Ozark (2017) s04e10 Episode Script

You're the Boss

1 Ain't nobody gonna tell me ♪ Ain't nobody gonna tell me how it's goin' ♪ Ain't nobody gonna tell me ♪ Ain't nobody gonna tell me ♪ Ain't nobody gonna tell me how it's goin' ♪ Wen? Wendy, you okay? Hello.
here I come ♪ Where's my sister? What did you do to her? She's fine and on her way home.
Bullshit! I don't believe you.
Yes, you do.
We don't want anyone else to get hurt, do we? Hmm? Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Listen, listen.
Hey, hey, hey, I won't tell anyone anything I know about Helen.
I swear.
You see the black SUV behind me? Listen, listen, listen.
Listen, listen.
You can trust me.
- I won't say a fucking thing! - Do you see the SUV? You're gonna walk over to the SUV.
You're gonna get in the front passenger seat, and you're gonna put both hands on the dash.
Do you understand what I'm saying to you? I won't say Yeah, I understand.
Let's go.
All right.
I'm so fucking Oh, my God.
Stupid fucking asshole, just Stupid fucking asshole.
Stupid fucking asshole, what's so fucking hard? What's so fucking hard? What's so fucking hard? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry you have to do this.
Can you do something for me? You can tell Wendy I'm sorry too? When we was growing up she's the only thing on the whole planet that really loved me.
And I'm including God in that equation.
She's she's the only thing that really loved me.
And I always wanted her to be proud of me, you know.
I just fuck up too much, and, you know, I just I fuck whatever up, and then I, you know, I apologize and then fuck up again and You think she'd be proud of me now? The way I'm handling this? I think she would be.
You tell her I'm sorry.
And you you tell her I forgive her.
You you can do that for me.
Can't you? You can Yeah, yeah.
You can do that.
Get out of the car.
Come on, walk inside.
All the way in.
Let's go.
On the tarp.
Kneel down.
Close your eyes.
This is a dream.
Nelson will protect you.
The priest, he will give legitimacy.
But the rest is up to you, Marty.
Now, when the word gets out, my lieutenants will gather, and you, you will have to win them over.
You will have to make them trust you.
Make them fear you.
You will have to convince them that you are not just some messenger boy.
You need eyes and ears on everything.
You will have to be commanding, Marty.
You will have to be ruthless.
You're going to have to be me.
And if you show even an ounce of weakness, they will pounce.
And if they don't respect you, they will join forces with a rival.
Oh, and they will kill you.
How is it? It's fine.
Lots of guys with guns.
But it's working? So far.
I should go.
Thank you for doing this.
Hey, that was your dad.
He's okay.
I was I was with Mr.
Navarro yesterday.
And he sent me here to let you know that that Javi Elizondro is dead.
Fucking Lagunas.
Uh, no.
It was not the Lagunas cartel.
The person who ordered that killing was Navarro.
Javi Elizondro was a traitor.
He was making a deal with the US government.
He was gonna bring this cartel down.
And he is the one that got Navarro arrested.
Who the fuck will run things down here? Navarro will.
From an American prison? I'm gonna get him out of prison.
What makes you think that you can do that? Because that's what I want.
I wanted Navarro to win the cartel war.
Who won the cartel war? Now I want him out of prison, so I'm gonna get him out of prison.
Lastly, I'm gonna need to meet with each of you individually to discuss your business in your territories.
That's something Navarro wanted.
So you bring your accountants, and you bring your books.
Excuse me.
- Excuse me, Mr.
- Yeah.
I am Camila Elizondro.
Um, sorry for your loss.
May I have a word with you? Yes, sure, um I completely understand that, uh, but I'm just I just don't know how much I can, uh, I can tell you.
Uh, I-I know that it was that it was quick, Um, and, uh, you know, I'm just I'm so sorry.
I this must be very, very hard.
I did my crying the night he disappeared.
Javi was so ambitious.
The way he'd talk about my brother, I always knew this day would come.
I lost my father and my husband to this life too.
- Hmm.
- Do you have any children, Mr.
