Ozark (2017) s04e11 Episode Script

Pound of Flesh and Still Kickin'

1 So, are are the trucks still on standby in Chicago? One heading for Boston, another for New Orleans.
Cancel Boston, keep New Orleans.
Uh, and he wants to get back on schedule as soon as possible, okay? Uh, if there are no questions, that's it.
Okay, thank you.
If you don't mind, can I trouble you with a request? Sure.
I'd like to see Omar.
He's hurt.
It's not good for him to be alone.
He needs his family.
Uh, yeah, that, uh, that could be difficult.
But not impossible.
You said you had political connections.
Yeah, um, I'll see what I can do, okay? - Muchas gracías.
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
So, where's the money, Wendy? Pleasure to see you too.
If I found this amusing, you would know it.
I've been getting calls.
The races hang in the balance.
Everyone will get their money by the end of the week.
Yeah, how exactly? I hear Shaw Medical pulled out of your foundation.
Minor miscommunication.
That's all.
Oh, don't give me that mealymouthed, small-town bullshit.
What the fuck is going on? Panic is not a good look on you.
We'll get the money, one way or the other.
I promise you.
You made any progress with OFAC? Well, I had, but now there's concerns about visibility.
It It gets a little complicated when Mexican lawyers are back-channeling to keep him on the list.
- When did this happen? - Last night.
Now, so far it's been behind closed doors, but if this goes public before his removal is approved, it's gonna get very hard to make any moves at all.
I'll take care of it.
- Hot towel? - No, thank you.
Hot towel? - For you, sir? Hot towel? - Yes.
Hot towel? Don't mind if I do.
- Uh, yeah, I'll I'll take one too.
- Here you are.
Rhythm of life, jam nation ♪ You realize all the time we wasted ♪ You realize all the pain we facing ♪ Please pour a cup, feminine libation ♪ My gosh, we racing ♪ Please sympathize ♪ All the lives we raising ♪ Please realize all the time ♪ Female energy ♪ One shot, two shot ♪ Three times sorrows ♪ Carry all the weight of the world on your shoulders ♪ Give a couple crowns to the women who had bore us ♪ Taught us, focus, love and support us ♪ Magical, umbilical ♪ My universe is radical ♪ Introduce the nation to embracing what is factual ♪ Feminine energy almost mathematical ♪ You can't really sum up ♪ What is infinite and valuable ♪ Feminine energy ♪ Balance up the indestructible ♪ In the vaginal, heaven in thine ♪ Can you show me the, um, the Chantilly lace again, please? And maybe the snow cone and the Alp.
Thank you.
And the Alpine white.
Did I like the shaggy sheep? Or was that Greek villa? Maybe Greek villa.
It's this one.
This one was the one you liked.
It's vanilla dream.
Oh, okay.
They all look fucking white to me.
Ruth? Uh, I'm gonna need to borrow her for a second.
I'm sorry.
We are in the middle of updating my sitting room.
Well, that sounds like the most boring fucking room on the planet.
What the fuck are you doing here? Oh, no.
Excuse me, just one Excuse me, please.
Just one moment.
I thought I'd check out paradise, you know, ride a dolphin and all that shit.
Plus I got a business proposition to run by you.
I have not seen you in over a year.
You saying I came all this way down here, and you don't want me to make you filthy fucking rich? Is Jonah coming? I texted him, but I didn't hear back.
Well, thank you for doing this.
So, how was it down there? Are you okay? It it was different this time.
I was in charge.
I told Charlotte that, at this level of business, the cartel is basically just a bunch of glorified pencil pushers.
And I said that that was bullshit.
Well, actually, I did spend most of my time looking at everyone's books.
It was kind of boring.
If it was bad, would you tell me? - Absolutely.
- No.
Yes, I would.
Ruth called me this afternoon.
She wants to set a meeting for tomorrow morning.
Well, I hope you told her to go to hell.
She said that you'd both wanna be there.
It's about the foundation.
Something about she's willing to play ball.
