don't know.
What's the topic? [SIGHS.]
What do you think your bosses are gonna say when you gotta release Sam Dermody in a day because you don't have enough evidence to hold him? I think you're using him to launder money.
Well, I think you're using him to put pressure on me, you know.
I also think that you no longer care about who you scare, who you hurt.
I think that you're Agent Evans.
Or Petty.
I don't think you give a shit about whose life you destroy or if the charges are bullshit.
You don't get to be self-righteous with me.
I mean, it's not against the law to lose money in a casino.
No, it's not.
Money-laundering, on the other hand You took this job to do some good.
Am I right? And yet, I have given you really solid information about cases that you care about, and you haven't taken it.
Have you ever stopped to think about why? I'm not gonna be compromised by you.
It's not about me, and it shouldn't be about you, either.
You know, it should be about all of us trying to do the good that we can do, right now.
Your bosses understand that, you know? But you think you're above that.
You're dragging Sam off? For what? You're waiting for the world to change to fit your pristine belief system, and it's just never gonna happen.
What will happen is that you're gonna lose your career, Maya.
But hey, you'll be right.
Connor! Connor.
Oh, my God.
There you are.
You can't just walk off like that.
I was losing my mind.
Are you okay? [ENGINE STARTS.]
Mom! [LAUGHS.]
- Hey, sweetheart.
- Are you home for good? I am.
What are you gonna do about Helen? What do you mean? She killed your brother.
Jonah, let's let's let Mom get in and get settled for a moment.
Helen's our partner.
We have no choice but to work with her.
- So we're supposed to forget about Ben? - [WENDY.]
Of course not.
Well, then, what? - [MARTY.]
Let's try to get back to normal.
- [JONAH.]
"Normal"?! - Ben's dead! - [WENDY.]
Jonah Yeah, he's dead.
You guys are gonna keep working with the person who killed him? We cannot control who we are partners with.
I hate you.
You don't mean that.
No, there's nothing normal about anything that we do.
And why aren't you saying anything? [BREATH TREMBLING.]
He just needs some time.
Okay? We all do.
What the fuck were you thinking? - Helen's a murderer.
- I know.
So So you just don't care? Of course I care.
But you can't just yell at mom.
She's devastated.
You know they can't just magically make all this go away, right? I miss him.
I know.
You understand these things more than I do.
And honestly, I used to be jealous about it.
But none of this works if we don't stick together.
You sued to get out of the family.
Yeah, but I came back.
Maybe you shouldn't have.
Fuck you.
When do they go back to Mexico? Whenever it's safe, you know? Soon, never.
You didn't come home right away.
Where did you go? Nowhere.
Well, now, that's an impossibility, isn't it? I just needed some time to clear my head.
And is it? - Clear? - [MARTY.]
I think what is clear is that we are committed to keeping things moving forward peacefully.
Is that true? I'm ready to go back to work.
I'm glad.
Are you? [HELEN.]
I am.
So, in the spirit of trust [CLEARS THROAT.]
my client wants to diversify control of his children's assets between us.
Meaning what? Meaning I would need to become a signatory in Byrde Enterprises.
I would need assurances that it was just Wendy and I on the casino licenses.
I have no interest in being on any casino license.
Then, no issue.
I know how much you've sacrificed.
She's gonna have us killed.
- Don't be crazy.
- I'm not fucking crazy.
- Do not Do not call me crazy.
- Okay.
I I can feel it.
Tell me why she'd do it.
She doesn't trust me.
Your brother is dead.
You couldn't have made a bigger sacrifice.
- She even said it.
- She is making moves.
She's doing paperwork for a stressed-out boss who almost had his entire family wiped out.
No, I could hear it in her voice.
You're just upset.
No, she can't believe that we won't hit back.
I mean, that's what she'd do.
She cannot believe that I don't share the same warped worldview.
Why don't you just take a couple of deep breaths? Let's just Come on.
I am telling you, she's going to have us killed.
I'm positive.
You wanna get out in front of it? We tell Navarro the sacrifice that we made for him.
We make sure that she doesn't poison our loyalty with him.
You want me to do it? No.
It needs to be me.
Wendy Byrde.
I just wanted to call and say I am so sorry about your girlfriend.
Thank you.
I saw your children at Helen's.
They look well.
Why are you really calling me, Wendy? Something happened and we thought you should know.
