P-Valley (2020) s02e04 Episode Script


[LIL' MURDA] Previously on P-Valley
[LAUREN] I'm spending this
whole divorce settlement
tonight, bitches!
Look, my homeboy told me about
this girl with the dick-suckin' lips.
[LIL' MURDA] Dirty Dozen
tour start tomorrow.
- What you doing, lil' niggah?
What's wrong with this niggah, maine?
[WODDY] It's a party game.
Somebody get picked to be a killer.
If they wink at you,
you gotta die 30 seconds later.
Don't go disrespectin' the guh, nanh.
Bitch, you just ain't his type.
[BIG TEAK] You get into one fight.
Niggah just ain't cut like us.
You might be too cut.
Niggah, "I love you"?
Keyshawn, that's the only thought.
"You look beautiful in red."
There are a few referendums
on the ballot.
One of 'em bein' for that casinah.
[CORBIN] Mayor Wayne Kyle?
Nobody's stupid enough
to run against him.
I would.
Just talked to my daddy,
and he just might have a job for you.
Gonna have to respectfully pass.
[FARRAH] You're getting paid
$10,000 a weekend
to have sex with my husband.
Why did you ask for my permission?
Cuz a bitch got her some integrity.
[AUTUMN] Why do you have
Montavius' ring?
I'm the one that made sure
he ain't never be found.
You gotta convince ole girl to sell.
I'm not settling for less than ten.
"Wear y'all mu'fuckin' mask!"
It's allergies!
Allergies, my ass!
[FUTURE] Call it how it is ♪
Hendrix ♪
I promise, I swear, I swear ♪
You heard, spit it, yo ♪
Percocets, molly, Percocets ♪
- [LAUREN] Ayee!
- Percocets ♪
Molly, Percocets ♪
- [LAUREN] Do it!
- Rep the set ♪
Gotta rep the set ♪
[LAUREN] Ayee! Get it! Work it!
Do it! Got it! Get it!
Mask on, fuck it, mask off ♪
Mask on, fuck it, mask off ♪
- [LAUREN] Yass!
- Percocets ♪
Molly, Percocets ♪
Chase a check, never chase a bitch ♪
Two cups,
toast up with the gang, gang ♪
From food stamps ♪
[LAUREN] Oh shit! Ayee!
Fuck it up! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oohh!
That's right!
Ain't compromisin',
half a million on the coupe ♪
Rick James, 33 chains, 33 ♪
Ocean air, cruisin' Biscayne ♪
Percocets, ye, molly, Percocets ♪
Big foreigns ♪
Percocets, molly,
Percocets, big foreigns ♪
Rep the set, ye, gotta
rep the set, gang, gang ♪
Chase a check, never chase a bitch ♪
Mask on, ye ♪
[LAUREN] Take my money.
Mask on, ye, fuck it, mask off, ye ♪
Percocets, ye, molly, Percocets ♪
Big foreign, chase a check ♪
Never chase a bitch ♪
Oh, my Lord ♪
Praise him be ♪
My guillotine ♪
[LAUREN] Oh, ayee! Ayee! Ayee! Ayee!
Get it! Work it! Do it! Yass! Do it!
Get it, yass!
Ooh, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!
Come on, girl. Come on!
Come on, girl!
Come on. Yass, get it.
Take it off. Yass.
Switch states, touch down,
foreign plates ♪
Whoa. Oh. Feel yourself, yeah.
Yeah! [LAUGHS]
We call the play,
we didn't come to play ♪
Where my shit?!
What what the heyell wrong witchu?!
- I got aller [SNEEZES]
- Oh my God!
In my mouth, ugh!
Where my gloves?! Where my gloves?!
- [TOY] I got allergies.
- This place need to be called
- I promise.
- The Petri Dish, not The Pynk!
[LAUREN] Oh, my God! Move!
- [BOTH] Aww, heyell
- [LAUREN] Get out my way!
Excurse me, whatever Toy done done,
Extra-Extra can undo undo.
Your club in violation
of several Nonconnah County
Health Department safety protocols!
Unh-unh-unh-unh-uh, bitch!
Now, you done seen
all these folks
up in hure wearing they
[FUTURE] Fuck it, mask off ♪
Mask off ♪
- Jewelries. Uh
- What is she Jesus!
- The fuck?!
Gimme the microphone.
Gimme the microphone!
Lauren Hawkins here,
Nonconnah County
Health Department regulator!
Thass right! I hereby order
this establishment to shut down
effective immediately
for health and safety violations!
Yes, thass right!
Pick up yo' goddamn Pank dranks
and carry your ass to the exit,
cuz The Pynk is officially closed!
Bitch if you don't
- Fuck yo microphone.
- [UNCLE CLIFFORD] Gimme my shit.
- [LAUREN] Out of my way!
[LAUREN] Goddamnit! I'ma
regulate this motherfucker!
- [LAUREN] A thousand dollars
[JUCEE FROOT] Down in the valley ♪
Where the girls get naked ♪
If you throwin' bands ♪
Then you know she gone shake it ♪
One, two, break 'em ♪
Three, four, rake 'em ♪
These niggahs grind hard ♪
But these bitches grind harder ♪
Climbing up the pole
just to get out the bottom ♪
The crowd below ♪
Stay ready for the show ♪
The pimps, the dough ♪
Don't let it take your soul ♪
We make fallin' on the sky look easy ♪
Look at my bitches ♪
Gangsta walking on the ceiling ♪
Green on the flo' ♪
Money talk, can you hear me? ♪
This world is so addicting ♪
But dreams is expensive,
keep spending ♪
Work hard for the top can't fall now ♪
But whatever goes up must fall down ♪
What you do when the power out? ♪
Kids hungry, can't do none
but scream and shout ♪
We all choose to live
but it's different routes ♪
Take the shit with shine
gotta make it count ♪
When you live and die
by the paper route ♪
You spend a dime
just to make it out, yeah ♪
Down in the valley ♪
Where the girls get naked ♪
If you throwin' bands ♪
Then you know she gon' shake it ♪
One, two, break 'em ♪
Three, four, rake 'em ♪
[JUPITER] Toy, this yo' fault.

