P-Valley (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

The Trap

1 This time next week, y'all gonna be practicing inside this new building right here.
Previously in P-Valley You made the withdrawal from the church account yet? What you need it for? What's your little ass gonna do with it? My gym.
This retirement plan of yours, it's real, huh? Mercedes' last dance it took you long enough.
Well, 25 retirement age for a stripper now-a-days? Hey, yo, Cliff.
Come listen to this.
- Nigga, is you stalking me? - Yeah, shorty.
Listen to this here.
New song, huh? Who this Andre Watkins? I was just showing him a good time.
By trying to bribe him with the stacks? His casino want to buy our land.
I'm gonna need you to use them lips.
And I'll leave it up to you to decide which set you gonna use.
- Condom? - Be right back.
Luckily, there's a Walgreens on the co Fuck.
I think I might just have to try you out on that pulpit one Sunday service.
That would be nice.
Ooh, that nigga, ooh, ooh, that nigga ♪ Ooh, that nigga, ooh, ooh, that nigga ♪ I just don't see why I should pay you to take your clothes off for money.
It's like giving a homeless man a-a million dollars.
You already know that ain't gonna turn out right.
- What's popping, Freckles? - That ain't my name.
But that's what make you distinct.
Another thing make you distinct is that you the only nigga up in here not throwing it up.
I got money.
Money ain't a thing.
It makes my skin crawl to see all these women here degrading themselves like that.
Get your ass here on a weeknight 'cause you ain't got no pussy to park up in.
I don't like the way you talking to me.
And I don't like your freckles, so that make us even.
You probably ain't even got no money.
I got some money.
That ain't Well, give it to her, then.
Imagine she homeless, and you Jesus.
Ooh, ooh, that nigga ♪ Pick that shit up.
It's okay.
We'll get Toy to pick it up.
Ooh, ooh, that nigga, ooh, ooh, that nigga ♪ - Hand it to the lady.
- A lady? Man, y'all got jokes.
I only repeat myself once.
Hand the lady the money.
Jump if you gonna jump, nigga.
You gonna be disrespectful, huh? Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
You want a freak, pussy pink like bubblegum ♪ But talk is cheap, fuck nigga this ain't free lunch ♪ Keep it up, have them real niggas fuck you up ♪ Keep my own money cause a lame nigga try to cuff ♪ Showin' off your watch, your ring ♪ Pussy niggas spend your change ♪ Fuck that nigga.
He gonna be the first one busting a nut to some porn tonight.
At least we ain't doing that.
What if he right? Look, Keyshawn if you don't learn nothing from me, learn this.
Don't let not one nigga put his weight up on you.
If he feels some type of way about this shit, then he don't need to be up in here, then.
Maybe I feel some type of way about it, too.
Lil nigga gotta spend that shit ♪ Can't fuck me, boy, won't slang no dick ♪ You ain't got no chips, she ain't got no whips ♪ Say you want a lil baby, well I ain't that bitch ♪ - Mm.
- Sorry.
A customer spilled beer on my money.
Must be going good down at the Pynk.
You know how fellas go crazy for the new girl.
Don't me and my husband know it.
I'm moving fast, just like the panther ♪ Not talking money, I cannot answer ♪ Making money, so you know they can't stand her ♪ She moving dirty, like she a dancer ♪ My lyrics spreading, like it's some cancer ♪ Be on alert like your name Amber ♪ Your nigga broke, bitch, raise up your standards ♪ She hopping around, like she is a prancer ♪ I'm moving fast, just like the panther ♪ Not talking money, I cannot answer ♪ Making money, so you know they can't stand her ♪ She moving dirty, like it's some cancer ♪ Be on alert like your name Amber ♪ Your nigga broke, bitch, raise up your standards ♪ Hopping around, like she is a prancer ♪ This gonna be the spot for all my trophies.
Girl, you must make a mean rack of ribs if they all award-winning.
I'm not doing a restaurant.
I'm doing myself a gym.
- A gym? - Mm-hmm.
These fat folk in Chucalissa sure need one, not that we gonna use it, though.
Not that kind of gym.
It's a gym for majorettes.
