Pachinko (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Chapter Five

1 Sunja? Sunja? Sunja? We're here.
I know it's been a difficult journey, but we'll be at my brother's soon.
- Isak! - Brother! Yoseb! How did you get so tall? You were just a runt when I left.
I guess you stole those inches from me! I did pray very hard for it.
Brother, this is my wife, Sunja.
I must admit, Kyunghee and I were surprised by the news.
And already with child.
We've been blessed.
That's how we see it.
So how are you feeling, Sunja? I'm relieved to be on land again.
And grateful to be welcomed to your home No need.
We're family now.
But we should go.
If I don't get you home soon, Kyunghee will be furious with me.
I'll carry them.
Let's go.
Wow, look at this place! Here comes our street car.
Are you still with the factory? Better to speak Japanese in public.
I'm the foreman at the biscuit factory now.
My boss trusts me.
Hey, look at that! They're building a subway now.
Tokyo just opened its first line a few years ago, so Osaka will have the second one in all of Asia.
It'll change everything.
But it feels like we've already leaped into the future.
Look at that! I was only seven, but I could catch bigger abalones than these.
My goodness! And look how expensive they are! My father would come to watch me dive for them.
I'll take two.
- Not for me.
- Who said I was giving you one? I'm not even hungry after that breakfast buffet at the hotel, but how can I resist? Of course I have to eat this.
Ma I told you the buffet is included with the room, right? It's called sunk cost.
Only people who grew up rich think stupid things like that.
Come now.
Let's go spread your aunt's ashes.
Mom, wait up! Come on! Keep up now! Stay right behind me! Yoseb What is this place? This is Ikaino.
Our neighborhood.
Listen carefully, Isak.
There are still spies around.
Even in the church, I imagine.
You can't ever let your guard down, understand? Look at what I'm doing, scaring you on your first night.
You can't imagine how dire that first year was for us here.
Look around you, and you can see why.
Bellies are hungry, but there's no work.
They're desperate.
You know how many times our house has been broken into? Whenever we go to the police, they do nothing.
They don't care about the Koreans here.
But I suppose, when you consider everything, we're still the fortunate ones.
Hey! Scram! Go now! I told you not to let your pigs run around like this! Shit! We're home! Kyunghee! Following the First Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese War, Manchuria and Mongolia have become a lifeline for our country.
Isak! Oh, look at you.
And you haven't changed at all.
Haven't changed? I'm an old lady now.
It's Sunja, isn't it? You must be tired after the long journey.
How are you feeling? I'm fine.
Please don't trouble yourself.
But you're hungry, right? Sit down.
Today, you just eat.
I got a special treat to mark the occasion.
You came! I see that look.
Guess you already heard? Just happy you're here.
Let me introduce my fiancée.
Meet Solomon, my classmate from the international school.
Ah! The one who conquered America.
How do you find Tokyo after all this time? A city with too much money but no time to spend it.
The best.
See? He always charmed the girls.
So it was a mystery why he was always stuck on that one girl.
The intense one - Hana.
- Yes, Hana.
Whatever happened to her? She disappeared.
If that's the kind of girl you want, you know where to find them.
Kumiko's alone again.
I told you not to invite her.
She just wants your attention.
Her older sister, she's the reason we had to delay our engagement party.
Her parents wanted to marry her off first, but no takers.
So, what's the situation? Mr.
Abe is blackballing you from every bank in Tokyo.
Who cares? I'm going back to New York anyway.
You sure about that? What do you know? No, it's nothing.
But Tom Andrews, I wouldn't put too much faith in him.
He's busy atoning for his own sins.
Financial irregularities, clients' assets No way.
He's not the type.
Could be why New York shipped him off to Tokyo.
To hush things up.
Whatever happened, he can't afford to damage his career any more.
So you think he'll cut me loose? Well, wouldn't you? I'll do my best to defend your reputation.
But really, I don't get why you would do such a thing.
Neither do I.
I need to greet the other guests, but I'll see you in a bit.
Hey, what did you mean before, when you said I should know where to find Hana? Where should I look? For that sort of thing, I'd guess the Yoshiwara area, by the Uguisudani stop.
What was he thinking? You're speaking too loud.
How could he marry a girl like that? She's still very young.
She needs time to settle.
Were we any older when we came? We were the same age.
Yes, and we were miserable then.
Don't you remember? I'm not just talking about that.
She's further along than I expected.
You see that too, don't you? And Isak, he's susceptible to idealistic leanings.
A girl like that she might have even planned to trap him.
Yoseb! We've taken in someone we know nothing about.
Doesn't that worry you? It seems I disappoint them.
I promise they'll come around.
Don't worry.
But this place I feel like it wants no part of us.
I feel that as well.
For so long now, I've wanted to leave home.
Now that I've done it Sunja, I worry you'll come to resent me.
Resent you? How could I resent the one who saved me? I don't want this debt between us.
You owe me nothing.
You said it yourself.
My prospects were quite bleak But you are not afraid to meet them.
You're wrong.
I was so terribly scared.
You really don't see it.
Do you? You are a reservoir of courage.