This what six feet apart look like.
[AUTUMN] Lap dances from six feet away?
I mean, where they do that?
It'd be a lot easier
if you operated at 50% capacity
Like you 'sposed to!
Well, you sho'll ain't cur
'bout that 'pecific rule
when Toy was gettin' the Holy
Ghost on that lap right thur
In addition to your customer
tables on the main floor,
you need to install plastic partitions
between all these vanities,
and upgrade your AC system
with a HEPA filter
Hippo filters?
[BIG L] HEPA, niggah!
Now, y'all know them thangs
cost 1,500 a pop
and they don't even really work
'gainst this shit
Most importantly,
everyone needs to wear a mask
at all times!
Don't you see what the fuck
on our face?!
Mizz Lauren, soon as we come up to code,
we can reopen, right?
Only after your inspection,
which will occur in 24 hours.
Now, how in the heyell
we gone do all you done
tolt us to do in 24 hours?
If you don't, you will be
shut down for real for real.
And you gone pay a fine.
- How much?
- 25,000 dollars.
Chile, ain't nobody got that
in they pocketbook,
let alone they piggybank!
Sell that Birkin, you'll have enough.
Wait, Lauren, you lookin' like
somebody second, third,
fourth cuzzin' or somethin'.
You that heiffa that fell
asleep drunk under the table
after throwin' up her whole
divorce settlement!
Naw, thass that bitch
that was in "The 201."
She said she cheated on her
husband with his mama.
[ALL] His mama?!
That wun't me!
You sho? Cuz I'ma beat gawdess.
- I'm good at memberin' faces.
- All right. OK. OK!
I will reduce your fine 11,000 dollars.
That is the best I can do.
Here is your citation.
I will be back fuh yo'
inspection in twenty-fo' hours.
Y'all have a blessed night.
Excuse me!
Can you believe this shit?
It's always something up in this bitch.
[ROULETTE] Me and Whisper
ain't even get a chance
to polerina on these heaux
cuz of Toy sneezin-ass.
- [BRAZIL] Look youngin'.
I'ma vouch for Toy.
This bitch stay wit' allergies.
Bitch, nobody wun't talkin' to you.
'Long as you yappin' I can respond.
Brazil, you better shut
the fuck up talkin' to me
witcho belly-button-lookin-
like-a-mouth-lookin' ass!
Roulette, I'on know
why you ova thur complainin'.
Word on the street is, ah, you got
"diverse income streams."
whatchu talmbout?
Customer came 'round askin' for the girl
with the dick-suckin' lips.
I wonder who he talkin' 'bout?
- [JUPITER] Ehh!
- [AUTUMN] Come on, y'all.
Now look, ain't no niggahs
fosta be burnin' heads
up in my fine establishment, nanh.
- She lyin' on me.
- Where's the lie, huh?!
Where's the lie?! Where is it?!
Bitch! [SCREAMS]
PLAYING] Whoop that trick ♪
Whoop that trick ♪
Whoop that trick ♪
- [UNCLE CLIFFORD] Diamond! Diamond!
Whoop that trick ♪
You fuckin' bitch!
[EXTRA-EXTRA] The girls are fighting.
Hey! Hey-hey-hey-hey!
- [WHAP]
Hey, hey. Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa.
[ROULETTE] Ow, shit!
Yeah, bitch!
Who got the DSLs nanh, hoe?
Yeah, stupid-ass bitch!
Stop fuckin' playin' wit me!
[WHISPER] Oh, my God.
Turn that camera off!
This ain't the Real Househeaux
of Chucalissa!
Whoop that trick ♪
Whoop that trick ♪
Ooh! I can't stand you!
That bitch don't know who
the fuck she messin' wit!
Sitcho ass down thur in that chair!
You want some brandy?
I'on drink brown liquor.
Huh, but you sho'll know how
to do a Dragon Sleeper, tho.
You wrestle?
My brother did.
So thass how you learnt
how to beat a niggah's ass.
Bitches. Strictly bitches.
- Niggah, what the fuck
- you laughing at me fo'?
- You funny.
Just like my daughter.
You miss him, yo' brother?
I ain't come here for no
mu'fuckin' therapy session!
Look, if you gone fire me,
just go 'head and do it!
Fire you fuh what?
Fuh fightin'.
[BIG L] Only fuh fightin'?
Seem like what Brazil said
might be true,
judgin' how you rolled up
out that car the other night.
What was you doin'?
What was you n' Eminem doin'?
Well, you just served me a side
of Nacho Bizness wit that silence.
Well, I'ma give it to yuh right back
topped with a side of jalapeños cuz
I'ma classy bitch.
Even a classy bitch can be finessed.
How you get out a Dragon Sleeper?
You gotsta roll out
from under yo' opponent
and then
Get on top.
Don't matter how dirty you gotsta get,
be the finesser, not the finessed.
[REPORTER] Chucalissa may
just be the center
of a superspreader event, pun intended.
Everywhur we loves gets shutdown.
See, this upsetting me and my homegirl,
cuz we feel like,
if you can't go to The Pank,
where the heyell can you go?
[REPORTER] The infamous
strip club, The Pynk
Why you ain't tell a bitch
we got shut down?
I shoulda been there.
[UNCLE CLIFFORD] Chile, we gone
be back up 'n runnin'
in twanky-fo' hours.
But gurl, ooh,
when them bitches foundt out,
that locker room
got toe up from the flo up!
Brazil accursed the new heaux
of hoein', honey.
That new guh from outside Ju-City.
Well, what the girl say?
[UNCLE CLIFFORD] That Brazil lyin'.
But you know what they say
A good hoe never tells.
[ERNESTINE] And a hoe livin'
in a house full of strippers
'ventually gone wake up in a brothel.
[PATRICE] Interim Mayor Kyle
wanna pollute the soul
of our city with alla
this gamblin' and sin.
Turn on the news.
I'm callin' on all
the citizens of Chucalissa
to do what's right.
Come out and vote for
Pastor Patrice Woodbine
as your next mayor.
And vote
Heyell to the naw, naw, naw ♪
to this casiNAW.
Well, there goes the hood. [CHUCKLES]
[INTERVIEWER] Pastor Woodbine,
do you think that race
will play a factor in this campaign?
This Mi'Ssipp.
What you thank?
You done created a fuckin' monster.
You'd thank she'd be satisfied
gettin' the referendum on the ballot.
Now that bitch wanna run too?
- She ain't gone win.
Lil' Wayne got this city on lock, chile.
With his white ass. Hooh
Chile, we in danger now.
Go bad bitch, go bad bitch, go ♪
What is we gone do? 'Cedes?
[GIDGET] Girl, that mug is sit-TING!
Whass up my Sippi Cups?
We at Camae's Beauty Supply in Jackson
for the reveal of my Miss Sipp Lashes.
Available at a Camae's near you.
And fuh all my stans thass in Da Ham,
you can catch me and Lil' Murda
in the flesh
at Club Volcano tomorrow night!
The Dirty Dozen Tour goin' dumy!
Whoo! Post that shit on The 'Gram.
[GIDGET] Yeah, yeah! Cute!
[ROME] Holdup, I'ma call you back.
Is it errything that you
dreamed it was gone be?
- More.
- [ROME] Mhmm.
[KEYSHAWN] One thing
They got me lookin' a lil, like,
pecan mocha tan, dontcha think?
Maine, guh, what in the
heyell is you talkin' 'bout?
Thass just the lightin'.
[KAYLA NICOLE] We out, we out ♪
Woddy, where my promo events?
You would look good
in some lashes. Or shit,
maybe some nails too.
Uncle Murda lookin' ass
Shut up.
[GIDGET] Oh, my fuckin' gawd!
What y'all laughin' at?
Lil' Murda, you seen't this
on Dancer's Locker Room?
This ain't the Real Househeaux
of Chucalissa!
Aw, you gotta be kiddin' me.
Was The Pynk always this ghetto?
Naw, not as ghetto
as the last place I danced
up in Nashville.
- What?
- Well, I'm just glad
my bottom bitch came to kick it with me!
Gidget slidin' on through
to Birmingham wit' us.
Hope thass aight witchall.
Big Teak, it's yo' turn
to drive, niggah.
[REPORTER] Folks across the nation
are up in arms over this disturbing
- cell phone recording
- [LIL' MURDA] Teak.
[REPORTER] which shows
an unarmed Black man
Teak, you skraight?
[REPORTER] killed by police.
Look. Look at that.
[REPORTER] This footage
is quite graphic
Same ole' shit.
What I tell you about that shit, maine?
Maine I wonder what
that niggah did, maine.
Why that niggah
had to do somethin', Rome?
- Aye! Aye.
Big Teak don't wanna drive, I will!
- [GIDGET] Come on!
- [KEYSHAWN] Okuurr!
- [GIDGET] C'mon boys!
- Yeah.
[LIL' MURDA] Teak, c'mon.
Inside the car.


