P-Valley (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

White Knights

How, like, serious are you
about this music thang?
Whatchu got in mind?
Recappin' P-Valley!
I can take goddamn Lil' Murda ass
and Miss M-I-Crooked Letter-
Crooked Letter
skraight to the top.
Does he wanna be your manager
or your fuckin' pimp?
Right 'chere, this is yo' strength.
You let a niggah take this away from
you, I don't know whatchu gone do.
He say he love me.
Heyell, I used to have a niggah
used to beat my ass.
All Blue Guap clients
get C-level suites.
But the Blue Guap princess
She will only get the best.
Keyshawn sho do look like she havin'
a good ole time on this Dirty Dozen Tour
with this Lil' Murda character.
I'on want that niggah
scaring you like that again.
- I wun't scared.
- Yes, you were.
I seen it on that
pretty little face of yours.
You ever feel that way again,
you come to me.
I got you.
Once upon a muthafuckin' time
in a land far, far away
from Pussy Valley
- Hey! I'm on it ♪
- Aye,
aye, aye, aye,
aye, ow!
Tonight at Sapphires,
we hosting the Legends Ball!
For the ladies who changed the game
and changed the culture.
Gigi Maguire!
Jessica Dime! Miami Tip!
And the most famous stripper
of 'em all
It's my bornday,
and I'm sharing all my flowers.
Fairy Godmuva was in the building,
and she was heyell-bent on blessin'
one of the most bangin'
backwood beauties of all
Keyshawn Harris.
Naw, naw, naw, hold on now.
That ain't what you said.
She was blessed.
I done come across some bad
bitches in my stable, y'all,
and this was one of the baddest,
if not the
You said the split was gonna
happen upon recoupment,
and thass gonna happen after production.
Rome, stop. You makin' me seasick.
Okay, all right.
All right! Ah, yes, sir.
Yes, sir. Well, you gone make my client
a very, very rich woman.
All right.
- What they say?
- They reviewin' your Gram
right now.
You 'bout to have yo' own
lace-front line, biiih!
From the Pynk to the palace!
It's nights like these
where legends are born.
Thass what I'm talmbout!
My bank account gone be
on litty in a bitty!
That purty little mug of yours
finna be everywhur.
Matter fact, they already
sent you somethin'
fuh yuh wig crypt.
Looky hure gone 'head and pick
you one out for the night, boo.
Blue water wave.
We got that red Kool-Aid Peruvian,
and this one hure,
that motherfuckin' five-layer skunk
Keyshawn know she stay saditty.
Okay. What about that one?
But she know Uncle Clifford Rule 934
Sometimes you gotta rock
that half-human,
half-synthetic lace front.
Mkay? Long as it don't rock you.
You ain't never rocked
nothin' like this befo.
Lemme see.
I'on think that go with my skin
That sexy chocolate go wit' errythang
Looky hure.
Tonight is yo' night
and yo' night alone.
Remember that. But tomorrow
we start another two weeks
of that Dirty Dozen Tour.
Wait Whu?
There was just supposed
to be one mo' week left.
- I can't do no 'nother week
- Calm down, now.
I already done cleared errything
wit' yo' little Justin Bieber.
- He straight.
- That wasn't the deal.
- Don't you worry 'bout no deal.
- Rome, I gotta get home.
No, now, what you gonna do
is get this muh'fuckin' money
so you ain't never gotta go home again.
I'ma get you out.
Folks couldn't help but be caught up
in the universe of her.
The savin' of her.
Gone, get ready.
You got a big night tonight.
Hmph. I even tried to do it.
And I know damn well a bitch
ain't ready to be saved
'til she good and goddamn ready.
Like plums left in the sun too long
The need to leave
gotta be ripe, chile.
Compliments of Blue Guap Empire.
They know they coulda had me
do "Mississippi Pride" up in this hoe.
The fuck some Atliens
wanna hear that shit fuh?
Because my song sample a ATL classic.
Baby D, niggah. Ye'en know?
You got the musicology,
but don't nobody know that
- Dat Eastside hoe! ♪
- and don't nobody even
- Dat Westside hoe! ♪
- thought 'bout
that they don't give a fuck
Dat Southside hoe! ♪
'bout that!
Damn, maine, y'all niggahs
still fightin'?
- Ain't nobody fightin'!
- niggah!
Pshh. Yeah, okay.
- This that good shit.
- I'on know why
Rome act like he couldn't
hook a niggah up.
I coulda been performin'
tonight wit' Keyshawn.
Niggah, it's Miss Mi'Ssippi Night,
not muh'fuckin' Murda Night.
Niggah, I know what the fuck
night it is.
It's Joseline,
the Puerto Rican Princess!
- She flyin'!
- Welcome
to the motherfuckin' Legends Ball.
Shout-out to all the baddest bitches
that swung that pussy
around the muthafuckin' pole.
Gigi Maguire. Jessica Dime.
Miami Tip.
Tonight I'm gonna give you
all yo' flowers!
Baby boy, live your best life ♪
You be trippin' on me ♪
Actin' like I give a fuck ♪
Where your dick be ♪
Yas! Yas!