We need somewhere to practice our dance-dance.
And what kind of money you make doing that? I'ma charge tuition, so I already got about 20 girls.
I get a gym, I'm sure I'll bring in more.
And folks spend money on that? What you mean? I mean, it ain't like nothing you can buy.
You ain't selling a product.
You just selling an experience.
Believe me, if it's one thing I know how to sell, it's a experience.
It's a subscription model I'm going for.
Subscription model? Okay.
You pay a monthly fee and get access to a bunch of different classes.
You see, I want my girls to build up they skill set.
Folks that's good enough can become a Chucalissa Challenger.
20 girls at $200 more than pays for the mortgage.
Mm, it sure sound risky.
Listen, maybe I should show you some of my rental properties.
A lease will give you some time to see how it all shake out.
No, I'm committed to this.
I'm committed to these girls.
I'ma build something that lasts.
Okay, you get me the down payment by tomorrow? Tomorrow? These folks been buying up these properties left and right around town.
You better put your money down quick before somebody else do.
Okay, I will.
Just a little piece of business advice.
I'd up that subscription fee to $250.
Dreams are expensive.
Make them pay for what it's worth.
Say my name ♪ Whoa ♪ What the hell? Ooh-whee, girl.
I don't need no crack with a voice like that.
Oh, you don't have to give me your money.
Where you going to church, huh? I'ma come and hear you every Sunday.
Woodbine, are you sure you want to close this account? I'm just following God's orders.
Had to ask.
Could you hurry the hell up! You have a blessed fucking day, too! Bitch.
I like you, banana-nana fo-fana ♪ Banana-nana fo-fana, banana-nana fo-fana ♪ Banana, I want that banana-nana ♪ - I can't.
- Hell, you better.
You damn near split your wig the other night.
Uncle Clifford said your ass is gonna get up on the Pony, you got to learn how to ride.
Now, one more again.
I just don't have the upper-body strength to do this shit.
It ain't about strength.
It's about physics.
You got to think of it like this.
The Pony is the center of the universe.
In order to go around, you got to throw your weight.
You don't love 'em anyway ♪ I like you, banana-nana fo-fana ♪ Banana-nana fo-fana, banana-nana fo-fana ♪ Banana, I want that banana-nana fo-fana ♪ Flying ain't about strength.
It's about trust.
Y'all up in here? Who hooptie parked in the parking lot? - Mine.
- What? You ain't driving no Lexus? - That's all I could afford.
- Mm.
Gidget, you ready to go on down to the Dollar Tree? I got coupons for the sparklers.
Hey! Mercedes' last dance finna be lit.
Where Uncle Clifford at? Uncle Clifford! Uncle Clifford! Keyshawn, quit calling my name.
Uncle Clifford, could you please No, mm-mm, mm-mm.
This ain't no damn Uncle Pooh Bear daycare.
Take your baby on to the store with you.
Oh, lookie here.
This my new little trinity, huh? This little look look like it might work.
Me and Gidget a duo now, salt and pepper.
Ah, hey! Shake it.
Don't break it now.
Ah! Come on in this office, September October.
I got something I want to show you.
What you say? Oh.
Yeah, what you say? Oh, okay.
- Come on, now, look - Mm.
Girl, you ain't hear this from me.
Uncle Clifford was in the Paradise Room with all them regulars the other night.
That man said a casino coming to town want to build over the Pynk.
What? Whoa, whoa, wait a minute.
How you hear this, now? I overheard during my Sleeping Beauty night.
Bless his heart.
That doctor know he a nutter.
- Girl, I know.
- Well, they can't do that.
Uncle Clifford ain't gonna let them do that.
Sounded like Uncle Clifford ain't got much choice in the matter.
Now, I dids me a deep dive from them pictures to the memos.
Seem like folks last name Jenkins getting half what the Trumps getting, you know what I'm saying? I mean, Corbin and them land worth a half a million, yet they nearly getting about six.
Well, what they offer you? They ain't given me no offer.
What? - Don't tell me you don't own.
- Oh, no, I own.
I own.
This place been passed down over the generations.
It's just, um I'm still paying off a debt I took up on this place.
