Pacific Rim: The Black (2021) s01e03 Episode Script


1 [instrumental theme music playing.]
[wind whistling.]
[bird caws in distance.]
[vehicles approaching.]
Huh? [whispers.]
What? [laughs.]
- Hayley? Hayley! - [Hayley.]
Come on.
Wake up.
Something's happening out there.
Uh What's going on? People, in vehicles.
If we hurry, we can get to them.
Wait, people? And you wanna I mean, we don't we don't know anything about them.
We don't know anything about anybody because, surprise, we hid from the world for five years.
You really wanna risk it? We won't make contact if they look all sketchy, I promise.
Hey there.
- Uh, you wanna go on a little walk? - No, no, no.
- We leave him here.
- [Loa.]
That would be inadvisable.
Babysitting is not a programmable skill set.
Thanks, Loa, but I wasn't asking you.
Perhaps, in this instance, you should.
[birds cawing.]
No, no, no, we'll go climbing later.
What? He'll do fine.
[dramatic music playing.]
Boy, don't run off.
He's just exploring.
And "Boy"? Hayley, I'm not calling him George or Barnaby or Chad or whatever little brother name you've loved since you were four.
"Boy" kinda suits him.
[Kaiju call echoes.]
Have you ever seen one of those? - Nope.
- [crunching.]
No record of that one at the academy either.
Those people.
Their truck is PPDC.
Weapons too.
But what are they digging up? [Taylor.]
Looks like Kaiju eggs? Okay, that's really [gags.]
Oh, I hope they don't eat those things.
You know, maybe we should follow 'em for a while.
Get a better sense of [footsteps running.]
- Oh, boy.
- What? [sniffing.]
- She's caught a scent.
- Where? No.
No! I'm a friend.
We're friends.
- [gasps.]
- Damn it.
[Kaiju screeching.]
[men yelling.]
[men screaming.]
Don't look! Don't look! [both panting.]
Get the RPG! [screeches.]
Mei! [roars.]
[both panting.]
- [Hayley.]
Let's go! - Stay behind me.
Look, I'm sorry.
I was just You killed two of my mates.
- We we didn't mean to.
- We were just looking for [man.]
Excuses don't cut it out here.
- [Mei.]
- Stay out of this, Mei.
You do this, and there will be consequences.
Trust me.
[breathing shakily.]
They were your friends, too.
Yeah, I can't take you seriously with them all over your face.
Go clean up.
I I am so sorry.
We were gonna leave you alone, but he So, where's your vehicle? Actually, we - Walked.
We walked.
- Wha? Yeah? From where? That way.
I've been that way.
The mountains.
Our settlement's not far.
You look like you can use some supplies.
- Uh, well - And he looks a little hungry.
Boy, no.
Those can hurt you.
My name is Mei.
What do you say we get the little guy real food? - Hayley.
This is my brother - Taylor.
- And him? - Boy.
That's just what we call him.
Uh, he doesn't really talk.
He's just curious.
- That'll get you killed in the Black.
- The Black.
Yeah, good point.
The Black? So, what's with him? He was part of our community.
Until? A Kaiju found it.
[keyboard clacking.]
Hey, Boss.
Egg snatchers are back.
[over walkie-talkie.]
 Some missing faces.
Some new ones.
Camouflage is enough to keep Kaiju away? Not always.
Sometimes we have to pack up and roll out.
- Eggs? - Two.
And the Kaiju? Dead.
Because of them? Unintentionally.
They're no threat.
Hop out.
It's okay.
Welcome to Bogan.
You must be hungry.
Thank you, sir.
We are.
Rickter, get 'em some food.
And clothes for that one.
Huh? Keep up.
What's their story? - They say they walked here.
- Find out what they're hiding.
Always do.
Until then, my trade with Ferno's team is now jacked since I promised them four eggs.
They'll take what we give 'em and thank us.
- No one gets shot this time, Mei.
Got it? - That's up to them.
[keyboard clacking.]
[metal door opens, closes.]
