P-Valley (2020) s01e06 Episode Script


1 LIL' MURDA: Oh, so you gon' act like you forgot what happened last week on P-Valley? Forcing deserving folk off their property is not a way to run a city.
Auction's only two weeks away, and your ass is gon' be on the block.
You everybody punk, from what I heard.
LIL' MURDA: Nigga, you is dead to me! Somebody danced in my place? LAUREN: Yeah, they called her M-I- - crooked letter- crooked letter - Oh! Somebody done posted a video of me from last night.
Your vajayjay done went viral, girl.
MERCEDES: You don't know Patrice Woodbine.
She stole from me.
- [YELLS.]
All the money I had stashed up in the church building fund, she used it for her own fucking church.
It was the only way I could get Terricka back.
PATRICE: You need to leave Terricka with 'Shelle.
Need to let somebody take you on up out this office for a minute.
Where you gon' take me? [BABY FUSSING.]
Oh, fuck.
- I'ma go talk to her.
I'll go talk to her.
- Let me handle her.
My wife went missing the day Hurricane Drake hit.
I'll get my deputies to put up some flyers around town quick-fast.
What do you mean I'm not allowed any more transfers? Apologies, Miss Savage, but our records show that you've done over ten in the past few days.
I can run you ten stacks by the end of the week.
- What I gotta do? - We gon' need IDs.
MERCEDES: I know this man named Mane that can hook us up.
- How many you need? - Ten.
♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ I put that 15-0-1 chain around my neck ♪ And now it's lit, ay ♪ All the hot girls make it pop, pop, pop ♪ Bad bitches wit' the bag say "ah-ya-ya" ♪ If he ain't talking 'bout no money, tell him "bye, bye, bye" ♪ And if you see a mad hoe, tell her "ha-ha-ha", hey ♪ Don't get mad, hoe, get a bag, hoe ♪ Don't get mad, hoe, get a bag, hoe ♪ Don't get mad, hoe, fuck a broke hoe ♪ Don't get mad, hoe, get a bag, hoe ♪ Spicy, pricey, neck and wrist icy ♪ Bitch, it's moneymaking Megan, hoe, get like me ♪ I rode it, a soldier ♪ A hot girl, he want it, uh ♪ Pull up in that Masera', getting' top on lock ♪ They still tryna find a thang that I can't do ♪ I told her "If you go against me, you a damn fool" ♪ But keep talkin' 'bout me, bitch, that's all you can do ♪ But keep my cat up out ya mouth 'cause that's ya man food ♪ All the hot girls make it pop, pop, pop ♪ Bad bitches with the bag say "ah-ya-ya" ♪ If he ain't talking 'bout no money, tell him "bye, bye, bye" ♪ And if you see a mad ho, tell her "ha ha ha" ♪ [TENSE MUSIC.]
♪ Down in the valley ♪ Where the girls get naked ♪ If you throwin' bands ♪ Then you know she gon' shake it ♪ One, two, break 'em ♪ Three, four, rake 'em ♪ These niggas grind hard ♪ But these bitches grind harder ♪ Climbing up the pole just to get out the bottom ♪ The crowd below ♪ Stay ready for the show ♪ The pimps, the dough ♪ Don't let it take your soul ♪ We make fallin' on the sky look easy ♪ Look at my bitches ♪ Gangsta walking on the ceiling ♪ Green on the flo' ♪ Money talk, can you hear me? ♪ This world is so addicting ♪ But dreams is expensive, keep spending ♪ Work hard for the top, can't fall now ♪ But whatever goes up must fall down ♪ What you do when the power out? ♪ Kids hungry, can't do nothin' but scream and shout ♪ We all choose to live but it's different routes ♪ Take the shit with shine, gotta make it count ♪ When you live and die by the paper route ♪ You spend a dime just to make it out, yeah ♪ Down in the valley ♪ Where the girls get naked ♪ If you throwin' bands ♪ Then you know she gon' shake it ♪ One, two, break 'em ♪ Three, four, rake 'em ♪ ♪ [TENNIS BALL BOUNCING.]
'SHELLE: Oh, okay.
Terricka, just give it a little flick of the wrist.
Yeah, she doing good.
You look good out there.
Stop lying.
- Uh, excuse me? Don't make me jump over this fence.
Show some respect for your mama.
You couldn't even be my mama for, like, one weekend.
I know you was supposed to come over last weekend, but things went sideways a bit.
I saw you on the Chucalissa news.
Well, despite my lil' detour, you best believe I'ma do exactly what I gots to do to get right back on track.
That's what you always say.
Look, I know my gym not happening, like, right-right now, but maybe 'Shelle'll let you come back on the team.