Byrde? Yeah, a daughter and a son.
I hope they don't take after you and follow you in this life.
Can you really get my brother out of prison and back home? - Yes.
- How? You familiar with the SDN list? Yeah.
It's a It's a register of, uh, people and companies that the US will not do business with.
And your brother is on that, uh, which means any moves that we make, they notice.
Uh, but my wife is working through our foundation to get him removed, and once that happens, we can extradite him to a Mexican prison and then pay for his escape.
You sound very confident.
I am.
- I'm not looking for a fight.
- Then why'd you fucking come here? - To help you.
- Right.
You haven't thought this through.
I don't need your advice.
What if Clare Shaw likes your profit margin so much, she wants more? You prepared to grow illegal opium? Is that what you want your life to be? - I'm not backing out.
- I'm not asking you to Partner with us one time.
After that, I'll take care of Clare.
For a cut, I suppose.
Not out of your money.
I mean, Clare's donations to the foundation have nothing to do with your end.
I mean, all you have to do is make it a requirement of the deal.
Why the fuck would I do that? Because you owe us.
You killed our last chance of getting out of here.
It costs you nothing to help us.
Costs me nothing to fuck you either.
I'm sorry.
I'm looking for Sgt.
She went back full-time to Polk County.
Just like that? It'd been germinating.
Deputy Wycoff.
Is there something I can help you with? If I may was it the department's idea to make the change, or did you think it'd be a good idea to get someone local in the position before the election? How may I be of service, Mrs.
Byrde? Well Well, I-I was just wondering if you'd be willing to take a chance and stop a crime before it happened.
To be honest, right now I'm more interested in what you're not saying in between the words.
You know sheriff is a political position.
Meaning what? You called yourself "deputy.
" You're not.
You're "acting sheriff.
" Act the part right, the right people notice.
What time are you expecting her? Ruth doesn't exactly keep hours.
Uh I could tell her you came by.
Didn't you used to run Lickety Splitz? Since when do you run this place? I had some female conflicts of interest, so Ruth thought this would be a better fit.
So you just do whatever Ruth Langmore tells you to do? Pretty much.
I mean, no.
No, sir.
See, I had this fiancée I heard Ruth did business with Darlene Snell.
Now, what do you know about that? I just check in guests and handle the maid service.
You handle the financials? No, sir.
But you can speak to our bookkeeper.
He's he's in room 138.
I'll do just that.
Have a good 'un! You too.
Aren't you the Byrdes' son? Uh, Jonah.
Is everything okay? You're Ruth's bookkeeper? Uh, I just I help out.
We're friends.
I like math.
And your mom knows all this? I need to ask you a few questions.
Do you have a warrant? Do I need one to ask you a question? Uh, I guess not.
No, okay.
Exactly what kind of accounting do you do for Ruth Langmore? Oh, I handle cash flow, bank transfers, online stuff like that.
How much a place like this pull down a year? I only, like, just started working here.
Nah, if you had to guess.
I wouldn't.
You ever do any bookkeeping for Darlene Snell? You know who she is? Uh, she had a stake in my parents' casino.
Did Ruth ever ask you to do anything for Darlene? You don't think it's a little sus to have a 15-year-old boy taking care of your finances? Well, if you've been dragged into something, I can help you.
You're a minor.
We'll figure it out.
But if you lie to me Everything all right? - Just asking a few questions.
- I can see that.
You're interrogating a minor without a guardian present, Deputy? Acting sheriff.
Now that you're here, maybe we can go inside.
Oh, I don't think so.
Jonah and I were just about to go to lunch.
Weren't we, Jonah? Goodbye, Deputy.
- This is interesting.
- Interesting? Your your revenue's down the last couple of quarters.
Tell Navarro I'm sorry.
We had terrible weather.
It's not your harvest.
It's your your shipping cost.
Take a look at the number of runs you've made.
And those are not full loads.
Um You are sending twice as many trucks as you need north with product and then south with cash.
I gotta take this.
Um, if you improve efficiency, you're gonna improve revenue, okay? Thank you.
