P-Valley (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Last Call for Alcohol

1 Previously on P-Valley How, like, serious are you about this music thing? What, you trying to be Keyshia Ka'Oir to my Gucci Mane? Slide through this Sunday for Murda Night.
You don't want to miss it.
Murda Night.
The Pynk is going up on the auction block next week.
Next week! How you doing, Hailey? Chucalissa looks so beautiful in the morning from here.
I wanted to see it one more time.
Good-bye, Andre.
You dead to me.
You posted my bail? Since I got you out, you owe me.
My wife went missing the day Hurricane Drake hit.
I'll get my deputies to put up some fliers around town, quick fast.
Who should I ask for if I get word back? Montavius Hill.
Leasing to the casino is what we should be doing.
What the fuck are you doing, Wayne? Fuck you think I'm doing? I think we should lease the Kyle farm instead.
Lease? Pay the Kyle family what they're worth, not what they want.
Whew, all right, heifer.
You ready to do this? What in the hell? Now, you look here, Patrice, okay? What you not gonna do is disrespect me, 'cause I could have easily let your ass rot in that jail after what you did to Mercedes.
But this thing here is, uh, hmm, it's bigger than the both of us.
Wouldn't you agree? Well, you know what they say.
The enemy of my enemy is Is some dastardly bitch I gots to be involved with for the time being, 'cause as soon as this mess over with I don't know you.
Pussy Valley, baby! This wasn't what we agreed on.
Well, believe me, I know.
I know.
But in the new agreement, the Kyle family get half a million up front with a monthly lease payment of 15K and That ain't nowhere near the $6 million you promised us.
Knowing the grief this may have caused the Kyle family, I've worked hard with Promised Land Equities to make leasing worth your while.
In what way? When this casino deal goes through, the Kyle family get one percent of the gross of the casino's revenue.
One percent? What if it don't go through? Oh, it's gonna go through.
Well, ain't this pouring sugar on shit? Shit with sugar on it is better than nothing, don't you think, Wyatt? So which way do you gentlemen want to sign this? We can do it the old-fashioned way or my way.
Corbin already signed this leasing agreement? First thing this morning, and let me tell you, he didn't need a gun to his head to do it.
Mayor Ruffin, you ran on a campaign that you was a man of your word.
I am.
It seems your godson is not.
No matter.
See, 'cause once the council votes through that casino, very next thing we gonna do is elect a new mayor.
I am feeling like I am standing behind a tractor in the middle of a field.
I am getting a lot of shit kicked at me, Andre.
It's what Promised Land wanted.
Or is it what you wanted? Did you go behind your god-daddy back and renege on this deal? You gonna be late to the ribbon cutting in the Promised Land Park.
Oh, my bad.
I meant to say the Tydell Ruffin Park.
Oh, I pity you.
Pray tell, why I deserve such an expensive emotion from you.
The folks who deserve your concern don't get it, and the folks you shouldn't be concerned about get to tell you what to do.
I have to keep the promises to certain folk around here, Andre.
You got bad knees, god-daddy.
Don't stay down there too long.
You motherfucker, you! I'ma fuck you up, nigga.
This town's let these boys get away with murder longer than one can count, and you, you want to give them millions of dollars for nothing just because you owe them something.
Where's your integrity? Integrity? Nigga, do you know Chucalissa got a unemployment rate that's double the national average and an education system that don't even graduate half its kids? The revenue garnered from the casino could change all that.
I am trying to do good for my city! But you don't see like I see.
You up here talking about integrity.
Shit, man.
I'm the one that drank from another water fountain when I was growing up.
I'm the one that walked six fucking miles to go to a good school, and your crown your crown has been bought and paid for, boy, by niggas like me.
So don't you sit up here and think that you done did something because you done one-upped some cracker.
Somebody gotta pay for it, boy, and it ain't gonna be you.
Everything costs, son.
Just like that Morehouse tuition your god-daddy paid when your mama and daddy couldn't.
Mayor Ruffin? Mayor? Eloise.
Look, I said I would be down in a minute.
Now, just go and get the car ready, so we can get ready for that ribbon cutting.
The ribbon cutting's been postponed due to unforeseeable events.
What? What, it's raining? Protestors have gathered at the new Tydell Ruffin Park.
Word has spread the development company called Promised Land Equities has some big plans for Chucalissa.