I ain't trippin' on you at all ♪
I want you to live it up ♪
Want you to be a G ♪
Niggah, please put the dick in me ♪
Do it readily ♪
- Do it like it's my B-day ♪
- That's right ♪
Do it like it's my B-day, baby ♪
Do it like it's my B-day ♪
Yo, we the best to ever do it.
- Period!
- But it's some pretty
little young pussies on the rise.
These bitches doin' shit
we ain't never think that we could do.
So tonight we gonna
give them they flowers.
Welcome to the stage
one of the baddest bitches
doin' it right now
Miss Mississippi!
Blue Guap in this bitch!
Aye ♪
Bitch I got this shit on my own ♪
Can't wait, I ain't no Cinderella ♪
I was broke before,
can't tell me nothing now ♪
All my diamonds yella ♪
I'm not looking for Prince Charming ♪
Niggas grimey, doing too much, extra ♪
I was sleeping on myself,
but I just woke ♪
Yea, I'm super pressure ♪
Real bad independent bitch ♪
Been having that shit on my own ♪
He pose to held me down ♪
He held me back,
I had to leave 'em alone ♪
Don't want no parts
if it ain't 'bout no bread ♪
Because that's all I'm on ♪
Fuck that niggah 'cause that shit ♪
Was stopping me for way too long ♪
Run it up, I ain't
worried 'bout get back ♪
When it come down to money,
I get dat ♪
I really ain't into that chit chat ♪
On God, you ain't getting
yo bitch back ♪
Bossing up how I'm
getting my lick back ♪
I know he still wish he can hit dat ♪
I just wanna flood my lil wrist ♪
You ain't used to me
shining like this ♪
Shitting on you niggas
be the best revenge ♪
You done turned me cold blooded ♪
Look at what you did ♪
Bossing up on niggas
be the best revenge ♪
They try to play me, I ride
off in that big body Benz ♪
Niggahs can't say
they did nothing for me ♪
I don't play that ♪
I ran up them racks all on my own ♪
I don't play that ♪
If you don't wanna see me doing good ♪
Then just say that ♪
No, I'm not the girl you
used to know from way back ♪
I know why they mad at me ♪
I run up that bag in my sleep ♪
Niggah, even the blind can see ♪
You was never gone ride for me ♪
Aye, aye!
she sho'll is a sight
to behold, ain't she?
A legend in her own right
Or at least she could be.
But legends ain't born. They built.
Forged by time and pressure
like diamonds.
'Fore we know where she goin'
we gotta know where she came from.
Get ready, y'all.
We finna get caught up
in the twister we call
the Miss M-I- Crooked Letter-Crooked
cuz there's no place like home.
Squeeze your butt cheeks harder.
Hmm, nowhur.
I said harder!
You ain't gonna stick that liberty
if you don't act like you're
stickin' a cell phone up yur anus!
Come on!
Nope. Pull your hips forward,
not to the side.
Ohh! Unh!
Fallin' out
the sky can sometimes put you
'zactly right where you need to be.
You wanna try it again?
Actually, I think I'ma sit this one out.
Aw, come on.
For this chocolate girl,
it was right under the gaze
of these ocean-blue eyes.
Ooh, he fine, ain't he?
Not dilated.
No concussion.
But you're gonna get a knot.
- Could we get some ice?!
- Yep.
Ah. In the meantime, who we got next?
- Me.
- Okay.
What stunt you wanna do
from the class-four bracket?
Actually, I'd like to do a class-five
- the double cupie.
- Mkaaay, Alisha.
Show a bitch whatchu got.
- Okay. You ready?
- Mm-hmm.
Your sister's not half bad.
Ay, lil' mama.
You the junior that transferred
from Tchulahoma High, right?
What's yo' name?
You ain't gone tell nobody yo' name?
Thass aight, cuz yo' ass
besta get out the sun.
You already lookin' like
a burnt chicken nugget.
Why don't y'all leave her alone, okay?
Man, ain't nobody
tryna talk to this girl.
Bitch threw as fuck.
Guys, show some respect, will ya?
Oh, I got some mu'fuckin'
respect for you, whiteboy.
Aww, look at the white boy
gettin' all red cuz he scared.
Man, what the fuck yo' punk ass gone do?
Cheer me to death?
Thass right!
Wait Ah!
- Who's the punk now, hunh?
- Are any of y'all gone help me?
Uhh uh
- Oh, shi
- Somebody help him.
Hey! The hell are you doin'?
Get off my player!
Stop it now!
A bitch made the squad!
Sorry, sis.
See, I knew the double cupie
would get 'em.
You shoulda just tried that stunt again.
You woulda scored
more difficulty points.
I wouldna stuck it noways.
My feet are too big.
Well, I can hold a 7 1/2
in the palm of my hand
even on a bad day.
Which it was for me.
Well, there's always next year.
What's the use?
You woulda graduated by then.
Maine, fuck this shit!
Maine, this shit ain't fair.
Maine, that's some bullshit!
The fuck you lookin' at?
Fuck outta here.
They get detention?