What is that? Should I keep it in the schedule? Sure.
Oh, uh, how was your meeting with Schafer? Tricky.
Someone in Mexico is lobbying OFAC to keep Navarro on the list.
I mean, you didn't hear any rumblings about that down there, did you? Are you sure? Camila is the only person that I told about getting Navarro off the SDN list, and and she's, uh, she's close with Javi's lawyer.
Uh, she she, uh, she had to have made that call.
Um Jesus.
It's all her.
You think she ordered the hit? Uh, well, you know, she believes that, uh, that Navarro killed her son.
I mean, that's reason enough to go after him.
I just I fucking missed it.
It's not your fault.
I killed an innocent man.
No, you didn't.
No, I I did.
I was there.
Navarro killed that man.
Navarro's in a coma, Wendy.
And you were tasked with doing exactly what he would do.
It wasn't you.
Look at me.
We focus on what we can control.
Funding the foundation, getting Navarro off the list, forward.
It's the only way.
Hi, Nathan.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hi.
What are you doing? Is everything okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I just I just wanna see your face.
I'll leave you to it.
Just, uh, gimme a knock when you're back from school.
That sounds good.
Spending more time with grandpa these days, huh? Yeah, he's he's cool.
He's not nearly as bad as Mom makes him out to be.
So, how was Mexico? Uh Fine.
Sorry I didn't come to dinner last night.
It's just better if I keep my distance.
I get it.
You need anything? Do you need money? No.
Need groceries? I'm good.
All right, well, I was on my way to work, and I thought that I would stop by to see if you needed a ride to school.
You want that? No, I take my bike.
All right.
Um I just miss you.
I miss you at the house.
I miss you.
Will you call me if you need anything? Please.
That's a fucking casino on the water.
You should have seen it when I had it towed from Cape Girardeau.
Real piece of shit.
But we got her shined up.
You ready? Yeah.
Least she can do is show up on time.
- What is she doing here? - I invited her.
Beautiful casino.
You've really outdone yourselves.
Hi, there.
- Hi.
Oh, hi.
- Good to see you.
- Yeah.
- How are you? I'm fine.
I'm good.
Real good.
Yeah? Good.
Where are you these days? South Miami.
Bought a diner about a year ago.
Guess you could say I'm sticking to my roots.
Can we get on with it? Yeah, yeah.
I wanna buy you out of this place.
You get Shaw's money for your foundation.
I get control of the Belle.
Of course you do.
Um, uh, why? Why the fuck not? I ran this place.
I know it better than you do.
You have a criminal record.
They won't put your name on a license.
That's why I'm bringing on Rachel as a partner.
It'll be her name on everything.
Seeing as it's Darlene's land, only feels right for it to be run by locals.
Didn't you just say you live in Miami? Uh, Ruth, you you know what we do here.
We can't possibly sell you our entire share.
So, what's your offer? Um Ten percent and your name doesn't go on the license.
We keep this thing under the table.
No chance.
I'll consider 85.
I'll do day-to-day.
It'll be her name on everything.
What did she say to convince you to do this, hmm? Did she offer you money? - Drugs? - Oh, I'm sober now.
I'm willing to bet that Ruth left a few things out.
Did she tell you that the the money came from selling Darlene's heroin? Yeah, she's done with that now.
Did she tell you that she just killed a man? And that that man happened to be head of the cartel? And that they might be after her? This isn't about business.
It's punishment.
She blames us for Wyatt and for Ben.
I just think you deserve to know what you're getting yourself into.
It's good seeing y'all.
Now fuck off.
Who's Ben? Tell me why you won't consider this.
Ruth doesn't want a casino.
She wants your attention.
Well, I don't care what her motives are.
Schafer's cronies want their money.
- Here it is.
It's gift wrapped.
- Oh, you cannot be that naive.
I can talk her down to 25%.
and still be in control.
I am not giving our casino away to a redneck Thelma and Louise.
I'll get Shaw Medical back.
- No, Wendy, listen.