Most folks think the end of days look like a bunch of hellfire and brimstone, but I done been to the mountaintop and talked with my Lord, and he told me that the fall of man look a whole lot like a party.
Like dancing, and drinking, and blackjack.
A Russian roulette for your soul! I'ma need all y'all to Sign this petition ♪ Eloise, get Sheriff Bailey on the horn.
A vote to ban this casino from our community! Mm-kay, for Just get him! Hey, hey, ho, ho! This casino's got to go! Can you please pull your dick out of my ass, Andre? Sheriff Bailey, please.
- Next? - Yeah, girl, he ate me out.
IUD and all.
Girl, you know Craig is always complaining about Come on down to my new church, the Breath of Life, full gospel Baptist tabernacle, off Old Hex crossroad.
We got a petition on the altar.
And if you, uh, ain't, you come on down to The Pynk, and you sign that petition there, hmm? And y'all hos know where we at.
Mm-hmm, I'm finna go on down that church and sign too.
Hell yeah, 'cause we don't need no casinos in Chucalissa.
You know what? I hope your damn IUD blow up.
God damn.
Hey, hey, ho, ho! This casino's got to go! - She tripping.
- Next.
Hey, hey, ho, ho! This casino's got to go! Next! That thing gonna get you where you going? Yeah ♪ It better.
Say you mines forever ♪ Bitch you mines forever ♪ What if I had some feelings for you ♪ But I ain't know how to admit it ♪ What if I told you that I love you ♪ But I love a little different ♪ How could you hold that against me? ♪ Now you say I'm aggressive ♪ A little over-possessive ♪ Bitch, you mines forever ♪ That's what I'm showing you ♪ But you don't understand the fact ♪ Of what I'm going through ♪ I'm trying to make it out these streets ♪ 'Cause they'll hunt you ♪ My mama told me boy these streets ♪ Got nothing for you ♪ Please tell me you at least got a lick or two in.
Well, that's what I'm talking about.
The last time you and your brothers got to fighting like that, it was over that three-tittied girl Lacy.
Wyatt was the one won that fight.
Don't know why y'all was fighting.
There was a titty go round for everybody.
Casino finally gave me my lease.
Why you look so upset about it then? Why are you out here running around protesting the casino, Clifford? Hell, I want the deal you got.
I want in on this leasing thing too.
Yeah, but wasn't everybody supposed to know about it.
You know how these backwoods niggers are.
Ooh, Corbin.
Your cracker side overriding.
You best replace that "er" with a "uh.
" What I'm saying is you give these folks a chance to say no to something like a casino, they gonna do it.
It's the Bible Belt.
City council's supposed to slip it in on 'em.
Now everybody think they got a say, and that threatens all the shit folks got planned.
Well, it helps me, gives me some leverage, okay, to help save my club.
Your club being saved wasn't a part of the plan.
This casino might go away without your waterfront property.
Now, they want my land, they just gonna have to make me a deal, like that 6 million that they done offered you.
You know white folks ain't gonna pay for shit they get for free.
So if I stay, what happens to you, hmm? Your leasing deal? It goes away.
And my leasing deal, it ain't gonna go away.
And here I thought I was about to ask you for a loan to help me save The Pynk.
I ain't got no money for that.
Mm, I bet you don't, but I do wonder if you got enough to buy the tapes of you getting your ass beat and coming in your drawers in my club.
- You trying to blackmail me? - No.
I just know you best not never, ever roll up into The Pynk again.
You want your ass beat, you go on to your brothers.
I'm sure they do you right.
Country boy, home bred ♪ Raised off of cornbread ♪ Started off with short paper ♪ Now I'm having long bread ♪ Di ahh.
Hey, hey ♪ Take it straight to the Pynk ♪ 'Bout to blow a couple racks ♪ I send the pack out, bring the racks in ♪ Nigga, where the barbecue at? 'Cause this some slaw, bro.
I'm serious, man.
What y'all gonna do? I don't know, man.
Show in, like, four hours.
DJ? Hey, yo, what the fuck? I was just getting to the bridge.
Bae, we need a break.
You murdered that track all right, but not in a good way.
I'm straight, I'm straight.
I just need to practice.
No, you need to get over your stage fright.
Man, I ain't scared of nothing.
Hey, I get it.
