Pachinko (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Chapter Three

1 What's going on? Cut the kimchi already.
Their stomachs are growling, Sunja! Time to eat! Let's eat! Let's eat! Come and get it! To me, lightly fermented kimchi is the best there is.
You can still taste the green buds of garlic.
Has that stomach ever met a food it didn't like? Sunja, are you okay? - Here.
- Thank you.
Tell Aunt Kyunghee I'll stop by the video store.
Have a good day.
Work hard.
- Last night - Mmm? - I had a dream about rice cakes.
- Really? A whole platter.
I was even sharing them with you, sister.
- Were they good? - Meh.
Kyunghee, time to wake up now.
Kyung Kyunghee Sunja, what is it? My stomach.
Did I eat a bad clam last night or something? Oh no.
Could it be a sign your bleeding is coming? You missed last month.
I'll boil some doraji for you.
Tell your mother I'm sorry for the price hike.
In Koh Hansu's absence, everything is chaos.
Isn't he due back by now? I thought he was going to be gone a week.
That's right.
And now it's hard to say.
He may never return at all.
Why do you say that? A man like Koh Hansu, he has options.
Being a fish broker in Busan isn't that man's ultimate dream.
Going back to the way things were, I couldn't take it.
He may have been strict, but he paid fairly.
Well, it was good while it lasted, wasn't it? Here! Take a look! Let's go! The price is right! Now who could that be? I'll go and check.
How about here? She'd be with these memories.
Too obvious, isn't it? Grandma, there's really no need for you to agonize about this.
The burial marker will be ready soon.
Oh, my! You've come all this way.
You shouldn't have.
How can you say that? Of course I have to come see how you're faring.
This is Pastor Rhee, he's here visiting from Korea.
To have him here is so very lucky.
He'll be here with us for a few months, staying at the church.
Please, sit.
Our Kyunghee, I didn't know her long, but I could tell she was a rare person.
Would it be right to say she loved to bring joy to others? I only wish you could have met her before all her energy was stolen by her cancer.
Well, she might have been an old woman, but I'm sure you would have fallen for her anyway.
I was able to look into her heart, and I saw a good person.
And that's all we ever really need to see, isn't it? Oh my.
You speak so well.
You could write a book one day.
- Do you mind if I move this? - No, go right ahead.
She should be with loved ones.
Oh yes, right.
That is much better.
Shall we pray together? Come on.
Heavenly Father.
Today we come together in memory of Your child, who has been returned to Your side.
We thank you because we know our beloved has been returned unto Your eternal grace.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Sunja, go home, hurry.
There's a storm coming.
My last errand for today.
Who knows how much damage it will do.
Koh Hansu! We were beginning to think you had forsaken us.
You had us so worried! Did you forget all about us? An atonement for my absence.
It's too pretty to rip open.
You're too sentimental about things.
I don't even know how to read time yet.
Well then, I will have to teach you.
You're very clever.
You'll pick it up fast.
I I'm with child.
You must say something.
Are you sure? Sunja You'll bring me my son.
There's no way to know it's a boy.
But I do know it.
I'm certain.
Then you'll be disappointed if it's a girl.
But you'll still have to love her.
If it's a girl, I'll buy her pretty dresses.
And hope she's as smart as her mother.
Then when will you visit my mother? She'll be surprised, naturally.
But if we marry quickly, she'll be reassured.
Why all this sudden talk about marriage? I thought you knew what this was.
Knew what? What what do you mean? I can't marry you.
I have a family.
In Osaka, I have a wife and three daughters.
It's not exactly a marriage of love but it's a necessary arrangement.
"Necessary"? Why's that? Necessary for business reasons.
There's no affection.
You and your mother and our child will have everything you would ever want.
I'll buy the biggest house in Yeongdo.
How about Jiyun's home? They'll no longer be able to afford it anyway.
You'll learn how to read and learn how to tell time.
We'll have more children, and we'll live well.
Even more daughters.
You know very well what the world is like these days.
You know children go to bed only to never wake up.
Girls who sell their innocence for a bowl of noodles.
The elderly stealing away quietly to die so the younger ones can have enough food to live on.
Marriage, it's just an arrangement.
You will see the reason in what I propose.
What are you saying? It is how we survive.
And it is the only way for people like us.