- I don't wanna come back.
- But why? You love dance.
I just love being around you.
- You said three months ago - [SIGHS.]
that you was gon' talk to 'Shelle.
You been sayin' it and sayin' it, that one day, I'ma come live wit' you.
- It's gon' happen.
- When? 'SHELLE: Everything all right over here? TERRICKA: Yes, ma'am.
Terricka, go on back to your lesson.
- But, Ma - 'SHELLE: Don't "but, Ma" me.
Get back over there.
Child have any idea how much Serena made last year? Mercedes, what you doin' here? She ain't return any of my textses.
So you thought bum-rushin' her tennis lesson was a good idea after you wound up in jail the first weekend you supposed to spend with her? 'Shelle, you know Patrice Woodbine.
I know she be trying it, but you out here on the news fighting like a lowlife, and Terricka can't be part of that shit.
'Shelle, please, I got a room made up for her and everything.
Look, sometime a mama gotta learn how not to disappoint.
I can't tell you how many times I've had to get that girl up off the bathroom floor every time she hears, "Mercedes not gon' make it today, baby.
" I can't keep watching you hurt my lil' girl.
Your lil' girl? Funny.
I do remember pushing her out my coochie.
Cortez probably rolling over in his grave.
Cortez ain't rolling nowhere 'cause I burned his cheating ass up.
Don't come round here talking 'bout what her daddy might do, 'cause he just ashes in an urn on a mantel.
I'm the one that's alive.
I'm the one you need to deal with.
I'm the one who's got custody.
All I'm saying is that she actually my blood, and I ain't gon' let her down, come hell or high water.
Look, I'm finna go.
My Uber been waiting.
Then go get your chariot, but you just remember you gotta prove to a judge that you ready, but, most importantly, you gotta prove it to me.
So you go have a blessed day.
Okay, okay.
- What? - I didn't say nothin'.
Bitch, even when you quiet, you stay doin' the most.
You a tennis coach now? - Bitch! Oh, this cute.
Can it actually kill people, like your dead baby daddy widow? I got it since we rolling with this damn money.
- Let's get to the next drop.
- Okay.
I'ma ask Mane to get us some more IDs.
You can be Thelma, and I'll be Louise.
It's whatever, it's whatever ♪ It's whatever down South, hoe ♪ It's whatever, it's whatever down South, hoe ♪ Kami Kaze niggas, what we do ain't hard ♪ It's whatever, it's whatever down South, hoe ♪ Kami Kaze niggas, what we do ain't hard ♪ Look at you looking all, like, krispy, baby Regal.
We just won't tell Daddy how much they cost.
- No, we won't.
No, we won't.
Oh, yeah.
You late.
Look, I don't know what you think you saw the other night but if you think you 'bout to bribe me, you got another thing coming.
I don't even know what you talkin' 'bout right now.
Actually, I brought you here 'cause I got a question for you.
How, like, serious are you about this music thing? [BABY COOS.]
Somebody linked it to my 'Gram this morning.
"Today's WorldStarHipHop fitness girl of the day is @MissCrookedLetter "going HAM on the pole to a fresh track by rapper Lil" Hold up.
Mu'fuckin' WorldStarHipHop, man? - Yeah.
- I'm glowin' the fuck up.
Mm! I'ma shoot this over to Woddy and them.
What? For what? Who Woddy gon' slide it on to? He ain't got no connections.
He's just some weird-ass nigga who grew up in a funeral home.
- He my manager.
- What he managin'? You only got, like, five pictures on your page, no tweets.
You ain't got no brand and no base at least not yet.
You wanna know how many folks started followin' me since the video made the rounds? Get the fuck outta here.
There's something magnetic about a man with a masterpiece on his arm.
Folks find out you booed up with a Dirty Delta dime, they ain't gon' know what to do.
What, you tryin' to be Keyshia Ka'Oir to my Gucci Mane? Yuh.
Bitches gotta wanna fuck you, and niggas gotta wanna be you.
I likes that line.
I'ma throw that in my next joint.
Well, credit the right person.
That's Uncle Clifford's line, not mine.
This been goin' for a Mississippi minute.
I don't know what you talkin' 'bout.
Black girls don't bruise.
Yeah, they do.
So we gon' build on this momentum or what? 'Cause, you know, as fast this shit hit, fast as it can go away.
What your man gon' think? He gon' be cool with it.
He ain't got no choice but to be.
Aight, then.
Whatchu got in mind? What's yo' selfie game like? [BOMBASTIC MUSIC.]
- Mm, it's okay, baby.
WOMACK: You know, everybody works out of their own band.
Can you understand that? I can understand that.