You being up there, bearing your all like that in front of 300 300 folks? It's 300 folks coming tonight? Nigga, I'ma need you to pull it together for tonight.
I'm straight.
I'm straight.
No, Lil Murda, you ain't.
But you about to be.
Every day, a million thoughts go through my head about how I'm not good enough to be on that stage.
But when them lights come on, guess what.
I gotta block it out, show up, and show out.
I don't know, Keyshawn.
How the fuck this supposed to help? Nigga, I'ma need you to trust me.
Same way you strip yourself naked on that track is the same way you gotta strip yourself naked on that stage.
Close your eyes and feel it.
Now open your eyes and see the crowd.
That's who you rapping to.
Tell 'em what you gotta say.
Country boy, home bred ♪ Raised off of cornbread ♪ Started off with short paper ♪ Now I'm having long bread ♪ Dice game, shooting craps ♪ Lose it all and make it back ♪ Take it straight to the Pynk ♪ 'Bout to blow a couple racks ♪ I send the pack out and I bring the racks in ♪ Don't get caught with the backhand ♪ Bitch, I'm from the flatlands ♪ Go and get me a lap dance ♪ Booty sound like she clapped hands ♪ 'Cause we right by the boot, better know that we tapped in ♪ - Pow.
- Yeah! - That's what I'm talking about! - Yeah! That's what the fuck I'm talking 'bout.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, Lord.
What the hell now? Those wheels make me dizzy.
No, no.
Afraid I can't take that no more.
Well, you've been taking it.
Clifford, I don't know what you done did to ruffle his feathers, but Mayor Ruffin is really cracking down on The Pynk, so it's my duty to inform you that if we see any exposed breasts while The Pynk is serving alcohol, I'm gonna have to shut you down.
Oh, this all some bullshit, Sheriff Bailey! Look, I'm just doing my job.
Since when your job description include harassing citizens off they property, huh? Look shit.
I-I can't believe y'all going up for auction tomorrow, but for what it's worth, I'ma be sad to see y'all go.
- The Pynk is something - Let me no, no, no, no, no let me tell you something, 'cause I got a message for the mayor, huh? You tell that motherfucker that if The Pynk going down, I ain't gonna be the only one sucking dick, 'cause I's blessed and highly favored.
So them casino folks best get ready, 'cause I loves me some deep throat.
Now, if you excuse me.
Oh, Big L, you are the worst damn security! What? I saw your midnight blue black ass on TV with my mama.
You the one bailed Patrice ass out of jail.
What, you wanted her to stay there till she just died and went to hell? Cliff, how the fuck you joining forces with the fucking devil herself? 'Cause, child, I got a big mouth, but your mama mouth bigger, and I thought she might be able to help me stop these Promised Land crackers from putting The Pynk up on the cross.
But it's too late.
It's too late.
I done pulled every favor I have in this town, all to no avail.
The Pynk going up on the auction tomorrow.
Cedes Look, without this club Without this club, I don't have nothing.
And these girls.
These girls, ain't no ain't no orphanage for hos, and who gonna hire Big L? Hmm? Hell, I barely wanted to hire Big L.
He's scary.
What Uncle Clifford rule number 24.
5? There's no crying at The Pynk.
Now, what done is done.
Question is, what you gonna do now? Uncle Clifford rule 55.
Even when there ain't no money raining Dance like tonight's your last night.
Look, I can't do it without my bottom bitch.
I done told you.
Once I'm gone, I'm gone.
No, no, no, no, no, them g-goods on that shelf right there, they ain't expired yet! Come on, Mercedes.
Why don't you ask your new ace boon coon, Pastor Woodbine, to dance? So you gonna just turn your back on them? Them folks your family.
Come on, Cedes, after all the shit I done done for you.
Hey, let's show these niggas one final good time.
Don't you make me bury The Pynk without my bottom bitch.
Ay! Un fantasma.
Bitch, I ain't no ghost.
Told y'all.
My bitch came back to slay all day.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ohh.
- Who bust you out of jail? - It sure wasn't you.
Ain't that one of my floss you got on? I would ask for it back, but your ass can have that.
My bitch back.
I told you.
Maite, I'ma need you to whip me up something quick fast for tonight.
It gotta look like the universe done bust a nut all over my body.
You know how that look like, Maite.
This floss has missed your ass.
Ah, hell no.