So then Was this the plan from the start? To force me into marrying you since nobody else will? After all, who would risk marrying the daughter of a cripple I will not let you speak of my father My child could inherit your father's deformities.
I have a right to say it.
So who's putting a curse on who? Will you tell me that? Sunja.
Come back.
Did you hear what I said? Come back! Are you all right? I'm fine.
Which way is it to the boardinghouse run by the cripple's widow? Right over that way.
But it's a 40-minute trek.
I can manage it.
Hurry inside! Come on! Hurry! We need more hands! Mother Grandma.
You know, you can give yourself a day or two, right? What? Do you really think these things are going to break me? These are just that.
Including this very house.
A roof and some walls, that's it.
Cement and bricks.
A notorious figure with ties to organized crime, left his grandson a fortune after his passing.
Now Mamoru Yoshii is also dogged by rumors of corruption, along with insider trading I was barely able to be a mother in those days.
I was working 14 hours a day, every single day of the week.
Without your aunt, who knows what would've become of us.
Don't push yourself so much now.
You should be taking it easy.
Oh please.
You make it sound like this kind of living is difficult or something.
Go back to work.
What's the point of indulging an old woman? You don't have to worry.
They know my situation.
Besides, there's nothing to be done.
The landowner turned our offer down again.
What? All that money? Can you imagine all she could provide for her children with that? It's not like it's dirty money.
Oh, that woman has something wrong with her.
So how does that affect you? I'll wear the black mark of this for a while.
But then I'll claw my way back.
That's the only choice I have left.
Either way, that deal is lost.
I wish I could comprehend why people hold on to the past like that.
What earthly good does it do? It doesn't bring the dead back, does it? Grandma.
Come to Tokyo with me.
What? You should be the one to talk to her.
Me? What could I possibly say to her? What you told me just now.
About how someone's house is just a roof and some walls.
And how you can't bring back the dead.
Grandma, please.
Well? What are they saying? Can you hear anything? What's going on? Will he live or not? He's contended with this before.
Death, it seems, has already branded him once.
It's a pity he's so far from his family.
I wonder if his parents are still alive.
- Is that his case? - Yes.
Let's see if we can find a name.
- All expensive clothing.
- Oh Look at all these books! How hard it must've been to carry such a load.
What does this say? "Dear Mother and Father, I have arrived safely in Busan.
I can't wait to get to Osaka so I can do the Good Lord's work and so I can start my new life with Yoseb and Kyunghee.
" "Do not worry about me.
I am well.
Your loving son, Isak.
" Isak? What kind of name is that? I believe it's some sort of biblical name.
Look, he's from Pyongyang.
Then he's a Christian from the North.
You can't make light of his illness.
It's tuberculosis.
We must report it.
I can't just kick him out of the house.
Ma'am Consider your daughter's health and that of your boarders.
Let's wait.
We'll see if he survives the night.
- Hello.
- What are you doing back here? And who is this? Sorry for the disturbance.
I'm his grandmother.
Could you spare a few minutes? We'd like to speak to you.
Please, don't trouble yourself - Thank you.
- It's nothing.
I was just about to eat.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Oh, is there a grandchild here? Oh, those? I'm the one who's studying.
Look, my school just gave me this.
My diploma for finishing sixth grade.
Well now! So you really go to school with all the children? Yes.
And mostly they're good kids, though there are a few hard cases.
And what led you to decide to do that? I don't know how it was for you.
We were poor when I was young.
And there was no money for even the boys to go to school.
I know it, and my own mother could never see the point in sending girls to classes.
Well then, you understand.
That feeling of being closed off, separate from the world.
I was embarrassed or afraid every day.
And then, I found myself getting angry at my children for learning to read.
Worried they'd look down on me.
But look, I was number three in my class! - Almost number two! - Wow! You can taste it, yeah? How could it A woman I know visits her daughter every couple of months.
She comes back with two whole suitcases.
Grandma, what is it? Taste the rice again.
Will you look at that! Nobody of his age knows the difference any more.
This is rice grown in our country.
- How do you know? - It's nuttier.
A bit sweeter, and a little harder to chew.
In the day, white rice became a luxury for us.
We were the ones who grew it, then they come and take it.
And now we eat white rice with every meal, but barely even notice it any more.