Are you doing okay? Uh, I'm I'm getting used to it.
Uh, I'm I'm gathering some useful information for the Bureau.
Um, at least, you know, something to keep them off our backs.
Uh, how are things going with the Shaw deal? Ruth wouldn't help, so I tipped off, get this, the new sheriff.
I'm gonna try and stop 'em that way.
But don't worry.
I-I'm on my way to Jim's.
And if anybody can get the foundation back on its feet, it's him.
I thought you said that he's not talking to you.
Hmm! Yeah, well.
There is that.
Don't worry.
I see you didn't get my message.
What message? The one I sent by not answering your calls.
I understand why you'd never wanna speak to me.
Oh, not just speak.
See, hear.
I get it.
But if I'm in for a beating, at least let me have it sitting down.
So I, um, I watched a psychotic drug lord beat the shit out of your husband in my living room.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I had to lie to David about why I couldn't meet him for lunch.
I have a hard time believing it's the first time you've lied to your husband about what you do for a living.
All right, let let me be exceedingly clear.
I don't wanna work for you anymore.
Hmm! I don't think you would have grabbed onto my coattails if you didn't think I was going somewhere.
You've worked your whole life for this.
Don't fuck it up now.
I I could have been killed.
But you weren't.
And I guarantee you Javi Elizondro will not be a problem anymore.
And you know this how? Because he's dead.
Omar Navarro had him killed.
God, somehow that doesn't make me feel any better.
We'll all feel better when Navarro's back running the cartel.
W-when is that gonna happen? After his consecutive life sentences? No, after we get him off the SDN list and extradite him to Mexico and bust him out of a prison down there.
We can do it.
All we need is the full power of our board of directors.
Schafer, Markham, Bowlsby.
All five whales.
They can pressure the Treasury Department.
You do know that your whales won't be in line until you have donations coming in.
I know the Shaw deal is stalled.
I'm working on it.
And in the meantime, you can help me get more donors.
How do you propose I do that? By gathering as many whales as possible to headline a fundraiser at the casino.
End of the week.
I'm gonna make some calls.
I'm not back in the fold.
I need to see some progress.
Help me and you will.
Yeah, I remember her.
Some people just stick in your mind.
How how so? She was real buttoned-up, aggressive.
But with a smile, you know? And the brother? He was agitated.
He, uh, said some Mexican cartel boss was out to kill him.
Omar Navarro? - You telling me that was real? - I'm not telling you any such thing.
So what'd the sister say after the cartel bit? She blamed it on a supposed mental illness and got defensive when I asked to search the car.
So, but did you? No, like I said, she was real buttoned-up.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Did you happen to see which way they were headed? East on 50.
'Cause I'm trying to locate, um, other places they may have stopped.
You think maybe I could get access to any security cams your department might have? I might be able to get you a few cameras along 50.
- Hmm.
- Just up to the border.
Yeah, Greg.
I need a favor.
No, no, he knows I'm coming.
What business you got harassing my employees? You want something, you talk to me.
And you don't have me followed.
That's profiling.
No, that's police work.
Close the door.
I got a tip you're about to make a big mistake.
Oh, oh, you did? So you're in Wendy Byrde's pocket now, huh? For fuck's sakes, Ronnie.
Seems to me, she's just worried about you.
Don't wanna see you go south.
Some fucking detective you are, then.
So you're telling me you're not taking over where Darlene left off? No, what I'm telling you is Wendy's playing chess, and you're playing fucking Candy Land.
I aim to be sheriff permanent, and I don't need anything fucking that up.
So go home, cool off, don't screw up.
It ain't that hard, Langmore.
Get out! Fuck.
Let me see that.
Yeah, that's good.
That Guys, you give us a minute? Close the door on your way out.
So, do I owe you a drink? You get rid of that gun like I told you? Yeah, all good.
But that's not why I'm here.
I need you to give me a hand with something.
For a price, of course.
Yeah, of course.
- I need to move another load of heroin - Darlene's heroin? Yeah, but only the local cops are on my ass.
About what? I think the Byrdes are fucking with me.
