P-Valley (2020) s02e06 Episode Script


I know y'all been chompin' at the bit.
Here's what's been goin' down
in the Valley.
Lauren Hawkins here,
Nonconnah County
Health Department Regulator!
The Pynk is officially closed!
I came back early The fuck?!
to ask my wife for her permission
to run for mayor of Chucalissa.
Maine, ain't nobody
tryna talk to this girl.
Guys, show some respect, will ya?
Oh, I got some mu'fuckin'
respect fuh you, white boy!
Be careful of becoming
a man's Barbie doll.
He'll always find another one to buy.
I'm sorry for misleading you.
I just never met a woman
who could hold her own weight like you.
You been tryin' to sell
The Pynk this whole time?
Y'all can take the money
and move The Pynk somewhere else!
I'm proud-a you, maine.
You gone be a icy niggah,
platinum niggah, bawse niggah.
He a faggot, just like you a hoe.
Keyshawn told me everything
and I do mean everything.
Night-night, niggah.
All you ladies
pop your pussy like this ♪
Shake your body,
don't stop, don't miss ♪
Just do it, do it ♪
Do it do it do it now ♪
Lick it good, suck this pussy ♪
Just like you should ♪
Right now, lick it good ♪
Suck this pussy just like you should ♪
My neck, my back ♪
Lick my pussy and my crack ♪
My neck, my back ♪
Lick my pussy and my crack ♪
My neck, my back ♪
Lick my pussy and my crack ♪
My neck, my back ♪
Lick my pussy and my crack ♪
- Diamond
- My neck, my back ♪
Lick my pussy and my crack ♪
First you gotta put
your neck into it ♪
- Don't stop, just do it ♪
- Diamond
Do it ♪
Then you roll your tongue ♪
From the crack back to the front ♪
Then you suck it off
till I shake and cum niggah ♪
Make sho'll I keep
bustin' nuts niggah ♪
- Ahh
- All over your face ♪
- And stuff ♪
- Ah
Slow head show me so much love ♪
- Ah!
- The best head ♪
Comes from a thug ♪
The dick good, it big and long ♪
Slow thumping till the crack of dawn ♪
On the X makin' faces and stuff ♪
You always cummin' in that condom.
I want that in my mouth.
Any man got sense know
he need to expose of his seed.
I'on want no babies
Yeah, and I'on want no hexes
I'm the one that got a hex put on her.
You got a bitch over hure dickmatized.
Is that right?
You tryna wake up
with warts all ova yuh face?
With them legs twisted 'round
and titties growin' out yo' back?
I'on thank that'd be a good look.
Well, then I wouldn't
touch that if I was you.
What is it?
It's protection.
You don't seem like the type
of niggah need no protection.
Yeah, we all need
some savin' now and again.
I just got this little spades tournament
I gotta run security fuh tonight.
Why you'on do
security fuh the Pynk no more?
You musta tried to save one of 'em heaux
wun't ready to be saved.
And who told you that?
Your eyes.
They so heavy that errytime
you fuckin' me, they be closed.
- Next time
- Mm-hmm.
I want them chestnut eyes wide open
just like this drippin' wet pussy.
Yuh hear me?
Why don't we make next time right now?
Ayoza, you wrong for this shit ♪
You know what I'm sayin' ♪
Me and Duke ♪
Deuce on you bitch ass niggah necks ♪
You know I'm sayin'? ♪
Hey, woo ♪
I see red, uh,
fifty racks on your head ♪
Draco get to shaking like dreads ♪
Draco, we go retarded go sped ♪
I fucked a thotty on meds
servin' narcotic ♪
We duckin' the feds
spinnin' your block ♪
Cuz they know how I play it ♪
Walk with the choppa,
wood grain like a peg ♪
Boy you ain't gangster,
you talk to the feds ♪
This a gangsta
party, ho, get the fuck out ♪
Ain't no snitchin' on this side ♪
- You'll get stomped out ♪
- Stomped out ♪
We got hella ammunition ♪
- Fuh the opposition ♪
- Opposition ♪
Now, you know we wun't gone not
brang a solider home right.
Naw, niggah! Naw!
We gathered here today
to raise a double-cup
to one of HVH's most brolic niggas!
Not alla us make it out that dark.
Not alla us ever
make it to see that light.
Thass why today special.
