Ozark (2017) s04e13 Episode Script


- Oh, Mama, I'm in fear for my life ♪ From the long arm of the law ♪ Lawman has put an end to my running ♪ And I'm so far from my home… ♪ - Big ones with subwoofers, like a concert.
They're gonna need to be waterproof 'cause they're gonna be on deck.
And where that piece of shit was, there's gonna be a guesthouse with a bathtub and a shower and remote controls for the blinds.
And I want a circular driveway going around here.
And where we're standing is gonna be the big house.
Two stories, all-natural wood, like a real fucking lake house, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and I want a kitchen on both floors.
So, you like to cook? - I like my beer close by.
Hey, hey, uh, that's that's staying.
I'm gonna need some place to sit on my giant fucking deck.
Dear Mama, I can hear your crying ♪ You're so scared and all alone ♪ Hangman is coming down From the gallows ♪ And I don't have very long ♪ The jig is up, the news is out They've finally found me ♪ The renegade who had it made ♪ Retrieved for a bounty ♪ Nevermore to go astray ♪ The judge will have revenge today On the wanted man ♪ [MAN ON RADIO.]
That was Styx with "Renegade," wrapping up another 50-minute, commercial-free rock block here at 107.
And oh, Mama, I'm in fear for my life from this long arm of the storm system we got coming this week.
Batten down the hatches, Lake of the Ozark.
It's about to get wet and wild.
I'm Townson Wells.
Keep it locked on the Hollow.
Well, I'm throwing a party on top of a fucking boat, Townson Wells.
Go ahead and rain.
You dumb bitch.
I need to check myself in.
I am not feeling well.
Fill these out.
Uh… Oh, God.
Is there Is there any way we can expedite this? Can can I talk to a doctor? Here.
Here's my here's my insurance card and my driver's license.
John, will you please? [WOMAN SIGHS.]
In your own words, describe your current situation, as you see it.
My current situation, as I see it, is I am not well mentally.
Look, there's a substantial history in my family.
My brother My brother was here.
He was committed.
To your knowledge, have you ever received a diagnosis for a psychological problem? Are you just gonna read from that form? Here, just… [SIGHS.]
Just j-just take this.
Take this.
I will pay double.
Just Just let me in for for one night.
Had thoughts of harming yourself? I'm having thoughts of harming you, John.
I'm having thoughts of harming you and and the first girl over there.
We have 160 beds here and 164 patients.
Here's a list of therapists in the area.
What? Hey! Hey! Hey.
John! John! Hey, what are you doing? What's going on? Kenny, what's going on? Sorry, Mr.
They have the paperwork.
"They have the paperwork"? What paperwork? [TYPING.]
What's going on? Oh, I figured the best way was quick, like a Band-Aid.
This is a hostile takeover.
But for the record, we prefer to keep things civil.
Ain't that right, Rachel? Yep.
Hey, Marty.
When Darlene and, uh… [CLEARS THROAT.]
…Wyatt passed on, I became the sole inheritor of all Darlene Snell's estates and holdings.
And Charles Wilkes was eager to sell to you was how I read that.
- [RUTH.]
He doesn't like you.
Whose name is on the license? Mine.
I got my record expunged.
- Oh, yeah? - [RUTH.]
Good for you.
Look at that.
The controlling interest of this casino needs to belong to me so that it can belong to the Navarro cartel.
Unless you're trying to get me killed or yourselves.
Oh, please.
They ain't gonna kill you if they ain't done it by now.
I do figure they'll blame you, though.
Does seem like you should've seen this coming after Darlene passed.
All those shares just floating around for the taking.
'Course, it's none of my business.
This casino is part of a much bigger operation, and you know that, Ruth.
Not anymore it ain't.
Look, you're still a partner.
You got ideas about the cocktail menu, and I'll hear you out.
But the controlling interest here is mine.
So you need to find another way to launder your money.
Having a good time? This is dangerous.
Not a good idea.
Uh, they're taking your shit to the storage closet upstairs.
Of course she did.
I mean, what else can we do today? Oh, I know.
Oh, I know.
Maybe I'll be impaled by a tree, and I can lose an eye, and then I can be childless and hunted by a fucking Mexican drug cartel.
And I don't know.
Oh, what the fuck.
I can wear a A patch like a fucking pirate.
Are you all right, Wendy? Are you, um… What, are are you headed to the jail? Oh, shit.