So this your last dance for real-for real? It's everybody last dance.
Yours included.
I hope y'all bitches got y'all plan B, and I ain't talking about no morning after pill.
I'm all about that last drop.
I see why Uncle Clifford's fourth rule is no motherfucking chips.
And just to think, I put my naked ass on this couch.
Our last two drops.
The rest of your payment.
There's too much.
Think of it as a parting gift.
I did 10K worth of work.
You give me 10K.
What about your gym? Don't you need 10 more K? Don't worry about me.
I gots me a plan, heifer, and that's the rest.
So you really finna go? Mm-hmm.
You say bye to Uncle Clifford? I don't think Uncle Clifford will miss me.
She might not, but that nigga Andre? You say bye to him? Bitch.
You gotta say goodbye.
- I called him.
- You called him.
- He's married.
- So? Oh, so you got so much integrity about some things, but marriage? Just fuck somebody's vows? Everybody's sharing they nigga with somebody else.
If it ain't they mama, it's they baby mama.
But you gotta want something more than that.
Ain't no love for ladies selling lust, 'cause that's all they ever want from you, 'cause that's what we give 'em first.
If I was you, I'd bring him down here.
Give him something to remember me by.
I wish I woulda had got a chance to say good-bye to somebody once.
Biggest regret of my life I ain't do it.
Hell, you already here, and tonight everybody last call.
Let's turn this Pynk funeral out right.
These backwater-ass Bible thumpers, done fucked up our park.
After we acquire the Pynk at the auction tomorrow, I'm done with you.
Circle up, circle up.
Come on.
Hey, look, I wish things could be different, but sometimes in life you gotta take an L to get to the W, and this unfortunately one of them times.
Gidget, hey, hey.
This building got enough water damage, and you know how we do.
We don't do no goddamn tears, hmm? All right now, 'cause the mayor's ass-backwards no-titties-and-tequila ordinance, we can't have no exposed breastses in the VIPS tonight.
No, hell no! How the hell we supposed to make that VIP bank covering up all our assets? We ain't got to show titties just to make this coin.
We just gotta shake them Tia and Tamaras so hard, niggas think they see titties.
Mm, y'all listen to my bottom bitch, 'cause we gonna make it with the help of the boss bitch above.
- Yes ma'am.
- Now let's all bow our heads in prayer.
- Ooh.
- Mm-hmm.
Lord, we ask that you bless The Pynk tonight, as we try to go out with one last, big-ass bang.
- Please, Jesus.
- I need this.
Help DJ Neva Scared bump his beats like he ain't never bump 'em before.
- Mm-hmm.
- Amen, boss.
And help Maite dress our girls in her best floss finery.
- Love it.
- Jesus! - Jesus.
- Please make sure Big L and Diamond don't let nann one motherfucker in the door unless they sign that motherfucking casino petition.
- Aye, cap'n.
- Hey, and make sure you wearing your damn radios, 'cause it's gonna be beaucoup motherfuckers up in here tonight.
- Hey.
- We got you, Uncle Clifford.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, I know.
Lord, we implore you to bless our holy trinity.
- Yes.
- Our OG Mercedes.
- Hey.
- Our new G, Miss Mississippi.
And our resident white girl, get 'em, Gidget, with them pretty ass legs.
Of course, we can't forget about our other Gs.
- Brazil.
- Brazil! - Peanut Butter.
- Hey, Peanut Butter.
Extra, Extra.
Read all about it.
- All about it.
- Toy.
- Mm-hmm.
- And Jupiter.
Who clearly can't spin one more again, 'cause her ass done popped.
I was finna tell y'all.
Oh, bitch, look, I don't need you to tell me nothing I can see with mine own eyes, but tonight you behind the bar.
And last, but not least, old Autumn Night, and her light-skinned and poetic ass.
Lord, we need you to bring all the money niggas to the club tonight.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
We talking about them drug dealers, ah-ha, them scammers, bitch! Hey, my girls, my bitches got bills to pay! - Yes, yes.
- Rich bitch, preach.
In the name of the Father, the Son, and these asses and titties.
- Amen.
- Amen! - Yes! - Receive, niggas.
Now, look, let's do everything we can to make sure make sure that The Pynk go out with a bang the likes of which Chucalissa ain't never seen before, hmm? - Whoo! - Yes.
- Amen.
