P-Valley (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Murda Night

1 Let's get you all caught up on what happened in the Valley.
You come on down to The Pynk, and you sign that petition now.
Why are you out here protesting the casino, Clifford? To help save my club.
I say we make the man an offer he can't refuse.
There's no point in making an offer if he's about to go on the auction block.
Now, you know good and goddamn well that me and you ain't meant for the outside.
So that's how it's always gonna be? We just gonna suck and fuck in the dark? You could stay at home.
I don't want to stay at home, Derrick.
Fuck, Keyshawn.
You know, I can take care of that.
Many folks you killed over there, you don't need na'an 'nother body on that conscience of yours.
Well, it's better his than yours.
Wonder what Mercedes will think about you taking over her locker.
I share my shit.
Combination 34, 36, 15.
This the music scout I been talking about.
I'ma see what he's saying.
I'ma catch y'all inside.
He going on at 12:30.
We gon' be by the DJ booth.
I got my heart set on something else tonight.
Autumn, this gentleman wants to be taken to Paradise.
Yeah, Autumn.
- I shot you.
- Not well enough.
Where my money, Hailey? I'ma ask you one more time.
Where's my mu'fuckin' money, Hailey? If you want the money, it ain't here.
I put it in a bank.
You put a quarter mil in the bank in Chucalissa? They ain't ask you no question? No.
See, I mixed it with money I earned from dancing.
After a bath in bourbon, they couldn't tell the difference.
They should've known you ain't making that kind of money in this hole in the wall.
How they know that? I could be a dancer working in clubs from here to Miami.
I look like a stripper, not a Former corporate accountant.
Head for business and a body for sin.
They always underestimate how smart the pretty girl is.
You pretty-ass bitches can get away with murder.
Open up! I need the room.
Come on! Let me in.
Open the door.
Who the fuck up in there? I'm trying to make this coin.
I can't breathe.
Killing me won't lead you to the money.
I don't know why I came in here with you.
You better follow my orders.
They're gonna see.
There's cameras all over this place.
Well that's why I need your ass to start dancing.
It might be Murda night, but leave that beef on the table.
Throw that guap up instead.
Hey these laps about to be bodied up in the Pynk tonight.
This the last mu'fuckin' supper, y'all! Let these niggas have they cakes and eat 'em, too! Is my shot callers and my boss bitches in the building? Y'all niggas better be.
Let's give it up for Chucalissa's new trap prince and the pole princess.
It's Lil Murda and Miss Mississippi! Baby girl twerking like she wanna be my wife ♪ Getting to the bag on a Monday night ♪ Know I got the Benz parked, waiting outside ♪ Finger and her neck, I'ma put it on ice ♪ She can have a Patek, ruin all my credit ♪ I don't give a fuck, if she wants, she can get it ♪ Climb to the top, drop down split it ♪ Now she's moving that thing, got a nigga so ♪ Oh, nigga, is you crazy? Can have it, I don't give a fuck ♪ Tonight she got me 'bout to give it up ♪ Every buck all because ♪ Ho, keep your tongues to yourself.
The fuck.
Nigga, this shit best be worth it, man.
Oh, I told you, he got that shine, and I ain't talking about his teeth.
That's star power right there.
I'm falling, falling ♪ I'm falling, falling ♪ Falling, falling ♪ I sees a star, all right.
An amendment to Uncle Clifford's rules tonight no John Hancock, no hard cock.
I ain't signing shit.
You better sign that petition against the casino, mu'fucka.
What the fuck you think this is? Come on, man, I would put it in the car, but I got a Uber here, man.
Nigga, pick it up when you finna go.
Whatever, man.
Diamond, ain't nothing popping off tonight with you at the door.
It better not be.
It smell like it's gon' rain.
- I'm good now? - Yeah.
You know, let me take this on back to the back.
Y'all hit me on the Cricket if y'all need anything.
Thank you, man.
DJ Neva Scared! - What? - We ain't never scared, ho.
DJ Neva Scared.