And you think that's a good thing? When I first arrived here we had so little money.
We were in Osaka then as well.
Near the train station, where food stalls are, I remember I'd go strolling, trying to imagine what each dish tasted like.
And after a while, I guess I got good at it.
Each smell would actually get my mouth watering.
Like the first time I smelled coffee.
I thought it was the most wonderful smell that ever existed.
My first taste of it came years later Yuck! I know! It tasted so bitter! Yes! You know! Not at all what I imagined it would taste like.
But nowadays, I don't even get hungry.
I eat when it's time.
I no longer make my own kimchi.
I buy it in jars for 300 yen.
I would've had to sell my whole cart in order to make 300 yen This rice evokes memories.
Memories of my mother.
And of my wedding day.
Grandma, what is it? Grandma? I'm just I'm being so silly.
I'm sorry.
Coming was a mistake Her tears mustn't be disrespected.
She has earned this right to cry.
I know you do not know me But don't be worried.
I'll do my best to care for you.
Have you returned home? Two times, I returned.
In the '70s, I went back, and recently I went back.
And you? We had no money to go back at first.
Then later, it was time I couldn't spare.
Now there's no point to it.
According to what they say, it's all gone, isn't it? Yes, much has changed, it's true.
Still, just the smell of familiar food The sound of your own language The ground beneath your feet feels different.
It's palpable, you close your eyes and then inside, you just realize that this land is in your blood, it's home to you.
That's the reason for us to go.
I lost my I lost my sister-in-law.
It's only been a few days.
She really was such a good person.
She yearned for so much more, yet she always tried to put our interests above hers.
My sister-in-law My sister-in-law If only she could have gone back once more.
How much joy it would've brought her.
And now Now it's too late.
It's not too late for you.
Am I right? You.
You're not even curious about your land.
You thought if you brought your grandmother, I'd be convinced that I should sell? Yes.
You really are shameless, aren't you? How can you even sleep at night? I'm not attempting to steal from you.
We're not taking advantage.
We're offering a fortune.
But instead of being grateful, you act like everyone's trying to cause you some injustice.
Times have changed.
Now they're the ones who are accountable to us.
I ask you Do you really believe that? Yes.
Mother His fever finally broke.
We should make porridge.
Mother I must speak with you.
What? Who did this? Tell me his name! Tell me.
You need to say if he forced you.
Did he? No, he didn't.
- That's not how it was - Then what are you protecting him for? What kind of coward does this and refuses to own up to it? It is all my fault, thinking you were such a sensible girl.
Really? How could you be so stupid? Mother I'm so sorry.
You know what this means for you now.
For your child.
Do you know? Sunja Tell me, is there no way to get him to marry you now? It's done, Mother.
It's over.
He's gone.
I was such a fool.
I see it now.
That woman wants to die in that house.
Couldn't you see that? Her children would benefit from that money.
You said so yourself.
So In the end, is that really our lot? To constantly sacrifice for our children? And when does it all stop? At our death? Or what? What is it you want me to do? I need you to be very clear.
Couldn't you get to the top of the world without making so much trouble for that woman? No, I can't.
That's the job I do.
That's how I put food on the table.
I'm so sorry that I can't be more like your beloved Pastor Rhee.
What in the world does that have to do with it? I once knew someone like him.
There's a likeness.
But that's all it is.
I should go or I'll miss the train.
I'll walk you there.
I know you're good and honest at heart.
I brought you up and I did it well.
Stop pecking at your rice! You know very well it's bad luck.
What is this? Did someone die or what? What is going on? What? Eat.
Solomon Baek.
I just got a call from her lawyers an hour ago.
You did it.
Using your grandmother! That's brilliant.
Okay, everybody.
Naomi, Arimoto, you too.
We're going to celebrate.
Château Budweisers for everyone! Congratulations.
Thank you.
I admit, I didn't think you had a chance.
I misjudged you.
Tom is calling for us.
Shall we go? I'll be right there.
Hello? Hello? Be good and tell me you missed me.
- Or at least lie well.
- I've been waiting for you to call.
No, you haven't.
I called four times today.
I went home for a few days.
What is that? Is that a party there? Solomon! I closed an important deal.
We're celebrating.
Of course you did.
So it seems sending you off to America was the right choice after all.
I suppose your wish came true.