Corbin, whatchu doin' here
so early in the mornin'?
It's noon.
I guess I'm still on stripper time.
Noon's still the mornin' to me.
I just heard y'all got
shut down yet again.
Bet you 'bout ready to get
this club off yuh hands.
Where's your lawyer?
Shouldn't he be inquirin'
about commercial real estate
on your behalf?
He went back to Atlanta.
- Personal business.
- Oh.
- Did he?
- [CORBIN] Yeah.
Time's a' tickin', baby girl.
And this investment
is gone drown you.
Well, this water
ain't quite troubled yet,
and I'm good at treadin'.
Look, bitch,
I ain't goin' back and forth witchu.
Either you take this offer, or
Or what?
One million.
And that is my last and final offer.
See how easy that was?
But the fact that you doubled
your offer just like that
lets me know I'm worth so much more.

Britney, babe.
I'm home!

- What the fuck?
- Ah!
- Oh, shit!
- [BRITNEY] Andre, stop!
How long you been
fucking my wife, Dante, huh?!
[DANTE] Ugh, does it even matter?!
Andre, please! Get off of him!
In my muthafuckin' bed, niggah?!
In my muthafuckin' bed?!
Andre, stop! You're choking him!
G-get offa him! Let him go!
- Andre!
Let him go, Andre!
Andre, okay, just listen
Listen, Andre, okay!
Please just let him go!
Andre, listen, let him go, please!
Listen to me, Andre!
- Get out.
Can I get my clothes?
Where's where's
Where's your mask, Andre?
Where was your mask when
you was suckin' Dante's dick?
I know this is so fucked up,
I get it, but we We're both doctors,
and I need to know you were
You fucked that niggah in my house!
I'm sorry, Andre!
I've felt so alone,
and Dante was just here!
Dante's always been here!
He's the Jack to your Jill.
He was the one that your mama
wanted you to marry,
not some guttah niggah from the Delta
who couldn't even buy his own
fuckin' wife a fuckin' house!
This is your house too.
It's never been my house.
Your mama 'nem always made sure
to remind me of that.
You were-you were
supposed to come back
Next week? Yeah, well
I came back early to ask my wife
for her permission to
You know what, fuck it.
I'll just go back and fuckin' do it.
- Do what?
- Run for mayor of Chucalissa.
[SCOFFS] What?
[BRITNEY] You're doing what?
Deadline to put my name
on the ballot is tomorrow.
That is so fucking typical.
My daddy offers you a job,
you don't take it,
then you go to your goddaddy's funeral
and decide to run for his damn job?!
The fuck are you doing, Andre?!
You're not gonna win!
I sho'll ain't got nothin'
left to lose.
[BRITNEY] Andre.
[QUIETLY] Ohh fuck.

