Ozark (2017) s04e09 Episode Script

Pick a God and Pray

1 You ready to talk? Why do you choose everyone else over your family? That's not what happened.
You're so desperate to be the good guy.
I didn't know she was gonna kill him.
Then you're a fucking idiot.
The second you saw her in Chicago.
And you're the one that called Javi to go there.
Not me.
Because it was inevitable.
No, it wasn't.
I could've talked her out of that.
You can't possibly believe that.
And then you apologize.
For what? She's lost her whole family, Wendy.
I mean, her entire life is destroyed because she met us.
This is it.
This is what you do.
What? Find excuses to feel like shit.
That doesn't make sense.
I know.
It's baffling.
I mean, who wants to carry everyone else's responsibilities and not their own? I don't I-I don't even understand what you're avoiding half the time.
Happiness? Success? I-I don't know.
I'm just sick of having blood on my hands, Wendy.
Doesn't doesn't It doesn't bother you? You suggested this life.
Long time ago.
You knew better than me what this was.
They cut out a man's eyes in front of you.
Hey, I got us into this.
You're getting us out of this.
We We chose this together.
Nobody talked you into this.
You were excited about this.
You were a good salesman.
Yeah, okay.
You you want a lot.
Tell me how much is enough.
We had it.
Five hours ago, we had it.
You threw it away.
We were clean.
We were out.
We can still get out.
With what? - With our lives.
- Oh! So noble.
Don't back out on me when we're almost done.
Don't do that to me.
We gotta be realistic.
Come on.
We have to be ambitious.
Without Javi, we can't get the drugs to Clare.
The foundation will dry up well before you can rally more donors.
Something has gotta give.
We gotta give this up, this Chicago.
We can't have it all.
I mean, we don't know what's in Mexico.
What's what's who's coming up for us? What what do they want? Then we find out.
We get protection first.
I'm not falling on my sword because you fucked up, Marty.
- You might not have a choice.
- No, no, no.
I'm not letting go of anything until I know it's impossible.
If you loved me, you'd do the same.
Have some fucking faith.
Have some fucking faith.
Did you do it? Are you okay? Are you? She isn't in the office today.
She okay? She's not answering my calls.
What exactly did you expect? We can still get her what she needs.
The deal can still happen.
Just make sure she knows.
Go home.
It's gotten kind of, um, complicated.
How how much do you know about your wife's work? She she's a corporate lawyer.
It's not that interesting.
Well, in this case, it, uh, kind of is.
Um Look, I'm I'm so sorry to have to be the one to land this on you, but my contact at the FBI says that Helen worked for a drug cartel.
What? No.
Yeah, they think maybe she's missing because cartel lawyers kind of have a habit of going missing.
- They think she's dead? - Yeah.
And, uh, so do I.
I'm so sorry.
You know, I I wasn't expecting this.
Well, we thought maybe something had happened, but Uh, wh when did this start, the cartel? Well, I can get you that info, but here's the thing.
I'm not so sure this went down in Mexico.
She she went out on her own 15 years ago.
She She, uh, suddenly it was trips every week.
- She didn't wanna talk about anything.
- I can get you more answers.
I just need a couple, maybe, uh, three more weeks.
No, Dad.
I said stay in your room.
If Mom worked for a cartel, it could be really dangerous for us to know anything, couldn't it? That's what I'm saying is that I'm not 100% sure that the cartel did this.
Now, her business partners down in the Ozarks, they're hiding something.
This, uh, you know, brother who disappeared.
Dad, listen, we don't need to know.
It's okay if we don't know.
Finding out would help push this divorce through.
That that can wait.
- Olivia left.
- Shit.
I'm sorry.
But, uh, you know, millennials are fickle.
She could come back and then what? You can't propose.
Also, besides the point, something happened to Helen here, and I can find evidence that would unlock her finances.
Dad, please let it go.
Uh Thanks so much for all your hard work, Mr.
- If you change your mind, I - We won't.
How'd it go? Ruth killed Javi.
