P-Valley (2020) s02e07 Episode Script


Aight, y'all, last week on P-Valley
Jesse? Why you got Terricka's phone?
I pulled her over for underage driving.
You the raggedy bitch had
Terricka in the driver's seat.
She a chile, Shelle!
Why didn't you keep me?
Wun't no court was gone
give a stripper back her baby.
Big Teak can't come back out
on the road with us.
Fuck you mean?
Niggah too buck, maine.
I'm not okay.
I'm not okay.
Bill over there was trying
to buy The Pynk for just 40K.
I'm gone be runnin' Promised Land.
Maybe now we can make you
a much better deal.
Granmuva, yo' sugar normal.
So why you sweatin'
like a hoe in church?
A hundred and two?
Keyshawn, stop already so I can
get ready for this interview!
You're not gonna get it!
What you doing here?
Though you don't call anymore ♪
I sit and wait in vain ♪
I guess I'll rap on your door ♪
Tap on your, tap on your windowpane ♪
I want to tell you, baby ♪
Changes I've been going through ♪
Missing you, listen, you ♪
'Till you come back to me ♪
That's what I'm gonna do ♪
Why did you have to decide ♪
You had to set me free? ♪
I'm gonna swallow my pride ♪
I'm gonna beg you, baby ♪
Please, please see me ♪
I'm gonna walk by myself ♪
Just to prove that my love is true ♪
And all for you, baby ♪
'Till you come back to me ♪
That's what I'm gonna do ♪
'Till you come back to me ♪
That's what I'm gonna do ♪
Living for you, my dear ♪
Is like living in a world
of constant fear ♪
Hear my plea,
I've got to make you see ♪
That our love is dying ♪
'Till you come back to me ♪
Come over here, Clifford!
That's what I'm gonna do ♪
Listen to Granny sing, Uncle Clifford!
That's what I'm gone ♪
I'm knocking on your door ♪
Waiting on your steps ♪
'Till you come back to me ♪
That's what I'm gonna ♪
Do ♪
It's time, mama.
Come rest and have yourself a drank.
Naw, baby.
Not now
There you are.
We were s'posed to meet out front.
I thought you ghosted me.
Chile, I'm the last ghost
you need to be worried 'bout
up in this hure building.
Ain't you s'posed to be at home?
Bitch, ain't that where I'm at?
It ain't just yo' house, heyell
I done spent way more nights
on them back couches than you.
I been making memories
at the knees of grownfolks
in this club since I was yay high.
I made so many memories, chile,
I'on even need to dream.
You ain't just bought yo'self a club.
You done bought yo'self some history.
Thass where my great-grandaddy Honeycomb
got shot over a craps game.
And thass where hisgranddaddy, Clyde,
would sit and drank a pint
of corn liquor
after working the Kyle Fields
til midnight
And that stage right there,
thass where my Granmuva Ernestine
would open up her mouth
and let heaven and heyell
pour out on a Saturday night.
Oh, this place is full of haints
and unsung melodies, chile
History is important, yes.
But so's the future
Look-a here.
We done been at each other's
throats for days now
and it ain't done nobody no bit of good.
Cuz I done run out of ideas
short of killing you.
You wouldn't be the first to try.
That part.
Only thing left to do is to talk.
Bawse bitch to bawse bitch.
You ain't gone talk me out
of selling, Clifford.
I know you thank this just some
swamp land with a crumblin'
building on top of it.
But it's all I got.
This the only thang
thass ever been given to me.
I can build me another shake junt.
But I can't build me no 'nother Pynk.
I didn't save this place
off the auction block
just to watch it go down in flames.
But we done brought it all up to code,
pussy plastic, hippo filters and all!
How much longer 'til
it's shut down again, huh?
I mean, look what just
happened to Ernestine
W You better keep my Granmuva
name outcho mu'fucking mouth!
Six feet!
You've been in close contact, correct?
Look, that referendum's gone pass
and that casino's gone come.
Me buying The Pynk was just
prolonging the inevitable.
The best we can hope for is getting
what The Pynk's actually worth.
And how, pray tell, do you put a price
on the land my ancestors died?
We can start with 5 million.
That's what Promised Land
just offered me
- I'm not gonna take it tho
- Bitch, whuh?!
