Pacific Rim: The Black (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Into the Black

1 [instrumental theme music playing.]
[Hayley, echoing.]
Somebody? Anybody? I'm so sorry.
 I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to.
Oh [Taylor.]
Why didn't you listen to me? - Taylor, I I didn't - You killed them! [glass shattering.]
We needed to find Mom and Dad.
They're never coming back.
They're dead.
That's what you said, remember? No, I I [Brina.]
You weren't worried about us, were you? - My little wildflower.
- [Hayley gasps.]
Mommy? I thought you were dead.
I thought everyone was.
[Hayley gasping.]
[eerie instrumental music building.]
[panting sobs.]
Hayley, you need to stop.
Wha? [distorted.]
We're in the Drift.
[static crackling.]
- [loud bang.]
- [both grunt.]
Power levels dangerously low.
- What's happening? - I don't know.
[static crackling.]
Brace for impact.
[Taylor panting.]
Hayley? [Hayley.]
I'm all right.
[Taylor grunts.]
Loa, what happened? - [Loa.]
Power cells are at 3%, which is - A little warning would have been nice.
A warning was indeed issued.
To avoid any confusion in the future, when you hear me say, "Warning," consider yourself warned.
Hayley about what you heard in the Drift please, try to understand.
I murdered everyone we love.
And my brother hates me for it.
What's not to understand? Wha? Where are you going? [Hayley.]
[door closes.]
Now what? [Loa.]
Power cells are at 3%, which is not enough for a walk cycle.
Replacements must be acquired.
Then I'll just dash out to the power cell store.
Power cell stores do not exist.
The PPDC Recruitment Center does.
The Center? You mean, in Meridian? [Loa.]
We are at the city limits.
I believe power cells are stored in the Center's lower level four.
I guess I should thank you.
For not losing sight of our objective to get safely to Sydney? Only if you feel it necessary.
I don't know what's necessary.
Or right.
Or smart.
Or [sighs.]
If you are seeking advice, family counseling is not a programmable skill set.
Of course not.
I guess I'm heading to the Recruitment Center.
- Allow me to give you directions.
- No need.
Been there before.
- But Meridian lies in ruins.
- [doors open.]
You must follow certain landmarks in order to [doors close.]
I am speaking to myself.
[Hayley sobs softly.]
[bird of prey calls in distance.]
Never thought we'd come back here after you know.
- After we barely escaped with our lives? - Yeah.
As last days go, that one did suck.
Loa tells me the PPDC Center might have power cells.
- [sighs.]
I just hope we can find it.
- Find it? You used to live there.
Six years ago.
All I know is it's down by the river.
Could really use your help.
[insects chirping.]
This is definitely not the way I remember Meridian.
It was always so clean and and you know? And the people were were so nice.
You know, those people, the ones who didn't make it out, they have no one to blame but themselves.
What? Being here brought those monsters.
Do you hear yourself? You're blaming people for what the Kaiju did to them.
- Well, whose fault is it? - The Kaiju! It's not the same, and you know it.
You didn't kill anyone, Hayley.
I might as well have.
So, what? Are we lost? No, I just I know all the streets by the Center.
We must be on the wrong side of the river.
[water rushing.]
Hear it? The river's that way.
On the other side is the Center.
I'll get us there, no problem.
No problem? [sighs.]
[snarls softly.]
- [low growl.]
- [Hayley grunts.]
- [snarling.]
- [gasps.]
Stay behind me.
- [screams.]
- Come on! - [grunts.]
- [bangs.]
[both grunt.]
[both groan.]
- Ah! - [Tayor grunts.]
- Go out the back.
I'll meet you there.
- Taylor, no! Go! [Taylor.]
Hey! Ah! [grunts.]
[soft snarling.]
[distant roar.]
- Taylor! - Hayley, go to the park! I'll be right behind you! [panting.]
- [glass shattering.]
- [Taylor grunts.]
Hayley? Hayley? Hayley? [Hayley.]
