Pachinko (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Chapter Four

1 Are you certain? Yes, sir, it'll cost the same as a new one.
Mr Koh! Your timing is perfect.
Your new suit is ready.
Excuse me for a moment.
You can serve me after the pastor.
Don't worry, I'm not in a rush.
I didn't realize it was so obvious.
Do I really look like that much of a pastor? I make it my business to know what happens around here.
When a traveler arrives with an illness, that draws my attention.
I am better now.
No need for you to be concerned.
I'm glad to hear it.
Your suit doesn't really fit you.
So it would seem.
It was my older brother's before he died.
Was his death from the same illness? No.
My brother, Samoel he was never sick a day in his life.
The Independence Movement I was only a child then.
He was among those taken.
And we never saw him again.
He was a martyr, then? I just saw him as my brother.
It's important how a man presents himself to the world.
Those first impressions, they follow you.
I know from experience.
How does the world see me, in your experience? Someone who's not important.
Why wear clothes that don't fit properly? Holding on to the past like that, it looks pathetic.
Are you sure this conversation is still about the suit? Get a new one, Pastor.
I'll buy it for you.
There's no need to be concerned.
I can pay for the suit myself.
I apologize for the wait.
I wanted to check the stitchings once more.
Please make sure it fits properly.
Kinoshita, I've decided to get a new suit.
I'll need it right away.
So I can wear it at my wedding.
Oh, that is wonderful news.
Congratulations! I will make sure it lasts for many years to come.
And will you re-hem this one as well.
- Hmm.
- It doesn't really fit me, but who knows My son may grow into it one day.
A wise man.
I'll have the suit for your wedding ready first.
How is three days? - I'll come back then.
- Thank you.
Do you understand the consequences this will have? To not be married and carry a child, this is a serious blight.
But then, to claim this child as yours? I have prayed about it and I've given this matter much thought.
Pastor Shin, these women risked their lives to save mine.
I would appreciate you not doubting me.
Rise, child.
Look at me.
You have put a scourge not only upon this child, yourself and your family, but also this man's good name.
Do you understand? Pastor, is this absolutely necessary? Trust me, saying this gives me no pleasure, but the times we live in are unforgiving and cruel.
Even good, well-meaning people can find themselves preying upon the weakness of others.
Do you comprehend the nature of your sin? Forgive me.
Forgive you? You should know that I cannot do that.
It is to God you should direct your prayers.
Now I hear that you have come from a family of non-believers, so I must ask: Can you commit your mind and body to the Lord now? I can.
Join together and come closer.
Dear Heavenly Father, I ask you today to bless this union between these two people.
I pray that they may, through your mercy, seize upon this opportunity and redemption.
And teach them that the spiritual ties that bind them together as husband and wife must remain impregnable.
Show them how to live with care and respect for you and for each other.
May a true, deep love blossom.
And may your will be done.
In Jesus's name we pray.
Hello, sir.
It's nice to see you.
That boarding house of yours must keep you very busy.
It's been a long time.
It really has.
Honestly, I barely can remember my way around.
It's been so long since I've been to the market.
Well then those boarders of yours are really getting their money's worth.
Last week your daughter bought two sacks of barley.
How surprising it's all gone.
How much do you need? I'm here for white rice, please.
- Hmm? - I'm not asking for much.
Erm Just two bowls, please.
I can pay more if I have to.
You are aware I can't sell that rice to just anyone.
If an official came here to my store and there wasn't enough for the Japanese customers, I would be in a heap of trouble.
My other grains are of the highest quality.
It's for my daughter who was married today.
Sunja? Oh, my! Really? - Yes.
- Why didn't you say something before? That is a such a relief.
He is a really good man.
We are grateful and very fortunate.
How wonderful.
In that case, some millet came in earlier.
I'll give it to you for the same price as the barley.
Very soon now, Sunja is going to follow her husband to Japan.
I don't have much to offer when it comes to a dowry.
But a taste of her mother country before she leaves her home.
It would mean so much to give her that.
Three bowls.
Thank you.
Perhaps the taste of it will help swallow some of your sorrow.
Shall we say grace? Almighty Father, please bless this bountiful feast, grant us protection, watch over this house and the good people who dwell here.
In their times of need, be a comfort to them all.
In the name of Jesus Christ.
It will be hard getting by without your mother's cooking.
I suppose it is how you came to be so strong, Sunja.
What about your sister-in-law's cooking? Oh It's strange, I can't really imagine Kyunghee cooking anything.
Her family was once very wealthy.
Jang says, in America, people don't even ask their elders for permission to marry.
Can you imagine such a thing? For us, I guess our suitors would have to ask Sunja's mother, since we're orphans.
I wish I could have some rice cakes on my wedding day.
Who'd eat them with you? You, of course.
And I'd have Bokhee there too.
And your mother, the Chung Brothers, The mean one's invited too.
He's just quiet with everyone.
He's such a miserable old man.
He gave me this terrible look yesterday.
All I did was drop his pipe.
It's not like anything happened to it, and poor me burst into tears.
But it wouldn't be right to invite two other brothers and not him.