[FARRAH] Hey there.
[MERCEDES] What the fuck?
Sorry, didn't mean to scare you.
I'm just here picking up
my camera equipment
out of storage right quick.
[BOTH] Excuse me.
- S-sorry.
- You go.
uhm, I gotta 'pologize
about Skrrrr-Skrrrring
like that the other night.
Oh, no. No-no-no.
You were you were fine.
It was fine, truly.
Just so you know, I've never done that.
Chile, you and me both.
But it sho'll came easy to yuh.
So why were you in such a hurry
to leave us all
high and wet?
My daughter.
Love her ringtone.
She got in a little trouble,
and I had to help her.
[FARRAH] So you're Super Mom.
I wouldn't say all that, nanh.
But I'm tryin' to be.
ain't shit ♪
Niggahs ain't shit ♪
Niggahs ain't Nigggahs
ain't Niggahs ain't shit ♪
Speaking of good ringtones.
'Scuse me.
Hey, babe.
Your socks?
They should be inside the Louis case.
Mm-hmm. Inside pocket of the suitcase.

[FARRAH] Sorry.
Sometimes I get itchy fingers.
"No press, no public appearances,
and no photography."
Thass what them NDAs
y'all had my ass sign said.
Well, Cedric's running
a couple hours late, so
I won't tell if you won't.

Hey, come on, Granmuva.
- Wait, wait, wait
- Get you all up out this car.
Let's get you somethin' to eat here.
- Oh, that's The Pynk!
- We at The Pynk.
- It's The Pynk!
- We at The Pynk.
Now step on up hure.
- Okay.
- There you go.
Any luck?
Only groceries.
Errybody else musta came
in compliance weeks ago.
Ain't not a na'an plastic, sanitizer,
or hippo filter anywhure.
Well, you know I always got backup.
[BIG L] Mu'fuckin' calvary! [LAUGHS]
[UNCLE CLIFFORD] Wha whatchu
done conjured up now?
- [DUFFY] 'Sup, y'all?
- [BIG L] Shit!
Where y'all ship these niggahs
in from, Wakanda?
[DUFFY] You know I stay
with hoes and bros
in all different area codes.
[BIG L] What took y'all so long, maine?
[DUFFY] They locked down I-55.
- Mm.
- Protests.
They done brought the Vibranium, baby!
Hey, have 'em pull in alla this
plastic thru the vestibule.
Hey, hey. And-and make sho'
they wear they masks.
Masks, masks, masks.
Mask, mask. Aye, mask. [SPEAKS LUGANDA]
Chile, I don't know where
these niggahs done been.
[UNCLE CLIFFORD] This bitch.
Toy, ain't you done caused
enough trouble already, hmm?
Unless you got some plastic
or some hippos,
I don't wanna see yo' ass.
I brought somethin' betta.
- Diamond?
- Mhmm.
I thought you said you wun't gone
step yo' ass up inside
The Pynk no neva eva mo'.
Well, y'all neva took me off
that Pynk Posse group chat.
Said y'all need some extra hands, so
[EXTRA-EXTRA] Mm, I'll take a
layin' on a'them hands any day.
Keep on, guh, I'ma tell yo' husband.
All right, y'all. Come on.
Let's get this shit done!
Hati mwijje muzane,
Hati mwijje muzane ♪
Hati mwijje muzane ♪
[REPORTER] The governor has
authorized the deployment
of up to 3,000 National Guard troops.
- [GIDGET] Fuck!
- [KEYSHAWN] Gidge,
what is goin' on?
Expressway's backed up worse
than a bitch on Percocets.
Speaking of backed up, my last overdose,
I pult 22 pounds
and three ounces of shit
out a niggah gut.
- Ugh, niggah.
- Really, niggah?
Nobody wanna hear that shit, maine!
Aye, y'all be quiet.
I'm tryna listen to the radio.
Aye, bitch, the fuck?
Turn back the mu'fuckin' dial!
[HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING] Aye, aye, hey.
[BIG TEAK] Fuck is wrong witchu
Shit, maine. Turn that
[LIL' MURDA] Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Y'all hear that?
Thass DJ Neva Scared.
Niggah, no it ain't
Money comin' out the Wazoo ♪
I can't stop it, money comin' out ♪
Niggah, yes it is.
This lil' niggah on the radio
[DJ NEVA SCARED] Get 'em, Gidget.
Oh, my God, DaQwan. I'm, like, cryin'!
Me and Keyshawn wit' Lil' Murda
'nem, on our way
to Birmingham, and you're on the radio!
I'm so proud Oh, bye.
Lil' niggah, you is glowin' up!
[DJ NEVA SCARED] Heyell yeah!
You could be glowin' up
wit' me if you'd just
"flip me that mu'fuckin'
feature, niggah. Like I said.
[LIL' MURDA] Maine
Look, aye, he gone slide it on to yuh.
Uh, uh, when you need it by?
- Niggah.
- [DJ NEVA SCARED] Yesterday.
But, shit, I'll settle fuh tonight.
[WODDY] Bet, aight.
[DJ NEVA SCARED] Let's get this panera
in that panorama, my niggah.
Yuh, yuh, yuh!
Niggah, what the fuck?
We'on even know who it's wit.
[WODDY] Niggah, it don't matter.
Least yo' ass'd be on the radio.
'Sides, DJ Neva Scared,
you know, we got a relationship.
I hope you mean by "relationship"
that you gone get Murda some publishin'.
Yeah, niggah, what 'bout my publishin'?
We'll cross that bridge
when we get to it.
Like I said, I done heard plenty of folk
done slid in a producer DMs
just to get burnt for millions
on the backend fuh bein'
too mu'fuckin' thirsty
Maine, why don't you mind your bizness?
Ain't nobody asked you shi
Can all y'all just shut the fuck up?!
Breaking news from City Hall.
learned the city of Birmingham
has instituted a city-wide curfew
from 8:00 p.m. tonight
- Curfew? What the fuck that mean?
- [REPORTER] til 8am tomorrow.
[WODDY] Mean our night at Club Volcano
done blew the fuck up in our face.
- Fuck!
- What?
Awww, I wanted to see you dance tonight.
All this shit cuz a niggah
done got kilt, maine?
[FEMALE REPORTER] further antagonism
- between demonstrators
You know what?
[REPORTER] and law
enforcement officials.
Naw, naw. We can still
salvage this night, shawty.
Know what I'm sayin'?
Cuz we gotta keep celebratin',
even when the rest uh the world
stoppin', you know what I mean?
We gone kickback in that suite tonight!
Aye! Kickback! At the suite.
City officials are urging
everyone to stay at home
before the curfew goes into effect.
Aye, Gidge.
Can you turn it up?
reminded of the 1963 riots
which brought this city to its knees.
The mayor is expected to make
an official statement
at a press conference within the hour.
[RUBI ROSE] All my real bitches ♪
Put your middle fingers up ♪
Let a niggah know
that you don't give a fuck ♪
I don't wanna talk, niggah,
you ain't got enough ♪
Gotta spend the whole thing,
couple thousand ain't enough ♪
Cap ass, wack ass,
flexin' ass broke niggah ♪
Swear you're gettin' money ♪
But you're really
sellin' hope, niggah ♪
You ain't my type, Rubi need
a whole GOAT, niggah ♪
Man, how I wish I could do this shit.
Take yo' clothes off.
You're not gonna get me up there.
[MERCEDES] Come on.
At least take off these shawts.
You need as much skin exposed
so you can grip the chrome.
That's the only way to climb
up to the top.
The pole needs your skin.
- What if I fall?
- What if you fly?
Come on. I got you.
All right. Come on.
Now tuck.
- Tuck uh-huh.
- Okay, aim back aim back
- Aim your head back.
- Guh
- I told you!
Oh, this pole said,
"Bitch, you thought?"
[EXHALES] Now, what did Cedric say?
Can your butt do the boom to the boom
- Ooh!
- Kitty kat boom boom.
See there.
You smack it, it don't jiggle.
It will never
Thass the twerk muscle right thur.
- You gotta release it.
I can't.
If you'd just get that stick
outcho ass, you could.
Alright, do it again.
- Uh
- Uh, uh.
- Is it is it?
- Uh-huh.
Oh, okay! There it go!
Betcha won't shake dat ass ♪
I betcha won't shake dat ass ♪
Yes, ma'am! [GIGGLING]
I wanted to fucking hate you.
God, I really, really did.
And somehow, I found myself hating
myself, uh
- Excuse me
- Hey
Hey You good?
Yeah, uh, sure.
sorry, I can't believe
I'm standing up here
crying in front of a stripper.
Sorry. I-I-I-I didn't mean
[MERCEDES] You did.
But look who naked now?
You should go.
Coach gone be here soon.
Mercedes, he's flying outta Memphis.
Not in.
I'm the one who texted you.
I'm sorry for misleading you. I just
never met a woman who could
hold her own weight.
Like you.
I fall.
I fall a lot.