- No, look.
Clare promised Javi's mother stock in the company.
We can use that.
We can pressure Clare back into a deal with the foundation.
Well Camila won't be alive very long once Navarro hears the truth about her.
Well, the truth can wait.
We can give her up to Navarro anytime.
But what makes you think that she's not gonna go after him again in the meantime? - It's safer if we get the money from Ruth.
- No.
- No? - No! Oh! You made it sound like they had their bags packed for Chicago.
Why'd I have to hear all that shit from Wendy Byrde? You know, I would've told you eventually.
Yeah, when exactly? When I had my name on a casino license and it was too late to turn back? It's it's it's not what you think.
I think you've been, um, spending too much time with Marty.
That's what I think.
I'm sorry, all right? We we we just have to figure out another way, but I need you to stick with me.
You got no idea the hole I had to pull myself out of.
And now you are leading me straight back into quicksand.
Can't do it.
So, what now? You're gonna go back to Florida and sell window shades for the rest of your fucking life? It was nice seeing you, Ruth.
You lost? Well, uh, you live here, so, uh, no.
Let's try that again.
- What the fuck are you doing here? - Well.
Same case.
Uh, it's a new boss.
Your boyfriend's dad.
He wants me to find him.
Five minutes.
I got shit to do.
Give that thing a refill yet? Learn to pack your own goddamn snacks.
Let's get on with it.
So as far as you know, Ben Davis left town on his own accord.
Correct? Far as I know.
This was taken at a toll booth outside St.
Louis two days after he was released from the mental facility.
Now, I spoke to a cop, said she found them sleeping in a car outside a parking lot that morning.
A couple hours later, they stop for gas.
Clerk remembers Wendy being upset 'cause Ben bought a burner phone.
So then they get hungry.
They stop for food.
I got two of 'em going in, but I only have one of 'em coming out.
Now The Byrdes, um I mean, they've been good to you.
They've kept you under their wing, so to speak.
You've probably helped them out of some tight spots.
Did you help Wendy out with this one? Helen worked for some questionable clients.
Ben get tangled up with her? Ben wanted to move to a farm and raise fucking goats.
He wasn't caught up in shit.
Is Wendy hiding him? It's open.
I got those spreadsheets.
Uh, can you can you wait outside for a sec? Yeah, sure.
Take your time.
You can just put those away.
He and Ben were close, and I don't I don't want him to see that shit.
Look, all all I know is one day, Ben picked up my calls.
Next day, he stopped.
I wish I could tell you more.
Did you tell him anything? No, I don't talk shit to strangers.
Just don't say anything to my grandpa.
All right? It'd kill him.
Navarro's awake.
He asked to see you.
How soon can you get there? Um, I can go straight away.
Then I want you in Chicago for a debrief tomorrow.
When's the next drop? Uh, there's a there's a truck, uh, headed to New Orleans.
It's supposed to arrive about seven o'clock in the morning.
I sent over all the details.
How did his lieutenants respond to you stepping in? They did what I asked.
If Navarro doesn't make a full recovery, maybe maybe we could make this a permanent position? Um, he's he's he's gonna make a full recovery.
Uh, so, um, uh, listen, let's we'll talk soon, okay? Um, Navarro is awake, and he has asked to see me.
And we must tell him about Camila.
- The man is barely conscious.
- Wendy.
No, no.
No, what, you wanna tell him that we took out the wrong guy, and his sister wants him dead? We can't we can't hide it.
We have no idea what she's planning.
Well, neither will he.
It'll make him desperate and paranoid.
He needs to believe that we're still up to the task.
We need him in our control.
He's never that.
How you feeling? Every time they try to take a pound of flesh, Marty, I grow another layer of skin.
How's my home? - They're falling in line.
- Good.
It's not an easy job to be me.
Everyone's looking to you for answers, angry if they don't get their ways.
How did my sister take the news of Javi? She took it well, considering.
And my men? My men? Well, you you were right.