And you gotten behind.
Well, I won't be behind for long.
Mercedes' last dance gonna have that interstate lit as fuck.
Her booty always bring in that big bank and little bank, too.
You'll never be able to beat them, even if you get good on your debt.
They'll find a way to take this club.
I know guys like this.
They always win.
Child I loves to be taken in the night, but I feel like my booty hole gonna be tore up after this.
Mm, what you said.
Unless somebody can prepare me for the rapture.
- Uh-uh.
- Come on.
That Andre boy love running his mouth off to you.
You know, go back to him, - ask him a couple more questions.
- No.
No, no.
I am not talking to that creepy-ass dude anymore.
You know he has pictures of me on his computer? - Bitch - Hmm? He got pictures of me on that computer.
You ain't nobody special.
And here it is you think that man's stalking you.
Your pussy ain't that good.
As you can see, the nighttime foot traffic is high on the weekends, and with access to the 55 and being waterfront property, this property is A1 for sure.
Andre, stellar work pinning this down for the company.
Well, with Mississippi state law requiring all casinos be built on water, viable land is scarce, but I've found needles in haystacks before.
Now, to be clear, we're still on track with the other land acquisitions? The Kyle property is one signature away from being done and done.
I can't believe this is coming along without a hitch.
Well, Bill there might be one small, little, - tiny problem with the owner of the Pynk.
- Nigga.
Now, the Pynk is still on the verge of foreclosure, but the owner may have found out about the casino.
I know we were waiting till the foreclosure proceedings were done with the Pynk, but I say we make the man an offer he can't refuse.
Oh, there's no point in making an offer if he's about to go on the auction block.
Well, you white folks No, no, no, Mayor Ruffin You bold in it now-a-days, don't you? I did not mean it like that.
I'm sorry, but I am you you took that the wrong way.
Unfortunately, if we can't get all the land at the price point allotted in our budget, then Promised Land will be forced to go elsewhere.
Now, now, Bill, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Chucalissa want this, need this.
Well, then, Mayor Ruffin, what are you gonna do to make sure that Promised Land Equities can do more than just build the Tydell Ruffin Park? Um, my, um um office can draw up a special ordinance to expedite this particular foreclosure.
Just give me two weeks.
Then that ain't gonna be a problem no more.
Watkins, close the Kyle deal without delay.
- Two weeks, gentlemen.
- Bill, let's go! - Two weeks.
- Got to get back to my wife.
Eloise Can you go get me a a, um, you know - Get you a what? - Bitch, just go! I'm surprised Eloise ain't sued you yet.
Boy, hush.
This is the South.
I just want to know what the hell you were doing just then.
I had to let Bill know.
I seen shit like this go sideways, you don't keep your investors privy to potential problems.
No, the problem was you doing a deal in the Pynk with that Corbin motherfucking Kyle.
He probably the one that told that thing about the casino.
You stay your ass up out of that Pussy Valley.
That whole hood is known for loose lips, if you know what I'm saying.
You wanted me to close the Kyle deal by any means necessary.
That's what I was down at the Pynk trying to do.
No, no, no, you were trying to fuck up my legacy.
If this thing goes through, I will be the man that singlehandedly make it rain down upon Chucalissa, and my platform is a promise I intend to keep.
Now, you close that motherfucking Kyle sale by end of week.
You heard me? I heard you.
Well, come on, get it done godson.
Get it done.
I'll deal with that Clifford sale.
And, you you just keep your dick up out that Pynk.
Siri, call Patrice.
Hey, Ma.
You have reached Patrice Woodbine.
Sorry I can't come to the phone right now, so please leave a message, and have a blessed day.
Hey, Ma, this is about the third time I done called.
Let me know where you gonna be at so I can come cop that check.
Hit me back, now.
You have reached the phone of [INDISTINCT.]
She can't come to the phone right now because she's on punishment.
- Mom! - You can call back in three weeks.
Oh, my God, you're doing it! Mom I-I-I know I've been changed ♪ I ♪ Know I've been changed ♪ Come on, Delta Valley Revival.
Who else wants to come to the altar tonight? Who else wants to be delivered? I know I do.
