Ozark (2017) s04e12 Episode Script

Trouble The Water

1 Thanks for doing this.
You okay? Yeah, I'm just a little, uh, hungover.
There's no one at work to hang out with, so last night I just drank a half a bottle of wine by myself and fell asleep watching crap TV.
You look tired too.
Yeah, I, uh, had to reconcile the profit and loss for 11 Panamanian accounts before business opened today.
And then I had to do my humanities homework.
Thank you.
You can't stay silent forever.
I just don't understand it.
If we keep Camilla close, if we keep her engaged, it it makes it harder for her to make another move.
How am I supposed to funnel shipments to the FBI right from under her nose? You did it with Javi.
Yes, I did.
It is not sustainable.
We tell Navarro what she did, she goes away.
Uh, when the time is right.
Jesus Christ.
Look, why don't you go Go clean up that hand, take a shower? And I'll I'll call Jim.
I'll get him to start working on dropping today's charges.
I-I don't know what that was.
I'm pretty sure what it was.
Yeah? I know I'm not easy to love.
That's not true.
We are so close.
And when this is over, when we get outta here… if you wanted to leave, I'd understand.
- Is that what you want? - No.
But I would understand if you did.
I told you when we first started this that I might find some stuff you don't wanna know.
Well, I hate to tell you this, but I don't think we're ever gonna find your son.
What do you mean? The day your daughter left Ben at the diner in Barlow, this man showed up.
He's a triggerman for a Mexican drug cartel.
I don't understand.
I believe that That he was there for Ben.
Why… Why would Ben be mixed up with a Mexican drug cartel? Okay, your daughter and her husband, they were investigated by the FBI for money laundering.
Of course.
It was her.
Well, I mean, no charges were ever brought.
Dear God.
If you like, I can bring this information over to the local authorities.
Well, I'll I'll need some time to think.
Of course.
I'm really sorry.
They fucked up your shit, her shit, and my whole family.
They don't deserve to get away with it.
Oh, please.
Well, you had me at "pay back Wendy Byrde.
" I will do whatever I can to help you guys.
Including selling you my share of the Belle.
Oh, with your stake and Darlene's, we can take control of the whole thing.
- Mmm! Holy shit.
- Yeah, that's good, right? All right.
So… …two ways to go about this.
Easy way is to just put everything in Ms.
Garrison's name, sell the Missouri Belle to her and help her run it.
Oh, um, ahem, what's the hard way? Exactly how bad is your record? Uh, three felonies, four misdemeanors.
Predominantly juvenile? You know, that's doable.
- What? - Expunging your record.
I think I know a judge who might be amenable.
W-what's that gonna cost? No, no, won't work like that.
I can get you the meeting.
I'll put in a persuasive word.
You can donate to certain causes, if you choose, but it'll still be up to the judge to decide.
- Why why can't I just pay them off? - Oh, come on, Ruth.
You just inherited a fortune, and now you're spearheading a hostile takeover of Missouri's newest casino.
That's a that's a scale of visibility even the most well-paid judge isn't gonna be entirely comfortable with.
Well, neither am I.
Hang on a second.
Hang on a second.
You saying she's got a shot at getting clean? With the right attitude, a little bit of luck.
You have to do it.
What, you're afraid to be my partner or something? No.
I mean no.
Look, this is life-changing.
A clean record? People like us don't get that ever.
You gotta try.
I don't know.
I've been in the system somewhere since I was three years old crawling around through cat flaps for my daddy.
The judge is gonna take one look at me and know exactly what I am.
Ruth, you own half the land in the county.
You operate an almost successful motel.
You are a goddamn redneck success story.
At least try.
The first clean Langmore in five generations.
What the fuck? Yes.
Let's do it.
All right.
Good, I'll set up the meeting.
But here's the thing, okay? - It's important.
- Mm-hmm.
When you meet Judge Mayhew, it's "Yes, ma'am.
No, ma'am.
" You got it, okay? - You fucking got it, Charlie.
- Okay.
Thank y'all so much for coming.
It was wonderful.
So, how'd you like the study? Yeah, yeah, I liked it a lot.
It reminded me of Sunday school.
In fact, I can't remember why I stopped going.
A lot of people say that.
You know what else they say? What I said when I'd messed up my life? That I felt lonely and alone.
But I wasn't really.
Excuse me for a minute.
I just made a muck of my life, you know? I gambled my inheritance, lost my girl.
Shh! Be grateful for it.
I-I fought with my mom, and I-I sent her running out in front of that truck.
