Pachinko (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Chapter Eight

Whatever I do, it's always the same.
They always gang up on me.
Hey, don't be a crybaby! It's embarrassing.
But the tears just come out.
Next time, they'll be the ones crying.
You always say that, but we never win.
Hey! Because you always give up! I told you, like this Noa! See ya! I have the party today.
Don't forget to bring me some of your aunt's rice cakes! Papa! Move over! You reek of garlic.
Noa, don't be like this.
Today's celebration is not just about your little brother, OK? You know, not too long ago, many babies died before their first birthday.
This celebration is for all of us.
I don't know.
It feels like it's always about him all the time.
You're an older brother now.
Your brother will count on you for many things.
But you swear I had a first birthday party too? Why would I lie to you about something like that? Even though times were hard for us, you never went without, son.
Your mother is to thank for that.
Papa, you're sure the red yarn is what I picked? I remember how happy we were that you did.
But it's not really an exciting future for me, is it? Why couldn't I have picked the bow and arrow? Noa, a long life is nothing to scoff at, trust me on that.
Mozasu had better pick the coins.
You know why? He has a beggar in his belly, so he needs to be rich.
Papa, why do you keep laughing? I'm serious.
You really should pray for it.
Thank you all for coming to celebrate our son's first year.
As you can see, he's clearly thriving.
The Lord has truly blessed us.
This tradition of the doljabi not only binds us to you, it is the bond to our ancestors who came before us Brother.
Enough words.
You should save them for your sermons, OK? It seems my brother is eager to see my son's fortune.
How could I deny him that? Now it's time for Mozasu to choose his fate.
Can't I just pick for him, father? That's not how it works, Noa.
Mozasu, time to pick! - Get him closer.
- Pick one up.
Come on.
Here we go.
Choose your fate.
What will it be? Good boy.
- Get him closer.
- Oh, my! So It's coming.
The end.
I would prepare yourself.
Is she in much pain? She won't tell us.
Tremendous pain.
We can give her morphine.
But I must inform you, at the dosage required to stem her pain, she will be with us in body, but her spirit might as well be gone.
I don't want her like that.
But Etsuko, what's best for Hana Stay out of this! Hey! Slow down right now! You'll trample one another, we'll be picking you off the ground.
Too many people here now.
Mama! Mama! What's wrong? Are you hurt? I waited for almost an hour.
Papa wasn't there.
You mean at school? Your father wasn't there? Mama, look.
Something's happening.
Excuse me.
Please excuse me.
Did you check in there? They're saying he's a traitor.
Baek! Where is my husband? He's been arrested.
Arrested? For what? We don't know.
They didn't tell us why.
Only that the crime is of the most serious nature.
Where is he now? They're questioning him at the station.
They must've mistaken him.
I must go to him immediately.
Listen, my child.
Those men arrived specifically looking for Isak.
Do you know what that means? That means someone gave his name to the authorities.
My child, you must be careful, and you should pray.
Noa, go find your uncle.
Bring him to the station.
Can you do that? Good.
Go now.
Noa, what are you doing here? - You have to come! Papa's been arrested.
- Arrested? - What? - They took him to the station.
Mama's already there.
I need to tell my boss.
Wait here.
We have an hour.
Let's go get him out.
This makes no sense to me.
How is this possible? You closed the deal.
Why would they fire you? She changed her mind at the last minute.
But why? Because I told her to.
Why would you do that? I wanted to.
I can't understand this, but enough.
Go back to America, understand? I can't go back.
I lost my visa.
What do we do then? America's not the answer.
That's a fantasy.
What are you talking about? Papa, no one's going to hire me now.
The only one who'll work with me is Mr.
He came to see me the other day.
He heard what happened.
I don't care what he's offering.
You will have nothing to do with him! - He wants to open pachinko parlors - Pachinko? You? You and Grandmother say there's no shame in it.
For me, yes, but for my son? I know that bullshit Yoshii fed you.
He said it was all legitimate, didn't he? You know how I know? Because his grandfather once said the same thing to me.
Like you, I wanted too much, too fast.
But thanks to your mother and grandmother, I was spared that fate.
If it weren't for them, who knows what would've happened.
That happened a long time ago.
Mamoru Yoshii had nothing to do It's the same blood! The grandfather's blood runs through his grandson.
That's ridiculous.
I won't allow it! - Even for all the riches in the world - You sound like it doesn't matter.
The money, the success.
That's not what I'm saying.
I get it, but your dreams, they're just not enough for me.
Noa, what are they saying? Papa is being questioned by the "higher police" or something.
Uncle says Papa is weak, so he would die in prison.
What's going on? Uncle got in trouble.
Now he's saying that Papa can return home if he is innocent, but if he is found guilty He said it's time for us to go.
That other people are waiting.