Do you hear me, church? You see, your steps have been ordered by the Lord Himself, the path that you're on with its twists and turns, Its highs ♪ And low lows ♪ Let me hear you say amen if you been deep - Amen! - Down in the valley ♪ And can't no man take ♪ What God got for you ♪ You gonna hear this! Can't no man take ♪ What God got for you ♪ Amen.
Thank you, Sister Woodbine.
Pastor Gilfield know Isaiah 54.
Won't no weapon formed against you prosper, and every tongue that dare rise against you in judgment, in hypocrisy, in both hateration and Holleration ♪ Will be condemned ♪ I could dance all night ♪ Whoo-hoo! ♪ What in Heaven names you think you doing? Wasn't it you that said you wanted to try me out in the pulpit, or is that something you tell all your church hos? Don't blaspheme in front of me.
Nigga, you ain't God.
But this is my church, and a woman ain't got no place on the pulpit.
Seem like your congregation might think otherwise.
Stay in your lane, Sister Patrice or you best find another church.
By the pool, there's a lot of pretty girls ♪ But all I see is you ♪ Now, how come you ain't coming tomorrow? You know I'd be there if I could.
But the season start tomorrow night.
Don't be mad at me, because I got you something new.
Uh, uh-uh.
Only dollar bills can go in the floss.
Go ahead and open it.
Go on ahead.
Dripping chocolate ♪ All over the bedroom ♪ Drowning in your ♪ That's all I get? Oh, you know you can get more.
I can't live without my brown ♪ That's really up to you.
- Hey, boo.
- Hey, girl.
- That's 25 cents.
- Call y'all bitch.
- Yo, Peanut Butter - Uh-huh.
- Extra Extra - Mm-hmm.
And the Dark Knight, y'all on deck.
Uncle Cliff, remember, Autumn ain't working tonight.
Mm, well, y'all lucky, 'cause that girl was gonna take all y'all bitches' money.
Look, tonight might be slow, but don't y'all worry.
With Mercedes' last dance, tomorrow'll be better.
Y'all just put my monkey drops in y'all r-r-routines, now.
How many monkey drops it gonna take to keep this place from shutting down? - Shutting down? Who said that? - Yeah, who? - Who said that? - Yeah, who? Who? If y'all bitches don't stop sounding like some motherfucking owls up in here, y'all better Hmm? I overheard you talking to Autumn's man the other night in the Paradise Room said a casino finna to tear down the Pynk.
Well, Miss Mississippi, you sure named after the right river, 'cause your ass can't hold water for shit.
Thank God it's all just lies and gossip.
Well, if that ain't true, what the hell's going on? Damn.
I ain't gone yet.
Save the tears for my floss funeral tomorrow.
Mercedes, this ain't even funny.
The Pynk finna shut down.
Girl, it ain't finna close.
Uncle Clifford just a little behind.
Wait, you knew about this shit? Look, look, look.
Y'all heifers just go on out here.
- Let's make this money.
- Bitch, come on, let's go.
Hooch on.
So you fucking knew this place was going under, - and you ain't even tell nobody? - Hell, and if it was, ain't like you'd do something different.
Are you fucking kidding me right now? Gidget, I loves you, girl, but you be blowing through your bags like dandelions.
At least I squares my shit away.
Yeah, that's easy when you just got a fucking dog to take care of.
Ain't nobody told you to have all them kids, Keyshawn.
I been telling y'all from day one, stack your paper.
What's the point of working here if you ain't saving? Bitch, you walk around here with your head so far up your own ass, you don't know what we doing.
I know y'all been buying bags and Louises and eating out every day and shit while I've been stacking.
Seven years I stacked and I finally got my gym.
Your gym? What, the club ain't good enough for you? It's good enough for me.
Girl, your mammy will tell you you can't strip forever.
Gidget, wait.
Bitch, like, that was a fucking low blow.
Gidge! Andre.
What, the honey pot ain't working tonight? - Fuck you.
- No, fuck you.
What you did, digging through my computer like that, sending my files around to God knows who You're right.
I shouldn't have done that.
Look, I'm here to tell you I'm sorry.
