Pacific Rim: The Black (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

From the Shadows

1 [dramatic music playing.]
[reporter 1.]
The latest reports of seismic activity are confirmed to be breaches erupting across Central Australia.
We've seen these before, friends.
Gateways from an unknown hellscape.
Each one [reporter 2.]
titanic monsters, known the world over as Kaiju.
Our only defense? Homebuilt monsters of our own, Jaegers.
[reporter 3.]
Cities throughout Australia continue to fall, as do our Jaegers.
With the death toll climbing, the PPDC's Marshal Rask has now given the order, "Evacuate.
" [reporter 4.]
Everyone on the continent has five days to reach the following cities: Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, or Sydney.
If we don't get there, no one will come for us.
No one will save us.
God be with us all.
[loud roaring.]
- [metal crunching.]
- [car alarm blaring.]
[Kaiju screeches.]
[metal clangs.]
[Kaiju shrieks.]
[metal exterior clangs.]
[low moan.]
[air raid sirens wailing.]
[heavy footsteps thudding.]
[distant explosions.]
- Looks like the end of the world.
- Not until we say it is.
[man over radio.]
We agree.
Still a little fight left in us.
Our business here is personal.
We can't ask you to stay, Marauder.
You guys can do whatever you want.
We're just here to kill Kaiju.
Thanks, Zeus.
Now, let's go get our kids.
[weapons powering up.]
[air vehicles whirring.]
[bus engine sputtering.]
- Ah, come on.
- [thud.]
- [boy 1.]
Come on! - [boy 2.]
It's close! [woman whimpers, panting.]
What's holding us up? - [loud thud.]
- [kids scream.]
[low growl.]
[all screaming.]
[loud boom.]
[loud footsteps approach.]
Sorry we're late.
Ha! [pilots grunt.]
- [Ford yells.]
- [Brina grunts.]
[electricity sizzles.]
[powers down.]
[static buzzing.]
Hunter Vertigo, come in.
Ito, we're here.
Orders are to draw back remaining Jaegers to the shore.
But people are still evacuating.
I'm aware.
We've lost the continent.
Get to Sydney any way you can.
I'll keep eyes on you as [static buzzing.]
Ito! Brina! [Ford grunts.]
Root, power up cryo-cannons! [Root.]
Routing available power to cryo-cannons.
[both screaming.]
- Where are those cannons, Root? - [Root.]
Fully charged in three, two [powers up, blasts.]
[ice cracking.]
[both yell.]
- [device beeps.]
- Huh? [air raid sirens continue in distance.]
[device beeping.]
The satellite array.
They've initiated the Black.
Which means we're on our own.
[grim instrumental music plays.]
[boy whimpers.]
- [loud thuds.]
- [overlapping panicked chatter.]
Get away from the window! [Ford.]
Everyone, buckle up.
It's about to get bumpy.
[loud boom.]
[loud crash.]
Better hurry up.
That thing won't stay down for long.
Zeus! - [screeches.]
- [Zeus.]
Don't worry about us.
- Just get the kids out! - [gunfire.]
[loud boom.]
[Jaeger powers down.]
[both gasp.]
[electricity crackling.]
[pensive electric guitar melody playing.]
Where are we? [boy.]
I think we're near Shadow Basin, but where is it? [instruments beeping.]
There's no base.
It's gone.
Where do we go? [alarm blaring.]
Category III Kaiju on approach.
Everyone out! - Take cover in the rocks! - [passengers panting.]
Go! Mommy! Daddy! Look out! [people screaming.]
[gun sputtering.]
- [alarm blaring.]
- Brina! I know.
I know! [grunts.]
[Brina grunts.]
[both panting.]
- Nice work.
- Thanks.
Ready a warhead.
- [Root.]
- Fire.
[boom resonating.]
[air whooshes.]
Mommy! There's my little wildflower.
You weren't worried about us, were you? [sniffles.]
- A little.
- [laughs.]
I don't know how you got through the last five days, but I'm proud of you, son.
Thanks, Dad.
What happened to Shadow Basin? It's gone.
Buried, like all the others.
Kaiju have taken the continent.
The PPDC can't leave anything of value behind.
But what about us? [birds chirping.]
There's plenty of food and water here to last you until we get back.
It should only be a couple of weeks.
Mommy, no! Please don't go.
The sooner we leave, the sooner we'll be back.
Take us with you.
We can fit.
What if I help pilot? I've practiced drifting, and I can I know you have, but Hunter's not gonna make it to Sydney, okay? Sooner or later, we'll be on foot.