Now, they say family found
is family forever.
Well, we gone hold you down
on the outside
just like you done
held us down on the inside.
So, Big Teak, whateva you
need, baby bwoy, we got you.
Go on, get in your new ride, niggah.
We Hurt Village Hustlas fuh life!
Fuh life!
I know that's right.
'Scuse me So what ya think?
Ay, y'all give the maine some room.
Teak liable to do a donut
on yo' ass now.
You aight.
This a gangsta party ♪
Hoe, get the fuck out ♪
Ain't no snitchin' on this side ♪
You'll get stomped out ♪
Wait fuh it
Wait fuh it
What the fuck is goin' on?!
Big L!
What's up with the water?
I just paid the bill.
- But you ain't paid me, though.
- I ain't playin' wit you,
Big L. Turn the water back on.
I got someplace to be.
Is that why you wearin' this
pretty ole lil' dress?
Give it here!
And turn the fuckin' water back on!
I'ma have to kill her.
Maine, we already got too much blood
- on our hands already.
- What and she ain't
got enough.
Can you believe,
after all that we done done
fuh this heiffa, she call
herself tryna put the club
back on the auction block?
Ooh! Audacity is runnin' high
in the pandemic, chile!
Them Ugandans gave me a price
on them AC systems Five stacks.
On top of the eleven stacks
we gotsta pay the Chucalissa
Health Department
in order ta re-re-re-re open?
I might have to start showin'
feet online or somethin'.
Yeah, shit. Online mightbe the move.
"Whisper, Roulette.
"Bringing The Pynk to the people.
"Come on down to Pussy Valley
Annual Spades Tournament."
Remind me to sue these heiffas
fuh copyright infringement.
Bitches is tryna survive,
and niggahs is too.
Duffy's back with a big load.
And you know how I feel
about that plug life, Big L.
Look, maybe we should
just go on down to the police
and turn her flat ass in.
If only she had pulled that trigger
or buried that body
Autumn Nightmare, what is yo' next move?
I only set one man
on fire before in my life.
I'm tryin' not to be the second.
Don't mess up my hure, Gibby.
I got a big day today, maine.
Oh, hush. Yo' afro gone thank me.
Heyell, I learnt from The
Great Warren Lewis hisself.
Thaddeus Wilks,
what you gone do, now you done got out?
Try not to go back.
He goin' back on the road
wit' me as security,
soon as we get this tour back on track.
I can't believe Rome
fuckin' up and died, maine.
- What, that Rona?
- Naw,
he'ain have that.
Blogs ain't say what it was.
So you a sanger, too, huh?
What you sang?
I done heard somethin' before?
"Sit on my Lap," "Mississippi Pride."
If it ain't on that jukebox,
it ain't shit.
Now, this one hure,
thisthe one you need
to put out on a record.
Aye, guh.
Why you just now callin' me back?
Been hittin' your line like crazy.
Look at you lookin' all casket-sharp.
Woddy gone put it all
back together, trust me.
Lil' Murda,
somethin' happened in Atlanta.
- Fuck you mean?
- Rome, he
- he tried it.
- He tried what?
Glad that niggah dead, then.
And, uh
I tolt Woddy Rome knew 'bout you
How how he know about
What you what you talkin' 'bout?
Keyshawn, who you on the phone with?
I gotta go.
Who was that?
Lil' Murda was axin' about
- Rome's funeral.
- Damn.
He was such a good guy.
Brought you all those deals.
But we'll be alright, though.
Justin has a couple leads on a job.
Fact, I'm gonna go shower off
and go help him put his fire pit in.
- We'll talk then.
- Okay.
You wanna come?
Oh, that's nice.
You aight, maine?
Yeah, yeah, just
One day, shit poppin', the next
- Shit crazy, maine.
- Yeah.
Yeah, life fuh a niggah stay shawt.
Thass why you just gotta enjoy
erry day like it's yo' last.
Where you want me to drop you off at?
I figure I'd roll 'round
the hood witchu,
'specially since the tour down.
'Lest you got somethin'
betta else to do.
You can slide.
Terricka ain't here.
She runnin' 'round with her lil' friend.
Who? Kelon?
- Who Kelon?
- Nevermind.
I brought y'all some groceries.
How long it take to drink all this?
Look, I ain't got a problem, alright?
Maybe we can get you some help.