Have you seen Jonah? - No.
- No? He told Ruth where we were.
- Is she okay? - She's alive.
I-I can't believe he would do this.
It's just beyond.
- Charlotte! - I'm sorry, Mom.
- I-I didn't mean it.
- Why would you do that? I was upset about Wyatt, and and Ruth, she I wasn't thinking.
- And she was so upset and angry - You were trying to help.
I didn't think that she would do it.
No, you weren't thinking at all! Mom.
I'm sorry.
The FBI are here.
His plane never left the airfield.
All of his clothes were left in his hotel room.
Did he mention anything when you saw him in Chicago? No, and and we didn't talk that long.
Uh, he he wanted some advice on some financial situation, and, uh, we were there on other business, so we sat down with He did say he was gonna meet with a former professor for dinner.
Tell us what this means for our deal.
There isn't one.
Your freedom from prosecution relied upon Mr.
Elizondro fulfilling his agreement.
Without him, I'm afraid you're back where you started.
I still have access to very useful information.
We have enough CIs, Mr.
You both need to think clearly here.
This death will create an extremely unstable situation in the Navarro cartel, and you were the last people to see Javi Elizondro alive.
It doesn't look good.
I can help.
If you're willing to testify against Omar Navarro, I can get you into witness protection.
We don't want that.
Agent Clay, 24 hours ago, we had a deal that we were all happy with.
How do we get that back? Unfortunately, Agent Miller's actions have rendered that impossible.
What about extradition? If we can get Navarro back to to Mexico, he can buy his way out of prison.
He can be reinstated as head of the cartel, then everything we agreed on can move forward as planned.
Your reach is exceeding your grasp, Mrs.
Navarro was always the better choice.
He's more stable.
He knows the cartel inside and out.
That is true.
Even if we did pull strings at Justice to approve extradition, Omar Navarro is a specially designated national.
He's on the SDN list.
That makes extradition incredibly difficult, politically and practically.
There must be a process to get his name removed.
There is, but it takes some deft political maneuvering and time.
The cartel will be at war with itself or under new management by then.
What use is Navarro if he doesn't have power? All we'll have done is to set free a drug lord.
And what would it take to prove to the FBI that he's still in control? Money.
If you can keep the seizures coming in, I can convince my bosses this is worth the risk, but that doesn't make it a good plan.
I need to sit down with Navarro.
You do understand the danger that you're in? Witness protection is by far the safer choice here.
Just get me in to see him.
- Stay here.
- Yeah.
How'd you get in here? Ms.
Shaw, I represent Javi Elizondro's stone and tile company.
Tell him to get back in the car.
I was just wondering, Ms.
Shaw, if you've seen Mr.
Elizondro since your meeting yesterday.
I haven't.
I'm sorry.
What's happened? Are you sure? He sent a message late last night to say he'd secured a sweetener to your deal.
We spoke on the phone.
He wanted stock options for his mother.
I confirmed we'd make that happen.
Is he all right? Are you sure you didn't meet? It was yesterday.
I'd remember.
Well, if you change your mind I'll be in town until we find him.
You okay? Get the gate code changed.
Hey, baby.
Oh, I missed you.
Mel Sattem.
Uh, yeah.
Oh, hi.
H-how are you? Uh-huh.
Uh, no.
Yeah, sure.
I'd be, uh, very interested.
When when do you get in? No, uh, it's perfect.
I can, uh, be in the Ozarks today.
I'll text you an address.
I'm sorry, baby.
I gotta go.
You wanna tell me why I'm babysitting a missing kid? It's all over the news.
Your cousin and Mrs.
Snell, this is their baby, right? God love you, Ruth, but I can't be found with a missing child at my home.
I-I'm sorry.
I-I didn't know.
Oh, thanks.
Thanks for watching him.
How you holding up? You'll survive.
We do.
Hi, there, Zeke.
- Bye.
- Take care.
You wanna tell me where you been the last 24 hours? Do that kid a favor.