- What? - We ain't never scared, ho.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Welcome to the stage The Pynk All-Stars! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
This your new anthem, produced by yours truly.
Hit 'em with that new-new.
Lil Murda! Lil Murda in this bitch, I'm balling.
M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I ♪ Crooked letter-crooked letter-I ♪ Humpback-humpback-I ♪ Mississippi pride pride ♪ M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I ♪ Crooked letter-crooked letter-I ♪ Humpback-humpback-I ♪ Mississippi pride pride ♪ Country boy, home bred ♪ Raised off the cornbread ♪ Started off with short paper ♪ Now I'm having long bread ♪ Dice game, shooting craps ♪ Lose it all, make it back ♪ Take it straight to The Pynk ♪ 'Bout to blow a couple racks ♪ I send the pack out, and I bring the racks in ♪ Walking in through the back door ♪ Know I'm bringing my straps in ♪ Go on, give me a lap dance ♪ Booty sound like she clapped hands ♪ Go right by the booth ♪ Better know that I'm tapped in ♪ M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I ♪ Crooked letter-crooked letter-I ♪ Humpback-humpback-I ♪ Mississippi pride pride ♪ M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I ♪ Crooked letter-crooked letter-I ♪ Humpback-humpback-I ♪ Mississippi pride pride ♪ Gotta keep one on me, don't get your wig split ♪ They don't want no smoke, ain't talking cigarette ♪ Put it all on the line, went and got me a bigger check ♪ Herringbone chain stacked up ♪ I'ma need me a bigger neck ♪ We got flodge on the Internet ♪ My niggas be into that ♪ See Impalas and Caddies pulling up whenever I feel a threat ♪ We don't do too much talkin' ♪ Just a lot of gangsta walkin' ♪ Come to my city, play it safe ♪ You end up leaving in a coffin ♪ - What you say? ♪ - It's Murda ♪ M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I ♪ Crooked letter-crooked letter-I ♪ Humpback-humpback-I ♪ Mississippi pride pride ♪ M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I ♪ Crooked letter-crooked letter-I ♪ Humpback-humpback-I, Mississippi pride pride ♪ It's Murda ♪ Yeah! That's religion! - That's what the fuck I'm talkin' about! - Yeah, yeah, yeah! This Chucalissa's new trap prince.
- It's Murda! - I dare anybody come for his crown.
Y'all better tell y'all great-grandchildren y'all saw the legend up here first at The Pynk! We bodying the stage all night.
Y'all better stay tuned, 'cause pole assassin Mercedes coming to the stage in a minute.
Y'all better keep y'all cameras out because Jordan returns.
Thanks for the invite.
Missed that last dance the first time.
I ain't gon' miss it again.
- Shut up.
- No, I'm serious.
I done drove all the way down from Memphis to Chucalissa to see the GOAT.
I mean, really and truly dance one last time.
What? What's wrong? I'm just really thinking about how you done come through for me.
It's regulars like you that keep gals like me dancing.
You generous.
You care.
You've invested in me.
You are worth it.
Am I worth 10K? That's one expensive Mercedes room experience.
Most I ever paid was 300.
It ain't for me.
It's for my gym.
A couple weeks ago, I lost everything I been working on, but I'm a hustler and grinded hard and got me a re-up, and I'm halfway there.
I just need another investor to help me with 10K.
That's all I am to you walking billfold? Of course not.
But let's not get it twisted.
This relationship has always been transactional.
Doesn't have to be.
Keep talking.
You willing to give me part ownership of your gym? Hell, naw.
Well, I'ma need something, then, something to make my 10K investment worthwhile.
And what does that something look like? Like we discussed before condo on the river, skybox seats to every game, and I will have keys to said condo so I can enjoy my investment.
And how your wife feel about that kind of arrangement? She already know.
Come on, Cedes.
Let me take you from the pole to the palace.
- Yeah.
- My nigga.
Hold up, hold up, shorty.
Shit, here you go.
You might as well just take all my shit.