Mama? I'll explain what happened to my boss.
He'll be furious when he hears how I've been treated.
He might help us figure this out then? Isak might be able to come home later tonight? Isak will not sleep a single night in a jail cell.
It can never happen.
Not Isak.
What's with the face? What did I just tell you, Noa? You're going to bring Papa home.
That's right.
I'm going to bring him back.
Excuse me, ma'am.
A moment.
Can I help you? Has your husband been arrested as well? It was my brother-in-law.
Three months ago.
Three months ago? I mean you must have visited him since.
When was your husband arrested? Earlier this morning.
However, there's been an awful mistake.
He's just a pastor.
He's not involved in politics.
Are you the wife of Pastor Baek? But how how do you know my husband? We cannot speak here.
Noa, let's go.
Are there really spies hidden everywhere? Especially now that they're preparing for more war.
Isn't there always some war somewhere? What does it have to do with us? Because.
Aren't we the ones who end up bearing the brunt? Those were the words of your husband.
Pastor taught us that.
You're familiar with my husband then? My brother-in-law knew him well.
At first, he was suspicious of your husband, as were the other men at the factories around here.
But then the Pastor earned their trust, their love even.
He would speak and he taught the men that there is power in numbers.
Never before had any of us heard such powerful words.
He made us feel proud.
My husband did all that? Hm hm.
When our bellies cried in hunger, the hope your husband preached fed us all.
And what will we do now? How old are you? I am seven.
I'm sorry.
A boy should have his father.
Now come.
We must tell Hasegawa about it.
- And who is that? - You don't know about Hasegawa? I don't know anything, apparently.
Well then, it's time for you to meet.
Mama! What did they arrest him for? I wish I knew.
The police wouldn't say why.
Normally they tell someone why they're being arrested.
I knew you'd understand, Mr.
The whole thing is ridiculous.
To lump my brother in with those unpatriotic persons What is it that you say? Unpatriotic? Yes, it makes no sense, right? My brother would never get involved in anything like that.
You never mentioned it was a political crime.
But my brother's innocent - That's not what the police believe.
- I swear to you You're his family.
Of course that's what you say.
You're putting me in a difficult position.
The other workers respect you.
But they say you can't fight blood.
The blood that runs in your brother courses through you as well.
Please, I need this job.
My family depends on me.
I'm sorry, but I have to let you go.
Say I need you to do something for me.
After I'm gone, take care of her for me.
My mother.
Hmm? Are you scared? I'm scared.
I never dreamed it would end like this.
Here, in this shitty room.
But Hawaii.
That would've been a glorious death.
My feet sinking into the warm sand.
The sound of waves holding me close.
But I guess it's all the same in the end.
Death is death.
I ran away, Solomon.
I squandered it all.
I don't want that for you.
I'm sorry.
Why are you apologizing? I left you behind.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I didn't look for you sooner.
I always played by their rules.
I did everything they asked of me.
And they made a fool out of you, didn't they? Yes.
They made a fool out of me.
Solomon, it's time to stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Whatever it takes, grab it all.
Show them no mercy.
Because what mercy did they ever show us? Fuck them.
Do it for me.
Our pastor has been taken.
Hasegawa and his daughter have been in hiding since the arrests started.
Go now and talk to him.
He'll have the answers you seek.
He says come in and sit.
He says I look like Papa.
The woman says Papa talked about you so much, you feel like a sister to her.
That's very kind.
However, both of you are strangers to me.
He never mentioned either of you.
Papa didn't want us to know about them.
To protect us, he had to keep the two worlds apart.
Or something like that.
Tell me who you really are.
What kind of place is this? He is some kind of teacher And a Commune Communist something.
They planned on bringing together workers from other countries.
He and papa dreamed about it.
Then they would fight for peace and fair wages.
That means they speak the truth.
You two were working against the emperor.
It's the emperor who fights against them.
Tell me.
What will happen to us now? While you men got drunk on these dreams, did you consider who would clothe our children or put food on our table? Did you even give a second thought to my family? She says Papa did this all for you and me.
How dare you talk to me like that? Look at your hands.
I bet those hands haven't seen a single day of work.
You dare look at me and tell me my fears are meaningless? Enough of this.
We have to get your father home.
He says we won't find him.
He's lying! He says Papa's never coming back because he was betrayed! Mama, it's the police! I'm pleased.
We'll be good partners together.
I didn't come here to talk about pachinko.
Oh? Colton Hotels, they're still a player.
I'm guessing you have a plan? Let's hear it.
Between Colton and Abe-san, nearly ten billion yen have been sunk into the project.
But it won't be easy to liquidate the properties.
Not with that crucial land missing.
There's an opportunity here, a lucrative one.
Because whoever gets that woman's land can ask for anything.
What makes you think she'll sell this time? She won't.