Only help I need is a job.
You got one of them?
I'on mean on no damn pole neither.
I'm worried about you.
Don't worry 'bout me.
Worry 'bout yuself.
I'm doin' just fine.
You called Terricka a mistake.
That night she got pult over
drivin' you home?
You calt her a mistake.
W no.
I would never. I would
I could never.
You know, I could
I could take Terricka off
your hands fuh a little while
till you got back on your feet.
See, you ain't slick.
I see what you doin'.
I ain't tryna get custody, Shelle.
Well, you bet not.
Cuz there's a difference
between being a mother
and being a parent.
Now, you pushed her out,
but I raised her.
You were forced into that.
Terricka gone stay right here
with me, where she's safe,
not in that hellhole hood you reside in.
No matter what I do,
ain't gone never be good enough
fuh you, huh, Shelle?
You have reached the phone
of Terricka Shelton.
You know what to do!
Where you at?
I need to talk to you ASAP.
- Coach.
- Hey, Cedes.
What's good?
I'm just seeing if you up for finishin'
that Mercedes Experience.
Farrah just won't stop talkin' about it.
I'on know why.
So look, I know it's supposed to be
about you and me, right,
but if you could
just oblige my wife one mo' time
She ain't know I would
get that excited about it.
Hell, I ain't know.
I just be wanting
to be alone with you.
Aw, please, baby?
See, when my wife is happy, I'm happy.
You know what I mean?
A-alright, Coach. Alright. I gotta run.
Fuck. God damn it.
Anything else I can get fuh y'all?
Aw, I think we good.
Oh, you got some pretty eyes.
Light skin niggahs comin' back in.
Al B. sho'll gettin' raised
back from the grave.
Awww, baby bwoy, I ain't mean
to make you more redbone
than you already is, nanh.
Aye, shawty, you mind goin'
to grab us two waters?
And maybe get one fuh yo'self
while you at it.
Okay. Rude.
Whoa-oh, I'll take ♪
Yeah, stop bein' J.
Niggah, ain't nobody bein' jealous.
Heyell, a niggah can go help facilitate
if thass what you want.
I'll take the long road ♪
Ah, know what I want?
To enjoy this lemon pepper
wet right hure.
Glad you gotcho appetite back.
Had a niggah worried
about you fuh a minute.
This bill gone be hard.
Don't you ever be
worried 'bout this stomach or this bill.
I got this.
Awww, so niggah, this a date?
I'll take ♪
The long road ♪
I don't mind ♪
Never woulda thought
we ever get a chance
to do it
My canned linguini in the supply closet
wun't proper enough fuh you?
You know, I thought the first time
I got pushed in the supply closet,
the guard was tryna turn
a niggah booty hole out.
And then the door closed,
and lo 'n behold,
you standin' there with a bowl of pasta
and candlelight and
That was then.
But now you done moved on.
As you should have.
Whole world done moved on, seem like.
What's he like?
- Niggah, "she"?
- She like fuh
folks to call him that.
But I just call Cliff "my niggah."
- Niggah, whu?
- Niggah, I'on know either.
I just accept.
Ten years, a lot done changed
and got strange.
What else about her
She I mean, this niggah?
Cliff like
hittin' seven thrice against
the wall on a Sat'day night.
Like eatin' funnel cake
once a year at the fair,
it's like a eclipse, you know?
But I fucked it up.
Seem like you got a habit of doin' that.
Yeah, maybe I do. I fuck up a lot.
I fucked up
You forgiven.
Hey, can a niggah get the check?
On my way, boo.
Shh, shh, shh.
We goin' on a trip.
It's gone be so fun.
So be a good boy and sit still, okay?
Can we talk ♪
You crackin', niggah!
Fo' a minute, hey ♪
Where the humidifier?
Niggah, I'on know what the fuck
you talkin' 'bout.
You know they used to call me
the Black John B!
Niggahs give me a brand-new car
and don't fill up the fuckin' thing.
Fuck niggah.
- Ahh
- Oh.
Regla, premium?
Betta quit playin' and put in regla.
Shit. I'on know
how this shit work, bruh.
Whoo-wee! All right,
errybody, I put my ears on this thang.
I want you to hear it right now on K97.
- This how you do it.
- Aight.
This that new joint from Tina
Snow featuring a new
artist from The 'Sip.