Naw. Suspended.
No homecoming game for them.
Yeah? What about you?
Didn't you start it?
Naw, I finished it.
Plus, Chucalissa High
needs their 5th Nationals
Cheer Championship, so
I'll see ya around.
I don't know what the heyell
those guys were talkin' about.
You ain't nowhere near "threw,"
if you ask me.
She ain't expect her Prince Charmin'
to appear in this here book.
She ain't think she was deservin'
of a Prince Charmin' at all.
Let her stepmother tell it,
she was destined to serve the pretty,
not be the pretty.
Cuz, see, stepmother thought
she was givin' her a chore
that she hated.
I mean, who the fuck want
to be playin' cosmetologist
on a Friday night
and not gettin' paid, too?
But Keyshawn, she loved
to play with they crowns.
Mm-mm, sit down and get yo'
fuckin' hair done, girl.
I'll do the ponytail,
but I don't wanna play the flute
for the talent portion.
One day, with enough money,
she'd be able to play
for a 3C Peruvian Silky
with Brazilian mix.
Some bitches gotta work for they pretty.
These bitches inherited it.
Pageant, practice
I need an assistant
to keep up with y'all's appointments.
Raising two girls is a lot of work.
- You're raising three.
- Oh
Ha. Yes, of course.
Thass what I meant.
I have to get used to that new number.
- Well, luck comes in threes.
- So does death.
You should go to cosmetology
school, Keyshawn.
Cosmetology school?
- My daddy would have a fit.
- Oh, speakin' of
when is James coming back
from his business trip?
Right in time for the pageant, he said.
We are all gone be there.
Front row.
- Oh, shit.
- Unh-uh.
Now, that is five dollars in the jar.
Oh, shit, Keyshawn
What did you do? What did you
- What's happenin'?
- Oh, my goodness.
Let me see this hair.
Alisha, what's goin' on?
Ooh, girl.
Well, ain't you a regla ole Delilah?!
Done took away my baby's strength!
How she supposed to look
at the pageant now?!
I can-I can fix it.
Maybe some a quick weave
Unlike you, she doesn't need a weave.
This girl the color a yellow-wasted,
and you done gone and took away
the one thing that makes her beauti
Don't know why in the heyell
I even entrusted you
with such a treasure.
Mm, mm, mm.
It's a wonder Chanisse
ain't lynch Keyshawn
with that burnt-off ponytail, chile.
Keyshawn mighta taken her
baby girl Laronica down a notch
Just wait 'til your father gets home.
but she best not touch Alisha
Ooh, the prettiest
light-skinded bia of them all.
No stylist, I don't do repeats ♪
I got money, bitch, I'm knee-deep ♪
All hunnids, drippin' in CC ♪
Might pop that pussy like FreakNik ♪
No mileage, boy,
you can't touch this ♪
Yo, whassup, Alisha?
So is a bitch
rolling through the mistletoe
with a niggah or what?
Bitch, I'm knee-deep ♪
The fuck, Alisha?
You sayin' no to everybody who axe.
You must be tryna go to the CrackerToe
and not the NiggahToe. Gidget
- Mm?
- Which one you tryna go to?
I ain't tryna go to the CrackerToe
for those honkeys to make fun
of my TJ Maxx dress.
Buncha over-privileged douchebags.
Oh, like that Derrick Wright.
He ask me about my cheer fees
one mo' time again,
I'ma cut off his nuts
and bake 'em in swamp water.
Yasss, trailer park!
- Yep.
- Yaaass!
CrackerToe? Whu the heyell
y'all talkin' 'bout?
Y'all didn't have a Christmas dance
at your old school in Tchulahoma?
For the record,
ours is called MISTLE-toe.
The heyell it is.
Since Chucalissa High's gotten blacker,
the white kids' parents've
been throwin' their kids
a separate Christmas ball
on somebody's plantation.
They say the white kids
sacrifice pigs and shit
under the moonlight
- at the stroke of mid
- Stop! Laronica!
Where the heyell you gettin'
all this shit from?
The bathroom wall on
the third floor beside the gym.
It also says you give the best head,
but I digress.
Fuck flippin' tables!
The lightskins is flippin' hure, chile.
Thass a compliment.
Keyshawn's step-sus
was too busy bein' bitches to each other
to be a bitch to her.
'Fact, havin' a chocolate
Halle Berry in they midst
brought them a kinda clout.
Lookin' like Destiny's Chirren
at the lunch table erryday.
If them lil' niggahs
ain't appreciate it,
chile, somebody else would.
The color line was the inheritance
of erry chile in this
lil' Mississippi town
like a tattoo.
But humans love what's forbidden, chile.
They wanna taste it,
conquer it.
Get in. I'll take ya home.
What if I don't wanna go home?
My dad thought I was gay,
but I was like, "Man, if you only knew.
I have a good view from down here."
Well, it's official. I got the call.
I'ma be co-captain
of the Ole Miss Cheer Squad
next fall full ride.
So you don't gotta pay for college?
Like wow.
Well, if we had to, we could,
but I'll take the scholarship
so my parents
won't be too worried about it.