There was, uh, there was someone who, uh, tried to take advantage of the situation.
Uh, it it has been handled.
I didn't think he had it in him.
Increase the amount of money you are laundering through the casino.
Uh, the the others need to be rewarded for their loyalty.
When you found out that it was Cabrera who was the one who betrayed me, did did you hesitate to act? No.
Then you played my part well.
Hey, there.
What's going on? You have a guest.
There was a hole in the hill Sure as rain Hi, there.
How's my brother? He's, uh, he's alert.
He's recovering quickly.
I reached out to Camila.
She and I are gonna join you in Chicago tomorrow.
I'm gonna take her to meet Clare to talk about the the stock options she promised Javi.
I really appreciate you both looking out for my interest.
Any luck about getting me in to see my brother? Unfortunately, no.
But you'll keep trying.
- Well, I shall leave.
- Oh.
- Thank you for the wine.
- Of course.
- Here, I'll show you out.
- Thank you.
It's the smartest play.
She wants to fucking kill him.
No, she's gonna help us get Clare back.
Please, this is about not taking money from Ruth.
No, no, no.
Ruth is a short-term solve to a long-term problem.
If she gets us Clare, it funds the foundation for years.
- But we can't fucking trust her.
- I don't need to trust her! We just need to use her, and we will.
It's gonna work.
- You're mad at me, aren't you? - I'm folding a fucking towel.
I'm sorry it didn't go well with the sheriff the other day.
I I just don't do good with authority figures.
They remind me of my mother.
- I know.
I know.
I'm working on it.
- Work harder.
Hey, Ruth.
You got a sec? Uh.
I'm sorry if Mel came on strong.
He seems to think you know more than you're letting on.
I don't.
Jonah said you and Ben were good together.
You saw the best parts of him.
I don't wanna get you in trouble, Ruth.
I just wanna find my son.
Sometimes I wish he never came here.
This wasn't a good place for him.
I saw you and Wendy arguing at the bake sale.
Now, this this rift between her and Jonah, eh, this feels way bigger than just growing pains.
Did you offer Jonah a job here 'cause you're trying to protect him from my daughter? I hired him because he's a smart kid and a good worker.
Well, at least someone's watching out for him.
- Thank you.
- Hmm.
Hi, Ginny.
Oh, God! - Oh! - Yeah.
- I'll go grab him.
- Okay.
Hey, buddy.
I'm okay.
Are you okay? - I'm okay.
- That's good.
- Thanks, Ginny.
- Thanks, Mom.
So, how's everything at the Blue Cat? Oh, I stopped working there.
What do you mean? People s-stopped coming after the casino opened.
The new managers stopped scheduling me, so I left.
What? Why why didn't why didn't you tell me this befo does Marty know? No, I didn't wanna bother him.
Well, where you working now? Nowhere.
Bad luck, I guess.
How long are you in town for? I head back later today.
Oh, too bad.
I found some new fishing spots that I wanted to show you.
Oh, yeah? - What's biting these days? - Everything.
Catfish, bass.
I asked you for one thing.
One! Did you know that Tuck left the Blue Cat? Uh, I uh, no, I did not.
You promised you'd keep an eye on him.
He doesn't have a job.
Well, I'm sorry.
I I'm I've been very, very busy.
I would have, uh, I would have given him something in two seconds had I known.
Oh, fuck you, Marty! We're all fucking busy.
I-I-I was busy getting sober and filing bankruptcy on a shitty fucking diner halfway across the country.
You were right fucking here.
I'm I'm I'm very sorry.
I don't know why I trusted you.
I mean, you're the same selfish asshole you always were.
Now you just own a bigger boat.
Look, I What the fuck? He installed the dogwoods where the boxwoods should go.
Yeah, it's a mess.
Okay, keep me posted.
Don't you just hate it when the landscaper fucks up? What the hell are you doing here? We are not in business anymore.
We aren't, but you and Javi are.
And and his mother Camila, the one you promised the stock options to.
She's made the trek all the way from Mexico to collect.