♪ [SIGHS.]
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ I can understand it ♪ Something sweet as a candy bar ♪ - I can understand it ♪ - My girl in need ♪ That's what you are ♪ And I ♪ I can understand it ♪ Tell me one more time ♪ Jack and Jill ♪ - [CELL PHONE CHIMES.]
- Going up the hill ♪ - I can understand it ♪ - Storybooks and fairy tales ♪ - Oh, oh, I ♪ - I ♪ - I know you can understand it ♪ - - [CELL PHONE CHIMES.]
- - But if our love get to be anything but this ♪ - I start not to feel your sweet, warm, and tender kiss ♪ Tell me how ♪ Could you respect me or understand it, baby? ♪ - Yeah ♪ - Ow! [GIGGLES.]
Can you understand that? ♪ Ha! ♪ Oh.
♪ Something cool but not too cold ♪ Girl, you gotta give to get, you know? ♪ Nigga, where you think you goin'? - To the kitchen.
- Oh.
I can understand it ♪ Come on.
Dance witcho Gran Muva! ♪ Whoo! Come on, baby.
No, no, no, no, no ♪ No, I can't understand it ♪ [CHUCKLES.]
I know sometimes ♪ - Ooh, all right, now.
Folks wouldn't know you was blind.
I don't need no eyes, child, to cut a rug.
I just needs my feets.
And I hold off on that sugar, I keeps my feets.
- What you said.
Oh, I remember when James Brown came on down to the joint.
Whoo! He thought he was somebody, but soon as he showed up, I showed out! - [LAUGHS.]
- So you trying to tell me you done out-danced James Brown? Now, I don't know if that's a tall tale or a lie.
- Ooh, wait a minute, now.
- You tried it.
You tried it.
- Oh, help me up.
Oh, yeah.
See, them girls you got working down at The Pynk think they doing some shit, but they don't know folks been dropping it like it's hot in that spot [CHUCKLES.]
since before they mamas and daddies was even thought of.
Come on, now, baby, hand me my blunt.
Whoo, hey.
Yeah, baby.
♪ You know, they say weed bring back your sight.
♪ It don't, but it sure as hell make you forget you ain't got it.
You want some of them neck bones I cooked up? - No, I ain't hungry.
- What's they name? - Who name? - That nigga, owl.
- - Mind yo' bitness.
- Your bitness is my bitness No, the bitness you need to be worrying about is this damn club you done saddled me with.
Oh, shhii There you go again.
What You know, all them loans you done took out to keep Ernestine's afloat, they still ain't do shit.
Well, you was the one who said turning a juke joint into a shake joint was gon' save it.
Well, coochie can only do so much.
♪ The Pynk is going up on the auction block next week.
Next week? How in the hell How in the hell? This is how in the hell.
Right here.
This refinancing loan, that one, this payday loan, that one, this one, just all this shit here, Gran Muva.
I mean, you know, it's probably more in the kitchen.
You right.
I signed some things I shouldn't have signed.
I ain't seen the numbers wasn't right.
But you done signed some shit you wasn't supposed to sign too.
That's 'cause I wanted a champagne room, not no zinfandel room.
Now, look, I took on some debt, but look what I started out with.
Gran Muva, I think we gon' lose it this time.
Clifford Sayles, that is not an option.
Well, we done run out of them.
I ain't got no more money.
The Pynk is gone.
It's gone.
Look, I think it's time you get on your knees and ask your God for a favor.
Oh, God don't want His dick sucked by me.
I still got my teeth.
Oh, God, you just so uncouth.
- Oh, Clifford.
Something gon' happen.
- I see it.
- You ought to bring him on by.
Ain't nobody bringing nobody over here on no date.
Well, we could put a whole lot of love in that pot of neck bones, you know what I'm saying? - [CHUCKLES.]
- That ain't gon' [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
I get my kush from Afghanistan ♪ Just got a shipment from Amsterdam ♪ I get my kush from Afghanistan ♪ Just got a shipment from Amsterdam ♪ Tonight I might leave in an ambulance ♪ I love when she call me the candy man ♪ Cocaína by the avalanche ♪ Plug riding in the caravan ♪ Just got a shipment from Amsterdam ♪ Shipment from Amsterdam ♪ Just got a shipment from Amsterdam ♪ Shipment from Amsterdam ♪ Might end up dying at LIV ♪ [KNOCK AT DOOR.]
That's like going to heaven ♪ Then we hit 11 until the clock hit 11 ♪ Might end up dying at LIV ♪ That's like going to ♪ [POUNDING ON DOOR.]