Shit! No, I-I… [SIGHS.]
I'm working on something for the gala.
You're gonna have to do that alone.
But you are okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I'm just I'm wrapped up in something.
Uh, it's just, you know, remember we talked about me helping you to the finish line? This is me helping you.
I think that you should take it easy for the next few hours.
What do you think? I'm easy.
I'm very easy.
Okay, uh, I will iron things out with Navarro.
Good, good.
You iron.
I'll iron.
- We'll both be ironing.
- Wendy, uh - [LINE BEEPS.]
My lieutenants have not received their gratitude fees.
Why is that? [MARTY.]
Yeah, I've been dealing with a A family emergency.
My father-in-law An emergency that's more urgent than mine, huh? Omar.
Is everything all right? [MARTY.]
Uh, yeah, thank you.
Uh, just my my father-in-law is trying to get our kids to move with him to North Carolina.
Why would he do that? Yeah, he's got He's got an axe to grind with my wife.
He he thinks that the kids aren't safe.
You think they're safe? [MARTY.]
You know.
I don't know.
- I'm sorry to hear you're going through - Yes, we are all sorry.
Marty, I have become officially impatient.
Yeah, all right.
Uh, I think our best bet is to use the horse farm and the Big Muddy so that we can get this done as quick as we can.
You will use the Missouri Belle.
Why do I feel like I am repeating myself with you? Marty, there's going to be a lot of heat when my name gets taken off the SDN list, so your bookkeeping needs to be perfect.
Sure, um… Perfect money.
That's not gonna be a problem, huh? Marty, please tell me you're not too distracted that that's gonna be a problem.
No, it won't be.
You're gonna wanna divorce your husband.
What? You're gonna wanna divorce your husband and marry me.
I got Mary Schuler.
CFO of AFL-CIO Mary Schuler? Are are you joking? [CHUCKLES.]
No, I am not.
And Richard Kaiser's PAC had to cancel their silent auction because they were getting too many "regretfully declines.
That is unbelievable.
Yes, actually unbelievable.
God, if we can pull this off, meet this fiscal goal, get this particular group of people to coalesce, at that point, game over.
You own the Midwest.
When we pull it off.
God, you're a beast.
I'll be there in a bit.
Don't do that.
Oh, Daddy! - Get in here.
- [WENDY.]
What? You just don't quit.
You humiliate yourself on the courthouse steps like a child.
That didn't humiliate me.
It humiliated you.
Take your drug money and go.
There's over $2 million in that bag.
That's a lot of goodwill.
- It's a lot of tithing.
- You are disgusting.
Okay, well, we've established what you've thought of me a long time ago.
Now I want you… to consider this money.
Hmm? Uh-uh! [RATTLES.]
You sure you wanna raise two teenagers? [EXHALES.]
I really do.
Look, you're exhausted.
You should be.
You fought hard.
You won.
Just take the money.
There's only one road out of town.
All you gotta do is get on it and drive away.
Two million dollars.
It's a game changer.
It's a life changer.
You're right.
Two million dollars is a lot of money.
New house.
- Mm! New car.
Security, safety.
But I'm gonna go ahead and keep the kids.
Now, you go, or I'll call the police.
You know, when Mom was really sick - Oh, no.
I'm not doing that.
- Oh, no.
Well, you might not remember because you spent the whole year at the Great Boone Saloon.
But when she was dying and I was taking care of her [NATHAN.]
You never took care of her.
I did.
And you know what she talked about? - You have told me that fiction before.
- [WENDY.]
She apologized for you.
For beating us, for being a liar and a drunk and a cheat.
I never cheated on your mother.
You did.
And she knew you did.
And she forgave you 'cause Mom was a real Christian.
You go, or I call.
But I'm not nearly as devout, and I will kill you before I let you take my kids.
As hard as it might be to believe, this ain't personal.
I mean, it ain't all personal.
And it's not like you still don't own a big chunk of the place.
I mean, we're setting up for your party as we speak.
Can you just give me a sunset period on this? Just this one last thing for Navarro.
Then that's it.
This is really about you refusing to dirty up your own shit.
That's the problem here.
It's not.
Navarro will not let me launder through any of his other businesses.
Then use your own businesses.
Use Lickety Splitz and Harry's and the Blue Cat or whatever else y'all plunder and get it done.
Or or invent a business.
You're good at shit like that.