You been fightin'
the whole football team again?
Ah, naw.
I was, uh, fightin' gravity this time.
Yeah. One of the flyers fell
from the top of the pyramid.
Shoe dug right into my fuckin' eye.
Can I?
You should wear makeup, cover it up.
I shouldn't look too beautiful.
I'm not like you.
You sho'll knew what you were doin'
rollin' up on a black girl
without an umbrella in the rain.
How could I say no to your chariot?
I just got my hair fixed.
I don't know if my Prius
quite counts as a chariot.
Can I get y'all somethin' else?
I'll have another order
of the bacon fries.
Thass it?
If I was you,
I'd get somethin' else, too.
He can afford it.
You payin', right?
You better be payin' for this date.
Oh, it's
not a date.
Well, I
Another bacon fries up!
Is this a date?
Well not exactly.
I-I wouldn't take you
on a first date to Taffy's.
So where would you take me, then?
Eat snow cones downtown.
Maybe dinner on a riverboat.
That all sounds nice, but
would you take me home?
Sucks you didn't make
the team this year.
You wouldn't be able to
look up my skirt
as planned.
Oh, just another Christmas ♪
Now, I want that tree up
before James' feet cross that doorstep.
Anything for her man.
Well, you find somebody you wanna make
your house pretty for when
you older, you'd be lucky.
Guess who just asked me
out to the Mistletoe?
This niggah slid into your DMs
Laronica, please!
Five cents for the niggah jar.
Hey! You too.
So, Mom,
how did James woo you?
Was it letters? Post cards?
I know it wun't no DMs.
- It was quick, instant.
- Okay.
I served him a drink on the airplane.
That was it.
Sometimes you just know.
You forgot about the part
where you served his wife
the drink first.
I understand how from your perspective,
it may seem one way.
You'll learn one day.
Everything ain't always what it seems.
I know it wasn't
some fuckin' fairy tale.
Excuse me?
The movie you got in your head,
it it's missin' some scenes.
Keyshawn, you don't know everything.
What I do know is that you're a
homewrecker turned homemaker.
Mm. Go upstairs.
But I was just tellin' the truth.
Go the fuck to yo' room!
- Mom!
- Oh! You bitch!
You got me, like, all the way fucked up!
I may look bougie,
but I will bust out
a Baretta rull quick!
Uh-huh, see, you're just like your mama.
Thass why James left her!
You mother bitch!
She's gone learn how to respect me,
or she's fuckin' out.
I'll send her back up to Tchulahoma
with her hoodrat mammy sooo fast
I 'member
I used to sit up and do the same thang.
Sit on my bed and hope that someone
would reach down from
a pedestal made of VVS stones
and pull me up from the gutter.
A bad bitch with a scepter.
A bad bitch with a vision.
A vision I ain't had for myself.
Now, when y'all wear 'em,
y'all make sure y'all tag me.
Sis, you already know
we know the business.
What up, bitch?
Make sure you go ahead
and give us a dance
'fore you get too big.
Bitch, party over here!
And, finally,
her fairy godmother had arrived.
Life was finna be on litty in a bitty.
She was one step closer to the tower.
What y'all doin' out here?
Should I, like, bow or somethin'?
Bitch, if you want to.
Make sure you pick up dem
hundreds off the flo', though.
She could go let down her hur
and finally be free.
Let's go take some more shots!
Seriously, let's celebrate.
Celebration, yes.
You know, you remind me a me
once upon a time.
You gone make it outta here
'cause your belly growlin'.
Oh, it is?
Bitch, it's a fuckin' megaphor.
Come here.
Let me tell you somethin'.
To them, you gone always be a hoe.
They ain't gone never
let you forget that.
But thass cool, cuz like
our sister Cardi B say,
"A hoe ain't never cold."
What, you want me to come by your suite
- and dance fuh you?
- Naw.
A bad bitch just need
to talk to another bad bitch.
Is there
anything sweeter than finally being seen
for the precious gem
that you are after a lifetime
of feelin' invisible?
to be a baller's trophy
- Merry Christmas ♪
- like her
stepsisters, but nobody ever asked
this chocolate girl to the grand ball.
How you been ♪
It wun't that she wun't a bad bitch.
Gee, it's so good to talk ♪
She just ain't know it.
to you again ♪
Hey, you look handsome.
Do you like my dress?
Hey, Keyshawn, can you come
take this picture allaus?
Sure, Daddy.
All right.
You look beautiful!
- Let me get over here.
- Oh, my family.
- My girls!
- There you go.
Ooh, that must be the chauffer.
I'll get it, I'll get it.
But pretty bring pretty problems.
Alisha knew somethin' 'bout dat.