And you want me to help fuck back.
I'll give you a hand.
What's so fucking funny about it? I just never had you pegged as a Darlene Snell wannabe.
You always seemed more like a junior Marty Byrde type.
Fuck you.
I ain't either of them.
Okay, let me look at last month's here.
I'm his best fucking earner.
I don't know why he's gotta go through my accounts.
Well, as I said, you're gonna have to ask him.
I'm asking you.
This is what Navarro wants.
I'm sure you don't want me to tell him that you're refusing.
Yeah? Fucking pinche gabacho.
Let me see the receivables.
Those are there, right? Yes, sir.
Don't fucking call him "sir.
" Hello! You've got some cash flow discrepancies here.
There's a there's a few of 'em.
What the fuck did you do? I don't know how that could be.
Someone dropped a decimal point on three shipments in a row.
Are you fucking cheating the cartel, cabrón? It has to be a mistake.
Well, once would be a mistake.
You know, three times is But I didn't do that.
I didn't do that! - Cabrón, huh? - No, no! No, no, no, no.
Time's up.
One hour a day isn't enough.
Jesus Christ.
Um Uh "Bad"? What is "bad"? He's in a coma.
Um Do they, uh, do they think he's gonna wake up? I don't know.
He'd lost a lot of blood.
Should we get you out of there? Uh, no, no, no, that would be a a sign of weakness.
Whoever ordered that hit will know that the attempt, uh, just happened.
Um we cannot let anyone know that he's in a coma, you know.
He's gotta be impossible to take down.
He killed his attacker.
He is strong.
He's still giving orders.
We need to find out who did this.
Well, then what? We do what Navarro would do.
Uh, let me let me let me call you right back.
Uh Can I talk to you for a second? I-I just I got a message from from Omar this morning, and he said not to worry.
He would say that.
He's strong.
He he killed the man who tried to kill him.
Can I see him? No, no, he's he's in lockdown for his own protection.
You know they're gonna try again.
And that's that's what I wanna speak to you about.
Can I ask you about one of the lieutenants? Cabrera.
You think he was behind this? - I'm gathering information.
- Hmm.
I've known Arturo since he was a child.
He and Javi were friends, but he was always jealous of him.
His blood tie to my brother.
I caught him cheating the cartel.
Javi once told me that if he ever became the cartel chief, he would get rid of Arturo first thing.
He never trusted him.
All right, bring him up on his knees.
You're making a big fucking mistake, gabacho.
Get this fucking thing off of me! Navarro knows that you were behind the attempt on his life.
Okay? He said that? He said that.
Then he's a fucking idiot.
Things'll go a lot easier on you if you just tell the truth, okay? I am! You've been skimming money.
You were jealous of Javi, and you don't know why Navarro chose him over you.
You don't know shit! How about you tell me who else is involved? Fuck you! These are for you.
I think you oughta put 'em up around here.
It's a good picture.
That was up Valle Crucis way, on the Watauga.
I was trying to teach him how to fly cast.
I can imagine how that went.
Uh I wanted to ask, uh How's Jonah? Is he upset about what happened? He didn't tell you about the sheriff? What about the sheriff? Well, if it wasn't for me, Lord knows how far that could have gone.
What are you talking about? I caught him interrogating him in his motel room.
- Do you know what he was after? - I don't know.
I don't care.
He was harassing your son, which I'd think would be your primary concern.
I'll put these up.
I'll see you this weekend.
All righty.
That's enough.
May I? Sure.
- Hmm? - No, thank you.
After similar ordeals, Omar usually calls me to hear his confession.
I'm not Catholic.
God's love is for everyone.
Is that why you work at a cartel? I go where God's most needed.
You think God can love anyone? You don't? Uh It does seem a a little arbitrary.
You think you're unworthy of love without condition.
Right? Nothing comes without conditions.
Well, now, that's what you're wrestling with.
Do you love unconditionally? I'm not sure that it's the smartest thing to do.
Are you loving or judging? If your love is conditional, it's also transactional.
Love doesn't keep score, Marty.
It's not self-seeking.