Well, I'm listening.
My brother, Ben, was staying with us, and he saw Marty be abducted when he went down to Mexico.
We tried to shield him from the reality of our situation, but he knew too much.
And? My brother had issues with mental illness.
He could be a real wild card, and we thought he was a danger to your operation.
And so, you had him killed.
And now you want me to know that you're loyal to me? [SNIFFLES.]
I do.
What do you expect from me, Wendy, huh? You want me to throw my arms around you? Hold you close to my heart, like your blood is my blood? I wanted you to hear it from me.
And we thought you should know.
You did what was required.
Don't act like I should be grateful.
I need to know what happened to Ben.
- [MARTY.]
I told you - No, I wanna hear it from Wendy.
They tracked us down on the road.
I don't know I don't know how.
I mean, maybe Ben said something.
All I know is that Helen's man Helen's man showed up, he pointed a gun at Ben, and told him to get into the SUV.
In front of witnesses? It was empty.
That's convenient.
I don't know what you want from me.
I want you to stop lying and tell me why Ben is dead.
He's dead because you got him out of the hospital, where he was safe.
He's dead because you thought you knew him better after two fucking months than I did after his whole life! [MARTY.]
You fucking murdered him.
I begged you not to get involved with him.
You know about this, hmm? Your own fucking brother.
Don't you look at me with that blame in your face.
I've spent my whole life protecting him! This is yours.
You did this.
Did you watch him die? Or were you too chickenshit, like with my dad? We dragged you out of that trailer.
We brought you into our family, and you are still too dumb to listen to us.
I fucking quit.
'Cause everything is somebody else's fault? What about your uncles? Is that somebody else's fault, too, or did you actually murder them? Wait, we're all saying things we don't mean.
No, I'm fucking done! I'm fucking done, Marty.
Well, you don't get to quit a drug cartel.
What the fuck are you gonna do? Kill me? You fucking bitch wolf.
I said I'm fucking done.
Ruth, come on.
Don't do this.
We can work this out.
I'm grateful for everything you've done for me, but I'm not your daughter.
I don't have to stay in your shit! [ENGINE STARTS, REVS.]
I can't do this anymore.
What do we do? You wanna run? You wanna You wanna take the deal? You tell me what you need.
Everything I've done, I've done for nothing.
The kids are alive.
And they love us, against all odds.
When we were at the restaurant, I asked Ben what he wanted out of the next five years.
Why would I do that? - Honey.
Come on.
I had already made the phone call.
Don't do this to yourself.
We were four hours away from Knoxville.
- Listen - [SNIFFLES.]
You'd be dead if we didn't do what we did.
So would I.
Jonah would be dead, Charlotte would be dead.
Those are just things we tell ourselves.
- No, no.
That's the truth.
You know, that's our truth, honey.
Do you ever think about the baby we lost? - [SIGHS.]
- No.
Jonah would have been a middle child.
I wonder I wonder if he'd be so curious about the world, or if if all of his attention would have gone to that baby, and And Charlotte She would have had to become more responsible.
You cannot disappear.
Do you hear me? I'm not gonna let that happen.
Okay? You were right.
When you wanted to run.
No, I wasn't.
We never would have been safe.
I need you to get out of bed.
Come on.
You came back for a reason.
I ran out of vodka.
- I'm serious.
- So am I.
Come on.
What the hell are we gonna do? We can launder money for a Mexican drug cartel.
That's not funny.
Your plan was right.
Our security is tied to Navarro.
We give him a future, he gives us a future.
We just need to burrow right into the center of this thing.
We can do that.
And you made it possible.
I just need you to get out of bed, honey.
I wanted you to hear it from my fucking mouth.
I quit Marty and Wendy.
You've taken a fucking lot from me, but I don't got beef with you.
I don't want anything, I'm not coming after anybody, and I ain't a fucking rat.
I'm just fucking done.
If Marty and Wendy were out of the picture, would you consider coming back to work? I ain't hard to find.
Do you really think she's breaking with the Byrdes? I don't see how she could stay.
Because of the brother? And 'cause when she got beat up, she was supposed to be untouchable, but they refused to do anything to Frank Jr.
, you know, even though he almost killed her.
Oh, Jesus.
What's wrong with these fucking people? [BRUSHING TEETH.]