MAN: What the fuck? Until the clock hit 11 ♪ Savage killer, half man, half gorilla ♪ Flipping chickens raw, salmonella ♪ Spanish villa, windows floor to ceiling ♪ - Big L? - BIG L: What's happening, man? How the fuck you find me here? Neighborhood candy man ain't never hard to find, man.
Come on, man.
- Yo.
- Mm-hmm.
Please don't [CLEARS THROAT.]
Don't tell Gidget I'm in town, a'ight? No, for real, now.
Yeah, I'm the last person you have to worry about.
That motel manager's a Deep Throat.
Yeah, sadly, she ain't got one, though.
She a good brand manager, though.
The way you looking, she must have figured you needed a lil' relief.
I don't get high, but I might need me a supply.
You wanna hold something? I thought The Pynk was too good for that stash life.
This ain't about what Uncle Clifford would do.
It's about what Big L gon' do.
So you was serious, what you said when you helped me load the truck last time? I don't know if you heard, but The Pynk ain't got long for this world.
Yeah, I heard something on the matter.
Yeah, you gon' need somebody to stash your shit.
Well, where you gon' stash since The Pynk be closing? Don't worry about all that.
Well, if you babysitting my shit, I'ma need to know where to pick it up, now.
I got ways of hiding things.
Just need a time and a chance.
What Uncle Clifford say if she knew you even held shit there for a minute? Uncle Clifford ain't gon' find out, but if she do, I'll tell her this: "You saved me from death once before.
Now it's high time for me to save you.
" All right, bro.
I'll pay you 5K for the first hold.
WOMAN: Welcome, pick nail color.
Phiphuong told me 'bout your five o'clock.
Sit down and kiki with me.
That was English.
- What you doing here? - I gots me a hot date tonight.
- Mm-hmm.
- So I'm here to get slayed.
What 'bout you? Oh, don't tell me this is your me time, 'cause I know most of your time be the Mayor's.
- He do keep me busy.
- Mm-hmm.
You been working down there at city hall.
You done forgot all about your family at The Pynk.
I sure wish you had told us about your boss expediting that foreclosure notice.
Mm, I didn't know nothing about that.
Oh, like hell you ain't know.
A stripper-turned-house mother know how to stay with open ears, okay? I'm actually hurt.
As much as The Pynk done for you You was the first hoe I graduated.
Show a bitch some mu'fuckin' gratitude.
I'll always be grateful for The Pynk.
That was truly a stepping-stone for me.
Well, the man you working for trying to put a tombstone on the one ladder left in this town for pretty big-booty bitches like you.
Now, if there's any tea you can spill, lukewarm or scorching, I needs to sip it, hmm? Mm-mm, you was the first ho I graduated, but you best make sure that you ain't the last.
♪ Mm, every time that I ♪ This bitch.
They got, like, 365,287 mu'fuckin' views.
You'd think Keyshawn's 'Gram was a mirror, you looking at it so much.
Girl, please.
♪ That's to get your car out the impound.
Now, if we split up, you hit the Telex up in Tupelo and Booneville.
Fucking Booneville, man? Best be some gas money up in here too.
And since you ain't at The Pynk, I'ma need the combination to your locker.
My refrigerator won't close no more.
Well, you stupid, you tryin' to hide money up in a locker.
Not as stupid as a church building fund.
Duly noted, bitch.
And next time you wanna squirrel away some scrilla You like that? I been running with you so much, I'm beginning to sound like you.
- Bitch, you wish.
- Mm.
But for real, though, next time, put your money where nobody can find it: offshore account.
Transfer it into Bitcoin.
- Bitch coin? - Bitcoin.
After you change the currency, you can transfer cash again and again, just like what we doing now.
We best not get caught.
How you gon' get caught stealin' your own money? [SUCKS TEETH.]
Well, I just know by the end of this week, I'll have 10K halfway there.
I'ma put it right down on another gym.
Look, if you ain't gon' take my other piece of advice, at least take this.
You gon' need an investor for that dance gym.
- Spread the risk.
- And spread the reward? [SCOFFS.]
I ain't gon' have nobody to thank but my damn self when my gym pop off.
Just giving a friendly piece of ad advice.
♪ Uh, hey, pickup for Watkins.
♪ What? Y'all ain't talking no more? Nope, ain't spoken to him in over a week.
♪ Girl, with the look he done shot over here, even my ass is pregnant.
- Shut up.
- You smart to dead that shit.
Especially if a nigga spoil yo' appetite [SCOFFS.]
let it go.
- Check, please.
- Ugh.
Y'all good.
That gentleman just handled y'all bill.
Damn! You finessed him without even looking? God damn you high yellow heifers.