Do not let Wendy Byrde get a hold of him.
He deserves a good family.
Are you ready to make a formal statement? I told you on the phone.
I didn't see nothing.
I-I just found them.
I went over with a wedding present.
Had you seen him earlier in the day? She didn't want me at the wedding.
Where'd you go after you called me? Nowhere.
I was I was getting my head straight.
And, um, uh, I-I'm sorry about Zeke.
I-I wasn't watching the news.
Ruth, I know you were working with Darlene.
So, was this a drug hit? - I don't know anything about that.
- Don't lie to me.
I'm not.
Who was she fighting with? I think you know who did this.
I don't.
You think you're being smart right now.
You're not.
And you're looking more and more like a suspect.
Believe what you want.
I didn't do it.
I don't know who did.
If you want me to solve this, you need to speak up.
Cooperate and I can protect you, but you gotta give me something.
We done? If that's how you wanna play it.
But don't even think about keeping Darlene's business going.
You understand? Do not get in my way.
You don't gotta worry about me.
Thank you.
Good-looking team you got out there.
You look like shit.
What happened? Have you not heard? I'm not exactly in the loop these days.
They can't risk firing me, but they can blackball me.
Uh, uh, sorry.
No, you're not.
Navarro's nephew is dead.
And? And and you offered me a deal once.
And it could give my family and me, uh, protection.
I'll do the time.
I'll do I'll do the 18 months just like you wanted.
I'll come in here.
I'll work for you.
You gotta be kidding me.
I'm real good at this, Maya.
You've seen it.
Even if I gave two shits about you, you think Wendy would go for it? No more casino, husband with a record, wave goodbye to your big family foundation.
We're in a lot of danger.
That's your choice.
You didn't need to arrest Navarro.
Any help I offered in the past, that's done.
You're just another criminal to me now.
Get out of my office.
You got a visitor.
What is this, Wendy? I met with the FBI this morning.
Your nephew has disappeared.
They think he's been killed.
Who? They don't know.
But you do.
What this does, though, is present an opportunity.
Extradition is a very real option for you now.
The FBI are on board.
All we have to do is get you off the SDN list and establish that you're still in control.
If I wasn't handcuffed to this table right now, Wendy, I would kill you.
- You're not listening.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
You are not listening.
My nephew is dead.
So you don't have a leg to stand on, hmm? You and your piece of shit husband and your pathetic kids are all dead, Wendy.
You're in solitary.
I will find a way to get a message out.
No, you won't.
Not if I have anything to do with it.
Who do you think let me in here? They listen to me.
Get out of here before I break your neck.
I am offering you a lifeline.
You so pigheaded that you won't take it? Get out of here! I will kill you, Wendy.
I will find a way! Don't.
Don't do Fuck you, Wendy! And fuck the FBI! Hey, Nathan.
How was the drive? Long! - Thank you for doing this.
- Oh.
No, no, thank you.
I just hate letting go when I'm getting, uh, you know, so close to the truth.
Well, that's all any of us wants.
Of course.
Um, just wanna be upfront with you, Nathan.
Um, you know, PIs aren't always in the habit of bringing good news.
Truth, yeah, I'll get that, but just want you to be prepared.
The Lord won't hand me something I can't carry.
Oh, lucky you.
Hey, Grandpa? Jonah Byrde? Ho-ho! You are a sight for sore eyes.
Oh, look at you.
So tall.
I'll be in room 143 when you need me.
- What are you doing here? - I'm here to find your uncle.
My, uh, my church group wanted to help.
Wow, that's that's great.
That's great.
You're working here? Um, kinda.
Yeah, I'm staying a while.
Your mama lives here? No, just me.
I needed some some space.
Well, you better tell me all about it.
Byrde, how was your morning? He's interested.
Really? Yes, but he wants a show of good faith with everything that's been going on, just to get things rolling.
Such as? We have to get him out of solitary and back into protective custody.
I can do that.
- Are you sure? - Absolutely.
But he has to know that it was us that got him out.
He has to know that.