I mean, good.
But also, bitch whuh?!
'Cause I want 10,
point blank period.
I'm gone get what you deserve, Clifford.
Your ancestors, too
Naw-naw-naw-naw naw-naw-naw
what you not gone do
is piss in my mouf and call it Kool-Aid.
This ain't 'bout me, chile,
or my ancestors.
- This 'bout you
- Naw!
It's about the money
that saved this club.
The money I lost my daughter over.
The money that was supposed
to give us a new life.
This may not be my inheritance,
but right now it's my dream.
And I'm not gonna let it go to waste.
I can't do that
Not to her.
But Hailey
That baby gone.
So, Terricka sayin' she wanna
stay another coupla days.
I thought maybe we could
give you some time.
She done been there two nights already.
Shelle, girl. It's been three.
Let me hang wit lil' Mama
till you get yo'self together.
Mm, you better make sure
she ain't wear no more floss.
And you make sho' youdon't go
for no joy rides
after drankin' two cases of Moscato!
So, what you finna do?
Uhm I-I'on know
I already did that book report
on that racist-ass Huck Finn.
Maybe we could get our nails did?
Or maybe I could paint my room.
Now I know you know I ain't
talkin' 'bout no HGTV projects.
So. I'ma axe again.
- Whatchu finna do?
- I'on know!
But I've been craving
some cookie dough shiver
with crushed Oreos and hot sauce on top.
Ooh, chile, your ass sho'll is pregnant.
C'mon. Let's gone get this TCBY.
Mm, can I drive?
Absolutely the hell not.
Niggah, I see it!
I oh. I can't
I can't drink
I can't take nothing from the dead.
Yo, Miss Ernestine.
Time to rise and shine.
Isaac Hayes, that you?
It's LaMarques.
Lil' Murda.
Oh! Ooh, chile. I like that bettah.
I'll call you that.
Damn, you clammy as heyell.
Let's get some food in yuh.
That chicken and dressing Clifford made
gone take me before that Rona do.
Thass why I whipt you up
sumthin' special.
Oooo, oh.
Smothered pork chop? Mmm.
- Candied yams?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mmm. Collard greens and cornbread!
- Mm-hmm.
Folks sayin' they lose it,
but I guess you still got
yo' sense of smell.
Aww, baby, that's all
the sense I got left.
Uh mm.
Mmm. OK, Chef Nee-gro-dee!
I see yuh!
I aims to please.
Well, you bettah not please too much,
cause a ole bitch might get used
to having you around.
Awww, Miss Ernestine.
Quit flirtin' with me now.
I'ain' the bitch I'm talking 'bout.
You might need tuh put a good
word in for me with Cliff then.
Mm-hmm, well, you keep cookin' like that
and I will.
You know what else I smell?
I got a peach cobbler in the oven.
I smell death.
I smelled it on you that night.
All that blood.
Attention, Piggly Wiggly shoppers.
Attention, Piggly Wiggly shoppers.
Hey. How 'bout some moon pies.
Moon pies.
Or some Ruffles? And hot sauce
You love that.
Hey, I-I've got an idea.
Why don't we go down to Jackson
and the outlets tomorrow?
You could get those Prada booties
you been wanting for Regal.
Naw, she just gone outgrow 'em.
I-I'm trying here, Key.
Uhm, Derrick,
I need to go get some more makeup for
Okay. Just meet us at checkout.
Hey, come on. Come on.
I thought I might find you here.
I guess you decided
not to use my gun, huh?
I I tried. But I can't.
I have the kids and I
There are other ways to get out.
I'm sorry, I gotta go!
Whew. Hello!
Granmuva Ernestine!
Lil' Homicide?
Chile, if this niggah done
left my Granmuva
without her insulin
Oh, Lawd! What if it's
a carbon peroxide leak!
- Oh, this mu
- Sup?
You had a bitch thinking
that there was a home invasion
and the Chucalissa Stranglah
done got yo' asses.
Naw. Everything good, shawty.
Did you 'memba tuh take her temperature?
- 101.
- What 'bout her blood sugar?
- 120.
- And then what 'bout
I did everything you had
on the list, Cliff.
She good.