Oh, sorry you tried to smash me for some intel? No.
I wanted to be with you, Andre.
It's just Clifford really needed to know, and and then I saw the picture you took of me.
Look, it was for my presentation.
Yeah, I saw it in the PowerPoint, the one about land appraisal.
This shit can't get out.
People need to know they're being screwed over, Andre.
Yeah, they sure do.
Good night, Hayley.
Why are you so mad? This is supposed to be a good thing, right? That's what you said it was gonna turn the whole town around.
Nothing will turn this whole town around, Hayley! But at least if I could just push this casino development through, I could do more for this city, my city.
And just to think, I jeopardized all that for a-a a stripper.
You don't know who the fuck I am.
Yeah, and now I don't want to know.
You know what? I'd rather be a stripper than some self-righteous, hypocritical bastard who thinks he's been put on God's green earth to save us all.
'Cause Captain Save-a-Ho gonna save us all, right? Why are you even here? Go back to your kid.
Put him to bed.
Be a responsible mother instead of some thot ready to finesse the next thirsty nigga! Fuck you.
Fuck you, fuck you, Andre! Fuck! Fuck you! Stop.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey.
Shh, shh.
Shh, shh.
Coffee? So you didn't want to sleep next to my crazy ass? Nah.
Nah, I-I couldn't anyway.
I was up thinking a lot about what happened what what almost happened.
My daughter is gone, Andre.
Hayley, I'm so sorry.
It seem like all the scars are still more like open wounds, though.
I'ma get going.
She's lucky.
Tonight's the night my girl Mercedes goes HAM on that pole for the last time.
Get your motherfucking chips, 'cause we breaking all the rules tonight.
Hey, you need to go straight on to Mercedes.
You already know, man.
As soon as she hear how nice this track slaps, she gonna be begging to twerk to it.
Now, I know y'all see the line.
I'm VIP up in this bitch tonight, man.
You best take your little swoll-in-the-chest ass to the back of that line before I break your fucking mouth, nigga, with your cheap-ass grill.
Oh, h-hey, it's okay.
It's okay, Diamond.
They can come on in.
Yeah, it's cool.
It's all right.
Flodging-ass, femme-fatale-looking bitch, walking like she carrying ten stacks on her.
Hey, Ma.
You have reached Patrice Woodbine.
Sorry I can't come to the phone right now, so please leave a message, and have a blessed day.
The mailbox is full and cannot accept any messages at this time.
Here y'all bitches go.
I hope you washed them.
Bitch, you'd be lucky to get some of my pussy juice on your shit.
Who did done this and fucked up my mascara? You are fucking this shit up tonight.
- Shining on all of us.
- Yes.
- Gidget, thank - I'm on deck.
This bitch still up in her feelings.
Well, you right.
When you've been stacking like you got you a gym.
What if this casino thing go down? Where I'ma work at? What I'ma do? What you want to do.
I ain't like you.
You don't care what nobody think of you.
You you're strong.
I'm just pretty.
That's my only strength.
Because it's your last chance to see the last dance from your favorite, Mercedes! Time for the show.
Y'all better get close to the stage.
Y'all better hurry up.
I can't just play it on her like I did last time.
It's her retirement dance, too? Shit, one them cheap fuck cheap shooters probably in the parking lot for sure.
Oh, come on, stop being a punk-ass bitch, man.
Fuck wrong with you? Maybe I could play it some other time of the night.
No, Mercedes got to be the one to bless the track.
- That's what I need.
- Well, you better do what you do, then.
We about to get fucked up tonight.
Whoo-whee! The Pynk crunk as a mug, man.
So many folk in here, the walls gonna start sweating and shit.
Yeah ♪ Yeah ♪ Yeah ♪ Oh, you ♪ You look better than some pretty diamonds ♪ You look better than some pretty diamonds ♪ You looking better than some pretty diamonds ♪ Spending all my time and money ♪ Girl, just look where you at ♪ All of them shoes and bags ♪ Popping them tags, spending money on your ass ♪ You looking better than some pretty diamonds ♪ You look better than some pretty diamonds ♪ You looking better than some pretty diamonds ♪ Leave what you want ♪ You know I ain't got to lie ♪ You know a diamond's a girl's best friend ♪ What judge done let you off house arrest tonight? I told you about that little fat motherfucker.
