Pachinko (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Chapter Seven

Father, I'm home.
Eh? Hansu, you're late again.
I had to go across town to deliver a message.
You are a tutor, not an errand boy.
Perhaps it's worth reminding them of this.
This belly's hungry.
Let's go seek our feast for kings.
Let's go.
Hansu! Hansu! So is it true, what your father tells me? You're better at the calculations than he is? I'm surprised he would say such a thing considering he only points out my mistakes.
A sign of a worthy father.
Only idiots praise their children over nothing.
When can you start working for me then? I have many businesses that need looking after.
I've been looking for someone quick on the abacus.
He would be so lucky to work for you, boss but he already has a position as a math tutor for a wealthy American family.
As you know, a job like that is a rare opportunity for the likes of us.
So you're sucking up to the Americans too? The Holmes family is good to me.
Of course they are.
It's easy to be good when it costs you nothing.
What a waste.
Your Japanese It's much improved.
But you'll have to work harder if you really want to be one of us.
Genta, you've gotten better.
Let's go.
Ah! It's a nice day, huh? I'm so hungry.
Wow, look at that.
You play the fool people say you are.
If you want to succeed in life, you must apply yourself.
Ask your father.
I'd rather not take that dose of abject misery if I don't have to.
Misery already? Couldn't it at least wait until cocktail hour? I'm better angled at receiving misery then.
You tease me, but I have true angst, Mother.
Oh, really? And what is that angst, my son? Are you deprived of nourishment? In perilous need of shelter? Perhaps suffering from some bodily ailment that knows no cure? - Shall I fetch the doctor? - I hate when you do this.
Ah, but I must.
Please let the cook know dinner must be served at 9:00.
We have important guests tonight.
All must be well.
"Essays on the Theory of Numbers.
" Hansu, do you really understand all this? I believe so.
Call me smitten.
But Mother, I have a thought.
Why don't we bring Hansu with us? What a boon he would be for me at Yale next year.
Otherwise, I would fail.
You know I would.
That's an idea.
She'll talk to Father.
Speaking of Father Hansu, run along and deliver this to him, will you? I should be off.
But you, push away those dark clouds.
Try, will you? I don't understand this balking.
You're talking about a substantial amount of capital invested into a country that isn't even ours.
Hell, I wonder if they even want us here, or our money.
What does it matter? As long as we're the ones making the fortune.
But for how long? Yokohama may embrace our world, but the rest of this nation? They had a chance to steel themselves against us.
And now, really, once a country's been pried open, how can it possibly go back? I'm telling you, don't be that fool raging against the change of progress.
Because you know what happens to people like that? We're the ones that end up with all the money in the bank.
Well Ah, look here.
Who's this young fellow who has so graciously come to save me? Another message.
Message received.
Now, tell me.
How is that son of mine faring these days? He tries his best, sir.
So, still unimpressive then.
Enjoy your evening.
Good mind, that one.
It'll be interesting to see what comes of him.
Do you think we're cursed to never have a great player of our own? Don't insult that brain of yours with such ridiculous thoughts.
Remember, you're not one of them.
But the Americans, why are they good at so many things? You only need to be good at one thing.
Just one.
But whatever it is, you make sure you're the very best.
Is that the abacus for you? That's just the tool.
No, I'm good at making money for other people.
Then can't you make some money for the two of us? What did I say? A person only needs to be good at one thing.
Well, what would you say I should be good at? Do you really think you're going to get to pick? Mostly, you won't have a choice what that one thing is.
- Here.
- You first, Father.
Come on! Eat! And when you were my age, did you know? I thought I was going to be a fisherman like my father.
That's how it was then.
But you you're not going to be a fisherman.
For you, no back rooms, no betting slips, no cleaning up blood off the floor.
Whatever your thing is, it's going to get us out of that boxing hall.
I think they're going to ask me to go to America with them.
To Yale.
They'll pay for your schooling? Hm, hm.
