Pacific Rim: The Black (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Up and Running

1 [instrumental theme music playing.]
[vehicle rumbling.]
[grunts softly.]
- [groans.]
- Easy there, Ranger.
Where am I? Still in Bogan.
Sort of.
Drift hangover.
You'll live.
Had 'em before, but not like this.
And what kind of guy has his own neural bridge? [scoffs.]
The kind you don't lie to.
Drink this and stop complaining.
What is it? [gulps.]
- [Mei.]
Kaiju milk.
- [gags.]
That's milk? No, but it is from a Kaiju.
[engines roaring.]
No tents.
Essentials only.
Generators, power lines, scanners.
- We're not here to stay.
- Good call.
That biomech was spotted in this area.
Then let's get this Jaeger moving.
Where the hell is Joel? Ugh.
I'll find him.
- [laughter.]
- Huh? - [man 1.]
Yeah, go on! Go for it! - [man 2.]
Whoo! What? Mm.
It's over.
Finding Mom and Dad, getting to Sydney, protecting you and Boy Knock it off.
You're acting like we won't get Atlas back.
We won't.
Listen to me.
To take our Jaeger, they'll need to walk it.
And what are the odds any two of these lowlifes can even drift? [men whooping.]
See? They'll need us.
And once we're in the conn-pod, we'll show them what we can do in the Drift.
Damn it.
There you are.
I was looking for you.
[glass shatters.]
- There was still a swig in that! - What did I tell you about this? [sighs.]
What did I tell you about channeling my mother? Joel, you're not just tuning up Shane's neural bridge here.
"It's a whole damn Jaeger, Joel.
" "Bring your A game, Joel.
" - That's right.
Disappoint Shane on this - [sighs.]
he'll end you.
Oh, no, no, no.
No worries.
There's not another Drift tech in the entire Black, and Shane knows it.
"Why, Joel, you're bulletproof.
" One of those kids is a PPDC cadet.
Cadet? You know what? I should I should probably go check that Jaeger out.
Atlas Destroyer.
Old Mark 3, stripped to the bone.
No wonder the PPDC left it behind.
Get that thing up and walking.
Where's my copilot? Uh, no.
I don't need his demons, and he definitely doesn't need mine.
You're right.
It's a mess in there.
You won't Drift with me? - You know me better than anyone.
- Asked and answered.
My brother and I will drive it for you.
Wherever you want.
I'll send you some Riders.
Riders? There isn't a full hemisphere between 'em.
Make it work.
[clicks, whirrs.]
[powering up.]
This thing is a relic.
Please identify yourself.
Wyrick, Joel.
PPDC number JR238D, Brisbane Shatterdome.
Atlas Destroyer underwent minor refit in that facility.
Results were substandard.
Substandard? Rich, coming from a battle Jaeger that got demoted to cadet driving instructor.
Since you have piloted neither, your assessment is invalid.
Unintentional sarcasm.
That's kinda hot, actually.
Shall we get you going? I find that you are too inexperienced and inebriated to occupy my cockpit.
Finally find the perfect girl, and she's a 20-story mech.
You're you're my copilot.
You up to this? Hell yeah! Let's ride this bronco.
And next.
Get him outta here.
What's the problem? I ain't givin' you any more Riders.
This thing's turning their brains to mush.
The way I see it, that's no big loss.
Now, you'll give me as many Riders as it takes to get that thing walking.
Clear? Another order of scrambled brains, please.
At this rate, they'll have to let us pilot.
Where's Boy? Why am I the only one who watches out for him? Boy! Boy! [gasps.]
What are you doing? Ah! Did it bite you? Thank God it didn't break the skin.
[relieved sigh.]
Did you kill it? [coughing.]
[alarm beeping.]
Multiple Drifts can have adverse effects, including I've had worse benders.
 Next! [Loa.]
Initiating neural handshake.
Link progressing.
Link complete.
Yes! Right hemisphere, check.
Left hemisphere, check.
[alarm blares.]
- [gasps.]
- [shudders.]
Loa! Break connection! [both grunt.]
[alarm blares.]
Neural feedback unstable.
Attempting shutdown.
[alarm blares.]
The hell's happening in there? [alarm echoes.]
[low growl.]
[alarm beeping.]
Kaiju, category IV.
Oh, man! - [Loa.]
Neural link disengaged.
- [men yelling.]
Shutdown complete.
Ah! [groans.]
[door opens.]
[body thuds.]
What did you do? Congratulations.
You now have zero pilots.
Jeez! Look at you.
Go see the doc.
Good idea.
He always prescribes a little extra medicinals.
Warned you.
All this ruckus attracted some attention.
- You okay, boss? - How long? Fifteen minutes, tops.
Remember this? The Kaiju you failed to put down? - What? What about it? - It's coming here to finish the fight.
No, no, no, no.
We gotta get out of here.
All of us.
Let's go! - Taylor! - She's right.
Copperhead will decimate this camp and then rip apart the Jaeger.
Just let us in the conn-pod.
We can get Atlas moving.
- Not you.
Just her.
- I'll do it.
Both of us or neither.
That's the deal.