Don't stop.
[REPORTER] Protests are rocking
the streets
Yo' ass need to be out there,
big as yo' mouth is!
Granmuva, errybody can't protest.
Some niggahs just need
to keep the strip clubs open.
Hand me yo' finger.
Unh-unh, heiffa, you need some sugar.
Only sugar I need is that
Black Panther over there!
Yo' name must be T'Challa
with alla that goin on
witcho tongue. [GIGGLES]
It's actually Godfrey.
Oh, sh heyell.
Ain't that a white name?
My husband lucky I'm
a faithful bitch in the flesh.
But when he be inside me,
I be cumming to Diamond.
Bitch, thass still cheatin'.
- Is it?
- [JUPITER] I'on know,
but that niggah always
been a lil' weird.
I heard he left because he went
cray-cray again cuz of The War.
I heard he left cuz Keyshawn
wouldn't give him no coochie.
I heard Keyshawn pult a gun on his ass
after her and her baby daddy
got to fighting in the bathroom
and shot up the place.
Murda Night was crunk as heyell,
but that tale so tall it's
knockin' on the do' of heaven.
Thass what I heard, nanh.
[BIG BONE] Heyell, from the likes of it,
Murda Night sho'll
was a night to remember.
- [DIAMOND] I'll be back.
- Oop.
- Unh-unh, we not doin' that.
- Bitch!
[PEANUT BUTTER] Tired hoe!
- You sickly?