Such that I can siphon off my own dose of fortitude and still leave you with a bounty.
And this child the one I will give my name to he will save me.
I won't allow death to take me.
So no matter what my brother or sister-in-law believe, they're simply wrong.
I'm the one who must not be a burden to you.
You're nervous too.
You know, I saw you that day, dancing in the plaza.
You were there? Where did that come from? Who knows.
When I left that conference room, I really wanted to sink into that ground.
But when I got outside and I heard that music It's hard to describe.
I really felt I could fly away.
I was on top of the world.
But you didn't fly away.
I guess gravity won.
Perhaps there was another reason? Perhaps Hana? The office walls are thin.
You heard all that? I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to eavesdrop.
But I must confess, I was curious.
She must mean a lot to you.
She did, but I haven't seen her in years.
Honestly, I was starting to forget about her.
But then she called after all this time.
It wouldn't affect you so much if something wasn't still there.
From the first time we met, she's been stuck in my heart.
I was 14.
She was the daughter of my father's girlfriend.
Strange circumstances, I know.
But maybe that was part of the appeal.
Some people just have that power to consume you.
Hana had that power.
Why did the two of you split? I left for America.
Not too long after that she ran away from home.
You can try to find her.
I'm not sure I want to do that.
I don't think she's going to like who I've become.
Well, Mr.
Baek, you like complicated women.
Like that landowner.
Why bring that up? No amount of money was going to make her sell.
Do you think that was her plan all along? What plan? To humiliate you.
When you think about it, it's obvious.
Naomi, it really is unfortunate to be born a woman, especially in this country.
Being married to a job that doesn't even want you is that what you call winning? It will be interesting to see what your future holds.
I'm sorry.
I slept in again.
If the baby is to grow strong, the mother needs her sleep.
Please, let me hang the wash.
Try not to strain yourself.
I didn't even hear Isak leave this morning.
He's getting up earlier and earlier.
The work at the church seems to suit him.
What is it? Are you in pain? The smell You washed it all away.
It's been a few weeks, and they were smelling so terribly.
Oh, I didn't realize It was the only thing that I had left.
Just a little while I just needed it for a little while longer.
Oh, Sunja.
When does it go away? This ache when does it finally stop? It doesn't.
But eventually, you will learn to endure it.
I promise you.
You're sure this is it? This is where your father is buried? What do you mean? How can I forget where I buried my father? I know it was here.
Then they moved his grave when they built this parking lot.
Ma I'm sure it was done right.
We'll find it.
Don't worry.
I'm sorry.
I know nothing of this.
You'll have to speak to my husband.
He's not in.
We've already spoken to your husband.
But since he doesn't have the money, it's up to the family to pay off the 160-yen debt.
That seal It's your husband's, is it not? It is.
We don't want to be a hassle for you.
Give us a 20 if you have it.
Our boss, he'll be satisfied with that for the week.
160 yen That's the entire amount? I'll handle this.
Including the interest, it's now double.
When was the loan taken out? Two months ago.
Said his brother got married.
Needed boat fare.
We'll have the money in a few hours.
- Who do we bring it to? - You don't seem to understand No need to waste your breath.
Tell me where to bring the money.
By the docks, there's an office above the net repair shop.
So will you have the 20 yen then? We can let our boss know? Tell him he'll receive the entire amount.
But Sunja Where did you get a watch like this? My mother passed it on to me, she She wanted me to have something for emergencies.
Kyunghee, it must be paid right away.
We should trust Yoseb to handle this I'm sure that he tried his hardest.
But the payments are just too cumbersome now.
I've seen this happen many times.
Back home, so many farmers who had no choice but to turn to moneylenders after a bad season to buy more seeds or equipment.
- Many even lost their homes - How could he do this? How could he go to such people? I mean, was there any other option? This is my debt.
And I am the one who must pay it.
I'm sorry, can you at least assure me that his grave was moved properly, that he is safe out there somewhere? I understand your concerns, but without the file, I really don't know anything.
Let's start by processing the request for the report.
Your name? I'm Kim Sunja.
My Japanese name is Bando Nobuko.
You're one of those, huh? When did you move over? In 1931.
So do you have Japanese citizenship then? No.
- I'm a permanent resident.
- But you carry a South Korean passport.
We just want to find my grandfather's grave Mom? Mom.
Please calm down.
They'll find him.
How can you say that? So much has changed here.
It's impossible to find the living, let alone someone who died.
Excuse me! I found a note while looking through our files related to relocation requests.
Perhaps you know the name? Shin Bokhee.
Do you know this person? She's my older sister.
We've been looking for her for years.
She'd be 29 now.
Someone shows up here once a week with the same story.
It's not a lie.
That's what they all say.
In any case, I'm sorry, but I can't help you.
Haruki? Solomon? I'll be right there! What do you want? What are you trying to sell me today? Do I look that different? I guess I must, huh? Sunja? Sunja, is that really you? - Yes, it's me.
- Sister! Bokhee, my sister! You came back.
Oh my goodness.
It is certainly a fine piece.
But I'm sorry to say there isn't demand for something like this in this neighborhood.