- Tomorrow, we all going to a funeral for The Pynk, but tonight we gon' stack that skri-i-i-lla! Yes.
Nigga, where is you taking me? I got shit to do.
We shouldn't even be outside.
What if somebody see us? Don't nobody come back here.
If they do, I'll fuck 'em right up.
Nigga, is you planning on drowning me? Look, I done already been baptized, and it ain't did nann bit of good.
Stop worrying.
I'm just taking you to see the stars.
Nigga, how we gonna see no stars? Well, don't you see these clouds rolling on through? It's finna rain.
Nigga, how you get my car down here? How the fuck you think? I stole it.
Some things in life ♪ Huh.
I figured you could use a few minutes away from all that crazy up over there.
That's awful kind.
Know which way to go ♪ Are you okay? Lil Murda, boy, I done told you I'll be fine, as I always am, you ain't got to worry about me.
If and you ain't lovin' your woman then someone else will ♪ Believe in your man ♪ If you ain't lovin' your woman then someone else will ♪ Men are born strong ♪ Then broken down ♪ It's a big night for you.
It's your debut performance.
And, look, this could really set you up.
You sure you're ready for all that? I'm stage ready, but you know that.
One thing for sure ♪ What this, moonshine? Pecan whiskey.
If you trust and believe in your man ♪ Hmm.
My uncle friends be coming with it, don't it? If you trust and believe in your man ♪ He'll be good to you ♪ Mmm.
You sure you okay? If you want to talk about it, you know If I talk about it, then I won't be okay.
And tonight, I needs to be okay, and all them people in there needs me to be okay.
But tomorrow, I probably won't be okay, and I will welcome your offer to talk at that time.
But tonight I'm okay.
I choose to be okay.
You something else.
You know that? I sure do.
Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh.
Ain't nobody got time for all that.
- All right then.
- Mm-hmm.
Boy! Ooh.
Ooh, fuck.
Ooh, fuck.
Happened too fast ♪ Parents gone broke ♪ Ooh.
See that money don't last ♪ One thing for sure ♪ One thing that's fate ♪ If you don't show them you love them ♪ Believe in your man ♪ If you ain't loving your woman ♪ If you trust and believe in your man ♪ If you trust and believe in your man ♪ If you don't show them you love them ♪ It will be too late ♪ I will never clean house.
Never! I'd rather wax your curlicue coochies all day than plunge a gringo's toilet.
They think their shit don't stink.
Could be worse.
I'm finna go flip hash over at Taffy's.
Can't we draw unemployment? Bitch, bye.
The last thing I want to do is go work at that damn dentist's office.
With this casino coming, I'm about to get me a job running the spades table.
Girl, they don't play no spades at no casino.
See there, this casino for white folk.
There ain't even no spades tables.
Y'all better be on y'all's "A" games tonight, 'cause we about to get turnt up in here.
Pynk funeral about to be epic.
- Shit.
- You okay? Mm-hmm.
I'm fine.
I just Walgreens steady stay out my shade.
Let me see.
Come, mami.
I got you.
I just don't understand why she won't just leave.
Because that's when they're most likely to kill you.
Sound like something you know personally.
Last call for alcohol.
I'll have another one.
Hard day? Man, was it.
But tomorrow can't be worse than today.
Oh, I'm sorry, Diamond.
- I ain't even see you there.
- That's okay.
Where your baby at? With Derrick.
You all right? Uh, I-I think I done bit off more than I can swallow.
Real talk, I can't believe this moment came to me.
Mercedes always been the headliner at The Pynk.
Diamond, what this is? This here a carnelian.
One of them healing crystals.
That one supposed to give you courage.
Over in Iraq, one of my boys' girls used to send 'em to him.
He taught us about it.
He, uh, had it in his pocket when uh, when, um, you know, he died saving me.
I got it made out of what was left.
It done gave me courage.
Maybe it'll give you some.
Put it on me? There you go.
Thank you.
Damn it! That good pussy eating son of a bitch! Gidget, what's wrong? Duffy ass just text me saying he ain't coming tonight.
Talking about he gotta make a last-minute run.
Fuck Alabama! That motherfucker got another thing coming.
He think I'ma sit around waiting on his trifling ass? Don't laugh at me, Keyshawn! Fuck! I'm sexually frustrated.
Ooh! Well I should finish getting ready.