- Regla degla.
- Okay.
Calls hisself Lil' Murda.
Then you gone put this in there, niggah.
What y'all think?
- Slam it or jam it.
- Aight, that's how you do it.
Lil' mama you'se a pro ♪
Aye, this shit go hard, Clavia!
- Niggah, what?
- Aye
I could eat
that cake like my birthday ♪
If you ready, then let's go ♪
I'ma fuck you in the open, Lil'
Murda the hottest I'm poppin' ♪
I'm all about making a profit ♪
Thass fuckin' me.
Thass fuckin' me!
- Got Gucci all on my body ♪
- Yeah.
Your bitch tryna give me that noggin ♪
- Thass crazy!
- Fresh out dat mud ♪
- Thass my niggah!
- Yeah!
- Whoo!
- I make it rain when I get my bag ♪
Fuck up a check,
I'ma get it right back ♪
Yeah! Yeah! What station that on?
All y'all niggahs!
Turn y'all station to K97!
Cuz my niggah song on the radio!
With some money in this hoe ♪
Mean mugging bitches, we
ain't fucking with them hoes ♪
It's Big Murda in this hoe ♪
- Dance like it's niggahs ♪
- Yeah. Yeah.
With some money in this hoe ♪
It's Big Murda in this hoe ♪
Throw it in the air ♪
They feelin' it, Teak.
Lil' Murda in this bitch I'm ballin' ♪
Yeah! Yeah, niggah!
Yeah, yeah!
Lil' Murda in this bitch I'm ballin' ♪
Lil' Murda in this bitch I'm ballin' ♪
Lil' Murda in this bitch I'm ballin' ♪
Lil' Murda in this bitch I'm ballin' ♪
Hey, bwoy!
I fuckin' knew it. I knew it, bwoy!
Aye, niggah!
You done with the pump or what, maine?
Niggah, who the fuck
- is you talkin' to, bwoy?
- Naw, naw, naw.
Maine, we done.
You lucky I'on let him go.
Mu'fucker, I should let him get you.
Come on, let's go.
Throw some money in this hoe ♪
Well, since you famous, shit.
Yeah. I guess I am famous. Here.
- Superstar angle.
- Yeah.
With some money in this hoe ♪
Throw it in the air ♪
Watch 'em get it on the floor, aye ♪
Man, I'm outta here like pussy hair ♪
Y'all hoes be ripping me off ♪
Bust that shit open for a big face ♪
Molly and the Big Comfy Couch ♪
If he ain't making me cum ♪
I don't add that to my body count ♪
You was cute
before you started talkin' ♪
Put this pussy up in your mouth ♪
Man, these young niggahs
ain't spendin' like that ♪
Finna find me something that's old ♪
With ya grandaddy
sitting real pretty ♪
At the retirement home? ♪
Man, I told a niggah
don't play with me ♪
I am really not one of them ♪
You be crying up in my texts ♪
Don't get bold
in front of your friends, ay ♪
I ain't no magician but I'm lookin'
fuh a trick ♪
Big pussy energy,
can't fuck with little dick ♪
Mouth too smart,
need to get a stupid bitch ♪
He ain't finna fuck
unless I'm finna get rich ♪
One shot, two shot, three shot, four ♪
Tell her open wide ♪
Then I make her drive the boat ♪
Niggah think he slick,
tryna fuck me and my friends ♪
He ain't getting nothing
till we see them Benjamins ♪
Dance like it's niggahs with some
money in this hoe ♪
Mean mugging bitches, we
ain't fuckin' with them hoes ♪
Dance like it's niggahs
with some money in this hoe ♪
Throw it in the air, watch
'em get it on the floor ♪
Yooo, shawty.
How you been, baby bwoy?
Wassup wit' the foreign?
I'on think she get down like that.
You should find out fo' me though.
I give her ass two stacks,
she let me eat that pussy.
Damn! Wish I'da been offered the option
of layin' on my back
'steada gettin' on my knees.
You gon' hook me up or naw?
Come on, you know
it's gone come back to yuh.
Hurry up, go talk to her fuh me, shit.
To the Mercedes Experience.
Heyell, I'on even know if I
can handle the both of y'all.
Haven't been able
to stop thinking about you.
Don't worry, he can't hear us
over the blender.
He swears by his all-natural sex potion,
but it's just Irish Moss and Viagra.