They say Confederate General Pemberton fired this at the beginning of the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou.
Look at that steel catch trigger, that walnut wood stock.
Ooh, boy, she's a beauty.
Be careful with that, Andre.
Might have some bullets.
I never thought I'd get to hold a Spencer carbine.
Hey, now, well, you know your guns.
Oh, I think I watched one too many episodes of "Drunk History.
Speaking of drunk, that's where I'm headed.
You pour me another one, would you, Corbin? WAYNE: You know, this little baby here one of Wyatt's favorite things we inherited.
- WYATT: Yes, sir.
- Mine was the farm.
Well, I'll keep the gun.
This land can go to hell.
WAYNE: All right, Wyatt, come on, now.
Well, let's do this the old-fashioned way this time.
I just need y'all's signatures.
What was it you said before? Most any landowner got per acreage in all ALL: Of Mississippi history? [LAUGHTER.]
Let's go ahead and sign this fucker.
Then you and I, we can open up Daddy's bottle of bourbon.
Amen, brother.
Corbin, why don't you go ahead and sign first? [CORBIN SIGHS.]
What you doing, Corbin? I'm still reading.
Come on, now, stop pretending you's a lawyer and sign the damn deal.
- I can't.
- I told you, Wayne.
I told you he was gonna up and do this shit.
Leasing to the casino is what we should be doing.
- Tell him, Andre.
- Did you hear the man? This is the most anyone's ever gotten here in history.
It ain't just about the money to me, Wayne.
- What the fuck is it about? - Legacy.
What, you'sa wanna leave something for your kinfolk? Is that what this is? Why you think you where you at right now, huh? Things been passed down to you, and it ain't my fault you done blew it all away.
Daddy told us we need to make something out of our inheritance.
Daddy didn't give a shit about our inheritance.
The only thing he gave a damn about was guns and pussy, and he damn near ran this family into the ground playing with both.
Why you wanna give this up? We need to keep it in the family, do what Daddy wanted.
I don't want nothing to do with that man.
Fact, I'm happy he's in the grave 'cause if he wasn't, I would've put him there myself on account of what he did to his real family.
I am real.
And you gon' have to deal with me for life.
Look, I'm not a family therapist.
I'm just a lawyer.
And if y'all don't come to an agreement today, then Promised Land will have to walk away.
- Then nobody gets - I've had about enough of this shit.
What the fuck are you doing, Wayne? The fuck you think I'm doing? ♪ There ain't any bullets in there.
Is there? [GUN COCKING.]
Now, you know so much about history, Andre.
Why don't you tell me who won the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou? - [SCOFFS.]
I don't know.
- Oh, come on, now, Morehouse? They ain't teach you that? - The Confederacy.
- Ding, ding, ding.
But it was the Union that eventually won, Wayne.
Well, see, now contrary to popular belief, Civil War ain't over yet.
Fact, sometimes I wonder if it's just begun.
♪ CORBIN: I'll sign.
I'll sign.
I'll sign.
Well, look at that.
- It's empty.
I can't stand the rain ♪ And I told Ike if he laid hand one more 'gain on Tina, I was gon' stuff a cone in his ass my damn self.
- Gran Muva, why don't you quit telling a story? - Oh, let the elder speak.
Oh, hell, nigga, stories is all a old lady got.
You see that picture over in the far corner? Come on, let me show you.
- Oh, yes, ma'am.
- Yes.
ERNESTINE: Now, see? Whoo! See there? There, that that's me and Ann Peebles.
Whoo, honey, when she sang this song, she about made the corrugated roof turn straight like a white girl's hair.
Now, most folks don't know, but Ernestine's is where she met her manager, and, well, the rest is her-story.
Ah, seems like Ernestine's juke joint - was good on making stars.
- Yeah.
You might wanna go and put my picture up there.
Oh, you sing? - Rap.
- Oh.
Well, if Ernestine's was still around, but I don't think them girls at The Pynk is gon' share they pole with you.
Don't matter.
It's all gon' be over soon.
Well no one expected us to last this long anyhow.
I remember a time when Pussy Valley was more packed than hell.
You see, they pushed all us hoes to the end of the universe near the river, and one by one, each brothel was felled by flame and by flood, but our lil' spot just kept on truckin'.
Some say it was 'cause of God's grace, but I'm a practical bitch.
I says it was 'cause we was on that bluff 'sides the levee.
I call it luck, but maybe it truly was God's grace.
Seems like The Pynk's built to last, then.
There's not much on this Earth that is.
That's why I say if you got something good, you gotta keep hold to it.
You hear me, Clifford? ♪ LIL' MURDA: And who is this lil' nigga? [CHUCKLES.]