Now I don't even have the diamond I made from her.
Are you talking about compression services? Like with your Mom's ashes? Yeah.
That is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.
Really? Sam, have you ever been baptized? Hey, there, children.
I got a proposition for you.
I'd like you to hear me out.
We're gonna be pulling up stakes here in a few days, and I'd like you to come back with us.
And move in with me.
Now, don't both of you go answering all at once.
Why you leaving? To be honest, we're giving up the search for your uncle.
I don't think we're ever gonna find him.
That surprise you? Look.
I know I haven't been a big part of your lives for these last years, but that wasn't my choice.
Being here, getting to spend time with you, it's felt like a second chance.
And I'm not gonna lie to you.
I think you might be in danger here, and I think you might think it too.
Now, big decision.
Take some time with it.
Just because Charles and I are friends doesn't mean I'm gonna rubber-stamp this.
I-I understand.
Uh, ma'am.
Your family's been raising hell in Missouri for a long time.
Uh, yes, ma'am.
That kind of history, sometimes it's hard to change.
Have you changed? Yes, ma'am.
I-I gave up crime when my daddy died.
I've already made something of myself I couldn't ever expected.
I managed a casino.
I even own a motel.
So I see.
And you've come into some money lately.
I mean, you're a lucky girl.
Yeah, not so lucky.
I-I got that money 'cause my cousin died.
I'm sorry.
All the same, if I clean your record, we're tied forever.
You mess up again, it comes back on me.
I-I don't plan to fuck up.
Um… Miss, uh… Ma'am.
Uh, judge.
This is everything to me.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna comb through every arrest warrant, every police report, and every scrap of information I can get on you.
I may even find something that the authorities missed.
- Are you prepared for that? - Mm-hmm.
- You sure? - Yes, ma'am.
And provided that doesn't turn up any surprises, I'll likely do a drop-in visit.
Is that gonna be a problem for you, Ruth? N-no, no, not at all, ma'am.
What's that? A petition for Jonah and Charlotte to come live with me.
I think you oughta read it, and I think you oughta sign it.
That's never gonna happen.
They wanna come, Wendy.
They are not safe with you.
I'm not signing anything.
Then I'll see you at family court in three days for a hearing.
- You don't wanna do that.
- Neither do you.
I got my investigator ready to testify, and you know very well what he's got on you.
Sign it.
- They wanna be with me.
- Get the fuck out of my house! - Did you know he was taking us to court? - No.
Did he ask you to go with him? - Both of you? - Yeah.
And what did you say? That we would.
We are so close.
So close to being out of this.
Do you realize that? It's not forever.
Do you want to go with him? It's just… Grandpa's not just gonna go away.
I mean, he knows things, and You know, how are we supposed to protect you if we don't go with him? Let me worry about Grandpa.
I'm not fucking letting them go.
I know.
Not to that house, with that man.
What are we supposed to do though? I mean, he's he's playing a a game of chicken, you know? He's he knows we can't let Mel testify.
That's exactly right.
We just need to make sure that Mel never makes it to court.
There a problem? I wanted to come tell you myself.
We arrested somebody for Wyatt's murder.
Uh, who? Uh, Timothy Wheeling.
Comes out of Hastain.
Worked in the fields off and on for Darlene.
You know him? Well, how how do you How do you know it was him? Let me show you something.
Can you confirm this belonged to Wyatt? I wondered where it got to.
Wheeling pawned it two days before the murder, along with three pieces of Darlene's jewelry.
We think she found it missing and accused him.
Guy's got a long rap sheet.
Armed robbery, felony breaking and entering, weapons charges.
Can I have it back? It's evidence.
But I will get it back to you as soon as I can.
Why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden? Coming all this way.
I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot.
Me and this new job.
You sorry? Or did you hear I inherited Wyatt's money? I hope this brings you some peace.
We want him reinstated to the Chicago PD as soon as possible.
He's all cleaned up, no more drugs.
His, uh, PI work is impeccable.
So, uh, when do you need this favor? W-we'd like an official offer by the end of the day.
You know, when somebody comes to me and asks me to help out a detective, my guess is somebody's in trouble.
Now, should I be worried? - Huh.
- Not at all.
Well, I've already pulled every string I can over at OFAC, but your money only spreads so thin.
What do you need? Hmm, well, I do have one pressing matter.
- My grandson's voting machines.
- No.
Your boys in Wisconsin and Michigan could really help us out there, get 'em in place before the next cycle.
We can't do that.
We won't.
Okay, then.