[BIG L] Aye, Diamond.
Niggah, you aight?
Yeah yeah.
Yeah, just
Takin' in this new look.
I ain't I ain't been here since
[BIG L] Yeah
Uncle Clifford steady
stay doin' the most.
Well, come on, maine,
and bring on them filters.
[WAYNE] The anarchists
we're seeing on the news
are not welcome here.
Rioting and damaging
your own communities
will only add further
to the hurt feelings
we are all dealing with.
Now is the time
for everyone in the community
to be exceptional.
Watch what that do for a niggah!
Chile, what you said.
Granmuva, you just stay ova thur.
I'ma brang you a plate, okay?
Well, if this gone be
the last fuckin' supper,
I wanna sit in Jesus spot.
- Here you go.
[WAYNE] But we will keep the peace
for all the folks in Chucalissa.
Curfew starts at 8:00
- What?
That's in just a few minutes.
[WAYNE] If you are stopped,
you will have to pay
an immediate fine of $500.
- $500?
All alright, all hey, hey.
Y'all look,
don't worry y'all lil' heads.
Okay, everybody just gone have
to stay the night hure.
This inn got plenty'a rooms, you know.
Aye, there's a
A couch ova in the office.
- One ova in Mercedes' room
- Uhm,
I think it's best if we send
everybody on home.
Guh, I'on want all these folks
out in them streets
- Now.
- Aye.
We ain't even finished yet.
I'ma gone head 'n dip.
I gotta get the baby from Clancy ass.
You let Clancy babysit?
Gurl, the DNA test say
he is the baby-favuh. Tuh!
- Huh.
- Yeah, I'ma gone head
- 'n peace out too.
[PATRICE] I now y'all wanna
burn this mutha down!
- [CROWD] Yeah!
- [PATRICE] I do too.
I know y'all wanna
make these streets run red
with some blood!
[CROWD] Yeah!
[PATRICE] I know y'all wanna
raise some holy heyell!
- [CROWD] Yeah!
- [PATRICE] Cause this heavy
inheritance of hate
is like a knee on the neck
that Black folk can no longer
bear by ourselves!
[CROWD] Yeah!
[PATRICE] But, Gawd is my shepherd,
and I know He protects
the least among us.
I know that for a fact.
Tonight, we gone pray for Chucalissa,
for the dark soul of our country.
Tonight, we gone stay home
with our families
and our friends.
May your
strike a match that will be a light
in this dark night!
Cuz tomorrow is gone be
a new day in Chucalissa.
A change gone come, children.
Y'all be careful goin' home tonight
[WHISPER] Roulette, are you alright
Yeah. Just gone go get my stuff.
I'ma come wit yo' plate.
[UNCLE CLIFFORD] I'm coming! I'm coming!
Mm. Mm, mm, mm.
You look like a man who wife
done just cheated on him.
[ANDRE] I am.
Well, dayum. Huh!

[DUFFY] You aight?
All this shit! It just
It reminds me of my brother.
What happen to him?
Three years ago, 5-0 hemmed him up.
Was driving with a broken taillight.
They say he had a gun,
but I know for a fact he
Y'all always get away with this shit.
What was his name?
We called him Meechie.
[BIG L] Clifford got me
runnin' round here
like a chicken with my head cut off.
I'm making flyers, I'm the handyman,
I'm burnin' up chicken.
And they want me to do security.
Thass why you need
to bring yo' ass on back.
Naw. Unh-uh. I'm good.
They lucky a niggah got
that 'ssociates degree in AC.
I always wondered why
you was the coolest cat
- in the building.
Yeah, got that online degree
when I was in the clank.
Sadly, nobody but, uh,
Uncle Clifford wanted
to hire my ass when I got out.
[DIAMOND] Maine, if I was you,
I'd try to find somewhere else to work,
as hard as that might be right now.
I'on know how this club
gon' survive this shit.
Naw, Diamond.
This right here,
prime mu'fuckin' real estate.
River to the west, rail to the east,
FedEx to the norf, and I-55 to the souf.
Long as The Pynk hure,
I'm hure.
And I'ma need some security like you
know where all the bodies are buried.
Yuh feel me, maine?
[DIAMOND] Mhmm, mhmm.
They workin' you like a slave, ain't it?
Naw, it might be fuh free,
but it's fuh framily.
Seem like you a new addition.
[BIG BONE] And seem like
you part of the old.
I guess once you part of the
Pynk Posse, it's forever, huh?
Believe me,
I done got yuh name, baby bwoy.
The way them guhs
up in there yappin' aboutcha.
What they sayin'?
[BIG BONE] They sayin' a whole lot.
But ain't gone do shit.
Thass the difference 'tween me
and them guhs up in thur.
- [DIAMOND] Yeah, that right?
- [BIG BONE] Mm-hmm.
Big Bone.
How long you been ridin'?
Ridin' bikes or
- The bike.
- Long as I been ridin' horses.
Since I was yay high,
been down in Texas.
I'on think that gone fit me.
Oh, you got a big head, huh?
I likes me a Einstein, nanh.
You should get on outta here
'fo that curfew come on down.
[BIG BONE] I ain't the type of bitch
be worried about no curfew.
I drove my Dad 'nem crazy.
But me and you,
we can break a curfew, nanh
All night long.
I thank that one'll fit ya.
You cumming
or not?
My mama amazing?
What the heyell?
[REPORTER] Darkness has
descended upon America tonight
as chaos and destruction rage on
in the aftermath
of the day's demonstrations.
With dozens of cities still burning,
the mayhem shows no sign of stopping
before morning finally arrives.
Over the course of the day,
we've seen a stunning outpour
of emotions from Americans.
Fear and despair caused
by the surging pandemic
Murda, you wanna hit some
of this big boy shit?
Naw, I'm good.
Aye, I'll hit that shit.