I'm in love
with the coco (coco, coco) ♪
I'm in love
with the coco (COCO, COCO) ♪
I got it for the low-low ♪
I'm in love
with the coco (COCO, COCO) ♪
I'm in love with the coco
I'm in love
with the coco (COCO, COCO) ♪
I got it for the low-low ♪
Turn up ♪
I'm in love
with the coco (COCO, COCO) ♪
Thirty six, that's a kilo ♪
I get it ♪
Need a brick, miss my free throw ♪
Stay away ♪
I'm in love just like Ne-Yo ♪
All this coke like I'm Nino ♪
Water whip like I'm Nemo ♪
Bakin' soda, I got bakin' soda ♪
Bakin' soda, I got bakin' soda ♪
Whip it through the glass, niggah ♪
Whoop whoop whoop whoop ♪
I'm blowin' money fast, niggah ♪
I'm in love
with the coco (COCO, COCO) ♪
I got it for the low-low ♪
I'm in love
with the coco (COCO, COCO) ♪
I'm in love
with the coco (COCO, COCAÍNA) ♪
I'm in love
with the coco (COCO, COCO) ♪
I got it for the low-low ♪
Turn up ♪
I'm in love with the coco ♪
Coco, coco, coco, coco ♪
How are those 7 1/2s feelin'?
these shoes feel like
broke-in house shoes.
I could do the Wobble all night.
That woman who was fussin'
cuz we kept on dancin'
She 'bout had a hissy fit.
Yeah, she's the, uh, president
of the Mistletoe Committee.
And she's my mom.
I'm sorry. I didn't know.
Nah, don't worry. She's all bark.
Dad, on the other hand, uh
he's got a bite that makes you
beg for the bark.
You didn't get that bruise
from practice, did you?
Holy fuck!
No fuckin' way.
It's snowin'!
- I
- Oh.
- Keyshawn, come on.
- Ah!
Oh. Mm
Keyshawn, get in.
Your dad is gonna kill me
- if I don't get you
- Come on!
How often does it snow in Mississippi?
This was rare.
Both of 'em knew it
To find lust that felt like
a sliver of love.
They both had been followin'
the rules all they lives.
I haven't
Keyshawn, the rule
that a little chocolate girl
wun't deservin'
Derrick, the rule
that a lil' chocolate girl
wun't deservin'.
But that night rules was broken
lines crossed
promises made.
She reached for him
in the blue of the mornin',
hungry for the softness
fresh love can give
Or lust
Same thang.
Sorry I'm late for curfew.
No worries.
You beat Alisha and Laronica, so
you the good daughter tonight.
I won't tell your daddy
you were a lil' late.
Thank you.
Everything fit you like it was custom.
Uh, uh, I know.
But you ain't get to pick.
Be careful of becoming
a man's Barbie doll.
He'll always find another one to buy.
Chile, what you said.
But she ain't wanna listen.
We never do.
Hit 'em with the jive ♪
Buddha, bless this beat ♪
Pop out, whassup ♪
We makin' money in quarantine ♪
Dirty my stick and my whip clean ♪
It's the blue Benjamin's
vaccine (VACCINE) ♪
Need to bounce back now
I'm taxin' (TAXIN') ♪
Fuck up the trap,
we go tag team (TAG TEAM) ♪
Talk on FaceTime,
it's not textin' (TEXTIN') ♪
Holdin' the fire,
who gone press me (PRESS ME?) ♪
Big weight, we skraight (SKRAIGHT) ♪
She do the white like it's Colgate ♪
She still go and get it
in four ways (FOUR WAYS) ♪
When I'm in my city,
I feel safe, yeah ♪
Niggah, I'm bigger than Bill Gates ♪
Yeah, yeah.
Aw, shit, look, look, look. There it go!
There it go!
Ah. Ah, that shit was so hard, maine!
The whole spot was litty.
Woddy, I wish you could have
seen that shit, maine.
I told him not to eat
that gas station potato salad.
Ole shitty Woddy.
Eatin' that white-people potato salad
with them raisins in it
fucked ya up, didn't it?
She kilt it, maine.
So Keyshawn the biggest
killa of us all, huh?
- Thass what a bitch do.
- Uh-huh.
And that's what we gone do
starting tomorrow
on the second leg
of the Dirty Dozen Tour! Aahh!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Uhh!
- Ah!
- Yah!
- Ah, shit.
Big Teak, why you so quiet?
You better come get you some of
these chocolate-covered skrawb
- Naw, I'm skraight.
- Niggah, you know you want one.
I said I'on fuckin' want one.
Shit, niggah.
Open your goddamn ears.
Lil' Murda Teak aight?
He ain't been aight
in a Mi'Ssippi minute.
Let me go see what it do wit' this foo'.
You might just need to get him a bitch.
Or not.
- Aye. Yo, Key, whassup?
- Aye.
Y'all got that money ready yet?
Almost. Have it to you in a minute.
Cool, cool, cool, cool.
Yeah, after you done, we can
slide on through to Joseline spot.
- Aye!
- Okay.
Where that niggah Murda at?
- Murda!
- What's poppin'?
- I got yo' keys, bruh.
- Thank you.
Yeah, niggah finna
lay his crown at The Imperial
fuh the first time in life.
After we slide thru that party,
I'ma hit that slab hard.
Wait, hold, hold on, no, no, no, no.
Y'all niggahs can't slide, maine.
- Damn, niggah, it's like that?