All right.
I'll move him today.
Thank you.
How'd it go? You weren't answering.
He's interested.
Really? Wow.
Um, hang on.
That's, uh, that's that's great.
Um, how was he? Angry.
But he's smart.
He knows a good deal when he hears it.
Um, we we have another problem.
Your dad's here.
He's searching for Ben.
No, I'm not saying that.
It's It's very thoughtful that you've come.
What else would I do? My son is missing.
Not a peep from you.
I'm sorry, Dad.
It's just There's been no news.
Um, and, honestly, w-what could you do that the sheriff's office couldn't? We've hired a PI.
A former Chicago cop.
Uh, Mel Sattem? You know him? Good! Yes.
Yeah, we do.
Um, did he tell you why he left the force? He got caught stealing cocaine out of an evidence locker, Dad.
He's an addict.
Well, his references are excellent, so clearly he's overcome his issues.
That's very forgiving.
We all deserve a second chance.
Now, you might not like me being in town, but I believe the Lord guided me here, not just to find Ben, to help my family.
Little late for that.
Not for my grandkids.
I ran into Jonah today.
You got him living in a motel? It's temporary.
It's teenage rebellion.
And where's Charlotte? Riding a pole at your strip club? I am not going anywhere until I find Ben and I know those kids are okay.
Now, if you need me, I'll be at the Lazy-O with my grandson.
Sanctimonious fuck.
Hey, Harry.
I've got a body here I don't quite know what to do with.
Whose body? Wyatt Langmore.
Marty, I left five messages for Ruth.
She she never calls back.
Uh, this is very irregular.
Yeah, I'll, um I'll talk to her.
Just just sit tight, okay? And don't do anything to him.
No, I would never.
I gotta go see Ruth.
Wyatt's body turned up at the funeral home.
Okay? Wendy, I can't just leave him there.
Take you on this lyrical high real quick ♪ - Can it be that it was all so simple? ♪ - 1993 exoticness ♪ - Can it be that it was all so simple? ♪ - Know what I'm saying? ♪ Let's get technical ♪ - Can it be that it was all so simple? ♪ - Where's your bone at? ♪ Yo! Started off on the island AKA Shaolin ♪ Niggas wilin', gun shots thrown ♪ Harry has been calling you.
Um You know, they they sent Wyatt to us.
I just need to know what you wanna do.
What Wyatt wanted.
You think an 18-year-old had a plan for that? Yeah, well It's, uh It's it's not that many decisions.
You know, we can do it all right here.
I can, uh, handle it if you want.
I'll make sure it's done right, okay? Ruth, okay? Okay.
Hi, Clare.
It's Wendy.
Look, I-I can appreciate how upset you must be, but the foundation is still expecting its next installment, and I would hate to have to tell anyone that Shaw Medical doesn't make good on their promises, so Call me back, Clare.
Um, is pressuring her a good idea? I mean, we don't even know if we can get it over the border yet.
He'll make it happen.
Did you call Rettelsdorf? He's not picking up either.
I'm taking it one catastrophe at a time.
Don't set a place for me.
I'm going out.
Where? Dinner with Grandpa and his girlfriend.
Yep, yeah, yeah.
Good Shepherd would be happy to host an event unless you had something planned.
Not yet.
It's important to keep these things in the headlines.
You know, people forget so quickly.
Um, and we wanna keep Mr.
Sattem on as long as we can.
I met Sheriff Guerrero today.
She told me about that couple that organized Ben's posters.
What a tragedy.
Wyatt was a friend.
He was actually the cousin of a girl that Ben was dating.
Do we know when the funeral is yet? Actually just started organizing that today.
We're we're gonna help out.
How awful.
To lose friends on top of everything.
Um, I'm so sorry for your loss.
But aren't you lucky you have Nathan here to help? Well, now, let's not lay it on too thick, Annalise.
We all know I haven't been here enough.
But I aim to set that straight.
I see how busy you are with your various businesses, and, uh, on top of that, trying to raise a family in the right way.