I'm not workshopping this with you, Ruth.
There's a time concern here, okay? [SCOFFS.]
There's always gonna be some concern, right? [INHALES.]
I cleaned my record up.
And you and Wendy ain't gonna shit where I eat.
So you gotta hand it to her.
She's a fucking little animal.
We'll smurf it in.
I'll get a bunch of people together in the morning.
I'll send them in tomorrow night.
- It's too much.
- No, we'll go peak hours, big, big teams.
I can get it done in a few days.
I don't think so.
Well, what do you suggest? - We have this huge event.
- No.
With money coming in from multiple states and sources, organizations, in the millions.
It may be our only chance to move this kind of cash.
When we are set up, we are going to be a major employer in Chicago.
We are gonna be helping people on a large scale.
Women, sick people, poor people.
And if anyone even looked… If if the IRS or the FBI or anyone even mention investigation, it's all over.
Image is everything in that world.
I can't lose it.
You've gotta get them to come home.
I'm not so sure I can do that.
Well, if you won't do it, I'll do it.
What does that mean? What the fuck do you think it means? [CHUCKLES.]
Look, I I'm I'm I'm begging you guys to stay.
Dad - I know it's hard to see right now.
But the most important thing is your family.
Grandpa's family.
But he's not somebody that you know, Jonah.
I know he's better than Mom.
- What? - It's not He is.
And besides, this'll be a good chance to get to know him.
What about you? Let's say that we get out of this tomorrow, which of course we don't, but let's say that we do.
Are you really gonna stay with Mom after all that she's put you through? We've put each other through a lot.
This is not all on your mom.
- [JONAH.]
You're not answering her.
And I'm gonna make sure that we all get through this.
By doing everything she says.
By staying.
By staying.
And then what? And then, we will all have decisions to make.
Okay? [WENDY.]
We have a lot of people coming into the airfield, so if you booked four cars, I'd make it five.
- I already booked five.
- Then make it six.
Okay, you know what? [SCOFFS.]
If you got something to say to me, just go ahead and say it.
This place was built for one reason, to launder money for Omar Navarro.
So it which makes what you're doing inherently dangerous.
You just got your life together.
I-I don't see this going very well.
Thank you for that.
But Ruth hired me because I'm a good manager.
- And I've always been a good manager.
- Oh! - Yeah.
- Your business was failing when I met you.
The place will run perfectly the night of your fundraiser because it is important to the casino, and the casino is important to Ruth.
But you should know, outside of the civility of doing business, I got no use for you.
I think you are a ruthless, nasty bitch.
I think you have no sense of humor or human fucking decency.
Now I'm gonna go order those town cars.
I do too have a sense of humor.
Think this is the last of it.
We're gonna head back to the motel.
Wendy, you gonna come out? [SIGHS.]
Bye, Mom.
- [MAN.]
Yes! [MAN 2.]
Yeah, that's it! How's Keith Deltrek got stacks that big? He's been here 15 minutes.
Bullshit's how.
Get him out.
Kenny, bounce the Deltrek boy from craps.
I wonder why this slutty jackass here is hitting on 18 against a six.
She's not gonna let us have this.
I'm going to bed.
We'll deal with it in the morning.
I'll be in in a minute.
- [BEEPS.]
- Hey.
I need you to do me a favor.
- Oh, my God, Jesus.
- Don't move.
Oh, my God, Jesus.
Take my bag.
You need to let my colleagues launder their money.
Do you understand me? - [EXCLAIMS.]
- Say it.
I underst I understand.
- What in the holy hell is wrong with you? - What are you talking about? You sent an assassin at me in the parking lot.
What? No, I didn't send anyone after you.
- Please keep your volume down, okay? - So it was your wife then.
- I don't - That sounds about right.
I'm gonna tell you something.
You and your dick wife can launder your drug money about a hundred other ways… Volume.
…and yet you insist on fucking with Ruth.
- Why such a hard-on for that woman? - Rachel.
I don't have a hard-on for her or anyone else, okay? I'm gonna give you an example.
You have 30 different vendors.
You are working with millionaire donors.
I can't do that.
Really? Why not? Math looks pretty easy to me.
Because I can't.
This is Wendy.
All this.
You don't give a shit about any of this.
I really hope she's worth it, man.
I'm very sorry that somebody came after you.
But, Rachel, I-I need your help with Ruth, please.
This is about Wyatt.