- You muthafuckas
better be glad I even used
the Blue Guap clout
to get you these damn rooms.
Cuz if it was up to Woddy ass,
y'all'd be stayin' at the
Super 8 in goddamn Conyers.
Where the fuck is Conyers?
- Exactly, niggah. Tuh!
- Man, I'on know
what this niggah talkin' 'bout.
Look, I done done enough
fuh y'all niggahs, maine.
- Shit.
- Don't nobody need
- yo' goddamn charity.
- Oh! Oh-ho-ho!
- The fuck you talkin' 'bout?
- Okay, okay. Shit, fuck!
Well, gimme my shit back then, maine.
Yeah, you ole ungrateful-ass niggah!
- Rome.
- Ungrateful?
Oh, my bad.
This five-star bed over there
too soft for your back, huh?
Cuz a niggah like you
you want a prison cot, huh?
Key, when you get through
playin' wit' these clowns,
maine, you slide on through.
Broke-ass niggah.
Fuck this niggah!
I'on need nothin' from na'an niggah!
I'm finna go lay my ass in the hearse.
- Big Teak, Teak. Teak!
- Naw.
This niggah always talking shit!
How you stay here and listen
to that bullshit, maine?
I'll be right back.
Fuck outta here, man.
Don't worry 'bout that shit, maine.
Don't be bothered by Rome.
I'ma go up there
and get the keys fuh all y'all rooms.
Meanwhile, you can sit tight here, hmm?
I'on like yo' hair.
Niggah, whu?!
Naw, I just
like the hair that grow outcho head.
Mm. What he said.
This was the scene
in Charlottesville, Virginia, yesterday,
as hundreds of
white supremacists traveled
My boy Justin got us some burp rags.
in what has been dubbed
the Unite the Right Rally.
These are ug-uh-ly.
Their outrage
was sparked by a decision
- Whu?
- I dunno, I just
think it's kinda fucked up
you're over here judgin' shit.
Fuckin' baby doesn't care
what they're wearing,
just as long as they got
some fuckin' clothes on.
Well, they coulda at least
picked the color I wanted.
You know, you sure are really
hard to fuckin' please nowadays.
I said persimmon.
That's the color
I picked for the onesies.
Well, my mama's tryin'.
Yeah. Now.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
She sho' didn't put a down
payment down on a duplex.
My daddy did that.
- Key, I
- I'm just saying, you woulda
thought your parents woulda
helped us out a bit more.
Are you fucking kidding me right now?
I knew I shouldn't have messed with you.
Ever since she saw you,
my mom always said
you were a gold digger.
Oh, Ruth Ann listenin'
to her one Kanye West CD's
really paying the fuck off, huh?
- Keyshawn, shut the fuck up.
- You will not
- tell me to shut the fuck up!
- You know what?!
I knew I shouldna dipped
my dick in the likes of you.
And now I'm fuckin' stuck
in this situation,
takin' care of some backwoods bitch!
Takin' care of me?
I'm takin' care of you!
I'm fuckin' eight months pregnant
workin' nights at Walgreens.
Who's putting food on the table, huh?
Who's putting gas
in your fucking Prius, huh?!
You should be fuckin' payin' for it.
And the reason my fuckin'
family kicked me out
is 'cause of you.
You fuckin' trapped me.
The first time,
you don't wanna believe it
To wake up from your own death.
A little bit
of Keyshawn died that night.
She had to.
This was the night
Miss Mississippi was born.
Rome! What's goin' on?
Let's get to this Joseline joint.
These niggahs still out here
wilin' in the street, ain't it?
Why you ain't dressed yet?
I was too busy on the horn.
Got some bad news fuh you, queen.
- Whu?
- That wig deal fell thru.
Couldn't work out the points
on the back end, so
Oh, no!
Don't worry
cuz I got somethin' even better.
Mm mm-hmm.
This the move right hure.
The Miss Sipp platform for Pleasers.
A stripper heel?
Heyell, yeah! Plus, they
offerin' you a nice-ass cut
off top, too.
I'm talkin' 'bout
three percent off gross.
That's cool, but it's
three percent off a small customer base.
What the fuck you mean?
I mean I really wanted the wig deal
cuz errybody rock a good lace
front erry now 'n again.
That customer base wide.
Maine, can you just try it on?
And if you don't like it,
then I'll dead the whole thang.
Get in there.
How does it fit?
I bet they gone look real good
with the floss you got on, too.
Why don't you go check yourself
out in the full length
while I finish gettin' dressed.
They the move. Truss me.
How they look withcho floss?
They cute, but
But what?
I'd rather just stay in my own shoes.
R-Rome, whu in the heyell?
Mm, mm, mm!
Damn, girl, I'm scared-a-yo!
Rome, your
Your robe.
That musta just came loose.
You'on like what you see?
Rome, come on.
We-we gonna be late.
Maine, you know them niggahs
ain't gone start on time.
But we promised them
that we'd be there by
- No.
- Rome, what're you doin'?
Not erry bitch get a chance
to make they dreams come true.
But look at you.
Yo' pretty mug everywhur.
And I could do so much more fuh you,
if you just let me.