Yeah, I'ma, uh, head on back up front.
You think Lil Murda gonna sign my titties? Man, all these people here to see Lil Murda? Damn.
Hey, he text you back yet? Maybe he already inside.
Little nigga, take your ass on back to preschool.
What's up, Drake-looking ass nigga? Get on inside, 'fore I change my mind.
Oh, yo.
This is the music scout I been talking about.
I'ma see what he's saying.
I'ma catch y'all inside.
Hello? Hey, what's up, Diamond? Ain't you supposed to be at home babysitting? I'm here to watch Keyshawn.
Well, then better get in line, like everybody else.
You got some goods to declare? Hmm.
Don't forget to sign that petition.
No, no, big boss.
Uncle Clifford have a fit, he knew this nigga was on the premises.
Well, door my territory, Big L.
I say Obama can come in.
- Thank you.
- But first, you have to sign the petition.
- Come on, man.
- Sign.
Uncle Clifford rules.
Come on, man.
Some of us trying to see some cooch.
Can you hear me now? Hello? Yeah, uh, yeah.
He going on at 12:30.
Yeah, we gonna be by the DJ booth.
Im'a let him know.
All right.
We get money ♪ Get money, get money ♪ We get money, get money ♪ Get money, get money ♪ I want a bottle of bourbon.
Top shelf.
You got it? Top-shelf bottle for a bottom-shelf motherfucker.
All right, now, Gidget.
Don't start nothing off from her.
So you come here to support Keyshawn on her big night? You ain't never came to see her no other time.
So this is my last chance now, ain't it? You better not be causing her no trouble.
- I'll fucking - What? What you gonna do, Gidget? I'll take Keyshawn and them babies to come live with me.
In that dusty-ass trailer park with you and your cracked-out mama? Hmm, have you have you met Keyshawn? Keep laughing, 'cause one day Keyshawn gonna wise up and realize she a lot better than your sorry white a It'll be a cold day in hell before Keyshawn leave me.
So stay in your lane, trailer park.
Put it on Keyshawn tab.
We get money, we get money ♪ I want money, I want money, I want money, I want money ♪ Girl honey, shake your ass ♪ Shake your ass, throw that cash ♪ Throw that cash, I want stacks, I want stacks ♪ Money, money, money ♪ Money, money, money, money ♪ Through drought and famine ♪ Natural disasters ♪ You need to get that? My baby has been around for me ♪ Kingdoms have fallen ♪ Angels be calling ♪ None of that could ever ♪ Make me leave ♪ Yeah ♪ Every time I look ♪ Into your eyes I see it ♪ You're all I need ♪ Tell me why you're leaving.
Why? You wanna come? I feel it ♪ Ooh ♪ Who could've thought I'd get you ♪ Ooh ♪ Who would've thought I'd get you ♪ Don't leave.
And when we're making love ♪ Ah ♪ Your cries they can be heard ♪ From far and wide ♪ It's only the two of us ♪ Everything I need's ♪ Between those thighs ♪ Stay.
Every time I look into your eyes ♪ I see it ♪ You're all I need ♪ - Oh, don't stop.
- I think you better take this.
Could be an emergency.
Hello? Andre, where are you? I'm at my place.
Really? 'Cause I'm at your place.
Where are you? What's that noise in the background? I-I'm at the bar, uh, watching a game.
Well, I'll just come down No, no, no, no, stay there.
I'll be right up, dear.
Yeah, right up.
Ooh ♪ Who would've thought I'd get you ♪ - Good-bye, Andre.
- Oh yeah baby ♪ Good-bye, Hailey.
Watch me do it, watch me do it ♪ Watch me do it, watch me do it ♪ Watch me do it, watch me do it ♪ Watch me do it, watch me do it ♪ Watch me do it, watch me do it ♪ Watch me do it, watch me do it ♪ Watch me do it, watch me do it ♪ Watch me do it, watch me do it ♪ Watch me pull up in some foreign shit ♪ Excuse me, man.
Watch me hop out with a foreign bitch ♪ Cross seas on some tourin' shit ♪ Watch me fuck the world on porn shit ♪ Hit your bitch with that dope dick ♪ Watch her fiend for it on some junkie shit ♪ Call my plug, watch he throw a brick ♪ Watch I catch it on some T.
Owens shit ♪ Yes, sir.