If Coach sees us, won't he be mad?
Let him be mad.
Makes him harder.
You wouldn't mess
with my bag, would you?
We need to act like
nothin' between us ever
I don't know what you're talkin' about.
All right.
Y'all ready fuh the Mercedes Experience?
Come on.
You can ride ♪
Be my mistress, lil' bitch, yeah ♪
All in the kitchen ♪
Work them wrists, lil' bitch, yeah ♪
Uhh, you can ride ♪
Be my mistress, lil' bitch, yeah ♪
All in the kitchen ♪
Work them wrists, lil' bitch, yeah ♪
Uh, lookin' like
your last name Savage ♪
Father was a killer, he a savage ♪
Mama lookin' just like your sister ♪
If anything else, get the cabbage ♪
Thank you all for allowing me
to reintroduce myself.
We all know I can't fill
Tydell Ruffin's size-12 purple gators.
But I do intend
to make his dream
of a Chucalissa renaissance
a reality.
To do that, though,
we've got to address our sordid past.
Now, this casino
will come to Chucalissa,
and it will bring unprecedented
wealth to this town
in the poorest county in
the poorest state in the Union.
Under my leadership,
we will redistribute
that prosperity among all Chucalissans.
I have a question.
What makes you think prosperity for all
is possible?
Because I'm up here on this podium.
A Black boy born
to a drug-addicted mother.
Father died
when I was but seven years old.
I should've
been a statistic.
But Mayor Tydell Ruffin
saw potential in me
and nurtured it.
It was his guidance and funding
that got me to Morehouse.
And I intend to give the same care
to all the sons and daughters
of Chucalissa.
What in the heyell
do you think you're doing?
What ever do you mean, Massa Kyle?
- Did you invite her?
- No.
He didn't have to.
It's a black-tie event in Chucalissa.
Word travels fast.
Here you go, Mrs. Seagram-Watkins.
I see how you got past the guest list.
I figured she wouldn't be here.
Whatever games you're playing,
this is not the time nor the place.
Who woulda thunk Andre Watkins,
Esquire'd be running for Mayor?
You sure do owe
Promised Land a favor
after that auction fiasco
sometime back.
Believe me, all is not lost.
Maybe there's a silver lining in this.
Let's discuss that silver
lining in the smoking parlor.
I procured some very nice
Cubans for the night.
Is she here to trim the ends?
She wishes.
Andre, why don't you take
Bill 'nem back to the parlor?
You best get on back to the strip club.
Oh, yes. Oh, yes.
Oh, yeah.
- Ahh
- Ahh
Ahh! Ahh
Ah ah
Farrah, what the fuck?!
Y'all been cheatin' on me?
- What are you talkin' about?
- What?
I know what two women
been together look like shit!
Coach, calm down.
You done turnt my fuckin' wife out!
Cedric, come back to bed.
You're acting crazy.
Naw, naw, we been married 19 years.
In all that time, you ain't
never thought about no pussy.
Now alla sudden, you bumpin' boxes
like a muthafuckin' pro?!
What? You think you're the only one
who gets to have
some fucking pussy, huh?
That's right, we've
been married for 19 fucking years,
and you don't even know
that I like pussy
just as much as you.
Hell, maybe even more!
You don't know a lot about me, Cedric,
because you've been so busy
fulfilling your dreams,
your desires, your fantasies.
Well, what about mine?!
Fact, what about my dreams?!
Yeah, what about her dreams?
- Get the fuck out!
- Don't be mad at her!
Get the fuck out! Fuckin'
Aah! Muthafucker, if you
don't get offa me, on God
I brought you into my home,
and you fuckin' betray me?
You were supposed to be
fuh me, goddamnit!
- You hurtin' me!
- Get the heyell outta here,
you backwoods hoe!
Your sponsorship done expired
like a muthafucka!
You still owe me the rest
of my 40 stacks fuh the month
Like the heyell I do!
Cedric, that's not fair.
You don't break a deal.
Well, y'all both done broke my heart.
Fuck. Shit.
Man, that's bullshit.
Thought I saw you in there.
What you doin' here, Duffy?
Aw, just droppin' off some party favors.
Wass wrong, lil' mama?
Nothin'. Wassup?
You followin' me?
Cuz you're so obsessed wit' me?
Cuz I'm just so fine.