Then why won't you stay with us? Because help isn't coming! So we need to go get it.
But we can't do that and keep you both safe.
I'm askin' for your help, one more time.
I won't do it.
Papa gave me these when I became a Jaeger pilot.
I was gonna give them to you when you finished training.
I want you to hold on to them for me until we get back.
Well, what if you don't come back? Nothing will ever keep us from you.
Not ever.
You promise? Cross my heart.
Please, Daddy.
You can go.
We'll be okay.
I know you will.
All right.
Now, you need to listen to your brother while we're gone, okay? Do I have to? [Ford sighs.]
Try your best.
[heavy footsteps thudding.]
[girl sniffles, sobbing.]
Don't worry.
They'll come back.
They always come back.
[birds chirping.]
[children laughing playfully.]
If you make it to the Divide by Friday, you should catch up to Terri and Dobbs.
Oh, and I got some supplies.
Where did you find all of this? I stole it.
A little bit from everyone seemed fair.
Don't be mad, Cory.
You need this stuff more than us, and by the time anyone finds out, you'll be long gone.
Hayley, come with us.
You're gonna be fine.
You're all gonna be great.
And what about you? I'll be here, safe.
- [sighs.]
- [Taylor.]
I thought you left.
I was hoping if I waited long enough, you might change your mind.
I didn't.
You? Not this time.
Hayley, you've got chores.
- They can wait.
- They have.
Stay on the path and out of sight.
You'll be on the beach in no time.
It's a piece of cake.
A piece of cake.
Well, I'll send help as soon as we reach the shore.
If you reach the shore.
Help would've come if it was safe.
[Hayley scoffs.]
- Hayley knows where we're heading, if - We won't.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna miss ya.
Yeah, you too.
- You lookin' for Hayley? - Oh.
Hey, Shannon.
She's supposed to be doing her chores, but, of course, she isn't.
She and Rosa went back to your place to get ready.
For what? The falls.
Everyone's going.
I told them to join us.
You should come too.
Uh, sure.
Sounds good.
Too bad you couldn't find the pilot to go with it.
[both gasp.]
Hayley? I'd better go.
Find me later.
Hi, Taylor.
Bye, Taylor.
- Damn it, Hayley! You promised! - I know I did, but before you get mad Before you get madder, please just hear me out.
I found that at the edge of the basin, and By the drop-off? Yes, but I was careful.
Anyway, I know there's more out there.
Maybe even something that could get us home.
What you're doing isn't going to get us home.
It's going to get us killed.
You've been saying that for five years.
Nothing is going to happen to us because nothing ever does.
I promised to keep you alive, not entertained.
I'm sorry if that's not enough for you.
This is not living.
We're just waiting here to die.
We're waiting for Mom and Dad! Mom and Dad are never coming back! - They are! - They're dead! [grunts angrily.]
They're dead.
[continues weeping.]
[sobs echoing.]
[indistinct chatter, laughter.]
I know, right? [chuckling.]
[footsteps approaching.]
Kevin, move.
Move! Here, sit down.
I'm glad you came.
You doing okay? Yeah.
I, uh, I don't know.
Where's Hayley? We had another fight.
She took off.
I was hoping she came here.
I saw her headed toward the rim.
She looked pretty upset.
[metal creaking.]
- [yelps.]
- [soft thud.]
[lights click.]
[whirring, beeping.]
Hello? [whirrs.]
[lights clicking on.]
[loud beep.]
[lights clicking.]
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! [gasps.]
[powering up.]
Oh! Ha! [automated voice.]
Welcome, Cadet.
Who's there? I am Loa.
AI for Atlas Destroyer.
Atlas Destroyer? That's the name of this Jaeger? [Loa.]
Please do not touch that, Cadet.
- Hayley.
- [Loa.]
Cadet Hayley.
Why did you enter this facility through the roof? - Shortcut.
- And why did you not use the ladder? Shorter cut? [Loa.]
- Are you ready to begin? - Yes.
- Begin what? - [Loa.]
Pilot training.
You mean, Jaeger pilot training? [Loa.]
Shall we begin? Oh, my God, yes! Yes! - Congratulations, Cadet - [yelps.]
on earning your place among the PPDC young elite.
Over the next six months - Six months? - you will follow protocol.
Lesson one, Getting to Know Your Jaeger.
To begin this lesson, say, "Begin.
" To move to the next lesson, say, "Next.
" Uh, next? [claps.]
Well done, Cadet.
Lesson two, Basics of Drifting.