Lil Murda.
This bitch evolving.
God damn, nigga! Why the hell you over there all quiet, hiding in shadows and shit? You learn to be quiet in the funeral home.
Gotta respect the dead.
Yeah, whatever, man.
Just go and slide up in there.
We need to talk, Lamarques.
Whoa there, what'd I tell you about using my government name, man? I saw you coming from down by the river with you-know-who.
You said that was only some, like, one-time shit.
It was.
I don't get it, my dude.
You got all these bitches throwing they pussy at you.
You got the exec coming over from Atlanta to see you do your thing tonight, and you rolling round in the bushes, 'cause you done caught feelings for Nigga, I ain't caught nothing.
You know what I done heard before? When two people fall in love, they hearts beat on beat with each other.
That's attraction, man.
It's on some chemical, spiritual connect-type shit.
Nigga, is you really giving me all this - right now, before I gotta - Look, man.
I guess you like what you like, and that's cool.
Couldn't be me, but the heart want what the heart want.
Can't control that.
But what you can control is how many folks know about what you doing in the dark at The Pynk, 'cause your heart ain't gonna get in the way of us stacking this motherfucking paper.
Where you been, Andre? I came all the way here to surprise you, and I must have, because your ass was nowhere to be found.
Why weren't you answering your cell phone? - I - I know it wasn't because you was with your god-daddy, because I called him, and he had no idea where you were, so who are you fucking, huh? There's not anybody to cheat on you here with.
So if there were, you'd do it, huh? You know what, Britney? Just shut the fuck up.
- What? - I said shut the fuck up.
You quiet now, huh? - Uh-huh.
- Mm-hmm, good.
Now take off your dress.
Andre, stop.
You don't want to take it off? I'm cool with that.
Oh, damn.
Don't run from me.
Don't run from me.
Andre! Andre! Fuck.
Andre! Andre, fuck! You missed me, didn't you? I'ma go take a shower.
I'm about to switch it up real quick.
Y'all wasn't ready for all that ♪ Whoo-whee! Wall to wall up in here, y'all! Don't be scared.
Throw them stacks at these bitches.
We finna ball till our cash, it fall.
Yeah! Damage that, finish him ♪ Ayy ♪ Ayy, shit, fuck it ♪ Barely got a ass but it wobble when you touch it ♪ Hey ♪ Ayy, cooling with my cousin ♪ Ayy, that's a nigga ♪ Who gon' kill you if you touch me ♪ Ayy ♪ Hey, partner.
You looking awful lonely over here all by yourself.
I stole him like a bowl of Trix, ayy ♪ I'm cool.
I smack niggas ♪ Step up in your house like a frat nigga ♪ Ayy, dancing for the money I'm jiggin' ♪ Appreciate the offer, little mama.
Ayy ♪ Ayy, bitch, I got a feeling ♪ When you see it smolders ♪ But I, uh, I got my heart set on something else tonight.
Ayy ♪ Oh, you want my girl Autumn? Mm-hmm.
I'm talking about hypothermia type shit.
Ayy ♪ Psychotic, iconic real raw bitch ♪ Ho, is that's your man? ♪ I stole him like a bowl of Trix, ayy ♪ I don't like people ♪ I smack niggas ♪ Step up in your house like a frat nigga ♪ Ayy ♪ Dancing to the money I'm jiggin' ♪ I know he got a girl ♪ He eat my pussy like Thanksgiving ♪ Ayy ♪ Autumn, this gentleman wants to be taken to Paradise.
Yeah, Autumn.
Willing to pay more when I get there.
Girl, go get them stacks.
Ayy ♪ Getting money niggas I'm attracted ♪ Ayy ♪ Yeah, bitch, I'm so distractin', ayy ♪ I'ma take his cash and make the nigga eat my ass, hey ♪ Mercedes? But the shit is fucking trash ♪ Coach.
I ain't think you was gonna make it.
Girl, you kidding? How's it going? Did Cedes? Look, I'm glad you came, but this ain't about my last dance.
It's about business.
I burn down my house and build it up again ♪ I've been up and down this river looking for you.
I burned it down twice just for the fun of it ♪ Oh.
I shot you.
Not well enough.
I don't need nobody ♪ I don't need nobody ♪ So where my money, Hailey? Welcome to Murda Night! Tell 'em ♪
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