I just I don't know
how she got it, and I ain't
This shit ain't got no rhyme or reason.
Drive yo'self crazy tryna find one.
- Wanna eat?
- Mm-hmm.
Mmm. Mmmmmm!
I see why she ain't eat
my chicken and dressing.
So what's up wit' you and ole girl?
Mm, chile, that Autumn-
She ain't dumb.
She done got them Promised Land crackers
to offer her 5 million.
33 percent, that's
1.65 million dollars fuh you.
What you said, Lil' Calculator.
You'on seem too happy 'bout that.
You think I'm crazy turning
my nose up at all that scrilla?
Enh, money come and it go.
Let me find out them Tina Snow
royalties already hittin'.
I mean, thank about it.
You already done swept 1.65 million
off the floor of The Pynk
in yo' lifetime.
'Sides, can't take it witchoo.
I thought you said you choose
the money over love.
I said I usually do.
But I done learned
some thangs more important.
Most people don't even get
close to getting
what they want in this life.
But you got it already.
I don't got errythang.
Anyway, and here I am
yip yappin' all this yin yang
about this trifling hoe.
How you doin'?
Aww, I'm skraight.
Hmm, you ain't sound like it last night.
I heard you on the couch
cryin' in yo' sleep.
I'on know what you talkin' 'bout.
I'ma go get you a new change
of clothes
Since it look like you gone
be stayin' here another night.
There's some whores in this house ♪
There's some whores in this house ♪
There's some whores in this house ♪
I said certified freak ♪
Seven days a week ♪
Wet-ass pussy,
make that pullout game weak ♪
Whoo! ♪
I know you ain't talkin' 'bout
no weak pullout game in yo' condition.
Well, how do you think I got
in this condition?
Clearly by being dumb.
But please, next time
you decide to slip up,
let me know within 72 hours so you
can hop up on that Plan B situation.
Ohhh, so now it's okay
to talk about sex?
Whatchu mean? We had the talk.
All you ever said
was, "Keep yo' legs closed
to nappy-headed niggahs
that only want one thing."
Well, thass still good advice.
Heyell, you ain't listen
and look how you ended up.
You how many months pregnant and
How many months pregnant is you even?
See, if yo' period ain't
reglah enough to know
when you're pregnant, then yo'
ass shouldn't be havin' sex!
We not going to TCBY, are we?
Terricka, you runnin' outta time.
Time for what?
'Cedes, where we going?
- Jackson.
- We goin' a hour and a half
to the TCBY in Jackson?
- It's just for a consultation.
- Pull over.
Pull over!
We goin' to The Clinic
- Pull over now!
- And that's final.
You ambushed me!
Yeah, cuz you been hiding out
at my house for three days
and don't wanna tell me watchu wanna
do 'bout this baby!
Cuz I'on know!
Well, you better start knowin'
I will! Just gimme a chance!
When? In the delivery room?
At the baby pre-k graduation?
When she go to prom?
When you gone decide?!
Just stop!
Tee. Now, you gotta
get serious about this.
Pregnancy life and death for us.
You know Serena Williams and Beyoncé
damn near died givin' birth?
- Died?
- Yeah.
And they wun't no 14
with they hips barely set in.
Thass why we gotta go down
to this consultation
down in Jackson at The Clinic
Consultation or an abortion?
Cuz thass the only reason
why anybody pregnant go down to there.
It is an option to consider.
Well Jelissa said that Taylor
said that her mama said
that getting an abortion
gives you cancer.
Well, Jelissa, Taylor, and her
bald-headed hoe mama ain't got
two brain cells
between the three of 'em.
Ain't nobody get no cancer
from an abortion.
Like I said,
we just need to see
what yo' options are.
At the very least, get some
damn pre-natal vitamins
Pre-natal vitamins?
So you think I should have the baby?
Ain't nobody said that.
So you think I shouldn't have the baby?
I ain't said that neither.
- So what you sayin'
- I'on know!
I just know we ain't got
all the information yet.
So we gone go down to Jackson. Boffa us.
Now get in the goddamn car.
Aye, Murda, where the fuck you been?!
These promotors been blowing my shit up
since that Tina Snow track dropped.
Niggah, that shit up and stuck.