Well, you have a choice to make.
I'm not your dancing monkey, Wendy.
Either one or the other.
Now, Navarro off the SDN list or Mel Sattem rejoins Chicago PD.
You go ahead, and you let me know what you decide.
Even I stopped short of massive fucking election fraud.
He truly asked you that? He did.
I-I can't do this, Jim.
I know.
So if we use Schafer to help Mel get his job back, then we have to find someone else to get Navarro off the SDN list.
Yeah, won't be easy.
Yeah, but it's possible, right? Yeah, well, you're gonna need four, maybe five new faces to pull Schafer's weight.
Plus you're gonna have to fill his board seat.
Ideally someone well-placed to run damage control in case he, I don't know, takes this personally.
I can put together a few names, make a list, but it's gonna take some time for them all to get on board.
How's Mr.
Navarro's patience these days? - Wearing thin.
- He'll hold.
Get me those names.
And thank you, Jim.
We'll we'll let you know when to pull the trigger, okay? - Yeah.
- All right.
We can't let them go to North Carolina with my father.
Hi, Senator Schafer's office, please.
It's Wendy Byrde calling.
So I looked up your boy.
Sounds like he was a pretty good cop before he stole coke.
Yeah, that's what we're saying.
Right, but then, you know, he stole coke.
- How'd you like your breaded steak? - Oh, it's terrific.
Look, here's the deal.
You like the cokehead.
I like Schafer.
Schafer likes you.
Hence this conversation.
We know the Chicago Police Department has had a a tough PR hit lately, and we were wondering, m-maybe a donation… to the police union might go a very long way in showing just how much confidence we have.
It'd be much appreciated.
How soon you wanna get this done? Today.
- Not today, huh? - Ah, nah, nothing.
I'm sorry.
Something that I've always wanted to do since I was a kid is cross Lake Michigan to Wisconsin on a boat.
Well, that sounds nice.
Problem is I don't got a boat.
What the fuck are you doing? Redecorating.
You mind maybe doing it when I'm not around? Hell.
What's going on? They arrested someone for Wyatt's murder.
Oh, shit.
What are you gonna do? It's a little tough to explain how I know he didn't do it, at least without spending the rest of my life in prison.
And and now I don't think any judge is gonna figure out how to clean that off my record.
What do you know about the guy? Not much.
Worked a few odd jobs for Darlene.
Didn't kill her.
What the fuck should I do? Oh, no.
Don't don't look at me.
I, uh… Nah, I fucked up about every Yeah, every major decision I ever made, so… You want my advice? Don't take my advice.
- You want a turn? - Does it feel good? Felt real fucking good.
Well, I see you're seizing the day.
I-I was going over receipts at the motel until two a.
Pretty spot, isn't it? Except for all our shit fucking it up.
What happened over there? Oh, oh, that that was my daddy's.
I looked over your record.
Seems like you were with your father or some other family member every time you got arrested.
Pretty much.
Led you astray, huh? No.
No, I-I did that all by myself.
They're all dead now.
I saw.
Why do you think Charlie Wilkes called me about you? I don't know.
I I asked for his advice when I found out about the Snell money, and I guess he took a shine to me when I was working at the casino.
I don't, uh, I don't blame you for doubting me, ma'am.
I get it.
I do.
But I promise you, you clean me up, and I will do whatever it takes to stay that way.
Well, that that reinstates you to the Chicago PD, contingent that you start immediately.
- I-I know what it is.
- Okay.
Needless to say, we went on a serious limb for you.
Just don't.
And the fact that I'm due in court tomorrow? Oh, I'm afraid, well, they would need you in Chicago immediately.
You people are good.
Jesus Christ.
Fat bastard.
What'd you, uh, promise him? A car, boat? Hmm.
Look, uh, I you can do some real good as a cop again.
Don't talk to me about that, okay? All I wanted for the last four years is a chance to be a cop again.
- Well, now you got it.
- Fuck you.
Look, I I know you you think you've uncovered something about us, some deep, dark secret, but the the truth is you're wrong.
And I can I can promise you, you've reached the absolute end of what you can learn about my brother.
I think you should take the gig and go do some good 'cause the only thing you're gonna do here is you're gonna You're gonna break up a family.
I mean, they saw me do what I do.
They know I'm good at it.
You know, maybe a small part of 'em thinks I'm more valuable with a badge.
More valuable to who? Just how bad are these people? I don't know.
Scale of one to ten, ten being pure evil, uh, nine, nine point five.
We're talking about getting my old life back.
I know.