Come on.
- Don't be scared.
- Rome, stop!
So you don't wanna strip fuh me?
Ain't that what you do?
Ain't that what you finna go do?
Thass not all I do.
What else you be doin'?
Gettin' free.
Makin' shit shine.
I'm out there makin' folks
thank that they got the control
when it's really me
who pullin' the strangs
up on that stage.
- Maine
- It's spectacle.
Them nasty lil' lap dances you be doin'
ain't no spectacle.
- They just a
- Symbolic gesture
made to give the customers
the upper hand.
But the lady that really
in control is me.
Cuz they ain't gettin' none.
I make 'em thank it,
and thankin' is what make 'em cum.
It's not nasty.
It's charity.
And yet this shit cost.
All I done done fuh you, Keyshawn. Huh?
All that money I done put
in yo' mu'fuckin' pocket?
All that food I done put
into your kids' mouths?
- So I owe you now?
- Heyell, yeah.
- 'Cause all this shit pendin'.
- Hmm.
All these deals, errythang
I don't do this!
Heyell is you talkin' 'bout, maine?
Heyell, yeah.
Errybody got 'em a lil' movie nowadays,
Even your bwoy Lil' Murda.
- What you talkin' 'bout?
- I seen what you did
when y'all were back up in Memphis.
Tonguin' him down and all that.
But I could tell that niggah
ain't like that shit.
Heyell, fuh all I know,
he booty buddies
with that Big Teak niggah.
You ain't got no proof of that.
I ain't got no proof?
That fuck-niggah gone win
a Emmy fuh the part he playin'.
Got people on the Gram thinkin'
y'all together and shit
but this niggah ain't no gangster.
He a faggot.
Just like you ain't no princess, bitch.
You'se a hoe!
And you mine!
- Come here!
- No! No!
Bitch, stop movin'! Come here!
Stop playin' with me!
Ah! Stupid bitch!
Seno, what the fuck?
Yo, American psycho ♪
Mix up your shit typo ♪
Your dick too small by hoe ♪
I'm in a bad mood,
you can try though ♪
On my bully, fuck your feelings ♪
You ain't making me no money ♪
Spray your brains up on the ceiling ♪
I ain't have nowhere else to go.
I am so sorry, but
I can't have my daughters around this.
I made a mistake.
No. You made a choice.
And you have to own up to your choices.
I told you relationships are hard.
You can't keep comin' back
every time times get a little tough.
- What my daddy say?
- He agrees.
Go home, Keyshawn.
Keyshawn, you aight?
I'm so fuckin' stupid!
What happened?
Rome. He tried
He tried to fuck me.
Wait, wait, wait. Say whu?
All this time, he just wanted to fuck.
Thass all he wanted.
I'm so stupid, Woddy!
You not.
You ain't nowhere near stupid, now.
Naive, maybe, ambitious, even,
but stupid?
That that ain't true.
He know about Lil' Murda.
Know what about him?
He showed me a
is that right?
I wanna go home.
What about the second leg of
No, Woddy, I'm done with this shit!
I wanna go home.
Where are good
fathers when you need them?
Where are the men
who love and protect you?
Do they only live in the future?
Do they even exist?
The creaks in the floor
only echo the fact
that these questions remain unanswered
for bitches like us.
But the need for the answer
can all be erased
with those sweet words of sorry.
I-I'm not gonna do it again.
I promise.
I promise.
I'm gonna be better than him.
Better than my dad ever was.
I know, baby.
I know.
Hmm? Come on, baby girl, hmm?
That's my girl.
Want some hot dog? Huh?
You want some hot dog? Hmm? Hmm?
Yeah. Yeah, ya hungry?
Ya hungry?
Yeah, my little flying plane, huh?
Yeah, yeah.
It's okay. It's okay.
Hey, hey, it's okay.
Yeah. Yeah!
Hey, y'all, look, it's Mama!
Mama's home, huh?
Hey. Hey, baby.
Good to see you.
Hey, look. Looky there.
It's Mama. Huh?
It's Mama. It's Mama.
Jayden, Mama's home, huh?
Come to me?
It's num-num time.
- Come, come
- No!
Here you go, babe.
Yeah. Yes.
Why you back home so early?
Rome wanted us to take a break
to re-jigger the tour.
But he called me about an extension.
True, true, but
he needed to rework the schedule a bit.
It was all so sudden.
Hey. Jayden.
What's wrong?
He's just been
really missing you, I think.
Jayden, you okay?
There ya go.
What was that?
It's nothin' to worry about.
They call this nursemaid's elbow.
- What that is?
- Ah, it's nothin'
Just an elbow joint dislocation.
It's pretty common.
Happens to a lotta kids
cuz their bones so soft.
Dr. Patterson.
Oh, is that tender?
Thank God you're back.
I was just about to head out.
I got this interview this morning.
You haven't asked me
what the doctor said.
What'd the doctor say?
Jayden's only three years old, Derrick.
What'd the doctor say?
You dislocated his elbow, Derrick.
Th-that's impossible.
There it is, right there.
I didn't do anything.