And the venues from the Dirty Dozen Tour
we had to cancel wanna rebook you.
Back on tour again?
Yeah, niggah.
Who gone be security?
That Teak shit awful, maine
Guess na'an
one of us needed to fire him.
He fired hisself.
think he woulda wanted you
He still at F & G?
Yeah. Ain't no family
come to get him yet.
Might have to put 'em
in the pauper's grave.
Naw, ye'en gone have to do that.
HVH gone send him out like a kang
Aye, I-I gotta go.
What you up here doin', maine?
Ooo! Who invited you up in hure?
I thought you fell out
and had a heart attack,
all that noise you was makin'.
Chile, I'm just tryna find
somethin' to fit yo' skinny-swole tail.
Just checked in on Ernestine.
She sound asleep.
So this is it, huh? Yo' secret lair.
Seen only by the few and the worthy.
Well, I hope one day I'm worthy enough.
Niggah, you already here, ain't it?
I bet you used to stunt on 'em
circa '02 in this joint.
Boy, bye.
Look, that belonged to the trade
of Christmas past.
I ain't even gone ask.
Mkkay, Sisqo.
Who dat?
Niggah, I know who the fuck Sisqo is.
This Gucci 234 B.C.?
Thass my first pocketbook.
I had this since I was three.
You had a purse even back then, huh?
I used to wear this thang errywhere.
If anybody had anythang to say 'bout it,
you know, my mama, she would
beat they ass with it.
Yuh. You can bet they sho'll
ain't bothered me
no nevermore after that.
So you you always been, like
like this?
- Niggah, whatchu mean?
- Like
like this. I'on
I mean, I'on mean no 'fense, but
What are you?
I'm Uncle Clifford.
What are you?
What the world won't let me be.
You kept 'em?
Which one yo' favorite?
"You look beautiful in
That day 'fo I left,
you wouldn't even give me
the time of day.
Wouldn't let me in.
I understand.
That shit hurt, didn't it?
I'on get hurt.
Just disappointed.
You know I ain't mean for
things to end up the way they did.
What did you mean then?
You ask me what I am,
without even realizing all dat
come along with that answer.
Hmph. Don't get me wrong, nanh.
I loves me some me.
But people don't understand
how lonely it can be
to shine so bright.
Thass why I understand why you did
what you did on Murda Night.
You wun't ready to stand in the sun.
I just niggahs I used to fuck wit'
they was like me.
Y'know, we could pass.
Well, ain't no passin' wit' me.
Uh Granmuva!
Granmuva Ernestine!
Granmuva Ernestine!
She ain't upstairs.
She gone?
Oh, thank God!
I was boutta pee myself!
Squat, don't sit!
You know I don't approve.
You know I don't approve!
See, you always
gettin' into sumthin' bad.
I don't know what to do.
This a damn mess, Cedes.
Sooo where we sleepin' tonight?
I got a friend who finna
let us stay on his pullout.
Look, don't you roll your eyes at me.
I'm keepin' a roof over our heads.
Let's just pay so we can go.
I'm a lil' short.
Maybe you could, uh
Do yo' thang.
Naw, Ma.
We good.
What is that?
No, not that. The other thing.
Is that a condom?!
- Ma
- Who gave you this money?
- What you been doin' Mercedes?!
- He's my boyfriend.
Cortez, he just take care of me.
Look like you take care of him too!
Ma, it ain't like that. He love me.
- Aahhh!
- I ain't gone let you
- be no hoe!
- Ma!
- No! Ma!
- You hear me, Mercedes?
- Ma!
- No more Cortez!
- It stops today!
- Ma, please!
Ma, please!
Tell Keenan to stop playing
on yo' phone 'fore I roll up
to his house.
This Kelvin
some type of comedian, huh?
And he's an artist.
Aren't they all.
He drew this.
That's nice.
So you tell him where we goin'?
So, you ain't told him
you knocked up yet.
No I did
Then why his ass ain't
driving you to Jackson?
Oh, thass right!
Cuz he ain't even old enough to drive!
He-he wants to keep the baby
Oh, do he, now?
He said we could start our own family.
That he gon' take care of us.
Whatchu thank 'bout all that?
It sound nice.
Course it sound nice.