- Whoa! What the fuck? I was just wondering, is reason you like to beat up women 'cause you got a tiny dick? I don't know what you're talking about.
- Where the hell is it? - Ah! - [FRANK JR.
Lady, I don't even know you.
- Oh! There we go.
You pick your dog's teeth with that thing? [GRUNTS.]
Okay, okay, okay, I get it.
You're talking about Ruth.
So, you remember how you beat the hell out of her.
- How did that make you feel? - Sorry.
I'm so sorry that I hurt her.
- [WENDY.]
- You didn't hear this from me.
Helen Pierce is being issued an expedited casino license on behalf of Byrde Enterprises.
I take it you didn't know.
Are you positive? Yeah.
If there's any discord in your ranks, I suggest you proceed very cautiously.
Thank you, Jim.
Everything all right? It's happening.
Helen's on the casino license.
She's moving against us.
And if she manages to break Navarro's faith in us What? We're dead? No.
We would not let that happen, honey.
She could say anything to turn him against us.
Everything about the man is on edge.
I could hear it.
We've gotta find a way to be more valuable to him.
Well, we got him a casino, and I wash his money.
What more could we do? We could volunteer to take his kids in.
- Helen would fight that.
- Well we have children here.
Helen doesn't.
His kids would have other children.
It would be a real home.
The man is in a war, and he doesn't trust us.
He's not gonna give us his kids.
Then we end the fucking war for him.
Oh, yeah? Just like that? Maya said it.
If a drug cartel commits violence on US soil, the government sends troops in response.
- The Lagunas cartel - That was No, they killed those Cosgrove men.
If we give that information to Maya, then troops will roll on Lagunas.
Do you think that she's gonna take my word for it, that it was Lagunas? Jonah has video.
What? [WENDY.]
Marty did it.
The FBI's on board.
How? They are Well, they're ready to push the US military to intervene against the Lagunas cartel.
But first, uh Well, what is it, Wendy? I'd like to ask for some assurances.
You don't make demands.
Oh, no.
It's It's not a demand.
Just a Just a request.
Just to make all of our lives easier.
If If we help end this war, we would like to request that Helen is out of any Byrde Enterprise business.
I'll handle my business the way that I choose.
What's going on? [CHARLOTTE.]
They're trying to make sure Helen doesn't kill us.
You're telling me Marty Byrde is willing to stipulate that he launders money for the Navarro drug cartel? In exchange for him and his family being placed in the Federal Witness Protection Program, correct.
After turning down the offer at least a half-dozen times over the past year? Well, I can only speak to his mindset now.
I'll need a copy of that confession on FBI letterhead in order for my client to sign.
I ran these through recognition software, and they were all rented at a Hertz in St.
Louis by a company called Bennett Industrial, which if you explore a little bit further, is a subsidiary of Ventrex Capital, which has headquarters in Panama and whose bank records hit a dead end until you pierce the shield, at a company that is known only by that number.
If you give that number to the Bureau's task force, I guarantee you they're gonna find that it is a shell company for the Lagunas cartel.
How'd you get this footage? An anonymous tip.
And you're not concerned about your own conflict of interest? What conflict is that? We both know who your boss is.
How can you work for Navarro and represent Marty Byrde in his attempt to testify against Navarro? My conflicts aren't FBI business any more than your conflicts are mine.
Does your prior relationship with Agent Petty get in the way of you fulfilling your obligations in this case? I'd like that confession before I leave.
Why are there only stills? I don't know.
It's all I was given.
If I saw the full video and it wasn't cropped, would I see Ruth Langmore's truck parked right here? American citizens were killed on US soil by the Lagunas cartel.
This is proof.
This is good for the world.
It's good for Navarro.
Maya, you don't get this information to your bosses, you're gonna get fired.
I'll think about it.
I need this acted on, immediately.
If it's not, my family's gonna get killed.
I said I'll think about it.
- [MAN.]
Check this out.
Since I'm talking over this def beat right here that I put together, I wanna hear some of them def rhymes.
You know what I'm sayin'? And together, we can get paid in full.
Thinking of a master plan This ain't nothing But sweat inside my hand So I dig into my pocket All my money's spent So I dig deeper But still coming up with lint So I start my mission Leave my residence Thinking how could I get Some dead presidents I need money I used to be a stick-up kid So I think of all the devious Is Wyatt okay? Oh, he's fine.