[gun cocks.]
Only one person makes the deals in Bogan, and it ain't you.
I'll pilot.
But I want someone who has actual Drift training.
Him? He's in no shape after our little meeting of the minds.
I know what shape that is.
Take him.
Taylor can't go through another Drift.
Let me do it.
I'm doing you a favor, princess.
My mind's not a fun place to be.
T Mei, take that Jaeger straight to our next camp at the old coal burner.
Bogan needs to get through the fields before the Kaiju reaches us.
 Let's roll! [growling.]
Don't worry.
He'll be okay.
Welcome back, Cadet Taylor.
I see we have another candidate.
Identity, please.
- Mei.
- I issue this caution, Cadet Mei.
Previous candidates fared poorly in establishing a Drift.
- Don't worry about me.
- Suit us up, Loa.
Copperhead's on his way.
You've never been in a Jaeger? Don't worry.
I got this.
Cadet Taylor, your brain waves show signs of recent stress.
I'm fine.
Just hurry.
Initiating neural handshake.
Right hemisphere, check.
Left hemisphere Warning.
Pilot-to-pilot connection out of alignment.
Mei? You can't hold anything back in here.
Drift requires complete mental access.
Blocking entry to memories inhibits successful link.
I don't give a crap what's in your past.
We have to do this together.
[Mei whimpers.]
Kaiju Copperhead, 7,000 meters and closing.
Mei, we won't survive the next two minutes if you don't engage.
Let me in.
Kill or be killed.
Now you're mine.
Neural handshake complete.
Pilot-to-Jaeger interface engaged.
Sixty seconds until attack.
What you've been through I'm so sorry.
Shove your pity.
We wouldn't be here if you'd killed that Kaiju.
Immediate retreat is recommended.
[hydraulics whirring.]
Why aren't you moving? Pick up your legs.
We have to run.
I knew it.
Those emotions are not yours, Cadet.
They're mine.
Kick 'em aside, and let's go.
I [grunts.]
I can't.
- [loud thud.]
- [groans.]
What the hell are you doing? [screeches.]
Kaiju impact in 20 seconds.
Choose a course of action, please.
We were ordered not to engage.
We have to [breathes heavily.]
We have to stand up to monsters.
Don't we? Yes.
But not now.
I'm not running away this time.
If we survive, I'm going to kill you.
Atlas Destroyer has no weapons.
You are limited to physical strikes only.
Yeah, whatever.
Would you [grunts.]
keep [grunts.]
up? [grunts.]
I'm trying.
I can't sync our movements.
You really have no coordination, do you? [grunts.]
No wonder you sucked at pilot training.
Trust yourself, would you? Make a decision! Just shut up.
Amazing you kept your sister and that brat alive I said, "Shut up!" - [shrieks.]
- [both groan.]
[Kaiju moans.]
[Taylor groans in pain.]
I can't break free.
Get off! [Taylor screams.]
Right arm compromised.
[Taylor pants.]
Get up! We are leaving.
Right arm cold.
Jettisoning shoulder.
[sparking, creaking.]
[loud bang.]
Copperhead resuming pursuit and closing.
We can't outrun it.
Spyder, come in.
[Spyder on radio.]
Oh, hey, Mei.
How far to the minefield? [Spyder.]
You're in it now.
Why were you trying to fight that thing? - You were supposed to stay with - [Mei.]
Shut up and detonate.
Not till Shane gives the signal.
- You know that.
- [Mei.]
I'm giving the signal.
Do it! [Spyder.]
It's your head.
North pass, west outcrop, central flat, east cliff Ooh! - South ridge, it is.
- [beeps.]
That was right under us, you idiot.
Hit it again.
[low growl.]
Spyder, we need one more.
I don't care if we're too close.
Detonate now.
[loud bang.]
Did we kill it? [Loa.]
- Copperhead is currently unconscious.
- Then let's get outta here.
How many years have I wasted on you, huh? Have you learned nothing? You don't start a fight you can't finish.
Do you even know what your half-cocked decisions have cost me? Take a look at my only Drift tech.
Looks the same to me.
Six hundred mines.
Half my damn arsenal, wasted.
And you crippled the only Jaeger in the goddamn Black.
I should've left you on the streets where I found you.
And you know what you'd be right now? The things they'd have you doing? - [Taylor.]
I did it.
- [gasps.]
Did what? I turned to fight.
She had to follow.
That's all I needed to hear.
Leave him alone! Shane, stop.
- What did you say? - I put him into that rig.
He was in no shape.
You know why she's sticking up for you? Because she thinks you're special.
But you're not.
The Black purged every weak remainder like you in the first month.
So might as well finish the job then, eh? No! Maybe it'd be more humane to do all three of you.
Just let us go.
We'll leave.
They came to us for help.
You ripped into this kid's mind and took everything they had.
Now it got you what you wanted, a Jaeger.
We'll fix it, weaponize it, and you'll be the most powerful man in the Black.
Either they're walking outta here or I am.
If the three of you are still here at sunup, you're dead.
And you and me, we're not done.
Not by a long shot.
[instrumental theme music playing.]

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