Not for me, for Andrew.
That loser son of theirs? If it weren't for his privilege, he'd be swallowed whole by this world.
Instead, it's my son who must shoulder that inadequacy.
But, Father They say that even people like us can rise in America.
"People like us.
" By wagering our hopes and dreams against us, that's exactly how they end up fooling us.
But even with that, I want you to take that bet.
You're going to America.
What about you? What about me? You're always saying we're a team.
That we'll always be together.
Maybe it's time for us to shift our perspective.
Why stay buried in the ground when you can soar up instead? It's time to look higher.
You have a real chance to do things that I never could.
In the night sky, there are two stars.
And they may look close to one another, but in truth, they are far apart.
A distance we cannot possibly fathom.
But even so, from down here, they look inseparable.
Don't they? A toast.
What the hell is this? I've never done this before.
I swear.
I borrowed a little money.
I was going to return it as soon as I got paid.
I needed the money right away, otherwise, I would've asked you.
I'm so ashamed.
Please, give me a few hours.
I'll get the money.
You know what'll happen if you run.
But where would I go? I have a son.
I would never allow him to see me run away.
You have until the noon bell rings.
Yes, by noon.
I promise.
I warned you that girl was trouble.
Father! How much money was it? Two hundred.
But you heard me.
I was going to pay it back.
But you stole that money! No.
She begged me.
What could I do? You tell her you're not going to do it! It's all so simple to you, isn't it, Hansu? Because you've never been with a woman.
But one day, you will fall in love, and you will lose yourself to her.
I'd never do that.
Not what you did.
I'm sorry to have caused you so much trouble.
But I didn't think you'd go that far.
You know I am a poor man.
Well What's done is done.
But I must return the money right away.
How much is left? Can you return what you bought? It wasn't for me.
The money was for a friend.
You loaned the money? No.
I will never see that money again.
He's That's just who he is.
You are the smartest man I know, and yet I'll go and see Mr.
No, son.
If I tell him the situation, I know he'll loan me the money.
And if he decides not to take you to America then? Who cares about that now? Don't you understand how dangerous a man Ryochi is? You're going.
That's final.
- I won't.
- You ingrate! After all I sacrificed for you, you dare disobey me? Father.
In your eyes, I see the reflection of a ridiculous man.
That's not how I see you.
Go! Go! I want you to get on that ship and get the hell out of this wretched place! No! I won't go! Listen! Go.
Don't ever come back.
Never! I refuse.
I'm not going to leave you behind.
I never want to see you again! You're on your own! Get out of here! Go! Father From now on, you must kill me in your heart.
You will be better for it.
It is the only way.
You don't want to see this.
I'll work here until the debt is paid.
This doesn't involve him.
Please let him go.
I'll work as many hours as it takes.
I don't even need to be paid.
But my son must not be part of this.
What do you think happens when people hear you stole from me and I did nothing? In this world, how you are seen is everything.
And this kind of shame follows you.
I don't care about me.
All I think about is my son.
The family he tutors for is taking him to America.
If you tell me to die, I'll die! But he'll never get this chance again.
Please, leave him be.
This debt must be mine to pay.
Boss! Father Get up, Father.
A father's love is a noble thing.
I'm a father myself.
But the man at the top needs to maintain order, even if it's just an illusion.
I believe generosity can be more powerful.
And let's see how far you get with that generosity, kid.
What the Get out of here! Hansu, run! Hansu! Hansu! Hansu! Hansu! Hansu! Snap out of it! Move! Get to higher ground! There may be more aftershocks.
Run! This way! We'll have to wait it out.
Would you really have done it? Would you have killed my father? For the sake of his honor, he had a debt to pay.
But the death he got Since coming here, I've had to watch my father endure so many humiliations.
And for me to just leave him like that I know your father had to swallow his pride to work for me.
So don't go wasting that sacrifice of his.
You know what you must do.
Follow that Yankee family of yours, you hear me? And forget all this, even him.