This is about, you know, so many other things.
And this is the last time I will ever ask her for anything.
All righty, we're rocking it through your drive time here at KPVK.
Still keep an eye on this weather system, folks.
Maybe tomorrow you ought to take the day off 'cause the skies are gonna open up and a hard rain's gonna fall.
But for now, you're with me, Townson Wells, on this Two-for-Tuesday.
Here's a pair from Golden Earring.
Keep it locked on the Hollow.
Somewhere in a lonely hotel room There's a guy starting to realize ♪ That eternal fate Has turned its back on him… ♪ [LINE RINGS.]
You've reached Jonah Byrde.
I can't - It's two a.
, the fear has gone ♪ - The fear has gone ♪ And I'm sitting here waiting The gun's still… ♪ [LINE RINGS.]
You've reached Jonah Byrde.
I can't come to the phone right now, but leave a message.
Help, I'm stepping Into the twilight zone… ♪ [TIRES SCREECH.]
My beacon's been moved Under moon and star ♪ Where am I to go now that I've gone… ♪ - [RUTH.]
Rachel told me what y'all did.
- Hi.
Yeah, I had nothing to do with that, but I'm I'm gonna talk to Wendy, okay? Yeah, I rerouted all the funds coming out of the Belle to KYC-compliant banks on US soil.
And I can't have you sneaking this shit through and have you threatening my employees.
Why are you doing this? Soon as this hits Mexico, they're gonna come for you.
Not if you do your job.
Find another way to clean the money.
No, without your help, I can't get this done as fast as I need to.
Like I said, it ain't personal.
Soon you will come to know ♪ When the bullet hits the bone ♪ [MARTY.]
How's your head? [WENDY SIGHS.]
Depends how you mean.
Did you send Nelson after Rachel? Fuck yeah, I did.
I hope it worked.
It did not.
Ruth rerouted the casino's outgoing funds.
Fuck is her problem? She thinks we've got another way to do this.
Yeah, well, we don't.
Wendy, if if we get Navarro off the list, if we get him extradited, it's it's useless if we don't have the money.
The FBI said that if Navarro died, they'd be happy to let you run the cartel.
Are you suggesting that I run the cartel? - [WENDY.]
- Good.
I'm simply saying that the FBI's already given us the answer.
We don't need Navarro.
How? - [WENDY.]
- Camila? Let's give her the whole thing.
Let's tell her everything.
- The whole story, the FBI, everything.
- You wanna confirm her suspicions.
Tell her we've been working for law enforcement.
 She'll kill us.
No, we make it an offer that's too good of a deal to turn down.
I mean, the entire cartel is just gonna think Navarro's alive and running everything through Camila.
I mean, that's what everyone will think everywhere.
I mean, but in reality, Navarro will be dead, and Camila will be head of the cartel.
Yeah, I'm not so sure the FBI is gonna be willing to look the other way while Camila has Navarro killed.
And then, what, they just they make somebody that they've never met before a a shadow cartel leader? All they want is the money from the seizures.
Look, I mean, these people, to the FBI, they're just, they're interchangeable.
They're disposable.
If you see another way… You think she'd be willing to do it? [WENDY.]
I can get her to do it.
I can.
Davis, how are you tonight? [CHUCKLES.]
Oh, hi.
Annalise loves those Mexican Cokes.
Got a sweet tooth.
Well, I love beer.
Well, you sure clean up nice, don't you? Yeah, I'm about to go to work now.
Oh, that's right.
You now own the floating city of Gomorrah.
How proud you must be.
I've been meaning to ask you.
How's the schools out by where y'all live? Why do all you women care so much about the schools? Those two are smarter than shit.
They're gonna need good fucking teachers.
And you can watch your language around me.
I'm sorry.
I've got a sailor's mouth.
How'd you and my son spend time together, anyway? What what do you mean? Aside from the physical.
What'd you do? What'd you talk about? Uh… I guess we talked about what everybody talks about.
You know.
"How was your day?" "What do we wanna do? What do we wanna eat?" [CHUCKLES.]
'Cause you're not his type.
All right.
He likes brunettes, same as me.
You can't trust blondes.
Hmm, no, I figure you can't trust about anyone.
And they're smart-mouthed.
- Hmm.
- You have a good night now.
- Have a good time on your boat.
- [RUTH.]
I know for a while now that you're working with the FBI.