This is this is difficult shit.
So? The high-road move is telling them to shove it up their ass.
Then again, four years you've been tearing my ear off about wanting your old job back, and I always tell you the same thing.
"More will be revealed.
" Well, maybe it just was.
I don't know.
God's will comes in all shapes and sizes.
So what are you telling me? To get real quiet and hear your HP's voice.
Or maybe you already did.
Samuel Eugene Dermody, you have strayed from God's path, and, in so doing, have suffered.
Are you ready to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior? Yes, I am.
Well… then let him look into those beautiful eyes.
I baptize you in the name of the Father… …the Son… …and the Holy Ghost.
Brother Sam! So proud, Sam.
Well done! Hard to believe it.
Congratulations, Sam.
May the Lord's light always shine upon you.
Really ought to charge more for poolside revivals.
I, uh, I figured you might wanna take this with you since you're headed out of state.
You don't want to, um, keep some for yourself? Not sure how he'd feel about us divvying him up like a bag of sugar.
Hey, are you Are you coming to court tomorrow? Of course.
You wanna hear something crazy? I ain't got a criminal record no more.
- Really? - Yeah.
Email came in from Board of Corrections ten minutes ago.
How did you swing that? I know a guy who owns a judge.
But… …Wilkes put in a good word for me.
That's amazing.
How does it feel? I… I don't know.
It's, uh, it's just words, right? What are we supposed to tell him about the SDN list? It's in motion.
- Well, except it's not.
- Well, it is.
It's just delayed.
Wendy, if we take too long to find a replacement for Schafer, it's gonna give Camila more time to make a move.
I'll tell Jim to work faster, but hopefully Camila will be too bogged down in the day-to-day to be making moves.
I didn't realize that you would be here, Camila.
Omar thought it was important.
Is there an issue? Where do we stand on the SDN list? - It's in motion.
- That's not what I hear, Wendy.
I asked my lawyer to look into the status quietly.
She said no petition has been filed.
- Mm-hmm.
We're still back-channeling.
- And I'm still in this pinche prison.
We need to be laundering more.
We're laundering the same pace we've always been.
Yeah, that's my point.
We need to spread more money around in Mexico.
We also need clean money for the officials that would allow my brother to make a quick exit from whatever prison he's been transferred to.
Yeah, we we can cover that with the current amounts.
We also have a chance to expand.
With the pharmaceutical deal, we're gonna need more product, and that means more land.
I also need money to spread across our lieutenants.
I need them calm and happy.
Yeah, um, I'll launder more.
Wendy, when can you get me off this list? - Realistically, in a few months.
- No.
Not months.
Not weeks.
Yeah? - Hmm? - We'll get back to work.
- I'll call Jim.
- Yeah, and tell him what? His four-month window now needs to be accomplished in four days? You know you know, she's spreading that money around to buy loyalty with the lieutenants.
Yeah, I know.
Do you? Yeah, because, you know, we need to get him off the list right now so that we can tell him what's going on, and he can take care of her.
Fuck! Hi.
It's Wendy Byrde for Senator Schafer's office, please.
Thank you.
Wendy Byrde.
Tell me you got good news.
We can give you what you need in Michigan and Wisconsin.
Who the fuck are you? Did Pam send you? No, I don't I don't know Pam.
So, you from the lawyer? It was my cousin's guitar you stole.
I've seen you before over at the Snell place.
I used to work over there.
The fuck you do for Darlene Snell? You two dykes or something? I just wanna know why you stole that guitar.
If it was your cousin's guitar that I stole, that means it was your cousin that got murdered.
So, why haven't you asked me about that? I didn't do it, by the way.
Just tell me why you stole that fucking guitar.
For drugs, bitch.
Why does anyone steal anything? Where are you from? Jadwin.
Where are you from? Osage.
What's your name? Ruth Langmore.
I know your people.
Russ Langmore, he was your daddy? He was a real piece of shit.
He was my uncle.
Dead, huh? I lost both my brothers the last two years.
Fucking assholes.
Both of 'em.
Uh, thanks Thanks for your for your time.
Hey! Why the fuck you really come here? I just wanted to lay eyes on you.
Yo, I know you heard me before… when I said I didn't do it.
Well, you sure as shit did something.
I mean, my sponsor says it's God's will.
Then what are you talking to me for? I was a really good cop.
- You still are.
- Yeah.
I do a bang-up job of helping the highest bidder weasel out of alimony.
Whenever I'm twisting myself in a pretzel like you are right now, it's because I know exactly what I should be doing, and I want someone to come along and tell me I don't have to.