I don't know what to do.
He's my father.
- He's all I ever had - Stand up! Take a good look! You're not the only one suffering today.
Today, there are countless new orphans.
But in times like these, a man forges his destiny.
There will be those who suffer and move on.
And those who can only wallow in their miseries.
Don't be one of those fools.
I'm going to find my family.
You get moving.
Go grab that new life.
Hansu? Andrew.
Look at you.
My God.
Where's your father? Oh, Hansu.
That's terrible.
You're still coming with us, aren't you? You must know, we won't be coming back.
I want to go.
Please finish loading all this.
Oh, and, Andrew, the silver candelabrum.
It's in the, uh, butler's pantry.
He can't go back in the house.
He'll be swift.
Won't you now? Uh, lend me a hand here.
Hold on.
Oh Oh! Yes, we must go.
Holmes? Oh, he He went ahead to get the boat ready.
We set sail right away.
Leave the cart.
The roads, they are gone.
How are we going to make it to the water? - No, we can't go down there.
- It is the only way.
Forget the cart.
The roads are all gone.
Find your families.
- Mom? - Andrew! - Mom! - Mrs.
Holmes! Mom! Hansu! Andrew! Mom, hurry! This way! Run! You! What is it? What are you doing? You can come out now.
You don't need to hide anymore.
Come on out now.
I'm here.
Please sit.
Do you have any sake? Unfortunately, the ground drank it all up.
We can serve tea.
Was your family safe? I haven't been able to get home.
The bridge by the temple collapsed.
And the roads behind the station are in flames.
I was on my way to the bridge by the park when I ran into you.
But if we stay on this road, I should be able to reach them.
I hope they're safe.
What is it? What's happened? There's been a huge jailbreak at Negishi Prison.
Three hundred Korean prisoners are among the escapees.
Now they're headed this way.
Hear they've been planning this escape for a while.
Now they're taking advantage of the disaster as their cover.
What are they supposed to do? Burn to death? But who knows what trouble they'll cause.
Our women and children are in the streets.
How do we protect them from such dangerous elements? Calm down.
Have you heard? A gang of Koreans have escaped! It'll take them hours to walk here Apparently, they're here, and I hear they're looting.
Miss, where are you hearing this? - Who are you? - The one asking questions.
Now answer.
Don't drink the water from the well.
They're saying the Koreans have poisoned it.
Stop spreading baseless rumors.
I have to find my family.
Thank you.
What do I owe you? Today, nothing.
Something's happening.
Stay close.
He's one of them.
How can we trust him? Help us! Help us! I know the barn's owner.
Go to the barn.
He'll be okay letting you hide in there.
Be quick! Hurry! - What is he saying? - He knows the owner.
It's OK, go in the barn.
Hurry! You should hide with them as well.
No time.
Get in the cart! Hurry! Don't move.
Don't even breathe.
- Hurry! - Find them! Four men ran this way.
Where'd they go? What did they do? I'm hearing the Koreans are rioting all over the city.
There's more.
Going into fallen houses, stealing anything of value.
We have to catch them, or they'll take everything.
Those animals How dare they do this to us? We let them in, give them jobs, and this is what we get.
Did you see them or not? Tell me.
They're getting away.
Yeah, we saw them.
Four of them.
That way! Here we go! What's in there? Just a barn.
It's a good thing the owner's away.
But he'll be shocked to find the mess when he returns.
Check it out.
Didn't you hear the old man? He said they didn't go that way.
Maybe they snuck in when you weren't looking.
They're cunning.
I found them! They're here! Let's go! Set it on fire! We have to go.
There's nothing you can do.
They'll just throw you in there.
I know some of those folks.
Father! We waited for you, and then thought we lost you.
And I bet you wished for it.
I'm sorry to disappoint you.
How can you joke at a time like this? Because we are together again.
Hansu, come.
We'll be taking care of him for a while.
You still have a father's debt to pay.

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