Young men these days like the ones you wear on your wrist.
I can give you 40 for it.
I'm sorry to bother you.
Good day.
I'd like to help you, especially since you're expecting.
I'd be willing to go up to 50.
Though I'm not sure I'd be able to earn it back.
It's worth at least 300.
It's from Switzerland.
They make the best watches there.
You're not in Switzerland, are you? I understand.
Goodbye, sir.
You're from Busan.
I can tell by your accent.
And your parents? What do they do over there? Just my mother.
She runs her own boardinghouse.
Must be a clever businesswoman.
OK, fine.
225 yen for you.
That is my price.
Kyunghee, what is it? We can't go there.
It wouldn't be respectable.
But the loan isn't paid until we deliver this money.
Can't we just give it to Yoseb? This kind of dirty work belongs to men, not us.
Do you really think he would take this money from me? I'll go, OK? Wait for me at home.
No, come back! If I don't go, what happens then? You just don't understand Before I came here I never even cooked or washed my own clothes.
I never spoke to anyone who my parents didn't know.
Never even handled my own money.
Learning how to do everything, it was so hard, Sunja.
But then I see how you are.
You've only been here a couple of weeks.
I feel foolish.
This morning, you asked me when the ache will go away.
The truth is, I'm scared all the time here.
This constant feeling of being scared how much longer do I have to live with it? Let's be scared together, all right? Perhaps we can find some strength in it.
Do you think so? Yes, I think so.
Move out of the way.
After you left it felt like a huge hole opened in our lives.
Your mother especially, she felt it very deeply.
It was hard for Donghee and me to have to see her like that.
And then the war broke out, and things got even harder.
We were a burden to your mother.
We knew that we were.
But even then, she refused to send us away.
Then one day, Donghee and I were approached by a young man who promised to get us some decent factory work, in Manchuria.
We hated the thought of leaving your mother alone here But how much longer would she have been able to keep us? Besides your leaving, it made us realize just how small and insignificant our lives were here.
Especially Donghee.
She really wanted to see the world.
We came back after the war.
And we found that your mother was gone.
The truth is, I was glad.
I didn't want her to see how much we had changed.
Even though there was so little to come back to, I was glad.
But for Donghee, that happiness faded quickly.
When she knew it wasn't possible to fit back into the shape of the young girl that she once was.
Remember where we used to do laundry? That's where I found her.
You realize that some people live in their dreams.
They are simply not made to endure in such times.
This is where you live? I just ran into him.
This is Solomon.
I've known him since he was a baby.
Please welcome him.
That's Noriko.
Her brother, Takashi.
Such a handsome young man.
Is he a gift for me? He's a little old for you, don't you think? You're right, but I could make an exception for such a good-looking guy.
And this, this is Satoru.
This is Mozasu's son.
I still speak often of your father.
He was my greatest friend, and he saved my life once.
But that's all a long time ago.
This is my home now.
Get me the promissory note.
I'm fine.
Please serve yourselves.
You are our guest.
Thank you.
This is delicious.
What's in it? Just eat your fill.
If it weren't for Bokhee my father would be just one of many in a crowded, unmarked grave.
I don't know how I can ever repay her kindness.
She did all of this all of it, for you.
In the end, I was the lucky one.
But in my heart, it doesn't feel right.
It's not shameful to survive, Mom.
A long time ago, someone once told me "For every step you take forward, "another person would have to fall backward.
" I couldn't believe in that back then.
But now I think to myself perhaps that person was right all along.
I don't I don't know who he was that said that But it doesn't sound right to me.
We can go back home now.
Really? But we still have two more days here.
I can always come back.
I can see that now, and that's good.
When you disappeared, my father mourned for you, as did your wife and brother.
I know I hurt many people.
I didn't mean it like that.
It's only to say, how much you were loved.
That is true but The Haruki they loved was a different man.
The person I am now couldn't exist then.
I may not have much here, but I can be myself.
I'm sorry.
What am I doing? I always felt sorry for you.
You grew up burdened with your family's hopes and dreams.
It must have been impossible.
But then, to feel bad for someone who has so much, that feels wrong somehow.
I just hope we can both be happy.
Sunja Did we do the wrong thing? Now, respectfully, may I ask how did you know she would come to sell the watch? She married a dreamer.
A man weaker than her.
And for that, she'll pay dearly.
310 yen, for your troubles.
FOR SALE BY KUROHANA ENTERPRISES Hello? Tom, listen, I know you're pissed at me, but I think there's something at play with Mamoru Yoshii.
I've been hearing he's selling off a lot of property.
Hey, I'm glad you called.
- I've been meaning to get in touch.
- Why? Shiffley's is letting you go.
Okay? They're getting too much heat from Colton and Abe-san.
You can't let them do this.
Believe it or not, I tried to help you.
T Tom, my visa.
It's sponsored by Shiffley's.
That means I can't go back.
You should contact a lawyer right away, man.
I don't know if there's anything they can do, but they I have to get the other line.
Don't hang up.
Hello, what is it? Solomon, I don't want to die alone.
I don't! Hana, what happened? Hana! You need to come! Come now before it's too late.

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