You know what? You can hit me.
You can beat me.
But you will not
you will not beat my children!
Okay! Okay, so he's gettin' spankings.
Derrick, he's three years old!
He's driving me insane, Key.
I mean, he's fuckin' whinin',
temper tantrum all the fuckin' time
Well, what do you fuckin' expect?
Babies cry!
Yeah, well, it's too much sometimes!
What do you what do you mean
it's too much?
You have to comfort him.
You have not been with these
fuckin' kids for two weeks!
Two weeks!
And, yes, they get spankings,
just like I got 'em
when I was their age.
We're going!
You will not beat my kids
like yo' daddy beat you!
He's only three years old, Derrick.
Doesn't matter.
You have to straighten
a tree when it's young,
and that's what my dad did to me.
Yeah, after he made you peel
a switch offa it?!
You are not him.
You are so much better!
You could be so much better!
- Keyshawn, just fade on back.
- This'll leave scars
that you will never know.
- Scars that never heal.
- Keyshawn, stop already
so I can get ready for this interview!
Why? You're not gonna get it!
But it's all good.
I'll just keep taking care
of my three kids Jayden, Regal,
and Derrick fucking Wri
Fuckin' bitch!
Fuckin' tolju!
Come here. Come here!
Fuckin' tolju to stop!
- Fuckin' tolju!
- No! No! No!
- Tolju to stop!
- No! No!
- No! No!
- Fuckin' tolju!
Oh No! No!
Come back here, you fuckin' black bitch!
Fuckin' tolju!
Fuckin' tolju!
Anywhere but my face!
Please! Anywhere!
I will discipline my children
any way I want to.
This is your fuckin' fault!
Fuckin' tolju!
How I wish I could save you, baby girl.
Cuz you so deservin' of a white knight.
But white knights only exist
in fairy tales.
Keep your eyes open,
cuz the Devil can be an angel
when he wanna be.
Aye, Roman.
Woddy! Ha ha!
Aye, can I rap withchu for a minute
'bout this next leg?
Yes, aye, you wanna talk wit' the boy.
- Yeah, yeah.,
- Shit. Walk with me.
Talk with me. Aye, aye.
Aye, bitches, y'all run along.
We, uh we gotta have bawse talk,
y'know what I'm sayin'?
We gotta talk a little business.
Bawse talk.
- Let these bawses talk!
- Hey, how y'all doin'?
Yes, sir!
Brought you a present.
My niggah!
Whoa. Is this primo shit, though?
Cuz you know Romey Rome
only do premium shit.
- Yeah, I know how you do.
- Yeah, aye.
Yes, sir!
Why'ont you go ahead and hit it first?
Fuh sho.
Okay, Woddy playin' baseball.
I wanna know what we gone do now
that Keyshawn ain't gone be
on the last leg of this tour.
bitches like that a dime a dozen, maine.
- Wonder what happened?
- Shit, hell if I know.
But if she wanna go back
to Crackerville, my niggah,
that's on her.
Heyell, that's her goddamn prerogative.
Shit, she better be glad
I even took her black ass on
in the first place.
What you thank this gone mean
fuh Lil' Murda?
I can bring on one
of my new artists or somethin'.
I guess Lil' Murda can open up for him.
I mean, that niggah just ain't
took off quite yet.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Don't nobody know that niggah, maine.
You real strong
about your choice, ain't ya?
Not me, my boy.
See, a niggah like me,
I like to diversify my income
Um, uh, my streams. Damn!
You good?
That shit just got me, uh
got me feelin' a little
lightheaded over hure, brah.
You ever seen somebody die before, Rome?
You already know I seen
my mama die, maine.
- You know that.
- Death ain't pretty, is it?
Yet F&G made yo' mama look
hella fine fuh God or
or the Devil.
No, aye, my mama in heaven, niggah.
You best believe that.
how you wanna be buried?
What, niggah?
Might be able to have a open casket.
Yo' body won't be like the niggah
who sister shot him in the face
with the shotgun.
Or the woman who hanged herself.
Her body had hung on the rope for weeks,
so by the time we got
to her
her body had rotted
and fallen to the floor.
Death can be obvious
but she can also be a sneaky-ass bitch.
Hold on, Woddy
Mm, you ain't feelin' so good, is you?
It's aight. I'll
handle the conversation
from here on out, all right?
Where this lil' movie you got?
Whatchu talkin' 'bout, maine?
I ain't got no movie.
That ain't what I heard.
Keyshawn told me errythang.
And I do mean errythang.
can't breathe, maine.
You lucky.
Most folks don't get this.
Don't get somebody to
lead 'em to the other side.
You know
sometimes it's sudden.
Fact, I like to call ODs
"soft suicides."
Night-night, niggah.
And they all lived happily ever after.
Hey, somebody call the ambulance.
This niggah in here OD'in'!
This ain't no fairy tale.
This the real world.
And in the real world,
all us got the power
to rewrite or our destinies.
Handsome princes can become
fire-breathin' dragons.
Trusty sidekicks
can become angels of death,
and even damsels can become
they own damn saviors.
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