Words are easy. Living 'em is hard, Tee.
How he gone take care of you?
He said he gone get a job.
Where? Who gone hire him at 14?
You can get a part-time job at 14!
His cousin has a job at Krystal's.
Do you know how much diapers cost?
We'll figure it out!
He loves me, 'Cedes.
Whatchu know about love?
Cause I'll tell you this:
it ain't making promises you can't keep.
Cuz Cortez sold me
a whole heap of dreams.
'Till I told him I was pregnant.
Then he made it very clear
we ain't never had love.
We ain't never had shit.
Looks like all you
know about love is what it ain't.
Prolly cause you ain't got
nobody in yo' life
'cept the dudes you dance for.
And you just jealous
cause I actually do.
When I'm a mama,
I'm never gone slap my daughter.
Thass what I said too.
Granmuva! We gotta find her!
What in the heyell?
Come on. C'mon!
She goin' for a
Abortion is
Abortion is
Abortion is
We choose life! We choose life!
You're going to heyell!
Unborn life matters!
Think about your soul!
Don't kill your baby!
You should be
ashamed of yourself!
Black lives matter!
All them pro-lifers only be pro-life
'till the baby be born.
Go on 'head, lil' Mama.
Pro-choice, that's
a lie, babies never choose to die!
Pro-choice, that's a lie,
babies never choose to die!
Pro-choice, that's a lie,
babies never choose to die!
Miss Vernette, can you tell
how far along she is?
Uh, gimme one sec, okay?
Let me finish gettin' my measurements.
All right.
14 weeks, 4 days. Right on the cusp.
Thass my baby?
Yes, dear.
So you just gonna
suck it out?
If that's what you decide.
And you sure I won't get cancer?
Naw! Who said that?
There are risks if you decide
to have an abortion.
Bleeding, infection, blood clots.
But guess what.
All of those risks are also
associated with childbirth.
She gotta choose right now?
She'll have to wait
the state-mandated 24 hours,
but yes.
The window is closing.
Miss Ernestine, no!
No! No, Granmuva!
- Granmuva Ernestine, no!
- No! Granmuva!
No! No!
No! Naw! Let me go!
- I gotta get to the water.
- No. Listen.
You know you can't go wading
in the Mississippi, guh.
She'on look good, Cliff.
I'm comin' Beulah.
I'm coming to see you, baby.
Who Beulah?
Thass my mama.
We gotta get her home now.
I gotta get ready. It's time.
If you can't bring me to the water,
then bring the water to me.
Boy, where is you goin'?!
- Please.
- Okay. Okay.
The water.
Please. The water.
You can let go, mama.
Be all right.
It'll be all right
I love you, Granmuva.
Oh Ah!
Why? Why?
Wanna go home.
Granmuva, Granmuva.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey. Hey, hey. Stay wit' us.
Hey, stay wit' us. Yeah, yeah. Uh-huh.
Her fingers blue, Cliff.
Oh, that can't be good!
Come on. We gotta get her to the crib.
Granmuva. Granmuva, come on.
Come on. We here, we here.
Somebody need to teach these
bad ass lil' kids it's rude
to splash people ain't tryna get wet.
'Cedes, that's what kids do at the pool.
They splash.
Guh, stop!
I ain't playin' wit' you.
Whatchu lookin' at, R. Kelly?
She 14!
Thass right. Keep it movin'.
Take a look in that
crystal ball right thur,
cause thass about to be yo' future.
I can just get Grandmama to babysit.
Tee, I done told you
to stop callin' Patrice that.
No. Thass you.
What you wanna be?
Nana? Big Mama?
Thass a question I ain't ready
to answer yet.
Now you know how I feel.
How I'm about to be
a grandmama at thirty?
Would it really be that bad?
Ask me when you thirty.
It could be nice.
I mean, you'd be there
for everything you missed with me.
But is that what you really want?
I mean
I ain't sure, sure.
I'm still thinkin'.
Sit still, boy.
Don't you wanna go to the prom?
Don't you wanna see the world?
I mean prolly.
Where would I even go?
Anywhere you want!
Paris, Dubai, China even.
Have you ever been to China?
Mmm, no.
Why not?
No dude offered to flew you out?
Naw, they did.