Javi's dead.
I don't owe her anything.
This is the sister of a cartel boss we're talking about.
Show some respect.
See you at one.
How's Navarro? Hey.
Um, he's he's holding on.
You know, he's still he's a ways off from getting back on his feet, but Your time in Mexico? Did you golf? Visit the pyramids? Am I missing something? You seem pissed off.
I just got a call from the head of Special Ops.
The money truck headed to New Orleans that you gave us.
It was empty.
You wanna tell me what the fuck is going on? Sure do.
I made a judgment call.
I told them to get a decoy out there, uh, before I got on the airplane this morning.
That wasn't your decision to make.
No, but listen, you know, I spent a week in Mexico gaining the trust of an entire cartel, and if you wanna tell your bosses that you would have rather risked all that for a seizure, do it.
You want me to be Navarro? Let me do my job.
This deal is contingent on you upholding your end of the bargain.
You'll get your money when it is safe, okay? I'll make sure it's double.
This is the best I can offer.
It's enough shares to reap the benefits, but not enough to raise eyebrows with my board.
- This is fair.
- Hmm.
What about our other deal? There is no other deal.
My son was very clear when he called.
He said you agreed on a five-year deal for us to supply your raw materials.
In addition to a $150 million donation for the Byrde Foundation.
Of course.
We didn't have that in writing.
If my son said you agreed, then you agreed.
He was very clear.
It was the last thing he ever said to me.
As I explained to Mrs.
Elizondro, Shaw Medical is a family business, just like hers.
And like any family, we hold each other accountable to our commitments.
So, when should I tell my brother to send the next shipment? I'll have Connor reach out to your people.
Oh, and I'll need the balance of your original donation by end of the afternoon.
We can work on an installment plan for the rest.
How bad you want that casino? Bad.
You kill somebody in the cartel? Yeah.
The guy who killed Wyatt.
They coming after you? Byrdes can't give me up without causing problems for themselves.
You gonna keep dealing Darlene's drugs? No.
I was honest about that.
Why are you doing this? And don't give me that hard sell, Ruth.
I just wanna hear it from my friend.
Either I do this or I go back in that trailer, and I never come out.
As much as I wanna put the Byrdes in their place If I agree to do this I need you to be honest with me from here on in.
Understood? Yeah.
Well, that's good 'cause I was not too excited about going back to Florida.
I've dated too many guys with pet pythons.
What that's about.
How many guys with pet pythons have you dated? - If I said three, would you judge me? - Yes.
Okay, two, then.
What's the plan? Hell if I should know.
Sounds like you put a lot of thought into it.
Darlene had a stake in the casino.
And your cousin married her.
Does Wyatt have a will? Kid ate spaghetti out of a can and used a screwdriver to start his car.
What do you think? You talk to a lawyer? No, the last time I spoke to a lawyer, she waterboarded me.
Not really my kind of people.
Well you may not need the Byrdes after all.
Clare's on board.
Yeah, great.
Uh, where's, um, Camila? She's grabbing coffee for the road.
What's wrong? Okay, uh, the last seizure that I gave the Feds turned out to be a decoy.
I don't I don't understand.
Well, I gave the order to Javi's lawyer, and then I saw her talking to Camila right afterwards.
Camila's trying to she's trying to flush us out.
How did Clay take it? Uh, I covered, you know, for now.
But we gotta get Camila out of the fucking picture, Wendy.
- It's complicated.
- It's simple.
It's not complicated at all.
We tell Navarro the truth, he takes care of the rest.
- We can't.
- We can.
I promised her we would take her to see him.
What the fuck is ah.
The good news is when you filed to be your cousin's legal guardian, you can see right there, you were listed as his heir.
That's a binding will.
Uh, does that mean I have a claim to Darlene's estate? I venture to say you have a claim to half, if not all.
The casino's a different story though.
Ultimately, getting your name on that license is up to the state gaming commission.
What do you recommend? If you've got friends in high places, now is the time to call 'em.