Yeah. That part.
See? Now I know you full'a shit.
Yeah? You the finest woman here.
In the parkin' lot.
In the world.
I fucks with you.
Yeah, I fucks with you too.
I'm a hoe, though.
Ain't that a coincidence?
I'm a hoe too.
Hey baby.
So how was it?
Y'all have fun?
Yeah, uh,
yeah, Justin's new backyard is nice.
Him and Karen want me to bring
the kids next time.
Everything okay?
Yeah. You?
Your phone said you didn't move all day.
Yeah, uh
we just stayed inside,
watched Peppa Pig.
They musta loved that.
They're so happy you're home.
Not as happy as I am, though.
You hear that, niggah?
- You hear that?
- Woddy,
Tina really want me
to come down to Jackson
and perform the song
wit' her on tour, maine?
They just calt me.
- What the fuck!
- Niggah, whu?!
Maine, Rome OD and look at Gawd.
Aye, we hure, maine.
I'll be thur in a minute, maine.
What Big Teak doin'?
Look like he about to cop some weed.
Big Teak can't come back
out on the road wit' us.
Fuck you mean?
Where the heyell this coming from?
That niggah too buck, maine.
Don't security needto be buck?
Yeah, but he be actin'
worser than the opps.
I'll talk to him, maine.
Look, I know you
like to rock a lotta chains,
be all icy 'n shit,
but that water 'round your neck
can be a anchor.
Keepin' him around
might make a niggah drown
- is all I'm sayin'.
- Woddy, I can't fire him,
maine, he just got out.
Look, I'm tryna put things
back together.
If it weren't fuh Rome ass
OD'in, well, shit.
It's funny how you know he OD'ed.
if you'on wannna handle it,
I'll handle it.
I'm good at handlin' shi
Which on of y'all
left the top off the juice, huh?!
Fuck, yeah. Fuck, yeah.
I told y'all to stop it!
Told y'all to stop it!
Sit y'all asses down!
Shut up!
Shut up!
- Niggah, what is you doin'?
- What?
What the fuck you doin' rollin'
up in the trap without yo' glizzy?
- You skraight?
- Yeah.
Let's slide, niggah.
If you needed some hydro,
we coulda rolled on by my place.
I stay wit' a pack tucked.
You know that.
That ain't what I was lookin' fuh.
Well, what the fuck was
you lookin' fuh, niggah?
That used to be my house.
Used to be.
Yeah, niggah.
We leavin' it all
in the rearview mirror.
We sayin' goodbye tonight, niggah.
Cuz boffa us ain't never comin' back.
Aight? Come on, skraighten up.
I won't be long for this one, I promise.
Oh, my.
- Miss Batson.
- Oooh! Ha.
Call me Georgie, darlin'.
We were beginnin' to think
you weren't gone show.
That means my timing was perfect.
Oh, uh, let me lead you
to the cigar room where
Ha! The cigar room.
Haha! Typical.
Um, I hope it's not too personal,
but I'm sorry for the loss
of your husband.
Oh, I'm not.
Say, could you get me a rum
and Coke, darlin', no coke?
Knock, knock.
Y'all back with the whiskey
Yep, and two pairs of titties too.
Ha ha. Oh-ho-ho!
Look at this grand old
peckerwood convention.
- Georgie.
- Oh, shut it, Bill.
No point trying to stuff it
back in your pants now.
What you doin' here,
all the way in Chucaloosa?
- I mean Lissa.
- Well, clearly,
I can't trust you
and your merry band of dipshits
to handle any other tasks of import.
What now?
Oh, you gone be my lil' gal pal tonight.
Long as you keep these comin'.
Mrs. Batson, I'm Corbin Kyle.
That 'sposed to mean somethin' to me?
And, uh, this is Andre Watkins,
next mayor of Chucalissa.
Oh, I know who that is.
That's the lawyer who fucked our
acquisition of waterfront property.
Well, if I only had been
given authorization
to bid more than 250,000.
I tried callin' Bill, but
Oh, but he was busy
nailin' his ugly-ass wife
to the bed in fuckin'
Bora Bora, wun't he?
Next time, Andre,
don't ask for permission.
Take it. I learned that from Oprah.
But, actually, I think
things worked out for the best.
You see, Bill over there
was trying to buy The Pynk for just 40K.