You know what I'm saying? I'd rather give you this motherfucking Patek, before you steal my breath away again.
So this the nigga you been yapping about? Meet Rome Caffey, head exec over at Blue Guap Empire.
Lil Murda, will you please sign my titties? Oh, shit.
- Well, God damn.
- Here you go, Daddy.
- Right here.
- Hey! Heifer, no titties and tequilas, is Uncle Clifford's rule for the last night, and that includes you, Miss President of the Big Old Titty Committee.
Pooch on, now.
Leave the talent be.
Lil Murda got these pussies dripping.
Hey, Rome want to rap with you for a minute about some possibilities.
Hell, yeah, man.
Let's go up to the section so we can connect a little bit.
Oh, that's what I'm talking about.
And you buy the bottles.
Hell, yeah.
Come on.
Let's get it, shorty.
- Lil Murda, go handle your business.
- Wait, wait.
Hold up now.
WorldStar already done said that y'all the Fayoncé of the week, right? Shit, I mean, if y'all talking, then we all talking.
Let's go kick it in the section.
Key! Hey! Yellah girls know they ain't got to try too hard.
Big L, chile, you done almost missed it, honey.
Them bitches was out there popping and dropping that pussy like they going out of style.
Well, they better, since they pussy gon' be out of business tomorrow.
Nigga, just count.
I've been counting these guns.
Look what the riffraff done brought-eth to the club-eth.
What? Niggas just gon' break all the rules tonight, huh? Like bitches are breaking all the rules, too.
Now, I should stomp a cone in her ass.
What this bitch don't understand about no titties, huh? Look, you better tell Diamond to go handle that, 'cause she don't want me to.
Diamond, 2-0 in the Paradise.
Big L, you gon' have to do it.
I'm trying to lay the law down up in this bitch.
Never mind.
I'm on it.
Copy that.
Fuck it.
It's the last night.
Go ahead.
Hey, stay in school while you're at it, mu'fucka.
Guess we all breaking Uncle Clifford's rules tonight.
Little boy, how the hell you get up in here? Yo' man Mane made me a fake ID.
He want me to get it to you.
It's about your girl Hailey.
- Who the fuck is Hailey? - I guess this who.
Why Mane ain't come bring this his-self? 'Cause Mane ass his trifling cousin babysit his ankle bracelet, and his cousin robbed a Krystal's.
Man, I told him to leave it with me, but he been locked up at the jailhouse for the past few days and couldn't link up with you.
Say you'd know what to do.
Cedes, what's up? Hey, yo, this what's up.
Boy, if you don't get your little mannish tail up outta here Hey, don't get mad at me.
I'm just the messenger.
The Pynk run a day care now? Go on.
Sit back down.
Let's toast to our agreement.
From the pole to the palace, huh? Thass right.
Coach, let me think on that, 'cause your charity it's feeling a little expensive right 'bout now.
Pole assassin Mercedes about to make it rain up in this bitch in a Mississippi minute! We gon' get that last dance for real this time, niggas! Uncle Clifford! Uncle Clifford! Big L! Big L! Where's Gidget? - Duffy, why the fuck is you whispering? - 'Cause I don't want her to hear me.
- Your bitch a mu'fuckin' werewolf now? - Werewolves can hear good? Lord, you are truly the pot to Gidget's lid.
- You ready for this shit? - Hell, yeah.
So, Rome, how you and Woddy acquainted? We ain't really meet under the best of circumstances, you know what I mean? I met my nigga when I was planning my mama funeral.
F and G Funeral Homes, man.
Y'all made my mama look real good, bruh.
Hey, I do good work for the dead.
He get it popping for the living, too.
Your boy Woddy here kicked me your first joint.
When I saw little shorty getting all poetic on the pole to that joint "Fallin'," shit, I knew this was a situation I needed to be a part of, you know what I'm saying? You hear that, Lil Murda? My Insta-sippi's put the country boy long bread raised offa cornbread on the map.
Hey! Just hope you ain't like these other lame-ass niggas out here flexin'.