He at the house right now, putting the ankle bracelet to bed.
Mane, you really came out for your girl? I wouldn't miss this shit for the world, Mercedes.
To new beginnings.
New beginnings.
Hey, Mercedes, can I talk to you for a second? - Hey, little nigga.
- No, he straight.
You ain't got no business stepping to her, especially with them ugly-ass Christmas tree colors you rocking.
Nigga, I was rocking Gucci.
The fuck you talking about? Mane, it's a'ight.
Little Murder, speak your piece.
To keep it 100, Mercedes, I just wanted to wish you a beautiful night, shorty, and the best of luck with everything.
- You gonna be missed.
- Oh.
Y'all have a good night.
The audacity of these young gangsters today, man.
These hurt-billy hustlers don't know how to follow code.
Oh, look out now.
What's happening? - I got something for you.
- Mm-hmm.
Compliments of the coach.
Oh, good looking out.
Get that baby some new Penny Hardaways and make them crispy now.
- Make a memory with me.
- Ah Ah.
Now, don't forget to tag me on that book of faces, a'ight? - I won't.
- Mm-hmm.
So this your last time up in this office? You need me to stay longer? Girl, don't be trying to stay where your ass ain't wanted.
Are you throwing me out now? Huh? That's what a boss bitch does throw out baby birds.
Now turn around.
And that's exactly how I want to remember your ass.
Hello? Ma.
No, don't come to the club.
Meet me next to the Kroger.
Be there.
I'ma be there in a minute.
That locker's gonna be looking for a new owner after tonight.
You know why the OG's locker is the biggest locker in the room? - Why? - 'Cause she earned it.
Don't think your ass gonna get this locker without putting in the work.
Your little high yellow ass gonna have to start doing monkey drops at least.
Well, Gidget's been teaching me a few tricks.
Any parting words of advice? Yeah.
Always clock the exits up in this bitch.
You never know when you might have to turn a closed door into a window.
Don't you mean a closed window into a door? Bitch, I said what I said.
Well Don't get cut trying to climb your way back in.
Midnight's almost here.
I ain't like that shit.
- It's cool, it's cool.
- No, I better go talk to her.
It's a'ight.
Pico, sit your ass down.
At the end of the day, a bitch gonna be a bitch.
You got that right.
Wait, why are so high-key right now? - Why you being this punk? - I ain't nobody punk.
You everybody punk from what I heard.
Somebody, please! - Who the punk now, bitch? - Murda.
Murda! Stop! You gonna kill him! Nigga, you is dead to me! Dead! Bitch-ass nigga.
- Hey.
- Hey, girl.
Mama said she'd meet me right here in a few minutes.
- She coming through with the check.
- I'm sorry, baby, but another buyer's done already swooped in and got it.
I told you, these properties been selling around here like hoecakes.
No, no, no, but my mama's coming with the deposit.
I promise.
Ma? Wait, that's your mama? Oh, hell.
What the hell is going on? I've been praying all day on this.
I've been praying all my life, in fact, and today He finally showed me the way.
Ma, we ain't got time for your motherfucking sermons now.
Why are you coming out of my gym? What? You didn't already put my stacks down? No, I put that money down for my new church building.
No, no, no.
But this gonna be my gym.
No, this gonna be my church.
Mercedes, God spoke to me, told me I was deserving of a pulpit.
A feather hit me like a ton of bricks today.
It was a sign.
You stole all my money? Well, God showed me the way.
Fuck you, bitch! Fuck you! Bitch, you gonna Hold your horses.
And hold on hold on to your weaves, now.
You know, we just having a few little technical difficulties.
Hey, and meanwhile, DJ Neva Scared is gonna play y'all some bangers before we start the show.
Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes! Where is this bitch at? We've been calling and calling and calling and still no answer.
Something done happened to her.
Oh, Gidget, quit, quit.
We ain't got time for them white-girl tears, though they are very tasty.
The show must go on, hear? All right, now, which one of y'all heifers gonna go on for Beyoncé, huh? - Shit, I would.