[ROME] Wake him up, maine!
Aye, niggah,
it's almost midnight, ain't it?
[REPORTER] being killed
by the police went viral.
[LIL' MURDA] Niggah, you skraight?
Yo, this a turn up.
You over here all turnt down
Ain't you fosta be goin' back
to the room to do yo' homework?
[REPORTER] There's no
turning back the clock
on the uproar that's begun today.
I hate when you get like this.
Turn this shit off, maine.
[ROME] Gidget, brang me one
of them drank, baby.
- I got you.
- Aight.
I gotta toast to baby girl,
Miss M-I-Crooked Letter- Crooked Letter,
cuz them Miss Sipp Lash
took the Souf by storm.
- Cheers.
- Hanh.
I just wanna thank Rome fuh alla
Why the fuck you turnin' off
my mu'fuckin' TV, niggah?
Niggah, what? Unh-uh.
Did I just commit some, uh,
correctional facility faux pas
or some shit?
Am I supposed to ask you for
permission to turn off my TV
up in my own goddamn suite?
Shit, niggah. I'm over hure
tryna toast shawty.
And I'm tryna watch the fuckin'
news to see what's happenin'.
Maine, the same shit
thass always happenin'.
Niggahs runnin' amuck tearin'
up they own damn neighborhood.
And for what?
Somebody just fucking died, Rome.
- Tuh!
- On the skreet! Again!
- [WODDY] Aye, aye, aye.
- [BIG TEAK] Again!
Let's brang it down a notch, maine.
- [ROME] Okay, yeah, it's sad.
- We got the ladies, maine.
But what he do though?
Huh? What did that niggah do
- to bring this shit on hisself?
- On hisself?
- [ROME] Yeah, niggah.
- [BIG TEAK] On hisself?!
Cuz naw, hold on nanh.
Cuz if the po-po done came,
that mean he done did somethin', right?
- And he a big-ass niggah.
He gotta be restrained.
[CHUCKLES] Like my uncle always said,
uh-huh, "I'on know what they
fightin' fuh.
[ROME] We the ones wit' the guns."
[BIG TEAK] So you backin' the blue?
- Hey, you wanna roll out?
- Mhmm.
- [ROME] I'm just sayin'
- Let's roll out.
that in the heat
of the moment, shit get
Excuse me, y'all, I'm just
- a lil' complicated
- It ain't complicated! Naw!
[BIG TEAK] Shit ain't complicated!
Y'all need to let shawty on thru!
He ain't breathing no mo'
cuz of the po-po!
We got it on fuin' candid camera,
and it still done gone happen
You need to calm the fuck down!
White girl, you need to shut the fuck up
fo' you get fucked up!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Naw!
Somebody come get the angry Black man
- makin' all this damn noise.
- I'm not scared-a you.
Bitch, get yo' pasty ass
outta my fuckin' face!
- What are you gone do, huh?
- Bitch!
- You better
- What you gone do, huh?
You better get your white-ass
out my goddamn
- I wish a
- You wish?!
- You wish?!
- [GIDGET] I wish a mutha
You wish a niggah would?!
- [WODDY] What the hell, maine?
- That what you 'bout to say?!
- You wish a niggah would
- A muthafucker would!
I'll take away your soul!
I'll take your goddamn soul!
[BIG TEAK] Don't try me, bitch!
Try me!
Say it to my face, bitch.
Get this niggah on outta here, maine!
[BIG TEAK] No, no, no, no, no,
no. You know what I do to you?
[GIDGET] He's fuckin' cray!
[BIG TEAK] You know what I do
to you, girl?
I'll fuckin' kill yo' ass!
- Hey.
Y'all gone be all right.
Just errybody stay up in here.
Y'all lay y'all heads right on
Ooh, Chile! What in the Sam
Hill is you doing up in hure?
Chile, me don't speak
that African, chile.
- Huh?
- [WHISPER] Water hose!
[EXTRA-EXTRA] Fire man!
Ooo, y'all is bad at charades.
This maine need a restroom.
[ALL] Oh.
Behind the DJ err, err booth!
Err, err. You know The DJ booth!
Behind it. Mm-hmm.
Make sure you flush, nanh.
Now, y'all make y'allselves
all comfortable.
Seem like somebody already has.
What in the?

It's some money in this hoe ♪
- You know Murda in this hoe ♪
I say dance for me, I'ma
throw some money in this hoe ♪
Don't be playin' wit' it,
get up on that pole and ♪
Niggah, you fuckin' up my vocal lay!
Don't you hear me recordin'?
A niggah had to piss.
You stay pissy.
[BIG TEAK] You'll be aight.
Just like you had to be a'ight
when we was inside.
[REPORTER] What might have started out
as a set of peaceful protests
has devolved into full-blown anarchy.
Using tear gas and rubber bullets
against rioters and looters,
the police have made
Whas wrong witchu?
Ain't shit wrong.
Quit lyin'.
[REPORTER] Not even the
presence of the National Guard
can stop the riots.
I weep for this world, maine.
[REPORTER] where John Guthrie
has been reporting
since the protests first began.
Just how much have things
escalated in the past hour?
You need to quit watchin' this shit.
You tattin' yo' eyeballs and fuh what?
Person who filmed it
gone have it worse than me.
Sometimes I-I-I wonder why
my mama even bothered havin' us.
Havin' me.
This world don't want a niggah, maine.
Not a good niggah, bad niggah,
rich niggah, poor niggah,
big niggah, dumb niggah,
pimp niggah, president niggah!
Don't matter what kinda niggah
you become,
you still just a menace to society,
so you might as well prove 'em
right then!
Or just disappear.