And Pharmacist Chu, right? He has a nice disposition.
Enough of this ridiculous talk! When will you see the truth? When will it enter your feeble brain? You and I have no family.
We have no name or dowry.
There's only one option for us.
Taking a man who's just as penniless.
And then what? We won't be able to live together.
And if we were mothers, those children are born into the same tragic poverty.
So what would be the point? Why even bother with marriage, when we aren't entitled to its benefits? That's how it is for us.
It will always be that way.
Always and forever.
With no signs of slowing, the Nikkei continues to rise.
At the close of yesterday's market, the index nearly reached 33,000.
This has led some influential analysts to predict the market could surge to 45,000 by the year's end, further fueling speculation that Japan will overtake the United States as the world's richest nation.
You're early.
I suppose it's not just me who is eager to close this deal.
I suppose we are.
You don't like me.
Is that a problem? You will be leaving, isn't that so? Is that how you felt about Tom when he first arrived? That he didn't belong here? Or did the affair just begin right away? Well, I don't care what the two of you do.
Just like I don't care if you and everyone else here is jealous of me.
All that matters is that she signs the deal.
Mr Baek, how many copies of the contract do we need? I wrote it down on the memo.
Please read it.
Do you know how he came to be at Shiffley's? No.
Why's that important? Before Shiffley's, Arimoto was with the top bank in the country.
But over the years, Arimoto saw his fellow colleagues rise, while he was left behind.
His superiors warned that he was not contributing to his team.
They tried shaming him through rigorous training to do better.
But he was unable to meet his superiors' expectations.
I heard he was let go shortly afterwards.
Your father, he's in the pachinko business, no? So? You didn't grow up living under the shadows of the Japanese company.
You don't understand that for a salaryman, the company is your family, sometimes even more so than your own flesh and blood.
When I was a girl, I would record the number of minutes I saw my father each day.
If they added up to more than an hour, I would consider that to be better than an average week.
So now you understand.
Arimoto wasn't just fired he was disowned by his family.
And after that, no other major corporation would have him.
That's how he came to be with us.
That makes no sense.
Shiffley's is a top firm.
In America, perhaps.
But here, this is the graveyard where people like the Arimotos go.
Why are you here then? You're from a good school, a good family.
Yes, because of that, I was sought after by all the top banks in the country.
But against my parents' wishes, I chose Shiffley's.
You see, as a woman, it helps to be surrounded by those less accomplished.
Here, I can rise.
What will your mother do without you? Oh, dear No.
Keep it.
It's a parting gift.
Ma'am, no Rush home now.
Better hurry! Is something wrong? Go with him.
Leave us.
Why am I here? You know I can't be seen alone in a room with you.
Do you feel safe now? You really did it, didn't you? You married that fool.
Following romantic illusions, not a clue how this world truly runs.
Yes, I met him.
Why have you brought me here? To tell you not to deceive yourself.
Do you think he married you because he's a saint? That's not what I saw.
The pastor is a sickly man looking for a vulnerable woman.
He had no other choice.
How can you speak of him like that? He is my husband now.
He did what you failed to do.
I offered you a great deal more than that, Sunja.
You offered a life of shame and nothing more.
I have heard whispers of who you are and what you do over there.
It makes me sick to my stomach.
And those whispers, do they mention what's in store for you? You told me Japan has everything.
Sure, if you have money.
If you don't I have seen and lived what it is like for people like us over there.
And I'm telling you, you will suffer.
And our son will as well.
Sunja Can you really forget about us? About me? Even with your so-called marriage, your thoughts will always return to me.
Don't go.
That is my blood you carry.
Not anymore.
This child is mine.
Not yours.
You stupid girl! You're as much of a fool as your husband.
Go ahead.
Go to Osaka.
From there, you will call me and beg me to save you.
I won't even remember your name.
How will we go on without you? Who'll give me a look when I ask for more Donghee and Bokhee will still be here.
Don't worry yourself.
That's just it! Those two make fun of me.
I'm their entertainment.
A parting gift, from me and my brothers.
Our pleasure.
Thank you.
I can't take it.
I thought I could handle it, but I can't.
I just can't bear it that you're leaving.
You must stay strong.
There now.
You have to do something for me.
Promise that you will, OK? My mother Will you look after her? Thank you.
- Don't cry.
The man who made them, he said that when ducks mate, that they stay forever for life.
It's too much, Bokhee.
You have to return this.
Build yourself a good life over there.
Understand? This is just so difficult.
But it is a fresh start for you.
And you can't squander it, you hear? If you don't stop, they're never going to let you go.
Mother, let me take those.
Forget that.
You just lead the way.
- Please - Enough! Stop it.
Go! - Mom? - Huh? Do you really want to go? What are you saying? We paid for the tickets already.
Now stop We've been expecting you.
This way, please.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Tom Andrews, Shiffley Bank.
I'm Abe from Waei Enterprises.
Grandmother, it is good to see you again.
Enough! Let's just get on with it.
It would be much easier to wait here.
I just have to get our papers approved.
They say she's a famous singer.