But I turned 'em down.
Cause it woulda been
too far away from you.
I just don't know.
Okay, thank about it like this
for a minute.
Forget about Kelon lil' lovesick ass,
forget about the baby,
forget about me.
What does Terricka want for Terricka?
Almost there.
gone come back
Leave it on, Granmuva.
I'm nevah gonna come back
Granmuva, they gon' make you bettah.
I don't wanna die alone.
I don't wanna. I don't wanna
You not. Hey, hey, you not.
I promise. I promise.
Oxygen done fell to 85%.
We have to go, sir.
It's ma'am.
Say goodbye, Cliff.
Let's go.
Could we go by the outlets
while we out here?
My good jeans a little too tight
and they won't button up no more.
Cause yo' ass pregnant.
Time's up, Tee! You gone haveta tell me
whatchu gone do 'bout this baby.
I'on know.
See? Thass proof positive
that yo' ass ain't ready to be no mama.
You the one to talk.
Excuse me?
You ain't got no right to tell me
if I'm ready to be a mama or not
when you were never a mama to me.
They wouldn't let me.
Patrice, Shelle, the judge.
So they the reason why you
missed all those visitations?
They the reason why you didn't come
to my 7th birthday party
at the roller rink?
If you knew the things
that I done done for you
to finally get that gym.
Thass been the missing piece.
I can finally prove that I
ain't just no hoe up on a pole.
So why you still don't have me?
Help me, God.
Tee, I'm tryin'
You ain't never have
to prove nothing to me.
I just needed you to be my mama.
Like I said,
I been tryin'.
Well, it's too late!
I'm having a fucking baby.
But it's all right.
'Cause I ain't gone
be like you or Shelle.
I'm never gone have my baby wondering
if I wish I had an abortion.
I ain't gone drink 'til I
blackout to forget she exists.
You right, Tee.
I fucked up.
A lot.
You did want an abortion?
I'd be lyin' if I said
I ain't never consider it.
But that's all I ever did was consider.
'Cause Patrice ain't give me no choice.
She made me have you.
And you know what?
I'm thankful every day.
'Cuz sometimes God uses the devil
to give you yo' blessings.
All I ever wanted was for you
to have choices, Terricka.
And to make 'em for yo'self.
Do you think anybody's
ever ready for this?
We both know I wun't.
We got a lotta lost time to make up fuh.
What you wanna do about your room
when we get home?
You mean for the baby?
No. For you.
What color you wanna paint it?
Hm? Green?
How you know?
'Cuz I'm yo' mama.
The finer things in life ♪
You bettah take all dat off!
And you know another
niggah couldn't handle it ♪
Be careful what you axe fuh
up in this hoe.
With a look in your eye so devilish ♪
You like to dance,
all the hip-hop spots ♪
- Watch that, nahn.
- Wh
- Mm. Look out!
- She had dumps like ♪
- A truck, truck, truck ♪
- Oh! Okay.
Teach me how to Machiavelli.
Niggah, I'on do that.
I don't do any
I think I'll sing it again ♪
She had dumps like a truck,
truck, truck ♪
Uh uh. Unh-uh. Uh, no-no-no.
No, no. And I certainly don't do that.
Let me see that thong ♪
- You don't?
- Unh-uh.
Yeah? Show me how you do it then.
- I do it like
- Yeah, fuck it up!
- I do it like aye!
- Yeah, fuck it up!
Yeah, fuck it up! Yeah, fuck it up!
- Sisqo?
- This mu'fuckuh
think I ain't know who Sisqo is
I said I got somethin' fuh her ass!
I said I got somethin' fuh her ass!
No. N
Ah, shit.
Oh, my God.
Give me a run for my money ♪
There is nobody, no one to outrun me ♪
Give me a run for my money ♪
Sippin' bubbly, feelin' lovely ♪
Livin' lovely ♪
Just love me ♪
I wanna be with you, ayy ♪
- I wanna be with ♪
- Just love me ♪
I wanna be with you, ayy ♪
- I wanna be with ♪
- Love me ♪
I wanna be with you ♪
Love me, just love me ♪
If I didn't ride blade on curb ♪
- Would you still ♪
- Love me? ♪
If I minimized my net worth ♪
- Would you still ♪
- Love me? ♪
Keep it a hundred,
I'd rather you trust me ♪
- Than to ♪
- Love me ♪
Keep it a whole one hund' ♪
Don't got you, I got nothin' ♪
Ayy, I got somethin', somethin' ♪
Hold up, we gon' function ♪
Ayy, no assumptions ♪
- Put this on.