But you?
You gone be a icy niggah
Platinum niggah, bawse niggah.
I'm prouda you, maine.
Seein' all you 'complishin'
out here with yo-yo-yo
Yo' mursic 'n shit.
Make me feel good knowin' that you
You my one niggah that gone be aight.
I got you.
I got you.
[GIDGET] I'll pay you back.
[KEYSHAWN] Only thing
you need to do is call me
as soon as yo' ass get to Nashville.
[GIDGET] You sure you gone be good?
[KEYSHAWN] I'll be fine.
- Mkay.
You hadta get Becky ass
up outta hure, huh?
She my bitch fuh life, but
some folk you just can't
talk to about everythang.
I'ma make Woddy fire
that crazy-ass niggah.
Naw, don't do that.
Naw, I'on want that niggah
scaring you like that again.
I wun't scared.
[ROME] Yes, you were.
I seen it on that pretty
little face of yours.
You ever feel that way again,
you come to me.
Always remember, I gotchu.
[ANDRE] You know the funny part?
I wasn't as mad at her
fucking her co-worker
as I was at her laughing
when I told her I was runnin' for mayor.
You wanna fuckin' run for mayor?
Of Chucalissa?
Okay, Britney Seagram-Watkins
No. No, no, no.
I didn't mean it like that.
I think it's kinda perfect.
What about you?
You gone stick around, watch me run?
Mm. Not if I get the right
offer for this place.
While you were gone,
Corbin upped his offer to one million.
Uncle Clifford, I came
as soon as I saw the text
[AUTUMN] I can't keep this place open
a minute longer.
I gotta sell.
[ANDRE] So I can tell Corbin you gonna
take him up on his offer?
Because him
and Promised Land are offering
the same damn thing.
Before the pandemic hit,
they offered me a million dollars,
but I refused.
You know and I know,
this waterfront worth so much more.
[UNCLE CLIFFORD] No-no-no-no, naw.
Wait till corny niggah leave.
What Uncle Clifford rule 7.5?
No witnesses.
[AUTUMN] I bet they ain't
never seen a Black woman
say no to a million dollars before.
But this one knows she worth ten.
I was willin' to wait
'til the referendum passed.
So you've always wanted
to flip this property?
Of course. Wouldn't you?
You cold-blooded.
I'm a businesswoman
who knows the value of what I have.
[UNCLE CLIFFORD] Autumn Night!
Ne, Lakiesha Savage!
Ne, Hailey Colton, bitch!
You say you a businesswoman?
I gotcho business!
Go ahead.
Let me deal with this.
Here I was worried about outside folk,
and we had a thief
in the temple the whole time
plottin' The Pynk's demise
wit' yo' bootleg Obama!
Yeah, bitch. We heard all of it.
You been tryin' to sell
The Pynk this whole time?
Ooh! Ooh!
Ooh, but there but for
the grace of Yves Saint Rona.
We didn't know how long
this thing was gonna go for.
- Unh-uh.
- Hell, we still don't.
For all we know, Woodbine wins
and wipes us out
with one stroke of a pen.
- Then what?
- My mama ain't got nothin'
to do with you being a goddamn liar.
What the heyell's goin' on out here?
[UNCLE CLIFFORD] This heiffa
right hure tryna sell my club.
Wait, wait. Sell the club?
- We just got
this shit up and runnin', maine.
[AUTUMN] We can't do this shit forever.
Everybody gonna have to find
something else, just like I did.
I want you to remember how you even
got in the position to buy
this club, Hailey Colton.
But if you wanna get
on your knees and get fucked
for a check, be my guest!
It's just a building!
[UNCLE CLIFFORD] Uh what?! Oh!
Y'all can take the money
and move The Pynk somewhere else!
It's funny you talkin'
'bout it's just a buildin'
and yo' ass is livin' in the
back like it's yo' damn house!
What? You told me you was
stayin' wit' a friend.
This bitch ain't got no fuckin' friends.
- [EXTRA-EXTRA] Mm-mm.
- [UNCLE CLIFFORD] Or framily.
[EXTRA-EXTRA] Heyell naw.
[UNCLE CLIFFORD] Y'all open up
my rule book and you gone see
face right next
to rule 29,763:
you be careful who you let
through the do',
cuz you can't save erry sangle hoe.
[EXTRA-EXTRA] Preach, bitch, preach!
[UNCLE CLIFFORD] Come on, y'all.
Let's get on 'way from this heah heiffa.
- Beatcho ass!
[PEANUT BUTTER] Sorry hoe!
Now I see what Montavius meant
when he said you a easy bitch to love,
but a easier bitch to hate.

[LAUREN] That hand sanitizer
is more tequila
than anything else.
And those AC units are nowhere near
the MERV rating of 14 they need to be.
All I could get was eight MERVs, maine.
[LAUREN] Y'all, I ain't wanna do this
Then don't.
I'm just tryna do my job.
Just get yo' shit together,
so I can get my ass back up in there
and burn the rest of my stimmy!
Give that bitch dis shit!

It was the 3rd of September ♪
That day I'll always
remember, yes, I will ♪
Cuz that was the day ♪
That my daddy died ♪

Who the fuck Cliff?
All that time you been out,
you ain't never write me no postcards
Momma just hung
her head and said, "Son" ♪
Papa was a rollin' stone ♪
Wherever he laid his hat
was his home ♪
And when he died ♪
All he left us was alone ♪

Aye. Move, maine!
Maine, get the fuck outta my face!
Niggah, I'unno whut on earff you did
to convince Tydell ole uglass
to fuh-sake his blood offsprang
and leave you this house, huh,
but I hope you happy in this shithole!
"Last but not least,
"to my dear godson, Andre Watkins,
"I leave my home at 732 Deerfield Road.
May you always have a place
to lay your crown."
Folks say papa
never was much on thinkin' ♪
Spent most of his time
chasing women and drinkin' ♪
Momma, I'm depending on you ♪
To tell me the truth ♪
Corbin, it's Andre.
You got some time?
Meet me at my campaign headquarters,
732 Deerfield Road.
Wherever he laid
his hat was his home ♪
[REPORTER] On this second day
of unruly protests,
it's clear that the situation
is going to get worse
before it gets better.
What we're seeing is more
than just outrage
over that shocking cell phone footage
that sparked protests
across the country.
What we're seeing is a nation
at odds with itself.
Long-standing tension
between civilians and police
finally boiling over
in an explosive fashion.
Wherever he laid his hat
was his home ♪
[REPORTER] A reckoning, it seems,
has finally come to America.

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