These seizures are the fee.
That's the price of doing business.
Uh, otherwise, they they won't interfere with your operations.
Both your brother and your son knew how smart this deal is.
And look at the two of them.
- You're different.
Your brother was taken down by a a rogue FBI agent.
- An outlier.
- Yeah.
And the Bureau is very much on our side.
And your son, may he rest in peace, he was never given the opportunity to embrace the arrangement because your brother had him killed.
You want me to run the cartel while the world believes my brother's running it.
Why? In maintaining the appearance of a patriarchy… [CAMILA.]
…it avoids a lot of headaches in your organization, don't you think? [CAMILA.]
Don't pretend like this is for my benefit.
If I run the cartel with the approval of the FBI, that means they'll stop investigating you, and you'll be free to run your foundation and play kingmaker.
All those things can be true at once.
How are things with your kids? Not great, but we're working through it.
They're at a wild age.
Difficult, emotional.
Yes, they are.
Your family means a lot to you.
Well, my family means a lot to me too.
And yet, you'll have me kill my own brother to make all this possible.
We know, Camila.
We know it was you who made the attempt on your brother's life.
And we never told him, and we never will, because we wanna keep you alive.
Make you king.
Now that I know all this, what makes you think I won't kill you? 'Cause with us, you get the FBI.
You get to run the biggest cartel in the world and never be on any most wanted list.
Never see a prison cell.
You'll be everything and nothing at once, which if I'm not mistaken is exactly what you want.
"Okay" as in "yes"? "Okay" as in "yes.
We'll set up a meeting with the FBI.
I'll need to visit Omar one last time.
I-I don't think that that's the best idea.
Yeah, well Well, no, what he means is, it It would be easier on you if you didn't see him.
Oh, I'll be fine.
Of course, but, um… [SIGHS.]
We'll look into it, but it may not be possible.
I believe you'll make it possible.
How fast can we fill a board seat if I told Schafer to fuck off? [SCOFFS.]
I told you, at this point, you need Schafer to get Navarro off SDN, or you need a lot more time and money to put a new team together.
It might be that we don't need him off the list, after all.
Why, you, um, planning on killing another cartel head? [CHUCKLES.]
Right, well… [EXHALES.]
…I could fill Schafer's seat in whiplash time.
What about damage control? Not bad.
Good, potentially.
If you get out in front, say that you're willing to take a financial hit if it means not getting into bed with amoral people.
Blah, blah, blah… Good.
"Potentially good" is what I wanted to hear.
What are you doing here? [CAMILA.]
I'm in town for the gala, and I wanted to see you.
- Is that okay? - Yes, of course.
You look better.
More blood in your face.
They don't cut your hair, do they? Hmm.
It makes you look young.
Do you remember my wedding? That's an odd question.
I was 15 and very drunk.
You got in so much trouble.
Dad was so mad at you.
He was screaming at you in that little vestibule.
You came over and asked him to dance.
You do remember.
You winked at me.
That's right.
- I winked at you.
My little buddy.
I didn't kill Javi.
Your son was not a traitor, Camila, and I didn't kill him.
I used his death to see who was who.
But I didn't kill your son.
Then who did? I don't know.
Who told you? Wendy Byrde.
Marty, it's Camila.
How are you? Uh, good, Camila.
How are you? I'm gonna need you to tell me who killed my son.
I-I know that your Your brother ordered the hit, but I don't I don't know who actually did it.
I'm sorry.
Omar just told me he didn't order it.
It's important that you're honest with me.
Listen, uh, y-you know, Camila, I'm I'm not really on that side of the business, so I don't have any details.
Um, I apologize, you know.
I'll I'll I'll look into it for you if you'd like.
But, uh, you know, I just I might not be the best person to ask.
All right.
I'll see you soon.
Thanks for letting me stay over.
Oh, I like the company.
Three's hardly ever here, and when I get it done, you can have the guesthouse if you want or… or, uh, live in the big house.
Yeah, it'll be too much for me and Three.
It's okay to move up, you know.
You deserve this.
Don't you don't you fucking shrug me off, you bitch.
- Don't do that.
You deserve the whole fucking thing.
You do.
New start, new house.
New life.
I guess.
Well, I know.
Your door was a little bit open.
What can I do for you? [BENITEZ.]
He wants to see you.
He had an uncomfortable visit from his sister today, and he wants to talk to you and Marty.