Holding they Drakos all up in they videos and shit and don't even know where the trigger at.
Man, you know I keep my fire on me.
Okay, but is you about that life, though? 'Cause I don't need not a na'an-nother faking, flogging-ass gangster on my roster.
I'm looking for that authenticity.
Authenticity, thass what sell today.
Well, I'm a Hurt Village Hustler for life.
Hell, yeah, you a hustler, all right, 'cause I see you got that green stuck all in between your teeth, and I damn sure ain't talking about spinach.
Looks to me like you've been busting it down for your saucy Versace and all your drip, and not your music.
See, that's where I come in.
I can connect you with the dopest producers.
- DJ Neva Scared my producer.
- Hold up.
You talking about that lil' baby fetus-looking muthafucka dancing around in the DJ booth? Man, if you don't get the fuck out of here Look, let me guess y'all niggas put some one-inch eggshells up in this nigga mama bathroom, and you call yourself cutting a track? Actually, it's his mama basement.
Exactly, my nigga.
That's that bullshit.
A production deal means real studios with real producers and a real manager.
- My nigga.
- Woddy my manager.
Hold up.
Hold, hold, hold.
No disrespect to Woddy, but Woddy can't bust you down with a 360 deal like I can, bruh.
What y'all ballers doing? What y'all need more of? I get y'all that house Crown, if y'all want to shut it down up in this VIP booth.
We 'bout that business right now.
Y'all enjoy y'all night.
Uh, Mississippi, don't stay too long.
One of your regulars is looking for you.
God damn.
Folks around this muthafucka don't know if they want to be a nigga or a bitch, know what I'm saying? A real nigga like me, I need some clarity.
I know that's right.
Yeah, these faggot-ass niggas takin' over, man.
- Yeah, man, I know.
- Damn.
Better leave my boss alone.
You might think Uncle Clifford a punk, but that bitch got a tongue like a Drako.
That's my vato.
Shit, let me find out you got bars, too.
You already a Mississippi dime like nobody ain't never seen.
I mean, you pretty, country-si-diddy, and you got that mouthpiece? Girl, I'll manage the shit out of you and your homeboy, too, if he just let me.
Keep talking.
With all them lessons at the Houston Pole Palace, you should be able to twerk better than that.
Someone's gonna come in here soon.
No, they ain't.
You know, I'm trying not to do what I did to your old boy Ade.
You know, the one that set up your accounts.
What did you do? Held him off the side of a hotel balcony 'til all the blood rushed to his head.
Hard way to die, long way to die.
Your boy held up strong, though.
Just before his last breath, he gave up the goods on just one account.
Chennai Fabrics.
First transaction nine stacks to a telex in Chuca-muthafuckin'-lissa.
I got here.
The sheriff gave me that good old Southern hospitality.
Posted a mug of my pretty little wife.
- I'm not your wife.
- You could have been.
You should have been.
The only thing you married to is that fucking gang of yours.
Well once you become Delta Devoted you're devoted for life.
Hey, this room is occupied.
- Bottle service, sir.
- I'll get rid of them.
You stay the fuck over there.
Bottle service, sir.
I'm good with just the dance.
For the Paradise Room, bottle service is complimentary, and so is another pair of titties.
Excuse me.
Looks like you getting white and brown liquor tonight.
Careful of the mix, though.
Sometimes it can make a nigga sick.
Trifling hos.
Just trifling.
Diamond, don't you make me fire you on the last night.
Didn't Big L tell yo' monkey ass 2-0 in Paradise? Yeah, the mu'fucka said he was gon' do it.
I'm out front doing what Well, the nigga ain't do it, so you gon' have to come and do it.
Ain't nobody got time.
Ain't nobody got time.
All right, all right.
You got exactly what you wanted, huh? I don't even know what to say, man.
Nigga, fuck you, 'cause you the one who said you ain't want to suck and fuck in the dark.
I don't.
Then what was all of that about just then, huh? What was it all about? Nigga, I don't fucking know! I was just I was just flexing.
That's all.
It's just It's habit.