Now, imagine the public outcry
if that leaked to, say, CNN,
that Promised Land
was basically stealing
from Black landowners
in the poorest county,
in the poorest state.
- I
- Bill, just shut the fuck up!
Fortunately, I'm the owner now.
Oh! Wait, wait, wait.
You're not the cigar girl, are you?
Maybe in another life. But tonight
LaKiesha Savage is the name.
This pandemic certainly created
a silver lining in that Promised Land
now has the time to make things right.
Make what right?
Pay me what it's truly worth.
What was it, Mr. Watkins?
Ten million dollars.
Haha! Well, Miss Savage. Ha.
Now, don't you worry
about ole Bill over there.
His job's as dead as my husband.
Now, I'm a bitch
who believes in second chances.
And I'm gone be runnin' Promised Land
a little differently.
I think maybe now we can
make you a much better deal.
Hmm? Alrighty then.
I've had just about as much cigar smoke
and cheap cologne as I can handle.
What about Andre? His endorsement?
Oh, sure, listen.
I couldn't give two shits who's
the mayor of this little town
long as they don't get in the
way of my muthafuckin' casino.
I'll be talkin' to you
real soon, Miss Savage.
Staring down
the barrel of a .357 Magnum
Thass how you need to kill
that light-skinded bitch!
Just like that!
Do it!
Granmuva, yo' sugar normal.
So why you sweatin'
like a hoe in church?
Chile, I'on know!
Yeah, you gon' haveta go on
and kill that bitch.
It ain't like you gone come into
a half mil no time soon.
Ha. What you said.
- Hmm?
- Uh mm
- Ooh.
- Hello?
- Toy, girl, how you feelin'?
- Hey, Uncle Clifford.
Bitch, I knew that wun't
no fuckin' allergies!
She gone do it.
Thank God we got
the Promised Land endorsement.
Yeah, but we almost didn't
because of that fuckin'
LaAutumn Venti Savage.
We got what we wanted.
- And so did she.
- You gotta be kidding me.
Why you so upset?
Because she doesn't know shit
about the way things work down here.
She's just a pair of tits
with half a brain.
I mean, come on.
I think my dome game is pretty strong.
You believe her?
Who does she think she is,
walkin' around here like she's the one
be doing them deals?
She can't do shit
Corbin, let me call you back.
Did you ever stop to think
about what all your antics
might do to my campaign?
This is real for me, Hailey!
It's not just a pre-mid-life crisis.
I know it's not.
- I care a lot, Andre.
- If this is care,
I'm terrified to see
what spite looks like from you.
You take what you want,
and you don't care who or what
you fuck up in the process!
- Andre
- And the crazy part is
that I keep lettin' you.
You make me do what's wrong
when I know what's right!
Or maybe I make you do
what you want to do.
Get out, Hailey!
I let you win.
I let you win at the auction.
I had the power, and I let you win.
Yes, you did.
You have the power, Andre.
What are you gonna do with it?
You're in charge, sir.
Tell me what to do.
How do you want me?
Take off your dress.
What else, sir?
- Crawl.
- Crawl?
What do you want next?
Is it bad ♪
That I never made love? ♪
No, I never did it ♪
But I sure know how to fuck ♪
I'll be your bad girl ♪
I'll prove it to you ♪
Yeah, I'll be good in bed ♪
But I'll be bad to you ♪
She hurt feelins, she break hearts ♪
She stay quiet, she play smart ♪
She take pride in goin' out ♪
And gettin' hollered at, yeah ♪
Bed, floor, couch ♪
More, more, shower ♪
Lord, perm, done, love, naw ♪
Called in the mornin' ♪
Cell number wasn't on goddamn ♪
Is it bad that ♪
I never made love? ♪
No, I never did it ♪
But I sure know how to fuck ♪
I'll be your bad girl ♪
I'll prove it to you ♪
Yeah, I'll be good in bed ♪
But I'll be bad to you ♪
- Classic ♪
- Uh-huh.
- Classic, bwoy ♪
- Lemme hear ya.
Yeah ♪
Ain't nobody dope as me ♪
I'm just so fresh, so ♪
So fresh and so clean, clean ♪
And don't you think ♪
- I'm so sexy ♪
- Yeah.
- I'm just so fresh, so ♪
- Yeah, so fresh and so clean.