She's so beautiful.
Wait! Oh.
I appreciate it.
Someone very dear to me gave me this.
When is your child due? Two months, we think.
Oh? But you are leaving your home? I've just I've just recently been married.
Ah, I understand.
Well, then tonight, I'll be sure to sing for us all.
I wish you safe travels.
We welcome you as our distinguished guests today.
As the Americans have warmly welcomed the Japanese on US soil, we now feel the same generous spirit here.
And I'm certain, when the hotel opens, we can convince Colton Hotels to throw in a suite for the weekend.
Now then, let's get started.
As we've already received your consent to the agreement Excuse me.
We have ten copies of the agreement here for signature.
Excuse me.
Please sign where there is a highlighted mark.
Excuse me.
It's the same contract we walked through.
You haven't even looked at it.
How can you be so sure? You cannot afford to make a mistake.
That is especially true over there, yes? As a wife, as a mother, your conduct has to be absolutely flawless, understand? I understand.
Don't forget, you have to be good to your in-laws at all times.
Even if they are unfair to you or cruel.
You must be patient.
And be grateful, you hear me? It is no easy task feeding an extra mouth And Sunja even though you are with child, and it may not feel good, your husband has physical needs you must attend to.
The pastor is a man first.
But even good men have been known to take comfort from other women.
I often wonder how you got pregnant in the first place.
You should already know these things.
A long time ago, your father's mother gave me these After she was sure I wouldn't run away from him in the middle of the night.
Hide them in a safe place.
Don't even tell your husband, you hear? It's important for a woman to have money hidden away.
Men have options that us women don't, so we have to be prepared.
No, you must hang onto those.
I have this.
Where did you get that? Is it from the father? Is this from him? What kind of person He I suppose that doesn't matter now.
You must forget about him now.
All right? Yes, I know that.
Your father would want you to have them.
His little dreamer.
He would've given you the world if he could.
Here I was, wanting you to plant your roots firmly in the ground, and meanwhile, your father hoped you would fly.
There will be many difficult days ahead of you.
I don't know when we will see each other again.
It might be many years from now.
There, there now.
Yes, my dear, pour your tears here.
I don't want any of them falling there.
- My daughter.
- They've started boarding.
Mother! Mother! I feel sick.
Mother, you're keeping all these important people waiting.
Look at how many of them there are.
They must have other appointments as well.
You won.
Today you'll secure a fortune for future generations.
Thanks to you, they'll never worry about money again.
Well that sounds more like a curse.
Do you know what my grandmother is doing today? She's returning to Korea for the first time.
Fifty years ago, she came here with nothing.
Only today, she's flying back in First Class.
That change means something.
Look at these lowlifes! Great! Now the whole ship stinks of their shit.
How pathetic! Come on! I should go somewhere else.
Wait here.
I'll get you some water.
Don't leave me.
No! Please don't go.
Don't leave me.
I'll be right back, OK? I hope you enjoy my repertoire tonight.
Where can I find water? Who are all of you? Why are you crowded in here? We work in the mines.
Travel is paid for by the company.
What about the women and children? Where are your families? They say if we work hard, they'll pay for our families to join us.
My father was the first one to come.
Me and my mother, we followed a few years later.
Madam, is this He came over to work the mines in Chikuho.
The conditions were terrible.
So bad that he and the 400 other Korean miners decided to strike.
What's going on? But, they lasted 20 days before they were all fired.
Back then, no one wanted to rent to us Koreans.
They said we were too dirty, too loud.
They were right.
We were too dirty.
We were too loud.
Because we had to crowd two, three families into one room so as to afford the jacked-up rents.
That's all behind us now.
If you really believe that, then you're a bigger idiot than I thought.
They called us cockroaches.
Said we should be pounded into the cement Just think about that.
They're talking about you.
Han I'm leaving Here I go I'm joining my lover What is this singing? I'm leaving - Do you hear that? - That's our music.
Come now! Drag her off the stage! - What is this? - Where are the guards? Get her down immediately! Make her stop! Where are the guards? Now tell me the truth.
If Sunja was here, sitting in this room, staring at the pompous faces surrounding us, describing what's happened before, and every drop of blood inside her was opposed to signing this document, what would you say? What's going on? Speak Japanese! Would you still tell her to sign? I'm joining my lover Oh, what a relief I'm falling apart Overwhelmed by tears Don't do it.
That's what I would tell her.
Refuse the offer.
What's going on? I don't hear her singing.
What is going on here? What's happening? Where's she going? The signing was just protocol.
- What just happened? - Goddamn it.
She already agreed to the contract! What the fuck was that, Solomon? What did you say to her? Now you're not gonna talk to me? Why couldn't you shut up ten minutes ago, Solomon? That was so fucked.
Fuck you, "defy gravity".
Three fucking years, man! Jesus Yeah I warned everyone of this.
To bring someone like him into this It was reckless.
Worse, it was dangerous.
He should never have been trusted! He made a fool of us! You fucked me, Solomon Baek.
Fucking embarrassment.
Wait! Stop here.
Why are we stopping? We're not at the hotel.
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