You was a snaggletooth-ass queen.
Mm, nigga, - fuck you.
- Ah! Honey, that boy came out the coochie switching.
♪ - I can't stand the rain ♪ - - Against my window ♪ - Oh, what, you gots to go? - Bringing back sweet memories ♪ - Nah.
Nah, I'm good.
I'm good.
Against my window ♪ Go on and top you off with a little somethin'.
- Oh.
What is it? Come here.
Smell that.
Ooh! [LAUGHS.]
That's good.
That smell good.
LIL' MURDA: Uh-huh, your guy don't got that.
Oh, now, he can come back.
- Y'all.
- Yes? ♪ Your girl up here doing the most.
KEYSHAWN: It's your girl Miss M-I- crooked letter-crooked letter chopping it up with my partner in crime, Lil' Murdaaaaa! Wow.
God is really shining down on me now.
And the devil gon' be right there behind him.
- WOMAN: Mm-hmm.
- If y'all fell for "Fallin'," y'all gon' go hard for this next joint.
Just y'all niggas wait, inspired by my Mississippi Pride-Pride WOMAN: Yo' baby daddy gon' be lit over this.
WOMAN 2: Stupid-ass hoe.
- What the fuck is you doing, Keyshawn? - It ain't nothing.
We was just throwin' a lil' something to the stans.
They was hangry.
- This ain't no kind of good.
- What y'all so scared for? ♪ [LOCKER DOOR OPENS.]
- Mm.
Wonder what Mercedes would think about you taking over her locker.
Same thing she think about you taking over her spot.
But unlike her I share my shit.
Combination 34-36-15.
See, that's your stage, but it's my arena ♪ She mine ♪ That's not a stripper, that's my ballerina ♪ Oh, Lord ♪ Let me see you dance for me, dance, dance, dance ♪ Do a handstand for me, dance, dance, dance ♪ She do it ♪ Baby, can you pop it for me? Dance, dance, dance ♪ Let me see you drop it for me ♪ Dance, dance, dance, all right ♪ I said, ooh, I'm talking heavy, bring that big scale ♪ I'd say don't ride my wave, but that ship sailed ♪ Man, my dog still riding with that fish scale ♪ Doing fishtails like he really miss jail ♪ Oh, Lord ♪ Let me see you dance for me, dance, dance, dance ♪ Do a handstand for me, dance, dance, dance ♪ She do it ♪ Uncle Clifford, can you believe some of these folks drove all the way from Biloxi to see me? Like, can you believe it? This shit going all, like, worldwide.
Oh, bitch, Biloxi is down the street.
It ain't worldwide.
You know what I mean.
How you feel about a night with me as the headliner? [CHUCKLES.]
Oh they have eyes, but they do not have sense.
Slow your roll, Miss Missy.
We could call it Murda Night.
Hear me on out, now.
With Mercedes gone, you ain't got no kind of headliner.
Lil Murda song popping.
Even WorldStar done said it's, like, the pick of the week.
Between me and him, we could bring the folks on in here before this go away for serious.
Did Lil Murda put you up to this? No, but we workin' together now.
- Mm-mm.
- Don't be J.
So this is goin' down, like, this Sunday.
Invites goin' on the 'Gram tonight.
Keyshawn, you best not be trying to run me, heifer.
Key Hey! Oh, Murda Night.
Oh, I taught her so well.
- KEYSHAWN: Whoo! - Ooh.
Don't blow up on my doorstep, boy.
Girl, you know you want my slime.
Nigga, whatever.
Give me the goods, now.
So I got you a Jadaria Wilkins and a DeeDee Strom.
I got homegirl a Amber Cross and a Bryanna Jackson.
Why I get Jaderia and she get Amber? Well, you want these folks to believe y'all's lies, now, don't you? Fine ass.
So that's it.
Just these last few, and we done.
Ooh, damn, girl.
If I'd known you was running stacks like this, I'd been tried to be your girlfriend.
- Hmm.
- But alas, I's celibate.
Well, what about Mane? Girl, you can't smash in your own backyard, but I loves to finger myself to that lil' bow-legged mu'fucka' right there.
- I can't with you.
- Where's the restroom? - Right that-a-way.
The way you make your Kool-Aid - is trash, by the way.
- Uh-uh.
Yeah, yeah, bitch, and your mama.
I know you hard of hearing, but I know you ain't hard of seeing.
So I know you seen this ain't no mu'fuckin' bathroom.
My bad.
I thought it was, so I just You like it, though? [SOMBER MUSIC.]
♪ The walls they're a good girl color.
♪ That's what I was thinking.
♪ Only thing is, she fucking hates purple now.