Granmuva Ernestine told me, "Believe what a person show you the first time.
" You Lil Murda now, not LaMarques.
What a privilege it was getting to know him.
What a joy.
'Cause LaMarques was ready.
This Lil Murda character.
that's the face you showed me first.
- I don't know about him.
- I wanna be ready.
I wanna be ready.
Well, you let me know when you are.
'Til then, you know where the door is and the window, too.
You on some Cirque Soleil-type shit.
You know what I'm saying? I can get you all types of deals, for real.
I can see Nike in your future, boo.
- Nigga, Nike? - Nigga, hell, yeah.
That's what a 360 deal can do.
I can take goddamn Lil Murda ass and Miss M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter skraight to the top.
Can I speak to you? - In a minute.
- See, once you get with me, you ain't gon' have to deal with no woresome-ass customers no more.
I ain't a fucking customer.
I said I'll be with you in a minute.
I said I'll be there in a mu'fuckin' minute! God damn.
He acting like he your man and shit.
See how folks be, feenin' for them some Miss Mississippi.
- We see.
- Let me go hit that floor.
Hold up, hold up, hold up.
You let me know when you're ready for Blue Guap, 'cause Blue Guap damn sho ready for you.
I mean, do you want Lil Murda, or do you want her? 'Cause all you seem to be talkin' about is her in connection.
Look here, bwoy.
My nigga, no cap I'm just saying your boy, man, that nigga dime a dozen, bruh.
Look, with Pro Tools, even my goddamn grandma can cut a trap album.
But look, that black Barbie shit right there she the reason that Blue Guap even came down here tonight, not your bwoy.
Look, if you ain't got my bruh best interests at heart, we don't need to rock.
Now, I don't care who you reppin'.
Look, every wave ain't meant to be rode, nigga.
What the fuck was that shit about? Just the guy who said he wants to be Lil Murda's manager.
Said he could manage me, too.
Does he wanna be your manager or your fuckin' pimp? Get your shit, and let's get outta here.
Derrick, I've got money to make.
If you don't come home right now, you gon' regret it.
Or am I gon' regret coming home? I suggest you do as I say.
Get your shit.
By the time I finish taking a piss, you better be outside in the fucking car! My glass is empty.
But the bottle's still half full.
Now why don't you go so I can enjoy this dance I paid for? It's been very expensive.
Well, I don't see no bank.
There should be so much money throwed up in here that the floor should be green, not purple.
She been dancing a little stiff.
So why don't you why don't you leave us alone so we can sort this out? If Hailey want me to leave, I'll leave.
But if she don't then Mercedes, you should go.
Yeah, Mercedes.
You should go.
Should I bring you back the same thing, or should I bring you back something harder? Surprise me.
Get the fuck back! You want to see how the DDs deal with the accomplices of bitches who steal from a lieutenant? Where the money at, Hailey? - He ain't gon' do nothing! - Bitch, where the money at? Don't tell him shit! I'ma ask you one more time.
Where the money at? Bitch, where the money at? Stop! It's here.
Oh, but I thought it was in the bank.
The club is my bank.
I've been storing it here.
- Here? - Just let her go.
- I'll go get it.
- Girl, I'll go get it.
No, I'll go get it, and then we're done.
Enough people have died over this money, but tonight I'll give it all back, and we're done.
We're through.
Go get it, then.
You got five minutes, or I'ma drown everybody in this club in this bitch's blood.
Then my Delta Devoted niggas, they gon' come burn this muthafucka up.
Don't think for a second I ain't got nobody out there watching you, waiting for you.
So you best come back.
Five mu'fuckin' minutes.
You fucking hurting me! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Y'all muthafuckas better get y'all money out, because it's the last time we gonna see Mercedes! Think she coming back for you? She gon' come back.
She ain't come back for me.
That night I confronted her, she shot me.
Left me to die on my own kitchen floor.
You musta deserved it.
Bitch, get the fuck over there.
She stole my money.
She got the money.
I seent it.