But do you ever wonder about all that's been lost? You're supposed to be happy for me.
I refuse.
At least I'm honest about it.
No doubt there are those who hate you for your success.
When will I see you? Perhaps you never will.
You haven't changed.
It's pathetic, you and these games.
You're wrong.
I've changed so much.
Are you sick? Hana! Ma'am? Ma'am? How are you feeling now? Alive, thanks to you.
Our pharmacist said you're healing well.
Relieved to hear it.
My parents will be happy to hear it as well.
- Yes, sure.
- I I need to go to town and send them a wire.
I'll find a boy to take the message.
I'd like to go myself.
Err Try out these legs of mine.
You shouldn't be overdoing it.
I need to get stronger before I go to Osaka.
Do you have to go? I know there's a church waiting for you.
What if you died there? You'd be so far from home.
Several times, I have come close to death.
I know it well.
So death doesn't scare me at all.
Being alive, on the other hand that's the hard part for me.
Uh All right.
At least let my daughter go with you.
- I don't wish to trouble anyone.
- Please, I can't let you go alone.
Just a moment.
I'll fetch her.
Sunja! I'm sorry to burden you and your mother.
Let me take you to lunch.
Oh, it's no trouble at all.
Perhaps there's something at the market.
There's a noodle shop which they say is supposed to be all right.
It's not too far from here.
Oh Well, that sounds just wonderful.
Then we can send my cable after lunch.
I told you about this.
Get rid of them.
Yes, all right.
Right away.
What's this? Write it down.
I've heard so much about this market.
It's magnificent.
And it's so big too.
Please, we should go.
Enough of this - Solomon! - No, hey Apologies, he will have to call you back.
Don't hang up I am your fucking boss.
Get out here and celebrate.
Cheers! That is What's going on? What are you doing here so late? She just wanted to go back there, to breathe the air of home once more.
All right, slow down.
What's this about? It's about your aunt.
I can't bury her ashes here.
I want to take her back to her land.
And I want to go back, back to my home.
I've never been to a restaurant before.
That was quick! We don't want our customers waiting.
Where did you learn to speak Japanese like that? Ah I had a private tutor as a child.
We became friends too.
I saw all your books.
You must know so many things.
I'm not so sure about that.
The older I get, the more I see how much I don't know.
Actually, if I'm being honest, I feel pretty stupid most of the time.
Uh May I pray with you? Father, thank you for the bounty in which we're about to partake.
And thank you for watching over us.
We pray you show us the right path to guide us and protect us.
In the name of Your son, Jesus Christ.
Sunja, you can open your eyes now.
It's good.
Sunja, I don't want to be disingenuous any longer.
I know you are with child.
I have no intention of castigating you.
I only I only bring it up because you might need to have someone you can call your friend about now.
Anyway, if I may The child.
Have you thought of offering the child to another family? Perhaps a childless couple.
I know it is difficult, but What is the purpose of this talk? Alone, raising a child.
Think about what the repercussions I have no illusions about my fate.
I know very well that my child and I will always be outcasts.
I'll have to leave my home so that my mother won't be ruined as well.
Of all this, I'm aware.
And yet I I also know that I was once loved by an outcast.
He was my father.
It's strange how much I am thinking of him now.
They all told him that getting married and having a family was out of the question.
Yet, you see I exist.
I'm here even though I shouldn't be.
And now And now my child will be here as well.
Even though he shouldn't be.
But he will be loved.
And maybe I'll have to sacrifice my health, continue to work on an empty stomach, until all my fingernails break.
But my child will be taken care of no matter what.
That's my promise to him.
My father made the same promise to me when I was born.
So, no.
I I will not give up my child.
I'm sorry, Sunja.
I was wrong about you.
I have been sick for so much of my life.
All there is to learn from books, I know.
But I hardly know anything about people.
Hearing you speak just now I am ashamed.
That was not my intention.
Sunja, I am grateful to you.
Grateful? And him Can you forget this man? I certainly hope I can.
If so If that happens, could you care for another? It doesn't matter anymore, does it? No one would take me now.
But if it were possible If somebody were to ask Could you leave your home for some faraway land If someone asked you to turn the page Could you? You must understand that I'm with someone else's child, I know.
I understand.
And I am asking you whether Perhaps Given enough time, could you care for somebody new?
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