She likes fucking green.
So she got it from her mama.
♪ I been decorating this room for seven years.
♪ Got the bed from the pawnshop, bed skirt from Dollar Tree.
What about that glitter pillow? - Bitch, Marshalls had a sale.
Folks always ask why I stay in Chucalissa.
Go to Memphis, Atlanta.
You make more at the clubs there than here.
Her not living here is far enough.
Time gon' come when I got her with me where she belong with her real mama.
What's her name? ♪ Terricka.
♪ What's yours? ♪ Autumn.
♪ It's hard livin' without them, ain't it? ♪ Some days it's hard livin' at all.
No, it ain't never that bad, baby.
Whatever make you feel like that, give it the chop.
That's what I done learned in this lil' life of mine.
Bones meant to be put in they grave.
You're lucky.
♪ You get to be with her again.
You have to do everything in your power to do that.
♪ Hey, I'm [SNIFFLES.]
You said the bathroom was this way, right? Bora Bora's looking good on you, Bill.
I'm supposed to be paragliding with my wife in a few, Mr.
Well, I promise to keep this short.
So the sale of Kyle Farms we're supposed to be good, right? You got that signature? Wayne Kyle and his brother, Corbin, couldn't come to an agreement.
I couldn't get the signature.
But they may be willing to lease.
Well, that's it for Chucalissa.
Maybe we gotta go to another town up the river and build.
Need I remind you we're already getting The Pynk for below our 200K cap, and Chucalissa is on the crux of three states Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee Mm-hmm.
With a major interstate slicing right through, straight on the Mississippi River beside a bluff - I understand that.
- And on a levee.
When you find the one, you put a ring on it, and to do that, I think we should lease the Kyle farm instead.
- Lease? - Pay the Kyle family what they're worth, not what they want.
Lock them into a leasing fee of $15,000 per month.
Well, just get it done, or you're done, and so is that 5% commission.
Fuck, yeah.
♪ I usually choose the money over love ♪ Yeah, you can have it, I don't give a fuck ♪ Mm.
It's your girl Miss Mississippi.
We out here in the cut witcho boy Lil' Murda! Yea! Yuh, yuh, yuh.
Uh! You hear that? Lil' Murda on the track.
DJ Neva Scared on that 808 and the Mooge! Holla! Tell your friends that the slayage is goin' down at The Pynk.
Slide through this Sunday for Murda Night.
You don't wanna miss it.
My niggas finna get bodied up in that bitch.
Murda Night, yuh.
Good looking out, Keyshawn.
Look, if we ain't have an in, I don't know what we would do.
- The fuck you mean by that? - WODDY: Damn, nigga.
Why you always on jump mode? Nigga, I ain't Pico.
I'm just talking to lil' shawty and DJ over there.
You just need to pack The Pynk out like it's a problem.
You call yourself my manager, then manage it, nigga.
You over there worried about advertising.
You ain't got a new song yet, my nigga.
Damn, young one, let me rest my laurels a little bit.
This one just bust.
DJ NEVA SCARED: Yeah, your folk gon' wanna know what's next.
You would've already had a song, but you missing your sessions.
MAN: Qwan said he text you the other night and you said you was gon' slide through.
But you ain't pull up, so what's up? I'm fallin', fallin' ♪ Fallin' like the money in the club ♪ He was busy.
Ooh, yeah, you see it.
MAN: Whoa.
- WODDY: Mm.
Let's get to work.
Come on, y'all.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Hey, babe.
- Baby, what up, though? Been trying to catch you.
Oh, I just finished my rounds.
Can you believe another gunshot wound? For some strange reason, you sound happy about that.
Well, kind of.
So what are you doing? Oh, you know, the usual.
Come on, you never tell me about work.
Long story short I saved my company millions of dollars.
Baby, that's great! - Look at you doing the do, okay.
- Yeah, I did that.
Only thing is, Goddaddy might get a bit mad.
Why? He-he's always so proud of you.
Well, once he finds out what I did in this new deal, he may be a bit pissy.
But hey, it's for the greater good.
Hey, you there? Yeah, I'm-I'm here.
Oh, it's just, you kind of froze there.
No, my connection is good here.
Do you think that was a good idea? I mean, why bite the hand that feeds you? Maybe because the hand is being shady as fuck - and needs a little nibbling.
- He knows what his city needs.
I mean, you're just some outsider flying in, so Outsider? Chucalissa's my home.
No, Atlanta's your home.
Andre look, I miss you.
I miss your hugs your kisses, your Look, I gotta go finish this new deal.
I'ma hit you back a little later, all right? - Bye, babe.