Holy shit! Is that Jonah Byrde? Tuck wasn't lying when he said you turned into a giant.
Come here, man.
How you doing? So, what what are you doing here? She's helping me take Darlene's share of the casino.
Hey, listen.
You know who your, um, parents were lobbying when they were getting the casino up and running? There was a bunch of politicians and the casino board.
But Mom mainly worked with a guy named Charles Wilkes.
He owns, like, half the politicians in the state.
The only thing is you can't just get a meeting with him.
You have to ask for an appointment, and then, if he thinks you have something to offer, he'll invite you to his lake house.
So, how the fuck are we supposed to get an invitation? Tell him the meeting's for Mike Fleming.
What's going on? It's about Ben.
We need to talk.
Uh, why don't I give you some time? You take those, and I'll, um Charlotte, why don't why don't you join me? When was the last time you saw Ben? The day we had him committed.
That was taken outside a toll booth in St.
It was two days after Ben was released.
He's also got the two of you outside a gas station and a diner.
May I speak to my father in private, please? You should never have hired that man.
And you should've been honest from the start.
Ben's not missing, is he? You've been lying this entire time.
It was you.
You broke him.
I protected him.
Do you know why I had him committed? He started a bar fight in Kansas City.
It was the only way to help him avoid assault charges.
Freshman year.
Remember how bad that got? This was worse.
And when he got out, he was so angry with me.
He refused to go back to North Carolina.
He wouldn't stay here, so I made a deal with him.
I told him I would take him to Memphis where he could stay with friends.
And in exchange, he would check himself into an outpatient facility and get back on his meds.
But you never made it to Memphis, did you? Mel said that you left him at a diner in Kentucky.
Why? We got in a fight.
He told me to leave.
I sat on the side of the road for hours, waiting for him to call, but he never did.
You know there's a bench warrant out for his arrest at home? He's running.
I don't think he wants to be found.
Why didn't you tell me all this before? And say what? "Ben's wanted by the state police?" What, would your church friends pray for him if they knew that? All I ever wanted was the truth, and you hid it from me.
You have never wanted the truth.
You don't know me as well as you think.
I worked hard to keep Ben out of trouble when he was in Boone.
He made a lot of good choices because of me.
He stayed on his meds.
He trained to be a teacher.
I tried my best with both you children.
You humiliated me and drove me out of the house.
Well, you're a lot less easy to love.
How was Chicago? Uh, it was, uh it was fine.
You don't seem fine.
No? Let me guess.
Mom did something? What makes you say that? Please.
She's been a lot for weeks.
I This Jonah and Ruth thing and wanting me to pick sides.
I don't She means well.
So I'm told.
I know that you only went to Mexico to make her happy.
Yeah, I mean, look, uh you know, Charlotte, your mom wants to be in the driver's seat, and it's fine.
And I'm doing everything I can to support her, but holy shit.
She's just she's steering us right off a cliff.
Um, and, uh I know I told you that everything went smoothly in Mexico, but, um, but I lied.
I was filling in for Navarro, and I made a mistake.
Um a big one.
And I come home, and she blindsides me with, you know, partnering with Navarro's sister, who by the way, just tried to assassinate him in prison.
And you know, and you got this fucking Ben thing.
And you know, no matter what I do, I'm I'm the fucking asshole.
No matter what I say, what I do.
I get in her way, she gets pissed.
I out of her way, she finds another reason to get mad at me.
And you know, it's like it's fucking, uh, rigged, you know? Uh, but Sorry, I'm it's not your job to worry about me.
But I appreciate it.
Maybe you two should try to go see that marriage counselor again.
She retired.
Uh Yeah, she's no longer, uh - Yeah.
- an option.
Jeannie, come back.
Where are you? Yeah, I-I wanna get this settled right now.
Hey, hon.
How'd it go with Wendy? Still plays it like everything's my fault.
Well, she'll come around.
"Daughters and their daddies, they may not always see eye to eye, but they will always see heart-to-heart.