Drifting, fine.
In review, managing the burden of operating a Jaeger requires at least two pilots to link minds - [indistinct.]
- Loa, how long will this take? [Loa.]
For you? - Next.
- Understanding the Piloting Rig.
- Next.
- Lesson four, Your Copilot.
- Next.
- [hologram clapping.]
Excellent work.
- Weapon Systems.
- Next.
- Sensory Systems.
- Next.
- Critical - Next.
- Advanced Piloting - Next.
- Lesson 12 - Next.
- Lesson 13 - Next.
- Fourteen Fifteen - Next! Next! - Twenty Thirty - Next.
Congratulations, Cadet.
You've completed your training in record time.
I will now turn you over to this Jaeger's AI, who will take you through your first walk cycle.
Whoo-hoo! Let's do this! [Loa.]
Walk cycle will commence once your copilot arrives.
But this is just training.
Can't you be my copilot? - No.
- [Taylor yelling.]
Hayley? [gasps.]
Taylor? Taylor, I'm here! Hayley! Hayl Atlas Destroyer? It's still here? I know! [laughing.]
Come on! Computer, I'd like you to meet my copilot.
Copilot confirmed.
Welcome, Cadet Taylor.
You know her? Uh, a little.
Loa's in charge of pilot training.
- I know.
She trained me.
- Why weren't you evacuated? [Loa.]
Excellent question, Cadet.
It appears that my value to the PPDC as a training Jaeger fell below the required risk of recovery.
They just left you behind? No.
They also tried to detonate me.
Who cares why she's here! All that matters is that she's here.
- This is our ticket out of this place.
- Hayley, we're not pilots.
I am now.
And you said you aced Jaeger training.
The written test.
Commencing walk cycle.
Opening hangar doors.
- Hangar doors? No, no, no! Wait, stop! - [beeping.]
[alarm blaring.]
[siren wailing.]
[siren continues in distance.]
No, no, no.
What is that? That is way too loud.
[continuous beeping.]
Loa, shut it down! [beeping and siren stop.]
You think anyone heard that? [alert beeping.]
What's that? [Loa.]
Category IV.
Code-named Copperhead.
AKA, Jaeger Breaker.
Now on approach.
It's okay.
It's just a simulation.
It's not real.
 Right? [Loa.]
It is just arriving in Shadow Basin.
The village.
- [thudding footsteps.]
- [people whimpering.]
[Copperhead roars.]
[man 2.]
Go to the edge! Go! [people screaming.]
[both scream.]
No! Hayley, run! [roars.]
[Hayley grunts, panting.]
Loa, Copperhead's coming for us.
- We need help! - [Loa.]
I will assist you.
I've never drifted.
What do I do? [Loa.]
That was covered in lesson two.
I will pull it up.
- [loud thud.]
- [grunts.]
No! Just please help us! [Loa.]
I will do my best.
[armor clicking.]
There's my little wildflower.
You need to listen to your brother while we're gone.
Hayley, come with us.
- [Loa.]
Your neural bridge is unstable.
- [alarm beeping.]
Hayley, focus on me, not the memories! [Hayley.]
Mom and Dad are never coming back! Taylor? Taylor, where are you? [shrieks.]
Hayley! Taylor? Taylor, I'm here! [grunting, roaring.]
Neural handshake at 72%.
[loud thud.]
Hayley! [Loa.]
Neural handshake at 100%.
- [alarm blares.]
- [Hayley groans.]
[both grunt.]
Hayley, are you okay? I think so.
- What do we do? - Fire all weapons.
- [Loa.]
Fatal strike.
- Yes! [Loa.]
Is what I would say if those were actual weapons.
What? [Loa.]
This is a training Jaeger.
No weapons.
[metal clangs.]
[lines snapping.]
- Ah! - [grunts.]
Taylor, the drop-off! [Copperhead growls.]
Loa, help us! [shrieks.]
Drop flat.
What? - [Loa.]
On your bellies, now! - [both grunt.]
[jaws snap.]
[loud bang.]
Is it dead? [Loa.]
It will be back.
[melancholy music playing.]
Somebody? Anybody? We're here! We're [sobs.]
Huh? [Hayley gasps.]
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, Rosa.
I didn't mean to.
I didn't mean I killed her.
I killed everyone.
I killed everyone.
We need to go.
Come on.
[footsteps thudding.]
[inspirational music playing.]
What are we going to do? We're going to find Mom and Dad, and then we get the hell outta here.
[instrumental theme music playing.]

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