♪ Dollar sign, dollar sign ♪ All I see is dollar sign, dollar sign ♪ Dollar sign, dollar sign ♪ All I see is dollar sign, dollar sign ♪ Pussy poppin' on the floor, on the floor ♪ Niggas, they be wanting more, wanting more ♪ All them bitches stackin' dough, stackin' dough ♪ Drinkin' all night by the bottle, by the bottle ♪ Booty shakin' left, right ♪ See her pussy, so tight ♪ Bitches got me fucked up ♪ I just wanna smoke a blunt ♪ Lookin' fly on them six-inch heels ♪ Ain't nobody can't tell you nothing ♪ All right, bitches, these day laborers here is spending that dough.
Y'all better go on out there, get this mo - [CHATTER, LAUGHTER.]
- Hello? Hello? Jupiter, girl, you going to nursing school? Child, that's so good.
Girl, I told my mama on her deathbed that I was gon' get that nursing degree, okay? Okay, child.
CLIFFORD: Well, lookie here.
Eloise done finally come back to the slums to kick it with the serfs.
Do my eyes deceive me? 'Cause I know that ain't no Eloise.
Maite, uh, ramen noodles, please.
Ooh, I got to tell you, child, I don't miss this desk right here.
Well, I'm sorry we ain't got the good oak you accustomed to at the mayor's office.
- Lucky we got wood at all.
- CLIFFORD: You know what? You keep yapping, you can go on back to gutting them houses, talking 'bout my wood.
Don't make me fire your ass and bring back Eloise, now.
Uncle Clifford, can we take this reunion outside? I listen to them talk shit like I ain't there, like I'm some kind of wallpaper.
And at first, I was like, "How dare they?" And then my silence got real loud.
Now, this casino is just the beginning.
They got plans to turn this town into some kind of Candyland, and I'm like, "For who?" First the casino, then the outlet, then some kind of subdivision called Casey's Plantation.
- Mm, mm, mm.
- Huh? - You hear what I'm saying? - Mm-hmm.
Now, I've been blessed to be the wallpaper in the room where it happens, and this is happening.
Now, they trying to slip this shit through on the low, but they gots to follow the law.
- What this is? - Charter for the city council.
Now, with regard to gambling in Mississippi, the city council can push through a casino without a city vote.
You trying to tell me that Wayne Kyle and his six good old boys on the council can force this casino shit just down our throats? They can try.
Only thing that can stop them is a petition for a citywide vote on the casino.
Oh, man, you know these niggas don't vote.
True, niggas don't vote, and crackers vote for the wrong crackers.
- Hmm.
- But one thing I do know is that these niggas round here love them some titties on a Saturday night.
Hey, more than they love God on Sunday morning.
Mayor Ruffin might reign over Chucalissa, but last I checked, Clifford Sayles is the mayor of Pussy Valley.
You? You posted my bail? Who else you think it was gon' be? Ain't nobody descending from no heavens to come bail yo' ass out.
I'm your Jesus tonight.
I don't need no saving from you.
You need some saving from somebody.
Who done come for you? I know Mercedes ain't.
Hmm, you been in here nine days and was gon' be in here nine more if I ain't walk into Vale's Bail and lay it down.
You's a lie.
You ain't paid no stacks for my bail.
Oh, no, no, no, no, you right.
I ain't put no money down on your triflin' ass.
But I did put down my club.
- You put down your club? - Sure did.
See, that's another way they get us.
Folks be so desperate to get they loved ones out of jail, they willing to bet the whole farm, and the way I see it, it's about to be put up on the auction block anyway, so it was a gamble I was willing to take.
- You must want something.
- Of course I do.
Well, I don't make deals with devils.
Well, I do And, bitch you best not be no flight risk.
Since I got you out, you owe me.
What you want from me? You say you want that church? How much you willing to pay for it? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
AUTUMN: Andre, you there? Yeah.
I'm sorry for calling you so early.
No worries, none at all.
Thank you for the food.
Oh, you didn't have to call me for that.
Let me show you I have some home training.
♪ How you doing, Hailey? ♪ Chucalissa looks so beautiful in the morning from here.
♪ Are you at The Mounds? I wanted to see it one more time before I go.
♪ Can I, um I think I'm better as a memory.
I know it might not feel like it sometimes, but you're right where you need to be, right here.
♪ Try telling my wife that.
♪ G-good-bye, Andre.
Boy, bring your fat ass on.
Man, this the last time I'm babysitting yo' bracelet.
- Man, shut up.
Your fat ass always crying and shit.
Now, you stay fed, don't it? Aight, then.
What the fuck? [DARNELL GOT IT'S "MUDDY WATER".]

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