" I saw that on a T-shirt once.
You okay? You know what? I don't think I am.
I think I might need to pray on this one.
- You want me to rally the troops? - No, don't go bothering them, just If it's all right with you, I'll just take some time alone.
Of course.
- I'll see you in the morning.
- Mm-hmm.
Dear Lord Jesus, please bring peace to your soldier Nathan and to his family.
And anoint him with the oil of your love.
In your name I pray.
Can I help you? We're Mike Fleming.
All right, look, I don't know who you are or what game you think you're playing, okay? But I got work to do.
Oh, before you slam the door in our faces, you should know that this woman is in line to become the largest landowner in the Ozarks.
And with your help, the largest stake owner in the Missouri Belle.
Oh, thank you.
Where did you get this? Security cam from the last place I tracked Ben Davis to.
It wasn't till I saw this guy parked outside their place, something clicked.
So, you know who this guy is? He's a heavy for the Navarro drug cartel.
Are you sure? He put a bag over my head and drove me to a private airfield.
I'm sure.
I take it this was before you went all scorched Earth.
Look, I'm taking my cues off you here, so you gotta talk to me.
Am I slowing down? Am I speeding up? - Do I pass go? - Oh, you pass go.
You're sure? I uprooted my life, eight months pregnant, put my newborn child in harm's way.
They wanna sideline me, fine.
I'm on the sidelines, but you don't work for them.
So, yeah, you pass fucking go.
Look at what they've done to you.
Are you in any pain? Hmm.
It's temporary.
I rest easy knowing the man who did this suffered worse.
My children, how are they? - Santiago's started crawling.
- Oh.
He'll probably be sprinting by the time I get out of this place.
Don't lose hope.
From what I have witnessed Hmm.
Marty and Wendy, they can move mountains.
They'll get you home.
Speaking of home what would you say to Camila taking Marty's place as your emissary in Mexico? It's just that we need Marty to help get you off the SDN list.
Camila can travel freely.
She knows the business.
And there's good will towards her since Javi's passing.
- Hmm? - Anything.
Anything I can do to help.
Marty, what do you think? She's your sister.
The men trust her.
This is better.
I did this for you so you wouldn't have to go down there again.
Oh-oh! ♪ It was late last night ♪ I was feeling something wasn't right ♪ No, no, no, no, no.
No, no! Are you kidding me? - Absolutely not.
Get back there.
- Marty, just let him in.
Let him in.
What's the big deal? Go for it.
Go for it.
- I'll follow you.
- Oh, Marty.
Yeah, I'll just be behind him.
How about that, you fucking prick? Look, Camila trusts us.
We'll still be in control.
You shutting me out? Is that it? Cute.
Very, very cute.
Very mature.
This song sucks, by the way.
Oh, for God's sake.
This fucking asshole.
I don't know where you want me to go.
Where am I supposed to go? Just turn, Marty.
Should I just turn, Wendy? Where? Into that car or into that one, you know? How about I go up? How's that sound? I don't know how you thought this could be a shortcut.
Okay, all right, that'll do it.
Marty! Marty! You, asshole, get out of your fucking car and come tell me what the problem is.
Marty! - Wendy.
- What are you doing? Listen to me and get back inside.
- What, you gonna punch the guy? - Get out of the car.
I just might.
What's the problem? How about you learn how to fucking drive? - Oh, hey, you! - Come show me how.
- Come on.
Let's do it.
- Shut the fuck up.
Get back in your car.
- Bitch, fuck off.
- What? Hey, talk to her like that one more time, I make a single phone call and have you killed.
What the fuck did you just say? You heard me.
Want me to repeat it? - Get back in your fucking car.
- Fuck you, bitch.
- Oh, suck my cock, asshole! - Ow! - Marty! - Shit! - What are you, crazy? What are you doing? - God damn it.
God damn! Oh, my God! What are you Get off of him! You get off of him! Bastard, off! - Get off! - No! No! Please just stop.
No! No! No! Get off me! Get off me!
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