- We'on need that.
You good?
Hm, like, negative, good-good?
I'm good.
'Sides, I wanna feel you inside me.
Livin' lovely ♪
Just love me ♪
I wanna be with you, ayy ♪
Just love me ♪
I wanna be with you ♪
Just love me ♪
I wanna be with you, ayy ♪
- I wanna be with ♪
- Love me ♪
I wanna be with you, ayy ♪
Just love me, just love me ♪
Feelin' like Tyson with it ♪
Knock it out twice, I'm with it ♪
Only for the night, I'm kiddin' ♪
Only for life, yeah,
homie for life, yeah ♪
Only for life, let's get it ♪
Hit that shoulder lean ♪
I know what comin' over me ♪
Backstroke oversea ♪
I know what you need ♪
Already on ten, all money come in ♪
All feeling go out ♪
This feeling don't drought ♪
This party won't end ♪
If I didn't ride blade on curb ♪
- Would you still ♪
- Love me? ♪
If I minimized my net worth ♪
- Would you still ♪
- Love me ♪
Keep it a hundred ♪
I'd rather you trust me ♪
- Than to ♪
- Love me ♪
Keep it a whole one hund' ♪
I gotchu.
Don't got you, I got nothin' ♪
There is nobody, no one to outrun me ♪
So give me a run for my money ♪
Sippin' bubbly, feelin' lovely ♪
Fill me up, niggah.
Livin' lovely ♪
Just love me ♪
I wanna be with you, ayy ♪
- I wanna be with ♪
- Just love me ♪
I wanna be with you ♪
Love me, just love me ♪
You got everythang?
Make sure you don't forget yo' charger.
Can't text Kelon lil' ass
wit a dead phone.
No, I got it.
So what you think I should do?
Unh-uh! Thass yo' decision.
Chucalissa or Jackson.
It's up to you.
I could go either way.
How come you let me back inside?
'Cause you needed me
And I needed you.
- The other night
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Unh-unh, unh-unh, unh-unh.
Only when you ready.
Only when you ready.
I gotchu.
Oh, my gosh.
You think this shit funny?
Yeah. It's classic.
I'on know 'bout all that.
This is the reckoning
that my Lord hath promised.
The soul of Chucalissa is on the line.
- Where's the remote?
- Naw, it's okay.
She just noise.
The only power she got
is the power we give her.
Speak truth to power on judgement day.
Vote Woodbine for mayor
and "no" on the casino referendum!
You think I'm gone burn in hell?
If you do,
I'ma be right there witchu.
Do I know you?
I'm an old friend of Keyshawn's.
Derrick, thass Autumn.
Me and her used to work
together at the club.
Well, I was at the outlets in Jackson,
and I couldn't stop myself
from picking up
a little something for baby Regal.
She knows she can't sleep nowadays.
Can I?
I'm gonna tell you a story, Regal.
Once upon a time, there was
a little girl named Hailey
who belonged to no one.
Who never had her own home.
And she walked the deep, dark woods
searching for shelter
from the constant storm.
Until one day,
a baby fell out of the sky.
And suddenly, all her dreams came true.
She had a family.
And she swore she'd
do anything to protect it.
But that's when she met the Hunter.
And he built her a three-story McMansion
with marble counters
and kept her in gowns spun
with Yves Saint Laurent silk.
Hailey thought she had
everything she ever wanted.
But one night,
beneath the slanted light
of a crescent moon,
she saw his teeth were actually knives,
his eyes hungry, ears tuned
to her truth and her lies.
She was trapped.
But one thing she carried with her
were bags of plastic
filled with her tears.
She poured them out, making a river
that flooded the whole forest.
She could swim.
Her baby could not.
Her tears drowned her baby.
All because she waited too long.
what are you talmbout?
Look up Hailey Colton.
And call me when you're
ready to learn how to swim.
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