I know that.
But you You have your ways, don't you? You get her to sell.
I'll handle the sale to Colton and Abe-san.
And I'll make them bleed for it.
That's the point.
You see all that? What if I told you in two years, that land will be worth a quarter what it is now.
Not possible.
What do you think the collateral on that is? Usually some other company assets.
The banks have been taking the land itself as collateral.
That's crazy.
And yet, it's true.
Everyone's lost their minds.
Too busy gorging themselves off the feast they think will never end.
But it will.
As soon as the first bank calls in a loan, it all comes crashing down.
So we better be quick about it.
There's one more thing.
But this one is personal.
I want to do something for a friend.
Don't you think you should wait to see how you feel in a day or two? Huh? That way Mama.
I'm not getting any better.
I'm just so tired.
I'm ready for a long sleep.
Hana I'll go tell the doctor.
I know.
I know.
I just don't understand.
How did it all go so wrong? Keep it together.
Don't feel sorry for yourself.
It's not over yet.
But, Mother A woman is dying.
Have some perspective.
I know that! Aren't you even a little concerned? I mean, after all these years, why are those people barging back into our lives? Solomon is a good child.
- We brought him up right.
- Like you brought up Noa? Look how that turned out.
Just because we love them, doesn't mean we know them.
Did you know your husband was involved with the Council of Labor Unions? What is that? Have you read or written any anti-government literature? I don't know how to read or write.
Have you been to any meetings with negative views against the emperor? I've never been to a meeting.
Before today, I had never heard these words.
And yet you are married to an agitator.
The man I know is a husband to us, a devoted father, a pastor and a good man.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why I'm saying these things.
Mother? You really believe I'd let that happen to Solomon? Are you crazy? He is not your brother.
What happened back then, I would never let history repeat itself.
Let's go.
It will take effect soon.
In five to ten minutes.
If you need me, please call.
You can't catch it just by looking at me.
She meant no harm.
You will feel the effects in five or ten minutes.
I will check on you then, but if you need anything, press this.
I'll come right away.
Is there anything else? Thank you.
Solomon Where is he? When will he come? Papa! Papa! Noa.
Papa! - Noa! - Enough! Noa! - Papa! - Shut up! - Noa! - Papa! Let go of my daddy! Papa! Noa! Papa! Papa! Don't take my father away! He can't leave us! - Noa, stop! - Papa! Papa! Papa, don't go! You can't leave us now! Papa! Don't go! No! Noa! - Noa! - Papa! - Papa! - Noa! Papa! Papa! - Noa! - Papa! Noa! Noa! Papa! - Noa! - Papa! Noa! Noa! Noa! Papa! Papa! nearly 50 years since the last asteroid came this close on its trajectory toward the sun, this asteroid came within 500,000 miles to Earth.
Scientists estimate that the asteroid is traveling at 46,000 miles per hour What are you doing? You have the paperwork signed by the director of this hospital.
Yes, but how did you That doesn't matter.
You're going on a trip.
Ready? - I wanna go.
- Where are you going? What are you saying? Be careful! What's he doing? Slow down! You're going too fast! Hawaii.
Noa! Mama! Mama, I'm going to sleep now.
Sweet dreams.
My little Hana.
Sweet dreams.
From now on, I'll take care of everything.
Don't be afraid, OK? I used to think that this watch was a curse on us all.
But now I realize, this watch saved our family.
Perhaps it will do the same for you.
I'm hoping for that.
What's with those dogs? Take them away! You're waking the street.
Sunja, what's this about? You're making kimchi? Why are you making so much? I'll ferment one half and take the other half to market.
I'm hoping there are some who like fresh kimchi.
He really won't like this.
What other options are there? Dear, please try to understand.
You think I'm not going to find work? Is that what this is? You know, I got a lead over at the tire factory.
Of course, you'll get a job.
I'm sure Sunja means for this to just get us by for now.
I mean no disrespect.
You have to know that.
But we have no money coming in, and our savings will run out in a few days.
- I have to think of the children.
- And do you think I don't? You don't think I'm dying inside knowing my brother is in prison? He's in a prison somewhere! Whether I have to beg or borrow, those boys will never go hungry.
Not in my house they won't.
Then you have to let me help.
I have to do something.
Or this helplessness inside will overtake me.
What's with the face? Aren't you going to school? When I was your age, we couldn't afford school.
This is a privilege.
Don't take it for granted.
Who are you? Why do you go this way? There's a shorter route.
How do you know where my school is anyway? I know many things.
It's what helps protect me.
Remember that, OK? My father chose to walk this way.
And why is that? Down the street from here, there's an old woman who has a piano.
She plays it every morning and we'd hear it on our way to school.
And my father liked to listen to the music.