That's hard work for anybody.
I wanna help.
We appreciate that.
You know, Nathan was such a big support when my daughter got into trouble last year.
I mean, nothing serious, of course.
Of course not.
Well, I had some practice.
Did your mother ever tell you about the time that she ran away from home? What were you? Ten? She talked her way onto a bus to Kingsport.
She thought that sounded fancy.
That was Wendy.
Grass was always greener, even back then, right? Your uncle and I spent the entire night looking for her.
He cried the whole time.
Couldn't stop.
You remember that? I was on the bus.
Poor kid begged her not to leave.
It was the same thing when you left for Chicago.
Ben cried his heart out.
That boy worshipped you for a minute there, didn't he? You know, we should go.
I have an early start, so you all just enjoy your dinner.
- Is she okay? - She's fine.
Should I come? No, no, uh, stay.
Bring the bring the boat back.
Uh, Annalise, pleasure to meet you.
Nathan, dinner is on us, okay? You know, for all his problems, Ben always was the more stable of my children.
He's gonna poison them against us.
We won't let him.
You know the part of that story he never tells? When we got back, he hit me so hard I couldn't walk for two days.
That's why Ben was crying.
I'm sorry.
We've done worse.
No, we haven't.
We've completely derailed their lives.
Did you see Charlotte when we told her we were out? It it was as if the whole world opened back up for her.
It's not enough for us just to survive.
If we don't get out clean, they'll never forgive us.
I have something that I need to tell you.
I wanna believe that that we can get it all back.
I do.
I-I want us to get out, but, Wendy, I'm scared.
And? And I-I went to go see Maya today to ask about the deal.
Uh, I thought that it would protect us.
And what did she say? She turned me down.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier.
It's okay.
You're telling me now.
She's lying.
The day Ben left the Ozarks, Wendy Byrde rented this car.
You got it.
Picked it up on the 44, but I ran out of luck after Rolla.
Local forces won't do shit for a PI.
It's like I'm asking 'em to give me a kidney.
I miss being a cop.
So what do you think? Can you help now that you're a big shot in the FBI? You'd be surprised.
Not everyone's happy with what I did.
You kidding? That's crazy.
It's complicated.
But, yeah, I'll see what I can do.
Same goes for you.
If you find anything on the Byrdes' Foundation, you pass it on.
I tell you what.
Uh, I find something first, you buy me dinner.
You find something first, it's on me.
Are you flirting with me? Yeah.
How am I doing? - Terribly.
- No way.
I'm killing it.
You're moving to gen pop.
I need to make a phone call.
You guys okay? Marty.
I didn't know that you were coming.
Well, kids asked me.
I think they just need a bit of support.
Hmm, yeah.
Sure, sure, yeah.
- No Wendy? - Uh, no, no, she had to work.
- Not here.
Please, just not here.
- It's okay.
We're just here to talk.
Father Benitez.
We almost met once before.
I never know him to change his mind about a thing like this.
And I have tried very hard for many years to talk him out of many, many things.
What's your secret? All I did was present the facts.
Do you do you really believe you can get him out? I want to try.
You sure? W-what do you mean? You believe in God, Wendy? It's a little early in the day for theology.
You were raised with religion then.
I-I-I think Omar's arrest is an opportunity for all of you.
You and your husband should seize it.
So rare a cartel member gets a chance to make their peace with God.
I can help you find a way.
I made my peace a long time ago.
No, no, espéreme.
No, Wendy, no.
There is no peace without contrition, confession, absolution and penance.
I think you know that.
I appreciate your effort.
I don't need to be saved.
I'll do that myself.
You can try.
He'll see you both tomorrow.
Does Omar know you wanna keep him in prison? He knows I love him.
May God find you, Wendy.
Today, we are gathered together to say our farewell to Wyatt Langmore.
On behalf of Wyatt's family, I would like to thank you all for coming today.
Not only have we sensed our own personal feelings of loss over Wyatt's passing No! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! remind you there's a shadow that has been cast over humanity.