I think it's easier said than done.
Good night.
It's on.
- What's going on? What hey! - Hey, hands on the hood.
- Hey, what the fuck, Ronnie? - What are you doing out here? What are you doing out here, Ruth? I was getting my dead cousin's things from his dead wife's house.
- Were you? Open it up.
- Mm-hmm.
Let's take a look.
T-shirt, bong, some books.
You gonna bust me for a bong? Why rent the truck? I guess I thought he had a lot more shit.
- That's it.
- That it? - That's the last of it.
- Okay.
Close it up.
Help find Ben.
Check out the website.
Please donate.
- Here.
Help find Ben.
- Thank you.
I know this must feel awful.
- Thank you.
- All right.
Check out the website.
Gimme some of those.
Thank you.
- Hi.
Check out our website.
- Thanks.
Check out our website.
Here you go.
Uh, thank you.
Oh, uh, one piece is plenty.
You sure? It's for a good cause.
All right.
I'll ta yeah, I'll take two.
I can have the other one tomorrow, right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Just do a little rearranging here.
He seems like such a nice young man.
Is he is he all alone in the world? Kind of.
His mother got hit by a truck and died.
And then he fell in love with a stripper.
Oh, my.
They were supposed to get married, but apparently, he had a bad gambling addiction, so she left him.
I don't know what's wrong with him now.
- Aww.
- Hey.
How's it going? - Can I steal you for a minute? - Yeah.
I need a favor.
I'm doing you one right now.
I know.
I just I need you at the foundation event tonight.
Charlotte, it's the Byrde Family Foundation.
I could really use some family there.
Well, you should have thought about that before you forced Dad to go to Mexico.
I just talked to him.
I promise you, he's safe.
If we don't get some big donations soon Okay, okay, fine.
I'll go.
But, please, go easy.
Okay, okay.
Thank you.
- I'll see you later.
- Yeah.
You proud of yourself? You got people thinking he really might come back.
You got your kids fucking lying to people.
No one asked you to come here.
He did.
Poor fucker doesn't have a clue what he spawned.
What do you want, Ruth? Your little plan with the sheriff didn't work, Wendy.
The Shaw deal's done.
So you need to get the fuck up out of my business.
You got me? Fuck you, Marty Byrde! Twelve yeses, um, seven nos, but 11 maybes.
- Hmm.
Better start calling the maybes.
- Yeah, I'd put a pin in that.
I called Schafer and the other board members.
Told them the event was off.
- A maintenance issue at the casino.
- Why would you do that? Because Shaw Medical is pulling their charitable contributions from your rehab venture.
- They can't do that.
- They can.
I'm just saving us the humiliation.
Okay, look.
Here's the rub.
Now, I know you know this, but it bears repeating.
You cannot get the Schafers of the world on your board without the money.
You can't get the money without the Schafers.
Everyone needs to believe that everybody else is tripping over themselves to get in line.
We have one more crack at this.
Hi, you've reached my cell.
Leave a message and I'll get back to you.
Clare, it's Wendy.
I need you to understand something.
If I'm not happy, the people I work for are not happy, and I think you know what that means.
So I'm gonna give you one more chance to fix this.
You gotta tell me what you did.
You gotta tell me the truth.
Let him up.
Tell me that you ordered the hit on Navarro.
Come on.
I didn't do shit! I told you.
I didn't do shit.
- Back down.
- No! I know that you did it! I know that you ordered the hit! Let him up.
You tell me that I'm right, and all this stops.
- Okay! - Okay what? I fuck with the books.
As his top earner, I thought I deserved it.
I fuck with the books.
But I didn't try to have him killed.
Please tell me the truth.
Please tell me that you ordered the hit.
Come on.
Come on.
Fine, give him some more.
No, no, no, no! Okay, okay! Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay what? Come on! I did it.
What did you do? I ordered the hit.
Say it again.
I ordered the hit.
I ordered the hit! Enough.
You've asked.
Ya, para.
Are you okay? What are you gonna do? What else can I do? You don't have to stay.
Yes, I do.

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