Ooh ooh ♪
We are, the coolest ♪
Motherfuckers on the planet, ow ow ♪
The sky is fallin',
ain't no need to panic ♪
Ooh ooh, somethin', somethin' ♪
Something automatic ♪
Hey, look, look, I'ma-I'ma
slow it down a little bit.
- Look.
- Aight.
- Oh, yeah.
- Come on.
They say the sun don't rise ♪
In the bottom o' the ocean ♪
Life's a bitch
and love is just a notion ♪
But believe in the impossible ♪
I'ma make it possible ♪
Cuz even when ya drowned by night ♪
Come on.
I'll be waiting with the starlight ♪
- Uh-huh.
- Hold on, hold on ♪
My niggah, hold on, hold on, hold on ♪
Hey, now, what niggah sang that song?
Oh, that one?
That's Lil' Murda, circa 2017.
Niggah, thass some slaw. That ain't me.
Thass you.
One of them
lyrics you passed off to me
when I was
down in the hole.
I blame myself fuh yo' solitary.
I wun't nothin' but a little runt,
yappin' all that yin yang.
You stepped up to box fuh me.
Thass what HVH brothers do.
Yeah, but what it got you?
The hole
You wun't never the same since.
That wun't the first time
I been put down in the hole.
September 24, 1994,
is when my bid started.
When I seen Boosie standin' over you
knife in yo' side
I saw my mama.
I saw my mama slam 8 inches of steel
into her daughter neck,
into her five-year-old son chest,
into her eight-month-old baby girl head.
And they blood ran
fiercer than this river.
I ran as hard as my lil'
seven-year-old feet could
to a door that led deep down
into the dark.
And I sat in that closet,
hearin' my sisters and my brother
till it all went
The Devil got in her, maine,
just like the Devil got in Boosie.
the Devil's in me.
Naw, maine.
Devil back in that house,
- locked away in that closet.
- Naw, he ain't.
See, folks think I got these tears
cuz thass how many niggahs I done kilt.
But, naw, I done
I done did in more than that.
These three tears fuh LaChina,
My story was supposed
to end in that house.
Naw, maine.
Yo' story just beginnin'.
We finna go on tour tomorrow.
You can have tomorrow.
I'ma have tonight.
Here, so let me
Let me drop you off at the cut.
Naw, naw, naw.
Naw, I know what you finna do.
You gone sit up here
and let them thoughts
feast like maggots on yo' dome
and get you down,
and niggah, I ain't gone
let you get down.
Niggah, j-just tell me
where you want me to fuckin' take you.
No, you ain't takin' me
no fuckin' where.
Aight, if you don't wanna go home,
- then get the fuck out the car.
- No, niggah!
I'ma sit right hure witcho weak ass
till the sun come up.
Get out the car, Lil' Murda.
Niggah, you got to pull me
the fuck out, Teak.
Get the fuck out the car!
Tonight I'm I'm goin'
from the dark to the light.
Teak please
Please just gimme the piece.
I wish I could.
I'm just
so tired.
You sleep when you dead.
We got money to get, niggah.
We got houses to buy,
dreams to build,
babies to make, niggah.
We got each other, niggah.
And tomorrow, you finna go
on tour wit' me, and thass that.
I'on give a fuck what Woddy say.
We finna be outside like a mu'fucka.
I owe you that.
You'on owe me nothin'.
Niggah, I owe you my life.
But there ain't no mo' light!
- Yes, there is.
- I can't see it.
- I see it.
- I can't
I see it fuh you, niggah! I see it!
No, my light is gone
I'm right here, baby bwoy.
I ain't goin' no fuckin' where.
fuh life, huh?
Fuh life.
Ain't ♪
It funny how the ones ♪
Make us laugh can know such pain ♪
You wanna touch the sun ♪
Got to learn to dance through rain ♪
The ones that we have lost ♪
Tell me where they can be seen ♪
What'chu doin' here?
Merrily life is but a dream ♪
Consciousness directs the stream ♪
Shh, shh, shh.
It's okay. What's goin' on?
Watch the stardust ♪
Scatter-i-i-i-ing ♪
Ohh ohh
That you, Daddy?
Is Cliff is Cliff here?
Granmuva, come, let me answer the door.
I, uh
I'm not okay.
Watch the stardust scattering ♪
I'm not okay.
Hey ♪
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