What's going on? [EXHALES.]
- My children left me.
Don't you think they'll probably come back? No, I think my father is gonna poison them against me.
I had a terrible relationship with my father.
He was a massive prick.
It's not bragging if it's true.
He's dead now.
But he hit my mother.
He hit my sisters.
Beat me and my brothers.
I've forgiven him, of course.
Of course.
But there was a time there where it was either… kill the man… or join the church.
Is that right? Thanks for that.
Yeah, you're welcome.
Thank you.
Now, you're either gonna let me in this hospital, or I'm gonna leave this building, and I'm gonna kill my father.
So, why don't you pass me that clipboard there? Let's get to know each other, hmm? Hey, you can stay at mine again tonight if you want.
We can watch, uh, Duck Dynasty and feel good about ourselves.
That does sound fun.
Uh, well, uh, I got an errand to run, so, uh, I'll bring home dinner.
Careful out there.
- Yep.
Do you, uh, do you need anything? No.
What are you doing in here exactly? [WENDY.]
Did you tell the kids I'm in here? No, I did not tell the kids.
I don't wanna worry them.
The whole point is to worry the kids.
You know, we got that fundraiser in two days.
Don't you wanna be able to get ready for that? Be rested? [WENDY.]
Tell the kids I'm in here.
And and what about Camila? You know, we got this new deal with Camila.
Are you you gonna make me handle that all on my own? If I leave here, I'll kill him.
Who? What do what do you mean "who"? My dad.
Okay, that's enough.
I'm not leaving here till I get my kids back.
- Got it.
- Mm-hmm.
We need some place private to talk.
I'll be in my office with Ms.
Langmore if y'all need me.
All right, then.
Here's the deal.
The man you got sitting in prison over there for Wyatt's murder.
He didn't do it.
Hold on a minute.
Maybe you should get yourself a lawyer before you say anything else.
No need.
All right.
Go on, then.
A motherfucker named Javi Elizondro did it.
He works for the Navarro Cartel, and he had them [RONNIE.]
The Navarro cartel? Can can I Can I get through this, please? Yes.
He had a problem with Darlene growing heroin, and he shot her and Wyatt, and and when I found that out, I hunted him down and and killed him in Chicago.
So so the man's dead.
Jesus Christ, Ruth.
And and And you ain't never gonna find him.
And it might also interest you to know that Javi Elizondro killed Sheriff Nix, so you can take those billboards down 'cause you ain't never gonna find him.
And here's the thing.
If any DA or anyone ever comes at me and says that I said any of this shit to you, I'll deny it and tell them that you're crazy.
And who'll believe you anyway? Because it is crazy.
Now, you know how bad it looks? You getting all Darlene's money and then coming in here with a story about cartels and Chicago and dead cops.
And just what do you expect me to do here? First of all, go ahead and follow the money if you want, 'cause it ain't gonna lead you to nowhere.
None of it was about money to me.
And you ain't never gonna find any evidence 'cause this is some high-level shit.
Now, I'm sorry to lay this all on you, but those are the facts.
My point here is the man sitting in that jail cell ain't guilty of nothing but being poor and being an asshole.
And half of that ain't even his fault.
He didn't do it.
There's a fuckload of politics in your job, but right is right.
You're gonna be a good sheriff, Ronnie.
Just be careful driving home.
It's slicker than spit out.
Shit, shit, fuck! [PANTING.]
- Okay.
- [MAN ON TV.]
Come on, man.
Don't do that.
- Come on, Rachel.
Pick up.
Hey, I got Duck Dynasty on.
It's really good.
- Okay, yeah, you need to listen to me.
- What's the matter? No, no, you You need to get out of there.
Nelson, the guy who fucked with you the other day, he's coming after me, and he'll find you.
- Wait, what? - Just just please listen to me.
Go to the closet, get the rifle, and then you need to fucking run into the woods, and you just keep running.
All right, I got it.
- My shoes! - Just forget about your fucking shoes.
Fuck! - Fuck! He's coming up the drive.
- Shit.
Shit, shit.
Get behind the trailer.
Run now! Fuck.
Fucking nightmare! - Just go.
Just fucking move.
Once he gets out of his fucking car, you need to shoot him, or he'll kill you.
He'll find you, and he'll kill you.
Just slow and steady.
Just do it.
Slow and steady.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, fuck me.
Look, I'm I'm I'm almost there.

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