Have you heard of the Kanto earthquake? You should answer when addressed by an adult.
It was before you were born.
The most horrible earthquake.
It was so terrible, it split our world into before and after.
My father was lost as well.
How did you know my father is gone? I didn't say that.
I remember.
It's what gives you protection.
You're a quick learner.
And so, learn this.
Noa, it's not good enough to just survive.
People will tell you otherwise, but ignore them.
Think about it.
Cockroaches can just survive.
Should that be good enough for us? You need to be better than everyone else around you.
Not just the Koreans, but the Japanese as well.
Be so good they can't rob you of what you're owed.
Don't make mistakes.
They'll be envious of you when you rise.
But even in their hate, they'll have to show you respect.
Do you understand what I am saying? Yes, sir.
One more thing.
Don't you ever look back.
Always look forward, OK? Now cheer up and get yourself to school.
Tomorrow, take the short way.
Only a fool would choose otherwise.
Noa, don't live like a fool.
I hate that you're going there alone.
Well someone has to have dinner ready and watch Mozasu.
You mustn't worry.
I'll be fine.
And you, no troublemaking today, mister.
Understand? Leaving that face behind is the hardest part of all.
But he'll grow up knowing who you are.
A mother that's worked so hard to raise her sons.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
What do you think you're doing? Move along! Get outta here! You'll chase the customers away with that stink.
- Get outta here! - I'm sorry.
It's my first day.
Don't even try! Get your stinky cart out of here! Want my son to piss on it? Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Young lady, over here! Over here.
You can sell here.
Thank you! Please come again.
Come, look! Two for the price of one! Please come again.
Come and stop by! We got dried meats here! Welcome! Please, come try.
Fresh kimchi! Come and taste.
Best price in town! Kimchi! Fresh kimchi for sale! Please try! How about some kimchi? Just made! Taste a sample! Fresh kimchi! Taste a sample! Have you ever had kimchi? Just made! Please try! How about some kimchi? Cheap, really! Just try it once.
Sample it for free! Have a sample! Have a sample! How about some kimchi? Best kimchi in the city! Have you tried kimchi? It's a special price just for today! Kimchi! Fresh kimchi! Please, try! Best kimchi in Osaka! Thank you, thank you! Have you ever had kimchi? Just made! Please try! Come and stop by! Best kimchi in the city! You won't be disappointed! Try a sample.
Best kimchi in the city! Best kimchi in the world! Come! Stop by! Best kimchi in the world! My mother's special recipe! This is my country's food! I think I came here when I was about 18.
I was 13 years old.
We came by boat.
It wasn't a plane.
I'm 22 years old here, so I'm young.
I came to Japan at 20 years old, after I got married.
I came here alone from Korea.
I was all alone.
I cried and cried.
I cried a lot.
I came here at 11 and started working at 13.
I grew up in sadness.
So it's hard for me to be kind to other people.
I do wonder if that's because of how I grew up.
I suffered so much after I got here.
I don't like thinking about those things now, but you know I do think about so many things.
I saw people who had died.
I was still a little girl.
It was during the war.
The military police came and grabbed the ponytails of those who had long hair, and dragged them off by their hair.
I saw them do that.
We were lucky if we had some cabbage to eat.
But they ordered us to give it to them because it all belonged to the emperor.
Nothing you owned actually belonged to you.
So we all ate kimchi.
We didn't have anything to eat, so we ate a lot of kimchi.
There was very little food in our rice bowls, so we never felt full after we ate.
We'd turn our rice bowls upside-down to check if there was anything left.
That's how we lived.
Now life is too luxurious.
I couldn't speak any Japanese.
So I really struggled.
I don't like saying this, but my children couldn't live in Korea.
So I made sure they assimilated into Japanese society.
Have you gotten used to life in Japan? I'm used to it now.
It was hard.
This is my hometown now.
I can't go to Korea.
I can't go to my country.
So this is my hometown now.
It's all a dream.
This one's a dream.
That one's a dream.
They're all dreams now.
I was so young then.
Well this was the best time of my life.
What makes you think that? Because everyone was close by.
How old are you? I'm 98 years old.
I'm 85 years old.
I'm 80 No, 90 Am I 98? Maybe 99? I'm 93 years old.
- When were you born? - In 1917.
I'm 92.
I turned 100 years old the other day, so they had a celebration for me.
That's why I'm like this.
I think I'm 95 years old.
Born in the year of the cow.
There were no hardships for me in the life I chose for myself.
I made my own way, my own path, so I have no regrets whatsoever about the path I chose and walked down.
My son works very hard.
I have a good daughter-in-law and good grandchildren.
Everyone calls me grandma, so I'm thankful.
Your smile is very bright.
Do you think someone will take me as his bride? My smile, you say.
My smile I'm sure it must have been boring, but thank you for listening.

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