I'm not gonna be that someone for you.
You'll hate yourself.
- You don't know that.
- I do.
I've been there.
And if I'm not like you? Then I don't wanna see you again.
And I'm really hoping I do.
Hello, Maya.
What is it with you people? You see someone doing good, and you think, "Hey, how can I fuck up their life?" Not sure what we're talking about here.
I just had coffee with Mel Sattem.
Listen, he's a grown man with a chance to do the work he loves.
Oh, so the whole brain trust is here.
Let me just say, from the depth of my soul, if you succeed, God'll still know.
There's no escape.
So, Mel's going back to Chicago? No, he's weighing his humanity.
I'd explain but, you know, why? Marty, are you still there? Yep.
You had a choice.
I assume we're still waiting on Mr.
Yes, ma'am.
And when exactly can we expect him? Any minute now.
I just called, and, uh, he didn't answer.
I imagine 'cause he's on his way.
Well, you'd best call him again, Mr.
I'm giving him exactly ten minutes to show.
- My docket is full.
- Yes, ma'am.
I always loved it when they played that one in church.
I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal savior yesterday.
- Yeah.
No, I saw that.
- Yeah.
- Good for you.
- Thanks.
Just checking out.
Will you be joining us again anytime soon? Nah, probably not.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Don't be.
It's got nothing to do with you.
Hey, um, I've been meaning to ask, uh, about AA.
You know, if If you found it helpful 'cause… Yeah, I was considering giving Gamblers Anonymous a go.
Everything I have today is 'cause of AA.
- You have a good one.
- Yeah, you too.
Davis, would you like to proceed with the hearing without your witness? It's just that any factual information I It's a simple question, Mr.
I don't believe my grandchildren are safe in that house.
No, Your Honor.
In that case, the Court is prepared to rule.
What do you mean "rule"? There was no hearing.
But there is a petition on my desk, and I am fully aware of the unstable home life these children have had to endure.
That Jonah Byrde has been living in a motel, and that both his parents were recently arrested.
But, Your Honor, there were no charges filed.
Considering that Charlotte is months away from her 18th birthday, it is the opinion of this court that she should be free to make a decision about her own welfare.
Jonah's only 15.
It is the further opinion of this court that if Jonah can live in a motel, there can be no reasonable argument as to why he cannot move to North Carolina… …in custody of a family member.
Jonah, Charlotte, you're old enough to decide for yourselves.
You know, I thought that was a little, um, hasty.
I think she… Take all the time you need.
What is going on? Jonah? We're going with Grandpa.
- Come on.
- You're not you're not serious.
- Both of you? Really? - I'm sorry.
- What did he say to you? - Nothing.
He must've said something to you.
You said you didn't wanna go.
- I never said that.
- Yes, you did.
You said to me You just heard what you wanted.
Why don't we talk about this at home, okay? - Dad.
- We'll talk in the morning? - What is there to talk about? - Everything.
All you do is talk.
Nothing changes.
If there was something to say, do you think she would actually hear us? Charlotte, you don't understand what you're getting into, okay? Your grandfather is not a good man.
You think that because Mom told you to.
- That's not true.
- You just do everything she says.
- No, I do not.
- Dad, you said so yourself.
- What? - She only does what she wants.
The whole thing's rigged.
That had nothing to do with your grandfather.
He doesn't have your best interests in mind, okay? You're not 18 yet, and you're far from it.
You need to think about the house you're moving into, okay? And who runs it… Daddy.
Daddy, please.
Don't don't take them.
Don't don't take them away from me.
I will do whatever you want.
I-I-I will do anything.
Just tell me.
Just tell me.
Tell me what it is.
What can I give you? What do just just tell me.
Just tell me what it is you want.
I'll give you anything.
Stop it, Wendy.
Daddy, please, please, please.
Don't don't take them away from me.
I will do whatever you want.
I'm sorry.
I am.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I'm so hard to love.
I don't I don't mean to be.
I'm sorry I embarrassed you.
I'm sorry that I left home.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, but please do not take my children! Do– I am not doing this to hurt you.
I am just trying to keep my grandchildren safe.
Let them let me keep them.
Just just don't take them away from me, please.
I will be I will be so good.
I will.
I'll do whatever you want.
 Just tell me.
Tell me.
Tell me what to do! Please! I want you to get up and stop making a fool of yourself, Wendy Marie.
Nobody's falling for this anymore.
When I am done, they are gonna know exactly what you are, and they are never coming back to you.

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