We'll see, but the Hailey Colton I know, she a cold, cold bitch.
Brought her and her kid into my house.
I raised that baby like it was my own.
She ran out on me, a thief in the night.
Don't hate her for loving her child more than you.
Good mothers are built that way.
Easy bitch to love.
Easier bitch to hate But you probably already know that.
You don't want the money, do you? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Welcome back to the stage for the last song of the night, hitting you with that new-new, Lil Murda! Big L, where you at? In the office.
No, you ain't in no office, 'cause I'm in the office.
I mean office adjacent.
Oh, nigga! Yo, Derrick.
Why you was just yoking up Keyshawn like that just then? Diamond, that ain't none of your business.
Putting your paws on these girls is my business.
Look, Diamond, you don't want to rumble with me.
You're the one that don't want no smoke.
I don't know why Keyshawn deal with these gutter niggers.
What this muthafucka Oh, hell, no.
Code red in Paradise.
Your five minutes is up, Mercedes.
Please! Here's all your money, all 250K.
Get the fuck over there.
- How I know it's all there? - It's all there.
You didn't even ask about Autumn, how she's doing.
I'm sure her mother taking care of her all right.
Autumn's dead, Montavious.
She died that night.
Drowned in the flood while I was trying to run away from you.
Get the fuck out! Gun! Gun! Serves you right for trying to finesse me.
Fucking bitch.
What the fuck was that? Oh, shit! Everybody out! Oh, hell, no! - What the hell? - Fuck.
Diamond and Derrick scrappin' on the floor! - No, no, no, no! - Keyshawn! Where the fuck you think you going? Bring your ass here.
Stop! Get the fuck off her! - Get the fuck of me! - No! Let her go! Easy, easy, easy.
Easy, easy.
Derrick, stop! Stop! No! Derrick! Okay.
Stop! Stop! Get off him! Diamond, please.
I said get off him now.
Fuck you, muthafucka! - No.
- Come here! Get off me! Today The Pynk is slated for auction, but last night tragedy struck when a shootout left over 20 people injured at the infamous strip club on a night management aptly called Murda night.
Mayor Ruffin had this to say.
This shootout proves this strip club is a community blight, but as your new mayor, I will keep my promise to make Chucalissa safe again.
Redevelopment plans include a casino adjacent to the new Tydell Ruffin Riverside Park.
However, the new plan has been met with derision by some community members.
Me, mu'fucka! Granmuva, I don't know why you over here listening to this shit.
I got it.
All right, let's go to this funeral.
Hold on.
Where you think you going? Hey, wait, wait.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
As many times as I done drove down to that courthouse, I know where the fuck I'm going! Please, the keys.
Acting up.
They say God's a god of second chances.
Third, fourth, and fifth ones, too.
But you go talk to your god on this one.
Remember I'm dead to you.
Ma? Mama? Mama! Wait a minute.
Mama! Ma! Ma! Ma! Please! Ma! Your husband's been here so long, I bet he was able to get through that Bible that's on the nightstand.
Come back and see us, now.
Sure you wanna go to this auction with me? I could drop you off at the Iron Museum.
Babe, I finally get a chance to see what you've been working on all these months.
I'm good, as long as we catch that flight to Hotlanta by 3:00.
Okay? Ernestine my condolences for your loss.
Tydell? Fuck you.
I'm sorry it had to come to this, Clifford, but maybe you can come and run the buffet table at the casino.
Let's just hope that you can run it better than this club of yourn.
Boy, bye.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you could take your seats, please, the auction is about to reconvene.
Lot number 609, The Pynk, is up next.
Now, this six-acre waterfront property lot is currently in foreclosure.
We will now start the bidding for lot 609.
Starting bid Andre, the man ain't even said the price yet.
Starting bidding at $55,000.
Right here, at 55.
I'm looking at 56.
56 for lot 609.
55 here.
There's nobody bidding.
I got a cap at 200K.
Promised Land Equities don't gotta know.
Lady in white motion for 57.
Bidder, bidder, looking at 60.