Everything's okay.
So? [SIGHS.]
I thought you should know.
I shot Frank Jr.
's prick off this morning.
Wait, what? Are you kidding? I'll make sure it doesn't blow back on you.
I am not meaning to add discomfort to your life.
I got a proposition if you're willing to hear it.
I'd like you to come and work with me.
I'm not looking to be working with anyone right now.
Look, you and Wyatt could grow the business.
I'll teach you.
And besides, it's about time both of you understood the value of people from here having their own thing.
I'm sorry.
This is a fine place.
It's a good beginning.
But you can elevate without turning your back on what's come before.
I know.
I figured you did.
You really shot his dick off? Took a minute to find it first.
You really are bat-shit crazy.
Well, hop in the truck.
I'm here to see Frank Cosgrove.
Your name? Tell him I've got information about his son.
What do you know about my boy? I want you to know the girl had nothing to do with it.
But we both know what's fair is fair.
I got a heroin business, need someone to handle the distributions.
It's yours, 50/50 split.
I also talked to a community developer about plans to build three new opioid treatment centers, just to try and deal with this plague.
The building contracts are yours.
I know none of that's gonna bring your boy's pecker back, but it's millions of dollars every year in your pocket.
There's justice in that.
Or I got a whole lot of men working for me, and you got a whole lot of 'em working for you.
And if you want them to go to war, you know where I live.
It's a lot to think about, I know.
I've asked Helen to return with my children.
I'm going to have a second baptism for my son.
I expect you and Marty to be there.
So, you trust it's safe? There will be a car there to pick you up in 15 minutes.
We're leaving in ten minutes.
- Oh! Uh, there are children in the house.
- I don't care! [GASPS.]
Um Jonah, uh, Erin told me what a great kid you are.
- Stop talking.
- Okay, I'm telling you, the These children, well, they could be down any second.
I know you killed my uncle, and now you're trying to kill my whole family.
Your parents are about to get on a plane with me.
Do you really think that they would fly anywhere with me if they thought - Shut up.
Just think about yourself for a second, okay? Your whole future would be over the second that you pull that trigger.
Okay, okay.
Uh, yes.
I did have your uncle killed, because it had to be done, because he would have fucked up all of our lives.
That is true.
Uh, but You need to understand something.
Your mom is the one who okayed it.
You're lying.
How did we track them? He was on a burner phone.
Your mom's phone was in Kansas City.
So how could we possibly have known where they were, - if she didn't tell us? - You're so full of crap.
So why why didn't she come home, hmm? Was it maybe because she couldn't face you after what she'd done? [SHUDDERS.]
You're twisting everything up.
Ben was cremated at your funeral home.
Now, would Nelson really have brought that body back to your family if he thought that your mom hadn't okayed it? You need to stop talking! Okay.
You're a smart kid, you really are.
But you know that your mom did this.
And that's why you want me to stop talking.
I'm sorry about your uncle.
I really am.
And I am so sorry that you are in this mess.
And I am I'm sorry about Erin.
I'm sorry about [SIGHS.]
so many things.
But none of that changes the truth.
Now I am going to stand up now.
And I'm going to go upstairs and get these kids ready to be reunited with their dad.
How long are you gonna be gone for? Uh, I don't know.
Not long.
Everything's fine.
Just keep an eye on Jonah.
He needs some support.
This is for Buddy's mausoleum.
Remember, increments of ten grand.
- Make sure they lose by nine each day.
- Make sure they - Rotate them every three days.
- Exactly.
Thank you.
Don't worry, I got it.
I'm proud of you.
What do you think? I think it's fucking beautiful.
You're taking a goddamn deal? Uh, what are you talking about? My boss just told me you're testifying against Navarro in exchange for witness protection.
Why would you take that deal and not mine? Are you scared of prison time? Is this Wendy? Uh, that is not true.
I'm I'm not doing what they're saying.
Okay, good.
Blood pressure down.
But you need to get yourself in here right now and clear this up.
I can't do that.
You have to.
They typed up your statement.
You do not want false information leaking out.
Well, I'm about to get on a jet.
Is that jet going to Mexico? Marty.
Marty, if that jet is going to Mexico, do not get on.
Um Thank you for the warning.
And away we go.
- [SIGHS.]
Thank you for coming, I I hope you had a pleasant journey.
Today Well, today is our beginning.

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