How close? Ten minutes out.
You want some Riders to go meet 'em? No.
They're not here for trouble.
Just a little business.
[vehicles approaching.]
Huh? Did you see that? - You know what you're looking at? - Jaeger parts.
[hydraulics whirr.]
Uh No Ferno this time, eh? Just his bootlicker.
Good enough, I guess.
But I don't see the big-ticket items.
Not bad.
Not bad? They're fully charged.
And they don't come cheap.
Power cells are rare in the Black.
Years of energy when tapped.
And worth a lot in trade.
Like, how much? Why? In the market? No, no, of course not.
I mean, what would we do with one? You tell me.
Demarcus, looks like you didn't screw this up too badly.
In there.
Doesn't look like four to me.
- [snaps.]
- [guns cock.]
What's Ferno even want with those things? You can't eat 'em.
I once had a guy crack one open and suck out the yolk.
His whole jaw dissolved away.
Now he looks ridiculous.
Ferno trades them to the Sisters.
Those lunatics in the hills? Why am I not surprised? I'm serious.
They don't respond well when disappointed.
I need four.
The Kaiju we get them from is dead.
Now these two are worth more.
Want 'em or not? [groans.]
Grab the case.
Look, half the eggs, half the cells.
I'm gonna need both.
[guns cock.]
What is with you guys and your guns? [guns cocking.]
- [cocks gun.]
- Huh? - Let's get out of here.
- Not without a power cell.
Taylor, please.
All right.
I'll come back for it later.
Not leaving, are ya? Because that would be rude after we've opened our arms to you and all.
We were invited here, and now we're ready to go.
Sorry to shatter the illusion, but Mei didn't invite you children here.
- [cocks gun.]
- She brought you here.
- [groans.]
- [gun fires.]
[man shouts.]
Ah! - [engine sputtering.]
- Ugh! Come on.
[gunfire stops.]
Huh? Demarcus, it didn't have to go this way.
So, what now? You live.
Because I want you to tell Ferno that if he retaliates, I'll feed him to the Kaiju.
No! [eggs splatter.]
- What the hell are you doing? - Letting the Sisters sort this out.
Make sure our friend here gets back home.
Give my best to Ferno.
[engine starts.]
[engine sputtering.]
Get out.
If Ferno survives, he'll be out for blood, thanks to you and your friends.
[grunts, panting.]
The eldest boy seems to want a power cell.
I I don't know why yet.
Bring them to me.
[slow tapping.]
How far west? - Far.
- [Shane.]
The mountains? [Taylor.]
A 14-year-old girl and an idiot boy walked with you from the mountains? [sighs.]
- Just tell me where your vehicle is.
- [indistinct screams.]
Don't have one.
What are those voices I keep hearing? Never mind them.
How did you get to Meridian City? [grunts.]
One step at a time.
You think you're pretty clever.
Look, if your brother tells him the truth, he'll be he'll live.
Tell me about your parents.
Where are they? Are they alive? And how have you survived in the Black this long? Where have you been living? [Taylor grunts.]
[loud thud.]
Mei's got a gun to your sister's head.
Wanna see her again? Talk.
- You never lived in Meridian.
- [indistinct screams.]
The place is crawling with Rippers.
Tell me where your community was.
How many years there? Who was in charge? Why did you leave? Anyone looking for ya? Don't even think about lying to me.
Where are your parents? Why did they leave you? Did they just walk away? How have you made it without weapons? Have you come across any mecha wreckage? Tell me about [intense music playing.]
[glass shattering.]
[music continues.]
How many Kaiju have you encountered? How do you expect to stay alive? And how will you protect your sister and the boy? - Do you even have a plan? - Stop! Stop! [panting.]
No more questions.
I'm done.
You can go.
Thank you for your cooperation.
- [lock beeps.]
- Ah.
- [door opens.]
- [chuckles.]
Well done, Mei.
We got ourselves a Jaeger.
[intense music playing.]
[grunts softly.]
[theme music playing.]

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