Taylor! Taylor, I'm here! You made it.
Oh, thank God.
- That was close.
- [panting, coughs.]
Too close.
I think I found the bridge.
[water rushing.]
That is not a bridge.
[metal creaking.]
[low snarls.]
[metal rattles.]
[bones snapping.]
[both gasp.]
[low rumbling.]
Is Is that even a Kaiju? [screaming.]
[footsteps approaching.]
Don't get any ideas, there, kiddo.
That one's ours.
You'll get your own Jaeger soon enough.
Oh, honey, sorry we missed your pilot certification.
How'd you do? Aced it.
Of course you did.
Proud of you, son.
You doing okay? Yeah.
But what's goin' on with Hayley? Poor thing thought we were bringing you home today.
She really misses her brother.
So, you heard? Trust me, I'd rather be going home with you.
Then why aren't you? I need to see this through.
But you don't even come to see us anymore.
Hayley, you have no idea how crazy hard it is here.
You could call.
They have phones, right? You are absolutely right.
And I've earned some phone privileges 'cause of how awesome I am.
So, every night, I expect you to be ready to chat.
I'll be ready.
[both laughing.]
[laughter echoes.]
Ah! Taylor? Taylor? [grunts.]
Taylor! - [grunts.]
- [coughs.]
[gasps, panting.]
- What's so funny? - I told you I'd get us here.
Let's not take the same way back.
[birds cawing.]
How far down? Four levels.
Let's hope what we need is there, or we'll be hunting for a power cell store.
- [grunts.]
A what? - Never mind.
- [birds cawing.]
- [snarling.]
Power cells were serviced in the testing lab.
Wherever that is.
- You don't know? - Well, cadets weren't allowed in there.
- I'll check this way.
- Meet me back here in ten.
[light bulb humming.]
[liquid bubbling.]
[liquid swishes.]
There you are.
Taylor, look.
A power cell.
Yes, perfect.
Yeah, but, no.
Not that.
Keep looking.
What is that? - A kid? - Yeah.
And I think that power cell is what's been keeping him alive.
What the heck was the PPDC doing down here? Whatever.
They left him behind.
We need to get him out.
We don't know if he can live outside this tank.
We have to risk it.
- Hayley, we can't - I'm not leaving him here to die! Do not make this about Shadow Basin.
We can't just leave him.
How would we even get into this thing? [metal clangs.]
Whoa, whoa, whoa! That's gonna bring those creatures down here.
Taylor, please.
- Okay, but we need to do it fast.
- Right.
Got it.
[metal clangs.]
Move back.
That's good.
[both grunt.]
[banging echoes.]
- [Kaiju snarling.]
- Here they come.
[both grunting.]
[snarling intensifies.]
Keep trying.
[banging continues.]
Ah! Ugh! [glass shattering.]
[liquid pouring.]
You're okay.
I won't hurt you.
Come on.
We need to go.
[door banging.]
I've got him! [Kaiju snarling.]
Get to the other door! [Hayley grunts.]
Taylor! [roars.]
[latch clicks.]
Are you okay? [grunting.]
He's too weak to run.
Hey, little guy.
Don't worry about those things.
We're gonna get you outta here.
[door creaks.]
[loud bang.]
Right here.
Go! Go! Go! [snarling.]
We can't outrun them.
Help! Help! What are you doing? - That big Kaiju eats those things.
- Yeah, then it'll eat us too.
[small Kaiju squeals.]
[low rumbling.]
[Taylor and Hayley panting.]
That big Kaiju, it looked like a Jaeger.
I don't know how, but I think it might be both.
It's like the world's gone crazy.
Small Kaiju, Jaeger-Kaiju, him.
At least we've got each other.
And this.
Ugh! Cracked? - Really? - [glass shatters.]
- We'll just find another one.
- We barely survived finding this one.
I know.
But we did.
I wouldn't have made it through today without you.
I wouldn't have made it through the last five years without you.
[instrumental theme music playing.]

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