- Okay.
But I just ate them lemon-pepper wings.
Oh, girl, well, I guess I'm just gonna have to go on and entertain these niggas with my little titties and fat ass.
I don't know what y'all gonna do.
Fucking God damn it.
I'll do it.
You sure? It's lots of people out there.
Yeah, I'm sure.
Whoo, all right.
Come on.
Come on, bitch.
Come on.
Mercedes, Mercedes! Ow! Hey, let me tell you.
Let me tell you.
Let me tell you, now.
I regret to inform you Where the fuck this bitch Mercedes? We've been waiting more than an hour.
Mercedes will not be performing tonight.
Hey, hey, Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
But I got y'all Whitney Houston.
Nigga, quit lying.
I got something better.
Welcome to the stage Miss M-I ♪ Crooked letter crooked letter-I ♪ Crook-crooked letter-I ♪ Humpback-humpback-I-I-I-I ♪ I see a baddie, I'm paying her rent ♪ Look like an angel, yeah she heaven-sent ♪ Taking her with me 100% ♪ Run to the stage, they hitting the sprint ♪ Breaking the bank, I might need a split ♪ Throwing her bands and throwing her hints ♪ Think I'm in love with her, man I'm convinced ♪ Baby girl twerking like she wanna be my wife ♪ Getting to the bag on a Monday night ♪ Know I got the Benz parked waiting outside ♪ Finger and her neck, I'ma put it on ice ♪ She can have the Patek, ruin all my credit ♪ I don't give a fuck, if she want it she can get it ♪ Climb to the top, drop down split it ♪ She moving that thang, got a nigga so ready ♪ Over love ♪ That's my song.
That's my fucking song.
That's my song! That's my Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Love with this girl ♪ She got her own bag, I don't need to save her ♪ Shaking that ass, she rolling in paper ♪ Queen on the stage and naughty by nature ♪ Like me a bitch that be doing it major ♪ I'm so in love with her glutes ♪ I gave her the Visa ♪ This little bitch is the truth ♪ She probably a Libra, probably ♪ Over love, over love ♪ I usually choose the money over love, over love ♪ Yeah, you can have it, I don't give a fuck, a fuck ♪ Tonight she got me 'bout to give it up ♪ Every buck, all because ♪ I'm falling, falling, falling ♪ I'm falling, falling ♪ Falling like the money in the club ♪ I'm falling, I'm falling, falling ♪ I'm falling, I'm falling, falling ♪ You know that shit about you, right? Mm, boy, that shit ain't about me.
It is.
Hey, prove it, then.
I'm falling, falling, falling ♪ Falling ♪ I'm falling, falling ♪ Falling like the money in the club ♪ I'm falling, falling, falling ♪ Falling, falling, falling ♪ I done fell in love with this girl ♪ I'm falling, falling, falling ♪ Falling, I'm falling ♪ I'm falling, falling, falling ♪ Falling, I'm falling ♪ Falling, I done fell in love with this girl ♪ She got her own bag ♪ - I don't need to save her ♪ - Shaking that ass ♪ She rolling in paper ♪ Queen on the stage and naughty by nature ♪ I like me a bitch ♪ This little bitch is the truth, truth ♪ She probably a Libra, probably ♪ Over love, over love ♪ Ooh, wait.
Hold on, hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Ooh, hold on.
You want to fuck me now? Don't think you just gonna be diving all up in it now.
I got you.
This little bitch is the truth, truth ♪ She probably a Libra, probably ♪ Over love, over love ♪ I usually choose money over love ♪ - Over love ♪ - Ah.
You can have it, I don't give a fuck, give a fuck ♪ Tonight she got me 'bout to give it up ♪ Every buck, all because ♪ I'm falling, I'm falling, falling ♪ Falling, I'm falling, falling ♪ Falling like the money in the club ♪ I'm falling, I'm falling, falling ♪ Falling, I'm falling, falling ♪ I done fell in love with this girl ♪ Y'all give it up for the [INDISTINCT.]
! Yeah! Yeah! Two black female suspects in custody.
Taking statements from witnesses.

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