60 bidder, bidder.
Do I hear 60? Bidder, bidder, looking at 60.
Do I hear 60? Bidder, bidder, I've got 60 here.
Looking at 65.
65 here.
Do I hear 70? Bidder, looking at 70.
Oh, shit.
Ain't that 'bout a light-skined-ed bitch? Looks like you got some competition.
Godson, I know you not gon' let her beat you.
- Come on.
- Do I hear 75? 75 to the gentleman right here.
Thank you very much.
Doubled to the lady in white, at $150,000.
Looking at 160.
Bidder, bidder, do I hear 160? I've got 150 right here.
150 is going once.
150 is going twice.
Lord, that's more than my coochie's worth.
Get Bill on the phone.
That bitch better be back from Bora Bora.
I've got $200,000 here.
Bidder, bidder, looking at 205.
Bidder, bidder, I have 205.
I got $200,000.
What is you doing, Andre? Baby.
- 205.
Do I have 205? - 215 thousand.
$215,000 to the man in red.
God-daddy, I need approval.
I don't have permission to bid above 200K.
Well, get permission, nigga! Do I have 220? Bidder, bidder, looking at 220.
I've got 215.
Going once.
215 going twice.
- 250,000.
- Oh, my Lord.
Do I hear 260? 260.
Bidder, bidder, looking at 260.
I've got $250,000 here.
God damn it, boy, bid.
Sir, I've got 250 in the back.
250 right here, sir.
- Fuck.
- Do I hear 260? I've got 250.
Going once.
- Hello? Hello? - Nigga.
- I've got 250 going twice.
- Hello, Andre.
Sold for $250,000 to the lady in white for Bluff City Carpeting.
Hold up.
Hold up.
Now, the rules of the auctions are very clear.
You must have the funds on hand in order to purchase.
So, unless you've got 250-mutha-hundred-fuckin' thousand dollars What? The Promised Land can spend millions on a fucking parking lot in the name of the Kyles, but you ain't got mu'fuckin' permission to spend more than a quarter mil to buy The Pynk? Now, you tell me, what kind of sense does that make? Now, I don't make the rules, God-daddy.
What they negotiate in private is their business.
But Promised Land can't show how deep they pockets go at a public auction.
They gotta abide by the cap.
No cap.
I'ma put a cap in your monkey ass.
Okay, God-daddy, calm down.
Andre, your phone.
Your phone.
So is this bitch, like, our boss now? - Hey, Bill.
- Yes, Andre.
Hello? Hello? Hello, Andre? - Andre, you listening to me? - Yeah, yeah, I'm here.
- This blows up the whole fucking deal.
- I know that.
- And you know what this means.
- I know.
I know.
I know.
Can you, Granmuva? - Come on, Grandma, I got you.
- There you go.
Child, can you believe that that shit happened? Blessed be.
Look who done come back wearing sunglasses and all white after Labor Day.
You steady stay breaking all the rules.
You know that's bad luck.
Well you make your own luck, partner.
This is that Ernestine special.
I remember when Isaac Hayes drank this joker right before he went out onstage.
He was rolling around out there naked.
Got a splinter in his ding-a-ling.
That's why he started wearing fur.
Oh, I don't drink.
Well, what kind of hoe is you? Granmuva.
I'm sorry.
I forgot my home training.
Ho, what's your name? Hailey.
I was close.
Hey, Granmuva Ernestine, you watch that glass now.
Oh, nigga, I see this shit.
Child, this place look like the Devil's asshole been turned upside down, inside out.
Well, Hailey, now you know what girls at The Pynk do in the Paradise Room.
Well, I been here more than a Mississippi minute.
About time I learned.
Why'd you do it? Why'd you come back and save The Pynk? Way I figured I owed you.
Now you owe me.
Mercedes, girl, you ain't never gon' get to do your last dance, is you? - Last night - Was last night.
But tomorrow is here, baby.
Tomorrow is today.
Is it took care of? It's took care of.
'Cause it's opening time at The Pynk.

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