As Paul said, "Through one man, sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men.
" But death doesn't merely remind us of the universal nature of mankind's problems.
God did not leave us in the valley or under the shadow.
We realize that God had a solution, something greater than the painful reminder.
We realize that God acted on behalf and provided us for a greater answer to our need.
The precious wisdom lies in Psalms.
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil.
" - Oh, man.
- Oh, he loved to get high.
Yeah, that and pretty blondes.
Oh, ho! So you have weed and blonde hair? I knew he was a good friend.
'Cause I lowballed him on weed so many times.
He always took my money.
Yeah, I've said it time and time again.
Wyatt was a pushover for a pretty blonde.
I think he just liked me.
Well, there was one time he got caught.
- I don't know if he got tased.
- One time? - Multiple times.
Multiple times.
- Yeah.
Now, he said that he didn't piss his pants, but I don't know a single person has gotten tased and hasn't.
Uh, keep keep going.
The first time I met Wyatt Mm-hmm.
he pushed me off a boat.
I was driving it.
I was driving that boat.
- Classic.
- I was there.
But the second time, she punched him in the face.
What? He never told you, but you nearly knocked him out.
He beat up a kid at school for bullying me.
He said it was just what you did.
He never did that for me.
I cannot run my operation from in here.
What about a cell phone? We could clear that with the FBI, right? Uh, I think so.
Can you buy all of the guards in here as well? Because they do a search every day.
And if this doesn't work, I am not going to hand the FBI a foolproof wiretap.
Well, how about your priest? He can visit every day.
There are certain messages he will not carry, Wendy.
Well, what about getting you moved? - How how about a medical facility? - That will take too long.
If this is going to work, we must secure my power immediately.
Let's let's, um, let's send me to Mexico.
The FBI doesn't care who's running things.
As long as they feel like they've got a controllable entity, you know, someone someone to keep the money flowing.
I can be that.
I-I can go to Mexico, and I can re-establish your control.
You know they're not just going to accept you, Marty.
I think they will, with your blessing.
And and they know that it was us that took down Lagunas, so they know that we have power here.
Let me try.
This could work.
But it's not going to be easy, Marty.
Right now, I do not appear powerful to my people.
So I have to make a move.
I must be the one who has killed Javi.
And you, you will deliver that message to them.
Now, not everyone will take it well.
Tell me everything I need to know.
Hello! Is this Ruth Langmore's place? Hello! The fuck you want? Could you come down? I need your product.
We had a deal with the man you killed.
I need you to make good on it.
Why the fuck would I do that? Because we got security footage of you blowing a guy's brains out.
So fucking what? Okay.
Not such a smart move, trying to blackmail a woman you just watched kill a man.
Is it? Put it away.
Put it away.
Do it.
I didn't come here to blackmail you.
This is not a threat.
It's a deal.
One that will be very lucrative for the both of us.
You got a name? Kim Reddick, Marion Sheriff's Office.
You like Thai food? I could eat.
Thank you.
Thank you for picking up.
Listen, I have good news.
Our next shipment will be with us very soon, so if you could just hold on No, please, spare me.
Spare me.
I only picked up to say it's over.
The deal's dead.
You need to stop calling.
Clare Your company won't survive without us.
You need our input a-and our goodwill.
Yeah, we'll see about that.
- Why can't we just wait? - Charlotte.
Dad, please.
They almost killed you last time.
Well, it's different now.
I'm in charge.
I'm gonna be okay.
What if they think that you killed Javi? They won't.
Thank you.
- You don't know that.
- Charlotte.
We have to put this right.
Your your dad's doing this for our family.
He's doing this for you.
I got that.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, do you guys mind if I ask you a question? Okay.
How'd you know he wouldn't kill you? When? I'm just saying, it was a bold move getting him out of solitary.
He did tell you he was gonna kill you.
Balls like that, you just might make it out of this thing.
Um, well, it it was, uh, it was Wendy's idea.
She's she's got good instincts.

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